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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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>> i'm not messing with an elephant seal. thanks for watching today. gma starts right now. good morning, america. the new warning this morning as that deadly arctic air moves east. tens of millions of americans waking up to subzero windchills and ice. a college student dying in the freezing cold and snow squalls striking in an instant causing massive pileups. thousands of flights canceled. now, 29 states from the dakotas to florida and maine on alert. oh, my god. >> overnight, a seven-alarm fire erupts in that bitter cold. more than 150 firefighters battle it for hours. the blaze so massive it looked like this from the sky. also overnight, a break in the case? police releasing these new images of persons of interest as they search for suspects in that vicious attack reported by "empire" star jussie smollett.
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his friend and manager now speaking out. what he says he heard on the phone during the attack. infant ibuprofen recall. the new alert this morning about a popular brand sold at walmart and cvs. abc news exclusive. the florida woman attacked by a hippo while on safari with her husband speaks out for the first time. >> it was just so quick and so forceful that i got pulled under. >> how she battled the hippo escaping its powerful jaws, only on "gma" this morning. and with just three days to go till the super bowl, an exclusive look at the massive preps that are under way. plus, it's being called the millennial versus the perennial. what we're learning about the youngest coach in the nfl. his secret weapon as he gears up for the biggest fight of his career. you're going to explain what that was.
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that's all coming up. good morning, america. we want to get right to that dangerous cold blast still bearing down on the midwest. now settling into the east coast. >> let's take a look at wisconsin right now. look at those temperatures right there. so many people waking up to so much cold. upstate new york, lake-effect snow is coming down. you see it right there. they could get more than a foot on top of what they already have. and that deep chill is moving in fast. let's take a look at this time-lapsed video bringing whiteout conditions and that bitter air -- >> you know what, that was right outside my apartment window. i saw that when it happened. >> i was having lunch and my back was to the door and turned around, where did that come from? out of nowhere. >> here's what we know right now. the cold has caused at least eight deaths and this morning, 29 states are under cold and snow alerts. we have team coverage. ginger is back. she is starting us off in times square with the latest. good morning, ginger. >> the question is, why did i come back? it feels about 100 degrees
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colder here than i was about 12 hours ago and so many of you have been dealing with this for at least three, if not five days, so let's talk about this morning. we bottomed out at 2 here. that's the coldest since the winter of 2016. it feels like 17 below, and folks in duluth, minnesota, are actually seeing schools closed because of the cold. look how cold it got. 55 below windchills in minneapolis, minnesota. chicago, 52 below the feels like. those are the coldest windchills y'all have seen since 1985. so, it's seriously once in a generation here. so, how cold is it this morning? detroit feels like 33 below. it feels like 1 below in cincinnati, and philadelphia feels like 8 below. you ask, there has to be some reprieve and there is, which i'll get to but there is a lot going on we have to get to around the nation as far as how dangerous this is, so let's go back in to george. >> we'll go to upstate new york. thank you, ginger. whit johnson is up there in new york. like so many other parts in the
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country, whit, you guys are getting hit by that lake effect snow. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. we're now locked in this band of lake-effect snow. it hasn't stopped for hours. sometimes with the windchill blowing side ways right in your face, right in your windshield the weight of this snow on tree limbs can bring down trees and power lines. creating outages throughout the area. we were trying to get to a town further north but driving conditio conditions, simply too dangerous. we had to stop here in ellisburg, new york. that same polar blast that wreaked havoc on the midwest moving east. this morning, the deadly freeze bringing whiteout conditions. in upstate new york, you can barely see, but you can clearly hear cars crashing into one another. blinding conditions leading to wreck after wreck. officials banning drivers from roads around buffalo. despite the warning, this massive 21-vehicle pileup.'s hn?
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high winds and heavy snow stopping traffic forcing some drivers to dig out their cars. >> the stuff you see often in buffalo? >> not this bad. >> reporter: in reading, pennsylvania. >> we couldn't see anything. it was slamming into us, slamming into them. >> reporter: more than two dozen vehicles involved in this chain reaction wreck, but the killer weather already claiming eight lives including this man, 18-year-old premed student gerald belz who was found outside the university of iowa campus building in negative 51 degrees windchill. chicago mirroring a frozen tundra. temperatures falling to 23 below zero with windchills at negative 52. people staying off the streets boarding city buses to keep warm. at o'hare, major flight delays, planes unable to get fuel with gas lines freezing over. classes canceled for 360,000 chicago public school kids. but crossing guards still reporting to work. >> it's freezing cold. my face, my toes, even though
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i'm layered, it don't matter. >> reporter: check out this arctic air lingering over lake michigan. drone video capturing a man in that red coat needing to be rescued after venturing out on the lake's break wall. state police in cadillac, michigan, tweeting out this video with the caption, it is so cold, even the light posts are cold, even the light posts are shivering. from the midwest to the east coast, businesses, schools, government offices all of it closed today. it's simply too dangerous to be out and moving around. and it's not just all this snow piling up but the windchill. the temperature felt like negative 38 degrees and as a witness, i can tell you that number feels pretty accurate. michael. >> all right, we'll make sure you get inside and warm up. thank you so much for that. chicago, it is still suffering from those -- through some of the coldest temperatures it has ever experienced bringing the city to a virtual standstill as they enter day four of the deep freeze. alex perez is there in the
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frozen windy city. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. part of what makes this cold so dangerous is just how long it's lingering. by the time it's all said and done here in chicago, we will have been under this bitter cold for more than 80 hours. now, take a look behind me here. you can see this is a frozen lake michigan. for off there, you can see the steam rising from the lake and you can see the steam coming off of the buildings there. now, this cold has caused a lot of problems. illinois state police say they have responded yesterday to more than 1300 calls from motorists. that's about ten times what they usually get. mail has been halted, schools are closed and many businesses are closed here in chicago. here in chicago, we have about 270 warming centers that will be open and they will be needed. one more day of this brutal cold
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before we see relief. george. >> a lot to deal with. overnight, firefighters in new jersey battled the frigid temperatures to extinguish a seven-alarm fire at a paper plant. abc's gio benitez is on the scene in elmwood park. the people could see it from their plane it was so big. >> reporter: you could see it from the sky, george, that's how big it was. i was driving here overnight and i could see how massive this blaze was but i could also see how many firefighters were working so hard to put it out. so i looked at the temperature reading at the time. four degrees with the windchill of negative 12. overnight, firefighters versus the record-breaking cold. in elmwood park, new jersey, more than 150 firefighters from at least ten towns battling this fire for hours. miraculously, none of the 200 employees working he building when the fire first broke were injured, as huge paper rolls caught fire, the roof collapsed and the fire spread to propane tanks and other explosive materials.
