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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> new information about the death of san francisco public defender jeff adachi, it's an abc news exclusive. we are hearing from one of the key witnesses in the case. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm alma daetz. where is caterina, a woman who called 911 after san francisco public defender fell ill disappeared before police could speak with her. >> an interview with the key witness in the case, he joins u tonigh wh theveigion. the seconow hs alhi, it's been two days since jeff adachi died at the age of 59. i can now report he sought treatment from two doctors in december during the last trial he would ever work. chief attorney and san francisco public defenders office matt gonzalez is now in charge after
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jeff adachi passed away friday. gonzalez tells me adachi sought treatment for persistent cough during his last trial in december. his primary care physician referred him to a specialist who ran a battery of tests. we don't know the type of specialist or the test results tonight. he was found unresponsive in hoit tower. a woman identified as caterina called 911 at 5:45 p.m. often friday. they started cpr and he was transferred to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. medical personnel left caterina in the apartment. she was all alone in what police later consider to be a possible crime scene. police sources tell me officers are now upset they were dispatched three hours after the 91 # 1 call. by then, caterina was gone. she has not been questioned by police about what happened that night. i reached a realtor for
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san francisco, a close friend. >> he's been a big part of my life, i'd say the last few years. >> reporter: and plutonic? >> absolutely plutonic. >> reporter: kurz told police and me she gave keys to the apartment to ha dach i who was excited about his friend caterina coming from out of town. caterina told her he complained of stomach pains at a nearby restaurant. they took an uber to the apartment and he then became unresponsive. >> she was hysterical and said, susie, susie, susie, something is wrong with jeff. please come, please, please, i don't know what to do. >> reporter: police took these photos friday night. the apartment interior, unmade bed, empty alcohol bottles, cannabis gummies. the pictures weren't good enough. they asked the building owner for permission to go back saturday. he refused so they had to wait for a search warrant, breaking down the door early today to take additional pictures.
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many questions to be answered. police want to find caterina. they don't even know her last name. the autopsy was performed today and along with blood tests. they may finally tell us how and why jeff adachi died. so many supporters and detractors want to know what happened to him. archipelago thank you for staying on top of this. >> you can read more on dan's reporting on this case and about ha dach i's legacy on >> a bay area tv news crew was robbed and the security guard was shot during a robbery this evening. oakland police tell us the kpix crew was robbed at gunpoint just before 5:00 p.m. on 81st avenue near the public library. the reporter and photographer told officers a vehicle drove up, two people jumped out demanding they give up their equipment. the suspects and guard fired. suspects took off with the news camera. the guard was hit but was expected to be okay. one suspect was arrested following a brief chase. they are also investigating whether a man who showed up at a
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hospital with a gunshot wound is connected. >> all right. time to turn to our weather. i think we had our dry stretch a couple days which means a wet stretch. >> exactly. like we saw the last time. >> yeah, eric and alma, and it looks like it will be a very wet week ahead. it all begins tomorrow. live doppler 7 right now giving the active sweep, a little bit of action, but the main event is just to our north. live doppler 7 along with satellite, that shield of moisture moving on shore in northern california that is all headed our way over the next 24 hours. on the storm impact scale as we head back to work and school tomorrow, this is a level 2 moderate storm with rain heavy at times. it brings with it a flood risk in the north bay along with some strong winds gusting over 30 miles an hour at times. but on tuesday the storm will strength eneven more. it will tap into an atmospheric river which is a thin ribbon of abundant moisture and all of that moisture is aimed right at us in the bay area. so we have a lot of heavy rain on our way, and our ground is
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already saturated. so our storm krnz this week, small stream flooding and flooding on roads is very high. river flooding is high along with trees and power lines coming down and there is the possibility of landslides and debris flow since our ground is already saturated. we're going to go hour by hour and show you monday, and show yu the stronger storm tuesday in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. alma? >> thank you, drew. you can check conditions where you live on live doppler 7 and the abc7 news app. >> the academy awards wrapped up honoring the best of the best in film. the show went on without a traditional host. instead it had a series of celebrities present. >> we are not your hosts, but we're going to stand here a little too long so that the people who get usa today tomorrow will think that we host it. >> a moment that drew lots of attention. lady gaga won best original song for "shallow" for the film "a star is born".
