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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning north bay. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. it's 55:00 a.m. on this monday, march 4th. lisa argen is in for mike today. good morning. >> thank, good morning to you. reggie, hi. we're looking at live doppler 7. a few light showers along the coast. higher elevations. overall, the cloud cover thinning out for a break. setting our sights on this system here for the middle of the week. that system will push down into southern california. so yes, we have more rain on the way but not today. heading out, 40s and 50s. cloudy skies. maybe an isolated shower on the coast. higher elevations. more clouds, a few peeks of sun. mid and upper 50s. partly cloudy tonight. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. we're off to a pretty quiet
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start on this monday morning. no major issues to talk about. you could run into a few sprinkles and mist on your commute. that's about it. certainly the soggier days are coming later in the week tomorrow into wednesday. i have good news. of course, major flooding due to the rain on state route 37. over the weekend, crews continue to pump all that water out of there. on saturday, they were able to fully reopen the westbound lanes and the eastbound lanes were open. i'm hopeful that they won't be closed once again later in the week. but we'll see. for this morning's commute, they're open anyway. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze in the green at 17 minutes. bay bridge, 10 minutes. san francisco to sfo should take about nine minutes. two young sisters recovering from a weekend in humboldt county. >> they were lost for nearly two days in the woods before they were found. kenneth moton has their survival story. >> in gma first look, after
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being lost for 44 hours in the rugged northern california woods, two youngre reunited with their parents. >> yes! we found them i'm so happy! >> first 8-year-old caroline getting a big hug from her dead. then her 5-year-old sister lisa hoisted into her mother's tight embrace. >> to see their kids safe and sound, it was finally an emotional release absolutely. >> the carico sisters vanished from their home friday afternoon. then after almost two days, two volunteer firefighters tracked a boot print and ultimately found them. >> they were anxious to see their parents. they brought them down off of the hill on what they drove up there and reunited at the bottom of the hill with their parents. >> more on this amazing survival story at 7:00 a.m. i'm janae norman, abc news new york. >> we're so glad they're okay. a neighborhood in the south bay is on alert this morning after a mother of two was found
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dead inside her home. >> reporter matt keller is live for us in san jose this morning. >> matt? >> reggie, san jose police say they've started patrols in the thousand oaks neighborhood after this homicide. so far, no arrest has been announced. >> it's scary. it's scary for all of us. it's pretty safe neighborhood. hardly any crime around. >> yeah. >> disturbing. >> sources tell abc 7. san jose police have a person of interest for the murder of larson. the mother of two adult children was found in her home on thursday. that afternoon, larson hadn't come to work or a co-worker called the victim's son. two came to the house and locked the door. found her body in the bedroom. >> all the neighbors feel the same way. just sadness and sympathy for the family.
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>> this is the kind of neighborhood people care so much for each other. >> reporter: no suspect has been identified by police. this is a seventh homicide of the year here in san jose. reporting live in san jose, matt keller. thank you. san francisco's police officers association sue to block the release of previously confidential information about its members. it took effect january 1st making the records available to the public. they pertain to police misconduct, including excessive force by officers and criminal conduct. the p.o.a. is seeking a court order barring the city from releasing the information. they're the latest police officers union in the state to sue to keep the records confidential. now a story from southern california. the fbi has arrested a long beach man in connection with an explosion that killed his ex-girl in her day spa.
