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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 29, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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the bigger the pumpkin -- >> it's not -- i get the feeling it's going to be a little -- >> good morning, america. the urgent new warning about life-threatening cold. states of emergency declared as two-thirds of the country face midwest to the south, and the northeast, and minnesota bracing for windchills 65 degrees below zero as snow and ice shut down airports and the worst hasn't even hit yet. breaking overnight. >> we have multiple officers shot. >> four police officers shot in houston, two critically wounded. the suspects killed at the scene. end in sight. the acting attorney general says the russia investigation is close to being completed as roger stone faces a judge this
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morning. iphone alert. the facetime glitch just revealed. how someone could eavesdrop on your conversations and access your camera even if you don't answer their call. model problems. why they're being dragged into the court battle over that doomed fyre festival. and here they are -- >> and showdown. super bowl legend tom brady and newcomer jared goff, the quarterbacks face-to-face before the big game with the biggest age gap in history. and both teams get ready to dance on the world's biggest stage. ♪ no need to ask who that was. >> yes. good morning, america -- nothing says super bowl like a dancing gronk. there he is right there, with
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all the moves. >> he's doing it. >> you got it. you got it. >> it's cold there in the atl but not inside. but first, we begin with the extreme life-threatening cold. in the midwest, they're facing record subzero temperatures and even colder windchills. >> you're looking at chicago. snow starting to come down there and they've already declared states of emergency in wisconsin, michigan and alabama, thousands of flights have been canceled over the past two days. sam champion is in for ginger and starts us off. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. we're not only investigating record low temperatures but the coldest temperatures ever reported in some of these areas. we're going to be very close to that particularly for chicago and minneapolis. look in wisconsin this morning, we're showing you snow, 15 inches of snow, state of emergency in the area. that just to show you there is some snow involved in this, but the real issue is the cold. so massive is the system more than 35 states are involved in just the cold weather warnings alone. if you were to measure from that
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wisconsin, western wisconsin border all the way to the tip of maine, we're talking about 2500 miles involved in that top line. now, look at these numbers. this is right now. chicago at 15 below. marquette feeling like about 7 below with windchills and move it up to wednesday. this is 7:00 a.m. and this is when some of the coldest air hits. chicagoland at 50 below. we're investigating their real low temperatures. on thursday, chicago could be within five degrees of the coldest temperature ever reported in chicago and another number i need to tell you, 63 below is the coldest windchill ever reported in minneapolis. and, michael, we'll be close to that as well. >> sam, the way you say it makes it sound not so bad. as you did say, sam, chicago, they are getting hit hard by this system. if the temperature drops to negative 21 tomorrow, it will be the coldest since 1994. we'll go to alex perez. he's there in the middle of all that snow. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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michael. the snow is actually slowing here, but the deep freeze is now beginning the lake front. you can hear the crunch sound, that's the ice beneath my feet. take a look at the water here. you can see it's freezing. the ice already building along the lake here. a dangerous polar plunge creating a travel nightmare across the midwest. the subzero freeze the coldest in a generation. >> it doesn't take long, 20, 30 minutes out and your motor skilsz won't really work really well. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared in wisconsin. >> kind of a nightmare for us parents. >> reporter: more than a foot burying streets. these semis shutting down part of interstate 43. in minnesota more than 130 crashes and these people pushing a car out of the mess. plows working double time. a pedestrian killed after being struck. airports crippled.
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nearly 1200 flights canceled in chicago alone. with over 1800 nationwide. the toledo airport in ohio shut down after a plane got stuck in the snow. as that extreme cold creeps south, a state of emergency declared in alabama. the city of atlanta, shut down. >> when we aren't proactive you have black ice and get wrecks on the connector. >> reporter: schools and businesses closed as they brace for single-digit temperatures and snow as thousands of visitors pour in for sunday's super bowl. and robin, the bottom line here is, officials say if you don't absolutely have to be outside stay inside. robin. >> i know you're heading there soon. all right, alex, thank you. in st. paul, the actual temperature, the actual temperature is below zero, schools are closed across the state today. eva pilgrim is there with more on just how dangerous the cold is. good morning.
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>> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. we're already below subzero. these temperatures are only going to drop. you can see we have plenty of salt behind me. in extreme temperatures the salt is not effective on the roads. they can't use it when it gets this cold. the other issue it's dangerous being outside. it takes less than half an hour to get frostbite when you're out in these subzero temperatures. parlt of the reason for that, i want my producer brian is holding a thermal camera. you can see i'm completely bundled up. where the zippers on my jacket, that's where the heat is escaping and the cold air is getting in. the other thing to keep in mind, your animals, your pets, you're going to want to make sure you bring them in. robin. >> keep them all warm. okay, if you do have to go
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outside, what should you do, a? >> reporter: well, you know you want to have the appropriate gear for this. layer up. lots and lots of layers and the national weather service is warning people that this will be some of the coldest air that many of us have ever seen so they're telling people limit your deep breathing and don't talk. >> as you are talking with us. get inside as well. appreciate it. back to sam. they're even feeling the cold down south. >> we're not done with this storm yet, even though we covered the northern areas. down south and snow around yazoo city, mississippi. let's track this front. you can see there is a line of rain and storms along the front. the head of the front but look behind it, all of this turns to ice and snow, and even in mississippi, alabama, on into georgia. so the cold air now, we
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concentrate back into the northeast and we'll check you thursday. thursday is the coldest for the mid-atlantic, new england areas and even that northern coast, so ten below in boston is the way it will feel thursday. new york city about 11 below, washington, d.c. at 1 below. i want to show you we're not done with it by thursday. oftentimes what happens with one of these storms is they move in and move out so quickly. this cold air wants to linger. we'll have a little snow on the ground in atlanta and still be 22 degrees. we do not warm up until the weekend, michael. >> not what they're looking forward to down at the super bowl. we move on to new developments in that breaking story overnight in houston. four police officers shot and another injured while serving a warrant. marcus moore is there on the scene. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: one of the officers who was shot in the shoulder was released from this hospital overnight, but four others are here recovering including two in critical condition.
