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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:58pm PST

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a new year means new laws to follow, and there are lots of them for 2019. from who can sell food to who gets the family pet, there are a lot of changes coming in just a couple of days. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> new at 11:00, there are hundreds of new california state laws that geinto effect on january 1st. >> a look at what new rules you can look forward to in the new year. >> the gnaw laws will affect everything from how and what you eat to who gets custody of your pet in a divorce. there's also a number of new laws that improve and fund fire safety. new garage doors must have a back up battery that can lift the door in the event of a power
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outage. and wildfire victims will get an extra year for a total of three years to rebuild an insured home. the minimum age to buy a rifle or shotgun in california increases from 18 to 21. there will also be a lifetime gun man for anyone convicted of a serious domestic assault or anyone hospitalized more than once in a year for mental health problems. there's a new law that allows you to sell the food that you make in your kitchen to the public. but your home kitchen must undergo a food safety inspection. thinking about a new four legged friend? well, in 2019 pet stores will be prohibited from selling animals that come from a breeder. instead all the animals will have to come from an animal shelter like san francisco animal care and control. these skooltecooters were the t the town in 2018 but in 2019 you
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can unstrap and ride without a helmet. but if you're under 18 you've still got to wear one or you could be cited. and governor brown officially made surfing california's sport. and companies must have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019 and two or more women by 2021. and hopefully you're not headed towards a divorce, but if you are know that a judge will be able to decide who gets custody of your family pet. go to our website for a complete look of more of these new laws for the new year. police are looking for robbers that shot at least one person this evening. police have released few details about this evening's crime but two people went to the hospital and the robbery shocked one of
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china wok's regular diners. >> i know these people well. they're all my friends. >> you could have been in there. >> could have. i was in there yesterday. >> police saw a police helicopter hovering around the scene pointing a spotlight apparently searching for people. arresting a man suspected of nearly beating a man to death near union square. a witness recorded friday evening's attack with her cellphone. take a look. it all happened near the powell street b.a.r.t. station. the victim is recovering from injuries police call life threatening. police captured this man here, and police are asking prosecutors to charge kelly with attempted murder. a san francisco intersection was a mess today after someone crashed into a fire hydrant. water was shooting up into the the was also debris from the crash on the sidewalks. officers say the car was stolen and the two people inside were
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wanted for other crimes. they were both taken into custody completely drenched. one pedestrian was hurt but the injuries are minor. two men are under arrest tonight for allegedly stealing fema trailers meant for camp fire victims. police say on friday someone reported seeing an suv pulling one of the trailers away from a mobile home park in reading. when officers got there they found a second trailer was also missing. they used a helicopter to search the surrounding area and spotted one trailer, that led to the suspects and both trailers. governor jerry brown is speaking about his visit to the camp fire burn zone with president trump. the two visited the area outside of chico last month. governor brown talked about it " >> i do appreciate that he came, that the president has made funding available under the emergency acts of congress, so that's all good. but i would say he is very convinced of his position, and
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his position is that there's nothing abnormal about the fires in california or the rising sea level or all the other incidents of climate change. now, the president did say himself during the tour it did not change his perspective on climate change. the camp fire killed 86 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. new details now on the shooting death of a central valley police corporal. i.c.e. says it now has a detainer on the accused gunman. he was arrested on friday. i.c.e. says it had no prior encounters or detapers on him. he's accused of killing the newman police corporal on wednesday. the sheriff's office says he was in the country illegally, was memr and charges. the sheriff says the state's immigration policies protected him. saying in part, quote, california's sanctuary laws
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continue to undermine public safety and cause preventable crimes by restricting law enforcement cooperation and allowing public safety threats back into the community to reoffend. the family of the corporal is getting a gift from a foundation supporting first responders. the tunnel to towers foundation says it will pay off the mortgage on the family home in modesta. the 33-year-old sing leaves behind a wife and 5 month-year-old son. newman's police chief called it a game changer for the sing family. the raiders are moving in 2020, that much has been decided. however, it's still very unclear where the team plans to play in. >> fox sports and england's daily mail report the raiders could play their 2019 home games in londo 7 news reporter
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de costillo has reaction. >> i mean, we now have so many different locations outside of oakland. we've talked about san diego, stamford. >> now we're talking out of the country. there's possibility they would spend the season outside of north london. >> the whole relocation process is a slap in the face to oakland. >> reporter: forever oakland founder gris jones says his city helped guide the city of oakland. he says it's bad decision making from the two that put the football team and its fan base in this frustrating we're goino >> reporter: others fear that is no longer an option. >> that ship has sailed as soon as the lawsuit happened. i do not see them staying in oakland. >> reporter: raiders have a