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stephen bale was arrested on possession of -- sus -- sus -- - possessing -- the charges were later dropped. no details on beal's current arrest has been released. he's directly connected to his ex-girlfriend's death. in the east bay, new details on on oakland priest accused of sex abuse. the reverend was placed on administrative leave the end of january. he served in oakley and fremont. our partners at the east bay times report he may have fled the country. he's a native of costa rica. last heard from on february 20th. oakland police notified the diocese that castillo was located outside of the u.s. but wouldn't specify where. a celebration of life for jeff adachi. a public memorial at city hall starts at 11:00 this morning. adachi died february 22nd aceh
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medical emergency. his cause of death remain under investigation. he was 59 years old. adachi's friends, family and colleagues remembered him at a vigil last week. west point military academy remembering 21-year-old cadet peter zoo of concord. he died on thursday after getting hurt while skiing last month. this video posted to youtube shows his fellow cadets trekking through snow with his photo on their backpacks. they went to the ski area on grounds where he died. he was an inspiring leader. the incidents surrounding his death is still under investigation. developing news, 23 people are dead after damaging tornadoes ripped through alabama. the death toll is actually likely to go up as search and rescue crews go out this morning. drones with heat seeking devices were deployed. a dozen tornadoes touched down
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yesterday. residents in the northeast are reportniing rang making for a r commute. thousands of people throughout massachusetts are now without power. hi there. good morning. we are looking at a few light showers along the coast. higher elevations, live doppler 7. not enough to get in the way of your day today.itoing to be dry. we're looking at 40s and 50s. 50 in hayward. 50 in san jose. if you're headed out, taking the kids out. it will be cloudy with a mild start. sun and clouds in the 50s in the afternoon. remaining dry, upper 50s later on and we will be looking at a pretty decent day. really all around the bay with cloudy start and temperatures still a little below average. but for instance in the east bay today, numbers up by 2:00. 59 degrees. notice a mix of clouds and sun on through the afternoon. not a whole live range of numbers. in the south bay, cupertino, sunnyvale, san jose, about the
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same with some clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s. little change with mid-50s on the peninsula. we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. throughout the day today, you'll notice this line of green here looking at perhaps an isolated shower. higher elevations. most of you not seeing anything at all. we'll get into perhaps a pretty decent afternoon before the next round of wet weather heads our way. 1 on the impact scale with the heaviest rain late tuesday into wednesday. hope it's nice and quiet for a monday, alexis. >> it is. enjoying the decent driving times so far. a little bit of sheen on the pavement. a few puddles leftover from the weekend rain. obviously, not many vehicles out there. we've got a whopping three on our way on westbound 580. overall, very light volumes and pretty decent traveling conditions as well. mass transit looking good. b.a.r.t. trains in service with
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no delays. ace 1 on time. gps issues. if you're looking at that, not showing up. we did talk to them. no issues. ac transit resumes regular service following the oakland teachers strike. good news happening today for commuters. it's exciting for vallejo ferry passengers. it's going into service today. it looks similar to the rest of the ferry fleet. but it's loaded with plenty of new features for passengers. it is the first new ferry service for the route in 15 years. the 445-passenger vessel is wider and more spacious and the boat replacing the solano re ridership doubled since 2012. big changes for the macarthur maze. you have a chance to weigh in on it. >> through march 30th on plans to modernize the maze. at least one proposal calls for close ing parts of the maze for months and diverting three-way
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traffic. section was the maze need modifying so taller trucks can drive through it. they want to raise overpasses, lower ramps and replace connector ramps. work expected to begin in 2022. you can find out much more on an advocacy group will hold a noon rally. address the lack of affordable housing. the group says more than 13% of the spartan student body is homeless. tey've been impacted by storing silicon valley rent. the student homeless alliance is demanding university president provide safe parking spots in university garages so students can stay overnight in their cars. beds in dorms so students can sleep and $2500 in housing aid. wild weather destroying animal habitats. up next, you'll hear from a southern california woman taking dozens of birds under her wing. the teenager who got
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vaccinated against his parents wishes is spreading h
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good monday morning to you. waking up to dry conditions and looking at a mostly cloudy start to the day. higher elevations could see an isolated shower or the coast.
