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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 16, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> only costs him $50,000. instead of paying a full-time employee to do that. >> genius. >> what time does it get really bad so people go home earl good morning, america. breaking news. [ shots ] an american killed in that terror attack overseas. at least 14 people killed when gunmen and a suicide bomber stormed a luxury hotel complex. people jumped from windows to escape. more gunfire rang out overnight as authorities still trying to get everyone out safely. we're live on the scene with the latest. back here at home. two major storms, out west, flooding and mudslides. and now the east bracing as an arctic blast moves in. new outrage. as the government shutdown hits day 26, the trump administration ordering nearly 50,000 workers back on the job without pay.
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new images this morning of jayme closs' kidnapper as his family breaks their silence. what they're now saying about the 21-year-old behind that terrible crime. terrifying close call. a baby strapped in a car seat flying onto a busy road. now, the driver who saw it all and rescued that toddler is speaking out. ♪ you're as cold as ice and the mystery that's as cold as ice. spinning across a river in maine, stunning people across the country. what on earth is behind this frozen phenomenon? ♪ you never take advice ♪ someday you'll pay the price i know ♪ and good morning, america. i do not know what's behind it but it looks pretty cool. >> i know one thing, there's a song for everything. >> our producers are on top of it. but we'll explain it all. t.j. holmes is there for us this morning. we will begin with breaking
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news overseas. an american and 13 others killed in that terror attack on a luxury hotel complex in kenya. and there are new details just coming in, so let's go right to our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell. he's there in kenya's capital with the latest. ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. kenya is reeling after yet another terrorist attack. the hotel that was targeted by the terrorists is just behind me and this morning, we're still seeing heavily armed police and troops, as well as investigators scouring the scene looking for evidence and making sure it's safe. [ shots ] fear gripping kenya's capital as the terror attack in nairobi tuesday afternoon comes to a close. >> the security operation at the dusit complex is over and all the terrorists eliminated. >> reporter: one of africa's deadliest terror groups, the al
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qaeda-linked al shabaab, claiming it carried out the attack that killed 14 people including an american. at around 3:00 p.m., a coordinated assault begins. an explosion hits three cars near the upscale dusit hotel while a suicide bomber detonates his vest inside the lobby. four gunmen can be seen here storming the hotel and opening fire unleashing bloodshed and chaos. >> this guy has been shot. >> reporter: terrified guests run for their lives. >> everyone was running everywhere. >> reporter: some leapt from the windows. others hiding in the dirt, falling over each other in the panic to escape. explosions and gunfire echoing as cries for help ring out. anti-terror squads rush to the complex spending hours going room to room to flush out the attackers. more than 700 people evacuated from the scene.
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>> follow me. >> reporter: escorted to safety by police. >> not today, my sister. you're not dying today. >> reporter: search and rescue efforts going on throughout the night, and just before sunrise explosions ring out again, sending survivors scrambling just moments after being rescued from more than 12 hours of hiding finally reunited with their loved ones as others mourn the dead. well, it's with very heavy hearts that we're just getting it confirmed that the american who was killed was jason spindler. mourning here in kenya and of course back at home. robin. >> all right, ian, thank you so much. we'll continue to follow the story all morning. >> thank you, robin. we have breaking news. good morning, george. a blast in northern syria in the area where u.s. troops are based. isis has claimed responsibility. and an u.s. official tells abc news that there are american casualties. american troops have been operating in syria since 2015.
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up until this point, there have been a total of four americans killed in action. press secretary sarah sanders has just put out a statement on this, saying, quote, the president has been fully brief and will continue to monitor the ongoing situation in syria. >> back here at home, both coasts are bracing for storms that are slamming the west right now. but they're going to head east pretty soon bringing heavy rain, snow and powerful winds, and ginger has been tracking it all. good morning to you, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. a lot of us grew up with snow days. what about a mudslide concern day. that's what a lot of schools have been closed for, dozens of them, in southern california. malibu, here, showing wet roads and stormy conditions. it is so saturated in southern california and in northern that the next storm, the one that comes in tonight for most people, that's where we're concerned about. more rockslides, bigger debris flows and things that could actually impact homes so we'll be watching for evacuations throughout the day and then look
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at this. minden, nevada, on the roads we're talking up to six feet of snow. wind gusts could reach above 7,000 feet to 110 miles per hour, so it's going to be windy, snowy and look at all the advisories to kansas city, detroit, cleveland, over to western pennsylvania. it's two storms, the first one going to slide through pretty quickly. it's going to make for an ugly commute here in new york city early friday morning just west of boston or into parts of new york. then this weekend before you even think about the weekend storm you got to see how much of the country is going to be impacted by that second one, anywhere there from, say, nashville up to western new york. it'll start as snow here and then change to rain, george. >> ginger, thanks very much. we're going to get to the latest now on the government shutdown entering day 26 and the impact is growing across the country. from airports where some checkpoints remain closed to the economy as a whole, white house economists now warning that the shutdown is hurting the economy, could push the u.s. into a contraction as the administration calls thousands of unpaid workers back to their jobs. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is covering it all from capitol hill.
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good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, with no end in sight the trump administration this morning is summoning roughly 50,000 federal employees back to work without pay. this is all an attempt to mitigate some of the impacts of this shutdown. some breaking nug, the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has just sent a letter to the president asking to postpone the state of the union. saying, quote, given the security concern, i suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has reopened for this address, or delivering your state of the union address in writing on january 29th. they're thinking about postponing the state of the union address. the two sides here are simply not talking. . the president has been trying to go around democratic leadership to meet with rank and file members. democrats haven't been receptive to those invitations. they boycotted the invitation
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yesterday, saying it would only be a photo-op. >> no strategy to get out of it. >> no strategy to get out of it, how can that be? >> just waiting for the pressure to build. the high-stakes confirmation hearing for president trump's attorney general nominee, william barr continuing that confirmation this morning and if confirmed he would oversee special counsel robert mueller and he was asked repeatedly tuesday about how he would handle the ongoing investigation. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is in the hearing room there on capitol hill with more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. barr had a goal yesterday. he wanted to make clear that if he is confirmed bob mueller will be allowed to finish his investigation and rejected the president's claim that mueller is on a witch-hunt. >> first, i believe that it is vitally important that the special counsel be allowed to complete his investigation. i have known bob mueller for 30 years. on my watch bob will be allowed to finish his work.
