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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  March 2, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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hd 4. tonight. several developing stories as we come on. the coast-to-coast slam. the massive storm barreling across the country from california to maine, packing a wet and snowy punch. the confirmed tornado. and who's bracing for the next hit. also breaking tonight. no charges. police shooting and killing an unarmed black man in his grandmother's backyard. they thought he had a gun. the case sparked massive demonstrations. tonight, the district attorney announcing she will not prosecute the officers. trump unleashed. >> they're trying to take you out with [ bleep ], okay?
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>> his first public remarks since the failed summit with north korea. his attacks on the special prosecutor. even revealing some of his future campaign talking points, in what may be the longest speech of his presidency. the terrifying shootout. right next to an elementary school. a man armed with a gun firing at police -- officers returning and escape artist. the handcuffed teen put into an interrogation room, then busting out, diving from the second story window and running off. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with the massive snow and rainmaker sweeping across the country. some 200 million in its path. part of a series of storms making for hazardous driving conditions.
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the national weather service now confirming it was an official tornado plowing down this residential storm. now, a system packing major moisture from the pacific and gulf coast barrelling toward the northeast. the new round of rough weather expected to hit hard in denver and that's where abc's clayton sandell is starting us off. >> reporter: march is roaring in like a lion. millions across the country with barely enough time to dig out before the next round hits. the big apple waking up to this today. this new york city street turned into an obstacle course. similar snowy scenes in connecticut. and in new jersey, this car struggling to get traction. in pennsylvania, icy conditions are being blamed for this 11-vehicle crash on route 202. these cars totaled. new england also slammed. a half foot of snow in boston with more on the way. >> some people think that come march winter's over.
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sometimes march it comes in with a vengeance. >> reporter: and this roof of this building collapsing under the weight of the snow. to the south, the same system spawning an ef-1 tornado in abbeville, south carolina. 85-mile-per-hour winds toppling trees and power lines. this home turned inside out. tonight, millions from colorado to maine bracing as another powerful storm moves in. >> and clayton sandell joins us live in denver. clayton, two systems colliding over your area bringing both widespread snow and bitter cold? >> reporter: that's right, tom. we're just getting the first flakes of snow here in the denver area. but overnight, this area could see up to a foot of snow. even more the mountains, 2 feet before this system quickly moves to the east. >> clayton, thank you. senior meteorologist rob marciano standing by in a very snowy central park tonight. with the latest forecast. rob, good evening. >> reporter: tom, good evening. we had our first round of snow
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this morning. but this next storm is moving quickly pounding much of the west right now. winter storm warnings are up now for denver as it exits the rocky mountains, with winter storm watches many northeastern cities. by noon, severe thunderstorms across the southeast. we could see some tornadoes, certainly some damaging winds across the carolinas and georgia. then the snow reaches into d.c., philly and new york by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. still in boston, for the monday morning rush, look at these numbers for a march snowfall. good swath of 3 to 6. but anywhere from 6 to 12 just inland. that's a high-impact event. . >> rob, thanks so much. next to politics, president donald trump turning up the heat at cpac. the conservative conference. in what may have been the longest speech of his presidency, president trump going after some of his favorite targets including robert mueller, james
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comey and the democrats now running for president. this as he tries to wrestled back headlines on the failed summit in north korea. here's tara palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, after one of the most tumultuous weeks of his presidency, trump delivering one of his longest speeches ever, at times even profane. >> all of the sudden, they're trying to take you out with bull [ bleep ], okay? >> reporter: with the special counsel's probe reportedly wrapping up, and democrats promising even more investigations into the president and his inner circle, trump not holding back. >> there's no collusion. so now they go and morph into, let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we are going to going to his finances, we are going to check his deals, we are going to check -- these people are sick! they're sick. >> reporter: speaking for more than two hours before a crowd of supporters at a conservative conference in washington. >> you know, i'm totally off script right now. and this is how i got elected,
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by being off script. >> reporter: it was his first public comments since leaving a summit with kim jong-un without a deal to denuclearize the korean peninsula. the president justifying why he defended the north korean dictator over the death of 22-year-old american college student otto warmbier. >> and i'm in such a horrible position because in one way i have to negotiate. the other way, i love mr. and mrs. warmbier and i love otto. and it's a very, very delicate balance. >> reporter: but for much of the speech, the president zigzagging from one topic to another. from his inauguration crowd size -- >> we had a crowd -- i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: -- to mocking former attorney general jeff sessions -- >> and as you know, the attorney general says, "i'm going to recuse myself." [ laughter ] >> reporter: to why he fired james comey. >> he's bad. he's a bad, bad -- he's a bad, bad guy. >> reporter: at times, the president appearing to test out
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campaign talking points for 2020. >> i'm going to regret this speech. this speech should have been delivered one year from now, not now, dammit. >> reporter: blasting the growing field of presidential candidates who want to take his job. >> i don't want to knock out all of the good stuff and end up with somebody that's actually got talent, that would be bad. >> tara joins us live now outside the white house. the president delivering this speech. tonight, i understand you have some new reporting and democrats escalating their efforts to get the president's tax returns. >> reporter: tom, house democrats were initially going to wait for the robert mueller report to be handed over the department of justice. now congressional aides say they're actively preparing a letter to the treasury department to get the president's tax returns. michael cohen's testimony has raised questions about whether the president inflated or deflated his income for tax purposes.
