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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 19, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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you get the cheese. so if you bite really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good. >> mark: let's take a look at today's player resume brought to you by indeed. paul george offering a wonderful resume here today, some clutch shooting and defense, playing both end of the court. coming up with deflections, steals. nba steals leader. not always their when you call, but always on time today, paul
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george for the thunder. let's see if they can close this out and make it 19 straight wins against the 76ers. >> hubie: look, this is crucial now. you're down four. you have 41 seconds to go. you only have one time-out left. you're shooting the penalty. oklahoma city has two time-outs left. they are also shooting a penalty. >> mark: simmons to inbound. quickly to butler. >> hubie: clearout. >> mark: got him iso. and one! they got it back in a hurry and stopped the clock with 38.5 to go. >> hubie: now, that's coaching. you went to a guy who's 3 for 13 in the game. in a one-on-one situation, grant played him well. you notice on the spin move, he came up on the other side of the basket so he wouldn't stop the shot. >> mark: great late game bucket getter, jimmy butler. that's why they got him.
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got him in a deal 30 games ago. one-point game. butler almost got a steal. george forced it up. and a whistle. fred brown wanted a travel. instead it's a foul. >> hubie: definitely wanted the travel. instead it's a foul. butler plays him well physically. didn't let him crossover and get the good look. he was right in his chest. >> mark: that puts george back on the free-throw line. paul george, an 83% foul shooter on the season. drills the first. "sportscenter" tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern with zubic and michael latest on rams-saints. duke number one in college hoops. lakers-rockets tonight on abc.
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james harden looking to add to the resume. "sportscenter" at 10:00 p.m. tonight. george makes both. the lead is back up to three with 20.9 to play. >> hubie: philadelphia went to jimmy butler even though he's having a tough night, and he delivered. and right here, they went to the isolation on the foul line. butler against paul george and a good defense. and butler could not have played him any better. unfortunately, things did not work out once the ball left his hands. >> mark: what a great luxury when you have a guy that plays both end of the floor so well like jimmy butler. he's already hit game winner against charlotte and brooklyn, for philadelphia. you have to think brett brown is looking primarily his way in this last sequence. you don't really need a three, though, do you? 20.9? >> hubie: it depends upon coaching. can you score quickly? if you score quickly, you're right in the game. force them to take the ball out
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of bounds. you don't get it, foul. now, that's one way of thinking. the other way of thinking is, no, we are coming out and going try to tie the game right now. it depending upon who's coaching and what the strej is under this. there's a lot of pressure on the coaching staff. the teams that are really good coaching teams will probably, depending on the coach, go for it. get the quick score, match up quickly, go for the steal. now, when you look at the time-outs left, oklahoma city has two time-outs left, okay? so, all right, force them the move the ball. all right, but once again then you would do it again in the half-court game. so like i said, it's the philosophy of the coaching staff. >> mark: butler scored the last six points for sixers. here's chandler guarded by grant. clock running. they're looking for the three. embiid launching.
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fouled. he'll have three opportunities to tie the game here. three shots. >> hubie: look now. what westbrook is saying now is he used the scoop move. runs the scoop move. now, that's a bad foul, as hew a know, because once he came down, he fouls him. and that was his sixth foul, and he has to leave the game. >> mark: he got him up on the way up, on the way to the shot. >> hubie: yes, he did. >> mark: westbrook is dq'd, finished for the night. >> hubie: oklahoma city still has two time-outs left. >> mark: embiid can tie the game. got three foul shots here. there's one. 80% on the season. westbrook forced into spectator
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status the rest of the way. one more for the tie. he's hit nothing but net so far. >> hubie: it's always great to see the best player handle the pressure and get it done. >> mark: billy donovan wants him to think about this last one, though. >> hubie: absolutely. if the shot goes up and is missed you cannot fall asleep in the lane if you're oklahoma city. you got get this rebound if he misses the shot. >> mark: and okc burns one of its remaining time-outs. they've got one left. neither team with a foul to give. coming up tonight on abc, more of this. huh? our nba saturday primetime game comes to you from h-town. james harden looks to continue his historic scoring streak when the rockets host the los angeles lakers. our coverage tips off with "nba countdown" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. u n always watch bot
