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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 9, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> that is what is making news in america this morning. >> have a great day. making news in america this morning, the president makes his case, but did it make a difference? >> this is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. >> reaction overnight to the president's prime time message. the fact checkers weigh in ahead of a crucial white house meeting today. plus, as the government shutdown enters day 19, new details on how it's affecting food stamps, airport security, medical research, and the national parks. breaking overnight, several consulates under evacuation amid a security scare. the packages being investigated and the police response. new trouble for singer r. kelly. ♪ i believe i can fly
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>> word that he's now under criminal investigation as prosecutors urge all alleged victims to come forward following that explosive tv series detailing sexual misconduct allegations against the music mogul. what a new police report claims. plus, the rescue on the mountain. the helicopter pilot able to fly into the mountainside. the rotors inches from disaster. new success in the fight against cancer. the drop in deaths and who remains most vulnerable. and later the phone app one father created to guarantee kids respond when mom or dad are trying to reach them. you were saying you love that phone app. >> love that phone app. it's a good idea. we should remember that one. good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with president trump and the democrats going back to
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the negotiation table today after battling it out over the border wall on prime-time tv. >> the president called the situation at the border a humanitarian and security crisis and pinned the blame for drugs and violence in this country on unchecked illegal immigration. democrats fired back accusing the president of appealing to fear not facts. they say he's governing by temper tantrum. >> 19 days into the government shutdown, 800,000 federal workers are hanging in the balance set to miss their first paycheck. abc's serena marshall has the very latest from washington. serena, good morning. >> reporter: janai, gio, good morning to you and after the president's speech and the democratic response, it seems we're pretty much where we were last week, both sides with their heels dug in waiting for the other side to blink. it's not something the president has done before. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: sitting in the oval office speaking directly to the american public hoping to sway minds that the government should stay shut down until his border wall is funded. >> this is a humanitarian
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crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. >> reporter: he didn't go so far as to declare a national emergency, but urged immediate action. and support for his $5.7 billion border wall and an additional $7 billion for things like more agents, judges and even humanitarian aid. democrats immediately pushed back. >> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear. >> reporter: the president's perception of the border often misinformed. in fact, the number of people crossing illegally has plunged over the past two decades from 1.6 million in 2001 to just over 400,000 in 2016 to 361,000 last year. and the president stoked fears of terrorists pushing through, something his own state department reported there is no credible information that any member of a terrorist group has traveled through mexico to gain access to the united states. on drugs -- >> our southern border is a pipeline for vast quantities of
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illegal drugs. >> reporter: the majority of hard narc cotics do come through the southern border but the dea finds through legal points of entry. the fight hitting home for the 800,000 federal employees as farmers aren't getting their government subsidies and pilots warn about airline security. a tsa official says the shutdown may affect security at smaller airports as more agents call in sick. over at the fda, an impact on drug research. the agency now saying it will reroute its limited funds from making new drugs to monitoring drug safety. at the national parks a new closure this morning. joshua tree shutting their gates. visitors are blamed for damaging the park with fewer rangers on the job to stop them. but this morning, some good news. we've learned food stamp benefits for february will not be affected by the shutdown. this afternoon congressional leaders will head back to the white house but, gio,
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janai, without one side willing to give, it's unclear how this stalemate will end. >> and it continues on. serena marshall, thank you. all right, we're following a developing story oversees. a security scare forcing the evacuation of several diplomatic offices in australia including the u.s. consulate in melbourne. at least ten hazardous material incidents have been reported in that city. one official now says a package sent to one consulate had the word asbestos written on it. no arrests were immediately reported. we turn now to the russia investigation and a major new revelation about president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. we now know manafort is accused of sharing campaign data with a russian business associate and prosecutors say manafort lied about it. >> reporter: the bombshell revealed. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort accused of repeated lies to the special counsel's office. in a rebuttal, they accidentally exposed the
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details of a new startling allegation, robert mueller's team claiming manafort lied about sharing polling data from the 2016 campaign with russian national konstantin kilimnik. >> it certainly raises a lot more questions about yet additional discussions and meetings and exchange of information in which trump campaign people are lying. >> reporter: investigators say kilimnik had strong connections with russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. >> reporter: the court filing was manafort's response to charges he violated his plea deal agreement. if the accusation of handing over polling data is proven true, it could be the first finding that a senior trump campaign official colluded or offered information to russians about the race for 2016. a charge the president has consistently denied. >> there was no collusion because there was no collusion. >> reporter: new word on manafort's condition. his attorneys claim he has severe gout and is at times confined to a wheelchair and say he's suffering from anxiety and depression.