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>> reporter: barr and mueller have been friends for three decades. i took that to mean he has respect for mueller, will defend him if necessary, but if barr disagrees with something mueller has done he will not be afraid to overrule him if necessary. >> what did he say about whether or not he would make mueller's report public? >> reporter: barr said mueller's final report will be confidential and that as attorney general if he's confirmed he will review the report, write his own summary and then decide what can be released to the public. if he's confirmed the buck stops with barr. >> all right, we'll see what happens. okay there, pierre. and there was a moment that charmed many yesterday. barr's 8-year-old grandson liam was there at the hearing, writing his granddad encouraging notes like this. dear grandpa, i love you so much. you are doing great so far. isn't that adorable? and p.s., i think russia's people are fine. it is the government is the problem. out of the mouth of the babes. senator dianne feinstein said the boy deserves a medal for
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sitting through that. >> political analysis. >> political analysis. everything else, insight, supporting his grandfather. the women's march set for saturday steeped in controversy as the democratic national committee withdraws its support over march sponsors' ties to louis farrakhan. janai norman is here with more. >> reporter: we are a few days away and thousands are expected to gather in d.c. and across the country, but this year the rallies are under a cloud of controversy that has led to numerous groups pulling out as sponsors. the co-president of the march, tamika mallory, is under fire over her ties to nation of islam leader louis farrakhan who has made a number of anti-semitic and homophobic remarks in the past, particularly this instagram post from back in 2017, where she calls him the greatest of all time. on "the view" monday, mallory was pressed on the issue and said while she disagreed with some of his statements, she
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refused to condemn farrakhan. since then the fallout has continued to grow. late tuesday, the dnc became the latest sponsor to pull out. other groups absent from this year's list of sponsors include human rights campaign and center for american progress. less than half of last year's partner groups are listed as supporting the march. now, abc has reached out to the women's march for comment but hasn't heard back yet. on "the view" monday the co-president, bob bland, says the group unequivocally condemns anti-semitism, bigotry and condemns any statements of hate. guys, back to you. >> okay, janai, thanks very much. we go overseas now and the future of britain and its prime minister, theresa may, in question after a crushing defeat. parliament voted overwhelmingly against may's plan to withdraw from the european union. the most lopsided vote in modern times. what happens next, no one knows. abc's james longman is there and the prime minister could lose her job over this. >> reporter: that's right, george, good morning. britain's prime minister theresa
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may suffered the biggest defeat in a generation last night. her position as leader of the u.s.' biggest ally has never looked more uncertain and neither has the path to this country leaving the european union. the deadline is looming. if the deal isn't done in 72 days, we could crash out which economists warn could have dire consequences. the u.k. economy for instance hit by 8%. house prices down by as much as 30% and the pound losing more value against the dollar. a no deal would have a global impact. the division here is huge. lawmakers rejected her deal by a massive margin and today the main opposition party is forcing a vote to have her removed. she'll probably survive the crisis but the only thing we know is that we're heading into the unknown. >> okay, james longman, thanks very much. michael. >> all right, thank you, george. and now to the latest on jayme closs. the family of the 21-year-old accused of killing her parents and holding her captive for nearly three months is now speaking out as we learn more about her dramatic escape. now we go to wisconsin where
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alex perez has more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, michael. jake patterson's family says he never had mental health issues growing up. his mother shocked after learning of his arrest, initially hoped authorities had confused him with someone else. this morning, a new look at the man accused of kidnapping jayme closs and murdering her parents, new images from showing him in high school isolated while classmates take a group photo. yet, seen in this photo roughhousing with a friend. dylan fisher, a childhood friend of patterson, shocked. >> everybody liked him. he was a good student. he was pretty happy for the most part. >> reporter: the family of the man police say is a cold-blooded killer breaking their silence. his grandfather telling abc news, something went terribly wrong. nobody had any clue. we are absolutely heartbroken. it's wrenching to deal with, adding that his grandson was shy
7:14 am
and quiet. he backed off from crowds but a nice boy, polite. computer games were more of a priority than social interaction. >> you did cause the death of denise j. closs with intent to kill that person. >> reporter: but prosecutors painting a more sinister picture of patterson, calling him a cold-blooded killer who chose a 12-gauge shotgun because it would inflict the most damage, later burning jayme's clothing to get rid of evidence and forcing the 13-year-old under her bed, boxing in her with laundry totes and barbells. >> you did carry jlc from one place to another without that person's consent and with intent to cause the victim to be secretly confined. >> reporter: patterson's family struggling to understand what went wrong. his father and brother silent as they left the courthouse holding hands. loved ones saying his mother initially hoped authorities had confused her son with someone else. jayme, this morning, back home recovering. patterson has been transferred to a jail in a neighboring county.
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he's being held in isolation. he could possibly face additional charges in the county where jayme was held captive. robin. >> alex, thank you so much. hearing details just so chilling. we have a new report about the super bowl and travis scott's decision to perform. "variety" saying that before he accepted, he talked to colin kaepernick, and gio benitez is here to tell us why that was. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. "variety" says scott spoke with kaepernick about making a massive donation to a social justice group before he would agree to perform at the super bowl with maroon 5 and big boi. the rapper along with the nfl giving $500,000 to the nonprofit group dream corps. the league has struggled to fill the halftime show this year, following widespread backlash over the nfl's treatment of kaepernick who began kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016 to protest police brutality and racial inequality
7:16 am
but kaepernick's girlfriend said in a tweet that kaepernick did not approve of scott performing at the super bowl and kaepernick's retweets seem to suggest the same. >> really? >> yeah. very interesting. >> but they did talk? >> they did talk apparently. >> maybe they didn't come to the same conclusion after the talk but they talked. >> he reached out and dream corps really works on prison reform. there was a particular reason why he chose that nonprofit organization. >> that's right. that's right. absolutely. >> thank you, gio. >> thank you. now to an unbelievable rescue. a 96-year-old woman pulled from her vehicle moments before this happened right here. take a look. a commuter train near chicago slamming into her vehicle. there were some men that rescued her. they saw that the train was coming. they were brave enough to put their own safety at risk to help get her out. our abc station wls in chicago reporting she was apparently disoriented. she was taken to the hospital to get checked out. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> thankfully. that's some picture. let's go back to ginger. >> well, this image out of minneapolis will help tell the
7:17 am
story, but minneapolis has actually not seen a subzero temperature this season. and they usually see it already. so they may have their latest on record. they'll definitely get there this weekend because some big-time arctic air is pouring in. here's where it's going to settle. these are windchills so what it feels like. 25 below in minneapolis. 12 below kansas city, but look how far south it reaches. dallas down to the gulf coast. feeling like freezing and you say, oh, good, are we getting away with it in the northeast? no. it slides here and will come here so by tuesday, i think you wake up and say, ah, i thought we got away with a warm winter. nope, apparently not. it's going to feel like 7 below in new york city. 3 below in washington, d.c. all right, let's get to the rainy cities now brought to you by walgreens.
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i don't know about you but when i make a snowman, if it's even round, i'm very, very happy. but look at that. that is an eagle seven feet tall. it took 15 hours to make. his name is rick. he lives in greenfield, indiana. he happens to be the brother of
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linda horton, our -- yes, camera operator. >> really? >> that's right. >> talent runs in the family. and talent runs in your family. how was radio city last night? "dancing with the stars." >> oh, my goodness. i said to michael this morning, sequins felt really good again. >> i heard ginger walk down. >> aha. >> i'm home, i'm home. we're going to share that a little bit later. val, your partner, will be here. that's later this morning. but coming up, did you see this terrifying moment? a toddler thankfully surviving after her car seat went flying out the door. how did it happen? now the hero driver who stopped by to save the baby is speaking out. and youtube is cracking down on those popular prank videos. was the "bird box" challenge the last straw? highest life expectanciese in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now.
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good morning, i'm alexis smith from abc7 thunderstorm warnings. an early morning jolt woke up many across the area. did you feel it? an earthquake on the hayward fault this morning was centered in the piedmont area with two aftershocks. no reports of injuries or damage. more than 20 people are without a home after two housefires in san francisco this morning. a fire started at one home and spread next door. several are hurt, two in critical condition. not an easy morning on the roads. frances? >> hi, in fact, there's a five-car pileup in vallejo, westbound 80 at highway 37.