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she had an intimate performance with star bradley cooper. ♪ ♪ >> two big firsts tonight. spike lee won his first oscar, best adapted screen play for black klansman, and "black panther" earned three oscars, the first ever for marvel studios, a production designer thank director ryan coogler in a heart felt speech. >> stand here with self worth because of ryan coogler. thank you, ryan. i love you. [ applause ] >> and best actor went to rami malek in "bohemian rhapsody." best actress olivia coleman in the favorite. the "green book" won best film. for a full list of wines head to our website >> i heard ali won. dion lim is live at the oscars. dion, quite a day. >> reporter: you got that right, eric. even though the oscars are over, people are still streaming out
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of the dolby theater here in hollywood. they are, of course, on their way to their after oscars parties. what a night it's going to be for them and what a day it's been for everyone else. our oscars sunday started early with help from my glam squad clebrity stylist mina mead who made time for me ahead of top secret clients. you cannot disclose? >> not for the certain ones. >> reporter: time is of the essence. i've got to get to the red carpet. after all the combling aing and teasing, here is the final look. what do you think? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: they approve. as the red carpet opened for the night, you could hear the excitement. fans had been seated hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. >> i hope brad pitt is here. he's a dream come true if i get to see brad pitt. >> reporter: what's it like being here on the red carpet? >> we actually just walked down the red carpet. we didn't know that was going to
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happen. >> reporter: once the carpet opened up, half the fun is watching for the red carpet fashion. some of the celebrities are making their way down now, let me tell you, there are a lot of good people watching. a contrast from the all black worn in support of #metoo last year. the celebrities are inside the dolby theater. let's get to the winners. >> and the oscar goes to mahershala ali won for "green book." ali beat out daly city born sam rockwell. and even though ryan coogler wasn't up for an award himself, the block buster film he directed, "black panther," swept up and won best music score, costume, and production design. now, speaking of that movie, a few weeks ago i spoke to three bay area sound mixers for their role in "black panther." they did not win the oscar tonight. however, they told me they are
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still very grateful and just very blessed to have been nominated at all. in hollywood tonight, i'm dion lim, abc7 news. >> dion, your time isn't done there yet. you have more to do? >> reporter: very little sleep and, yes, lots more to do. we're actually going to be joining live with kelly and ryan tomorrow morning and also speaking to two bay area winners of a contest so they can watch the show live themselves. so, should be a lot of fun. >> all right, dion, thank you very much. and abc7 news mornings begins at 4:30 a.m. but first coming up in our next half hour, we'll take you to some local oscar parties in the bay area. one of them called the biggest oscars party outside of hollywood. >> all right. to other news tonight, the teacher strike in oakland is set to continue. after failed negotiations this weekend, the teachers union announced today that they will strike for a third day on monday. >> abc7 news reporter luz has the latest for us.
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luz. >> that's right, it's been a bsy weekend. they canceled the meeting, today both sides finally met and the results were the same. the strike continues. new banners are on the way. approximately 3,000 oakland teachers are ready to strike for a third day. >> so we're just ready to keep the fight going to defend public education in oakland. >> reporter: at 9:00 a.m. this morning, the oakland education association and the oakland unified school district met for another shot at avoiding a third day of strike. but after an hour, those talks ended. oakland teachers are asking for a 12% increase over three years. nurses and counselors and smaller class sizes, the district offered an 8.5 increase over a power year time period. >> the district showed us that they are not prepared to stop the teacher retention crisis. they're not prepared to have smaller class sizes. they are not prepared to provide resources for our students.