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>> if we don't get water on this building, we are going to be kissing it good-bye. >> we need water now! >> reporter: ferocious winds carrying the smoke miles away. one passenger on a plane could see the smoke and fire from the sky. firefighters around the country have similar problems battling both the fires and those frigid temps. in hammond, indiana, these firefighters fighting a house fire in a negative 50 windchill. farther south in plainfield, indiana, a blaze at a trash facility was burning for more than 13 hours, and as crews continued to extinguish the burning trash, the trucks became coated in ice. and in wisconsin, where temperatures were also as low as negative 50, cameron fire chief mitch hanson looking more like an ice sculpture after a firefight. in minnesota, an overnight firefight leaving remnants of thick ice on the house, the fire hoses and this firefighter. and in akron, ohio, a fire turning deadly. a woman and three children were killed in a house fire that left the house charred and coated in
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ice. and that just shows how dangerous something like this can be. so it's really incredible that here in new jersey at this paper mill, nobody was injured. you know, robin, just to show you how hot it was here, how big this blaze was, another driver who was driving past here, remember i said it was four degrees, well, the temperature reading in his car jumped to 59 when he got near here. >> oh my goodness, a 50-degree jump like that. gio, thank you. and back here in new york, the temperatures plunged to single digits overnight. such cold weather could lead to serious, serious health problems. sam champion is at lenox hill hospital with more on how these frigid temperatures we're seeing all across the country could affect our bodies. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning, robin. here's the deal, we're at 17 below in the windchill right now. our temperature is 2 degrees but regardless of that we know that millions will go outside today.
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you've got to go outside for work. even if you've got delayed school you're going to be out in this. so if you are bundled up in this are you really safe? bill and victoria have me in monitors and been outside for about 30 minutes now, so first of all, am i doing okay? >> absolutely. right now you are well within normal ranges and limits of your heart rate and your oxygen saturation is within normal limits, as well. >> all right, but, robin, if you're outside and you feel any of these symptoms, we're going to put them on the screen, these are the five warning signs of hypothermia, if you feel confused, dizzy, you're short on breath, these are the things you have got to get immediate attention for. you are out here all day, all night in situations like this. just give me one or two tips for this. >> the main thing you want to do is minimize exposure. you want to be outside as little as possible and layer up. >> cover everything you can, robin. and then just be aware of your own body, and if something
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doesn't feel right, get inside and warm up. >> all great advice, okay, sam, thank you. well, somebody who we didn't let take that advice is ginger who is outside. ginger, you're going to tell us, is relief finally on the way? >> so many people feeling cabin fever hard. and you're about to see a 100-degree change as far as what it feels like. there are a lot of places that will be happening. that big trough that goes all the way down to florida that's allowed this cold air to settle in, it finally bubbles back and minneapolis goes from a feels like of 28 to 45, chicago, 23 to 53. we're talking 70-some actual degrees in new york city. by the time we reach the beginning of the weekend, 50. big swings and a lot of folks will say, oh, great, now i'm going to get sick. george. >> we will take the swing though, ginger, thanks very much. sflmplts we're going to move overseas now to the crisis in venezuel venezuela. more protesters are taking to the streets to demanding that president nicolas maduro step down as president trump doubles down on his support for the leader of the opposition. abc's senior foreign
7:13 am
correspondent ian pannell is there in caracas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. the crisis here in venezuela is intensifying as thousands of demonstrators have been taking to the streets once again. they're protesting the country's government's pulling a dictatorship. president nicolas maduro insisting he is the legitimate president but he's saying he is also willing to talk with the political opposition for the sake of venezuela's peace and future. at the heart of the conflict is juan guaido who over a week ago was declared interim president. he is calling for mass demonstrations saturday as both sides here are digging their heels in. the united states and more than a dozen others are backing guaido. the white house saying there will be a significant response if he or u.s. diplomats who are hunkered down here are harmed. now, all of this coming as this oil-rich nation suffers crippling food and medicine shortages with millions of people fleeing the country, and any further upheaval is risking now impacting the u.s. and global economy, george.
7:14 am
>> yeah, hard to see how this is going to end. okay, ian, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. returning now to that major drug recall. the makers of infant ibuprofen drops expanding its recall of some of its product warning there could be a higher concentration of ibuprofen in some batches sold under walmart, cvs and family dollar branding with the label infant's ibuprofen concentrated oral suspension. the company warned of a remote possibility of side effects and says consumers who have a bottle should consult their doctor for guidance and we have more information on this on our website. >> should take a look at that. now to that surprise discovery in florida. a hole in the road that may have uncovered an elaborate bank burglary plot. victor oquendo is there and the whole reveal, the tunnel leading to the bank? >> reporter: that's right, good morning, robin. a sinkhole opened up right in the middle of the road, and
7:15 am
that's when the scheme right out of a movie unraveled. we can show you where the entrance is, in that grassy area there, and the fbi says it goes all the way underneath the street leading up to that drive-up atm rig night digging away at this tunnel and police first discovered it when they responded to the sinkhole and spotted a power cord inside. the entrance to the tunnel was just a few feet away. the tunnel itself is nearly 50 yards long but it is very narrow, two to four feet wide. authorities sending a robot and a k-9 unit inside. what they found, muddy boots, a ladder, a wagon, power tools and a small generator. they say it was absolutely an attempted bank burglary. they may have been trying to go for the atm. now the fbi is asking for help to find the people responsible. robin. >> and victor, the people responsible, any idea how long they may have been working on this? >> reporter: it's tough to say, robin. it could have been weeks, maybe even a month. the fbi isn't sure when they started working on this tunnel but they do say it took more than one person. >> it certainly looks that way,
7:16 am
okay, victor, thank you. >> a small person, two to four feet. i'm not fitting in that. don't look for me. and now to the super bowl, three days away, the patriots and the rams both hitting the practice field while officials gear up for an unprecedented level of security at the big game. t.j. holmes is outside the mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta with the very latest. good morning, my friend, t.j. >> reporter: strahan is a tier one event. that's actually a national security threat level assessment. what does it mean to our viewers? considering this, the only things with a higher threat assessment would be something like the state of thenion or a president's inauguration. the rams and patriots wednesday, held their first practices in atlanta ahead of super bowl liii and they're not the only ones working on game plans. law enforcement from multiple agencies are executing a plan years in the making. >> protecting an event such as a super bowl is no easy task.
7:17 am
>> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection gave us a look at their surveillance mission from a black hawk helicopter. >> they're here to make sure that no aircraft gets within a 30-mile radius of mercedes-benz stadium on game day. >> reporter: authorities tell us there are no specific threats to the super bowl. still, federal, state and local agencies are on high alert using dogs, drones and over 10,000 cameras to secure the game. the department of homeland security alone is contributing 600 officers. >> we are bringing some of our x-ray scanning technology that we typically use at the border here to the venue to scan every piece of merchandise, every truck and/or car that goes into the venue this week to make sure that everything that goes in there is safe. >> reporter: security always a big story. another big story that came out of here was commissioner roger goodell.
7:18 am
for the first time on that blown call that many will say cost the saints a chance to be here. he said this was a human error, it was a mistake, nothing he could have done about it. >> all right, t.j., saints fans, like the one sitting to my left, don't want to hear that. >> avoid the conclusion. let's go to ginger. >> you saw t.j. he's feeling cold too. there are freeze warnings from south georgia to north florida. and it will feel like a heat wave in minot at 11 tomorrow morning.
