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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> the members of the oakland education association has ratified a contract. >> back to school. oakland teachers and students returning to their classrooms tomorrow, after teachers ratified a new contract. they had been on strike for seven days. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. the contract gets educators higher salaries and smaller class sizes among other things. >> teachers say they want to work on more issues going forward. here's abc7 news reporter luz pena. luz? >> >> reporter: that's right. the voting began and approximately 3,000 teachers voted. the strike is over. >> oakland educators look
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forward to returning to the classrooms tomorrow. >> reporter: after seven days in the picket lines, 64% of oakland educators voted yesterday for the 2017 and 2018 contract and 58% also approved the 2020 and 2021 contract terms. they needed a simple majority to move forward. >> we have a contract that begins to address ending the teacher retention crisis. >> reporter: the agreement includes an 11% salary increase over four years with a one-time 3% bonus. a decrease in class sizes and a cap on caseload psychologists, nurses and school counselors. >> we feel like it's an incremental step towards where we want to be. this is just the first step of very many. >> reporter: voting took place atamount theater in oakland during a three-hour meeting where several teachers were vocal about being dissatisfied with the contract. >> i'm strongly opposed to the
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at the pointti tentative agreement. it doesn't address any of the issues we've been fighting for. one of the worst components of it it doesn't address the issue of school closures. >> reporter: the e.o.a.'s president agreed the deal hasn't fixed the concern over school closures. >> put a pause on school closures for a five-month pause, and to look at creating a committee to bring in multiple stakeholders. we did want much more. >> reporter: in a statement oakland unified said, it goes without saying that this strike was very difficult for our community. that being said, it's clear how much we all value our teachers. we're pleased the members of the o.e.a. ratified the contract. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc7 news. >> thank you, luz. >> we sent this push alert tonight when the union announced the teachers had ratified the new contract. if you want alerts like this in the future, down loetd the abc7 news app free in the app store
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and be sure to enable notifications. >> all right. looking ahead to our workweek and the weather forecast. >> it's been dry today. is that going to be true tomorrow, drew tuma? >> you know what, for much of the morning, eric, we were dealing with persistent light drizzle out there. tonight we're sting hanging on to a lot of that cloud cover. there is one scan, one blip of a light shower that kind of sat along the peninsula past 30 minutes. so, a light sprinkle, very possible around palo alto. but that is about the action is overnight tonight we're going to hang on to most of that cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies. we could also see some patchy dense fog in the north bay especially, so just note that tomorrow morning. fog may be an issue for folks in the north bay. our next storm system rapidly approaching the region, so it's only a brief break in the wet weather. we'll detail when that next storm arrives in the full accuweather forecast when i see you guys in a few minutes. >> sounds good, drew.
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thanks. in the north bay now, sonoma county residents met for the first time today with government officials about the rebuilding efforts following devastating floods along the russian river. abc7 news was in force when people asked question inside the forestville high school gym. so far the storm has caused about $155 million in damage across sonoma county. flood waters damaged 1900 homes, and many people lost items that cannot be replaced. >> i threw away a lot of pictures today, you know, sentimental things. you can always get a new vehicle or clean your motorcycle up. >> we've got a local assistance center open to try and bring the state and local agencies together to support those. >> the center is on main street in guerneville. it will stay open until at least saturday. >> it is being called a miracle. sisters just 5 and 8 years old found alive after being lost all weekend in the cold and rainy wilderness of northern