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bi will ve o more eehr attemry t drawing up his offensive set in case of a make. >> hubie: the fact that embiid now, this will be his 12th foul shot he's attempted in this game. he's already missed four. we know that is out of character because he shoots it over 80%. it's interesting. there's a ton of pressure on this young man, i would think. let's see if he can knock it down. remember now, oklahoma city used their time-out so they have one left. they can move the ball. if this shot is missed the inside people from oklahoma city better get in ball. >> mark: i've learned it's not the free-throw percentage it's what you shoot in the last two minutes. >> hubie: that's why they have the guys that get it done in the fourth quarter and inside five minutes. >> mark: here we go for the tie. knocks it home. oklahoma city is going to go
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right away. >> hubie: yeah, they're going to go. >> mark: shamet on for westbrook. turns it over. butler with the steel and the lay-up with 6.9 to go!xers wh oklahoma city! >> hubie: now, by them trying to go the length of the floor, give the coaching staff of philadelphia credit. they double teamed in the back, the side in that double team, but jimmy butler comes from the other side. watch to the left of your screen now. watch. here he comes. left his man. came down, and how about that finish? talk about a big time play. remember, he was 3 for 15 before they isolated him on a post-up, and now the steal. >> mark: seemingly in the last several minutes, jimmy butler has made every big play for the
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philadelphia 76ers. five points in the last eight seconds and they have a 2-point lead here with 6.9 to go. >> hubie: still plenty of time here. now you go wt y bt on the side out of bounds plays. who are you going to? right now you're only down two points. the big thing right now for philadelphia is do not allow this guy to make a pass to the corner, which is closest to the basket or inside post from out of bounds. you got take -- now, redick is going to take away -- right now taking away the angles. >> mark: ferguson getting a inbound for okc. you have to think paul george is getting a touch. he does. the three-ball quickly. and one! my george, paul on the job!
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incredible! >> hubie: now, let me tell you. what a game he has played her in the second half. now watch him come off that screen. hear he comes off the screen and then he goes up right away. butler was a half a step away because the screen was a big screen by adams. now you still have to make the shot. that was an incredible shot. >> mark: clutch. paul george now with 30 points. >> hubie: remember, i was worried about him early on? you know, in the second half? he has come on like thunder. but give butler a lot of credit. butler was driving on that. chasing him down. butler answered on one end. paul george answered here. >> mark: 76ers don't have a time-out. >> hubie: you got 5.1 seconds on the clock now. >> mark: which is plenty of time. >> hubie: no doubt. just don't allow the guy out of bounds to make a long pass.
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>> mark: two-point lead for okc. philadelphia with no time-outs remaining. >> hubie: that's it. >> mark: simmons getting downhill. hands it off. butler, crowded. got it off. and okc survives. butler didn't have a remaining miracle. and okc makes it 19 straight wins against philadelphia. paul george is in the building, folks. offering a mvp season. >> hubie: that was incredible execution. a lot of good things happened at both ends by both coaching staffs. give philadelphia a lot of credit with that double team. that was excellent and then also the steal by butler. but the big play -- here's your last play. watch how they close down. they're right there. they're not going give him a good shot. that was a tough look.
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he was trying to split two guys. >> mark: let's go israel with paul george. >> israel: paul, take me through that last play. >> we run that play so many times. it's a routine play for us. i got what i wanted out of the screen by steve. >> israel: take me through what you were thinking with the sixers making the comeback. >> it's tough on our behalf. we made something out of nothing. got to get better in late-game situations. that's on us. good job of our guys just staying in the fight. not letting this play take over and mess up our mental on the offensive end. >> israel: you got eight straight points at one point in the fout quarter. a year and a half with this team. what's your mentality now with more refined roles? >> season's going to be ups and downs. that's part of the nba. what we want to focus on is what we can take from the loss and
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sustain being at the top. >> iwell, a healthy paul george is a lethal and efficient paul george. okc comes away with a two-point win, 117-115. more nba to come later tonight. another one, folks. lakers and houston. for now, abc "world news tonight" will be coming up except on the west coast. for israel gutierrez and hubie brown, i'm mark jones saying thanks for watching nba saturday on abc, home of the nba finals. the day i graduated, i moved to new york. i had zero connections. and as positive as i was trying to be, nothing was happening. so i went on linkedin, i connected with someone who introduced me to my boss.
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that's how i got to the trading floor. when i first got the job, i was the only female on the floor. i get to represent so many girls. i'm in it to change the game.
