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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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pleasanton. showcasing new technology, digital license plates as well as a rollable tv. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> we're just chatting, me and my pals. good morning, america. breaking overnight. great audience here by the way. president trump doubles down on we are ready to laugh. the shutdown. keegan michael key, cobie in that primetime speech from smulders from "friends from the oval office, calling the battle over the border wall a college," such a great show. humanitarian crisis. we're going to talk to them and >> a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. do so much more on "good morning america," so don't go anywhere. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> democrats fire right back as american families feel the toll of the shutdown. a high-stakes meeting at the white house today. ♪ also this morning, breaking news. the man who launched the russia investigation now set to leave ♪ his job. and that new revelation, did president trump's former campaign chair share information ww freestyle is proven to help people lose weight, with a russian spy? sleep better, and feel happier. breaking overnight. suspicious package scare causing join for free and lose 10 lbs. on us. an evacuation at the u.s. consulate in australia. new trouble for r. kelly. what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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after that explosive documentary n? where women alleged sexual with advil. misconduct over decades. is the singer now facing a criminal investigation? kevin hart. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids one-on-one after all of that backlash. every minute counts. what he now has to say and will and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. he come back as oscars host. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. and what's revealing about his saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. new movie. his first live interview on >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ "gma" this morning. and as a cold blast heads this beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! that's good chicken! for the northeast, the shocking moment caught on camera. hm!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin. wow. and spinach! this car sliding on icy roads that was my favorite bite so far. barreling right toward a house narrowly missing the man inside and now the new alert as more (avo) beneful grain free. snow moves in. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. good morning, america. hope you're well this wednesday morning. we want to get right to that first primetime address from the oval office for president trump, making the case for his border wall. >> the president called on democrats to fund it and declared the border situation a humanitarian crises, making a
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storof national emergency. >> but he did double down on his demands as the government shutdown hits day 19 with no end in sight. >> democratic leaders immediately fired back, accusing the president of playing politics, spreading falsehoods and even throwing a temper tantrum. the gulf between the two sides wider than ever. i want to get straight to our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega with all the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president heads to capitol hill today to try to make his case yet again and leaders from the house and the senate from both parties will be back here at the white house for yet another meeting in the situation room to try to hammer this one out, but that speech last night brought both sides nowhere near closer to reaching a deal to end this shutdown. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: in his first-ever primetime address, president trump appealing directly >>got it. ran out of ink and i have a big meeting today >>and 2 boxes of twizzlers... to the american people for his border wall but stopping short yeah, uh...for the team... of declaring a national emergency to pay for it. >>the team?
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>> the federal government gooo team.... remains shut down for one reason order online pickup in an hour and one reason only, because democrats will not fund border and, now buy one hp ink get one 30% off security. >> reporter: in his ten-minute at office depot officemax speech riddled with factual inaccuracies, the president argued there is a crisis at the [indistinct conversation] southern border. >> this is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. [friend] i've never seen that before. every day customs and border ♪ patrol agents encounter thousands of illegal immigrants trying to enter our country. >> reporter: but in reality, ♪ total apprehensions of illegal crossers have actually plunged i have... in recent decades. ♪ though they have ticked up over the past year, they're still at historic lows. the president also pointed to we're in memphis, ♪tennessee, drug trafficking to make his a city with one of the highest increases case. >> our southern border is a of women-owned businesses in the u.s. pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs including meth, it's really this constant juxtaposition heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. every week 300 of our citizens with more businesses starting every day, are killed by heroin alone, 90% how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. of which floods across from our southern border. so i have to manage my time wisely. >> reporter: yes, 90% of heroin
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does come across the southern border but almost all of it comes through legal points of plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. entry and a border wall would not stop it. and about that campaign promise -- >> i guarantee you, folks, that mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> the wall will also be paid for indirectly by the great new trade deal we have made with mexico. >> reporter: but that is false. there is no evidence the president's revised nafta agreement would do that, and congress still needs to approve it. >> how much more american blood must we shed before congress does its job? >> reporter: it seems his fight with congress and the shutdown will end no time soon. appearing side by side at the same podium, democratic leaders welcome back to "gma" and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer i'm here with comedian and actor kevin hart. demanded equal air time for their own rebuttal. he's got a new movie out called >> and the fact is president "the upside," which we will get to just ahead in a little bit, trump must stop holding the but first we'll talk about the american people hostage, must oscars controversy. he stepped down from hosting the show when past homophobic tweets stop manufacturing a crisis and and jokes resurfaced. must re-open the government. >> most presidents have used he's been in the news ever since
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and something he recently addressed. oval office addresses for noble purposes. this president just used the >> we feed trolls and reward backdrop of the oval office to them. i'm not going to do it, man. i'm going to be me. i'm going to stand my ground. manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration. regardless of the academy, i'm thankful and appreciative of the >> reporter: and we have one more fact check for you here opportunity. this morning. the president also claimed that at the request of democrats, the and if it goes away no harm no foul. >> after those comments he then wall should be built out steel rather than concrete. tweeted an apology but the that's not true. controversy was back in the the democrats have always headlines after he appeared on "ellen" leading to backlash and opposed this wall and they did not propose steel over concrete. george, the president will be questions surround the apology heading to the border on thursday. >> border on thursday. so, on monday, kevin addressed on capitol hill today. the issue on his radio show "straight from hart." what we didn't hear last night is any mention of this declaration of a national emergency. that's still on the table for the president but quite controversial. >> once again, kevin hart apologizes for his remarks that >> reporter: so controversial, hurt members of the lgbtq community. george, you're right. exactly zero mentions of i apologize. national emergency in that speech last night but he i'm now moving on from this definitely seems to be making because i'm just hoping that the apology is accepted. the case for it. >> and, kevin, thank you for being here. we know white house lawyers were here until late yesterday trying really appreciate you being
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to figure out whether the declaration is even legal. here. thank you. there is major division even among the president's own allies. some republicans say this is not >> you apologized. the right way to go and you said you were sorry but there are a lot of people who democrats are already promising have taken an issue to the way that you've apologized so what lawsuits. >> cecilia vega, thanks very do you say to that? much. robin. >> i say i'm done with it. it gets no more energy from me. as we know the shutdown is now entering day 19. that's why i said for the last as cecilia just said, the president plans to visit the time i'm addressing this. there's no more conversation border tomorrow one day before many of the 800,000 affected about it. workers will miss their first paycheck. i'm literally -- i'm over that. if the stalemate lasts until saturday, it will be the longest on record. i'm over the moment. mary bruce is there on capitol hill with more. good morning, mary. and i'm about today so, if it's accepted, great. if it's not, it's nothing i can control. >> reporter: robin, good some things are left out of your hands so i'm done with it. morning. i'm over it. as both sides make their public that's where i personally am. pitches there are signs here on the hill even some republicans are growing tired of this shutdown and are ready to >> you said on saturday, i'm re-open the government even if it means the president doesn't get his way. evolving. you're changing, so what did you with the shutdown entering day believe then that you don't 19 and both sides deadlocked, believe now? the president is heading to how have you evolved? >> i have explained how i capitol hill today to rally his own party behind his demand for a border wall. but a growing number of evolved which makes me say i'm over it. i'm not saying how i changed anymore. i'm not saying what i've done republicans are signaling it's time to re-open the government with or without a wall, as and what the new me is. i'm not giving no more explanation of who i am. hundreds of thousands of americans struggle in the face
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of growing hardship. 800,000 federal workers are not i've done it. i've done it several times. being paid. i've tweeted it. roughly half of them made to work anyway and now they're on the verge of missing their first paycheck. among them, tsa workers. i've talked about it when i went on "ellen." at one of the nation's busiest i said it on my radio show. i'm just done so you have to come to a point where you know that you have given all that you possibly can and if that's airports, massive lines as many received, then great. called off work. then it means we've achieved while some federal workers back the president's policies, others something. are weary of the shutdown. casey's husband is an active if it's not, there's nothing i can do so i do this now. >> but we're always learning, kevin. we're always learning and i know duty member of the u.s. coast guard watching the address from but a lot of people don't take light to the situation and i home in mobile, alabama, looking know that you've apologized and for hope for her family but finding no comfort from washington. you've put it out there and people haven't accepted certain >> at this point i feel like ways you apologized, but do you exactly what the president has have an understanding for the lgbtq community, how the youth said that it can go on for days, out there may feel about this? months, even a year. it's heartbreaking. how this may have affected them as well because there is a big >> reporter: her family hurting as the shutdown drags on. picture to all of this. >> i have an understanding that her 14-year-old son describing this conversation. i've addressed it and i've said >> i was asking to go see one of the new movies coming out this everything that i can possibly month. say, so i'm over it.