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california. >> abc7 news reporter kate larson joins us live now in studio with new details about their ordeal. kate. >> well, deal i don't know, eric, this is leah and carrico. i spoke to the mom. they hid in a huckleberry bush and called it their huckleberry home when they were lost. she said she thought she would never see her kids again and feels like the lucky eiest persn in the world. cheers and tears of joy as they are reunited with their daughters lost deep in the woods of humboldt county for two very long days. while dad hangs onto 8-year-old leah, mom scoops up 5-year-old caroline and holds on tight. the sisters wandered away from home friday afternoon and got lost in the woods. search crews used a hawk
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helicopter which the girls told their mom they heard flying above them. they screamed for help, but nobody heard. >> prepare for the worst. hope for the best, and so we had the best investigators on the north coast here following up on potential criminal investigation. we didn't know if there was an abduction. >> reporter: along with much of humboldt county, the sheriff didn't sleep much over the weekend. fortunately there was no foul play but it did rain, and temperatures dipped into the 40s. >> hypothermia could have set in but they kept dry. that was the key thing. >> reporter: they live a remote and humboldt area of the county. they learned survival skills through 4 h. a-h and knew to st put. >> they didn't have food and water. they could drink the water from the rain off the leaves. that's exactly what they did. >> reporter: footprints from their rain boots led two volunteer firefighters to the girls on sunday morning. after 44 hours, they were found a mile and a half from home,
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safe, but cold and scared. hundreds of people helped in the search and rescue operation. this is some of them photographed today. there were also teams from marin, napa and sonoma countys and it's a good thing they found the girls when they did because the temperatures are going to get even colder tonight. missy carrico said she is grateful to everyone who made sure her daughters came back home safely. eric, back to you. >> kate, thanks a lot. this is the kind of ending everyone hopes to we have an update on a crash that killed three siblings and left a brother fighting for his life in emeryville. he is breathing on his own. his sibling, eli, sarah and eva died when their suv crashed into a big rig illegally parked thursday morning. they were driving to visit their father near death in a san francisco hospital. abc7 news learned their father is now doing better. >> pacifica police say there is no threat to the public after two people were found dead
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inside a home. abc7 news was in pacifica's linda mar neighborhood while police scoured a home on ban i don't know way looking for crews. police first went to the home at about 12:30 this afternoon, and when they arrived they discovered both people inside the house. the san mateo county coroner's office is working to identify the people and determine how they died. >> big changes are coming to oakland's macarthur mays. now you have a chance to give your opinion about it. cal trans is taking suggestions online through march 30th on plans to modernize the maze and at least one proposal calls foreclosing parts of the crucial link for months. that would require diverting freeway traffic onto surface streets. sections of the maze need modifying so taller trucks can drive through the interchanges. cal trans is looking at raising overpass pease, and possibly replacing connector ramps. the work is expected to begin in 2022. you can find out more including a link to the survey on >> a celebration of life is set
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for tomorrow for long-time san francisco public defender jeff adachi. adachi died february 22nd after a medical emergency. his cause of death remains under investigation. adachi's friends, family and colleagues remembered him at a vigil last week. he was 59 years old. tomorrow's public memorial at civic hall starts at 11:00 a.m. >> well, giants officials have talked privately over the weekend about how they'll move forward after a video captured a scuffle between team ceo larry bayer and his wife pam. as you can see in this video from tmz, pam bayer landed on the 2k3wr0u7bd following the couple's spat on friday. both major league baseball and san francisco police are investigating what happened. the giants have more than 20 different owners. the chronicle reports the owners have not reached a decision. one option would include another executive taking over day to day control of the team from larry bayer. >> one san francisco neighborhood today celebrated its rich and diverse native culture.