7:24 am
numerous accidents all around the bay area. the one i'm going to focus on is in sausalito. south 101. actually a rock slide that's been blocking the right lane. traffic is going to be out there for a while. heavy approaching the scene. it's slow southbound 101 on the right-hand side through sean rafael. as you -- san rafael. as you can expect, big delays heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. a 20-minute wait. >> not a fun day on the roads all the way served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go. so panni-do eat one while you are in a car, but panni-don't, while you are on a car. order a pannido with doordash today. only at jack in the box.
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heaviest chance of thunderstorms. it is just going to get progressively worse during the day, alexis. >> thank you, mike. coming up on wbut did you know you could be saving even more?.
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i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. ooh. >> oh, my gosh, that music. >> welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at that mystery in maine. it's a gigantic floating ice disc. it took over a pond, captivated people across the country. and t.j. holmes, he is there with more on what's behind the frozen phenomenon. he looks frozen like the disc. >> look at that. isn't that a beautiful shot? he looks thrilled to be there. >> so happy, t.j. we're trying to figure out -- >> a second before the camera was on. >> he turned it into blue steel. >> he's going to tell us what it is because we're still wondering how it developed. t.j., he will let us know.
7:31 am
following a lot of headlines right now. we have now learned the identity of the american killed in that terror attack overseas. jason spindler, ceo of a company and one of 14 killed when gunmen and a suicide bomber attacked it the luxury hotel on tuesday. you still see a lot of heavily armed police on the scene this morning. back here at home, two major storms taking aim out west. the east is bracing for an arctic blast about to bring the coldest air of the season. and if you're a netflix subscriber, get ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket. they are raising their prices. the basic $8 plan will go up to $9 while its most popular hd subscription will jump to $13. netflix stock soared on the news. >> because of all that original content which is great, you got to pay for it. now to that terrifying moment that was caught on camera. a child in a car seat tumbling out of the car onto the road. the driver, the baby's mother not even realizing. thankfully, the baby girl is
7:32 am
okay, and paula faris is here with that story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: fworng to you, robin. the video so disturbing you wonder how this can happen but this morning, that mother is facing child endangerment charges, as we learn that the child was in her car seat but the car seat was not properly installed in the vehicle. it is the heart-stopping video capturing this terrifying moment. watch as this gray car comes around a curve in mankato, minnesota. >> apparently a child fell out of a child seat, out the back of a vehicle. >> reporter: look again. the rear driver side door swings open and then a toddler, who is still strapped in her car seat, tumbles into the middle of the road. >> the whole seat fell out. >> reporter: the car continues to drive away as the door slams shut on its own. the moment was captured by chad mock's dash cam video. he couldn't believe what he had seen. >> i stopped, got out and honked my horn several times and tried
7:33 am
to flag down the person that lost the child out the back and they just kept going. >> reporter: authorities say the driver of that gray vehicle didn't notice the child had fallen out of the vehicle. >> she went through an intersection and at some point she puts her car over to the side of the road. it appeared that, you know, she left her car running and all of that. she just basically runs back to the incident location to try to locate her child. >> reporter: the toddler miraculously was uninjured. >> she wasn't out of it or anything but just very calm, very alert. >> it does appear that the child was restrained in the child seat, however, it wasn't tethered or strapped into the vehicle itself properly. >> reporter: experts say it's a common problem. the cdc says in 2016, 43% of children who died from car crashes were improperly restrained. that's a staggering number. we want to make sure that you have your car seat properly installed. the first thing you want to do
7:34 am
is check your vehicle's manual. that's right. just because it has a seat belt doesn't mean it's equipped to handle a car seat. once installed using latches, anchors or a seat belt in the case, you want to issue the inch test. the car seat should not move more than an inch in any direction. and finally, you guys, it's okay to ask for help. there are car seat inspectors that are out there. you can go to our website for more but there's nothing wrong with asking for a little help. >> nothing wrong with asking for a little help. remember to shut the door completely, lock it. lock it. >> i fell out of the car when i was a kid. >> it is shut. it is shut. >> what? >> george looked at me like that explains a lot. >> what happened? >> i fell out of a car. my mom went to the bank, told us not to get out. my oldest brother did because he wanted balloons and candy, didn't shut the door properly and rolled right into the intersection. >> how old were you? >> i got up running. >> that does explain a lot. i'm with george on that. i'm glad you're okay.
7:35 am
>> i have self-esteem for myself. >> the beauty, you don't have to say anything. the expression always says so much with you. >> i think we'll move on. some new policies from youtube. they're taking a stand against dangerous stunts like the "bird box" challenge. becky worley here with details. good morning, becky. >> reporter: george, good morning. online challenges wildly popular with teens, they can work for good. think of the ice bucket challenge but recently some of those challenges turning dangerous, even deadly. youtube finally jumping in with rules for safety, but do they go far enough? they are the troubling videos inspired by "bird box." >> under no circumstance are you allowed to take off your blindfold. >> reporter: the netflix smash sparking this dangerous viral challenge where people blindfold themselves attempting to do everyday tanks. >> take it slow. oh, my god. >> reporter: one utah teen attempting to do the challenge while driving with her hat over her head.
7:36 am
she swerved into another lane, crashing into a car. she could face reckless driving charges. but this morning, youtube saying enough is enough, announcing that they'll ban all challenges that present an apparent risk of death. the popular video sharing site issuing new guidelines that say we need to make sure what's funny doesn't cross the line into also being harmful or dangerous. our policies prohibiting harmful and dangerous content also extend to pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury. this new warning including past viral challenges like the tide pod challenge. >> do not eat. >> reporter: and the cinnamon challenge. challenges that were wildly popular with viewers, but sent many participants to the hospital. we reached out to youtube for comment late yesterday and they didn't reply, but with all of these developments, parents can take the proactive step of talking to their kids about what's gone wrong with online challenges and raise their consciousness about choices irl,
7:37 am
in the real world, george. >> no question about that. becky, thanks very much. >> these things are danger us. and coming up, it was supposed to be the party of the century but it ended up like this. well, now, the co-founder of that infamous fyre festival is speaking out. speaking out. with uncontrolled modor atopic dermatitis,a, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're always itching. but even though you see and feel eczema on your skin,
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turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day. we are back now with the new documentaries that are pulling back the curtain on the fyre festival, the event that was supposed to be the experience of
7:41 am
a lifetime but turned into a total disaster before it even began. one of the founders who's now behind bars is speaking out and amy robach has all of that. good morning, amy. >> that's right, good morning. the organizer billy mcfarland pleaded guilty to fraud charges that cost investors and customers over $26 million. well, he appears now in one of these documentaries trying to explain why he promised a fantasy but delivered a fiasco. >> the actual experience exceeds all expectations. it is something that's hard to put in words. >> reporter: it was billed as a one-of-a-kind concert spectacular. promising concertgoers a one of a kind event with performances from bands like blink-182 on the beautiful island of exuma in the bahamas promoted by celebrities like bella hadid and kendall jenner. but when thousands arrived in the bahamas for the fyre
7:42 am