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gunshots erupting as officers execute a narcotics search warrant at this houston home. >> multiple officers shot. >> reporter: in the volley of gunfire two officers taking bullets to the neck. two others also shot. >> hurry up! here hurry up. >> reporter: the fifth who suffered a knee injury rushed to the hospital. one airlifted in critical condition. >> they got three life flight units headed out. >> two officers are in critical but stable condition and we're hopeful with the prayers of this community will recover. >> reporter: the officers came under attack moments after they showed up. >> it was five rounds. >> reporter: dozens of others surround the house with the suspects still inside. >> come out now. >> reporter: police say the two suspects were killed in the gunfight with officers. >> this has been a tough day for our city. pray for them and pray for their families. >> reporter: and these are experienced police officers including two sergeants in their
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50s all the way down to a 33-year-old police officer. the police chief is echoing that urge for the public to pray for them and their families, george. >> we are thinking of them, marcus, thanks very much. we move now to washington and the latest developments in the russia investigation. the top official overseeing mueller's work says it may be close to completion as roger stone heads to federal court to face his charges. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas covering it all. pierre. >> reporter: good morning. roger stone is due in court in just a few hours on an arraignment on obstruction, counts of lying to congress. he's expected to plead not guilty but could be drama today. sometimes judges do not like a lot of talking in the courtroom and they issue gag orders and mr. stone known as the dirty trickster loves to talk. we'll see if he's allowed to hold court on the courthouse steps. >> speaking about drama, pierre,
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yesterday the acting attorney general matt whitaker had a rare public statement about the timing of the mueller probe. >> reporter: he surprised us all, george, when he started talking about the case and said he's been fully briefed and that he expects that mueller will be wrapping up soon, george. we don't know what that means but we are being told by sources that the mueller investigation could be wrapping up in several weeks. >> and we're going to see michael cohen now not in public testimony before the congress, the president's former lawyer but privately behind closed doors. the house intelligence committee next week. >> reporter: we're hearing february 8th is the date set for that, george. and also we are told that he has two new attorneys. he's hired a former federal prosecutor and also a criminal defense attorney to help him through this process, george. >> thanks very much. also in washington, state of the union set. president trump will deliver the address next tuesday, february 5th, after talking it over with house speaker nancy pelosi yesterday. you'll remember her invitation
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was revoked. this will come ten days before the next deadline for a deal. george, now to new developments involving american troops in afghanistan. u.s. and taliban negotiators coming up with a framework of a peace deal that could end america's longest war. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is here. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. u.s. officials say these talks have been very encouraging and productive, that could bring an end to the 17-year war. the taliban is hoping the americans will withdrawal all of its 14,000 troops in exchange for a cease-fire and other promises. there's already a withdrawal of half of those troops planned. but president trump has made clear he wants out of afghanistan eventually, but present and former u.s. officials have been warning trump that a complete withdrawal of our forces would leave the u.s. vulnerable to terrorist attacks. "the new york times" says that some aides have used an intelligence assessment that says a complete withdrawal of american troops could lead to an attack on the u.s. within two years. the acting defense secretary was asked yesterday if he has been
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making plans for a complete withdrawal. he said he has not been asked to do that. but that is possible, robin, if this peace agreement goes forward. >> all right, martha, thank you. >> thank you, robin. now to new fears about the growing measles outbreak. a state of emergency has been declared in washington state as the number of confirmed cases climbs to 35. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is in vancouver, washington, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. to put all of that into context before this outbreak, clark county hadn't seen a single case of the measles in eight years, and this outbreak is expected to grow largely because of the exposures you just mentioned at the trail blazers arena and at the airport. i'm told there could be dozens of people walking around with the measles whose symptoms have not yet presented. the measles is spectacularly contagious and it can linger in the air for two hours after an infected person has left the room.
7:14 am
it's one of the reasons that we've seen the number of cases nationwide triple just since last year. in new york state alone there are 180 cases and i'm told most of those cases are people who have not had their children vaccinated, george, and one thing that's important if you do es t go to the emergey om, you could infect others. just call your doctor first. >> makes a lot of sense. okay, matt, thanks very much. now to those new concerns about facetime. a glitch affecting the popular iphone feature discovered overnight that allow users to eavesdrop on your conversations and access your camera even if you don't answer. have they addressed it? >> they are beginning to but this is an important warning this morning for anyone with an iphone, ipad or mac, this newly discovered bug means someone could be using facetime to spy on you. the major glitch uncovered overnight lets a facetime caller immediately hear the audio from your phone before you have accepted or rejected a facetime request. it essentially turns your phone
7:15 am
into a hot mike letting callers eavesdrop on you, even lets them access your camera, without your knowledge. in a statement apple says we're aware of this issue, we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week. plus, george, they've temporarily disabled the group facetime feature. >> the group facetime feature was that one that could have been corrupted. >> there are potentially millions at risk for this. the issue is the 12.1 ios update that came out in october is the thing that the bug has move its way through. if you updated your phone in the last couple of months you very likely could be impacted. there is something that anyone out there can do. i did it on my way in to work. you open up the settings, you go to facetime, and you turn it to off. there is the little toggle button there. turn it to off. that will automatically keep you safe from this and apple -- >> i can't talk to my kids. >> well, you'll have to text with them, george. >> you turn it on when you want
7:16 am
to talk to them and turn it off when you are done. >> exactly. also, apple is releasing the update everyone should download when it comes out. >> i'll miss the girls. i'll miss seeing them. too bad. >> it'll be all right. they'll understand. now we're going to go to the big game, talking about the super bowl, just five days away, and last night both teams took center stage at opening night. the two quarterbacks, tom brady and jared goff right there next to each other and t.j. holmes is here with more and, t.j., brady was asked if he had any advice for the young quarterback. >> strahan, during your career, did you ever give advice to your opponent? no, of course you didn't. brady didn't do it either. a lot of emphasis on brady versus goff. the old guy versus the newcomer. talk about expectations, it's more of a surprise that brady not goff is a super bowl quarterback. super bowl liii festivities are officially under way in atlanta. and tom brady and the patriots
7:17 am
in particular rob gronkowski are keeping things loose. >> can't wait to hear from the dancing gronk, brady is loving it. >> reporter: the patriots are making their third straight appearance in the super bowl and brady is looking for his sixth ring. he came face-to-face with the rams quarterback jared goff who was in elementary school when brady won his first super bowl. >> what sort of advice would you give this guy as he gets ready to take on the big bad patriots? >> i'm not giving him any advice. are you crazy? >> reporter: the two quarterbacks are separated by the largest age gap, 17 years, 72 days of any starting quarterback match-up in super bowl history. >> for me growing up, you know, he was winning super bowls when i was young, when i was 7, 8 years old, so impressive and a guy that i had looked up to throughout my whole childhood. >> reporter: check out the similarities. both quarterbacks grew up in the
7:18 am
bay area, both were 49ers fans. both are huge fans of quarterback joe montana. brady calls montana his idol, goff even wears montana's old number, 16. brady ultimately praised his young quarterback counterpart on what he's accomplished so far. >> first pick in the draft, a lot of expectation and he's had an incredible year. >> all right, brady was drafted 199th. goff 1 overall so different expectations. but they both end up in the super bowl. >> i don't like that. no way i want to be around my opponent like that before the game. i don't want to see you. i don't want to talk to you. >> or give you any advice. >> afterwards we're cool. >> during, no. no, no, not at all. sam is always cool. what you got, sam? >> just one important thing, washington to new york, three to 9:00 p.m. tonight is that icy rain changeover. here's your tuesday trivia.
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coming up, how models kendall jenner, bella hadid are getting caught up in that fyre festival fallout. and new backlash brewing ov over.