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february deadline to figure out where they're playing. >> while not quantum physics but it's 66th avenue and it's called the oakland colosseum. >> reporter: one thing we know for sure, the nfl already has plans to play four games in london in the upcoming season not counting the eight potential games that would belong to the raiders. one thing that isn't up for debate, radar fans want them to stay here. abc 7 news. as you might imagine there's a lot that has to happen for the raiders to end up across the pond next season. >> the nfl obviously needs an answer soon, but this is something that's never been done in the nfl before. so many questions. >> one of the first things that difficult.ind ioio vy the nfl has wanted to increase its presence in the u.k. for several years, but there's so
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much that needs to be worked out logistically financially for this to happen. specifically, how do you relocate an entire team which includes training staff, office staff, your equipment managers and everything over to london and split that time here in the united states? how does a league schedule games in london versus away games? the raiders will have a minimum of 5 to 8 hours time difference. would the opponents even agree to have an away game in london? some of the teams are supportive but a lot of teams don't want to travel that far. who pays for the extra travel? and they're trying to build their fan base, not alienate it, and this certainly isn't helping. >> i can't see t n wanting to write the check for that. and the biggest question of all, do they have garlic fries in london? >> hey, the important things, right? >> it could happen.
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but it's just going large, large effort to do it, and in six to eight weeks time it's going to be difficult. that money is better spent trying to figure out something with the colosseum authority. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 new details are coming out about a cyber attack on some marriage newspapers over the weekend. who's now getting involved in the investigation. and we're starting to see the impact of the government shutdowns here in the bay area. and tinder day terror. a woman gets stabbed after meeting up with a man she met on the dating app. what his family is saying after he died in police custody. and winds will be picking up overnight tonight as a advisory go eec
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federal investigators are looking into a cyber attack that affected many major newspapers yesterday. the attack caused delivery delays for some papers including the l.a. times and the san diego union tribune. a department of homeland security spokesperson says they are working with partners to understand the situation. officials have not formally commented on who was behind the hack, but sources told the l.a. times the attack appeared in the form of ransomware. the looks like the government shutdown won't be ending until after new year's. >> it's in its ninth day. this means we may not see any movement to break the stalemate until january 3rd. that is the date when democrats take control of the house. the shutdown has affected about 800,000 federal employees.
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some are lowed while others are working and not receiving a paycheck. >> and while all this plays out we're seeing the signs of the shutdown right here in the bay area. cornell bernard shows us what's going on at some of our national parks. >> reporter: ready for a holiday adventure until they started reading all the posted signs. impacts from the partial government shutdown. >> i like it, but i'm still sad we can't go to it bathroom. >> reporter: even more public bathrooms closed and off-limits because the maintenance workers have been furloughed. >> it's very disappointing to see that there's the closure. we were hoping to give a little lesson to our son and show the in-laws kind of what we have right in our own back door and i'm a little sad to see we can't do that. >> reporter: hiking trails are open, but garbage is starting to pileup in some trash cans. park visitors are urged to plan
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ahead. >> practice to leave no trace principles, hauling out all your trash with you that you bring in. >> i feel sorry for all those who aren't able to get paid. >> reporter: access to the parking lot was closed due to the shutdown forcing more than 100 people to park on both sides of this small road and hike in anyway. >> it's a beautiful day. it's a shame that the access is closed because there's so many people that would probably also want to enjoy this. >> reporter: some overnight campers got their car stuck. >> we came back and it was all blocked off and we could barel getepte i lifoiauner a up a tre lein bathrooms and even restocking themle paper.but locals say the maintain it forever. >> i'm hoping the federal government gets together and comes up with an agreement shortly. >> reporter: but with no end in sight there could be even more
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funding impacts to our national parks. officials say plan ahead if you're going. >> and check out our website, for details on the government workers directly affected by the shutdown. thousands are going without pay. two college football super fans are spending another night on a billboard in san jose. it's all part of an espn promotion for the college football playoff national championship at levi stadium. alabama and clemson will play on january 7th as you see there. four people had been living on the billboard, but there are just two fans left. nancy and elias ross will stay up on that billboard until the 7th. a reminder, you can watch the national championship on our sister network whereby that the espn. again it is monday, january 7th at levi stadium. weather wise we know it's been a bit chilly out there, but is there going to be something
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else with that? >> now we have to add the wind and that will make new year's eve celebrations tomorrow night the coldest we've had in recent days. showing you without a cloud we're not going to find any drops tonight or the next 24 hours. the tam cam tonight, it is rocking and rolling. we've got those winds already in our hills and they will begin to move down to our surface as well. a wind advisory will go into effect tomorrow for a majority of the region. walnut creek, mountain view. so we take a look at that wind advisory that's occurring tomorrow, what we're expect frg the final day of 2018. north winds developing to 20 to 40 miles an hour. but we could see ridge top gusts exceeding 50 miles an hour. so there's the possibility we could have the downed trees over