festival, after paying up to $1500 for a ticket and $12,000 for a vip experience, they found a millennial nightmare. >> it was basically the exact opposite of everything we were promised. >> we had no electricity, no showers, no bathrooms. no like running water. >> it was about $4,000 and what we got was worth closer to say zero dollars. >> reporter: despite the lack of accommodations, food and entertainment, no one who attended the festival received a refund. authorities arrested billy mcfarland who co-founded it along with ja rule. >> fyre festival was supposed to be the new coachella. new burning man. >> reporter: he was sentenced to six years in prison this past october for defrauding investors. he is speaking out this morning for the first time in the new hulu documentary "fyre fraud." >> i think it's real easy to play monday morning quarterback for myself saying i shouldn't have been involved in that. >> reporter: mcfarland was paid to participant in the film and spoke about his relationship with ja rule who was not charged with any crime. >> ja rule didn't know anything
7:43 am
that was going on? >> i was in charge so it's on me. >> if he was there with you on the island frequently. >> yeah, he was on the aisle. >> did he tell you, billy, we can't do this? we need to cancel. >> i'm not going to talk about our private conversations but we had many conversations as well as i did with the rest of the team and those decisions were made. >> reporter: during the festival, mcfarland blamed weather and infrastructure for the event's failure. >> big storm came through and busted our water system and affected half of the housing tents. >> reporter: but the judge in mcfarland's case did not agree calling him a serial fraudster and ordering him to pay $26 million in restitution in addition to his jail time. and this is also a tale of dueling fyre documentaries. hulu released its documentary just a few days before netflix had a chance to release their own and the team behind netflix says they believe it's wrong that hulu paid billy mcfarland for his appearance. hulu says they won't comment on the strategy behind the launch but would like the timing and content to speak for itself so everyone can decide for
7:44 am
themselves. >> we'll see what happens there. >> it does color it a little bit. >> certainly does. >> can i say it was wonderful to see you with captain sully and the passengers from the miracle on the hudson. >> lori, his wife, said to me thank you to robin for always calling it a controlled emergency landing because that's what it was. it wasn't a crash. >> it was, it was. bless your heart. it was just wonderful to see that reunion. you're so good with that. thanks. we'll take a look at this, our man t.j. is there. >> so exciting. >> you know how excited t.j. is to be in maine right now. >> oh, yeah. >> that spinning circle of ice. how did it happen? only t.j. knows. well, ginger does too so come on back. i don't keep track of regrets. i never count the wrinkles. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on, is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein,
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we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. ♪ back now with the story behind the unusual sight in maine. a giant floating disc of ice spinning in a river fascinating and perplexing people all across the country and t.j. holmes, the best one to send there for it all. hey there, t.j. >> reporter: you don't need to, robin, go to the great pyramids of giza, we have found our own eighth wonder of the world in maine. robin, i give you ice. i know what you're thinking. t.j., i've seen ice before but i assure you you've never seen ice like this. we're talking about an estimated 100 yard across
7:49 am
perfectly formed circle of ice that's in the middle of a river in the middle of the town of westbrook. i know you're glued to your screens right now but i beg you, don't stare too long. because the thing is actually slowing spinning. it's spinning in a circle. i don't want you to get lost in its hypnotic powers. they have used it as a promotional tool in town. this is the most exciting thing to happen in westbrook since, okay, this is the most exciting thing to ever happen in the town of westbrook. they are hoping it's going to become a tourist attraction. people are just fascinated. i have the mayor here with me. mayor sanphy, are you all really trying to use this to put you guys on the map as a promotional tool here? >> yes, we are. >> you are. you think it will draw people to your town? >> i hope it will. we're very proud to that. it's very unique. i never seen one before but i'm glad to have it here. and get some recognition for it. >> some folks are saying it looks like a crop circle in the
7:50 am
water. alien intervention, because it's spinning, hey, we need one more turntable and a microphone. whatever you think about it, i am not the expert. i want to turn back to you guys and, ginger, who can better explain the phenomenon of water freezing. >> yes, water does freeze. thank you, t.j., for that part. that started us off well. but they've actually happened before. i've shown them to you. you probably don't remember. a couple years ago one happened in michigan so ice discs do occur. it's been a couple of years since they figured out why, though, so we know the ice breaks apart and they used to think it was the current of the river that turned it and smoothed it out. not so. we have figured out from here to europe, that when these do form it is the ice melting that cold water that comes from it heads down in the river and then that spins it at a constant rate so that's a big one. we know that but there are others and they all spin at similar rate. >> oh, my goodness. hey, t.j., mr. mayor, thank you so much and, ginger, you're a renaissance woman. you know science, you know how to dance.
7:51 am
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so, let me start with this picture. from smugglers' notch, vermont. it might look pretty but by monday morning 14 below, the
7:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by simple truth. proud of what's not in our food. proud of what's not in our food.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm a elections -- alexis smith. mike niko has the forecast. a wild one today. >> it is. right now everything's pretty quiet. we have scattered, light showers, but that storm is spinning off the coast. by noon, there you go. the yellows and oranges, the first wave of moderate showers. that continues all throughout the afternoon hours. then the downpours come during the evening hours. that's when the thunderstorms also roll in. the greatest potential from damage, flooding and winds, will be this evening. frances? pretty bad out there. just got word of a possible fatal accident in daley city in skyline in carmel. two major problems. one in the north bay, southbound 101 at swer. landslide -- spencer. landslide blocks the right lane.
7:57 am
a serious motorcycle crash northbound 101 to the lawrence expressway. motorcycle rider down in the left lane. >> thank you. coming up on "gma," how youtube is cracking down on the "bird box" challenge and other dangerous pranks. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our app and
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news. an american killed in that terror attack overseas as the death toll is growing. at least 14 people killed when gunmen and a suicide bomber storm a hotel complex. tourists and workers scramble to safety jumping from windows to escape and more gunfire rang out overnight as authorities race to get everyone out safely. winter whiplash. two major storms about to cross the country from coast to coast. heavy rain, snow, powerful winds all coming. the coldest air blowing in right behind it all. ginger is tracking the latest. new overnight. paris jackson checks into a treatment facility. sources close to her saying she's putting her physical and
8:01 am
emotional health first. we'll have the latest this morning. health alert. the new research that shows when you eat could be as important as what you eat. how to hack your metabolism to get healthier, sleep better and have more energy. one of our most popular segments is back. get ready for "take-out fakeout 2019" showing you how to make your favorite meals, this time with a healthy spin. ♪ just dance and center stage. ginger got the call to join the "dancing with the stars" tour at radio city. she only had 24 hours to learn her routine. so how did she do? wait till you see the high-five and look who is saying -- [ chanting "good morning, america" ] >> there is nothing not to love about ginger zee. she's all in, i'm telling you. thanks for being with us, everybody, on this wednesday and
8:02 am
ginger, of course, you had a great time. and there was a reason why this particular outfit, something about her past that we will share later. >> something surprised me. we love her and the whole cast of "dancing with the stars." they are some great people and also this morning, we've got a new series called "fast fixes" helping you solve common problems in easy ways like finding a great pair of jeans without even trying them on. i have not had any luck with that. this will help me and the secret is in the neck. >> really? >> the neck. >> lori bergamotto will figure it out for us from "good housekeeping." we have a lot of news to get to starting with overseas, new details about the terror attack in kenya that killed an american, 13 others. want to go back to ian pannell there in nairobi. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. kenya is reeling from yet another major terrorist incident.