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my mom said, well, we have to >> so there's really nothing see if your dad gets paid or more that you want to say. not. you've done it on the radio and instagramed, you tweeted. >> you will not hear me say >> reporter: now, after the anything else about it. you're not ever going to hear me say anything else about it. president huddles here with senate republicans on the hill, this afternoon he will have that i've done all that i can do so meeting with democratic leaders back at the white house and last night the president said this whole situation could be solved that was done within the hopes in just a 45-minute meeting but, that people can hear and guys, this will be their third understand how heartfelt and authentic it was. face-to-face meeting since the if you didn't, then i don't know what to tell you or do. i don't know what you're looking for. so, i'm over it. shutdown began and so far talks have gone nowhere. >> 19 days in, the cummings >> so not to put words in your family are 1 of roughly 44,000 mouth you're trying to say that coast guard families out there who work to keep us all safe but will be struggling to make ends you've apologized and people should accept the way in which meet. >> no paychecks going out on you've done it even if it's not friday. the way that they like for -- but there was a touching would like. show of bipartisanship on >> here's what i'm trying to say. tuesday. i'm over it. we want you to take a look at this. republican representative steve [ laughter ] scalise and former democratic that's what i'm trying to say. congresswoman gabby giffords, i'm done -- i'm done with it. i'm talking about today. both survivors of shootings, embracing on the house floor. i'm talking about me today and giffords was on hand to show the energy that i have and what support for background checks i can do on a daily basis. for gun purchases. the measure has bipartisan
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support in the house with five i put out good energy, i inspire, i motivate. republican co-sponsors. i'm a good person. >> we could be seeing a new push i love to love. this year. if you don't see that, then it okay, we're going to move on now to that new bombshell in the russia investigation, prosecutors accusing former means that's a problem with you. trump campaign chair paul manafort of sharing polling data if you can't realize that, then that means it's you. i have nothing else to prove or with a man tied to russian intelligence during the 2016 do. campaign. it is the clearest sign yet of nothing else. possible collusion between the >> well, let's talk about trump team and russia. something you can do today. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the >> talk to me. case from washington. >> if you're a father out there and i'm talking about any father, a black father, any pierre, the accusation revealed father whose kid may be gay, you have a son that is gay, what do by one of manafort's own you say to their son? attorneys. >> reporter: that's right. what do you say to other kids manafort's attorneys accidentally posted this information in a court filing out there? yesterday and it was supposed to be redacted. but make no mistake, this any message for kids? revelation is startling. mueller's team is accusing manafort of lying about sharing polling data related to the 2016 presidential campaign with the in the midst of all this. man suspected of having ties to >> here's what you can say. russian intelligence. are you a monster, mike? in fact, one of the special >> no. counsel's witnesses has >> people see you on this show every day. it's safe to say you got good described konstantin kilimnik as being a former member of the energy and a loving person. why would i assume anything different? why would i ever assume anything different? why do you have to prove that you are a loving individual? russian military's gru, the same outfit accused of hacking the dnc. you know who you are. people closest to you know who fbi agents working with the you are. you shouldn't have to prove special counsel say kilimnik's that. you shouldn't have to justify
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ties to russian intelligence that. that's the position i'm in. continued during the 2016 election season. i shouldn't have to prove who i am. administration critics including i shouldn't have to prove the house intelligence chairman adam levels of love i'm capable of giving. schiff are suggesting this could be hard evidence of collusion. george. >> this is during the campaign but we don't know exactly what the polling data was, right? if anybody out there wants to >> reporter: that's right. we don't know yet, george, but believe that kevin hart is that much of a monster, that he it's potentially the kind of wouldn't love somebody because of their choice in life, then all power to them. information that the russians who were doing the trolling and feel and choose to think how you trying to interfere with the think. campaign might have found useful. i'm not addressing it. i'm not overdelivering and >> meantime, on another front, the deputy attorney general who had been overseeing the russia overproving myself because no matter what you do, it may still investigation, rod rosenstein, not be received. has now told the president he's going to be leaving soon? and you'll find yourself in a >> reporter: that's right, position where you go, what else george. rosenstein, the man who launched do you want? the special counsel russia you want blood? what do you want? investigation, is expected to depart his role in the coming weeks. you want my arms? multiple sources telling us >> but i think a lot of people say you don't have to prove -- you put out great energy, nobody can deny that. you make everyone laugh. you make everyone enjoy every room you walk into. that rosenstein has but once these comments are out communicated to the white house there in the public on twitter, and the president that he plans to leave the administration or wherever they may be, then around the time that trump's there are people who feel like attorney general nominee, you have to address it. william barr, would be confirmed. you have to show that you're not
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there is no indication that rosenstein is being forced out what you say you were back then at this moment by president trump. he apparently came to the and that your beliefs are not the same. conclusion a new attorney general may want a say in who so you can say you put out great his deputy would be. energy but maybe their comments >> right, and once barr comes in as attorney general if indeed he abinhiout th has not been put is confirmed, he would oversee the russia investigation because he wouldn't be recused in any way, unlike the former attorney so they dot ha to ovin general, jeff sessions. the way in which people to >> effectively he would be out of the final decisions regarding the special counsel. >> pierre thomas, thanks very expect you to do. >> well, here's what i have to say. much. robin. if there wasn't comment number we move to that powerful winter storm barreling through the northeast. one to address it, i totally get it. strong winds in pennsylvania if i said i didn't address it in causing this canopy to collapse at a gas station, crushing cars, and now that blast of winter weather is on the move. ginger, of course, tracking it 2008 and 2009 then i would then all for us. good morning, ginger. i went on "ellen" -- >> good morning, robin. >> were you surprised at the you know that storm that did that damage also dropped an ohio backlash that ellen received? >> it shows me there is no -- there is no ending to it. tornado, its seventh on record. if you keep feeding this energy, you can see the cone there, a then it's going to grow. waterspout that turned into an you're not getting no more of my ef-1. winds almost 100 miles per hour. energy from it. let's take you to what's i'm not giving no more. happening now though because the storm is on the cold side and you have lake-effect snow bands because it shows that it's endless, so i'm not shutting down the questions. going all the way to pittsburgh i hear everything you're saying, but i want everybody to know i'm and south of buffalo, you could end up with 6 to 12 inches. done with it. watertown, syracuse all in the it's a choice that personally made to say i'm not addressing winter storm warnings but overall everyone will notice the wind. it's going to be very windy the it anymore. and that's not from an angry
7:12 am
next two days and super cold. place. look at some of the arctic air it's just from a place of, it's never going to really end. coming in by tomorrow morning. it'll feel like 6 in chicago and by friday, 14 right here in new i'm done with it so, if people york city, michael. >> all right, thank you so much, ginger. choose to continue to let it grow, then do what you got to do. and now to that breaking news overnight, the u.s. >> one thing i know, i know you hear my questions. one thing i know you do is hear consulate evacuated in my questions. melbourne, australia, after receiving a package with one final question for you -- >> i'm doing a good job of doing suspicious material. our foreign correspondent james this -- >> you're dodging me. i'm used to catching people, by longman has the very latest. the way. >> go ahead. james, the u.s. consulate wasn't the only one that was evacuated. >> but with all this being said >> reporter: no, that's right, and all this controversy and all michael. a major operation is under way in australia after multiple the ways you've addressed it, is suspicious packages were there hope you would host the delivered to embassies and consulates there overnight. the u.s. consulate in melbourne oscars this year? >> no. was one of those targeted as >> absolute no. well as 12 others there and in >> i'm not hosting the oscars the capital, canberra. this year and it has nothing to do -- >> in the future? local reports say envelopes arrived containing plastic >> it's hard to predict what can sandwich bags with some kind of happen and i don't want people fibrous material inside them. to think that there is a thing between me and the academy because there isn't. now, buildings were evacuated the academy, they're amazing people. and federal police are the offer was made. investigating, alongside specialist hazardous material it was received. i was excited. things happened. units. it didn't work out the way it so far, there is no indication of who could be behind this or should have. why they're doing it. right now from a time perspective i don't have the time.