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and that is unacceptable. >> reporter: a fact finding report showed that oakland unified school district cannot afford a 12% increase. the recommendation was 6% raiser retro acnic retroactive 2017 to 2018. >> unfortunately the oae has declined to come to the middle on the primary issues. in fact, oae submitted the same package from may 2018 plus a new provision with increased financial impact. >> reporter: school officials confirmed classes will remain in session even with the strike. >> we've had people who have stepped up to the plate and are -- have signed on and we've gone through the fingerprinting process and we do have staffed classrooms. it's not school as usual, but we do have staffed classrooms. >> reporter: the oea said tomorrow state superintendent public ininstruction tony thurman will be joining the bargaining table. live from the newsroom, luz
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pena, abc7 news. >> luz, thank you very much. keep up to date on the strike by downloading the abc7 news app and enabling push alerts. we'll send updates and let you know as soon as an agreement is reached. > still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. >> it is big, it is moving. he said rapid rate of spread. >> 911 calls from the camp fire have been released. we listened to the overwhelming circumstances for first responders. >> a new scam can drain your bank account, really. i'm michael finney, i'll show you how it works coming up. >> plus, we take you to local oscars celebrations, some rivali
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how many times have you had an authorization code texted to you so you could sign in to an
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account, dozens of times, hundreds of times? >> yeah, well, you're never going to look at those texts the same way again after 7 on your side michael finney's report. i get those all the time, michael. >> this is a brand-new high-tech scm spotted here in the bay area. it's no nickel and dime stuff. i talked with a victim who lost a lifetime of savings. rob ross is a tech entrepreneur. and he's telling me about the october 26 incident that changed his life. >> i looked at my phone and there was a request for withdrawal on my lock screen, a notification request. and i thought, i didn't make a request for withdrawal. and as i looked up at my computer, i was being logged out of g mail. why am i being logged out of g mail? i i looked at my phone, there was no service. >> in 20 minutes, the cash rob held in two cryptocurrency accounts, coin base and gemini, had been drained. >> it was a million dollars. >> a lifetime of savings
11:17 pm
>> i had so many thoughts all at once that it was hard to kind of sort them out, to be honest with you. >> rob had been hit by hackers in a sim swap attack. when signing into a financial account, pay pal, and you forget your pass word or have two factor authentication, you'll be asked where you want a secure code sent. a mobile number is common, and instantly a code is text. lamorinda said if bad guys take control of the process, they get the code. >> there is a little chip inside your phone called a sim, and they convince your cell phone company that you have a new phone. and to redirect your calls and texts to the new phone. >> they convince by coning a service rep, offering bribes or hving an inside accomplice. >> it's a major epidemic. >> erin west is one of the country's foremicrosoft experts on sim swap crimes.
11:18 pm
a santa clara county district attorney, she is currently prosecuting sim swaps tied to five different teams operating in the u.s. i deal with scams every day. i've never heard of this. >> no, it's a new one. back in march 2018, a victim called the sheriff's office in santa clara county. >> it has been a wild ride ever since. erin and the react computer crime team based in santa clara county have found it's not just the crime that is new and unique. so are the defendants. >> they are often very young, have had no jobs before, and all of a sudden are millionaires. and they spend it at clubs and they spend it on $50,000 watches. they spend it on gucci clothes, and they're flagrant and obnoxious. >> so far, the thieves are concentrating on cryptocurrency accounts, but that could change. and there's no way to completely protect yourself from this
11:19 pm
crime. however, rob suggests you set up a separate phone account like google voice and have your authentication code sent there. or you can get an authentication app here edward shows me his. >> so, if you watch this screen. it will turn red, which means they're about to change. and then they'll turn blue when they have a new number. >> if you're a sim swap criminal, you might want to rethink your plan. >> if you have victimized people in santa clara county, we will track you down and we will find you. we will come to your mom's house. we will find you in your basement and we will take back the assets that you have stolen from our victims. >> is it a good description to call you a tech entrepreneur? >> sure, definitely. >> so, if it can happen to you -- >> it can happen to anybody. it can happen to anybody. >> now, rob has set up a website that has some amazing information about this crime.