8:03 am
just down the road from the hotel that was targeted, i can tell you in the last hour we heard a major explosion apparently a booby trap device was being detonated by explosive experts underlying how dangerous this situation remains. fear gripping kenya's capital as the terror attack in nairobi tuesday afternoon comes to a close. >> the security operation at the dusit complex is over and all the terrorists eliminated. >> reporter: the al qaeda-linked al shabaab claiming it carried out the attack that killed 14 people including an american. at around 3:00 p.m., a coordinated assault begins. an explosion hits three cars near the upscale dusit hotel while a suicide bomber detonates his vest inside the lobby. four gunmen can be seen here opening fire unleashing bloodshed and chaos. >> this guy has been shot.
8:04 am
>> reporter: terrified guests run for their lives as cries for help ring out. anti-terror squads rush the complex. more than 700 people evacuated from the scene. >> not today, my sister. you're not dying today. >> reporter: and just before the sunrise, explosions ring out again sending survivors scrambling just moments after being rescued from more than 12 hours of hiding. with the identity of the american killed in that attack now being confirmed by the company that he worked for in a statement saying, it's with a heavy heart that they confirm that jason spindler was killed in the attack behind me. >> george. >> it was such a terrifying scene there in kenya. thanks very much. back here at home, two major storms are wreaking havoc in the west and then bringing an arctic blast to the east. ginger is going to start us off with what's happening out west. >> hey, michael, let me bring you a little perspective when it comes to this rain.
8:05 am
several sites in california have seen how much rain they get in a month in just the first half of the month and we've got a whole lot more to go. the most powerful storm is coming in tonight for a lot of folks from the bay area and tomorrow southern california so worried about rockslides, mudslides. there are dozens of schools closed because of that threat. go up to just south of lake tahoe already getting snow. this is where we get concerned when it goes above 7,000 feet there is a blizzard warning, because you could get up to six feet of snow, winds could gust up to 110 miles per hour. it's a lot. yes, they need it for their snowpack but, boy, it's going to come fast and the winter weather advisories with that first storm, kansas city, st. louis, talk about detroit and cleveland with some icy roads, that's the storm, one, that slides across and brings us icy roads by friday and second storm everybody is talking about, a much wider swath that will be impactful the farther interior you go through that weekend. >> okay, that holiday weekend. thanks so much. someone shared something with me on social media yesterday.
8:06 am
i want to make sure to share it with you. i hope you remember this guy. yassin, the syrian refugee we met in the fall. remember at the falafel shop. when i went to visit him in knoxville i found more than great food, i found love. the moment i walked in the door. you know what he's doing now? he's reaching out to his neighbors yet again, this time offering free meals to federal workers not getting paid due to the shutdown and also providing it for their children. showing your i.d. at the door gets you a delicious meal. the facebook post says, we're more than happy to serve them because they have been serving us. and he adds a personal touch for the government employees that come in on each ticket the restaurant rings up a special message will read, knoxville loves you and we love you. >> that is great. >> i know then a retired worker from the federal government was inspired by this and donated $100. i mean -- >> also, the chef jose andres is doing it in washington, d.c.
8:07 am
coming up, we have the latest on paris jackson and her condition. >> and we also have the new research about what to eat when you're feeling stressed. dr. ashton is here with that and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. >> well, we have a great audience up here. hello, everybody. we also have mr. don cheadle in the house with a great new show. we're talking about that and "the avengers." that and so much more on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. ♪ on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. oats seem pretty simple right? they're actually kind of extraordinary. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting. this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so it traps some of the bad cholesterol and shows it a thing or two. making quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high five, fiber! metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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8:12 am
hump day. it is hump day, so that means tomorrow, tory johnson is going to be here with fantastic "deals & steals" to help you go green in 2019. >> uh-huh. >> i love that. [ applause ] green in 2019. how about a little "pop news," lara. >> absolutely, robin roberts. good morning to you guys and to you all. so the recording academy has announced the host of the upcoming 61st grammy awards. not an actress or comedian but one very talented ladies, miss alicia keys. 15-time grammy winner posted this video showing the moment she received the big news. can you tell she's a little excited? then cuts to her doing a promo shoot for the event. there she is. keys telling fans, i am so excited to be the master of ceremonies on the biggest night in music and celebrate the creativity, power and magic. i'm especially excited for all the incredible women nominated this year.
8:13 am
the 2019 grammys take place february 10th. congratulations to her. [ applause ] love it. stepping out of the box for the host. also in "pop news" this morning, a star is born, and i'm not talking about the bradley cooper movie but steven spielberg's newest discovery. the oscar-winning director has found his maria for the remake of "west side story." the part goes to a 17-year-old new jersey high schooler named rachel zegler. there she is. unbelievable. i love this story. she goes to an open casting call with 30,000 other hopefuls, blew spielberg away. check out her singing on youtube. ♪ where they can't hurt us we're far from the shallow now ♪ ♪ in the shallow, shallow,
8:14 am
in the shallow, shallow ♪ >> wow. >> very good. also played maria. there have been many. this will be exciting with spielberg doing it. "west side story" was the first she encountered with a latina led character and she's humbled by the opportunity to play a role that means so much to the hispanic community. spielberg scheduled to start filming this summer. ansel egort is scheduled to be her co-star. and finally, who has two thumbs and is a cool cat? not me. it's bronson. check this out. yes. the 33-pound cat on an epic weight loss journey since his owners found him in a shelter. mike wilson and his girlfriend
8:15 am
adopted him from their local humane society in michigan after his previous owner passed away. little nugget, the big nugget and it was love at first sight and they're committed to helping bronson step away from the kibble bowl and get healthy. he doesn't look like he wants to. in fact, since taking him home bronson has lost five pounds and can fit under the couch. something he couldn't do previously. by the way, the whole thumb thing in addition to being lovable. he's polydactyl, gifted. he has an extra digit on each paw making him look like he's wearing catcher's mitts. who doesn't love bronson? give it up for him. please follow his journey on i am bronson on social media, of course. we have a star amongst us. another star is born. little fun fact, i had a polydactyl cat as a child named marshmallow. that's all for "pop news." >> perfect name for a cat. our cover story, the latest on paris jackson.