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otherwise, we get a break today. a few sunny peeks this afternoon. the rain returns tomorrow in the afternoon. tuesday morning will be dry and then we're looking at drier conditions for thursday and friday. so hour by hour, you can see just a little bit of green there. but here we are, 3:30 today, partly cloudy skies. the clouds increase throughout the overnight hours and then by midday on tuesday, that's when you're going to need your rain gear into the evening hours. >> jessica? >> thank you, lisa. the recent storms and cleanup in southern california wreaked havoc on hummingbird habitats. that's why a retired nurse turned her home into a hummingbird hospital. she volunteers at the wet land and wildlife care center. she's on a mission to rehabilitate 48 birds in her care. >> they can be cut out of the nest when people are doing tree trimming. shouldn't tree your trims or hedges this time of year. the best time is october, november and early december.
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winds rain and a lot of human interference. >> she's taken in 107 birds since the beginning of the year. giants officials talked privately about how they're going to move forward after a video captured a scuffle between the team's ceo and his wife pam. as you can see in this video from tmz, pam there landed on the ground after the couple spat on friday. both major league baseball and san francisco police are investigating what happened here. the giants have more than 20 different owners. the chronicle reports the owners haven't reached a decision. one option would include larry baird giving day-to-day control of the team to another executive. new developments about a family feud over vaccines. an 18-year-old got vaccinated against his mother's wishes has ben invited to speak before a senate committee tomorrow. ethan linden berger says his mother chose never to give hill or his siblings vaccines. his story caught the attention
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of congress. he says that they have a hearing for the health education labor and -- it will be devoted to examining outbreaks of preventable diseases. amazon has pulled several anti-vac nation documentaries from the prime video platform. this came after adam schiff sent a letter to jeff bays owe. schiff wrote, he was concerned amazon recommended products and content that discourages parents from vaccinating their children. while amazon users can't stream anti-vax movies, they're still available for purchase. athletes will visit a middle school to read to students. kevon looney and christy yamaguchi will make stops at the elementary school to inspire kids there to read. the event is sponsored in part by the women's empowerment month campaign. she's a best selling children's
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author. love her. hollywood heavy weights are sounding off on steven spielberg's crusade. >> he touched off a debate about the impact of tech in the movie business. spielberg says films that they view on streaming services like netflix and hulu or have a short theatrical run shut qualify for the emmys instead of the academy awards. netflix responded to spielberg saying it allows people to access films wherever they are at a low price. los gatos company says it gives directors more ways to share their art. very controversial. >> fight, fight. >> oh, yeah. old school versus the new school. >> absolutely. >> right. good morning everyone. ready for a break. >> a short break. >> the next system will focus in southern california. we're going to get a decent amount of rain out of it.
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nothing too extreme or to worry about with the rivers. it could come down pretty hard tuesday night into wednesday for a time period. but that's it. live doppler 7, mist and drizzle along the coast. higher elevation returns in mt. hamilton. today is your dry day. it is a break. 50 in hayward. 51 in concord. yesterday was so muggy. today we're going to be mild even with a few peeks of sun. should feel pretty good out there. 50 in san jose. compared to yesterday. the dew points have dropped. anywhere from 5 degrees cooler in the east bay. 7 degrees cooler half moon bay. upper 50s to low 60s. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. let's look at the next several days as we head out the water perspective. two areas of rain here. this is the one that's going to cause concern. this is on tuesday from santa barbara, san luis obispo. it's the one to the north bringing us the rain. this continues into wednesday. then we'll look for conditions
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to improve overnight into thursday morning. rainfall amounts with this system. they will look for amounts anywhere from over an inch in napa to an inch and a quarter in santa rosa. over a half inch in oakland with .75 inches in fremont. upper 40s with the cloud cover and the accuweather seven-day forecast on the storm impact scale on tuesday. wednesday will be a tough day. both commutes and drying out later on thursday. good news on a monday alexis, huh? >> yeah. we do have a new problem, however, as you try to get on the san mateo bridge. not seeing anything on the traffic camera. westbound 92, it is reported at the toll plaza. we've got five vehicles involved in a crash. that's blocking the two right lanes. we obviously have damage done to the vehicles.