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>> and james, this scare comes after another recent incident at a different consulate in sydney. you know, you're talking about >> reporter: yeah, that's right. suspicious white powder was two weeks i would have to prepare. i start filming "jumanji" in found at the argentinean consulate in sydney a few days february. i would like to call myself a ago. perfectionist so if i do no clue yet if this is related, something i want to give it my michael. all and make sure the production >> thank you, james. is a great representation of me and my talent. i can't do that right now. george? so, you know, unfortunately, i we're going to turn now to a can't do it this year. mysterious death sparking it's not going to happen and the future if it does, it does. protests in los angeles. a man was found dead at the home of a wealthy donor to democrats, but it's not -- it's not the conversation of today. the second death there in less than two years. an investigation under way and will carr is in l.a. with the story. good morning, will. you know, the public has made it >> reporter: good morning, a conversation of today but i removed myself from the conversation. george, protesters here are it's not right. demanding justice but at this point that political donor who it's not in god's plan right lives in the apartment complex now. behind me is only facing allegations, not charges. and what god has for me is going to happen. it's already predetermined so [ chanting ] i'm not -- i'm not -- i'm not >> reporter: protests at the worried. home of prominent democrat i'm not shaken. i'm not upset. i understand life and in life donor ed buck a man who has donated more than $100,000 to democrats over the years, reportedly including hillary you have ups and downs, and clin within those ups and downs you learn, you educate and you grow ies sa isecond men lesshan two years, a black and you move forward. hiess west hollywood apartment
7:14 am
so, hopefully, people can look while buck was home. at me and the situations i've been in in life and understand police say they found the body there's always growth. you mature. of a male in his 50s inside you change. buck's apartment early monday and when that happens, you become better. and that's all facets of life. all over. officials say 26-year-old gemmel moore died of a drug overdose back in july 2017. moore's mom posting a journal entry she claims her son wrote so, with that being said, when before his death online reading, you know that you're that type of individual, you accept you quote, ed buck gave me my first for you. i'm so good with me. injection of crystal meth. i'm so good with me and that's police are now reviewing the not a cocky statement. that just means that i'm happy investigation into his death as with me because i know the man well. buck has not been charged in either case. >> we're going to be out here every night. that i know am. that being said, i don't have to every night. prove that to anybody. >> reporter: political activists i'm that comfortable. have been showing up to his doorstep calling for thorough i'm that comfortable and i'm investigations alleging buck preys on black men and lures them back to his apartment. >> i don't care if he was in his at that understanding of my mental and my level of maturity. so for those that get that, thank god you do. for those that don't, hopefully you will in the future. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, if you don't, i guess it just 80s, 90s or older. wasn't meant for us to have a he was a black man and died of friendly relationship. i guess we're not in each other's lives. it's not going to sway me either an overdose in ed buck's house. >> reporter: buck's attorney flatly denies his client is way. responsible for either man's death. >> this is not a situation where i don't get off on the verdict mr. buck has caused the death. of others and how they feel. this is a situation where mr. buck has had longtime that's not -- i don't live life
7:15 am
friends who unfortunately do not for others. handle their life well. i live life for me and mines. >> reporter: authorities admit that it's suspicious that two so, those are the people that men have died in that apartment know me, love me and know my in such a short amount of time. heart. you know me. that's why they say they're >> i know you for a long time. taking another look at that 2017 >> you know my heart. case. robin. >> i know you for a long time. >> that's how i'm able to swerve >> all right, will, protests you the way i did. i swerved you good. where you are and protests asked one question, i went, erupting in new jersey overnight whoop. over the death of a man who was then another, whip. distressed and sought help from swerve. police, then died shortly after. eva pilgrim is there in paterson, new jersey, with the story for us. good morning, eva. >> kevin, you didn't swerve. you can watch this back. you did not swerve at all. one thing i got to say is that >> reporter: robin, this you say you can't determine the future. community marching here to city but you can -- you are going to stick around. we're going to determine that future because we're going to hall overnight after a man died in police care. the big question this morning, talk about your new movie "the upside," but thank you for what happened after that man sitting with me and talking to went to that police station me about this. we're going to come back with more with kevin hart in a little asking for help. bit but now over to ginger. >> yes. hundreds taking to the streets of paterson, new jersey. i think it is time for a "gma" moment. how about we go to new jersey clashing with police demanding and maybe you remember the first time you saw bubbles, do you? well, thomas will. answers over the unexplained he's 6 months old. death of 27-year-old jameek oh. lowery. lowery staggered into a police look at those eyes. station asking for help on
7:16 am
facebook live. >> please help me. jaw dropping, isn't it? i love seeing the world again >> reporter: police called an from that baby's perspective. you're right. ambulance for lowery who was they are amazing, thomas. thought to be on ecstasy, but he died at some point after boarding the ambulance with thank you to mom, katie, for sending that in. police officers. the prosecutor's office said in a statement, police used physical force and compliance holds to secure lowery in the ambulance, but hospital records indicate no acute trauma. >> they will do the autopsy. everything will come out and then we will know where we stand and the answers will be given to you. i want you to have those answers. right or wrong, i want you to have those answers. >> reporter: his heartbroken family in mourning, wondering how this could have happened. >> i can't go to sleep at night. i been up since this happened. i cannot sleep. >> reporter: now, as you heard authorities are waiting on that autopsy report, hopeful that it [ applause ] will give them some clues as to what caused this man's death. and we are back upstairs. robin. it's time for "pop" with lara. >> it is, indeed. >> so many questions. all right, eva, thanks. good morning to you all. we begin with lin-manuel miranda about to star in "hamilton" in >> grieving family there. puerto rico to raise money to
7:17 am