8:16 am
michael jackson's daughter is entering treatment for her emotional health and eva pilgrim is here with the details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. paris jackson has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety. she's been incredibly busy finding a lot of success but, this morning, she's hitting pause to prioritize her emotional well-being. overnight, the king of pop's only daughter checking herself into a treatment facility for her emotional health. sources close to paris jackson telling abc news, after a busy year of work engagements that took her all over the globe, paris decided that she needed to take some time off to reboot, realign and prioritize her physical and emotional health. the 20-year-old daughter of the late michael jackson heading into treatment after a roller coaster year with a promising modeling career. >> hey, stranger. >> reporter: a film debut in 2018 and the heartbreaking death of her grandfather, joe jackson. the star has admitted to past struggles with mental health
8:17 am
telling "rolling stone," in a 2017 cover story, she tried to take her own life at 15 while battling depression and a drug addiction saying she had low self-esteem, thinking that i couldn't do anything right, not thinking i was worthy of living anymore. before that she told "rolling stone" she attempted to take her life several times. now, though, jackson is looking to the future. sources close to the star telling abc news that she's looking forward to coming out of this revitalized and ready to tackle the exciting new projects that await her. now, after she came out of treatment in her teen years, she said it totally changed her for the better. we're all wishing her the best. a reminder this morning that it is okay to ask for help. >> absolutely is. eva, thank you so much. you're right. we are wishing her all the best. we have a "gma" health alert. new research that could help you lose weight and get healthy featured in the new book "what to eat when." it says the timing of when you eat matters just as much as what's on your plate and
8:18 am
adrienne bankert has those details for us. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, new research on the biological clock shows that when you eat is as important as what you eat. in a new book about timing your nutrition, written by doctors michael roizen and michael krupain. >> to sleep better, have more energy and to just even help you lose weight. >> reporter: the main goals -- eat when the sun is out and eat more earlier in the day and less later. it's not just about eating the right foods but eating the right foods at the right time. >> that's right, because your circadian rhythm changes throughout the day and gets your body to eat the right thing at the right time. >> we want to eat breakfast and lunch your biggest and dinner should be the smallest. >> reporter: for the hours when you don't eat, like when you sleep you get the benefits of intermittent fasting without being awake and hungry including weight loss, lower blood pressure and reduced
8:19 am
cholesterol. you both were skeptics of this particular meal plan. >> i think when you think about shifting your meals up you think i'm going to be starving at night. but when you start eating more of your calories earlier your hunger changes, so you're not as hungry as you think you're going to be. >> reporter: they have tips about how to eat, no matter what life throws your way. what should you eat when you're stressed out or hangry which is a lot of times? >> roasted chickpeas. it's a great crunchiness to get rid of that stress and hangry. >> well, i think a lot of people want is crunchy and something that will make them feel full and reach for sugar or chips. these provide that crunch. they really are crunchy. they're loaded with fiber and protein. >> and finally, when you are sick, there are certain foods you should eat when you are not feeling well. >> a warm broth can help loosen up some mucus and we add mushrooms, ginger and garlic. >> so the chicken soul shortens the duration but so do zinc lozenges. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:20 am
america," adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. dr. jen ashton is here. you have a degree in nutrition so tell us about the science behind this. >> there is a lot of science and it's an area of intense research. it's something that we have known for a long time. in the hospital we turn off the lights at night because there's always stuff going on because there are cellular changes in our bodies that have to do with our circadian rhythms with whether it's light or dark, morning or night, and that is really important. so, in general when it comes to our diet and our weight, a lot of research and data supporting that we should eat more earlier in the day. so, for example, robin, you'll do the noon. a good lunchtime meal, more portion size than this. you can eat more. >> that isn't my lunch. >> but you have protein, you have vegetables and some healthy carbs. when you go to your dinnertime meal, protein and vegetables but want to leave off the carbs because if you don't burn those carbs, it's getting stored as fat.
8:21 am
>> okay, that makes more sense than if you eat earlier in the day like this you have more time to burn it off. timing is not just about food. there are other aspects. >> this is what i'm telling you, literally on a day-to-day basis i'm looking through medical journals. new research supporting the effects of our circadian rhythm, morning and night differences on everything from exercise performance, people do better if they work out at night, meditation, generally better in the morning, medications as we all know are dosed at various times in the day and our hormone and blood levels change hour to hour so this is real. >> you know there are phones folks that are saying, i'm trying to do the best i can. now have you another thing i'm supposed to do. it's challenging to change. >> 20% of the american workforce works at night so for them it's about making small changes, don't try to flip your day by 12 hours, make it gradually hour to hour. experiment how it affects you. everyone is going to be different, and lastly, we live in a really high-tech world. i think we really need to respect nature. when it gets dark outside, shut it down a little bit. >> that's it. okay. she has a major announcement. she's not going to make it right now but look for a major
8:22 am
announcement. >> we're going to do it on our facebook page and do it on instagram. something i hope will help a lot of people. >> all right, ginger, over to you. >> i can't wait to find out now. let's do your "gma" moment. i don't know about you. when i go on the dance floor sometimes i need inspiration from the people around me. yeah, like her. she is looking at that robot like i can do that, i can go in circles. she is 1 years old from roswell, georgia. we just thought that was too cute not to share and my son does that too.
8:23 am
all right, now to our new series "fast fixes," showing you simple solutions to common problems that will make life just a little easier in 2019 so this morning it's all about fashion. that's why "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto is with us. [ applause ] love my lori. so how fast are these fast fixes. >> everything is really under five minutes. most of it is even less. >> i love it. dirty jewelry. in one likes dirty jewelry. >> it happens to the best of us, lara, so we'll start with tarnished silver, so this is one of those things where, you know, after you cleaned your silver, toothpaste is actually a great household cure for that. you can place some chalk in gauze, throw it in your jewelry box and it sucks up the poison from the air which is what
8:24 am
really accelerates tarnish so this -- it will prevent it from tarnishing. >> but it won't get rid of the tarnish. it will just slow it down. >> once you clean it do that and you won't have to clean it for a long time. >> easy breezy. >> this one is really fun. we're not going to be drinking this vodka this morning, but we are going to be using it to clean with. hey, here we go. we're going to drop my diamonds in there. >> wow. >> okay, and so you leave them in there for about one minute and then rinse them with warm water because this is a high ethanol content, it's a natural solvent, so can you clean dimes and make them super sparkly. >> if you don't want to waste your precious cargo, toothpaste just as good. >> maybe a dish soap. a mild dish soap. speaking of that, we have pearls and shampoo. if you want to pick up a brush and start, oops, don't want to do that. dip that in there and paint each pearl and once you do that, you'll lay it flat, this just has a dab of mild shampoo in there and then on the cool
8:25 am
setting, very important, on the cool setting, guys, lay that flat and then blow them dry in any shampoo. >> any mild shampoo, yes. >> mild shampoo. make sure you use cool setting. >> that will get pearls looking bright again because they have a tendency to dull. okay, do you remember sitting in gum ever? >> wait, don't we have to -- i wanted to show the question from chandra in north carolina. let's roll it. what's up? >> hi, lori. my kids always seem to get gum stuck in their clothing. do you have a quick fix to get it out? >> well, there you go. we have your answer. [ laughter ] >> i was talking to her really. okay. >> so weird that you knew. >> i know. okay, so the way to fix that is by freezing it. so you can take a bunch of ice, put it in a baggy, stick it on there and now, lara, if you do the honors, take that little butter knife. >> the frozen gum and ta-da, how easy that? of course, at "good
8:26 am
housekeeping" we recommend after you do that to pretreat it and wash it as normal to get the stain out. >> you can put them in the freezer too. that's another way. >> that's a great and easy way and then finally -- wait, lori will help us. our audience. >> lisa and lori. >> lisa and lori. >> so, lori, go ahead. >> so, do you ever go to a store and you don't have time to try these jeans on? this is a really easy way to find out your size. you'll tell me what your size is. >> these are a size 4 jean. >> you're going to put them around your neck. if you move your hair and look up and put them right together and they just have to touch. put them around your neck. >> chances are it will fit your waist. >> exactly. because your neck is half the size of your waist. >> amazing tips. the new issue of "good housekeeping" out now. stay with us. new issue of "good housekeeping" out now. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning, this is "abc7 mornings." happening today, san jose city officials will hold an emergency meeting. they're discussing how to pay federal workers at minnetta san jose international airport during the government shutdown. one solution on the table -- using airport funds to provide no-interest storm thunderstorms -- excuse me, short-term loans to employees. it would be received once they have back pay. i guess i had storm on my mind, or i mindlessly read it off the prompter. frances? hello, everyone. it's been a mess for the commute. we'll go to hot spots. in the north bay, southbound 101 jammed approaching a landslide
8:28 am
at spencer blocking the two right lanes. the drive time from san rafael to the glolden gate bridge is 4 minutes. there's a crash and motorcycle accident north 101 at the lawrence expressway. >> thanks. wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day.