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abc7 news was in the richmond district for its first annual immigrant cultural festival. irish, chinese, russian and indigenous artists performed native music and dances. visitors could also participate in arts and crafts once created by those who first immigrated to the area. >> well, things are already in full swing at sutter health's new california pacific medical center in san francisco. the facility on van ness opened yesterday and today the first baby born at the hospital arrived. and there he is, the little baby boy with mom and dad. no word yetd on a name. he was born at 11:45 this morning. and this little girl, 12-year-old, was the first n.i.c.u. baby today to arrive at the van ness campus hospital. she and 29 other babies made the journey to the new facility this weekend. all other patients have now also been moved from the pacific and california campuses. >> so precious, aren't they? >> they are. >> still ahead on abc7 news at
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i visited her shop, the only one like it in the city to show you how it is helping to change the way clothes are manufactured all over the world. >> i like this fabric because it kind of has that sort of sleek urban look to it. >> one look at the rich fabrics, colors and textures on display at the boutique in san francisco's inner richmond district. and you would never guess all of the clothing is made out of trash. >> we take these scraps that are being discarded by larger factories and we create our own collections out of it. >> ceo rachel fowr began after a trip to cambodia in 2007 and noticed a disturbing trend in manufacturing. >> i was finding piles of scraps and i loed -- would look at them and i could tell they were cut waste from factories, and we could take this material that's already been produced and make really beautiful stuff out of it. >> in just the past five years, rachel estimates her company has
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diverted 35,000 pounds of fabrics that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill or worst. >> it is dumped and winds up in the ocean and there's a lot of off-gassing of these chemicals that go into all these fabrics. >> america's hunger for fast fashion means many brands crank out $52 collection a year, adding strain on workers and added waste. >> you're trying to produce more quickly so things get cut incorrectly, so the factories are also having to order a lot of extra fabric.>> an kno f he podcast calls tonle groundbreaking. >> i think how we used to think of sustainable fashion which is a rug sack, something the hippies wore in the '730s. everything has changed so much. >> while tonle is small with 50 rmt wkers in cambodia alone. imagine if manufacturers there or throughout the rest of the world embraced tonle's ideas. rachel hopes to make an impact
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even if it's on a much smaller scale. >> i'm hoping what we're doing in having this zero waste mission can inspire people to think about their waste not as something to be thrown away but a product that can be made into something beautiful. >> so eye opening. now, because tonle works directly with the people who manufacture each garment, they can keep costs competitive. items range in price from 40 to $200. you can also learn more about their boutique at our website, now, we do want to hear from you about your ideas on building a better bay area. what issues do you see where you live and what would make them better? do you know other people taking building a better bay area into their own hands? use the #better bay area to join the conversation. >> good story. something to think about and talk about. >> i mean, just seeing the warehouse lined with all that fabric, it is truly shocking. >> all right. let's find out what's going on with the weather from meteorologist drew tuma. >> yeah. and a new week and a new week of rain chances.
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unfortunately, our break in the showers will really only last one day. live doppler 7 right now, what we're dealing with, overcast skies, a little bit of mist along our coast line. but any scattered showers we had earlier today, they have now really exited along with our storm system over the weekend. so tonight what is left over, a lot of cloud cover out there. a live look, the exploratorium camera pier 15, showing you overcast skies. if you've been really wanting to get some yard work done outside, although tomorrow it's not a bright day, it is a dry day on your monday. so from the morning into the afternoon, we'll call it mostly cloudy out there. showers take a break, at least for monday. and temperatures will slowly rise through the 50s into the afternoon on monday. tomorrow is dry, but then the rain chances do return starting on tuesday and we're really going to focus in on wednesday morning because that's when it looks like we'll have the heaviest rain and the strongest
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winds we'll see all week around here. temperature wise right now with that cloud cover overhead, really slow to fall. our temperatures are still stuck in the 50s in a lot of spots. so 54 right now in hey regard. 51 in san francisco the same in livermore. overnight tonight, the next 12 hours, we're only going to drop a couple of degrees from where we are right now under those mainly cloudy skies. again, we could see some dense patchy fog in the north bay first thing tomorrow morning for early morning commuters. but future weather, 10:00 in the morning, it's a dry forecast, but it's a cloudy forecast. limited sunshine as we head back to work and school. into the afternoon and early evening, we may see a few breaks in the cloud cover for some sunshine. but clouds are really going to hang tough tomorrow. so highs on your monday, 57 in oakland. 60 the high in san jose, 54 in the city. 58 in santa rosa. and 60 the high for antioch. rain returns on tuesday. so the storm impact scale, it's a level 1 light system here on tuesday with some scattered showers.