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with 8 hours of vapors, so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. nicco. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc news. pg&e has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy as it faces billions of dollars worth of claims tied to deadly wildfires. the company wants aapproval for a financial deal. in a statement the ceo said he's focused on creating a more sustainable foundation. let's check your traffic now. hi, sue. >> good morning, everyone. we'll go back to the richmond-san rafael bridge. that roadwork by the toll plaza in the right lanes finally picked up but you can see big delays headed toward the toll
7:24 am
plaza back towards karlson for a solid 40 minutes just to get to the tolls. here's a quick look at some of your bridge drive times. san mateo is slammed as
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good morning. still tracking some pockets of rain especially up around antioch and south san jose and this is moving off to the south. we'll see increasing sunshine this afternoon and much drier. your commute this morning, everything will be green. upper 40s to mid-50s. we've got a pretty good downpour coming our way friday evening, a two on the storm impact scale. jessica. >> coming up on "gma," fire
7:27 am
festival fall out, why top model agencies were ordered to reveal how much they wre paid to promote the event. stay tuned for that.
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so again, using "para," you're talking about something una mesa para dos personas. that is for someone.
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allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa. of king you are going to be. >> wakanda forever! welcome back to "gma." wakanda forever. that is the best picture nominee "black panther" and there's some great news for fans of "black it's headed back to the theaters for one week only and you can see it for free. >> for free? >> if it's free it's for me. that's right. and we'll have all the details coming up but if you have seen it, you'll go back and see it again. it's just that good. >> of course, disney is our parent company and they're also donating $1.5 million in grant money to the united negro college fund for black history month. >> awesome. >>now, the to headlines we're
7:31 am
following this morning. two-thirds of the country facing plunging temperatures, the midwest bracing for record cold. temperatures falling well below zero and windchills in some areas could drop more than 60 degrees below. and in those types of conditions, frostbite can begin in less than five minutes. and president trump's longtime adviser roger stone is heading to federal court this morning to face charges in the russia investigation. this, as a top official overseeing robert mueller's work, says it may now be close to completion. have you seen this video? very scary moment on the tarmac in england. strong winds making difficult for planes to take off and to land. >> oh, boy. >> a tough one for pilots. thankfully there were no reports of any kind of incidents, but, boy, being on one of those flights. >> that's scary to watch. >> yeah. >> time for a ground stop. >> you would think, right? we move to the new fallout over the fyre festival. kendall jenner and bella hadid facing new questions about how
7:32 am
much they were paid to promote the event and a judge demanding answers. paula faris is here with the details. good morning, paula. >> good morning, george. >> reporter: the models appeared in a slick promotional video sipping cocktails, racing around the island on private boats. they're believed to be a large reason why the festival was able to sell so many tickets. >> what's happening? there's no water over there. >> reporter: this morning, on the heels of those two newly released documentaries, the heat surrounding the infamous fyre festival is now reaching a boiling point. that disastrous music festival has already imploded ja rule's public image and landed organizer billy mcfarland in prison for fraud, and now, more celebrities are being swept up in the controversy. a judge has approved a request to subpoena records from kendall jenner as well as the agencies who represented bella hadid and hailey bieber and other among models collectively paid $5 million to build buzz for that now failed festival.
7:33 am
at the heart of the issue, the promotion including this now infamous video announcement. >> the actual experience exceeds all expectations and is something that's hard to put into words. >> reporter: according to court records, the agency img models was paid a whopping 1.2 million to provide top talent to appear in the records also claim that kendall jenner was reportedly paid $275,000 to hype the event in this now-deleted instagram post. the promotion teased lush accommodations and incredible music acts all taking place on a private island in the bahamas, vip packages cost up to $100,000 but instead guests were welcome by broken down tents and broken promises. remember the sandwich now seen around the world, it's a far cry from what was promised in that promo. >> anyone who had ever been involved with event production would have understood this wasn't possible. a wedding planner would have known no way. >> hindsight is always 20/20.
7:34 am
we reached out to img and kendall jenner's team. no comment. you saw kendall jenner's now deleted instagram post seemingly endorsing it. not only did that drive ticket sales but, george, some festivalgoers truly thought the models would be at the party. >> i bet they thought they would. let's bring in sunny hostin, larry hackett, and, sunny, let's walk through the legal process. they got the subpoenas. what happens next? >> this is a bankruptcy proceeding so not a criminal case. no one will be criminally charged at this point so, this is a bankruptcy trustee trying to figure out where is the money. where did the money go and how can the money be retrieved? i think what the -- >> could they have to give up that money? >> it's possible. i think they're trying to get some money back to those who er is the perhaps civil liability for these influencers like the bella hadids and the kendall jenners. i mean, kendall jenner got
7:35 am
$250,000 for one post. and when she posted that, though, she didn't tell her followers that she was getting the 250,000 or $275,000 and so i always say the law takes such a long time to catch up with technology but this fyre festival case is the test case. will influencers now be responsible to their followers for these sort of deceptive claims? >> how much blame should they get and how much will this hurt their brands? >> i think it's fun to blame supermodels for what happened and see if their brands will be damaged. i don't think they should get any blame. billy mcfarland, the promoter, is the guy who's at fault here. i don't think there is anybody who would not have gone if kendall jenner's social media post said i'm getting paid. they know she gets paid for whatever she puts on there. she's worth tens of millions of dollars. i don't think anybody would be deluded by that. >> the question is, is she being deceptive by not telling people that she's getting paid? i mean, is that fraudulent? the ftc, which is the federal agency responsible for protecting consumers like us
7:36 am
from these deceptive practices, sent out letters to 90 influencers, 90 celebrities, saying, huh-uh, when you do this kind of thing, you are going to be held responsible. you must tell people this is a sponsorship ad. this is an advertisement. you are getting paid for it. >> exactly. >> absolutely. so she may be held responsible and i think there is a duty to tell us. >> again, i don't think anybody in real life who's planning to go would not have gone if they had known kendall jenner and the other models got paid. i don't think that's what the influencing is about. i think they're fully aware everything they do is transactional. >> but did they expect kendall to be there? >> well, that's a whole other issue. what billy mcfarland was selling and fyre was selling is as old as the hills, right? pretty women, sun and sand and this has been going on since -- this is the 50th anniversary of woodstock. while it may have been different they were selling the same kind of thing, get together with your friends and have a party in the woods. >> but they're selling an experience.