8:29 am
open the weather window, you can see the winds are here, and they're only going to get fast er. be ready for heavy rain and
8:30 am
snow. the commute is going to be full of downpours, flooding on roads, and gusty, damaging winds. reggie? >> people don't want to head into work, and i don't blame them. we'll be back in 30 minutes with another news and weather update. have ♪ this is how they do it ♪ this is how they do it [ applause ] michael, we get our segment the night before and michael and i were so excited when we saw this one. >> yes, we were. >> thank you for being here with us as well this wednesday morning. [ applause ] thank you for this wonderful audience that we have here. and you know what, you guys loved our take-out fakeout series, we actually listened to you guys. so we'll bring it back right now. >> yeah. [ applause ] we loved it too because that means we get to eat some food as well. all week long we'll re-create some of the most popular mees from the top food delivery apps across the country and celebrity chef dan churchill is here. [ applause ]
8:31 am
he'll show us how to do it and let's bring out our first delivery. matthew, there we go. [ applause ] and that is ricky, our audience member and, ricky, what's in the box. >> upon goaliamongolian beef. >> i thought you would ride the bike down. >> i don't know if matthew can ride the bike. >> dan, we'll step over here and make this and this is on what app, postmate. one of the top ten foods that people order in. you'll show us how to do it in a healthier way. >> when i say i'm going to do, i'm going to let you do, michael. you'll cook this. >> okay. >> all right. so this is how simple it really is, guys so put all your marinade into this. you have lemon juice. >> i've been known to burn in the kitchen. >> lemon juice straight in, chili flakes. >> all of that. >> all of that.
8:32 am
>> love some spice. >> honey, some garlic and some soy sauce. now, what's really important, guys, when you add lemon juice it's really, really fantastic for tenderizing of beef, chicken or whatever protein you're using. >> all of that. >> all of that. >> you won't be kissing anybody after this meal. [ laughter ] and with that you just add that. >> what about this? >> that's water so add a little bit of water. >> showing me how to cook. i love this. just everything in one bowl. that's how easy the marinade can be. here we have thinly sliced beef. that's it. >> thin. >> exactly right. helps you to cook it easily. pour your marinade over that and keeping it -- [ applause ] >> a quick dish, isn't it? >> really quick so you've done it and can marinade up to an hour to over night. you'll add -- how does that
8:33 am
feel? >> ooh, nice. >> swag. isn't he? add it straight in. a couple of pieces for me. you got this? >> there you go. >> there we go. barbecue season. exactly. nice and even. that's perfect. want to cook for a minute on each side and away with that. >> a minute on each side. >> yes. >> it's ten. to a little faster if. >> with beef and protein they cook off the heat as well so it's still cooking afterwards. once that's done get this pan and take your beef out just luke this and we'll add in broccolini which is chopped up. >> i've come this far. i'm going to do that. [ laughter ] >> and we've got -- because you did such a good job we have leftover marinade. we'll pour that straight in.
8:34 am
so let's just heat in. we have the thin sliced beef and cooked that and soon to be taken out of the pan and broccolini and then simply finish off with scallions like this with the beef back in as well. >> so easy to do. >> then you've got one of the most popular dishes -- >> wait a minute. ricky has to bring -- in the bag, right? isn't there something else in the bag? can we see? what was it? [ applause ] >> quinoa fried rice. >> okay. [ applause ] >> how do we make quinoa fried rice. a little healthy alternative. >> white rice is quite stodgy. quinoa is a better protein source, carbohydrate. you're an athlete. you have to stay strong and lean. vegetables and chuck it all in the pan with our existing sauces so olive oil and add in the rest of that once we do our vegetables and we have soy sauce, garlic.
8:35 am
>> you're good at this. i like that. [ applause ] i like a man in the kitchen. >> what's important to know, once you start cooking have everything prepped up, this takes about 45 seconds so this is very quick. >> this is quick. >> all in. add your vegetables. that's it. everything in. just like that. and if you don't like something you don't have to add it. always swap it out -- >> what if you're not crazy about quinoa. >> swap it up for brown rice or go all out, if you want to go all out, cauliflower rice, gus do it in a food processor. low carb cauliflower rice. >> you know what i love. robin jumped straight for the finish product. >> so the last thing you do. >> add your quinoa. >> and fold it. don't make it exactly. there you go, chef. there you go. >> i love it. >> so then to finish that we've got -- if you move to one side
8:36 am
of the pan, making sure we don't waste any washing up or do extra washing up. >> nothing extra. >> exactly, add our eggs which you scrambled earlier to the side of the pan, exactly so instead of doing a separate pan do the same pan and have our beautiful colors in here and nicely folded through and then you'll cook your rice -- your cauliflower just like that. >> oh, man. tell you right now, you make it look easy. you make it look like i can cook. >> let me just say, you did a great job in the kitchen. very appreciative. >> i'm in there. you can get all of these recipes on our website, tomorrow we'll feature mexican food favorites. you don't want to miss that. dan churchill. thank you so much, my friend. coming up, the great don cheadle will be here. [ applause ]
8:37 am
♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective, ♪ that's key! ♪ no hormones! ♪ not an ounce, ♪ with an ingredient ♪ i can pronounce. paragard is a hormone-free iud that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain, pelvic infection, or miss a period, call your healthcare provider. pregnancy is rare but serious and can cause infertility or loss of pregnancy. rarely, paragard may attach to or go through the uterus. want hormone free? ask for paragard by name.
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8:39 am
♪ do you remember the 21st -- back now on "gma" and our next guest, he's an oscar nominated actor. he's played everything from a jazz musician to a superhero. >> you listening to this? the elements of the universe, earth, wind and fire. and now this man is taking us back to the '80s. it's a new show
8:40 am
monday." monday." please welcome don cheadle. ♪ say do you remember [ applause ] >> what's up, man? >> good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> this is so good. >> thank you, thank you. how are you, my man? >> i'm good. >> you got the moves. we'll talk a little about that a little bit later. >> yep. >> "black monday" is so good. >> thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> it's back in the '80s. what do you remember most? >> in the '80s, i had just graduated from college in '86 so i was trying to make it in '87, you know, some people talk about the stock market crash. i was talking about trying to buy top ramen. i don't have any money in the stocks so i'm good. >> it's based on 1987 black monday that big crash.
8:41 am
>> the big crash. and it's a group of traders who ostensibly made the most toxic trade and triggered the crash so, yeah. not good. but it's a comedy so you can laugh about it. [ laughter ] >> and regina hall, your co-star in this and one thing i love about this, the '80s fashion. >> yeah. >> so what was your style back in the '80s. >> my style was whatever i had to buy for auditions that i could hide the tag so that i could return it. [ laughter ] the next day, yeah. that's how i did it. >> that's right. >> that's how you have to do it. >> that's the trick. >> i know. >> i didn't know that. >> a lot of people are relating to that right now. you want to very a little bit of "black monday"? >> yeah. [ applause ] >> what kind of car you drive? i drive a honda and you drive a
8:42 am
porsche. >> i don't drive -- >> a lamborghini limousine, a lambo limo. aka a limo. >> sow you get none of the speed of the lamborghini and -- >> it costs twice as much as both. this guy is not a car guy. [ applause ] >> you talked about the cast. there had to be a lot of improv. >> yeah, like you said, andrew reynolds, regina in this and paul shearer and just a lot of people who understand comedy, a lot of improv going on on the set and a lot of that stuff fines its way into the show which is amazing because it makes it kinetic, live and have a great time on the set all the time. >> you know what, manage, your accolades say it all. so accomplished in so many ways and one thing we did a little digging in the vault. >> uh-oh. this can't be good. >> you're an accomplished dancer. >> what? >> "it's the real thing" video.