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block has your back. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." p pg&e attorneys will be in court today for 19 preliminary motions. the motions include requests for approval to continue playing employees and suppliers and to borrow $5.5 billion from banks. pg&e filed for bankruptcy protection this week. the utility faces billions of losses for the past two years of wildfires. >> i want to show you the bay bridge cam. eastbound 8ure island. it sounds like we have a disabled vehicle. it's blocking one lane. it's not looking too bad yet as you get out of san francisco.
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(meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. the steady rain over but a rain of showers still possible. you can see on live doppler 7 the rain moving down. still a lot of fog out there especially in our inland valleys. you can see things are still wet. the commute planner all this caution is for this morning, this afternoon and evening it will be much drier for you to get around. tomorrow afternoon and evening we've got a moderate storm coming in with bouts of heavy rain and gusty winds up to 55 miles per hour. mike, thank you.
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coming up on "gma" -- the woman who survived a hippo attack tellin
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enjoy 100% clean soup today. panera. food as it should be. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at a fire erupting at newark international airport in new jersey right now. it's in the terminal c parking garage. about a dozen cars are on fire. firefighters are there on the scene battling that blaze and fortunately no injuries have been reported but it's still a scary scene to see. >> have to battle it in this weather. also right now heavy snow coming down in ellisburg, new york, as a dangerous arctic blast hits the northeast. it's already caused eight deaths. 29 states are on alert for cold and snow from the dakotas to florida, to maine. and there are growing concerns about the measles as more cases emerge. washington state now reporting 39 confirmed cases. 13 suspected. there's also a connected case now in oregon and three confirmed cases in georgia.
7:31 am
there is no known connection between those and the pacific northwest cases but there is a common thread. almost all of the cases of all people who were not vaccinated. >> of course, it does, yeah. we'll move on now to the story of "empire" star jussie smollett. overnight, police released surveillance images showing possible suspects in the attack and now we're hearing from his manager that says he was on the phone with smollett while it was happening, and deborah roberts is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chicago police are doubling down on this case. still, no suspects or arrests but they're hoping that that new discovery you just mentioned on surveillance tape could lead to a break in their investigation. after combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance video, chicago police zeroing in on this image asking for the public's help in identifying these two people they call persons of interest or possible witnesses to the attack reported by actor and singer jussie smollett. police telling abc the footage shows the pair walking along new street between 1:30 and 1:45 a.m. in the area where
7:32 am
smollett says he was assaulted. adding, the video did not capture the actual attack. smollett, a star in "empire," told police it started around 2:00 a.m., soon after he landed in chicago from new york. a trip he chronicled on instagram. the 36-year-old telling authorities he was walking home alone in the frigid 9-degree weather after buying food from the subway sandwich shop in downtown chicago when two masked people yelling racial and homophobic slurs jumped him and poured an unknown liquid substance on him and one wrapped a rope around his neck before running off. >> he's supposed to be well known. >> reporter: at around 2:40 a.m. police get a 911 call. when they arrive at smollett's apartment, they say he still had a white rope wrapped around his neck. detectives say they again
7:33 am
reached out to him and he then told them his attackers also yelled maga country, make america great again. smollett's manager telling us he was on the phone with the actor at the time and told authorities about the maga country comment saying, i heard the scuffle and i heard the racial slur. but police telling abc news that they can't independently verify he was on the phone with his manager because smollett refuses to turn over his phone to authorities. the actor was later hospitalized and has since been released. police confirm to abc news that he had recently been sent a threatening letter. the fbi is investigating. now, as this investigation goes on, here's what we're learning. police also tell abc news that smollett and these persons of interest were recorded on two different cameras when they were on different sides of the street. the people are seen getting up off a bench while smollett is seen on another camera walking out of frame. when he's back in view a little bit later, he's seen walking into an apartment building with that rope around his neck.
7:34 am
police say wearing it almost like a necktie, just very, very confusing, and so many questions still to be answered. >> but as you said the investigation goes on. >> absolutely. >> yes, it does. thank you, deborah. and now to new questions involving the death of that st. louis police officer who was shot allegedly while playing a russian roulette-style game with her colleague. she was laid to rest on wednesday. abc's linsey davis joins us now and, linsey, the officer's family are now speaking out. >> reporter: yes, they are. good morning. her mother is telling the press that she is still waiting for the answers and earlier this week, the prosecutor questioned how evidence was collected saying there was probable cause at the scene that drugs or alcohol may have been a contributing factor in a potential crime. this morning, a grieving family after laying their daughter, officer katlyn alix, to rest on wednesday. >> everybody that knew katie loves katie. i mean, katie was the best child. she's the best person.
7:35 am
>> reporter: in the wake of her shooting death by another officer, her parents are now questioning the very department the st. louis police officer worked for, hiring an attorney to represent them to get to the bottom of just what happened before 1:00 a.m. on thursday, january 24th. >> she loved her job. even on her days off she would go visit all her friends down there because i guess when you're a police officer you're -- that close bond with everyone. >> reporter: police say the 24-year-old, who'd previously served in the army and was married just three months ago, was allegedly off duty and playing a game similar to russian roulette with a fellow police officer, nathaniel hendren, at his home. he's seen here deeply bruised in this mugshot taken after he allegedly head-butted a car while bringing alix to the hospital. according to charging documents obtained by abc news, hendren was on duty at the time of the game and shot alix in the chest killing her. police initially called the incident a tragic accident. >> this young woman's life was cut short, unfortunately, and we
7:36 am
have to address what happened on that night. >> reporter: on monday, the city's circuit attorney sent a blistering letter to the police chief accusing his officers of obstructionist tactics and questioning why the police only took urine and breath tests but no blood tests now demanding answers. >> the way, everything, how it went down, i don't like it. i think there's more answers. we need more answers. >> reporter: hendren's attorney says any allegations of drug use are categorically false and the st. louis police chief said yesterday that his department has not interfered with the investigation, hendren is scheduled to be arraigned later on today, still a lot of questions about this case. >> you think of that woman's family. >> certainly, so young. >> you can understand they would want more answers. >> of course. >> thank you, linsey. coming up, we have that abc news exclusive. the woman who survived an encounter with a hippo breaks her silence. with a hippo breaks her silence.
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we're back now with that abc news exclusive. the american tourist hospitalized after an encounter with a hippo in zimbabwe. she's now breaking her silence, telling all about those terrifying moments. how she survived. literally had fight for her life. >> she did. good morning, everyone.
7:41 am
she wrestled a hippo's mouth open after it pulled her under water for 45 seconds breaking her femur and she said it was her ability to stay calm during the attack that ultimately saved her life. kristen and ryan yaldor were all smiles on their african adventure last month, but nothing could have prepared them for what was about to happen. >> i didn't have any fear getting into the canoe whatsoever. >> reporter: the travel and wildlife enthusiasts were canoeing on the zimbabwe river with two tour guides when one of the guides said he saw something ahead. >> he did tell us initially with his binoculars he did see hippos, a group of hippos, he said, up on the right-hand side and we would need to paddle over to the left-hand side. >> reporter: they steered to the left, and then what happens? >> shortly thereafter is when something popped up underneath our canoe, more toward the middle. the canoe tipped forward to where i fell into the water forward and towards the deep side. i took two strokes towards the shoreline. >> reporter: the young couple
7:42 am
both thrown from the canoe. a terrifying drama. >> and immediately i was grabbed and pulled underneath the water. didn't have a chance to scream. it was just so quick and so forceful that i got pulled under and then was starting to be thrashed around underneath the water back and forth. >> reporter: a hippo had its mouth firmly wrapped around her right leg pulling her under water thrashing her back and forth for 45 seconds. above the water, her husband swam to shore, looked back and feared the worst. >> i grabbed its mouth between my leg and tried to pry it open. then it finally let me go and i popped up to the surface and tried to swim and i couldn't swim. >> reporter: she was helpless with a smashed knee and a broken leg. was there a moment where you thought i'm not going to make it? >> only after i came back up and thought that if it grabbed me again, then i don't think i could survive that again. i backstroked towards the shoreline and then my husband and the two guides pulled me out of the water and put me into the canoe safely on the shore.