11:21 pm
perhaps a brief downpour, but really rainfall will be less than about half an inch. and early tuesday morning it looks like first thing the best area that could see a shower would be the south bay. but it's into the afternoon and the evening on tuesday by 7:00, those showers become more widespread in nature. early wednesday morning the storm will get a fresh injection of energy and so it gets an upgrade on the storm impact scale. so wednesday morning it turns into a level 2 moderate system around here with showers and downpours widespread. we'll keep our eyes on our smaller streams and creeks because our ground is already saturated. it won't take much rain for our smaller streams and creeks to overflow their banks. the good news, it doesn't look like a lot of rainfall that we have to worry about our rivers again. our rivers should stay within their banks wednesday morning. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy on your monday. scatters showers return on tuesday. wednesday, that's when the worst is in the morning, that level 2 system. some light showers linger even to thursday. friday and saturday we get a break just in time for daylight
11:22 pm
saving time to begin over the weekend. and then another round of rain likely to finish off the weekend on sunday. so a brief break tomorrow, guys. >> didn't we just have daylight saving time? >> seems like is it was just moments ago. >> yeah. >> my favorite time of the year. >> he loves losing that hour sleep. >> i'm glad one of us does. >> thanks, drew. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, no, that is no ordinary rock. 9 special piece of space history that has landed right
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three tiny duane -- no, three tiny rocks out of this world brought lots of spectators today to the space and science center in oakland. >> his jokes get worse as the night progresses. >> you got that right. >> dozens of visitors snapped photos of this moon rock, look closely, on loan from nasa's johnson space center. it's on public display in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the apollo 9 moon
11:26 pm
mission in 1969. the 3.87 billion-year-old moon rock was collected in the descartes high lands surface of the moon during the apollo 16 mission in 1972. >> in my own defense, anthony laughed at that. i heard him. >> i thought it was funny, but i'm easily amused. >> thank you, anthony. >> big night on the ice tonight. still to come how a goal didn't hit the back of the net ends up being the game winner. the sharks mouchl within three points of first accomplice in the division after an explosive third period. how many goals they scored in the
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino.
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>> the sharks having some issues with consistency. you see, they've alternated wins and losses over the past nine games. tonight team teal trying to go back to back the first time in nearly three weeks. the sharks taking on the blackhawks at the tank. first period, tomas hurdle catches chicago on a bad line change. he'll go five on kam ward. 1-0 san jose. hawks would tie in the first. end of the second, timo meyer with the redirect. meyer with his 23rd, tim with a pair of assists. it's 2-1. but the hawks would again tie it going into the third. then in the third, joe thornton playing in his 1,550th game, 14 all time. perfect pass to marcus sorensen for his third goal. that made it 3-2. carlson would score a pair of goals. deflects the burn shot there. the sharks win back to back games. 5-2 is your final. capitals and rangers, this game went into a shootout.
11:31 pm
if alex ovechkin, he throws his stick. alexander -- yeah, that is a no-no in hockey. counts as an automatic goal, so the capitals, after video review, win the game without putting the puck in the next. 3-2 is the final. well, some wins are better than others. at least they feel that way. after back to back losses, the dubs picked up a huge victory last night in the city of brotherly love. mindy bach has reaction from a very lighthearted warriors squad in philadelphia. >> how are you able -- >> the president damian lee for president. >> one thing before i let you go. you had a towel over ious fayou during the game and you were drinking through t. how were you doing that, what is he doing? >> oh, i don't know if you've been watching, iechlt been having the towel over my face to absorb the sweat for a while. i kind of forgot at that moment
11:32 pm
i had it on. and i was thirsty, so, hey, it worked. i had a nice swig. >> you have to have serious conversations. you know, he's the second best player. argue that. >> every day he texts me and tells me that same comment. i have some work to do to get to know more about it. >> what do you put on your cheese steak? what's your style? >> i don't like cheese. just -- >> i see you eat it. >> just hold it on camera. >> enjoy that juice. >> everybody is hungry and happy after a victory. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. who like cheese? >> thank you. >> and drew is from the philadelphia area. what do you call it when you don't have a cheese --
11:33 pm
>> yeah, who wants that? >> with or without, right? >> whiz is the best stuff. >> cheese whiz. >> making me hungry. all right, much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. almost two dozen people are dead after tornadoes tore across the south. we'll show you the destruction coming up. >> plus, we'll introduce you to a couple who survived war to be together. he was an iraqi translator and she was a
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening.