7:37 am
be like me. come party with me. that's very different. >> come party with people like me. if anybody thought they would be hanging out with kendall jenner, they should be parted with their $3200. they don't deserve to get it back. >> thank you both very much. >> oh, holding nothing back. okay, thank you. coming up, why the new biopic about notorious serial killer ted bundy starring zac efron is sparking outrage. we'll talk about that next. come on back. come on back. -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? woman: this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking
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we're back now with that backlash over the new film about notorious serial killer ted bundy. the movie starring zac efron isn't even out yet, but the trailer has some worried it's romanticizing one of the most brutal murders in history. amy is here with more on that. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, robin. we all remember ted bundy was executed 30 years ago, in fact, last week after eventually confessing to sexually assaulting and killing over 30 young women. the director of this new film says it is not meant to glorify bundy but to show him as he was, handsome, charming and ultimately a monster. >> what do you say we get out of here? >> reporter: a new movie about serial killer ted bundy has yet to be released, but already the film's trailer is making headlines. >> what is this about this guy? >> i feel it. >> reporter: zac efron will portray bundy in the evil flick but some are slamming the new
7:42 am
trailer, saying it appears to glamorize the notorious serial killer who was executed after he confessed to murdering dozens of women in the '70s. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am that innocent suspect. >> you are skating on thin ice, partner. >> reporter: one person tweeting, not here for this hyper-sexualized zac efron film. while another writes, i feel so bad for the families of the victims that have to sit there and see their terrors revived as a witty thriller. others say it is frightening accurate portraying bundy as the charming seductive figure many claimed he was, the movie isn't glorifying him, it's showing why he was a successful serial killer. charming, handsome and intelligent. >> you actually believe this garbage? >> it's in all the papers, ted. >> reporter: the trailer coming on the heels of a new netflix docu-series, conversations with a killer, the ted bundy tapes, which features never before heard audio recordings of bundy discussing the case. >> i mean, i'm not an animal and
7:43 am
i don't have a split personality. >> reporter: and bundy's much publicized trials. >> i think things are going to work out, that's about all i can say. >> reporter: where that charm was on full display. >> he doesn't look like the type to kill somebody. >> reporter: joe berlinger spoke to "20/20" before the premiere about how the film portrays bundy and its casting. >> and in many ways, we are taking his kind of teen, heartthrob image and turning that on its head. we're understanding why women were so attracted to this charismatic killer through zac's performance. >> berlinger isn't commenting on the new trailer but he did respond on twitter commenting on a user's tweet, the reason the trailer seems to be painting him as this charismatic good guy is because ted bundy was a very charismatic, nice all-american guy who no one suspected.
7:44 am
he retweeted it with the comment exactly. it's important to point out, people are reacting to the trailer. those who have seen the full movie, most say it is an accurate depiction of who ted bundy was and a cautionary tale for women. >> it showed an eerie resemblance. >> yes. >> wow. >> you heard the comment, he doesn't look like he would hurt anyone. >> exactly. >> good point. thank you, amy. coming up, we're going to switch gears with a great rescue. we have officers forming a human chain to save a man trapped in a frozen lake and that man was there because he was trying to help his dog. trying to help his dog. things we don't want to do. all make excuses e but when it comes to colon cancer screening... i'm not doin' that. i eat plenty of kale. ahem, as i was saying... ...with cologuard, you don't need an excuse... all that prep? no thanks. that drink tastes horrible! but...there's no prep with cologuard... i can't take the time off work. who has two days? and i feel fine - no symptoms! everybody, listen! all you need is a trip to the bathroom.
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7:48 am
we are back with that daring ice rescue where police officers rushed to lake michigan to help save a man trapped in the frozen water while he was trying to rescue his dog. janai norman is here with the story. heartwarming story. >> it absolutely is. the ending of it. officers say that man could not have saved himself. he was trying to save his dog, but ended up in the freezing water up to his chest. they say he was numb and surrounded by slippery ice when officers showed up. >> reporter: amazing new video this morning. this 33-year-old man rescued by officers after falling into freezing lake michigan while trying to rescue his dog. >> he was standing in water up to about chest high, but he was numb. he couldn't hold anything, and he couldn't climb out. >> reporter: officers were able to throw a leash for him to hold on to as they grabbed on to each other forming a human chain. >> give me your hand.
7:49 am
>> reporter: body cam video capturing this, the moment he was rescued. >> you're good. >> there's no doubt in my mind the officers were in the right place at the right time coupled with great teamwork with smart, smart thinking by using the leash. we would have been having an entirely different conversation. >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. and overnight, police giving us this update on pica, that 19-pound american eskimo mix. his fur frozen as he was pulled from the water but this morning the pup is doing fine. so that guy wanted to remain anonymous but he issued a statement thanking the officers and he says he's visited the beach for years with his dog that recently died. he recently rescued pica who is just 9 years old and got a little too excited his first trip to the beach. 9 months old. he says he has no doubt he would have died without the help of the officers. >> glad that they were there. >> look at those arms. i'll have what you're having. >> oh, my gosh.
7:50 am
thanks. coming up, abc news exclusive. singer jackie evancho revealing her secret health struggle and a big event this morning, ginger is on assignment in paradise off the coast of the dominican republic with whales. hey there, ginger. >> hey, robin, we've actually been seeing the humpback whales come out of the water all around us this morning. there are hundreds of them at least if not thousands. what's so impressive, yes, they're giant, up to 60 feet long weighing up to 40 tons, but i'll turn over to our drone technology. that's how we've been spotting these beasts of the ocean. that's how we've been having these gentle and beautiful approaches which we're going to show you in just a couple of minutes. it is such a glorious thing. we actually followed one family for six different times yesterday. a mother, a calf and what they call an escort, a male, it's not the dad. it's a new guy, the boyfriend. we'll explain it all coming up. stay with us. ♪
7:51 am
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coming up, how you can get a whole new style by shopping your own clos life. our own kid correspondent is asking tom brady all the tough questions ahead of the super
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" and metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. still seeing a few pockets of some light rain moving through but the bulk of the storm is down to our south. and starting to see the clouds starting to open up. all the caution you see here is for the wet weather over the next hour or so or the residual that's been left behind from the morning rain. we got a nice storm tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms and a stronger storm for friday. it's a two on our storm impact scale. >> a couple of problems in our south bay. we got an accident partially blocking the left lane, north 101 near old bay shore. we got another accident just cleared out of the left lane. another accident north 101. >> coming up on
7:57 am
news" exclusive, singer revealing her health struggles. we're going to have another wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. polar plunge. the life-threatening cold leading to states of emergency. 35 states on alert as that arctic cold front moves east and the coldest air is turning the midwest into a big chill. snow and ice shuttling down an airport. hundreds of flights canceled and the worst is still to come. "gma" exclusive. former child star jackie evancho just 10 years old when she skyrocketed to fame. now 18 and revealing her secret struggle growing up in the public eye. and oprah's surprise. ou you do ifprah commented on yhoshs reing the l. the fan's response this morning. shop in a snap. the virtual closet on your phone to help you build a better wardrobe and organize your closet. we're trying them out to transform your look using what you already have this morning.
8:01 am
urofetime.y we're eaand ght there in the water as ginger takes you swimming with whales. where thousands of these gentle giants migrate right now. it's the only time of the year you can see this natural phenomenon. moth mothers, babies, and their fathers nearby, one of the most beautiful playgrounds on earth this morning. and it's just days till the big game. our kid correspondent is in atlanta for super bowl's opening night with tom brady, jared goff and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ going to keep him down on the farm. with camdyn there at the super bowl when he goes back home to alaska, he is going to have a lot of tales to tell. good morning, america, on this
8:02 am
tuesday morning. let's take a look again at some of that amazing footage from silver bank. that's where ginger is swimming with whales. they're 92 miles from land. a 12-hour boat ride from shore. there's no cell reception, the only contact with the rest of the world is by satellite and we can't wait to see ginger get in the water. i'm looking at sam and the social square. he's looking on in amazement. >> would you do that? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> george? >> that looks like fun. >> in earth water with these massive -- >> sure. >> i'll see you when you get back, george. robin and i will be right here at this desk. and you know, the super bowl is just five days away. we saw little camdyn, he's been already hanging out down there and to get ready we'll go head-to-head in our "gma" tailgate showdown and find out which anchor team can make the best gameday dish and take home the trophy. we have some celebrity chefs here to make the final call and help us cook a little bit. >> that's coming up.