7:43 am
>> reporter: escaping the jaws of a hippo is no small feat. the animal can weigh up to five tons. while they're actually herbivores they kill 500 people in africa every year, but this was just the beginning of kristen's harrowing journey home. first, it was a 45-minute wait for paramedics. >> i kept screaming, if i'm bleeding out i'm going to lose my life. >> reporter: a tourist helicopter had to be converted to a medevac and then, a two-week hospitalization in johannesburg, and finally, a 30-hour air ambulance ride making seven stops all the way home to tampa. if the bite had happened in an different area of your leg would you be alive? >> probably not. >> an inch or so in another direction she probably would have bled out in the canoe. i choose not to think about that because she is here, she is alive, and it's just every more
7:44 am
reason to be thankful she is here. >> reporter: she's had seven surgeries. doctors believe she will make a full recovery but they will continue living their lives and they're already planning their next adventure swimming with sharks. >> you're kidding. >> not kidding. this hippo came out of nowhere and she saw it go under water on the opposite side of the bank and swam under water and crept up on them and next thing they know, overboard. >> i've done this and you can't see them until they pop up. even when you're in boats, they stop the boat and they back the boat up. >> you know hippos are in the water. >> unfortunately i did and i still went out there but i've seen this story. there's no way that was going to happen but seem to keep on living their lives. >> she does not blame the animal at all. we were in their element. >> that's right. it's true. great story. thank you, paula. coming up, what may be the strangest job at this year's super bowl. george is giving me looks when he saw this job but we'll explain it when we come back. >> i know all about it. >> i know all about it.
7:45 am
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back now with the super bowl showdown that is brewing on the sidelines. legendary patriots coach bill belichick is preparing to face off against a man half his age, rams coach sean mcvay. t.j. has more on this. good morning again, t.j. >> what do you think about that battle? you got what they're calling the perennial versus the millennial. yes, mcvay versus belichick. check these two guys out.
7:49 am
belichick is 66 years old and he's longest tenured coach in the nfl right now. you compare that to sean mcvay, on the other side, a guy who is 33 years old, actually just had a birthday last week, guys. now, he is only in his second season as the coach of the rams and this is his first super bowl. he is the youngest coach in the nfl. so, check this out. you actually have 33 years old, when he was born, belichick was already coaching in the nfl. >> what do they have in common, t.j.? >> reporter: well, not a whole lot, george. you got to dig deep to find something maybe that they have in common, but they both have won coach of the year. mcvay just won it and belichick has done it a few times. >> there's another coach that has caught everybody's eyes. >> reporter: yeah, we're talking about head coaches, but the strength and conditioning coach for the rams, ted rath, but he's not being known for any strength and conditioning. take a listen to what he's known for. >> there is an art to it. it is kind of like a dance.
7:50 am
maybe tango. like a sidestep into the path of the official and then remove back. ♪ >> back up, please. ♪ >> the guy, all right, see, ted rath is the guy known for getting the coach out of the way of the ref. yes, coach mcvay gets so into the game he's not paying attention to where the ref is running up and down the sideline, so ted rath has the job now of moving the coach where he needs to be. >> they call that the get back coach, t.j. always a coach that tells everybody to get back. he just has his own personal one. usually it's for the players. he's special. he has his own get back coach. what i love about these two, their rivalry going into the game, bill belichick did text sean mcvay, congratulating him on wins and support each other. i really love that. >> have a great time, t.j.
7:51 am
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. a rngs and metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. steady rain over. we're seeing a little sunshine in the southbound but there is fog as you head in the east bay and north bay. our activity planner mainly around the wet weather this morning but as you head into the afternoon hours we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine and low to mid-60s. tomorrow afternoon and evening, heavy sideways rain. a lot of ponding on the roadways tomorrow. >> we're looking much, much dryer at this point. westbound 580 in oakland, an suv is on its roof. that's blocking the two right lanes right now. here's some of that fog mike
7:57 am
just talked about. san rafael >> serena williams is live in times square. wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new warning as that deadly arctic air moves east. tens of millions of americans waking up to subzero windchills, ice and snow. a college student dies in the freezing cold and snow squalls causing massive pileups. 29 states on alert right now. new this morning. oscar winner kathy bates revealing her major transformation, losing nearly 60 pounds. how she says mindfulness helped her do it. ♪ i'm on way to infinity and beyond. what tom hanks is sharing about his final line as woody in "toy story 4," the oscar winner's emotional post about the highly anticipated final film. ♪ am i strong enough thriver thursday. the world class athlete we met right here in our studio revealing her secret health battle.
8:01 am
how she turned her life around and chose joy, and now inspiring so many. ♪ it's a grand slam morning. serena williams here live. a tennis superstar and mom, plus her brand-new campaign helping women, as we say, good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. thanks for being with us on this thursday morning. always great to have serena williams here, especially when she is live in our studio. looking forward to that. >> the champ is in the house. >> that's right. >> that's right, and it's a big morning in times square because it is the final day of our "gma" tailgate showdown. >> the rubber match. >> yeah, the competition is fierce. george, amy and i, we won on tuesday, then robin's team won in a highly controversial victory yesterday. >> oh! >> robin, this is my copy. but today is the final day. >> that's it. >> we're putting it all on the line.