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backup not terrible yet. plan on delays from 880 or any of the surface streets in hayward to get on to the bridge and into foster city. that's the only significant issue right now. everyone else is very quiet this morning. here's a quick check of drive times. highway 4 to the maze. 18 minutes to 15 minutes across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at nine minutes. subaru is recalling 1.3 million suvs across the united states for brake light malfunctions that could be caused by common household cleaners. includes foresters, cross treks and impreza. the cleaners can seep into brake lamb switch housing. silicone can make it -- to the terminal and cause brake lights not to work. tiny rocks from out of this world are drawing spectators to the space and science center in oakland. dozens of visitors snapped photos of this moon rock on loan
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from johnson space center. it's in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the apollo 9 moon mission in 1969. 3.87 billion-year-old moon rock was collected during the apollo 16 mission in 1972. new brand localish is is iss sharing inspiring stories called more in common. >> we have an iraqi translator and u.s. intelligence analyst deployed to iraq. meet a couple who survived war to be together. >> it was love at first sight. the way things were going, i was like he's going to end up dead. >> i got my first threat letter to the house with a hand grenade. i says we know who you are, what you're doing. you're not going to quit, we're going to kill you and your family. >> he has to get out of iraq. i could tell that my government was doing nothing for aslike we
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you love him? i was like, yeah. that right there was all i had to say for them to initiate the get her out of the country, separate them. >> an iraqi citizen served as an interpreter for the armed forces for several years before he met amanda. >> she walked into the office. >> he definitely made an impression. he was the only one i had seen with green eyes from iraq. all right. coming up -- i didn't expect it to end like that. coming up, the seven things you need to know to start your
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now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? oats and oat bran which can help lowecholesterol as part of a heart-healthy diet. now it's in new quaker oat beverage, a super-smooth dairy alternative. now it's in new quaker oat beverage, we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. now it's in new quaker oat beverage, we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ 5:24. the seven things to know before you go. police increased the patrols in a neighborhood after a mother was murdered. bambi larson was found dead in her home on thursday. sources tell us that police have
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a person of interest in mind. number 2, stuers wilb teachers approved a contract to end a seven-day strike. the agreement reached after 3,000 teachers walked off the job february 21st, prompting marathon negotiations for better pay and classroom conditions. number 3, a light shower is possible this morning. otherwise, if you're headed into the city, 54 degrees in the mission district. partly cloudy and 56. number 4, celebration of life is set this morning for long-time san francisco public defender, jeff adachi. the memorial starts at 11:00 a.m. at city hall. number 5, former colorado governor john hickenlooper jumped into the race for president. the democrat joins a crowded field of candidates in the nomination. hickenlooper says washington politicians failed the country and he aims to fix it. number 6, the biggest issue on the roads is the san mateo bridge commute. we have a five-vehicle collision westbound 92 as you get into the
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toll plaza area. just the far right lane is blocked. not sure about injuries. they're working to get tow trucks to the scene. number 7, girl scout cookie season is over. the lemon savannah smiles is discontinued and it will be replaced with lemonade cookies. short bread cookies topped with lemon icing. the girl scouts of america said good-bye to savannah smiles. >> not r.i.p. you can watch hilarious cat videos at the movies and help raise money for cats in need. >> this was the official trailer for this year's cat video fest. it's now playing at collect theaters in san francisco and berkeley. it features a compilation of the latest and best cat videos from people all around the world. it raises money for local cat charities. it's coming soon to marin and
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sonoma counties and santa cruz. >> i have been to one of those before. >> you have? >> i have. it's exactly what you think it is. >> yeah. cat videos got it. >> festival. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news, including the high-speed rail project. governor newsome wants to start small. bundles and bundles of fabric. this is how much some clothing manufacturers throw away. as part of our efforts to showcase people building a better bay area. we'll take you inside san francisco's only zero waste clothing boutique. a live look
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. oakland teachers returning to the classroom. they have reached a deal with the district after a seven-day strike.
