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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that mountain and then we took a right turn and that is when i realized we'd gone in a circle. >> these two are adorable. but fortunately they did not panic. she and her little sister has gone through 4-h and so they knew something about wilderness survival. and the little sister wanted a little bit more time outside. >> i just wanted a little more adventure but i went a little farther. >> and that was a little bit too far. good evening. thank you for joining us, i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen zse. the girls were lost for two days before being found huddled under a bush. but first abc 7 news learned police are looking for a person of interest in the murderch a mother who lived in south san jose. >> she was found dead in her own home. jobina fortson talked to people who knew her well. >> reporter: we don't know
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exactly at this point larson died but we know she was loved by many people in her community. so many neighbors in the south san jose community are hurt and don't know what to do other than leave flowers at the garage door. a mother of two was found dead in her house last week. >> it is saddening me that she's passed and my wife is quite upset. >> reporter: daniel described his thousand oaks neighborhood is a kind of where everyone knows everyone. they developed a bond with larson. >> she's a lovely people. and everybody in the neighborhood likes her. very kind and sweet and with a great dog. >> reporter: after a concerned co-worker called the adult son and they went to her house and found her body in the bedroom. she worked for a local bio technology company and released this statement saying, we are very saddened by the paging of our colleague and friend given the nature of the case, we cannot comment further. sources tell abc 7 news police have a person of interest in mind. san jose police stepped up pat
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roles over the weekend. neighbors say officers searched the area all over again. including angela bondi's cameras. >> one over there and then look here. i have one on the other side. >> reporter: they didn't find anything on his but he said did say police saw someone suspicious on another camera and found a stained sweater in a trash can. we have a shot of officers leaving on monday and looking ito the trash cans just before they drove off. police at this point are not releasing any new information on the case. but they are asking anyone with information that could help them to contact them right away. reporting live from san jose police headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> most students did return to classrooms after a seven-day strike but it is not all peace and harmony. students marched to the school board meeting in share of opposition to budget cuts. abc 7 news reporter laura
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anthony is la school board elementary and the school board approved those cuts but this is an emotional meeting. >> reporter: it sure was. it went on for more than three hours just for public comments, so much for the calm after the storm here in oakland. these cuts were planned months ago, long before the teachers went on strike but still the board had to make them to give those teachers their raise. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: hundreds of students from several oakland high schools marched through downtown. and right into a meeting at the school board. a meeting postponed twice before. one where the board was set to decide on $21.7 million in budget cuts. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: the contentious meeting came one day after oakland teachers narrowly voted to ratify a new contact. one that gives them a 3% bonus, plus an 11% raise over three years. >> i just want to make it really
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clear, we must make these reductions for the raise -- >> look at. this this is a city of oakland. we are united, we don't want any more cutbacks. >> reporter: about half of the budget cuts will come at the central office and the remainder includes reductions to libraries and services to asian-pacific islanders and foster youth and the restorative justice program. >> we suffered through so much. and it breaks our heart. >> we're united together. if you take one program down you're taking every program down. >> i don't like this, for me, for district 7. >> yes, motion adopted. >> reporter: but in the end the board went ahead with the vote approving the budget cuts. much to the dismay of these students. [ crowd chanting ] [ yelling ] >> reporter: now you heard the students chanting "strike,
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strike" and now that the cuts are official the students here told us it may be their turn to go on strike. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to san francisco. and the students coming together to help one of their own after a terrible car accident,abc 7 news reporter liz pena is live with the story. >> reporter: thank you, kristen. mission high school soccer team tells us even though eric couldn't be at the championship, he was always on their mind. >> evan on three -- >> reporter: the cheers and tears of this team go beyond winning. >> what does that mean to you. >> it was meaningful to us because we won the -- for evan. we did it for ourself but for him because he was in the hospital so we were like, he was an inspiration for us. >> reporter: after the 4-1 win this weekend at the regional division five championship, his
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teammates had one more stop to make. hospital. >> he's going to get better. so wanted to show him the black and the medal that we got and we foe he's fighting right now. >> >> reporter: and max and the captain and other players hoped this victory would play a role in his recovery. >> he couldn't talk yet because he's on a machine. he just went like this and put a fist up and give me a fist. >> reporter: aaron is still recovering after the family's minivan crashed into what the chp told abc 7 was in a illegally parked big rig on westbound i-80 last thursday. his three siblings passed away at the crash. >> healing for a moment. it won't take away the tragedy but it is a feeling they belong to a bigger community that depends on each other. >> reporter: we spoke to aaron's family today and they tell us they still haven't told him about the passing of his siblings because he is too weak at the moment.