8:03 am
we have to start out with sam. that life-threatening cold, states of emergency declared, cold and snow alerts in 35 states and, sam, basically the whole midwest is frozen. >> when we start looking up coldest temperatures ever you know we have trouble and in some places we are going to be close to those coldest temperatures ever. just a quick hit of snow and have it from wisconsin all the way into the mid or deep south. mississippi actually. but let's talk about the places where the watches and warnings and advisories out, more than 35 states involved in this. look how much of the country it covers, we go all the way to the gulf coast and great lakes with those winter storm warnings. this is arctic air, it's a little arm that drops down, we're already 15 below in chicago. cincinnati, at 1 below. detroit, 17 below, tomorrow, 32 below. look at this number, 52 below in minneapolis and now, eva pilgrim is in st. paul right next door. the coldest windchill ever is 63 below. you guys are very close to that tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, sam, you know we're already if sub zero
8:04 am
temperatures. people in minnesota are talking about the cold it's really cold. dangerously cold. takes less half an hour to get frostbite. why that is. my producer brian is holding a thermal camera. you can see, i'm all bundled up. but you can see where the heat is escaping out of the zippers here, i have four layers on and the cold is still getting in. you want to wear a lot of layers because the cold is so dangerous. someone else in this kind of cold right now, alex perez is in chicago. hey, alex. >> yeah, that deep freeze is now tightening its grip here in chicago. temperatures are expected to be plummeting throughout the day. now, you might be able to hear that crunching sound beneath me. that is the ice beneath me. if you take a look at lake michigan, the water already freezing along the shoreline here, all of that ice, schools and many businesses will be shutting down. this could be the coldest air we have seen here in decades.
8:05 am
sam. >> all right, just looking at that shot, guys, i just want to tell you to go in. i know everybody is being safe but take care because this is the kind of cold that everyone points out can do real damage. let's talk about the snow that's well into the deep south because we've shown you what's going on into the north. mississippi has its own kiss of snow through mississippi, alabama into georgia as well. a lot of that last night through the day today. there will be a changeover in places that have seen some wet, then as the front comes through, you get that icy kick and that's going to glaze the roads. we're concerned about that for the drive time from washington it starts in d.c. around 1:00 in the afternoon. by the time we get to 9:00 it's in new york, you may miss that changeover for the drive but it's really important to hear all that. >> it really is, sam, thank you. thank you for being here. coming up, we have that abc and "gma" exclusive. former child star jackie evancho opening up about her secret health struggle while growing up in the spotlight. and a real-life clueless. the new app that can help you shot your closet to find the
8:06 am
wnrfect look.>ndat gn r bowl we are cooking it up here with celebrity chef george duran and gina neely. amy, your team is going down. >> we'll see. we'll see, lara. we'll see. >> we'll see you back on "gma." great audience. [ applause ] how strong you are,now but we also know how tough it is to keep up with your medication. that's why we're introducing a new and easy way... refill, prepay and skip the line... ...or have your prescriptions delivered. so you never miss a day. walgreens. trusted since 1901. thyou know what i do instead?eny your cravings. i snack on blue diamond almonds.
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an allstate agent will do the same for our protection. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? ♪ on top of the world hey [ applause ] welcome back
8:11 am
on a tuesday morning. [ applause ] hey. the champ is going to join us, rising tennis superstar naomi osaka live tomorrow. fresh off winning the australian open. she is number one in the world. [ applause ] we can't wait for "pop news" right now. >> good morning to you all. so oprah is spreading the love on this tuesday morning as part of her oprah magazine's spread the love video series, she's been leaving positive messages for her instagram followers on their posts, randomly, excitingly, here's what happened when rebecca barto saw oprah's note complimenting rebecca on her little puppy. >> it's oprah. she likes our puppy. she likes our instagram. i only have 99 followers right now. there it is right there. >> ah. >> 99 followers and one of them is oprah.
8:12 am
[ applause ] but our favorite reaction, kayla allen's reaction to getting insta love from oprah. who wrote looks like you're living your best life, take a look. >> oprah, oh, dear. oprah. oprah, oh. oh. whoo! oprah. oprah winfrey! [ applause ] >> that was so good. >> a smile for you. you can check out the spread the love series on and also in "pop news" this morning, "black panther" won the s.a.g. award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. [ applause ] and if you haven't seen it yet on the big screen, now you can see what all the fuss is about and you can do it for free,
8:13 am
people. in honor of black history month our parent company disney is bringing the box office smash back for the first week of february, look for free tickets at participating amc theatres starting this friday, i love this idea. "black panther," up for seven oscars at the end of this month including, oh, best picture. >> i know. >> so go check it out. i love a bargain. that's a good one. >> free. and then finally, this morning, the marie kondo effect. has it gotten to you? >> oh, yes, it has. >> i know it has to me. tips to sweep the nation. to clean itself of its clutter. her new netflix show all about the joy of tidying up encouraging folks to get rid of stuff that doesn't bring happiness any long. but one mother tidied up and gave away contains the $6500 he got for selling his car.