we're going to move on now help rebuild that country after as that storm moves through the hurricane maria, but you know what he's also managing to find east. snowy roads already causing time to do really nice things dangerous accidents out there. right here at home in new york take a look at this crash caught city. on a home surveillance camera on tuesday in maine. that car there sliding out of a beloved bookstore called the control through an intersection drama shop in the theater slamming into that stop sign, throwing that sign into the district was in danger of house, almost hitting someone inside. closing due to soaring rents. scary situation right there. the homeowner says the driver so, as the song in the broadway was from georgia and did not know how to drive in icy musical says, rise up. conditions, which is a lesson. miranda and three of his "hamilton" collaborators bought if you're not sure, just slow down. the business and will bring it back to life. he is such a good man. >> slow way down. [applause] >> slow way down, that's right. let's go back to ginger. he tweeted, and i quote, as a another storm may be coming? >> yes, we've been watching seen i went to the drama computer models and merging of a bookshop on 47th. spent hours reading plays. couple pieces of energy. felt made for me, a place to go. what that means is we do think from colorado through missouri in 2002 i met with tommy kail, the "hamilton" director, in the you will see snow friday into saturday through the ohio river drama bookshop. it gave us a place to go. proud to be part of this next valley, and then the chapter. mid-atlantic, virginia up to new york city, we stand a chance at seeing some of this snow. how much is unclear. a place for you to go. we'll get fine-tuned as we get closer to that, but that comes so everybody look for the drama bookshop next time you're here through sunday into monday. so just a heads up when it's in new york. it will be re-opening in a new location somewhere in the theater district very soon. please do support it. cold and then you get some snow. [ applause ]
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small business owner. >> welcome back. >> hey. i snuck in under the cover of night. >> great job. >> thank you. also, guys, guess who was spotted at a los angeles target on monday? yes, the one and only beyonce was at a target. can you believe it? breaking news. there she is in an orange jumpsuit cruising the diaper aisle. much to the delight of fans who spotted her looking casual, relaxed. her pal chrissy teigen took the opportunity to tease and also promote her own brand, tweeting, beyonce, you're so silly. i can just send you my new knives. she says that because she has a cookware line in target and busy philipps getting in on the fun posting, of all the days i wasn't at that target. but perhaps comic ariel dumas said it best, i can only assume this angle meant the person taking the picture collapsed on the floor, which is a natural
7:19 am
reaction upon seeing beyonce in target. [ applause ] i believe this is the epitome of taking lemons and >> nobody. making lemonade. >> does look like she's in a watch what happens here. it's a time lapse, obviously, music video with the wind but they're making art in the snow. machine on. >> a palm tree? >> they said that was casual. >> that's a palm tree. >> oh. >> yes. >> and a hammock. >> clever. >> they're good. that's beyonce casual. >> very good. >> not my casual. >> lays down. >> thank you for that, ginger. >> can you believe we're all we needed that. talking about beyonce going to a target? coming up, the new fallout finally, everybody, you know the saying a penny saved is a penny earned. from that documentary "surviving r. kelly" as the singer is now never has it been more true. a man named don lutes jr. found this penny in a pile of change facing a criminal investigation. he was given back in 1947 in a and dna at work again. school cafeteria. how a genealogy site helped crack a decades-old murder even back then, everyone knew mystery that landed this deejay behind bars. and kevin hart is here for about the holy grail of pennies, his first live interview since stepping down as oscars host. 1943 lincoln copper penny, these were made by accident. we'll be right back. s host. back then, copper was needed to make shell casings for troops we'll be right back. fighting in world war ii. last name is "wehadababyit'saboy." in that year, 1943 pennies were made of zinc-coated steel, all except for 20 that were made with the last bits of copper left in the coin press. hello?
7:20 am
collect call for, mr. bob wehadababyitsaboy. lutes was told it was worthless. sorry, wrong number. he kept it. who was that, dear? he passed away late last year. bob. they had a baby... it's a boy. now we will find out just how lucky that penny is when it goes (smiling) ahhh. if you like saving money, call geico. on the block at heritage auction in dallas later this week. a fifteen minute call experts say that penny saved could save you 15% or more on car insurance. could earn up to $1.7 million. ...last name is >> wow. "wehadababyit'saboy 8lbs3ozmother'sdoingfine." >> isn't that amazing? >> check your pockets. check your drawers, right now, there are 20 of them out there. and that is a wonderful way to end this "pop news." >> one person, $7 million for one penny. >> the holy grail. >> all right, thank you very much, lara. coming up next, gwyneth paltrow, she is here live and i've been smelling that cooking all morning so we can't wait for that. stay with us. oats have a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which can help lower cholesterol when part of a heart-healthy diet. what's more, these oats have no artificial flavors, preservatives or added colors.
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why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 thunderstorm warnin mornings. a big mess after a large box truck overturned near mckey road before 4:00 this morning. the which says a passenger there was killed, and the driver of the truck had to be taken to the hospital. investigators say the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. an investigation is still ongoing. a tow truck is trying to clear that overturned vehicle, and chp was hoping to have the lanes open in a few minutes. keep the wet weather handy. alexis has a look closer at the crash as well as alternates. waves of showers. some may pulse to thunderstorm yeah, not a lot of great levels. the amount of rain they're going options. they don't have the lanes open. to drop is going to be light, the far left lane is open. less than .1 inch. i know they were hoping for 7:30 our only advisory is out at the as the estimated time. coast where breakers could reach that's every lane except the far 24 feet. right lane would reopen. look at all those ones, reggie. sig alert continues, and the lot of rain on the way.
7:24 am
back up is brutal. >> thank you. looking at almost a two-hour another abc7 news sglaet drive on northbound 101. about 30 minutes. see you do not take that. four miles an hour. 15 miles an hour on northbound 680 no thanks to an earlier ♪ crash. northbound 280 jammed, as well. i suggest delay your trip or welcome back to "gma." take bta. we have an exclusive first look and we have at "in style's" february cover. it is about fierce compassionate women and melissa mccarthy took the top spot getting oscar buzz for her performance in "can you ever forgive me?" and says at 48 she's finally learned to stop worrying what other people think. this morning, melissa mccarthy revealing the obstacles she faced in her career in a new cover store for "instyle" magazine. >> my suggestion is you go out there and find another way to make a living. >> reporter: the actress telling "instyle" she was asked offensive questions when she first started out like are you shocked that you actually work in this business at your tremendous size? and how she quickly recognized the double standard in hollywood. noting that it's fascinating
7:25 am
because they don't do it to men. sexism, a major issue for the nominee noting that women aren't generally embraced when they play characters that aren't classically beautiful saying she was told you look sloppy. you're not wearing any makeup. your hair is not done. you're yelling at people. her response, classic mccarthy saying, you need to get out more if you don't think that there are real women like that. mccarthy also admitting it took her until age 48 to learn how to silence the negativity. why do i care if you like me? if that's the case, then we probably shouldn't like each other. "in style's" editor in chief laura brown is with us. >> how are you? >> i'm great. [ applause ] there are so many incredible women out there. >> yes. >> this issue of "instyle" has a specific name i've been told i'm not allowed to say. >> i love it. it's the bad ass women issue. it's our second -- we did one last august. i got greedy because there's so many bad ass women out there that we want to celebrate.