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former colorado governor, john hickenlooper announcing his 2020 run for president much the message for voters this morning. a live look through our camera at sutro tower. is that -- it's not. it's our roof camera on top our building at the embarcadero. there it is in all its glory. >> lisa argen says we have a break in the rain. there's our sutro tower camera looking pretty. >> we have more rain on the way? >> we do. we had a shower in san jose -- they're isolated and you can see the pockets in green. most of you, yes, will have a dry day and a few peeks of sun. a lot of residual moisture, low level moisture. we have all the clouds from the pacific streaming on in. this is what's to come. you can see all of that cloud cover but not today. we have about a day and a half before we get into the rain. cloudy skies, 40s and 50s. the sun comes up at 6:37. it will stay cloudy through the
5:31 am
morning hours and upper 50s and looking at a dry evening tonight. hopefully good news this morning on the roadways. alexis? >> it has been. but we do have a couple of slow spots at this point. wanted to show you the bay bridge toll plaza camera. poi boy, we've got the metering lights on at 5:21. up until a couple moments ago, even the carpool lanes were stopped. not sure what was going on with that. we don't have incidents to report on the bay bridge this morning. but i'll keep an eye on that. that is stacked up further back than it typically is. flipping over to the traffic maps, we have this five-vehicle collision, westbound 92 at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. got it down to the right lane. definitely a delay on that approach. we've got a serious crash along the antioch ridge. we'll take a look at that next. >> this monday morning it's finally back to school for students and teachers. they're returning to the classroom after a new contract is ratified.
5:32 am
newsrm th more details. >> the superintendent is happy. they said words cannot express how deeply grateful i am that this strike has come to a close. 58% voted in favor of the contract. they will be getting an 11% salary increase over four years with the new contract. some say it still falls short. >> i'm strongly opposed to the agreeme agreement. i would characterize it as a sellout of teachers. it doesn't address any of the issues we've been fighting for. one of the worst components is that it doesn't address the issue of school closures. >> put a pause on school closures for a five-month pause. to look at creating a committee to bring in multiple stakeholders. we did want much more. >> the district is looking at
5:33 am
closing some schools to help f stabilize the district. the school board has to vote a special meeting called for today. the board will vote on budget cuts to help pay for these teacher salary increases staff layoffs are expected in those cuts. that meeting is set for 10:30 this morning. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. breaking. the crowded field of democrats looking to become president is growing. john hickenlooper announced he will run for the democratic nomination for president. >> we need dreamers in washington. but we also need to get things done. i've proven again and again i can bring people together to produce a progressive change washington failed to deliver. >> his message to voters. in his pitch to the public, he laid his path from a laid-off
5:34 am
geologist to the owner of a brew pub and then became denver's mayor and served two terms at colorado's governor. he will appear on "good morning america" for an interview. he sent out this push alert -- we don't have that for you. if you would like push alerts, download our abc 7 news app. be sure to enable notifications. in the north bay, sonoma county residents focused on rebuilding after devastating floods on the russian river. government officials answered questions inside molina high school gym. it's caused $155 million in damage across sonoma county so far. flood damaged 1900 homes and many people lost items that cannot be replaced. >> i threw away a lot of pictures today. sentimental things. you can always get a new vehicle or clean your motorcycle up.
5:35 am
>> we've got a local assistance center open to try to get people together to support those impacted. >> assistance center on main street in guerneville. it will stay open until at least saturday. the monte rio and mopg districts plan to reopen if power can be restored that their facilities. an update on a deadly crash that killed three siblings. left their brother fighting for his life. that young man, aaron villarreal is now breathing on his own. he's recovering from a broken leg and collapsed lung. his siblings died when their suv crashed into a big rig illegally parked along interstate0 thuraymoing. they were dr w stage 4 colon cancer. we've learned that their father's health has slightly
5:36 am
improved. pacifica police say there's no threat to the public after two people were found dead inside a home. police searched the home on banyon way. police discovered the bodies in the house yesterday afternoon. the coroner's office is work to go identify the people and determine how they died. stephon clark's family is asking for the state attorney general's help. this is after sacramento prosecutors announce no charges for the officers who shot and killed clark. the district attorney said that police opened fire last month and that their actions were justified. the 22-year-old was suspected of vandalism. the officers fired 20 shots at him after mistaking his cell phone for a gun. an autopsy paid for by clark's family says he was shot several times in the back. >> my stance is this was murder. these officers need to be charged and the d.a. should be fired. >> our lives are suffering. our hearts are shattered.
