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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 31, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, the new year's slam. whiteout conditions. snow, strong winds and heavy rain to ring in the new year. cars skidding off icy highways. up to 2 million braving the weather in time's square. our ginger zee standing by. the deadly lion attack. a 22-year-old intern killed. how did the lion corner that young staffer? also tonight, the shifting versions of the president's wall. the president insisting the plan for an all-concrete wall was never abandoned, as the government shutdown extends into the new year. inside the shelter. allegations of child abuse inside a migrant shelter in arizona. disturbing video appears to show staff members slapping, shoving and dragging children. hunting a killer. a 7-year-old girl shot and
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killed while riding in her family's car. the urgent search for the gunman who opened fire from a red pickup truck. the girl's mother wounded and, tonight, speaking out. ski lift scare. more than 100 skiers left hanging. the chair lift breaking down at a mountain resort. and we'll take you around the world as one country after another rings in the new year. and good evening. it's great to have us with us on a monday night. i'm tom llamas, in for david. and we begin with the new year's eve storm, slamming much of the country at this hour. whiteout conditions, heavy rain and strong winds from the northern plains all the way to nerigherra ofhe year celebrating in new york's times square. but blinding snow in south dakota, highways practically invisible, and dangerous driving for millions from coast to coast. that driver suddenly losing control here in washington state. look at that.
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abc's ginger zee leads us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, millions ringing in the new year are facing one last winter blast for 2018. >> this is a very strong cold front heading our way. >> reporter: ferocious winds bringing whiteout conditions to fargo, north dakota. gusts above 40 miles per hour. this, as convoys of snowplows race to clear roads in minnesota. vehicle after vehicle slipping off the road. that system now combining with a second one from the south, forming a fast-moving storm that's racing east tonight. thuth of tuscaloosa, alabama, an pets >> you're looking at more evacuees coming off that boat right now to a safe area. >> reporter: their neighborhood cut off after floodwaters caused a road to collapse. behind that system? arctic air. it's all rushing into the mountain west. driving treacherous here, too. in washington state, troopers posting this video of a car losing control, warning
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conditions might not be what they seem. >> all right, let's get back out to times square and ginger zee. and ginger, you're going to take us into 2019 with some serious rough weather out there. >> reporter: yes, pouring rain is just the beginning of the storm i have to tell you about. people here in times square covered their feet in trash bags. it makes sense, because much of 2018 has been the wettest or one of the wettest for so many people from the midwest through the northeast. let me take you to the maps and show you what's going to happen tonight. from tennessee down to the gulf coast, there have been strong storms with heavy rain. but it's that warm front bubble up and pass new york city that's going to bring more rain for the ball drop, and then start to dry out. in new england is where you'll t it's not just rain, guys, it's the wind. 55-mile-per-hour gusts by 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. philadelphia will see gusts in the 30s. and even boston. and a wind advisory with a wind gust of 36. 2019 will come in mild but windy for many. tom? >> ginger zee in times square
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for us. and the weather just one major concern for new year's eve. the other, of course, security in new york city and across the country. thousands of police officers on duty in and around times square tonight. the area sealed off by barricades, police vehicles and dozens of sanitioucks. abc's erielle reshef is in times square tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as nearly 2 million rain-soaked revelers get ready to ring in the new year, there will be hawk-like security over times square. >> happy new year! >> reporter: 50 k-9 units, 1,200 cameras, sand-filled dump trucks and 7,000 police officers. but tonight, the nypd announcing it has to scrub plans to fly a drone to patrol the skies due to weather. >> we still have 1,200 cameras in and around the area. believe me, this is going to be the safest place on earth tonight. >> reporter: law enforcement officials have been voicing growing concerns about the use of drone technology by terrorists as a means of a possible attack. this federal threat assessment obtained by abc news says during
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celebrations in las vegas last new year's eve, there were multiple reports of drones fdasg the nypd saying it will take down any unauthorized drones. >> if you do fly one, there is a good chance you're going to end seth blocker truck stopping crediblehreat to the festivities, but they're warning everyone to be vigilant. tom? >> erielle reshef along with our team there in times square. erielle, thank you. we do move on to the deadly lion attack in north carolina. authorities investigating how a male lion escaped a locked area, killing a 22-year-old intern cleaning part of the facility. the victim's family says she was following her passion. abc's stephanie ramos is there. >> reporter: tonight, an investigation into how a lion was able to escape a locked enclosure at this conservation center in north carolina and kill a 22-year-old intern,
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alexandra black, just two weeks on the job. >> we've lost a person. we've lost an animal. we have lost our faith in ourselves a little bit today. >> reporter: the male lion named makai, seen in this youtube video, was moved during a routine enclosure cleaning, and according to the sheriff's office, somehow got out and falyonight rring anqlirs didn't young woman who loved animals. "our beautiful, intelligent, passionate alex had worked, unpaid, at several animal-related ventures. there was a terrible accident and we are mourning. but she died following her passion." the center is home to more than 80 animals like lions and tigers and is open to the public. >> i have a big concern on having a 22-year-old intern with two weeks of experience in the proximity close to a lion. >> a lot of questions in this case tonight.