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and with us we have an expert on the topic. he is a prosthodontist -- dr. mark adams. dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy. >> now, before we get into today's topic -- and i know you brought a lot of photos, and we'll get to as many as we can -- tell us a little bit
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about clearchoice. i guess you're kind of unique. you focus on just about one thing. so, who is the typical patient? >> we focus solely on dental implants, and our average patient is looking for help. they haven't seen a dentist in a very long time. they're a dental refugee. they're outside of the regular care. they're not part of the public that sees a dentist on a regular basis. they truly are dental refugees. they suffer from all kinds of problems -- gum disease, caries, missing teeth, removable teeth -- and they're looking for an answer. they're looking for a solution. these people had their baby teeth, then they got their adult teeth, and their adult teeth have failed them. through the power of implants, we're able to give them a third set of teeth. >> is that right? a third set? >> we can predictably, reliably provide that, and we can do it, randy, in just one day. >> you say things like, "we transform people's lives in one day." you believe that? >> i sense your skepticism. i don't believe it. i know it. and there's a difference between
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believing and knowing. because i see it every day. i'm forced to talk about titanium screws in teeth and all the stuff that dentists have to talk about. that's not what i do, randy. what we do, through the power, reliability, and predictability of dental implants, is we transform people's lives by unleashing human potential. think about it. the most simple thing that you can do is smile. and when that's taken away from you, when that's robbed, and you don't have that, it's devastating. when you give that smile back, you unleash human potential. >> good. now, at the top of the show, we said no more dentures. are you of the belief that nobody should be wearing a denture, a traditional dentu >> right now, we have the power to end dentures forever. we really do. now, that's not to say that there aren't people out there who have to have a denture for one reason or another. but i can tell you, through dental implants, we can
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eliminate dentures as a treatment option. >> so, this is the hottest trend in dentistry, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. is that right? >> it's hot because -- what's hot about it is the immediacy of it. we live in a society where people want to pull up to the window at mcdonald's, they want their coke and they want their burger and they want it right now. implants have been around for a long time. why weren't they ever hot? because it took a long time. today -- and you're not gonna believe this either, but today i can do in one day -- one day -- what it used to take me 18 months to do. in one day. >> is that right. >> and that is the clearchoice difference. >> and help me understand this. >> sure. >> so, how it's normally done when you want to get a dental implant, you go to one place that does the surgery. >> correct. >> you go to another place, the dentist, that puts the teeth on top, maybe another place that does the imaging. you have this -- you do everything right there. is that correct? >> yes. so, here's the concept. instead of the patient having to run around to various
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practitioners, we bring the oral surgeon, we bring the prosthodontist, we bring that together with the imaging so we can take the i-cat image. and -- and what's lacking in a lot of areas, we bring the master dental technician, the artist who actually builds these teeth -- >> to the lab right there, too? >> absolutely. so, we bring those four parts together -- technology, doctors, lab. it's a one stop for our patients. >> does it -- i mean, does it have to cost more to go to somebody that's a specialist like an oral surgeon, prosthodontist, all right there? >> it's important to lower the barriers to this care, because this care -- i mean, think about what we do, randy. we can replace missing teeth with a third set that looks, acts, and feels as close to natural teeth as you can get. it's a phenomenal story. >> but are there really a lot of people wearing dentures? >> [ laughs ] there's that skepticism again, right? i will tell you, there are literally tens of thousands of
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patients that are suffering from this disability -- >> missing teeth? >> missing teeth. and that's counting patients that have missing all of their teeth, or patients that are missing most of their teeth. literally tens of thousands. >> so, if it's so good, then why aren't all these millions of people that have dentures or are missing a lot of teeth, why aren't they all doing it? why aren't they all getting dental implants? what's your take? >> a number of reasons. let's talk about that. first, understand, you've got great teeth. you've had great teeth your whole life. >> yes. >> these people have had problems with their teeth their entire life. imagine your life if you're talking about 20, 30, 40, 50 trips to the dentist. root canals, gum issues, cavities, missing teeth, removable partials. they just want off that merry-go-round of misery. that's what it is. a merry-go-round of misery. so, what do they do? they get their teeth removed. they have dentures. they are done seeing us. they don't have to see a dentist anymore. they don't want to come in anymore, right? so they're outside the system. no one ever sits down and says, "well, you know, there's more.