5:37 am
my family is traumatized. we are in agony ever since the callous murder of my brother. >> clark's family filed a wrongful death suit against the city for at least $20 million. developing news. the officials say the death toll is expected to go up after at least a dozen tornadoes touched down in alabama. >> so far, 23 people have died. the twister left behind a path of destruction knocking homes off their foundations, toppling trees and crushing cars. >> one county, this has been a horrific event for lee county. just to see all the agencies that have come together and the citizens of this county to throw out the help they've helped for the people lost loved ones and everything they've had, this is heartwarming. >> search and rescue crews will be back out there this morning to look for survivors. they're going to fly drones with heat sensing devices attached to them. >> good morning to you.
5:38 am
live doppler 7. this looks more impressive than it is. not a lot of the moisture is reaching the ground. there are a few showers along the coast. the higher elevations. an isolated shower this morning before the atmosphere dries out a bit before the next storm system arriving midday tomorrow. right now it is 50 in napa. 50 in san rafael. slightly cooler with upper 40s out there. it was certainly muggy yesterday. we will look for that isolated shower this morning and dry conditions. rain returns tomorrow into wednesday. it wraps up into early thursday and then looking at the drier conditions before we could see more rain by the weekend. 59 in fremont. 56 in richmond. isolated shower, partly cloudy in the afternoon and here's the timeline throughout the day today. you can see a little bit of moisture. we have that on shore push from the ocean. but the bulk of the day, most of the day is dry into your tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon and then here comes the rain by 6:00 tomorrow
5:39 am
evening. your evening commute is wet and then another line of some rain for your wednesday morning commute really wraps up. not until late on wednesday. rainfall amounts. the focus will be in southern and central california. this is respectable. over a half inch. hayward to fremont. we'll be watching the rivers here. not expecting any big issues. we're saturated. 47 overnight tonight for the overnight lows with the cloudy skies. so we've got about a day and a half of a break before we see the next system. it's not a big one. we're adding to the totals of taking us well over 100%. as we get into march, hoping for drier skies. i have a feeling march will be kinder to us. >> i hope so. we're due, right? >> okay. the commute was kind and starting to be not so nice this morning. we have a couple of significant issues to talk about. we want to take you north of the antioch bridge.
5:40 am
if you're trying to travel between rio vista and antioch, major delays on either side of the bridge. they're talking about landing a medical helicopter on state route 160. this is about two to three miles north of the antioch bridge. i believe they'll try and hold traffic at the bridge. for an alternate, sherman island, levy road. i'm checking in with partners at waze and looking for comments from folks stuck in the traffic jam. you do not want to get stuck in that. our other problem. san mateo bridge. work to go clear this five-car collision at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. sounds like a couple of vehicles have been removed. we do have the right lane blocked. we'll look at drive times coming up next. thanks alexis. hang today. the chairman of the house judiciary committee will be requesting information for the investigation into whether president trump obstructed justice. the documents requests go to 60 individuals of the white house.
5:41 am
the department of justice, donald trump jr. and others. this is all in an attempt for the committee to prove there was obstruction, corruption and abuse of power. nad letter is a democrat from new york. they did not respond for comment to us. plans to scale back the high-speed rail project. now a report says the project may still run out of money. the l.a. times runs from bakersfield to merced. it's estimated to cost between 16 and $18 billion. the cost depends on federal grants and other funding sources. with constantly increasing kobss, the times reports it will run out of cash likely. a movie theater that doubles as a cannabis dispensary. an airline offering free
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5:43 am
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good monday morning. waking up to an isolated shower here or there. overall, dry conditions and look at the state. plenty of clouds as the system cues up offshore for an entire statewide rainmaker tuesday into wednesday. 50 in yosemite today. 60 in sacramento. if you're headed up to the mountains today.