11:20 pm
it includes cases erin is currently prosecuting as well as some ideas for how to stop this from happening to you. i posted a lincoln our website at >> wow. all right, michael, thank you very much. >> all right. time to turn 0 our weather because it's time to get some more rain. >> yes, it is, drew. >> those umbrella are going to get a workout this week. we're tracking rain that will likely last a couple days around here. doppler 7 right now, what we are se seeing with the active sweep, isolate the sprinkles right now. the heaviest rain will move in tomorrow. temperature wise for this time of night, we're pretty mild. numbers right now on either side are 50 degrees. overnight numbers will settle in the mid if not upper 40s as we await the storm to arrive first thing tomorrow morning. this is a moderate level 2 system to start the school and workweek. heavy at times tomorrow. the flood risk will be highest in the north bay where the rain lingers the longest.
11:21 pm
winds will be an issue area wide. we could see gusts well over 30 miles an hour. let's time this out for you tomorrow. future weather will get you into the morning commute. watch the time stamp here. 8:00 on your monday morning. it's a relatively calm commute outside of the north bay, but the north bay will likely see some showers developing. everything starts to really ramp up into the afternoon. so monday afternoon you see heavier showers in the north bay with pops of yellow and orange on your screen. we're just beginning to see showers outside of the north bay at that hour. but into the evening, the evening commute looks to be a mess tomorrow. so i would add some extra time because we are tracking heavy rain for the monday evening commute with those yellows and oranges you see on your screen. once that heavy rain arrives, it's going to stick around. even by monday night aave this essentially sitting and stalling right over us. pso it's not only the rain we'r tracking, it's also the wind. a wind advisory will go into effect tomorrow at noon. essentially for a highest elevations like the east bay hills and the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains where the winds will
11:22 pm
be strong. combine that with a saturated soil. we could see trees come down and also some power lines come down as well. under stormy conditions, highs on your monday, pretty much topping out in the mid, if not upper 50s in the afternoon. but the storm is going to get a fresh injection of energy on tuesday, so we're going to upgrade it to a 3. a strong storm on the storm impact scale for tuesday that heavy rain continues. that's just going to compound the flooding issues, so flooding is very likely on tuesday. and the winds get even stronger. winds 30 to 50 miles an hour are very likely. so we wetake a look at the rainfall potential over the next two days and it's pretty significant especially in the north bay. the north bay, we do anticipate a lot of spots seeing well over 4 inches of rainfall in a very short amount of time. even outside of the north bay, most spots around the bay shoreline, 1 to 3 inches of rainfall is very likely. so it is for that flash flood watch will go into effect for areas outside of the north bay, that includes san francisco,
11:23 pm
oakland and san jose. our ground is already saturated, so any rainfall will cause flooding on roadways and also rapid rise on our small creeks and streams. if you live near a small stream or creek over the next couple of days, keep an eye on the water level because it could rise very quickly. a flood watch will go into effect for the entire north bay tomorrow, and what we are watching with that heavy rainfall are the rivers in the north bay, especially the napa and the russian river. so the russian river at guerneville and the napa river near napa, with the forecasted rainfall, flooding is very likely by wednesday morning. so if you live along either of those rivers, please take precautionary measures because the water will likely rise over the banks. not only rain. it's a lot of snow coming to the sierra. a winter storm warning in effect, above 5,000 feet. look at these numbers, 6 to 8 feet of fresh powder is likely, so do not try and travel to the sierra. not only tomorrow, but through thursday morning as this major storm moves through. so the accuweather seven-day
11:24 pm
forecast, rain and wind tomorrow. there's that flooding possible on tuesday with that strong storm. rain and wind continues wednesday. a brief break friday, and then another storm coming this weekend. meteorologist mike nikko will give an update on the storm as it moves through tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. it is a wet week ahead, guys. >> thanks, drew. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, how close to 200 alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. close to 200 skiers were stuck on a ski lift at lake tahoe today, according to the "san francisco chronicle." it happened at north star resort on the promised land chair lift which serves advance ski runs. the skiers were trapped for more than three hours this morning because of an apparent mechanical malfunction. a handful of skiers were brought down using ropes. the rest at tree top levels had
11:28 pm
to wait for repairs. north star resort has not commented. >> that's brutal. the people were smiling. >> i was going to say i would not have been smiling in myself ee from the chair lift after three hours. sharks got some reinforcement road. captain america got to work in detroit.