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thanks for sticking with us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, oakland teachers will be back in their classrooms tomorrow. the oakland association education association today voted to approve a contract deal with district officials. the deal was reached after 3,000 teachers went on strike february 21st, prompting seven days of marathon negotiations for higher pay, smaller classes and more school resources. >> two young sisters missing since friday are safe tonight in their humboldt county home. rescue crews found 8-year-old leah and 5-year-old caroline this morning cold, scared, but uninjured in the woods about a mile and a half away from their home. the due wandered away and got lost in a remote area near richardson state park. the girls say they used survival skills they learned in 4-h, like knowing to stay put if lost and drinking rainwater off leaves. >> a celebration of life is planned for tomorrow for public defender jeff adachi.
11:38 pm
59-year-old adachi die 22nd after a medical emergency. his cause of death is still under investigation. the public memorial starts at 11:00 a.m. at san francisco city hall. >> at least 22 people are dead -- make that 23 now after numerous tornadoes tore through alabama. >> the entire state is now under state of emergency. the storm hitting the northeast bringing snow and icy mix to millions. >> here's abc's daria albinger with the latest. >> reporter: the fierce storm moving across can the trun i spawning devastating tornadoes across the south. multiple fatalities reported in lee county alabama, one massive tornado leaving extensive damage in its wake, bringing down trees and destroying homes. >> it went from dark to daylight sunk the clouds and everything. >> reporter: residents are stepping in to help with the clean up. >> there's been bad weather come through in the past. me personally, this is especially getting out and helping. this is the worst. >> reporter: all of alabama now under a state of emergency. tornadoes also touching down in
11:39 pm
georgia. drone images showing the damage near columbus, and further east in warner robins, this large funnel cloud developed. that storm now moving to the northeast. many areas forecast to get more than 6 inches of snow. boston and new york city already announcing schools will be closed on monday. the morning commute for millions from washington, d.c. to boston likely to be a mess. >> we advise everyone to avoid all unnecessary travel. do not drive unless you have to, please. >> reporter: drivers in the midwest have been dealing with treacherous road conditions all weekend. in kansas, 30 mile per hour winds and blowing snow coting mtie accidents. this truck sliding down an embankment, another rolling over. this semi jackknifed on the missouri highway. in colorado, an avalanche shutting down part of interstate 70. several avalanche warnings have been posted throughout the weekend. daria albinger, abc news new york. >> you feel cold watching that. >> you do. drew tuma has been tracking the storm. drew?