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pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> all right, pierre, thank you so much. new tensions this morning over the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria even as the time line for that withdrawal remains unclear. turkey's president has now refused to meet with national security adviser john bolton suggesting he'd rather speak to president trump himself. trump initially said u.s. troops would leave syria immediately but the u.s. is now trying to ensure the safety of kurdish allies. thousands of people came together in houston to say good-bye to a little girl mourners called a princess. they filled a church for jazmine barnes' funeral. she was killed by a drive-by shooting in what police say was a case of mistaken identity. the gunman allegedly thought her mother's car belonged to someone else. a second suspect has been charged with capital murder. prosecutors say larry woodruff fired the shot that killed the 7-year-old. >> switching gears now, it is time for a look at your weather for this wednesday.
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good morning. that same rain from that same storm system shifting toward the northeast combining with cold air and cold winds creating snow and concern for widespread winter storm advisories, watches as well as warnings throughout the northeast. for the southeast cooler with gusty winds prevailing. temperatures dropping dramatically. going to stay waterlogged along i-5 throughout the northwest corner of the country and that risk will lean all the way down towards los angeles. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, another man turns up dead at the home of a wealthy donor to the democratic party. also ahead, the story of an extremely rare penny found in a school cafeteria and why it's worth nearly $2 million. plus, lin-manuel miranda to the rescue. the rescue. what the actor did to save a the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen,
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i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands.
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if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ]
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well, here's one way to get your workout in. a guy in houston was driving his new car when the tire fell off. turns out the lug nuts were loose so he says he ran after the tire in traffic to protect other drivers. my goodness. this is just the latest rolling hazard on houston highways lately. there's been an epidemic of giant spools coming off trucks and rolling down the road. what's going on in houston. >> yeah, time for that guy to get a new car. take that back. encouraging news now in the fight against cancer. new figures show the number of overall deaths in the u.s. has dropped actually 27% between 1991 and 2016. and racial disparities are slowly narrowing, but the socioeconomic gap between those americans who beat cancer and those who don't is widening. new protests overnight
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outside the west hollywood apartment of a prominent donor to the democratic party. it follows the second death of a man at the home of ed buck in the last 18 months. protesters accuse buck of luring gay black men with a promise of sex and drugs. buck's lawyer says his client has done nothing wrong and is cooperating with authorities, and buck did not face charges after a man was found dead of an overdose at his home in july of 2017. the homeless man at the center of a gofundme scandal is now a wanted man. johnny bobbitt is accused of working with the couple to scam money through a gofundme page online making up a story about giving $20 to a woman stranded on the highway. bobbitt failed to show up for a court appearance in new jersey yesterday so a warrant has been issued for his arrest. the hearing was to address his alleged bail violations. hey, janai, better take another look at your pocket change. one measly penny could fetch
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nearly $2 million at an auction tomorrow. but it's no ordinary one cent piece. it's from 1943. almost all pennies that year were made of zinc because of the need for copper during world war ii, but this one was made of copper by accident. a boy in massachusetts found it in his school lunch money in 1947, and he kept it. >> wow, can i get my hands on it? >> right. a new york city book store in danger of closing because of high rent has been saved thanks to an award winning playwright. lin-manuel miranda and three of his colleagues from "hamilton" decided to buy the drama book store in the theater district. miranda says he used to read plays off the shelves there after high school. how cool is that? >> such a great book store. i walk by there all the time. a great book store. i'm glad it's staying open. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones buys quite a toy. new fallout from the documentary "surviving r. kelly." the singer now under criminal
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and we're back now with the hazards if winter driving. take a look at this. the video is from maine. a car crashing into that front porch. thankfully no injuries reported. we're told the driver is from georgia and isn't used to that snow. glad they're okay. we turn now to some new legal trouble for r. kelly. >> a recent documentary chronicles decades of alleged abuse by the singer and now the so-called king of r&b is reportedly under criminal investigation in one state while other investigators ask more alleged victims to come forward. just days after an explosive documentary new trouble for r. kelly this morning. ♪ i believe i can fly >> reporter: the six-part documentary series on lifetime called "surviving r. kelly" detailed allegations of domestic abuse and sexual misconduct