5:45 am
not a bad day. the snow will begin late tuesday and we're pretty hefty snow totals again with a winter storm warning perhaps by wednesday and thursday. so today enjoy a few sunny breaks here home in the bay area. mid to upper 50s. >> thank you, lisa. you can voice your opinion about a proposed cannabis dispensary inside a movie theater. the telegraph health center has filed an application with the city of oakland to move the dispensary to the old parkway theater on telegraph avenue. the group applied for an on-site cannabis consumption permit. there will be a public hearing at 3:00 this afternoon at oak lands city hall. a groundbreaking study happening now. ucsf children's hospital aims to give researchers and doctors a better understanding of transgender youth. this study started in 2015. it's the first of its kind. according to our media partners at the mercury news. it's looking at 300 youth undergoing transgender treatments where they're taking
5:46 am
estrogen, testosterone or puberty-blocking hormones to better align with the gender they identify with. researchers say there's a lack of information when it comes to the impact of these treatments on the health and mental well-being of kids. the study is meant to fill that void. one san francisco woman is doing her part to build a better bay area. one item of clothing at a time. building a better bay area is an initiative we've launched to examine and tackle issues facing our region. one is sustainability. one woman's zero waste boutique sells clothes made from discarded fabrics like this. in the last five years, she estimates her company, tonle diverted 35,000 pounds of fabric that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill or worse. >> hoping what we're doing and having the mission can inspire other people think it about their waste as not something to be thrown away but made into something beautiful. >> items range in price from $40
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to $200. we have a link on anyone want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. what issues do you see where you live. use the #better bay area on social media and join the conversation. are you willing to get rid of all your instagram photos to get free airfare for a full year. that is the offer from jetblue airlines. three people plus one guest each will get free flights for a year if they clear their instagram feeds. jetblue says with a blank slate, the winners have room to post activities that they'll capture on travels. people can enter the contest on jetblue's website through friday. >> i would definitely do this. our management was okay with me clearing my instagram account. >> i think they are. i think i'm going to try it. >> here's a little secret i didn't know. my teenage niece taught me this.
5:48 am
you only keep three pictures ever on her -- >> that's what she and her friends all do. you know why? no record. >> so they think. >> so they think. there's always a record. >> these kids. >> we learn some things. can't believe everything. >> good morning everybody. we're looking at a couple of light showers this morning from the coast. the higher elevations and much of it not reaching the ground. live doppler 7 will be in very busy to get into midday tomorrow and wednesday as the next storm system heads our way. 53 mild degrees in oakland. 48 in fremont and cloverdale at 49 in gilroy. a live look outside. you can see the cloud cover here. mostly cloudy, a possible morning shower. the rain returns tomorrow into tomorrow nights into wednesday morning into wednesday night and looking at drier conditions thursday and friday. so we're not going to see the atmospheric river.
5:49 am
won't see the nooding on tflood rivers. clear lake is full. so maybe problems up there and towards napa. 57 in oakland. the clouds will be clearing out slightly. we'll call it partly cloudy by the afternoon. here we are at 3:30. then as we get into tuesday morning, it's dry. tuesday midday, not looking too bad. but the evening commute, you can see the light rain to moderate rain in the north bay. more for your wednesday and it pulls on out. we're not looking at huge amounts. half inch to three quarters of an inch and inch in the north bay. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. we're starting to look better here at the bay bridge toll plaza. for some reason we had a stack-up in the carpool lanes around 5:30 this morning. the metering lights flipped on at 5:21. didn't get to the pom of that. didn't have any crashes or anything on the westbound side. still trying to figure that tha
5:50 am
packup if you're -- backup if you're using cash or fastrak. 160 north of the apartment yok bridge. no change here. all lanes are still blocked due to a serious head-on collision. a medical helicopter is on the scene. folks trying to get from rio vista into the antioch area are looking at about an hour delay. not as bad if you're traveling northbound. you want to use surface streets. a quick check of drive times. tracy to dublin. 56 minutes in the red. antioch to concord. in the yellow. san rafael to san francisco coming in at 17 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. >> new at 6:00, get ready to see more amazon shops in california. we'll tell you about the plan to open a new type of grocery store. first, we have the scoop
5:51 am
5:52 am
oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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ziefrjtsd monday morning to you. stepping out. 40 eads and 50s. this afternoon in the east bay, upper 50s with partly cloudy skies. 59 in hayward. san leandro at 58. at the peninsula, about the same. mid-50s with 55 in millbrae. enjoy a brief break today before the rain returns midday tomorrow. jessica, rental i. okay. thanks. the nationwide search for the next "american idol" is under way after the season premiere kicked off with some unique talent.