7:26 am
the issue contains the bad ass 50 which do incredible things. they show up. they speak up. they get things done. >> why did melissa mccarthy make the cover? >> melissa is the most tremendous performer but what really distinguishes her she's fearless, fearless physically, fearless with how she portrays characters that are outside the norm. she's not vain. she's incredibly intelligent and cares about people. bad as wear pink ru68 m ruffles if you ask me. >> such a great photo. 50 other women. some of them names we know like we'll start with live doppler 7 especially across the north bay where we have the best michelle obama. simone biles, betty white. radar returns. a few around the bay and in the other women we don't know about. south bay now. ho w ndo the potential is there as we've know. got the moist flow off the ocean >> everybody gets the same all day. platform. even a slight chance of a mayor tetana. and the golden thunderstorm the closer you are to the ocean. rainfall amounts won't be great. up to .1 inch. globes she gave a $300,000 we've got six of the next seven donation so that's major. days possible rain. jessica? >> thank you. coming up on "gma," a cold secondly, oh, god, sorry. case solved. how police found a man who emily -- sorry, jet lag.
7:27 am
>> just came back from killed a t hp gum and a water bottle. australia. just got engaged, by the way. >> thank you. [ applause ] emily who is a miss usa pageant, miss michigan who spotlit the water problem in flint which is less alone in a beauty pageant. women like that. nina shaw, a woman for time's up. women who don't get the spotlight we can give them so thrilled to do it. >> it's fantastic. you know, all of these women lead very different types of lives. >> they do. >> but what do they have in common. >> what they have in common as i was writing my letter is empathy as a performer, empathy as a corporate person or engineer, it's about understanding and appreciating people's experiences and trying to do something to help the world. a big part of the divisions come down to a lack of empathy or possessing empathy. i thought a bad ass doesn't mean putting on leather and riding a motorbike around and it's about caring and acting on caring
7:28 am
>> that's beautiful. just gave me chills. >> at least i could say that right. >> yes. you had a lot on your plate. congratulations again. the issue is incredible. everyone check out out, the february issue of "instyle" is out on friday, january 18th. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make-or-break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant,
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7:30 am
linkedin was the matchmaker. we decided we would employ one federal worker per night until the shutdown is over. how many kids do you have? >> seven daughters. >> oh, boy. let me just give you a little hug because -- [ applause ] and even if this is over immediately, you're in a lot of trouble, yeah. welcome back to "gma." that is jimmy kimmel. he's helping workers affected by the government shutdown, help them get back to work and get paid a little bit offering a captain in san bernardino to fill in for guillermo and every night until the shutdown ends kimmel will put a government employee to work. >> every little bit helps. >> he is in trouble with all those girls, that's for sure. they could go on for some
7:31 am
time and the president will meet we are back now on "gma" and this afternoon with congressional leaders at kevin hart, he is back with us as well. we talked to him earlier. the white house and also going to capitol hill to discuss this we talked about the oscars government shutdown now day 19. federal paychecks won't go out controversy but we'll move on and talk about your new movie. >> yes. >> "the upside." >> yes. >> yeah. to 00,000 workers and last >> i'm excited. >> you should be. night, of course, the president you should be excited. doubled down on his demand for the border wall and democrats the reason i'm excited for this responded saying the president is manufacturing the crisis. movie it's a different role for secretary of state mike you. >> yes. >> a little bit more on the pompeo is making a surprise serious side so what drew you to visit to iraq this morning, meeting with allies in the that. >> the script was amazing. region to discuss the withdrawal you know, having the opportunity of the u.s. from syria and reassuring leaders of the u.s.' commitment to iraq. to take on a true story, of course, the movie is a rye make and check this out from from the french version. california. california lawmaker right there we wanted to do it and modernize wants businesses to stop printing paper receipts by the it, make it fit today and having year 2022. the opportunity to work with see how he made his point right bryan cranston, nicole kidman, there. something i jumped at. that's an amazing group of he dressed up a man as a giant receipt. actors and actresses to be in >> is that from cvs? and i think that it was a great challenge. i wanted to show the world there was another level to me and my that one goes on and on. >> they can't be recycled. acting talent and, you know, i'm >> he did it well. making a point like that. turning to that new trouble very, very happy with the for singer r. kelly. finished product. reports he may be facing a criminal investigation. i think it's my best workdatene
7:32 am
this following those sexual a play and bryan abuse allegations made in a new documentary series. cranston is a wealthy linsey davis is here with the businessman paralyzed from the latest. neck down and he hires you to good morning, linsey. come in and take care of him and >> reporter: good morning to what was it like working with you, robin. as recently as last week r. kelly tweeted about a new song bryan because he's one of my and an upcoming album but, of favorite actors? he can do comedy. course, it's not his music that he can do dramatic roles so how was it working with him. has him in the headlines but it's the accusations of abuse >> he's the best. i mean, when it comes to the against him in lifetime's documentary "surviving r. kelly" definition of an actor he's it. and now authorities are involved, reaching out to alleged victims of the r&b singer. >> why didn't anyone notice? he's a thespian. it's a craft that he's we all noticed. perfected. i was a sponge on set. i soaked up as much information no one cared because we were black girls. >> reporter: more than 18 as i possibly could, asked million viewers have tuned in to lifetime's explosive series questions, learned. "surviving r. kelly." watch as he approached his day to day. how embraced the character, you >> had to pretty much agree to know, we wanted to make sure we it no matter how demeaning. showed the world of a quadriplegic as much -- as much light as we possibly could. >> reporter: the six-hour docu-series details allegations of sexual misconduct stretching by learning, by gets in depth. back more than two decades. having conversations with real allegations the hitmaker has people that are in that consistently denied. situation. ♪ i believe i can fly as a caretaker i wanted to >> reporter: the reaction to the understand what went into the series was fast and furious with job, how much i needed to know so that we gave the portrayal f the #survivingrkelly being
7:33 am
tweeted more than 900,000 times in the last week. beginning stains because we did but it seems prosecutors were also watching the series. rehearsals. we vetted out the material so state officials in illinois now urging anyone claiming to be a much and going victim of alleged abuse by the singer to contact them. >> i'm here today to encourage working, he would tap in and victims of sexual assault or bryan cranston would tap out. when he's working he's working. domestic violence related to when they say cut he turns back to bryan. these allegations to please get the most unrealistic thing i've in touch with our office. there's nothing that can be done to investigate these allegations ever seen. one scene we were crying and telling the story of how he got without the cooperation of both paralyzed from the neck down. he's crying full-fledged tears victims and witnesses. >> reporter: this morning, and said cut. he was like, so, kevin, the producers from the show are game, did you see the game? talking about its immediate impact. i was like, what? >> the conversations that are being had are larger than r. kelly. you just were crying, man. it's helping people who have how you turn it off like that. >> we're going to take a look at been abused to come forward and a clip right now of the feel like they're being supported. necessary ien and the sponge as >> reporter: amidst the you called yourself. this is "the upside." controversy and attention to the allegations in the series, stars check it out. like jada pinkett smith are now asking how he continues to sell >> well -- >> that is for untitled number albums despite the controversy? >> i really don't want to zero or what is bravery which is believe that it's because black now proudly hung in carter's girls don't matter enough. trophy room.