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the sharks played in detroit this afternoon where they picked up a win and a new forward. san jose traded for gustav nigh quist right after they played against him and the red wings.
11:32 pm
wonder what brett burn stein's face would looka t-shirt? i don't know if it's a good thing. the sharks scored first. with 40 seconds left in the first period, their new teammate put the red wings in front. 2-1 at this point. detroit added another in the second. logan won the draw and there's burns with the gold. burns had 70 points this season. two minutes later joe thornton shot, partially blocked. the captain joe pavelski is right in front of the net to clean it up. tied at 3. 55 seconds later mark edwards puts this puck well off the net, but pavelski is where he needs to be again to redirect it. sharks score three in 2:55 and take a one-goal lead. pavelski would ice it late in the third. that's the hat trick. 35 goals on the year and the sharks win this one 5-3. cactus lee, giants cubs, and this is a good sign. brandon bell, a two-run home run. first of the spring for mr. bell. 2-0 san francisco. this is not a good sign.
11:33 pm
madison bumgarner gave up six runs in only one inning of work. five hits, no walks, one strike out. third inning, joe panicked. he's going to hit home run number two for the giants. san francisco had three in all, but the cubs come away with a victory, 9-5 the final. a's and royals aaron burks getting the call for the green and gold. he got roughed up for two innings. six runs on four hits. ouch. >> three-run bomb in the first, oakland got three back in the second. chad with a run in the gap. that allowed two to come home. the score is 6-2 at this point. marcus simeon knocks in pen der, but the royals go on to win 14-5. thisbc7 spor coming up in a bit we're going to mary from steve kerr on the explosion of the three ball attempt -- three-point attempt in the nba. it has been remarkable. >> mindy, thank you. >> we have much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. we're going to take you to some
11:34 pm
local oscars parties here in the how they were as much about celebrating as they were about giving back. >> plus 911 calls from the camp fire have been released. we listened to
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm alma daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. they have released a lot of 911 calls from the camp fire, so we're getting a better idea of the fear and confusion that raced through paradise as the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history spread. >> oh, my god, the tree is burning right next to us. >> cal fire recently released
11:38 pm
hundreds of hours of 911 calls from the camp fire. here are just a few. the first we are about to hear is an emergency dispatcher who is just getting an idea of the scope of the fire. >> it is big. it is moving. he said rapid rate of spread. >> during one early call the fire rescue as the fire was heading east of paradise, the operator tells a worried caller, quote, there's nothing going on in paradise. about an hour later that all changed. one woman is heard sobbing, saying she doesn't want to evacuate and leave her dogs behind. >> leave the dogs inside. leave them water and food and go. ma'am, do you understand me, hon? >> yes. >> compllalfed suou bmes. >> you cannot get out? >> no. there's no way. i'm surrounded by flames. >> sir, if there is anyway you can evacuate safely, please do so. i will advise them of your location as quickly as possible. i don't know how quickly they're going to be able to get to you.
11:39 pm
i will let them know, okay? >> okay, thank you. >> 86 people died in the wildfire back in november. the camp fire consumed nearly 14,000 homes in and around paradise. chilling to hear some of those phone calls. other news, tonight police are investigating a homicide in danville. officers were called out to an industrial parka round 2:30 this afternoon on fostoria way. they found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. his identity is not being released until his family is contacted. anybody with information is being asked to call police. >> historic summit at the vatican is wrapping up. leaders are there are fighting for a new culture of accountability following years of secrecy regarding sex abuse in the church. news reporter alan reports from rome with the new plan. >> reporter: we now know some of the first steps that are coming out of this landmark summit here. first of all, a new guidebook for bishops laying out their responsibilities in dealing with sexual abuse cases.