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live in san francisco, lud pena, abc 7 news. >> millions have seen the video of giant's ceo larry baer and today came new fallout. that is next. plus -- >> welcome aboard. thank you for riding. >> a little kindness goes a long way. sometimes the sights and sounds of b.a.r.t. are enough to put a smile on your face. i'm meteorologist -- [ inaudible ] we'll let you know where this is going and hour by hour timeline coming up. coming up. and how one filmmaker is coming up. and how one filmmaker is (music throughout)
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now to the story of the sisters lost for two days before being found huddled under a bush yesterday.
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[ inaudible ] [ technical difficulties ] >> near an area for towering redwoods and bears and mountain lions. >> dion lim is live in the newsroom. these girls are really incredibly smart. >> reporter: that doesn't scratch the surface. what will strike you about this interview is how resilient and how brave and how well prepared these two little girls were for the elements. it is why rescuers are calling their safe return home a miracle. >> my sister cried the whole night. and so i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for most of the night. >> reporter: the cries of despair, very different from the tears of joy in the cell phone video. the moment misty and travis carrico were reunited with her daughter's leia and caroline after two days lost in the woods. the girls ages 8 and 5 were doing what kids do in rural benbow. >> we live on 80 acres of land in the middle nowhere and our kids spend hours of time out
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playing and it is not abnormal for them to be out in the yard playing unsupervised but it is our lifestyle. >> reporter: but when the girls didn't come home, mom and dad began to worry. >> we hiked at least two and a half miles around our house screaming their names and ringing a giant bell that they always come back to. >> reporter: the girls didn't respond. meantime as volunteers and search dogs scoured on foot and helicopters from above, the girls used their 4-h training to drink water from leaves to survive. >> we go on -- camping a lot each summer so i knew how to start a fire because i watched tropical paradise. >> reporter: the temperature dipped into the 40s as it began to rain. >> i knew we had to find shelter fast. >> reporter: sharing one jacket and huddling together for warmth, they began the two terrifying nights in the woods, about a mile and a half from their home. making camp under a tree branch
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and huckle berry bush. as hours pressed on, most frustrating and encourage sign, they could hear sounds of rescuers. >> we hoped someone heard us and we heard helicopters and we yelled at them they couldn't hear us. >> reporter: finally after 44 hours of searching -- >> we heard crackling in the brush and so we kind of stopped and from there i thought we heard someone say dad and so then we called out again and they said, yes, we're right here and we both just covered our faces and started running and popped out of the brush and slid under and there are purple rain boots. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: leah and carolyn were found, cold and wet but in good health and spirit. >> my legs are sore, but i knew they could save us so even though my legs are sore, i
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walked with them. >> reporter: it was the ultimate reunion. [ crying ] >> hard not to be emotional watching that. mom said the girls stuck together. they did everything right. and that they saved each other. family extended gratitude to first responders and the volunteers. in the newsroom, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> wow. >> they're survival story should be the blueprint for boy scouts and girl scouts and 4-h. >> they are amazing. and to think, we're not going to panic. we got this. >> right. >> we need to find shelter. how many 8 year olds. >> at 5 and 8. fantastic. good for them. and abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. after we devoted a week to covering b.a.r.t. you responded to e-mails like broken escalators and blat ant drug
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use. >> we listened and took our comments to b.a.r.t. and riders are tellk -- telling us what b.a.r.t. does write and one woman said i haveoy choice to either drive or take b.a.r.t. and my first choice almost always is to take brart b.a.r.t. and i like to hear the operators and that includes the man you are about to meet. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome aboard. hello, my name is allen and i'm a train operator for the bay area rabid transit. i'm been an ambassador for b.a.r.t. about 17 years. >> you call yourself an ambassador. >> i let people know about the local businesses and attractions. because it may be their first time riding the train. and embarcadero and san francisco station. the turn around to knob hill or wherever your dreams go.
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>> now boarding. are you coming? all right. you're welcome. thank you for riding. the doors are closing. >> we move almost half a million people a day. the public trusts us to get them to work and home and school and maybe they take us for granted because everything is running smooth day in and day out. so they feel comfortable being able to read a book, listen to music and zone out. downtown san leandro city hall and main library and the englander formerly known as bogeys. >> thank the driver for remembering where bogey's used to be. that is many years ago. >> many years ago. >> thank you for riding, sir. take care. ciao. >> so that makes it worthwhile right there. i have wanted to do this since childhood. i grew up in the east bay and back in the day operators were treated like celebrities. so it is an honor to be part of
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this organization. thank you for choosing b.a.r.t. as your public mode of transportation. come back and see us soon. i'll make sure somebody is here to pick you up. coliseum station. >> you could see why that voice would put a smile on someone's face. allen said b.a.r.t. riders should thank the train operator because they appreciate the gesture. we want to here your suggestions about b.a.r.t. to build a better bay area. head to and search the words better bay area and on twitter use the hashtag better bay area and on facebook join our better bay area group to find solutions together. consumer news now. one automaker confident in new technology makin strong statement about safety. >> and a couple of airlines are offering really great deals but you have to jump on it. michael finney is here with more on that. >> two good deals. one of them kind of weird. so listen to this. southwest flights, not the weird one, to hawaii from oakland and san jose went on sale today.