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stephanie ramos joins us live from outside that center. the investigation just beginning there, stephanie? >> reporter: absolutely, tom. the center is shut down indefinitely while authorities investigate. they've been open for almost 20 years. the center's director says kelly saying they gave that up they're going to look at long ago. and now, democrats with a new everything to make sure the plan to potentially reopen the staff and public are safe before government by the end of the they move forward. tom? week. >> stephanie ramos for us tonight. stephanie, thank you. we turn now to politics. abc's tara palmeri is at the white house. >> reporter: tonight, the the government shutdown now president telling democratic leaders to come back to washington to strike a deal. heading into the new year. telling fox news -- president trump tonight digging >> i'm in washington. i'm ready, willing and able. in on his demands to fund the border wall, with shifting i'm in the white house. versions of how exactly it would i'm ready to go. they can come over right now. look. abandoned. we are not giving up. we have to have border security, and a wall is a big part of border security, the biggest part. >> reporter: the border wall at the center of the deadlock. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. >> reporter: but his outgoing chief of staff john kelly saying the administration long abandoned a concrete barrier along the southern border, telling "the l.a. times," quote,
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"to be honest, it's not a wall. the president still says wall. often times frankly he'll say barrier or fencing. now he's tended toward steel slats." today the president seeming to fire back at kelly's claims, tweeting -- "an all concrete wall was never abandoned. some areas will be all concrete, but the experts at border patrol prefer a wall that is see through." democrats are still puzzled over what type of funding package the president will accept. senate minority leader chuck schumer's office telling abc news one official says the white house is open to compromise, another says they want $5 billion for the wall. the president's allies say no matter what form the wall takes, the real issue is tougher border policy. >> the wall has become a metaphor for border security. and what we're talking about is a physical barrier where it makes sense. in the past, every democrat has voted for these physical barriers. it can't be just about because trump wants it, we no longer agree with it. >> tara joins us now from the white house. and tara, the white house brought two bills today that, if approved by the senate, could end is shutdown this week, but they seem dead on arrival in the
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senate? >> reporter: tom, the bills do not include funding for a border wall, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he will not hold a vote on a bill that the president won't sign. tom? >> tara palmeri with that new reporting for us tonight. tara, thank you. now, to the changing garlgd at the pentagon. at midnight, defense secretary james mattis officially hands over his duties to deputy secretary and former boeing executive patrick shanahan. general mattis resigning over the disagreement to withdraw troops from syria. in his farewell letter, he tells pentagon employees, quote, "our department has proven to be at its best when the times are most difficult." mattis urging them to hold fast. and tonight, we have a new headline in the 2020 race for president. democratic contenders already lining up and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren taking steps to begin a presidential campaign, announcing a former exploratory committee. she released a video targeting wall street and proclaiming america's middle class is under attack. the race could draw dozens of
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potential democratic candidates. next tonight, to some disturbing video raising new questions about the treatment of migrant children in u.s. custody. images appearing to show staff members slapping, shoving and dragging children in a now closed facility in arizona. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: this case -- including a male staffer dragging a migrant boy into a room, slapping him and pushing the child against a wall -- is tonight referred to prosecutors for possible criminal charges. these videos of children dragged and put into a room, also a part of the maricopa, county, arizona, case. >> they're not concerned about taking care of these kids. they're just concerned with lodging these kids, and getting the per diem payment from the government. >> reporter: back in september, when these incidents happened, arizona moved to revoke all 13 licenses of the operator, southwest key. but only two licenses were taken, including the facility where these videos were recorded, hacienda del sol. it was shut down in october. in a statement, the company, organized as a non-profit, said
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it "wholeheartedly welcomed" shutting down that facility. adding it is doing a "top to bottom review" of its arizona shelters. while the sheriff's department investigated this case back in september and interviews the child victims, it is just now referring it to prosecutors for possible criminal charges. tom? >> david kerley for us tonight. david, thank you. next tonight, to a disturbing story out of houston. the urgent manhunt for a gunman who is wanted for killing a 7-year-old girl. police say she was riding in her mother's car when the shooter opened fire from his own vehicle. police appealing to the gunman to surrender, vowing, we will find you. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, police near houston searching for the driver of the truck seen in this surveillance photo, they say opened fire into a family's car, killing this 7-year-old girl. >> he took away an innocent child. she did not deserve this at all. >> reporter: laporsha washington says she was driving to a grocery store with her four daughters sunday morning, when