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>> tara, thank you. and this programming note, the latest on the investigation surrounding the president tomorrow morning on "this week." next to the breaking developments tonight involving the shooting death by an unarmed man by sacramento police. you may recall these images from last march. police chasing stephon clark through his grandmother's backyard. late word just coming in those officers will not face criminal charges in the case that drew national protests because clark was unarmed. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> show me your hands. stop, stop! >> reporter: tonight, the announcement -- the officers who shot and killed an unarmed man last year in sacramento will not face charges. >> was a crime committed? there's no question that a human being died, but when we look at the facts and the law and we follow our ethical responsibilities, the answer to that question is no. >> reporter: details of the night 22-year-old stephon clark died, laid out by the district attorney today as she explained why investigators determined
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deadly use of force was justified in this case. clark, accused of vandalizing three cars and a house, was confronted in his grandmother's backyard by two officers. the d.a. says clark ignored commands, moving towards the officers, who reported they thought that flash of light from his hand was a gun, they then fired at clark 20 times. but he did not have a weapon on him. police finding his cell phone under his body. clark's death sparking days of angry protests in sacramento, police even shutting down admission to a sacramento kings game. many enraged learning officers muted their body cameras multiple times and took about seven minutes before performing cpr. >> and marci gonzalez joins us now. there was such a high-profile case. the mayor of sacramento tonight calling for calm?
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>> reporter: yes, that's exactly right, tom. the mayor also did not question the d.a.'s decision but he did say there needs to be clearer rules requiring officers to do all they can to prevent potentially deadly confrontations. still tonight, some groups are calling for more protests. tom. >> marci, thank you. now to the horrific crash and a father's desperate plea. you may have seen this video by now. his 19-year-old son trapped inside that sedan as it flipped over and over, fighting for his life tonight as police hunt for the van driver that set that accident in motion. now, what may be the biggest break in the case so far. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, this van believed to be at the center of that terrifying hit-and-run crash, now impounded as authorities hunt for a suspect. and the victim's father speaks out. >> somebody out there knows what happened, and they know the person that was driving the car. and no one is coming forward. >> reporter: 19-year-old jackson kelley in critical condition. >> my child is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: after this violent collision caught on surveillance camera in sarasota, florida,
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thursday. >> seeing him on that -- in the icu is -- is -- is very, very hurtful. >> reporter: watch, as the van tries to me a le veering into oncoming traffic, clipping jackson's sedan, flipping it more than four times as it narrowly misses a hotel pool, before slamming into a concrete wall and landing on its roof. horrified onlookers racing to help. >> he was bruised up pretty bad. >> reporter: but that van speeding off seconds after impact. >> to see a car crash with that violence and velocity, to see it and then walk away, clearly that person was running from something. >> reporter: tom, jackson's family tells us he suffered brain trauma, but his doctors are cautiously optimistic about his progress. authorities want to hear from anyone with information about that crash. tom. >> all right, erielle, thank you. we want to head overseas for the intensifying manhunt for the son of osama bin laden. is the state department issuing a $1 million reward for
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information leading to his capture. this report from london. >> reporter: tonight, the hunt for hamza bin laden, the son of osama bin laden, intensifies amid fears the new face of al qaeda is a rapidly growing threat. the state department offering a $1 million reward for help tracking him down. and now, saudi arabia announcing hamza's citizenship revoked, leaving the young bin laden without a home base. his exact location unclear, though he's been linked to iran, syria, and the pakistan/afghanistan border. officials say hamza is a "key leader" with a growing influence within al qaeda. he is thought to be a favorite among the former al qaeda leader's many children. intelligence officials believe he's 30 years old and married to the daughter of 9/11 hijacker mohammed atta. since his father's killing by navy s.e.a.l.s in 2011, hamza
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bin laden has promised revenge, releasing audio and video messages on the internet, calling for attacks against america and the west. since the rise of isis, international attention has generally moved away from al qaeda, but american officials still see bin laden's terror organization as determined, adaptable and very dangerous. tom. >> jennifer, thank you. back here at home to the successful spacex liftoff. a major test for flight scientists and it could reignite a new wave of americans at the helm in space. here's abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley. >> ignition. lift off. >> reporter: america's hopes to again launch astronauts to space took off early this morning. spacex's falcon 9 testing its dragon crew capsule with a test dummy dubbed "ripley."