8:14 am
the goodwill store in surveillance video, saw the travel coffee mug with a mickey mouse sticker priced for sale but it's no longer on the shelves. they assume it's been sold. that mom now is offering a big reward for the mug and, of course, the money. the son sold the car on sunday. he brought the money to his mom's for safekeeping. while he waited for monday to deposit the money in the bank. >> talk about timing. bad timing. >> i know. why did you do that to us? i thought you were going to say they found the money. >> i'm doing this as a public service announcement for lindsay, for a mom who -- if you have that mug and that $6500, conyers, georgia, do the right thing, people. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> i just keep thinking about -- >> the timing. you just sell the car, put it in
8:15 am
there. >> he was getting a new apartment. he didn't want to lose the money or keep it in his car. his mom was trying to do the right thing. i'm sure she was like, my son is moving out. so, anyway, we're here to help hopefully. let us know how it goes. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story. our exclusive with jackie evancho, the talented young singer who first became a star at just 10 years old. now at 18 she's opening up about her secret health struggle and perils of finding fame at such a young age. she sat down with paula faris. >> she's 18, she just moved to new york city and says that she wants to be her authentic self. that means being honest about the demons she's battling revealing for the first time that she has an eating disorder. she was the tiny performer. ♪ maria >> reporter: with that powerhouse voice. ♪
8:16 am
>> reporter: who found reality show fame at just 10 years old. and now, jackie evancho has transformed from that little girl to an 18-year-old woman. ♪r the first time about the struggles she's faced aging in the public eye. >> i was diagnosed with anorexia but i've been dealing with it since i was 15. >> when did you start having those struggles? >> i just started high school again and i was just really self-conscious with my stomach and my face. having an eating disorder is like having another you inside your head screaming all the worst th you could hear about yourself. you're ugly, you're fat. you're stupid. you're worthless, all that stuff and it's just every time you look in the mirror you see something that's not there. with my eating disorder i have body dysmorphia as well, so i won't be able to see what my
8:17 am
reflection actually is because whatever it is in my head is distorting it. >> how do you deal with it now? >> i guess i'm a little more vocal about the thoughts that i have when i have them. if i'm struggling, i'll tell my parents i'm having a hard time. what do i do? >> you're very open. >> yes. >> and honest with those around you? >> yes, and that's key to avoiding, stopping and recovering from an eating disorder. >> reporter: body image is not the only struggle she has faced. she says she's often targeted by men who have meant to harm her. >> do you have any regrets about being in the spotlight so young? >> i have no regrets because ever since i was like able to think i knew that this was what i was supposed to do and i love music in this world way too much to give it up. >> so if given another chance would you do it all the same? >> absolutely. yeah. i mean, there are some things that i would figure out -- i've had so many crazy experiences,
8:18 am
i've had people pretend to be priests or say they're priests and then they get backstage and actually there was an instance where a priest asked me to sit on his lap while backstage and i'm so glad i was smart enough to say, i'm not comfortable with that. >> was he dressed like a priest? >> he had the collar on and everything. >> were you ever harmed it any way? >> i was never harmed physically but mentally i developed a lot of fears. >> reporter: the vocalist just moved to new york city and is working on a new album filled with current broadway hits. ♪ i'm not that girl >> this album is the most authentically me album to date. >> reporter: and she is working on healing. what would you tell that 10-year-old self? >> i guess i would tell her you're not alone because that was the hardest thing for me was constantly feeling alone. >> why do you want to deal with it so publicly?
8:19 am
>> i really want it to be that perfect role model and as time goes on and all of these issues are coming to front in the world, i'm starting to realize that being a perfect role model is also showing you're not perfect because that shows people that they can be just like you. >> it's not about perfection. she's a very private person being so vulnerable. a little scary for her. at one point in the interview she's like i'm not sure i want to go but she did decide to go there and wants to help other people but wants those out there to know it's okay to not be okay and for her it was her parents calling her out on the eating disorder and really sitting her down. she's getting therapy and being open. >> we're all rooting for her. >> yes, we are. >> she's very brave to share so publicly. >> thanks, paula. moving on now to new apps that can help you shop in a snap anng new. taking you through the wardrobe you already own and helping you put together the perfect looks. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more on these virtual
8:20 am
closets. i love this idea. >> it's a great idea, lara. it's a way to save yourself both time and money and it help you reinvent what's already in your closet and do the heavy lifting for you. in the '90s cher gave us a covet worthy closet in "clueless." >> i have a way normal life for a teenage girl. i get up, brush my teeth and puck out my school clothes. >> reporter: what girl didn't want a computer that generated the perfect outfit. >> girlfriend. >> reporter: fast forward 25 years and now that virtual closet is at our fingertips with apps you can download that help dress you and organize your wardrobe. >> anything that simplifies a woman's life, i'm all for it. >> reporter: enter actress/entrepreneur cara santana, she bounces from l.a. to new york for work. >> what does that mean? >> it has to be functional and fashionable and easi manipulated and i have to have something of everything because the weather is ever changing. >> reporter: we ask her to download and try three of the
8:21 am
most popular and free wardrobe apps on the market. first up, cladwell. an app that allows you to upload your own clothing or choose images similar to what you own and creates capsules and special occasion outfits. next finery co-created by brooklyn decker, the app links to your email and uploads your online clothing purchases and like cladwell makes style recommendations based on the weather. and last, pureply. this app is like tinder for clothes. you can style on your own or ask for suggestions. you swipe right to save a look or left to ditch it. cara spent a few weeks uploading select items and then cataloging and dressing based on their suggestions. >> i made sure to include lots of jean options because i live in good jeans. >> she says all three apps can be time consuming but the effort is worth it. she found each had unique qualities that can work for any woman. for a girl on the go who shops a lot online she says finery is
8:22 am
for you. >> it saved a lot of time from having to photograph each outfit and upload them and it gave me fresh perspective on pairing clothes maybe i wouldn't have before or created great basics that i could put together. >> reporter: she liked how she could put away seasonal items she didn't need in cladwell. >> this app gives you weather and put your winter wardrobe into storage. >> reporter: pureple she thought was easy to navigate. >> you can clean out your closet, remember items you haven't worn in a while and maybe someone who isn't necessarily exceptionally technologically friendly, sorry, mom, that maybe is the better app for you. >> we love this and you say the cladwell app has a social aspect. >> absolutely. they have this new feature that you can scroll through and much like instagram so you can look at your friends, see what's in their closet so here we have natalie. she's got a denim jacket, a
8:23 am
cardigan. >> i love the red shirt. >> in her profile you see she likes neutrals and main colors are olive, yellow and burgundy. if you're looking for inspiration, i'm a big "friends" fan. rachel green is in the app. >> load her wardrobe. >> it's all from 2019 apparently so you could wear it now. >> all right, i love it. thank you so much. right now, though, we get over to sam. oh, sam. >> oh, lara, i was just picking out my outfit on the app for tomorrow. i saw this on twitter and i wanted to share this as a "gma" moment so the 99th air force squadron landed on an icy field. landed on an icy field in canada to show you how icy it was he did really well until one final turn. at least the plane came down. if you follow them on twitter,
8:24 am
you'll be able to see they don't super bowl liii is just five days away taken we've got our nfl kid correspondent who is right in the middle of the action. 8-year-old camdyn clancy, he's down in atlanta, he's enjoying himself covering all the excitement and we'll speak to him in just a moment.
8:25 am
but first, let's take a look at what camdyn has been up to. >> hey, guys, i'm camdyn and i'm at opening night of super bowl liii. ♪ i'm about to go talk with some nfl players. come on! what's going through your head when greg suerlein was attempting the 57-yarder? >> i was really nervous. it kind of hit me right then if he makes this we'll go to the super bowl. >> what song gets you pumped up before every game? >> what song gets me pumped up before every game? i got a bunch. i like m83 outtro? you ever heard that one? it'll get you pumped up. ♪ >> what's up, man? >> what's up? >> what's your name? >> camdyn. >> camdyn? >> yes. >> hi, camdyn. i'm tom. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you.