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against the singer from several women. >> you had to pretty much agree to it no matter how demeaning it felt. >> reporter: the documentary also features jocelyn savage's parents who claim kelly is holding their daughter in what they call a cult. according to a police report, filed last week, savage's father accuses r. kelly's manager of don russell of sending him threatening text messages saying it would be best for him and his family if the documentary does not air. this morning, an attorney for savage says the district attorney for fulton county georgia is now investigating the singer for incidents that allegedly took place at his home near atlanta in 2017. meanwhile, in illinois prosecutors are now asking any of kelly's alleged victims to contact them. >> i'm here today to encourage victims of sexual assault or domestic violence related to these allegations to please get in touch with our office. >> reporter: in a new phone interview with the ap kelly's attorney says the allegations
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in the documentary are false calling them another round of stories being used to fill reality tv time. in 2002 the singer was charged with multiple counts of child pornography after a tape emerged reportedly showing sexual acts with a minor. he and the young woman allegedly involved denied they were the people in the video and kelly was acquitted. >> do i believe that he should serve time in jail? i do. >> reporter: abc's linsey davis sat down with his ex-wife drea kelly. she claims she suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of kelly. >> did you ever fear for your life? >> yes. >> you thought he might kill you? >> yeah. >> in the week when that documentary aired the nation's leading sexual assault hotline reported a 20% increase in the number of calls. and the sex assault investigation against celebrity chef mario batali has been dropped. batali will not be charged in connection with two alleged attacks in manhattan restaurants, one in 2004 and another the following year.
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sources say police could not find enough evidence. and we turn now to a frightening ordeal for a couple in utah stuck under more than five feet of snow. take a look. david and erica kennebeck were traveling along a mountain road when they got caught between not one, but two avalanches. they say it happened in a split second. the snow jammed one door shut but they were able to climb out through the driver's side. >> entering my head first, how is this happening? maybe this is how we're going to go. >> at first you think, wow, what bad luck that we're the only car that got trapped in it. you know, all the other cars were stuck on either side but after the fact, it's like, wow, how blessed we are that it wasn't worse. >> blessed, indeed. they flagged down help and a driver on the other side of the slide took them home. how about this one, a rescue pilot's skill was on full display on a snowy mountainside in france. a helicopter made his way about
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3,000 feet up to rescue an injured skier. the pilot couldn't land because of the sharp angle of the slope so watch this. he had to just hover right above the snow with the chopper's blades spinning only inches from the mountain. look how incredible that is. that allowed police to get out and load the injured skier into the helicopter. that man suffered a knee injury, incredible work by that pilot. >> just unbelievable stuffer. in sports now, two head coaching jobs have been filled in the nfl. the arizona cardinals have hired the former coach from texas tech cliff kingsbury. they're following a league trend toward younger offense-minded coaches. and the tampa bay bucs have now hired former cardinals coach bruce arians. dallas cowboys owner jerry jones has reportedly spent $250 million on a yacht. it's 360 feet long, has two helipads, a garage, a
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gym and a beach club and cost about $100 million more than what jones paid to buy the cowboys back in 1989. >> i mean i'll take it. i'll take it. why not. >> yeah. up next right here in "the pulse," the bush to get rid of paper receipts. also ahead, a big, new job for the so-called baby with amazing hair. >> amazing. later we meet the world's oldest trapeze artist flying through the air at age 86. stick around. k right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's... proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on xarelto® did not experience another dvt or pe. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least 6 of your body's
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10 million trees and 21 billion gallons of water are used every year to make receipts in the u.s. cvs probably uses more. a young celebrity is once again making waves with her hair. >> 1-year-old chancko and her luscious locks have racked up 300,000 and now a new job starring as a model in a pantene ad. >> pantene also produced a digital video based on her life called, of course, the hairy tale. >> if you're a parent who is tired of kids not answering your text messages, there's now an app for that. it's called reply asap developed by a dad. it freezes the receiving phone until the kid answers your text. >> genius and will tell you when the message has been read and beeps to let her know you sent a message even if it's on silent. a shoutout to that dad.