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there's another way. there's a third set of teeth that we could..." >> so, they don't want to see a dentist. >> sure. >> last thing they want to do. >> they're all done. and then, what's even worse, is they'll self-diagnose. they'll see an ad on tv -- maybe they'll watch your and they'll go, "i probably don't have enough bone to have that done." and as bad as that is, the other part is really worse. well, they'll say, "wow, implants. i probably have to have one for every tooth that i'm missing, so the cost of this is gonna be extraordinary. i could never do that." so they self-diagnose themselves right out of the solution in the first place. >> but isn't it true, if you've been wearing a denture for 30-plus years, you don't have enough bone to get this done? >> that's not true. we see patients every day that have been without teeth for 10, 20, 30 years or more. some of the solutions are more difficult to achieve, some are easier. >> they can eat and chew whatever? whatever they want, i mean? as far as eating and chewing once it's all done? >> they walk into a restaurant, and instead of picking and choosing, they can order anything they want on the menu.
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>> one of the things you say in your advertisements is they can walk in on the day of the procedure -- they could walk in without teeth and walk out with a fixed set of teeth that don't come in and out. >> that's correct. >> is that rare? >> is it rare -- >> or does it happen a lot? >> it happens every day. >> is that right? >> every day. our patients are in our centers at 7:00 a.m. for surgery. they're walking out in early to late afternoon with a new set of teeth held in place by the implants. we do it every day. >> are they ever skeptical, the patients on these consults? like, "are you sure?" >> sure. i mean, look at -- that used to happen a lot more. it doesn't now. the word's out there. they've talked to friends. they've talked to relatives. it's not hard to find someone who's had this procedure done and see what it's done to transform their life and unleash their human potential. >> good for you. you like this. >> absolutely. absolutely.lo, i've been pr31ea prleto put a filling in there for you, that's not very transformational, right? it's a service that i provide.
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you say thank you, and that's it. these patients, this changes their lives. to be a part of that -- i am humbled every day to be able to experience what these people experience. >> so, you brought photos. what are we looking at? >> i did. here's brady. let me tell you about brady. >> oh, my goodness. >> the first thing you're going to look at is you're going to see his teeth. but i want you take a look at something else. look at his eyes. and let me tell you the story about brady. brady's a farmer, right? he's a dry-plains farmer, meaning he doesn't irrigate. so whatever the good lord sends, that's what he gets. he's been living from riches to ruin his whole life. if it rains, he's got riches. if it's drought, he's got ruin. >> all right. >> and he's had this hardscrabble existence out there, and he's done it his whole life. he's a third-generation dry-land farmer. one day, he's playing in the yard with his granddaughter, who he adores, and she says to him, "papa, what's wrong with your
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teeth? what's wrong with your mouth?" think about that. you granddaughter. it devastated him. >> he tells you this in the consult? >> he tells us this. he cries at the consult. he can't even bear to face his granddaughter anymore because she looks at him and says, "what's wrong with your mouth?" brady also knew that his mom had dentures. he watched his mother struggle for over 30 years wearing dentures, to the point that, in her later years, she didn't even wear them at all. and he watched her walk around the house with that sunken-in look that people have when they don't have dentures. dentures were not a solution for brady. >> and, by the way, what i'm looking at here, is this -- i mean, this has got to be completely unusual to have teeth this bad. >> this is an everyday patient in one of our centers. >> is that right? >> we see the disenfranchised. we see the patient who's a dental refugee. they've tried it all. they've gone in for gum cleanings. they've gone in to have cavities filled. some have had great access.
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some have not had as good of access. but they've all struggled in some way to hang on to those adult teeth. they're looking for an answer. he saw our ads. now, i know you're gonna look at his teeth when i show you his "after." i know you're going to look at his teeth. but i don't want you to look at his teeth. >> very nice. >> look at his eyes. >> yeah. >> look at his eyes. that's a person who's now alive. look at the "before." >> mm-hmm. >> that's a dead smile. that's a fellow who can't even -- oatmeal is about the toughest thing he can eat. look at the "after." this is a guy who can eat steak. >> and those don't come in and out? what i'm looking at right there? >> no. >> they look like real teeth. >> he brushes them, he flosses them just like you do. that's what people want. that's what people want. people -- the patients that i've worked with, they don't even want implants. they surely don't want teeth that snap in and out. they just want regular old teeth. "how do i get that?"