8:02 am
we're trying to make the best wings and we have our coaches, celebrity chefs jeff mauro and alex guarnaschelli, they are here with our audience. they're fired up. they are ready to bring the heat and hopefully it won't be as controversial as yesterday. >> i'm not saying anything because when you strut, you stumble. >> ooh. >> i'm just going to play it cool. >> all coming up. right now, want to get to that deadly arctic air moving east. tens of millions waking up to subzero windchills and ice. want to go back to whit johnson in ellisburg, new york. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this lake-effect snow has been relentless. we've been up for about 2 1/2 hours this morning out and about on the roads. it has not stopped, accumulating about two to three inches of fresh snow just in that period of time. now, we've seen the plows out here in force trying to keep the roads clear. but the conditions right now, treacherous on the roads. this morning, the deadly freeze bringing whiteout conditions. in upstate new york, you can
8:03 am
barely see. but you can clearly hear cars crashing into one another. blinding conditions leading to wreck after wreck. officials banning drivers from roads around buffalo. despite the warning, this massive 21-vehicle pileup. >> this something that you see often here in buffalo? >> not this bad. >> reporter: but the killer weather already claimed eight lives including this man, 18-year-old premed student gerald belz who was found outside a university of iowa campus building in negative 51 degrees windchill. chicago mirroring a frozen tundra, temperatures falling to 23 below zero with windchills at negative 52. classes canceled for 360,000 chicago public schoolchildren but crossing guards still reporting to work. >> it's freezing cold. my face, my toes, even though i'm layered it don't matter. >> reporter: check out this arctic air lingering over lake michigan. drone video capturing a man in
8:04 am
that red coat needing to be rescued after venturing out on the lake's break wall. now, another major concern in this area, of course, the windchill and some parts of upstate new york overnight, it felt like negative 38 degrees and that can create frostbite on exposed skin in just about 15 minutes, so people have to cover up. and then this, too, we see the weight of the snow building up on trees. it can bring down trees and power lines so outages will be a major concern as this storm continues to move east. guys. >> not ready to stop yet. whit, thanks very much. >> and whit just showed us how dangerous this deep freeze is and ginger is outside. ginger, is there any relief on the way? >> there is relief, michael, thank goodness. in about one day for most folks we'll see some significant temperature rebounds but here this morning we're struggling to be above zero. about the coldest we've seen in three years. i want to bring you to what it looks like in chicago this morning where they're 21 below
8:05 am
zero, that's their actual air temperature. that's steam coming off the relatively warmen, a city i know well, and it feels this morning there like 41 below. but that's nothing compared to where they made it yesterday morning, coldest since 1985. it was 52 below for a windchill. minneapolis was the coldest since '85 at 55 below. so, yes, there is some relief coming if you want to call 23 below some relief. or 9 below in philadelphia. but that deep trough where all that cold air has been stuck is finally going to bubble up and we'll see that jet stream allow temperatures to rise some 50 to even 70 degrees and it will feel in some places 100 degrees warmer, guys. >> bring it on. okay, ginger. and in this dangerous and deadly cold, an inspiring story of a good samaritan who has given a gift that may have saved some lives. in chicago on wednesday, where it was minus 13 degrees with the windchill, a tent camp of about 70 homeless people were trying to stay warm. heaters were set up to try to help but when one of those heaters ignited, the group needed to move right away.
8:06 am
re of e n hote anonymous. but so many are thankful this morning for that gift of warmth. you know, we often say that. we think about it. we think about the homeless in weather like this and so for someone to step up and do something in their community means a lot. >> and if they're watching, thank you. >> yes. >> yes, without a doubt. coming up, we're going to find out how mindfulness helped kathy bates lose nearly 60 pounds. and serena williams is here live. the greatest player of all time talking tennis, talking motherhood and her brand-new campaign for women. what do you have upstairs, lara? >> robin, i wish you could smell it up here. our "gma" kitchen is heating up. tory johnson is with us. great "deals & steals" to help . after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to this great audience here in the studio. you can clap for yourself, that's fine. we have a big special surprise tomorrow. you're going to want to tune in. because someone in america will find out that they are going to the big game. they don't know it now. >> ooh. >> that's tomorrow. time for "pop news." >> thank you, george. good morning to you all and to you. we begin with our friend tom hanks sharing a major moment in movie history on wednesday tweeting, final line, final session as woody of "toy story 4."
8:12 am
we rode like the wind, to infinity and beyond, signed it hanx. he also added this photo of the actors working, and tim allen added on his twitter, finished my buzz for "toy story 4" today and it got emotional. wonderful full body story. you're all going to love the work this incredible team at pixar created. we are all going to love this story, man, it's got everything. [ applause ] >> wow. >> end of an era. >> i know. >> end of an era. >> i know. >> i guess we'll all find out what tim is talking about when this final installment of the "toy story" movies comes out this june. i feel sad a little bit. definitely going to go see it. tom hanks just -- >> no one better. >> no one better, agreed. also in "pop news" this morning, on this freezing , les warmhings up shall we with jennifer lopez, specifically jennifer lopez's incredible abs. feeling warm already.
8:13 am
j. lo posted this photo to her instagram, showing off the fruits of her ten-day no sugar, no carbs challenge and that was only day nine. holy moly. guacamole. the results speak for themselves but people sure had plenty to say on social media. the post getting tons of reaction including a little shoutout from boyfriend alex rodriguez who wrote, lucky me. well said, alex. [ applause ] sometimes you don't really need to stay a whole lot. >> nope. >> also writing in was ex-boyfriend sean "diddy" combs who could only muster up an omg with heart eyes. now that jennifer is done with the ten days here's what she has to say to her fans. >> so excited that we made it through. anybody else who stuck in there, congratulations. maybe we'll stop for a few days and then get back on it, and
8:14 am
some of you can join me for the second round. >> what do you think? michael strahan, i'm not calling you out or anything, but i do know that j. lo and alex did actually invite you to do the challenge. >> i accepted and my abs don't look like that and i don't know if i'm going to make it to day ten. i think i could do seven because super bowl is on sunday. i got have to have something. >> how many days are you in? >> two or three or maybe four. four. >> maybe take the weekend off and start over. >> yes, why not? super bowl, i got to kick it in. >> clearly it works. >> well, maybe i'll show my abs next week. >> all right. [ cheers ] >> maybe we all will. we're inspired by our friend. and finally, i wanted to bring this to you yesterday. folks around the country swear by their morning coffee and people aren't the only ones who enjoy their morning joe. take a look at starbucks barista jodi brooks' video here, serving
8:15 am
her favorite customer, max, who literally inhales his puppuccino. she posted that and that inspired others to show theirs. there's bear. >> oh. >> he loves his as well and atticus. a husky drinking it down to the last drop. by the way, don't tell these so-called caffeinated canines but it's really just a cup of whipped cream. it's actually not even on the menu at starbucks but we hear if you ask your barista, most of them will kindly give your dog his fix for free. >> for free? [ applause ] >> no dogs were harmed in the making of this "pop news." >> good to know that. thank you, lara. >> you got it. >> thank you, lara. now, we're going to go to our "gma" cover story, actress kathy bates says she feel, quote, like a completely different person after losing nearly 60 pounds. the oscar winner who has battled
8:16 am
ovarian and breast cancer, now saying she's never been in such good health which is great to hear. amy is here with more. hey, amy. >> yeah, she's one tough cookie, isn't she? the 70-year-old opening up now about that transformation, how she did it changing her diet and practicing mindfulness. >> hey, kathy. >> reporter: academy award winning actress kathy bates -- ♪ stop in the name of love >> reporter: -- is known for her larger than life roles on the big screen. >> my name is annie wilkes. >> reporter: and this morning, the star is saying to "people" magazine off screen that she's feeling great after losing nearly 60 pounds. >> it's really a journey where you have to commit to recommitting every single day and every meal time. it takes a lot of work and effort, and kathy bates really did just that. >> reporter: the two-time cancer survivor had a double mastectomy in 2012 and following the procedure was diagnosed with lymphedema, a swelling that generally occurs in arms and legs due to a blockage in the lymphatic system.