11:40 pm
there is a new law coming to the cat cann to prevent sexual abuse behind the walls, and a task force of experts to help catholic leaders around the world deal with this crisis. pope francis vowing that the church will do whatevr it takes to bring clergy sex abusers to justice, calling them tormenters, tools of satan. ♪ ♪ the sunday mass in the palace closing this historic abuse summit and the american with a key planning role here is literally the pope's right hand man. chicago's cardinal bles supich. >> we have a new trajectory going forward. and that is more than i had hoped for for this moment. >> reporter: it is cardinal supich who laid out the guidance for those who were found their post. all of this finding skeptics among survivors and activists
11:41 pm
who traveled here. >> we desperately needed a plan, concrete reforms. we got, instead, tired recycled rhetoric. >> reporter: cardinal supich believes his plan is viable for holding violators accountable. >> i see universal effort to put into practice a lot of things we're doing, but also realize we can learn as well. >> reporter: that's his plan goes back to the united states where the catholic bishops themselves will decide in june if they'll be willing to live under those rules. in rome, abc7 news. >> hollywood's biggest night wrapped up a few hours ago. one of a kind gowns, head to toe sequins, makeup fit for the silver screen. >> and the oscars may be in l.a., but the party was right here in san francisco. abc7 news reporter kate larson was there and has the story. >> cheers, and welcome to what's called the biggest oscars party north of hollywood. 39 years ago, the academy of
11:42 pm
friends started as a small oscar night party for 25 people. over the years, the party grew and became one of the largest fund-raisers for hiv and aids service organizations in the bay area. >> it is a good time combined with a great cause. >> reporter: state senator scott weiner has been a regular at the oscars party for 20 years, which has helped the academy raise almost $9 million. >> it is surreal. >> it raises so much money to help people living with hiv and to help people who are negative stay negative. >> they give you a theme, i got to work with it. >> reporter: this year's theme, under the sea, in an ocean full of sequins. >> everything has become so much better with a little fantasy. >> reporter: the dolby theater doesn't have a monopoly on the oscars fashion. this is full of glitz and glamor. >> add layers of cream and makeup on top of it. >> reporter: skyly spared no time turning her drag person a fit for a queen. some used their look to make a
11:43 pm
statement about more than just fashion. >> i was inspired by our consumerism. >> reporter: c.b. potter made his bespoke gown out of his own trash. >> it would be a great fantasy for us to live in a world without trash in the ocean. >> reporter: and san francisco resident monica smith proved that vintage glam can be for bargain hunters. >> it's a great find. i got it at a garage sale, local garage sale. >> reporter: until oscars 2020, i'm kate larson in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and we'll have more coverage of the oscars on abc7 mornings tomorrow including naers anchor dion lim back on the red carpet. she'll even be talking to ryan seacrest and kelly ripa about their after the oscars show. abc7 mornings starts at 4:30 a.m. >> a f
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no additinal efforts have been made to recover the body of a woman buried in a land slide at fort funston.
11:47 pm
sky 7 flew over the scene yesterday. national park officials say high tides and ocean waves carried as much of the sand and dirt into the sea. they also believe it may have carried the woman's body out to sea. she'd been walking a dog with a friend on friday when the land beneath the two gave way. the friend and the dog survived the collapse. >> stormy weather is on the way and it has sausalito police warning residents to keep drains and gutters clear. a week-and-a-half ago, heavy rain triggered a mudslide, ripping a home from a foundation and send ing it into another home. usgs and national park consultants are monitoring the area over the next few days. >> let's find out more about the weather, wet weather headed our way. >> drew tuma has that, too. >> the rain returns tomorrow. high flooding is a concern. level 2 moderate system, rain heavy at times. the flood risk will be highest in the north bay on monday. winds will be an issue as well. future weather tomorrow morning, for the morning commute the heaviest impact will be in the north bay. outside of there it's a really
11:48 pm
quiet commute. everything changes in the afternoon and the evening, so the evening commute is just going to be a mess. we're going to see rounds of heavy rain by monday evening and the storm will just intensify as we head into tuesday. so on the storm impact scale, it gets an upgrade to a strong level 3 storm, that heavy rain continues, just going to compound the flooding issue. so flooding is very likely in a lot of small streams and creeks, even on roadways, and possibly our rivers in the north bay on tuesday and into wednesday. even some strong winds there. the accuweather seven-day forecast got a wet week, starts tomorrow, kind of peaks here on tuesday with that strong storm, but still, the only break we really get, guys, will come on friday before more wet weather comes in saturday and sunday. >> all right, thanks, drew. >> in the wake of steph curry, everybody thinks they can shoot a three now. >> it's crazy when you think how many three's are being shot right now. ago. what was once a specialty is now a necessity.