11:40 pm
>> it's been a dynamic storm, especially in early march. not only severe weather in the south, but also a lot of snow in the northeast. live doppler 7 was tracking that strong line of severe weather as it raced through the southeast, sparking numerous tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings earlier today. the storm reports coming out of the southeast, at least 38 tornadoes, were reported across several states. it was a very strong system that pushed through earlier this evening. on the cold side of it, we have a lot of snow to talk about. live doppler 7 in the past couple hours, major cities like philadelphia, new york, hartford, connecticut, even boston, massachusetts will see a lot of snow over a short period of time. so it's winter storm warnings in effect pretty much stretching up the i-95 corridor up into boston where they could see several inches of snow. in fact, future weather over the next 24 hours, there will be a jackpot zone, rather, pretty much through northeast connecticut into boston where more than 6 inches of snow is
11:41 pm
very likely. and a good reason why schools are closed there. back at home, we're tracking more rain on the way. we'll have that in the full forecast when i see you guys in a little bit. >> drew, thank you very much. developing news now out of sacramento, stephon clark's family is asking for the state attorney general's help >> all of this after local prosecutors announced no charges for the police officers who shot and killed the 22-year-old mistaking his cell phone for a gun. >> abc7 news reporter zachary quiche has the story. >> reporter: tonight, the loud cries for justice in sacramento. >> we have nothing to lose go -- >> reporter: no charges for the officers who killed an unharmed black father. his fiance saying it's emblematic of a larger problem. >> the officers who shot my unarmed fiance won't face any charges, continuing the shameful legacy of officers killing black men without consequence. >> reporter: the district attorney staying that when police opened fire, killing stephon clark in march of 2018,
11:42 pm
their actions were justified. >> drop your gun. >> was a crime committed? when we look at the facts and the law, and we follow our ethical responsibilities, the answer to that question is no. >> reporter: with the help of a helicopter, officers on the ground cornered the 22-year-old in his grandparents' backyard. he was suspected of vandalism. and the officers say they fired 20 shots after mistaking his cell phone for a gun. during the incident, officers manually muted their body cameras at times. >> i would like for the attorney general to prosecute the officers. i want justice and accountability. >> reporter: an autopsy paid for by the family says he was shot several times in the back. zachary quiche, abc7 news, new york. >> the fbi today arrested a long beach man in connection with an explosion that killed his ex-girlfriend in her aliso viejo
11:43 pm
day spa last year. 59-year-old stefan beale had been arrested on suspicion of possessing explosives after the may 15 bombing that killed 48-year-old adilco. that's when investigators found more than 100 pounds of explosive material in the model rocket enthusiast's home. no details on his current arrest have been released, but the fbi did say beale is connected to her death. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, the announcement on tesla's car. >> a weekly digital series called more in common. this wreak he was an iraqi translator. she was a u.s. intelligence analyst deployed to iraq. meet a couple who survived war together. ♪ ♪ >> it was love at first sight. the way things were going, he's
11:44 pm
going to end up dead. >> i got my first threat letter to the house with a a a a a grenade. it said we know who you are. if you don't quit we're going to kill you and your family. >> i could tell my government was doing nothing for him. my boss was like, do you love him? yeah. that right there was all i had to say for them to initiate the get her out of the country, separate them. >> fadi, an iraqi citizen served as an interpreter for the u.s. armed forces for several years before he met amanda. >> she walked into the office. >> he definitely made an impression. >> he was the only
11:45 pm
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elon musk might have sparked more tensions with federal regulators after tweeting about when tesla will unveil its latest suv. musk shared in a series of
11:48 pm
tweets today that tesla's model y will days bouye march 14th. the securities and exchange commission has been at odds with musk over his tweeting without the approval of tesla's attorneys. regulators have asked a judge to hold musk in contempt of court because his tweets could influence investors. >> let's get one last check on the weather and that all-important enjoyable daylight saving time. >> so many people are so thrilled about that next weekend. but in the short term it's all about the cloud cover tomorrow, but it is a dry day to start out the new workweek. tomorrow your highs in the 50s if not near 60 in a couple spots. but again, sunshine will be on the limited side, so it will be a mostly cloudy day. rain returns to the forecast on tuesday. scale impact level 1 light system. scattered showers, perhaps a brief downpour here or there. rainfall looks to be half an inch. we will get snow in the sierra. a storm watch tuesday afternoon lasting through thursday morning. 1 to 4 feet of snow is likely
11:49 pm
above 6000 feet. so if you're thinking when should i travel there, do it tomorrow, even on tuesday, but by wednesday, that snow turns very heavy and travel will be very difficult. so the accuweather seven-day forecast dry tomorrow, rain returns on tuesday. the worst wednesday morning before friday and saturday. we see dry days, but daylight saving time does begin next weekend. >> drew, thanks. >> all right. anthony is back with a look at sports. >> it's march so that means madness is about to tip off. just ahead it's a regular season for the pac-12 women. fi was having a very hard time finding a job. i had so much doubt in me. my current supervisor reached out on linkedin. we set up a phone interview and from there i was hired. linkedin was the matchmaker. working in communications services, i can be a voice for those who want to push past their limits.