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the next 24 hours. but that wind will also make it feel cooler tomorrow night as you're out and about celebrating. right now winds 20 in san francisco. we're gusting to 21 in in hayworth. so the coast is seeing winds right now. that will rise area wide. 51 in san francisco, 48 in santa rosa, mountain view at about 45 degrees. overnight tonight we have clear skies, that wind is developing. and when you get a pretty strong wind in the overnight hours that mixes up the atmosphere. and what that does, it tends to keep temperatures pretty uniform. 30s and 40s over the next 12 hours. tomorrow, new year's eve is a nice looking day. a lot of sunshine out there. that's going to keep temperatures limited to the mid-50 for the entire regio outg around 20 miles an hour for much
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of the region. they may ebb and flow at times but during the evening we still expect it to be rather windy across the region. as you welcome in 2019 winds gusting to 20 to perhaps 20, 40 miles per hour across the region. your new year's eve forecast, it's a dry forecast. but temperatures will be in the 40s. however, with that wind you can kind of forget about those numbers because what matters is the wind chill, how it feels when you factor in those strong north breezes. you can see we're sitting in the 30s. that's how it's going to feel outside, so you want to have layers with you. the winter jacket, the hat, the scarf, the gloves because it will be chilly into 2018. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a windy day with that wind advisory in effect. wednesday and thursday, a dry finish to the week. but our next chance of rain will enter the picture on saturday
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with showers possible across the region, guys. >> all right, just glad there's no rain for new year's. >> yeah, it's going to be chilly, though. still ahead, bacon. whls do y need t say? the proper way to celebrate national bacon day. >> you're making me hungry. well abc 7 news has more news, weather and local hot topics coming your way. expanding to a full hour midday live. you can join the abc 7 news team
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sizzle is music to their ears. okay, it is national bacon day. abc 7 news was at sweet maple restaurant in san francisco's pacific heights, one place in the city known for its bacon. some like abc 7 news reporter matt cellar think we should all have tomorrow off to celebrate. do wha boss wod inkthe founders of bacon da
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suggest we celebrate by eating a variety of bacon while watching kevin bacon movies or movies with bacon in the title. >> you know, if you're a little bit embarrassed about it, you could always call it pork belly and enjoy it just as much. >> just don't put it in my ice cream, sorry. can't do that. >> no salty sweets? >> no, can't do that. >> the nfl, regular season came to a f m of the 49ers game g
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the 49ers and raiders wrapped up their 2019 seasons on the road with the chance to alter their playoff picture for their opponents as each team played the division leaders. first possession of the game, things did not start well for san francisco. kyle fumbled the ball away. so that led to jarrett gilgoff connecting with brandon cook. three yards on the touch down. on the very next drive nick it interceptions on the day. this one to cory little. and the results of that, he'll get the touch down. ks a.second quarter not any bet for the picked off aga littleton again. the game did end well for the 49ers in the form of george kittle. the tight end sets the nfl
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record for most receiving yards by a tight end on that 43-yard touch down. he has 1,377 for the year. but the 49ers lose 38-32. >> it hasn't really hit me yet, but it definitely was exciting. it deft wasn't just me. you had three quarterbacks throw the ball, just guys in and out. but it's a credit to our team to keep pushing no matter what happened. definitely would have enjoyed a win today, but this definitely makes it a little bi. wello westea sheaves. that included derek carr's first pick since week 5. yep, he had t t game. 54 yards the other way. but look at jared cook. he quit on the routes. after the game he did say he thought it was a run play. next oakland possession, justin houston gets to carr, strips him, also gets a sack, and that
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led to this 4-yard touch down run by damian williams. third quarter, patrick mahomes becomes just the third quarterback in nfl history to throw 50 or more in a season. 89 yards here, nothing but green. look at all that open space around him. tyrique hill had two touch downs including a 15-yard run early in the fourth. the chiefs oakland. they secure the top spot in the afc and 35-3 the final. >> nothing wrong with the effort. i'll take responsibility for the loss. obviously we've got a lot of work to do. i really like this football team. i like the way we finished. i know today was not a good note, but great group of guys that laid quite a foundation i think we can build on. >> well, it's only three wins this season and the arizona cardinals have the first pick in
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the 2019 draft and 49ers have second and jets and raiders. and bucks in the top five. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. we have lots more nfl highlights to come. >> shouldn't have you to see it's a block if it's a running play instead of just stopping? >> it's the last game of the season. got to give it that final effort. >> thank you, mindy. much more to come. it's all about the wall. we'll go inside the main sticking point of the government shutdown and the big meeting that took place today at the white house. and tinder date terror. a woman is stabbed by the
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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. 2019 is almost here and there are several state laws you need to know about. including the minimum age to buy a rifle or shut gun increases from 18 to 21. car dealerships will be required to put temporary plates on vehicles once they're sold. pet stores will eonly be al ells if they c resc rescue organizations. >> there are reports the team is interested in making london its temporary home until they relocate to las vegas in 2020. the nfl wants a decision by february. the partial government shutdown is causing some problems at point raise national seashore. public bathrooms and visitor