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>> announcer: abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> it's hard to argue the three ball rules the nba led by the splash brothers, the warriors jump started the trend. now nearly half the teams are following it. three-point attempts per game league wide have never been higher. i had an opportnity to ask steve kerr how the game has forever changed. >> curry for three. the lead back up to 7, that's his 6th three-pointer. >> two years ago, that's when it felt like everybody not only started shooting more three's, but playing faster. they go hand in hand. you can look at the three-point numbers, the attempts have gone way up for everybody across the board. but so has pace, and so part of d oot three's in transition.the and that was never really something that was done when i
11:53 pm
wa three in transition, the coach would look at you -- i don't care who it was -- look at you, what are you doing? we can get that shot any time we want. now that is looked at as a good shot. and you have a whole league full of coaches and players who are implementing systems or practicing looking for those three-point shots constantly. and it's been, it's been really dramatic. >> big men who can shoot. i know that was one of the thing, demarcus can shoot the 3. k.d. obviously. when jonas came in, that was one of the things, he can shoot the three. is that one of the prerequisites, the three shooting ability? >> the thing that's changed is the power forward position, four man. four man doesn't exist any more. you can have so much better spacing if you have just one big guy. and now sometimes like milwaukee, even their big guy can shoot. rick lopez is shooting three's. so the amount of room you have to guard defensively, the amount
11:54 pm
of court to cover is dramatically increased. so i think defense has never been more difficult than it is right now because of what we're talking about. >> how much further can this go? >> i think houston has, has tested the boundaries. and i think milwaukee has done the same thing. you know, i don't know how much further it can go than where it is right now. but then again, i probably would have said the same thing five years ago. >> well, the santa cruz warriors took over oracle arena tonight. the crowd happy as they played the oklahoma city blue. he loves playing the blue. look at the nice a ferslf led the to 26 points 26 rebounds. darius morris added 21 razz he hits a nice little thr senior d stanford hosted number 17 arizona state. elana smith's final game on the
11:55 pm
farm. here she dished it to my a dobson. she will take it herself, 14 points on five of nine shooting. stanford wins 71-50. they're now 13-3 in conference play. the men taking on arizona in the desert. davis had 14 points and eight assists. fortunately this will not count on the foul by arizona. it was too good not to show. look at that, behind the back. love that. justin coleman, he had 14 points. he misses here, by ira lee had the foot back. lee had 16 points off the bench. arizona's 19th straight win over stanford, 70-54 the final. cal, still looking for its first conference win against arizona state. freshman matt bradley had 23 points, ten boards. the bears led by 6 at the half. but they were outscored 45-21 in the second half. asu wins as larry would say, with authority. cal now 0 and 15.
11:56 pm
ouch, in conference play. final round of the world golf classic mexican championship, justin thomas, what a day. shot up the leaderboard with a 9 under, 62. everything working for him. on third, that nearly went in the hole. too much back spin, but when it finally stopped, he had a long birdie putt. keep watching it roll and roll. long birdie putt, but remember, i said he was having a day? yeah, how nice is that? he finished in 9th overall. meanwhile dustin johnson would take the tournament. he had a strong weekend. today he shot a 5 under 66. he finished 21 under on the tournament. held off rory mcilroy for his 20th pga tour victory.victory.v. yeah, made a cool 1.7 mill in the process. not bad. abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. i know they work hard. they train hard. $1.7 million playing golf. every time i say it -- >> yeah. for most guys it's a beer.
11:57 pm
[ laughter ] >> these guys -- >> they're not shooting 9 under 61. >> abc7 mornings will have more on the oscars from last night. dion lim will be with kell and i ryan and they won't know what hit them. thank you for joining us on abc7 news at 11:00. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm alma daetz. for drew, alma of us, thanks for being here. have a great night.
11:58 pm
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