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lysol disinfectant spray kills the #1 cause of the cold and clorox wipes don't. lysol. what it takes to protect. this is abc 7 mornings. hi, good morning. it is wednesday, january 9th. meteorologist mike nicco has your first look ahead in a moment. first, we're going to alexis. she's following a major traffic issue. we just found out it's a deadly crash. >> unfortunately, we did get that update from chp a couple minutes ago. we'll take you in on the traffic maps to this location. it's a really busy area and it's a full closure. the sig-alert has it north of mckee road. sounds like a truck. it was blocking a couple of lanes. they fully shut down the roadway and tried to rescue the driver. unfortunately, that person did not survive. we have a crew setting up at the scene and should get more
4:28 am
information shortly. alternates, northbound 280 to northbound 87 for one of the areas where we're lucky we have reroute where you're able to take it without adding too much time. there are definitely delays approaching that scene. i want you to look at the conditions. it's quite soggy. a lot of wet pavement in the area. a moderate shower pushing through. i'm guessing that was probably one of the factors in this deadly crash. we have another update in moments. let's check in with mike nicco. >> live doppler 7 out there, you can see the greens, moderate rain moving through that area that alexis was talking about. you can see the latest data right there painting a picture of what's going to be the case for all of us heading throughout the morning hours. waves of showers. storm impact scale, as expected. we downgraded it to a 1 with light rain showers. there's still a chance of a thunderstorm. it will be windy until 10:00 and breezy the rest of the day. the wind advisory until 10:00.
4:29 am
the potential is still there through 10:00. back to you guys for news. >> thanks, mike. speaking of downed trees in the south bay, we're getting a first look at storm damage from san jose. check out that tree. nearly missed a house on east taylor street near north 15th street that. large tree will need to be cut up and hauled away. we don't know if anyone got hurt. now we'll take you to southwest hills. a tree came crashing down on a van overnight. it hit a covered boat as well. this is outside a home on bird lane. santa clara county firefighters responding to the scene around 12:30 this morning. we're also waiting to hear if there are injuries there. >> the weather likely pliedayed role in this mess. power lines came down after a huge tree fell yesterday there. it was at myer road and southern heights boulevard. the tree missed people, cars and houses. again, it did knock out the power pole and power to a dozen homes. okay. we're coming up on nearly 4:30.
4:30 am
we'll get another check on your weather and traffic right now. >> hi mike. >> hi mike. >> hi jessica, everybody. high surf advisory breaks could braet eak up to tw feet. here's a look at sutro tower. you can see it bouncing around. the winds are gusty. driving across the bay bridge today, i didn't feel like i was in control of my own car, the way the winds were blowing it around. 7:00, still have winds and dampness out there in the form of showers. they become more scattered and lighter from noon until 4:00. a little bit of sunshine. enough of that sunshine will irritate the atmosphere for the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. the chance fades quickly by 7:00. another mild day with temperatures near 60. back to alexis with more on that accident. >> yeah. we've got a major


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