8:26 am
how are you able to focus despite the negative fan base? >> how are you able to focus despite the negative fan base? >> aka the haters. >> aka the haters. we love them. we love them. we love them back because we don't hate back. thanks, man. great to meet you. everyone give camdyn a round of applause. >> guys, i just got talking to tom brady. it was just mind blowing. [ applause ] >> hey, camdyn. how are you doing, man? hey, camdyn, we just saw -- we got a little glimpse of your work at the super bowl. who was your favorite interview? >> tom brady! >> can't blame him for that. >> all right, cam, we'll check in with you later. >> we'll be right back. [ applause ] >> we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:27 am
but it became clear that the pg&e bankruptcy is moving forward. good morning, north bay. >> this is "abc7 news." >> california's largest public utility has now officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. pg&e announced it overnight. it faces billions of dollars worth of claims tied to deadly wildfires. the company wants aapproval for a $5.5 billion financial deal. here is sue haul. >> lights were on at 521 this morning. it's easier if you're taking a car pool or if you're paying cash and on the span westbound by treas by treas blocked with a
8:28 am
your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, $1 delivery fee. withhehase mobile jason ld pay, at any bank,
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all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. now your accuweather. >> as you can see along 580, livermore, through the grade, right across the san mateo bridge, that is all heading ward. so the commute planner, there's still some damp spots out there but that's not going to be around very much longer. low to mid- 60s today. we got a moderate storm friday. >> we'll see you again in about
8:30 am
30 minutes. ♪ welcome back to "gma." and we've got a great audience this morning. thank you guys for coming in on this tuesday morning. [ applause ] and we are all in for a treat right now because we have a very special event, whale watching in one of the few places in the world where people can swim with humpback whales and their calves. let's go to ginger in a boat 90 miles off the coast of the dominican republic. good morning, ginger. looking nice and warm. >> oh, i am in a t-shirt and shorts. feels very good but it feels great i've had this experience of an adventure too, swimming with the humpback whales. they are the mammal that travels the farthest to migrate from
8:31 am
their breeding grounds up near canada and norway and kong get great right here for their breeding grounds. they were feeding up north. either way, so impressive and it's one thing to see images or know the video or see them here aboveboard. when you go down and stare them in the eye it's all magic. whoa! >> we're in the middle of the atlantic ocean. humpback whales are everywhere. we're seeing them pop out of the water. this is the silver bank where thousand, i'm talking 5,000 to 7,000 of them migrate every year. oh, wow. wow. they come here from norway, from canada, from maine so that they can mate and have their babies and they all come right here to the silver bank. see that? ooh, there's a mother, a calf and escort is what they call i, a male that wants to be around. this is going to be our playground. this is where we'll have this
8:32 am
immersive respectful experience with these gorgeous giants of the ocean. thanks to aquatic adventures and starting to see th. o12:00. mother and calf. you got two. >> getting ready. we'll get a flyby here. >> try to get in as quietly as you can. it makes the first encounter more successful. go h. >> they're right in front of you. brilliant blue ocean is right next to that deep gray and bright white and you can't miss them. first the mother then the calf circling her. it's one of the most beautiful and majestic things i've probably ever seen because these are giants. they look like dinosaurs of the sea. this time, we got in. they were right by the boat and then the escort kept pushing the baby, the calf away from us.
8:33 am
>> humpback wales are the only species of whale in the world with 15-foot long pectoral fins or flippers. they have an amazing repertoire of behaviors and extremely agile. >> oh. >> every humpback whale has a pattern in black and white on the bottom of that tail and that pattern is just like a fingerprint. there are no two humpback whales in the north atlantic ocean with the same pattern. ♪ >> that's it, yes. ♪ >> i have to thank the dominican republic ministry of tourism because they started this all and told us what it would be all about and aquatic adventure, the founder, tom conlin.
8:34 am
you kept me safe and showed me a lot of whales. explain your method. >> pee wee is a passive in-water whale encounter. it's not an aggressive free diving, scuba diving. it is a passive floating on the surface with masks, fins and snorkel allowing the whale to approach us on their terps. >> they are interested which is the most fascinating part. also so interesting was yesterday as we were following that one group, one of them came up and just was fin slapping that huge fin. what does it mean. >> it's a form of solicitation. the pectoral fin is about one-third the body length of the whale and weighs 1500 pounds. whether it's a female soliciting males to come in or a male warning off other males or to solicit females to tell her how strong she is. >> i'm really strong and really big. i've seen guys like that. how cool is that?
8:35 am
we've had this interaction with them. >> so cool. so absolutely cool and just so beautiful. hey, ginger, are they endangered at all,hese whales ar are they endangered? >> so the humpback whale definitely has threats. there are more and more of them but they have threats like plastic and you mentioned some others. >> plastic, entanglement is a big one whether from drift or ghost nets and other fishing tackle. we have noise and chemical pollution. we'll have ship strikes and also whaling now as well as we're overfishing their food stock. >> so there are a lot of places where we can improve. >> many places we can improve. >> tom and everybody has been researching down here. it is so special, such a great adventure, i heard george is already in which is awesome. >> i am. >> me and you next time. michael, robin, you ready? >> um, yeah. no. [ applause ] >> no, no, no. hey, ginger -- >> it's beautiful and to be there on the boat but i have to
8:36 am
say and tom is kind of eased mi animals, i love watching them from afar and on a boat. >> i would never do sharks but the whales look okay. >> i am always ready to watch you and ginger do it from this nice comfortable interior with our great audience. [ applause ] >> michael, robin, even if you didn't want to get in you can whale watch from the boat. >> from the boat. you have the opportunity -- there's other places to do it. even out here, getting in the water is an option. you can go out on the tender and see a spectacular -- >> they own eat plants. they don't want us. >> the big fin. >> thank you, as always. you're always up for an adventure and we admire you for that. thank you. [ applause ] >> oh. big old fin. to me that means stay away. that's what that means but
8:37 am
coming up, something we always want to get close to, the super bowl tailgate showdown.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ welcome back. time for our "gma" tailgate. we are counting down super bowl sunday by cooking up some game day classics and facing off to see who can whip up the best
8:40 am
dip. uh-huh. >> yeah. >> please, allow me to welcome you to our hosts or introduce you to our host, t.j. holmes. >> that's right, robin. that's right. when i dip, you dip. we dip this morning. two teams, we got team robin over here along with lara and mr. sam champion and we have team last names over here, strahan, along with robach doing something with a power tool, george stephanopoulos, now, everybody here can cook just fine but we have celebrity they haves helping out. you all say hello to the chef, george duran. [ applause ] and we go way back, chef gina neely. now, it's super bowl week. we have to start with a coin toss. ivory, help us out. i can assure you it's going to be heads. we just don't know which head. >> you ready? >> all right, let's go.