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11:53 pm
this game going back and forth. stanford down 7, getting it back first to layup. the monster 2-handed finish. 34 seconds remaining. jaylen noel led his team with 13, put the huskies up 3. stanford responds. sharma is blocked. but the rebound goes right to oscar del silva, it's a one point game. five seconds left. still trailing by a point. the three is off the mark and that's your ball game. washington survives the scare, 62-61. stanford drops to 8 and 9 in conference play. 7th ranked cardinal women hooming it up with washington with more success. turning defense into offense, the easy bucket. wilson drills the triple before the buzzer. stanford up a dozen after one. carrington 8 of 11 shooting to lead all scores with 19. three here. she also had eight boards. key anna williams had 13
11:54 pm
including three right there. stanford cruises to the easy victory 72-53. they have the second seed of the upcoming pac-12 tournament. cal women on the road against wazoo. ending the season with a bang, the senior had 32 points and 30 rebounds. that's right, 30 boards, eight more than the entire cougar team. that passed the record. it was her 30th straight double-double which was the longest streak in the nation. she became the first 30.30 rebound performer in more than 15 years. cal wins 80-58. they are the 7th seed heading into the pac-12 tournament. kingn theil eague baseball, a's runs into trouble in the third. mike trout with a two-run shot to left center. the next batter, see you later. going three for three, that made it 3-0 l.a. estrada giving up three runs on
11:55 pm
six hits with three ks. oakland's lone run coming in the 7th. luis ba rare owe with a single. the angels win 4-1. the giants lose 9-3 to the rockies. well, nothing turns heads faster in the nfl than speed, and we saw plenty of it today at the combine. this is mississippi state's montez, 6'5", 265 defense i. lineman. look at him go, 40 yard dash in a time of 4.41. that's the fastest time for a d-lineman in 13 years. he was also faster than 21 of the 23 running backs who ran the 40 this year. linebacker from stanford, bobby okariki ran a 4.58. also had a broad jump of 122 inches. honda classic, rickie fowler in the hunt, finished tied for second on the 4th hole. look at this. over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. that falls for a birdie. he finished at 8 under. three-time grand slam winner brooks koepka shot a 4 under 66
11:56 pm
on the 18th hole. that is for eagle. doesn't go, but he would knock it in for birdie. clubhouse leader at 8 under. keith mitchell has never won a pga tournament until now. on 18 for birdie, and that wins the tournament at 3 under 67, his first victory and a prize of $1.2 million. let's go racing. nascar in vegas for the brad won last week. this week it's his teammate joey takes the check erred flag for his first victory of the season. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. did you catch that title, pennzoil by jiffy lube, will have as long as the race. >> that's a good one. >> he's not the only one who has jokes. >> you can get jiffy lube. >> his jokes are pretty good. >> a lot of faith in anthony.
11:57 pm
he has a good writer. >> 652, 60, 441? >> that's really fast. i know a couple teams that need rushers. >> there is going to be some wide receiver looking over his shoulder, where did he come from? anthony, thank you very much. >> with that, that's all we have for tonight. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 with leon, drew and anthony and the entire abc7 news team. thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. we'll see you later. okay, so you've been to the it's great right? earth. but i bet you haven't done this. or that. or been here. i bet you haven't met her, or him, or them. ooo, dance-off! this is... incredible. you, see what i did right there. and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- that's basically a perfect moment. it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day.
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