8:43 am
this is 1989. >> yeah. there you go. >> you still got it. >> that's some '80s going on right there. >> you still got it. >> if i say yes it's something that makes me feel like you'll try to make me do it. >> angela winbush "it's the real thing" watching it last night and was like, don is getting it. >> that's funny, i tried to quit that job actually. i took a friend to the thing because he was a dancer. i'm not a dancer and debbie allen was directing the video and she said, you know, she said, don, why don't you come and try it. i said i can't do it. i did it a couple times. i'm going to quit. she wasn't going to let me stick. like she had the stick in "fame." no, baby, you can't quit. super debbie. >> i know you can't tell us too much about "the avengers." can you give us a little something-something.
8:44 am
>> okay, you know they're very proprietary and hush-hush about it but you guys want -- [ applause ] all right, one thing, one thing this, is it. it comes out in april. [ applause ] >> that's it? >> that's it. >> that's all we get? >> you said a little something. >> just for that we should make you dance but i wouldn't do that to you, man. but, hey, we love seeing you, always. so talented. and "black monday" premieres friday night on showtime. you don't want to miss it. everything you need. don cheadle, everybody. ginger, what you got. >> we're about to dance so, don, you're welcome to stick around. i'm just saying. it's going to happen. by the way speaking of coincidence you know what is pure coincidence when you name your dog snow and this happens. you get stuck on interstate 5 in california for three hours in the car and you have to take
8:45 am
know for a walk. yeah. but they're okay. everybody is good. i don't know if we will by next week, big pink and purelile air mass settling in all the way to the gulf coast and gets to the northeast early next week. i know, everybody is sponsored by lincoln. you guys on "gma day." >> carla hall is here and will bring us back to the basics when it comes to cooking. always love cooking with carla and coming up, your dancing partner, val. oh, there he is. sliding in. you're going to tell us all
8:46 am
about ginger's performance last night. >> yes. >> you'll give us all the inside info. >> we're off to a good start already. >> that's coming up. >> come on, man.
8:47 am
i went on linkedin, i connected with someone, and they introduced me to my boss. there are people that are willing to help,
8:48 am
and once you connect with those people, you can write your own narrative. >> announcer: why is everyone talking about this gymnast sensation whose flawless floor routine got over 23 million views in no time. tomorrow she speaks out live about all she's overcome and what it's like to be her now. tomorrow it'll be a perfect ten, only on "gma." ♪ i wanna dance with somebody that young gymnast was perfect ten and last night ginger was a perfect ten. a night to remember. it was a night to remember. >> they let me in. thang by the way. i'm grateful. felt good to be back in sequins. i did have to perform pdz sounde pressure. just 24 hours to learn my
8:49 am
routine. take a look. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" and i go all the way back to 2016. >> 10. >> nye partner val and i placed third but since then a lot has changed. i've written two books, had another baby. and hung up my dancing shoes. ♪ get up off that thing >> reporter: when i got a call to hit the stage at radio city music hall, i was terrified not to mention sick. >> i had to call in sick for the first time ever in my career and the show still has to go on. even when it's in your living room. >> come on now, yes. >> yeah. >> whoo. >> reporter: but i powered on with help from pros brandon and alan. the day of the show -- >> serious warm-up time. look at this room. dancers. after some words of wisdom from my buddy, val. >> he told me. >> reporter: last-minute advice
8:50 am
from my girl witney. >> i heard if i pet witney's hair, all the energy -- >> then you can immediately do the witney rip, right, perfect. oh, my gosh. that was good. >> ginger. >> it was time to go. you ready for me? yeah. >> the one, the only, miss ginger zee. [ applause ] >> yeah! let me hear you. [ cheers and applause ] >> i brought you some sunshine and a little dancing tornado. >> take a break, take a break. >> no, no, no. wait, wait, a break. brandon, it's time. hit it. ♪ >> oh. ♪ oh yes we're going to and it feels all right ♪ ♪ yes we're going to make it and
8:51 am
it's going to be tonight ♪ >> oh, amazing. amazing. give it up for alan and ginger, come on. >> that was the most fun thing ever. >> we love that. >> it was fun. >> it is val chmerkovskiy. ginger, wow. >> i went brainless and said go for it. >> were you nervous at any point? >> not at all which is so weird. i felt so at home. >> the spotlight. >> i've never been on a stage dancing but different in front of -- >> do you know how many millions are watching? >> that's true. >> i thought that was going to be the last time. >> no. >> i'm serious. you two were partners on the show. how did she do? >> she did well, i mean -- [ laughter ] >> let me tell you about val. compliments are tough to come by with this one. >> i was very -- there was a
8:52 am
part of me that was a little jealous that i didn't get to dance with you. we were a team but it was incredible to see the butterfly soar at radio city music hall. [ applause ] >> and there was a reason why the outfit you were in. when you were a meteorologist in chicago, had to make ends meet you were anary roeni aerobics i. >> yes, i was. that's me so you want to talk ten knife year challenge. that's me ten years ago teaching an aerobics class. di that regularly because on tv it takes a while. you got to make ends meet. >> you got to hustle. a side hustle. >> yeah. >> you know what, it gave me great -- when i first met him, he was like you seem like an aerobics instructor. i was like, yeah. >> you have the -- there's a lot of enthusiasm to your movement. >> what is that move, the tornado -- >> that's your go to. was that your go to movie. >> right.
8:53 am
that was something i choreographed myself if you can believe it or not. oh, oh. >> this is morning television, guys. >> and real quickly, val, wedding coming up, man. >> yeah. >> congratulations, man. >> coming up. i'm very excited. i can't wait to be a husband. honestly. >> you'll be a great one have and i'm very lucky to have an incredible lady by my side. >> you're both lucky. [ applause ] >> i've never seen anybody who knows how to get the oohs and aahs like val. thanks for coming out. ginger, great job, by the way and "dancing with the stars" live a night to remember is traveling across america until march 9th. make sure you get
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> thank you, val. you always put a smile on our face. >> thank you. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
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tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. good morning. it's 8:59. it is a three on a storm impact scale. mike, tell us about it. right now a quarter to half inch satellite rainfall estimates of how much we get per hour. that will crank up to an inch as it comes over top of us. you see at 9:00 through noon, everything's in the north bay. from noon on, look at it -- yellows, oranges, reds, everything, all the way through midnight. we are going to have downpours, thunderstorms, and dangerous winds. frances? all right. we're showing you 101 in san rafael. southbound traffic is slow. we have better news now in sausalito. and earlier, a landslide cleared from the lanes. traffic is still heavy as you make your way out of san rafael.
9:00 am
bay bridge toll plaza normal delays. if you thought this morning was bad, wait until tonight. regisnepp. >> it will be something -- regi? >> it will be something else. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today on "live," post, comic, judge, and actor, howie mandel. and from "all these small moments," molly ringwald. grab a partner and get ready to work out as we continue "live" jan-you-ary. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: all right! hey, guys. hey, what is


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