8:17 am
bates who admits, i was terrified of getting it, says it affects more than just cancer patients and isn't regularly talked about. recently telling dr. phil about the condition. >> in the hospital i started feeling these weird things and almost like little lightning of pain and i didn't know if that was it or not but shortly after that my arms started to swell. >> reporter: the 70-year-old star saying that mindfulness played a key role in her transformation. "at some point when you're eating you have this involuntary sigh and that's really your brain and your stomach communicating that you've had enough. the trick is to pay attention to that and push your plate away." bates also admitting it took a few years to accomplish and that she credits determination for her newfound fitness along with avoiding temptation such as junk food and soda. the "american horror story" actress now saying her weight loss has helped tremendously with symptoms caused by lymphedema. bates also says the best thing people can do for friends or
8:18 am
family who are dealing with conditions like lymphedema is to stick by them. support is everything when you're not feeling your best. >> absolutely. you need other people to hold you up. >> yes. >> thank you so much, amy. we're going to go over to ginger. >> michael, time for a "gma" moment, one of my favorite points in the morning, especially when you get to see this. a child, you know, it's this cold, all the snow, they're starting to say i want to help out, mom. i want to clear that snow so eleanor, oh, good try. >> i think you're doing it wrong. >> she said i think you're doing it wrong. she gives it another shot. >> i think more of it landed on your head. >> it happens again. you know what, it's the thought that counts and that's what we always say. thank you so much for sharing. that was in wisconsin. please d to my facebook page and for now
8:19 am
[ applause ] right back at ya. whoo! [ applause ] all right. well, save it because you're really going to want to show your appreciation for our next guest who needs no introduction. people say and i say she's the greatest tennis player of all time. no, i say she is one of the greatest athletes of all time, period. please welcome serena williams. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you? mwah.
8:20 am
good to have you here. you got that, you got that. i asked her, did you give it a sit test? >> yes. >> you don't need anything. you've got it all going on. >> thank you. >> oh, wait, let me ask you something. we're playing it earlier this week, the lip-sync battle. how you came out for brooklyn decker to help her out against her hubby. >> yes. >> that was so good. that was such a surprise. would you ever go back as a guest and if you did what would be your song, go-to song? >> yeah, you know i would go back as a guest and i probably would do something by cardi b. >> cardi b. >> yeah. >> i can see it right now. i can see it right now. oh, my goodness. the australian open, it was so exciting and you were right there. >> right there. >> right there to advancing, and you said you learned your lesson about having a lead like that and you gave all credit to your opponent.
8:21 am
you were very gracious, but what did you learn in that moment that you said that you'll never let happen again? >> you know, i took some time off to have a baby which is like the best thing i've ever done in my life. [ applause ] and you lose little things and this has only been ten months so i've only been back for ten months and it's really been miraculous to be honest. but i've learned little things that i used to do that i have to be like, oh, okay, i remember that. oh, so now i won't do that again so i learned when i'm in the lead i'm a closer. i'm really known to be a closer and so it's little moments like that that you just don't think about because you spend so much time away and you really don't get that match play and that match experience and so it's so -- everything that i've done in ten months has already been crazy and so it's still little lessons that i'm learning and i'm happy for those lessons. [ applause ] >> you're always learning. you know that. appreciate that. i cannot believe your precious little girl is almost a year and a half now. >> i know, yes. >> i know.
8:22 am
i love it when -- >> i know. oh. >> oh, my gosh. stop it. stop it. >> ha is just too much. >> cuteness overload. but what's so great, you've had some wonderful women in your life. your mother is so strong. your older sisters, and what are you wanting to teach your daughter? what do you want to teach her about being a strong woman? >> well, embrace it, and one thing that i'm also here to talk about is making the first move. i want to teach her it's okay to make the first move. it's okay to ask and to say, listen, i want a chance at being in this play. like put me in and just -- or give me this first opportunity. there's so many different ways to showcase that. >> you put yourself in your first tennis tournament. >> i did actually. [ applause ] i did. you know, i made -- i literally made the first move. my dad said i was too young and i was so small and i wasn't ready but i was -- i knew i was ready and i made that first move and i want my daughter to be able to do the same thing and to teach our women and -- that we can, you know, we don't have to -- we're taught as a society
8:23 am
that, you know, we have to wait and be second but that's not true. we can be first. >> i know who you are. >> i only like being first. >> so tell us about this campaign with bumble. >> it's been great. it's a cool super bowl campaign. i think we have a sneak peek today about it. and it really talks about embracing and women embracing making the first move, whether it's on a date in terms of let's go out on a date, nothing else, you know. i'm not teaching my daughter that. >> thank you for clarifying that, serena. >> or making friends, like you can go up and say, let's be friends. let's talk or just going in a business room and saying, listen, i want an opportunity to have an interview for this job. you know, there's nothing wrong with doing that. instead of waiting for things to come to you, it's important to take that opportunity. >> make that first move. >> exactly. >> all right, let's -- so you alluded to this. how she ng it's o be shown duri the super bowl. oh, my goodness. [ applause ] >> bumble.
8:24 am
>> the world tells you to wait. that waiting is polite. but if i waited to be invited in, i never would have stood out. so make the first move in work, in love, in life, and don't wait to be given power because here's what they won't tell you, we already have it. >> boom! [ applause ] whitney wolf herd is the ceo of bumble. please come on up here, whitney. nice to have you here. please sit on down. wow. just watching both of you and watching that, so it's kind of like a no-brainer to have serena be a part of this, right? >> you know what, from the very first second we founded bumble, i had serena in mind. i mean, she is -- you are the ultimate first mover in every f]
8:25 am
>> and, you know, this is the ultimate manifestation of putting yourself out there, making the first move and whatever that is, that one day your big dream of hopefully being able to have serena involved can actually happen. and we are so, so proud to be -- to be in this together and we are going into the super bowl, a moment that really, really emphasizes celebrating men. we're here to say that we're here as well. >> but what's really great, this campaign, the production team all involved, all wome >>hat's rien was that important? >> no, that was really important. that was really important to us, especially that we are airing this during the super bowl, something where it's something celebrated more for men. it's like why not make a huge
8:26 am
statement and not only in front of the camera but also behind the camera which is so important to have that support behind the camera as well. so we wanted to -- we definitely wanted to do that. >> that was important for you as well. >> it's been amazing working with serena. you know, a lot of times you see these super bowl spots and a creative team is only involved, right? and it's been so amazing because serena is so personally invested in this mission and this mantra of really making the first move that, you know, she and i along with that amazing creative team and all these amazing women, we really put our heart and soul into this. >> wonderful, and thank you for coming here and allowing us to share it with everybody. congratulations. congratulations. only thing that would make the super bowl better is if my saints were in it, but i'm not going to go there. thank you, serena. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. 9030a
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm reggie aqui. happening today. state water officials will conduct the second snow survey of the season. but recent storms appear to have added to the state's water supply. the snow survey will be happening at 11:00 a.m. mike has a look outside. >> we're going to get more snow. one to three feet at 5,000 feet and a five foot measurement possible at our higher peaks and that all comes from this storm that's going to bring heavy rain and strong winds storm through saturday morning. and more showers and thunderstorms
8:28 am
what'with coverage havinthroughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from america's best internet provider to stream on all your devices. plus, with xfinity mobile included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask how you can get xfinity mobile included so all you pay for is data. switch today.