7:34 am
or is that the reason? >> black girls' voices, you >> for real? >> for real. know, aren't going to be heard. >> for keeps? they weren't going to be heard. >> for keep. >> for putting on your momma. why speak up now? >> put it on your momma? because they've seen it in the >> this is -- this is crazy, past, and i had to actually encourage them to say like, you man. know, you're going to be helping hell yeah, man. so many other african-american hell, yeah, t. women come forward in saying me hell. [ applause ] too, your life does matter. >> put it on your momma. >> put it on your momma. >> and now there are new >> and you said this is based allegations against one of kelly's managers with claims that he threatened a family that off of a french film that had a participated in the documentary. lot of success so why do you a representative of kelly told think the story resonates with people. >> you know, the title says everything. it's the upside. abc news that the claim in the you're looking at the story of two men that come from two different sides of the world series are nothing and if mr. kelly did anything wrong you that don't have an understanding of each other's background. would expect to hear facts, not the pitchfork posse. but the perception of judgment is something that they place on robin. >> linsey, thank you. each other, you know, because i'm an ex-con i'm expected to be our senior legal a certain type of individual. and the past is kind of what correspondent sunny hostin and people are judging me on, not my media expert larry hackett are present. here. and his case, because he has >> i spent the weekend watching it. i immediately scrubbed all of my money, because he's a white man i'm expecting him to be happy.
7:35 am
devices of r. kelly's music and then sort of spent the weekend you got everything you want. calling lawyers, calling law in return he doesn't have enforcement friends and asking, what can i do? everything he wants because he would give all that away to move his fingers and walk again. what can be done because in and my side i just thought money watching it as a former sex was everything and his side he's now understanding that just crimes prosecutor, i saw all the because he doesn't have the use signs of sex abuse and domestic violence abuse, you know, victims that are isolated from of his limbs doesn't mean that their families, victims that don't have any self-esteem he can't have the mental because of the abuse they've endured. happiness that he once had and i give that to him and what i get i saw crime victims. from him is the education and understanding of if he can be >> and there have been happy and if he can feel, what allegations for decades so why now, larry? reasons would i have to still >> because our business is not very good when things are complain and place judgment on why people are preventing me to get ahead. >> you both get something from each other. real quick, "jumanji." dismissed by the courts, you're ready to start filming remember in 2008 he was found that. >> yes, yes. innocent of child pornography charges. >> but "jumanji," we saw danny none is new and in our business it has to be new. when you see six hours of these devito, aquafina will join the women together, one after the other after the other doing exactly what sunny said, cast. what advice do you have working presenting this pattern of being broken down and turned into with you and dwayne johnson. >> we brought them in because we just really need help because this, that's different. it's also post-me too.
7:36 am
dwayne is so bad on screen. a lot of the charges were decades ago and now it will have so we're bringing in as many a whole impact. people as we can to help. >> you bring up that equivalent no, man, you know what, it's an to 2008. amazing group of people that are what has changed other than that? coming on board and me and >> i think larry is right. we're in a new time. when i was prosecuting the dwayne are excited. cases, had they came in i would we wanted this to be bigger and say they were almost dead on arrival. trying to go above and beyond the victims are not going to testify. and i think we're doing a great job of putting those pieces in they'll feel that they won't be believed, in it alone, that this system is against them. place. two amazing funny talented sometimes they go back to their people. can't wait to get them on board. abusers and they come into court >> we can't wait to see it, man. holding hands. you have no shot. we really can't but in the now you have victims saying, meantime, i want to thank you wow, i've just watched this again. thank you again for being here documentary and it happened to earlier and right now and in the them too and so there is real meantime, you can check out the strength? kevin hart in "the upside." that movie is also starring in numbers, real power in numbers and i think victims are feeling much more empowered to bryan cranston who will be here come forward and tell their tomorrow. story. all right. the movie, "the upside" is in >> but how do you get -- we've theaters on fridsoou guys go ch heard the call for them to come forward, but how? >> one of the families, i it out. now over to ginger. believe they are the savage, hey, ginger. their daughter jocelyn is with >> thank you, michael. r. kelly right now. i can't wait to see it and want they have a hotline and you wait to show you this. also -- i'm also hearing that so many people from kansas city investigations are popping up in to roanoke, virginia, this weekend and they have snow on
7:37 am
illinois, in chicago, and so i the way, well, treat it like think victims will be coming forward. jack. just straight in. i guess -- there do you think that? >> i do. yesterday i went on spotify and you can find r. kelly's music there. let's remember the business connection to this, right. when harvey weinstein and others get caught they get severed from their business connections. you can still find r. kelly music everywhere you want. he still did partnerships with big, big stars. >> jada pinkett smith on [ applause ] this weather report sponsored by lincoln and you don't want to go instagram had a great video and anywhere said how is it that r. kelly's music sales have spiked since the release of the docu-series "surviving r. kelly"? i need some help in understanding, what am i missing? >> exactly. you can ascribe a little to curiosity but the fact of the matter is he is still part of the huge industrial entertainment machine. >> i think that people can speak with their dollars. i scrubbed my devices and my kids' devices and need good corporate citizens. why is he still signed to a record label and have a
7:38 am
commercial lease for his studio. people need to speak with their daughters and mute him and say we don't agree with this. you can't really separate the art from the artist in a situation like this. >> i know you've been discussing this on "the view" as well. >> we will continue to do so. >> larry, always appreciate your perspective. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, as well. guys, i got to head out to the west coast so see you on monday. good lord willing that the creek don't rise as my mother used to say. >> travel safe, robin. coming up, the genealogy database that helped solve a cold case and put a deejay behind bars. how gum, a water bottle and half-sister's dna helped investigators crack the case. half-sister's dna helped investigators crack the case. ♪ daisy it's true ♪ before i get on the move ♪ i grab my special food ♪ today's the daisy i see ♪ the difference in me ♪ today's the daisy for cottage cheese (cottage cheese) ♪
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♪ today's the daisy for cottage cheese (cottage cheese) ♪ ♪ today's the daisy! ♪ yeah, had a pretty big fender bender here. state farm's got you covered, mike. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? [helium voice] everybody remain calm! [helium voice] we have this situation under control, [helium voice] we'll be out of here in a jiffy. ♪ welcome back with oscarw. a new johnson's cottontouch™ a wholwash and lotionre for newborns is born made with real cotton and enhances your gentle touch a new soft a new touch brand-new cookbook called "the a new gentle new johnson's cottontouch™ clean plate." (baby cooing) choose gentle welcome. thanks for being here, gwyneth. >> thank you for having me. boy: in our family, >> congratulations. we love tiny things. seou since wedding to we save every drop of rain, study every bite of frost. brad so how is married life.