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well, we get that by using dental implants. because, you know, an implant, randy, is nothing more than an artificial root of the tooth. that's all it is. >> okay. >> you're missing the roots of your teeth that held your teeth in place, we're gonna give you roots back. but you know what? we don't have to put in as many as you had. those teeth in his mouth are supported in each jaw by just four implants. >> so, four implants, a fixed, full arch of teeth. >> yep. screwed in. i can remove it. he can't. >> can he bite into, like, using his front teeth -- >> an apple. >> is that right? >> a steak. >> do they have to be a little careful when they're biting, like, a carrot or whatever? >> they walk into a restaurant, pick up a menu, and order anything they want. >> how old can you be to get this done? >> you know, we've had patients that were very young, 18, 19 years old, that had trauma, accidents, things like that. my oldest patient, 99 years old. >> 99? aren't they more likely, though, to fall out if you're 99? >> no. >> no? >> no. not at all. it's a fallacy. it's never too late to have a happy childhood. >> [ laughs ] >> never. >> so, they -- they can eat
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whatever they want. now, you have a stack of photos. >> i do. >> we're short on time. so, what else are we looking at? >> well, you know, i want you to take a look at this patient. look at those teeth. you can see the wear. you see how they're squared off. you see that she has missing teeth, right? >> mm-hmm. >> those teeth are diseased, all right, because there is gum disease around those teeth. people don't understand the effect that bad teeth have on their overall health. once you remove those bad teeth, i will tell you, it happens all the time, patients come in and they say, "doc, you know, i had this procedure done six weeks ago. i don't know what happened, but i just feel better. i just feel better." and what's -- >> but if you have -- sorry to interrupt, but if you have bad gums, you could still get this done? >> absolutely. absolutely. by removing the teeth, you stop the gum disease. and if you have this done before the disease gets into the jawbone itself, there's plenty of bone to be able to do the procedure. and then you get a result like this. >> [ chuckles ] >> now, as a dentist, i can tell
3:28 pm
you what's really exciting. look at this patient. look at this patient. >> wow. >> if you look at her "before," look at the dark spaces in the back of her mouth. if you look at her "after," there are no more dark spaces. her smile completely fills her mouth. look at how the teeth follow her lip. they have a nice gentle, feminine curve to them. the central incisors, the two front teeth, are dominant. that's a characteristic of a great natural smile. that's what a prosthodontist does. a prosthodontist is a specialist. he's the artist of the smile. these are the things we got to all the school to -- >> i mean, they look real. i don't think anybody would think -- and i'm not trying -- people need to know this is a real interview, and i don't think anybody would think that that looks phony, right? >> it has to pass the grocery-store test. >> what does she say? i mean, people like this, when they see themselves, they must be -- they're surprised? >> shocked, surprised, cry. these were people that were on the outside of dental care. they were the masters of the
3:29 pm
cover-up. they couldn't pass the grocery-store test. >> what is that? >> the grocery-store test is that woman, when you're checking out and you're right across from her and she looks at you, and she goes, "wow, you have great teeth." that's the grocery-store test. they can't look at you and go, "wow, you have great implants." or "wow, it looks like you must have seen a dentist and had some work done." they just look at you and they go "wow." >> well, she looks like a different person. i don't think anybody would disagree with this. >> sure. >> she looks younger. >> and not everyone is the same. if you look at this gentleman... >> all right. >> all right? again, same thing. spaces between his teeth, broken-off teeth. now, if you look at his smile, it's not like hers. we custom build every smile to match every patient. he's a man. he needs a few things in his smile that's gonna be a little bit different. his lip moves different. he's got facial hair. these things are different. and that's the excitement for a prosthodontist, working with our patients, we get to custom build every smile to fit that patient's life. >> when this is all done and
3:30 pm
they're coming back for the follow-ups, right, they have their teeth. you say they act differently, they look differently. >> you don't recognize these people. and i'm not talking about how they look. you don't recognize them from a personality standpoint. when you unleash that human potential, they're confident. i've seen people go out now and had the courage to start dating, change jobs, get married, start doing the normal things that we all take for granted. because what was holding them back? their teeth, their smile, their embarrassment. >> we're gonna take a quick break. we come back, more about the process and what they can expect. you're watching "the wellness hour." i'm randy alvarez. we'll be right back. >> i didn't realize how bad my smile was, with fillings and root canals. i had to do something. i looked at partial bridges. i looked at dentures. out of all the options, clearchoice was the only choice for me. >> at clearchoice, we bring hope to millions who suffer from missing or failing teeth with dental implants that look, feel,


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