5:54 am
>> i think the biggest hurdle is just your voice. >> harsh. >> thousands of contestants from all over the country sang their hearts out hoping to get a golden ticket to hollywood. from the bizarre to the show stopping talent. the team has the judges on their feet. comparing her to former idol winner, kelly clarkson. ♪ >> the 19-year-old from vietnam became an instant front-runner. there's much more to come on wednesday. you can watch the new season of "american idol" at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. the problem is your voice. >> ouch. operations at sutter health new california pacific medical center in full swing. they delivered the first pabbabt
5:55 am
the facility on van ness. this was the baby boy born. he was born yesterday morning. no name yet. this little girl, 12 day-year-old was the first nicu baby transferred. she and others made the journey over the weekend. all other patients have been moved to a different campus. they woke up and said, new hospital, what's this? >> fancy new digs, though. that is great. we're looking at the traffic maps this morning. one of our two significant issues right here at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. westbound 92. five-car collision. they're still working on clearing this. close to the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> this would be a busy stretch as it is. we're backed up on to 880. that really did spill over on to the southbound side as well. tow trucks are there. i think the right lane will be back open soon. things are moving along fine
5:56 am
getting out on to the span. >> the big problem north of the antioch bridge, we'll head there next. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, alexis. in the upper 40s now in sunnyvale. 50 for you in campbell. looking at isolated shower possible in the higher elevations. 49 in novato. if you are spending time today in the north bay, a lot of cloud cover and temperatures in the upper 50s through the afternoon. looking at a mostly dry day. if you run into that, isolated sprinkles. numbers in the upper 50s. variation in temperatures. even into the east bay, oakland and berkeley. looking at numbers on the peninsula in the mid-50s. but the rain returns midday tomorrow for a messy tuesday night commute. thanks, lisa. we hope you ordered your thin mints and samoas. online sales officially ended yesterday. you can still buy directly from
5:57 am
a girl scout if you know one. the lemon savannah smiles will be discontinued and replaced by lemonade cookies which are short bread cookies topped with lemon icing. more like savannah frowns. >> savannah smiles were generally not liked. some of you viewers said you enjoyed them. r.i.p. savannah smiles. you say short bread cookies are one of our favorites. >> i love them. with the lemon icing on top. i think i'll try that next year. >> it's not going to be my samoas. >> i like samoas too, but i have no problem with short bread. you gave me a look earlier. >> it's a little basic. >> it's basic but classic. there you go. with some coffee. next at 6:00, a miracle in northern california where two young girls were finally found after they were missing in humboldt county. new details about
5:58 am
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hi. good morning. it is monday, march 5th. thanks for joining us. >> we're told that it is not going to rain today. let us rejoice and be glad in it. >> lisa. >> >> i thought it was sunday after that. >> hallelujah. >> good morning. i'm not a liar. you do see green on the screen. this is moisture in the atmosphere. we could see an isolated shower along the coast. the upper elevations. we are looking at yes, a drier day today before check check it out. this leds to the north. this will be bringing us the rain tomorrow. this will bring heavier rain to san luis obispo, santa barbara and we'll escape another atmospheric river. it's 49 in santa rosa.


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