7:40 am
because caring for tiny things >> i love it. can make a mighty impact. ocean spray. soarod >> all it. act tiny. be mighty. farmer-owned since 1930. who was your favorite part of the night? >> i think just, you know, being act tiny. be mighty. ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. around all of our really old -- we had a very small wedding. we both have really old friends the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. from elementary school and high school and that was the bulk of ♪ trelegy. our friends that were there and it was just really special. gy-2-3 trelegy ♪ >> it's beautiful. again, congratulations. we're so happy for you. with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. >> guys. >> your fourth cookbook. >> ah. trelegy works 3 ways to... >> your fourth cookbook. airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... we'll cook teriyaki chicken. ...for 24 hours of better breathing. >> yep. >> so tell me how we get started trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler and talk about the book while for sudden breathing problems. we're cooking. >> okay, so here we've got some trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition boneless skinless chicken thighs or high blood pressure before taking it. and thighs are nice to use because they have a lot of do not take trelegy more than prescribed. flavor and have been marinating trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, in se ginger and coconut and osteoporosis. aminos. we don't use soy in the book. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, this book is ail allergen free mouth or tongue swelling,.. ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. as possible. you let these marinate and you think your copd medicine is doing enough? can just brush your pan with some oil. maybe you should think again. >> ooh. >> all right.
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. and then you just let them -- ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 >> saute that smells so good. i love that. save at >> smells good. >> ginger. >> garlic and ginger, always a winning combination. >> while that's cooking you work on -- >> this is a teriyaki rice bowl but we're making it with cauliflower rice. >> my favorite kind. >> okay, good. >> i want to eat right. that's a staple. >> if you're keto, this book is great for you. call flower race is great if you want to be light on carbs. we eat it all the time. we love it. normally they tell you to pulse it in a food processor. some people don't have one. if you have your grandmother's old-fashioned grater. >> grocery stores by the way sometimes sell it already done. i may be a fan of that. >> it kind of makes a mess. you get a little bit of an elbow workout in here. >> you have green onions,
7:42 am
scallions. >> yeah, so then basically you saute your call flower rice in a saute pan and have a little neutral oil and saute it. i like to get it a little brown so you get that nice browned flavor. and then add some toasted sesame we are back with a new cold oil and scallions and some case solved with the help of a genealogy database. dna from a man's half-sister linked him to a murder decades beautiful sea salt to bring out later and he's just been sentenced now to life in prison. the flavor. >> i'm so excited about this. >> what do you garnish it with. abc's whit johnson has been >> so then what we like to do, i covering the case for us and has all the details. can kind of make one. this is the finished call flow r good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good flower -- cauliflower rice. morning to you. this case went cold like so many you are a nice audience, by the others. way. investigators lifting dna evidence from the crime scene [ applause ] but unable to link it to a suspect. 2 1/2 decades later, a match and >> and this is one of your kids' stunning confession. part of a new wave of crime favorite meals. >> they love -- kids love when solving. new cutting-edge technology, now they can arrange their own bowl heating up the coldest of cases. police in cedar rapids, iowa, so you can be flexible with all making a stunning arrest in a 39-year-old murder mystery. these ingredients. it's kind of like loosely based 64-year-old jerry lynn burns on a korean rice bowl. accused of killing 18-year-old here's some grated carrots, of
7:43 am
michelle martinko at a mall in 1979. course and just any kind of good old-fashioned lettuce. >> cilantro, cucumber. joseph james deangelo named as >> my husband doesn't like the golden state killer who cilantro. i wouldn't do it but it's my terrorized the state in the '70s and '80s with a string of killings and sexual assaults. favorite thing so -- >> you can do it now. he's not here. >> this is basically my favorite food. it's kimchi. >> kimchi. deangelo charged with 13 murders. now this morning, investigators >> fermented cabbage with chili. say they cracked another cold >> so good for you too. case, all using the same >> and so i eatons of kimchi technology plugging crime scene dna into a genealogy database. then you can just once this beautiful chicken is done >> it went back to his life as if he had done nothing wrong. just -- >> anybody can do this at home and you can get this recipe and >> reporter: raymond rowe so much more, "the clean plate" confessing in court, pleading is out now. guilty for murdering 25-year-old gwyneth, thank you so much for being with elementary schoolteacher christy mirack. telling the court and victim's family, i'm sorry, i can't imagine what you're going through. i apologize. rowe identified after authorities matched his dna with his half-sister who submitted hers to a genealogy website. rowe, now 50 years old, will spend the rest of his life in
7:44 am
jail without the possibility of parole. the case stunning the lancaster, pennsylvania, community. mirack was found dead in her apartment, strangled and sexually assaulted. dna was collected at the scene but the case went cold for decades. then, police taking that fresh lead, able to gather new dna evidence from rowe on a water bottle and a piece of gum he used after a gig at an elementary school making the arrest last june. now, millions of people are now taking these dna tests. prosecutors agreed to drop the death penalty as part of a plea deal and that confession. rowe and mirack lived and worked a few miles apart. but this morning, it is still unclear what the motive was for this brutal attack. george. >> thank goodness it has been solved. coming up, the colorado couple trapped in their car by not one but two avalanches. how they got out and what you can do if you're ever caught in one. t you can do if trapped in one.
7:45 am
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>> great. >> great. >> great. high five, fiber! so i'll give you a call then. >> not awkward at all. [ applause ] i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) >> whoo. i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. rough. >> you guys are telling me the cast is very, very tight except zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. one person on camera. i am a zifan for zicam. but one of your cast mates who oral or nasal. we know very well wasn't quite as into hanging out initially as you all were. >> in season one, fred savage would not -- we'll call him out. i'm going right for it. fred would not do anything with us. we thought he was joking. we thought he was joking. we're all going to dinner. have a good time, i'm going to watch "designated survivor." but now we're trying really to ♪ bond and in the second season was for fred the season of yes. fred said this is the season of yes. i'll say yes to everything. do you want to go on a boat with okay, so you've been to the it's great right? earth. our friends sailing. yes. but i bet you haven't done this. do you want to go to chabot with or that. me and my wife.
7:48 am
or been here. i bet you haven't met her, yes. >> that's great. or him, that does really help. or them. you need that off camera bonding ooo, dance-off! to be so awkward on camera? this is... incredible. >> yes. >> yeah, yeah. you, see what i did right there. >> so how was it going to your and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- tv husband's wedding, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> in l.a. thank you, thank. >> how was that? >> it was super fun. it was an amazing party. we are back now with that colorado couple that survived >> that was a pretty crazy -- being trapped by two avalanches. thank you? a picture of you. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> that's me kissing my wife. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: hey, michael, good my sweet aliza. morning to you. look at that. it was the surreal thing to have this is avalanche season and right now we are seeing potentially dangerous conditions the friends from college co-mingingling with actual friends from college, you know, at a wedding of dancing. across the west, but as one some people singing on stage. utah couple found out avalanches are not just a threat to skiers. >> oh e. yeah, your husband. >> there's been several small avalanches here and there's a her husband sang and it was car that's stuck between them. fantastic. yeah -- >> it was a good time. >> reporter: david and erin >> you guys shot in atlantic kennebeck were driving down this city which had to be a ton of road when their car was trapped fun. was there some gambling involved. by not one but two avalanches. >> there's about three or four >> oh, yeah.