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out of nowhere, that truck pulled up next to them. >> i heard shots start firing and they came through my window, broke my glass, hit me in my arm. and the truck slowed down and continued to fire as he was in front of us. >> reporter: her children horrified, realizing a bullet hit their sister, jazmine barnes. >> she said, "mama, jazmine's not moving. she's not talking." i turned around and my 7-year-old was shot in the head. >> reporter: investigators now looking for this red or maroon four-door pickup, and the driver they describe as white, in his 40s, with a beard. they say he was wearing a red hoodie. >> we want to seek justice for jazmine and get this killer off the streets. >> reporter: jazmine's mother says they had no interaction with the driver before the shooting. the motive, still under investigation. tom? >> an incredibly sad story all around. all right, overseas tonight, an american citizen arrested in moscow, accused of spying. russia's federal security
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service accusing paul wellen of committing spy activity without offering any details. the state department says it received a formal notification of his detention. he faces up to 20 years in prison. the start of the new year already under way. spectacular celebrations taking place around the world. check this out. sydney, australia, lighting up the sky with its stunning fireworks display. about 1 million people there in sydney harbor to witness that. hong kong's skyline exploding in lights. the incredible show along victor yo harbor. that's beautiful. and the new year's celebration in paris. the city of lights living up to its name, as we inch closer to midnight here in the u.s. and of course, you can watch the countdown right here, "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest 2019", and a guest appearance from our own ginger zee. that begins at 8:00 on abc. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this new year's eve. the tense moments in bone-chilling cold. plus, the new details coming in on the case of the missing
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high-quality protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. back now with new questions surrounding the murder of a colorado mother. her fiance arraigned in court today, and the new charges he's now facing. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: patrick frazee, shackled and silent. >> patrick, where's kelsey? >> reporter: tonight, facing two charges of first degree murder, one for deliberation and in a new twist, a second count alleging frazee killed his fiance, 29-year-old kelsey berreth, during a robbery. >> felony murder in this case, asset out in the charge, is that when you rob somebody and they die during the robbery, that is also first-degree murder. >> reporter: berreth vanished on thanksgiving, last seen shopping with the couple's 14-month-old daughter kaylee. frazee was arrested ten days
3:47 pm
ago. you see him? he's in cuffs. now also facing three charges of solicitation to commit murder, suggesting he had one or more accomplices, something prosecutors won't confirm. >> this is an ongoing criminal investigation. there are multiple leads that law enforcement needs to follow up on, and it's extensive. >> reporter: frazee and his public defender are not commenting. anything to say, patrick? frazee did not enter a plea, and for now, very little is known about the case against him. but prosecutors will be revealing more evidence at a preliminary hearing january 29th. tom? >> clayton sandell, thank you. deadly hit and run. the driver accused of mowing down a man curist outside a beauty salon after trying to avoid the bill. what exactly what happened? what exactly what happened? stay with us? research. yep, titrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything?
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manicurist down and took off. that worker pronounced dead. the hunt intensifying for the killer tonight. and overseas, a massive gas explosion. nearly 1,400 rescue workers hunting for survivors in this rubble of a ten-story apartment building. it happened in eastern russia. some 40 to 70 people still unaccounted for. at least four people killed. and that death toll expected to rise. and the tense moments back here at home at a montana ski resort. about 140 skiers stuck on that stalled chair lift at white fish mountain. it was shut down to a mechanical problem. it took the ski patrol 2 1/2 hours to get everybody to safety. temperatures in the teens, there with those gusty winds. no injuries, though, reported. and when we come back, we have one more thing to show you before we say good-bye to 2018.
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and finally tonight, meet our team, working all year long to bring you the stories that matter. from our family to yours, thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. for david and our entire abc news team, happy new year. good night. ♪ ♪ should auld acquaintance
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> oh, that sound was heard a whole lot of us up and a lot of trees down. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. sit a windy end to 2018 in the bay area, but that's not the ge.y thing keeping people on >> we have t cwi and the warnin.
3:59 pm
let's begin with laura anthony in oakland. >> the concern there is illegal fireworks and gunfire. >> reporter: well, that's right, dan. more the latter actually here in oakland. last new year's eve, a man was injured by random gunfire. a woman was also hurt, so that's why in some east bay neighborhoods as the new year approaches, residents will greet it with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. it happens every year, in east bay cities like oakland and as shown in this video in san leandro, where last year on new year's eve, a woman was struck and injured by a stray bullet from celebratory gunfire. >> whatever goes up, must come down. >> reporter: there will be extra patrols, especially in areas known to be trouble spots. >> if you're driving under the influence, we certainly are going to be enforcing, that
4:00 pm
means arrests and jail time. also, we're looking for celebratory gunfire. anyone discharging a firearm that's illegal within the city limits that is not only dangerous but can often lead to someone's death. >> reporter: oakland will also utilize technology like shot spotters to isolate and identify the source of gunfire. >> there usually is a bunch of fireworks and gunshots. >> reporter: and salvadore hernandez knows well the dangers of random gunfire, given a


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