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center are closed. trails are open but garbage cans are starting to overflow. and it is day 9 and there's no end in sight to the sut down. but lindsey graham met with president trump today and gave a guarded hint at optimism both sides can come to an agreement. >> reporter: 800,000 federal employees remain either furloughed or working without pay as the government shutdown stretches into its second week. the president's last meeting with democratic leaders, 19 days ago. >> i am proud to shutdown the government for border security. >> reporter: now he's calling this the schumer shutdown in a tweet, adding no thank tuesday democrats who left town and are not concerned with the safety and security of americans. with negotiations stalled -- >> the president is telling us what he wants, and he's willing to do some things to get what he wants. >> what donald trump and the republicans want to do is waste $5 billion in taxpayer money on
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an ineffective medieval border wall that is a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem. >> reporter: both sides continue to dig in and shift blame. >> can we stop hating each other enough here to find a win-win. >> reporter: as the president continues to push for a border wall some in the administration believe a multifaceted approach is needed to deal with illegal immigration. >> we need a sober-minded nonpartisan look at our immigration laws to really grapple with the fact children and families are coming into this cycle. we also need to invest in central america. >> reporter: linda lopez, abc news, new york. criminal charges could b al abuse at a shelter for migrant children outside of phoenix. that shelter is operated by southwest key, the nation's largest provider of migrant children shelters. some staff members were seen on
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surveillance videos shoving and dragging children. that facility was closed in october. the maur copa sheriff's office originally said actions did not rise to criminal charges but now it says based on the evidence gathered the case will be submitted to the district attorney's office. millions of americans will keep their insurance for the time being after a judge ruled the fo for the affordable care act. it requires every american to have health insurance. millions doubted the future of their coverage after that ruling. in the east bay firefighters believe hot ashes sparked a fire in martinez that forced nine people out of their home. the fire started just after 4:00 in the morning, and you can hear the roar of flames as crews
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fought the fire at a house on banbury loop. investigators say hot ashes placed in a garbage container ignited. >> the gas meter was blowing the whole time and feeding the fire, and that's what took us a few minutes to get the gas meter shutoff. >> the fire district reminds us hot ashes should only be placed in metal containers not plastic. abc 7 news was on webster street in downtown oakland while firefighters battled flames inside a vacant building. this morning's fire broke out around 10:00. no one was hurt. now arson investigators are trying to find out if today's fire was also sparked by a squatter. a woman who had just started an internship at a nature conservatory was killed by a lion today. officials say a team led by a professionally trained animal
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keeper was cleaning the lion enclosure when a lion got out of a locked space. 22-year-old alexander black was killed. she was a recent graduate of indiana university and had been employed at the conservatory for about two weeks. >> this was not this person's first internship, and this person wanted to spend a lifetime around these animals. >> so tragic. sheriff's deputies tried to killed so black's body could be recovered. her family also says she died following her passion. theal family of a massachusetts man who died in custody said they tried to get him help for mental health issues. they found him repeatedly stabbing a woman he met on the dating app tinder. he became unresponsive while taken to the hospital. his family says they called police and emts days earlier but
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emts says he didn't need assistance because he was lucid enough to know his name and date. >> i never wished it happened. i never wished my son to be dead, but he's gone now and i have to live with that. >> the victim suffered expensive injuries but is expected to survive. next month many cities are holding a womens march for the third year. but not in eureka in humble ote, overnglyr representation from several perspectives in the community. the country is about 74% non-hispanic white. marches are scheduled for january 19th across the country including in san francisco and san jose. still ahead for abc 7 news at 11:00, we'll take you to a
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unique new year's celebration taking place this weekend for the new year. and speaking of new year we'll show you one of the last minute preps going on right now for one of the largest celebrations around. and we're watching the winds
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abc 7 news was inside san francisco's asian art museum when people literally rang in the new year. they took turns ringing a japanese bell that dates back to the 1500s. the bronze bell weighs more than a ton. museum visitors rang that bell more than 108 times. curators say it'll harness 108 mortal desires. and those desires in buddha teachings torment. security will be tight when
11:48 pm
2 million peoplth01morr. revelers can expect to see thousands of nypd officers will also keep an eye on the crowd from the ground level. sharp shooters have been trying for months and they'll look for threats from the top of tall buildings. >> when it comes to the safety and protection we provide, there'll be much the public will see, much the public won't see. and the bottom line is this, people will be safe on monday and they should feel safe, too. >> two, e,appy new year! >> don't worry, that's just practice. on a lighter note crewers tested the blowers that will propel the confetti over times square tomorrow night. dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest starts tomorrow night. >> i kind of like watching everybody. they're bundled up so tight. >> but they're still having a good time. >> no matter what the weather is.