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. now your "abc7" traffic with alexis smith. >> let's take a look at the roads here in the east bay. we do have a roll over crash that's slowing you done on westbound 580. an suv is on its roof and that's blocking the two right lanes. major delays approaching that scene and pretty foggy in the east bay. crawling along just north of 24.
8:30 am
>> we have another "abc7 news" update in about 30 minutes. you can find i know.d >> right here you can see it under. whales are coming. ah. there, see that? whoo! there's two of them. oh, my gosh. yeah. that's what we're talking about. >> my goodness. welcome back to "gma." that's ginger, she is back. >> i'm back. >> from her amazing adventure in paradise, one of the only spots in the world where people can swim with humpback whales and their calves, and you were close to those giants. >> i am now one of those people that has had a chance to swim with humpback whales. so majestic. i have to tell you, robin, my favorite part was making eye contact with the baby. so the baby, seriously, looks at you like a puppy and like has that -- it's a mammal and you don't expect that being in the sea because when i swimoming to
8:31 am
you. these are the sweetest little guys having the time of their life. all they're doing is jumping and having fun and mom is all tired and she's like, please, and so they look at us in ways, they were telling us like we could be baby sitters. it was so nice. >> you're going to baby-sit us ing right now as the host. >> yes, i am. >> you got this? >> you go over. right before i got up here, i'm going to tell you, there's a lot of talk going back and forth because as of right now, our teamed are ties. they're so rowdy, i haven't seen them like this in a while. did you do this to them, sam? you got them all fired up. lara and sam and, of course, team michael with amy and george. it all comes down to this. >> let's go. >> our food network chefs, jeff mauro and alex gurn shelley and our audience is going to be judging from the sidelines. >> thank you, alex.
8:32 am
>> thank you. >> are you hearing this back and forth? we got to get to it. are you ready? get up here. [ applause ] give it to us. >> robin, robin, robin. >> it's robin. [ all talking at once ] >> i call audible because we have gone first twice. i want it to be fair so i'm allowing you to go first. >> can i say something, robin, you have to go first because somebody sabotaged us, didn't even bring a wing out. that's a right. but, thank you. i appreciate that. i appreciate that. >> all right, all right, all right. what do we have? >> we are making wings today. we're going off the reservation and going to make pretzel crusted boneless chicken wings with a liquid gold honey mustard in a beer cheer dipping sauce, two sauces. also's make it from scratch. >> how do you make a chicken
8:33 am
wing without a wing in it? es >> because i got a team pulling out the bones. i got a budget. apple cider vinegar and yellow mustard, just get it in there. >> okay. >> you can't have wings without that honey mustard so we're using the real deal. straight from my own personal beehive in my personal basement in chicago. i got a whole bee colony, whatever you call it. that's worcestershire and crushed black peppers, notuftha diner. >> hey. >> i'm cooking. >> let that simmer for five minutes, let's move on to this portion. >> it already smells good. >> lara, i need you -- some people coat their wings in flour or cornstarch. we're using pretzel logs. come on, put some life into it. >> hey!
8:34 am
[ applause ] if you had a chicken wing you wouldn't be tearing up your e utensi utensils. >> totally sabotaged us with this. this is what it's going to look like. we'll do our flower, egg, bread crumb. instead of bread crumbs you're using pretzels and we got that marinated chicken and we can whisk this a little bit so flour and the egg and pretzel and right into oil about 350 here. we seasoned our flower and seasoned our dredge. and, remember -- >> 350, drop it in. >> boom, and keep an eye on it. you always want to lay it in gently. i know it's not a rolling pin. >> so far i've seen sam eat. >> i've had three of these. they're delicious. >> aren't they good? i made it. we made it collectively. it's the best recipe voted in
8:35 am
the world by three of my aunts. >> yes. >> you know it's good. >> mr. champion, we have here some evaporated milk in a can. the secret to do it home silky nacho cheese sauce that doesn't break, that drapes over your nacho, whatever, dunk a head of broccoli in there, it's good. >> michael. >> a lot of work. >> it is a lot of work. >> i want something quick so i can enjoy the game. that's me. >> listen, that's like your opinion, man. okay. what we'll do is heat this up, sam, if you have the energy after chewing so much. you're like a cow in the pasture, i'm so nervous for you. i don't want to lose you. it's beer cheese, dijon and worcestershire. >> how many ingredients do you how many? >> enough to shut you up. that's the end of the cheese sauce, boom.
8:36 am
then we got this beautiful cheese sauce with the beer. >> very nice. >> look at it here, baby. >> feeling good? >> okay, michael. it's time. >> we don't need that much because we don't have all those ingredients so we'll be quick and it will save us some time. alex. >> we got flour and cornstarch. we're frying. you got to fry a wing. >> what's the name of this one? >> this is sweet and sour wings with ranch. >> oh, yeah. >> please. >> ranch. >> hey, hey, settle down. you had your turn. team, stay focused. ignore the competition. so here we have honey with a little bit of garlic hot sauce and lime zest. we're just mixing that all together, simmering golden brown and you got bleu cheese. >> i got a lot -- >> i got a lot. >> with a little bit of sour cream, mayonnaise and hot sauce. >> yum >> you said yours is smelling
8:37 am
good? >> uh-huh. >> too bad this is a taste test. >> oh. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> hold my earrings! >> so the wings are frying. we've got that honey sauce. does that smell so good? take a nose bath? >> wafting. that's stinky bleu cheese. >> and then some cucumbers and we just quickly pickled by adding apple cider vinegar. >> throw in there? >> yeah. >> a little dill. i keep them in there for like five, ten minutes then let them hang out in the brine itself. you can see when you cook the brian -- i make nice crispy treated vegetables.i mean then you get these kind of quickie pickles that are nice and crunchy. >> oh. >> get in there. >> absolutely. >> if it were up to trash-talking i feel like both teams did a very great job.
8:38 am
how about we go for the taste. my friends over at the audience, patricia, who is the winner? >> yes! >> yes. congratulations. [ applause ] >> alex, great job. great job. >> not only do you win a trophy -- >> he said, i want to win. [ chanting "robin, robin, robin" ] >> all right, guys, get all these recipes on our website. we'll be right back. >> i'm hurt right now.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
thank you very much. it is not only thankful thursday by thriver thursday and karen newman has a powerful story to tell. she was the picture of success, a competitive triathlete and mom but for decades she lived with eating disorders and when her life hit some of the darkest moments she found the light thriving not only for herself but for others too. >> i reached rock bottom. i was lying to my husband and i said, i can't live like this anymore. i just can't. and then a few days later i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.
8:42 am
the diagnosis was the biggest wake-up call for me. it's very, very hard to go through chemotherapy and keep racing. but i had three boys and i wanted to show them that cancer doesn't have to steal your life. it was only through the cancer journey that i discovered that i actually had a purpose. we opened our home and just invited anybody to come and we just tried to lift people up and when i revealed that i suffered from an eating disorder too, they see hope. and the fact that i've been able to do the things that i've been able to do is remarkable. and so i'm here sjoy and hope. [ applause ] >> you heard karen.