7:49 am
small avalanches. [ laughter ] they're not super deep. it was -- we were shooting nights which means you show up they're probably four feet the deepest. >> reporter: erica said it to set at about, you know, 5:00 happened in a split second. several feet of snow coming down pak and you're shooting until trapping their vehicle. about 4:00, 5:00 a.m. and that >> went through my head first, didn't stop us. we went back to the hotel which is, of course, attached to a maybe this is how we're going to go like horrible to think about. casino and would gamble for a few hours. >> there's no windows so -- >> there was nobody there shockingly. >> reporter: the kennebecks both there were a smattering of people. >> a smattering of people. >> which is a situation. >> sometimes it would be like i able to climb out the driver's want you to hit me but i just side door. can't hear what you're saying -- flagging down help. avalanches claim nearly 30 lives every year in the u.s. is that birds chirping outside? rescuers trained to save victims >> sun is just coming out. in drills like this one. you think of snow as being fluffy and white and soft, but >> is that a 6 or a jack? >> yeah, yeah. >> you didn't know how to play really in an avalanche it isn't. blackjack. >> she taught me how to play it becomes very hard, very tough blackjack, a system and the to dig yourself out and very whole nine yards. did not win me any money. difficult to breathe. >> no, i never won anything if you're caught in your car myself. during an avalanche, experts say that's how it works. stay in your vehicle and call the house always wins. >> the house always wins, guys. 911. let help come to you. the house always wins. turn off your engine to prevent losing endeavor. a buildup of deadly carbon do not gamble. monoxide and stay warm. >> do not gamble. >> house always wins. >> this guy and i know each carry extra clothing for an other a long time.
7:50 am
emergency. both went to penn state university. have you seen keegan playing the role of coach james franklin, everybody. it is hilarious. penn state football coach. and one more tip, they tell you you have an eerie similarity to if you're stuck in your car stay him. i just have to say that because in your car but every ten minutes, honk the horn to signal we are, baby. for help. michael. >> penn state, we are, yes. >> all right, great tips. thank you for that, clayton. >> love having you guys here. we're glad that family is okay. coming up, kevin hart, he is love that picture. here live. you guys can see the new season we'll be right back. of this show, please check it here live. we'll be right back. out. "friends from college," netflix, this friday it starts. going to say good-bye. "good morning america," have a great one.
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7:54 am
dress. she really gets into it. >> thanks. time for "live with kelly go. and bella grace, rex and bubba, i am so inspired to clean. that's what we're going to be doing this weekend. that's right. get that mop. >> announcer: it's all right. "live with kelly and ryan." this segment sponsored by quickbooks. and coming up right here on today on "live," "gma," kevin hart one-on-one. cooking with academy award-winning actress, gwyneth he's here live and how cover girl melissa mccarthy learned to paltrow. finally stop worrying what others think of her. and with the series, your local news and weather is "friends from college," cobie coming up next. r. smulders. plus, "jan-you-ary" continues with "smart swaps for a healthy heart." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hi! ♪
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 thunderstorm warnin mornings." mike, is it still raining? >> it is. check this out. live doppler 7. hi, everybody. you can see there's still scattered showers out there. it will be the case throughout the day. the winds will be potentially damaging. as we head through the morning, they're going to taper quickly. the surf is going to be around until 9:00. my concerns are the hired planing we've been -- hydroplaning we've been watching and trees coming down. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a chance of rain starting friday. alexis? no change. a major traffic alert northbound 101 blocking everything except the far left lane. the deadly sig alert. major delays. the backup all the way to 82. 85 is jammed. 87 is jammed. delay your trip or use mass transit. the richmond san rafael bridge recovering from an earlier crash.
7:57 am
>> thank you. coming up, kevin hart on "gma" talking about his oscar controversy, his movie, and what's next. stay tuned for that.
7:58 am
7:59 am
the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, doubling down. the president's primetime speech from the oval office calling the battle over the border wall a humanitarian crisis filled with misleading claims. the democrats push back immediately as so many american families feel the toll of the shutdown. kevin hart live. addressing the oscar controversy and the backlash over his comments. why he says he's evolved after apologizing again, defending his jokes on his sirius xm show. is there any chance he'll still host the oscars? his new movie is about to hit theaters. winter blast. as snow and cold close in on the northeast winter storm alerts for so many states, could two smaller systems merge into a weather event for the weekend? ♪ melissa mccarthy. candid, caustic and kind in a brand-new interview, fabulous in jaw-dropping fashion. what she's saying about
8:01 am
listening to your inner voice and being authentic to yourself. ♪ you must be my lucky star check your change. the extremely rare penny found in the lunch money that could be worth millions. ♪ gwyneth paltrow live. here sharing some of her favorite meals that will keep you healthy and happy in the new year. plus, what's her go-to dish to share with her friends. all ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. thanks for joining us on this wednesday, hump day, and robin had to leave to go on assignment, but we're always happy when amy is here. >> you know what i also love. i love being in target. you guys like target? take a look. what would you do if you saw a superstar supposedly shopping at
8:02 am
target? so many online folks crazy in love. we're going to have much more ahead on that. >> do we know who she is? >> do we have to? queen bey. >> that is coming up. a lot of news to get to starting with breaking news overnight, the president making his case for the border wall in his first primetime speech from the oval office. democrats fired right back. sides as far apart as ever and to cecilia vega with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: the president made no mention of the words national emergency in that speech last night, but he very much seems to be making the case for declaring one. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: in his first-ever primetime address from the oval office president trump appealing directly to the american people for his border wall, but stopping short of declaring a national emergency to pay for it. >> the federal government remains shut down for one reason, and one reason only, because democrats will not fund border security. >> reporter: in his ten-minute speech riddled with factual inaccuracies, the president argued there is a crisis at the southern border.
8:03 am
>> this is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. every day customs and border patrol agents encounter thousands of illegal immigrants trying to enter our country. >> reporter: but in reality, total apprehensions of illegal crossers have actually plunged in recent decades. though they have ticked up over the past year, they're still at historic lows and about that campaign promise -- >> i guarantee you, folks, that mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> the wall will also be paid for indirectly by the great new trade deal we have made with mexico. >> reporter: but that is false. there is no evidence the president's revised nafta agreement would do that and congress still needs to approve it. democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer demanded equal airtime for their rebuttal. >> the fact is president trump
8:04 am
must stop holding the american people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must re-open the government. >> reporter: now, today president trump heads to capitol hill to try to make his case yet again and leaders from the house and the senate will be back here at the white house for yet another meeting in the situation room to try to hammer this out. tomorrow, the president will head to the border, but, george, you know this, we are on day 19 of this government shutdown and there appears to be no end in sight. >> not right now. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. amy. now to a possible second chance for the american staples sears which could possibly close its doors permanently. well, a billionaire hedge fund manager, edward lampert, says he has a plan. the bid would save roughly 50,000 jobs at kmart and sears. the store's fate will be decided at an auction on monday. michael. >> thank you, amy. weird without a sears and a kmart, right? well, we're going to go now
8:05 am
to that powerful winter storm that's roaring through the northeast with strong winds causing this gas station canopy to collapse onto cars and now more winter weather is on the way. ginger is tracking it all. good morning again, ginger. >> you see the image here, such a striking one where that car hits the stop sign and heads into house. that's in maine, and apparently it was a driver from georgia who was not familiar with driving on ice. then the warmer side of the storm at least yesterday, look at ohio, that is their seventh tornado ever. an ef-1 that did quite a bit of damage, winds nearly 100 miles per hour, and talking about these two lows phasing together for the weekend. looks like friday pretty confident that eastern colorado through kansas into missouri going to end up with snow. mid-atlantic by sunday, so virginia into washington, d.c., looking pretty wintry, michael. >> i'm sure that's just what they want to hear. coming up, one-on-one with kevin hart, he's got a new movi4
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