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the dawn of a new era, which emotionally drained spacex's chief elon musk. >> it was super stressful, but it worked. >> reporter: this test flight to prove the capsule is safe for astronauts. how did the mannequin test dummy ripley do? >> the data was all looking very good. >> the mannequin did not complain once. >> it looked fine. >> reporter: spacex launched from pad 39, where apollo and shuttle missions took off, but has not seen crew launches for eight years, with america relying on the russians. the dragon capsule faces two more big tests -- docking with the space station sunday morning, and re-entering the earth's atmosphere five days later. but a major step tonight toward sending american astronauts from american soil to space. it's not just spacex planning to carry americans to the space station. boeing is producing its star liner capsule which it hopes to test next month. tom? >> david kerley for us. david, thank you. and there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday -- the terrifying shootout.
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a man armed with a gun firing wildly at police officers. right next to an elementary school. plus -- escape artist in action. a teenager handcuffed and in custody, diving head-first out of a window. that was his getaway. what happened next. and panicked moments caught on surveillance. the car smashing head-on through a restaurant window. what police learned when they confronted that driver. stay with us. stay with us. ♪ a wealth of information. a wealth of perspective. ♪ a wealth of opportunities. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredientealth. originally discovered...
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or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. back now with the wild shootout that happened right in front of a news crew and right next to an elementary school. what we're now learning about the suspect in custody. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: tonight, charges filed against this man -- 26-year-old dylan ruffin, accused of shooting at police in mission, kansas, just as kids were being dismissed from a school directly across the street. >> there was a report of gunshots heard from east of highlands elementary school. >> reporter: police called to the area around 1:30 friday
4:18 pm
after school employees noticed bullet holes on the exterior wall of the school, and the windows blown out of this parked van. children rushed inside the school. two hours later, as police are investigating at the school, they receive 911 calls from a house just a few feet away. a mother saying her son dylan has a gun and is shooting randomly. >> it looks like there was a wall that maybe he was shooting at, and the bullets -- basically they travel. so, and it looked like they landed and hit the school. >> reporter: and that's when ruffin steps out of the house, and police say, starts shooting at them. some parents picking up their kids from school, taking cover themselves. police firing back, shooting the suspect multiple times before they're able to detain him. >> the police department did what they were supposed to do to protect our kids. so i feel very grateful. >> reporter: ruffin has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on police and for allegedly shooting at the school. no comment yet from his family. tom? >> stephanie, thank you.
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time now for our "index," and the wild escape in wisconsin. a 17-year-old suspect brought to the sheriff's office taken in handcuffs. when take a look at this -- he jumps head-first out the second story window. landing on the ground and then sprinting off. that officer returning, look at this, realizing that he's lost his man. that teen captured just hours later and now facing more charges. he was initially arrested on a variety of alleged crimes, including assault. some scary moments at a restaurant in california. all caught on surveillance. the lunch rush on, a car smashing straight through that pizza parlor window. several customers injured. that driver arrested on the scene with a blood alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit according to police. and an update tonight on san francisco giants ceo larry baer, after those disturbing moments caught on camera. baer struggling with his wife who cries out for help.
4:23 pm
falls off her seat. baer's wife trying to clarify, she had taken his cell phone and she didn't want to give it back. when she tried to get up, a foot injury caused her lose to her balance. he's now apologizing. and when we come back -- sentenced to life. the moment she never saw coming. two lawyers in the courtroom forming a different kind of partnership. stay with us. stay with us. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've... ...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time. indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy.
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finally tonight, over the years we have seen a lot of creative wedding proposals but nothing quite like this one. inside a courtroom. the biggest case of their lives and love is on the docket. you're about to watch the happiest life sentence ever handed down in a florida courtroom. >> and today, i have the privilege of representing myself. >> reporter: that's state prosecutor brandon dinetz. also in court -- his girlfriend jennifer lettman. she's also a lawyer and is there -- she thinks -- to watch his opening statement. but suddenly, she sees the jury and realizes it's made up of her family and friends. >> but love can't be defined by mere words alone. >> reporter: brandon making the case for his love to jennifer, and then conferring with his co-counsel, who hands him the ring. >> jennifer, you are my best friend and the love of my life. will you marry me?
4:28 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> he's just -- whether it's big or small, he's very, very thoughtful, so looking back, none of this surprises me. but i was incredibly surprised. >> reporter: the planning took brandon five months, making sure he didn't violate any legal ethics and he pulled it off during the court's lunch break. >> there was not going to be any taxpayer money or taxpayer dollars involved with this production. >> reporter: but there was a real judge who volunteered her time, and after all the kissing and hugging, made this ultimate ruling. >> you are now sentenced to life. >> you heard it. the two of them sentenced to life. we thank brandon and jennifer for sharing that story. we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. od night.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit on abc 7 news, rain lights up live doppler 7. we'll find out if wet weather will last all weekend. understanding the scope of dmage. detailing the losses caused by flooding in the north bay. >> it is right. it is not right. we're outraged. >> stefan clark's mother reacts just moments after learning the district attorney's decision about criminal charges against the officers who shot and killed her son. the one positive side is
4:31 pm
there's definitely a bigger sense of community right now. >> creating a bond after the loss. people are now cleaning up and moving on. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm dion


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