8:41 am
>> whoa. >> the coin toss is to actually toss it but we're good, brother. he didn't make it. your team goes first. robin. >> what are we making over here? >> okay, i'm going to make my quick cheddar cheese fondue. i want to enjoy myself so first put the butter and the flour in. >> put the butter. >> put the butter, put the butter. put the butter and flower and whisk it together. you got to go fast but not that fast. wait, wait. >> wait, sugarboo-boo. let momma help. let momma help that baby. >> what else we need? >> then we'll add in our salt, dry mustard. >> dry mustard. >> a little cayenne pepper. >> yeah, we are. whoo, whoo. >> then in the meantime, you start shredding the cheese and
8:42 am
put some muscle on it. add in the >> somebody put these tater tots up here. i didn't think that was right. >> you're going to put all of these in and the broccoli and cayenne pepper to give it a little kick. >> cheese in there. >> cheese in there. let's go. >> put the beer in there. >> come on, robin. >> our team needs some time to cook too. >> we got it. we're going to keep them going and step back but, them going. >> we are making pepperoni pizza dip and use a giant wheel of
8:43 am
jar jarlsberg. >> chop up pepperoni and whisk inside this marinara sauce some of the cream cheese, the cheese like jarlsberg cheese and all that marinara will fill up. when amy finishes up this giant wheel of cheese. oh, my, that's beautiful. >> whisk that up and fill up that giant wheel of jarlsberg just like that. once you fill up your bowl or skill let. top it with a lot of the cheese we drilled. keep filling it up. don't be afraid. let's do the whole thing. here we go, one, two, three. let's do the whole thing. come on, fill it up. that's right. that's right. beautiful.
8:44 am
now some of the jarlsberg and get the torch going. get the torch. here we go. >> you've all seen this. oh, no, you look terrified. [ all talking at once ] >> oh, yeah. >> that's cheating. >> okay. >> i feel like an emergency is about to happen. >> i've never seen george -- >> i'm be honest with you, sounds like a little jealousy coming from that side. >> now we do have -- this is going to be judged here. we do have our audience members in bleachers, they are actually going to judge for us, so stay with us. when we come back, we will have the big reveal to see if all the tools and the flames -- >> on fire. >> it smells good over here.
8:45 am
>> okay. >> hey, hey. >> i would like to say ours was simple. no power tools. >> why all the -- we were not -- [ all talking at once ] >> all right. let's show you quickly -- let's show you quickly what it looks like outside as we get a little milder break. carrie ann is here. 1 below to 39, minneapolis. this will be over by the time we ge
8:46 am
>> look who is here. it's our favorite "dancing with the stars" judge carrie ann inaba. a lot is going on. one thing i'm so proud of you doing. you're raising awareness about our iron deficiency anemia. you don't hear people talk about it. reading what happened to you is important enough to talk about others. spokesperson for daiichi sankyo and you have the latest on our favorite dance show taking a break off. let me get to that. >> where do you want to start? >> what is everybody doing now? you guys have never really taken a break? >> for "dancing with the stars"? so right now we'll take the spring off and not come back in the spring but will be back in the fall and len and bruno and i will be there. it's going to be a great season when we come back. >> do you guys like feel the need to facetime them or turn it off and on because of this latest headline every day because you're used to seeing them so often. >> i miss them. i mean as much as we're kind of like a disfunctional family like
8:47 am
you miss your dysfunctional family. i miss them. they're like my brothers. >> let's talk about this. this is something i didn't know about. so iron deficiency anemia. >> ida. >> you had no energy. it was difficult. you were a dancer. you were a fly girl. you're an athlete. >> six years ago i was diagnosed with i.d.a. and basically what happened, i was dealing with such incredible fatigue, i mean it was beyond anything i've experienced and couldn't figure out what was wrong. i did all the test, finally my doctor dave me the right blood and iron pam and diagnosed me with i. d.a. you can have it for many different conditions. for me it was fibroids. people are not diagnosed. i want to raise awareness. a wonderful website get with tools so you can talk to your doctor. i want people to have the right conversation with your doctor. >> when we hear about an iron deficiency, i think a lot about women. do we need to think about men as well. >> yes, men as well but women
8:48 am
get it often because we bleed more often than men, let's just say but it can affect anybody. it's about 5 million american dulls are affected with it and it's really underdiagnosed so want to encourage you all, have the conversation, get iron informed. >> you know i love you. >> i love you. i love you. [ applause ] you're so great. >> and i miss you. i feel like i miss you guys. we'll do a group call. bruno and len and you just so i feel like -- we'll see you in the fall. >> i shall see you in the fall. >> hey, michael, speaking of what's coming up, boy, did everything look amazing yesterday. i loved the colors, i loved the music. i loved everything. what's going on? >> thank you, sam. i love carrie ann inaba as well like you do. we announced yesterday that the show has a brand-new name, "strahan & sara" and has a brand-new set and this afternoon we've got the "shark tank" gang. they'll join us and i'm going to pitch them a product that i know they're going to buy. yeah, that's right.
8:49 am
they want to invest with me. we also have "deals & steals" and i had a chance to hang out with snoop dogg and we just want you to take a little sneak peek at that. >> martha stewart. >> yeah. >> you and martha stewart hang out when the show is not on. >> i been to her house. she been to my house. right now she be like, huh-uh, this is -- no. >> that should be -- >> this should be on that side and i learn from her. because i love to learn like i'm never too hold to learn. i'm an old dog that wants to >> old dog wants to learn a new trick. >> great start yesterday. >> what's up with that. >> this is the dish you made so we felt we needed to have something just in case. >> all i got to say is, all we got to say is the hate is real. when you're successful, boy, they'll want to tear you down. coming up, we're going to find out who is going to win. that's what's safe. the safe bet is we're going to win this. that is so spiteful.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
♪ the final countdown >> yeah. >> yes, back now with our "gma" tailgate smackdown counting down to super bowl sunday. >> okay, so you think robin just smacked down team it's not my call. it's the audience's call. tell us who the winner is. >> it's a tough decision but it's team michael. [ applause ] >> great job. >> great job, guys. >> flames and power tools work apparently. >> we will say this, though, both of these dishes are delicious and we really appreciate the competition. >> one of them is simpler. >> one is easier but it is not as good as ours. that's how it works. you can get all of these recipes
8:53 am
on our website. tomorrow -- >> this is just day one. >> tomorrow, it's all about the nachos tomorrow. >> all about thenaos. >>t's going to go down tomorrow too. thanks to our friends at the nfl for decking out our audience members in the great patriots and rams gear and we'll be right back, everybody.
8:54 am
glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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"good morning america" is sponsored by allstate. are you in good hands? >> if you can't beat them, join them. [ cheers and applause ] >> have a great day, everyone.
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8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 news." >> our chance of getting wet is tapering quickly. you can see the rain moving down to the south. look at all that sunshine. it's waiting for us. so the activity planner just about over as far as being cautionary for the wet weather. we got a moderate storm tomorrow and another one friday and scattered showers this weekend. sue. >> take a look at the bay bridge. we had an accident right near treasure island. you can see the lights are still on. you're solid backed up into the macarther maze. your drive from the central valley, still slow. >> time for "live with kelly and ryan." nnnc: ve wlland an."ur
9:00 am
today, film and broadway star matthew broderick. and host of the series "top chef," padma lakshmi. plus tips on losing weight and feeling ageless with the authors of "the dubrow diet." all next on "live." [upbeat pop music] ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ >> ryan: hey! good morning. [overlapping chatter] hey! [cheers and applause] >> kelly: thank you. >> ryan: okay. >> kelly: wow.


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