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>> and we'll know a little bit about what chilly weather feels like in the bay area. ware tracking those winds that will increase overnight, and that means tomorrow night while we're out and about kind of celebrating the end of the year and welcoming in 2019, it's going to feel cold. we're talking about that wind advisory. you can see areas shaded in yellow. those winds will be picking up tonight. so tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning, winds coming out of the north gusting over 20 miles an our, even higher than that. and they'll kind of ebb and flow, weaken during the day. and by midnight we're still seeing a really active wind out there. so we'll be watching those winds. wind chills especially tomorrow night likely in the 30s. so you want to bundle up, have extra layers out there because it will feel chilly. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. a windy day tomorrow. that wind advisory in effect the first day of the new year. those winds ease and bring in cooler air wednesday and
11:50 pm
thursday morning. our next chance of rain will occur on saturday. >> let's just hope those super fans on the billboard don't blow -- >> everything on, the hat, the gloves, the jacket. >> next saturday maybe our first rain of 2019. >> it was an exciting close to the season. worth watching the final game of te regular season. colts and titans.
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all right, forget fantasy football. the final week of the n regular season held more excitement as the playoff scenarios were far from set. the vikings paid $84 million to bring kirk cousins to indianapolis. in return they just want to win gents the bears.
11:54 pm
threw one touch down, no picks, but that one was so far off adam feeland got quite the lecture on the side line. ran this one in. the bears won 24-10. so the vikings lost. nick foles was worth every penny. he tied an nfl record by completing two touch downs. eagles will have the chance to defend their title and they grab the nfc wild card with 24-0 win. next saturday it'll be seahawks and the cowboys. and the eagles will head to soldier field to face the bears 1:40 kick off. and the cowboys they had really nothing to play for, but zack prescott played. look at him scramble fire into the end zone. and look at the effort by cole
11:55 pm
beasley. initially ruled incomplete, but on further review, look at that right knee. it's down. down. going for two. prescott gets a conversion. the cowboys win 36-35. and that's just fun. the steelers need to win and have the ravens lose to make the playoffs. pittsburgh survives against cincinnati thanks to that man. matt mccrane and his third field goal. this is his first game against the steelers. but they steel need help from f to last season. with a minute left in the game andy dalton throws a game winning touch down and eliminates baltimore in the final minute cleveland. the steelers watching from the field. cleveland down two fourth and ten. and mayfield is picked. so the ravens survive. pittsburgh is essentially out.
11:56 pm
sunday night football was simple. you win and you're in, you lose and you go home. colts and the titans andrew luck and his team were cruising. they were up but luck makes a mistake in the second quarter. jay brown 22-yard pick six. and luck threw three touch down passes in the third quarter. this short one. and his team goes up 14. but the titans not going away. gabbart just one touch down ards stockso t in the fourth gabbart is picked up. so the colts are heading to houston next saturday. 1:30 kick off. that game will be right here on abc 7. the chargers and ravens will play sunday at 10:00. while the chiefs and patriots have first round buy. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino.
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you got all that? 12 teams are in. >> great catch. that was amazing. >> huge props for that catch. >> mindy, thank you very much. >> okay, i think it's time to go home and eat some bacon. that's it for tonight. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a
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