8:43 am
choose joy and hope and her full story, it is a beautiful story that she's going to share on my facebook page and i'm going to do a facebook live right after the show with nutritionist and die tig and good friend of our show here, maya feller. ginger. >> you know i'll be watching. thank you, robin. this is not at all to rub it in, but this is just some video from me like 20 hours ago or so. beautiful water there in the dominican republic and, oh, yeah, that's what it feels like to be barefoot by the way in case anybody forgot. guess what, you too will have some warmer temperatures coming your way. if you're at super bowl sunday
8:44 am
>> this weather report has been sponsored by audible and now to the woman who makes me want to have another baby, what's going on this afternoon, sara haines. >> you make we want to go to a beach, ginger. and 50 isn't sand weather so thanks for cheering us up. we've got a fun show today. you know him from "new girl." the hilarious max greenfield is here and i've got -- well, michael's got a little football 101 for everybody. me not so much. just for -- just in time for super bowl weekend and you don't want to miss it.
8:45 am
8:46 am
wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. [ applause ] ♪ so happy to be back with "deals & steals." this is our test kitchen edition. very fun, right? tory johnson and our chef
8:47 am
testers are here to turn you into the next celebrity chef. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> this stuff is incredible. >> so fun. we brought back my deals like connoisseur here, sam, to help us. >> sam will be trying each product. >> everything. >> so first up, this is a super cool product from black & decker. you can prep your food, chop, cook, serve all in one thing so you want to show it. let's see what happens. you press that, that's going to chop to make your salsa, great. this turns to this. i can serve in this. if i wanted to i could put it in the oven, sam. and here's what's great. the fact that there's no cleanup. you can do everything in one bowl. >> and that it's sitting in glass which i like so much. >> i know you do. >> i like so much for reheating. i love this idea. >> you can put it in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. >> what's the deal? >> normally 50 bucks, today slashed in half, $25 for your black & decker. now, the slicer.
8:48 am
>> so typically -- >> you got a friend here. >> give it a shot. many times whether it's grapes you have to cut up for school or tomatoes you want to dice, a chicken breast, a bagel, you're cutting and worrying about your fingertips but with this you put it on here and, boom, one slice, this turns to this. you get everything sliced right like that. normally $13. you like it sliced? >> very good. >> i like sliced grapes. >> today, $6.50. >> can i feed you a grape? >> you and toddlers can have sliced grapes. thank you. okay. >> now this is my favorite. >> now we're talking. >> now we're in your wheelhouse. >> what happens when sam wants red and you want white? >> what happens? >> it happens all the time. >> you don't have to fight over the bottle. >> we get our own bottle. >> that's okay too. you can have a sip, glass or entire bottle so with this, the needle goes right through the cork. you never take the needle out and the --
8:49 am
>> the wine lasts longer. >> the wine lasts longer. >> i bought one from you as a christmas gift. it was for myself. [ laughter ] >> merry christmas. >> you will preserve that bottle of wine. many times somebody will say, oh, i feel guilty opening this great bottle of wine because i only want one glass. you don't have to feel guilty. you can go for it. guilt-free consumption. the coravin system is amazing. >> i gave it to my sister for christmas. it is not inexpensive but it's worth it and now more than half off. >> so normally, 427. it's slashed in half, $199 and our two favorite words, free shipping. [ applause ] >> free shipping. >> okay, moving on. >> i'm coming back for a glass after the show. >> these colors are super fun. all silicone kitchen utensils, everything is multifunctional. i love this ladle because so normally they're metal and don't bend. what happens when you have to
8:50 am
get a little drop at the bottom so it will bend to scoop. it doesn't dribble. you have all these fabulous colors to choose from, all the products are great. this one is for george, a lefty flip, so when he makes pancakes sunday morning. all of these products are great and stylish. and they're affordable. >> i'm the only one dribbling in the kitchen. >> there you go. >> all good. >> $8 to $16 normally but today slashed in half, $4 to $8. >> really pretty. >> heading over there. >> sam, so this is another one you'll love because i know you do not like disposable plastic. you like alternatives. >> i do. >> i see you on beach patrol all the time. >> you're right. i don't like -- and when people take things, food, i love they have containers like this they can take with them and take home and leave. >> so you u-konserve. everything is multipurpose so like this big one, you can put a pie in it. >> bring a pie to the beach. >> i often do. with my glass of wine. >> or if you want to put this divider into it, you can put the divider --
8:51 am
>> does that slice the pie too? >> you could use it to have crudite in here and serve -- you can then put it back in the refrigerator. so many different kinds of containers. this insulated one is great for hot soup or cold pasta, cold yogurt, anything you want for your lunch. >> this is perfect. >> so many options. also stainless steel straws, we have a lot of great things from this company. that's a cleaner for the stainless steel straw. >> because so many places, if they're on their mark they are doing it now, are eliminating the plastic straw so now you bring your own and have a straw cleaner as well. this is awesome. >> $ to $35 normally but all slashed in half, $2.50 to $17.50. and our last one, our last one, sam, when you've been in the kitchen all day cooking and then you've got to clean the dishes this gelpro mat will stand right in front of your kitchen sink. how does it feel? >> it feels great. >> like i'm walking on a cloud. >> in our control room they were on that cloud too.
8:52 am
it's got this ultra plush comfort core. it is a combination of their patented gel as well as energy foam. >> you might not ever leave that. you might not ever leave this. >> you might not. >> this is really nice. >> yes. we're going to get you in the kitchen. >> i feel like i want to move a little on it. >> oh, no. suddenly it's become a different segment. >> that works too. so it's a great deal as well. normally $125. today's gelpro slashed in half, six different options to choose from, $62.50. >> very nice. >> in the kitchen. >> you have literally outfitted everyone's kitchens should you choose to get these incredible deals and our audience, we have great news for you, everyone will go home with products from rapid slicer, get it right and u-konserve. [ cheers and applause ] we've partnered with all of these companies on the great deals. go to we will be right back. go to we will be right back.
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>> announcer: tomorrow the big game party starts here with our very own super bowl champ, of course. and superstars and super surprises, plus get this, someone somewhere in america is getting tickets to the super bowl. could it be you? tomorrow on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by carmax. [ applause ]
8:56 am
>> that was the winning moment. >> yes. >> instant replay. >> instant replay. you know what, great competition. great competition. >> so gracious in victory. >> take my earrings off. >> that was trash-talking. have a great day, everybody. have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. and mike has a look at our forecast. >> we still have a lot of fog out there but that's going to start lifting as we head through the next couple of hours. all the caution is going to lift, the dampness is going to leave us and so is the fog. sunshine and clouds this afternoon but tomorrow heavy rain and winds, 35 to 55 miles per hour. the storms a two but tomorrow evening is going to be tough. >> it looks like we're finally in the clearing stages for this rollover crash in oakland. an suv was on its roof and it looks like they just pushed that off. not pretty, yeah in the red all the way around. a lot of slow spots out there. >> time now for "live with kelly and ryan" and we'll see you
9:00 am
again at 11:00 a.m. on "midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the comedy, "will & grace," megan mullally. and one of the stars of "the neighborhood," max greenfield. plus, as we enter the home stretch of "jan-you-ary," we check out the benefits of stretching at home. all next on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: yeah! hi. ♪


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