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finally they are going for as low as $49 one way. now a lot of them are sold out. as you would imagine. but you can still find some pretty great deals. southwest you'll fly to hawaii and the cost to paradise is dropping among all airlines. so check around. jet blue is offering free tickets to winner of the new o promotion and post a photo on the a blank instagram and make it public to the people in the marketing department of jet blue so that they can see the entry before this friday march 8th. are you following all of this. you can't have anything on your instagram account. nothing. you must archive all of your photos and information or delete them and if you win there are taxes to pay. read the fine print before you do anything. volvo is making a bold prediction. it said from the 2020 pod -- model year forward no one will
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ever die in a volvo during a car crash again. the carmaker is always big on safety. you know that. and it points to new technology that reads road signs and then does not allow the car to go faster than the posted speed. and in countries like germany where many roads don't have speed limits, volvo will cap the top speed at a modest 112 miles per hour. the gymboree closeout sale is complete. consumers picked up the last of the items on shelves and now two american companies have bought the brand. the children's place will spend $76 million to acquire the rights to gymboree and crazy 8 and gap is spending $35 million for the upscale jany and jack brand and many of the store locations and their online presence. you may remember gymboree closed this year after filing for its second bankruptcy. >> i remember gymboree when the
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kids were little. thanks, michael. take a live look outside now. you could see the gray skies are back and rain is in our future. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel here with a look at the forecast. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 right now and the clouds are stacked up. we're waiting for the rain. which will be here bright and early. here is a look at the storm. this storm is aimed more towards the central and southern part of the state from san luis obispo south and the good news is this one will not focus energy on the bay area or the north bay. that was hard hit last time. it is aimed at central and southern california for tuesday night into wednesday. don't get me wrong, we are going to see rain. we are going to have gusty winds. and it all begins tomorrow and then it continues as we head into wednesday. so let's take a look at our rain chances. they're going up to tomorrow. wednesday is pretty much a good bet that you'll need the rain gear. thursday still some showers and then on friday a small chance
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early in the morning that some of those showers will linger. here is a live picture. and look at how beautiful it is from our east bay hills camera. although i must admit, this kind of weather as we pan around just makes you want to crawl back into bed. all right. that is how i feel. don't worry, i'm awake. another live picture from the san jose camera toward the shark tank, a little bit of sun peeking through. and san francisco and oakland and san jose in the 50s. and bright view combined with clouds from our emeryville camera. here is a look at temperatures. 56 in napa, 56 santa rosa, 57 in concord and one other picture from our east bay hills camera, here is a look at forecast. rain spreads tomorrow. heavier rain and gusty winds on wednesday morning with lingering showers through thursday. on our exclusive storm impact scale this is a level one so look for scattered showers tomorrow and brief downpours and breezy at times. an hour by hour look, at santa cruz or gilroy 3:30 tomorrow morning, light showers.
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by 6:00 a.m. it is coming in from the southwest. notice it is starting out in the southwest and spreading northward. so 8:30 tomorrow you need to watch out for slippery roadways and make sure you have your rain gear. it lifts up and then 3:30 in the afternoon the focus is in the north bay until later on for the evening commute. we see the light to modderality showers across the region. picking up in intensity into wednesday. tomorrow morning temperatures beginning in the 40s. tomorrow afternoon you'll see the numbers in the 40s to 60s and 40s in places like lake port. hang on to the rain gear into wednesday. it is pouring wednesday morning. we make it a moderate strength storm and a level two and the biggest reason is the ground is saturated. any heavy rain that falls, even if it is brief, will just add to some of the problems, gusts to 40 miles per hour and minor flooding on the small creeks and isolated thunder is possible as well. so we start the animation into 4:00 a.m. there is the downpour and orange and yellow moves through fast
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and then scattered showers for the afternoon hours. in terms of rainfall totals, most areas will ran to an inch category. there will be some spots that are higher than that through wednesday afternoon. and in the mountains it is snow, then turns into winter storm warning tomorrow afternoon through thursday and one to four feet above 6,000 feet with the wind gusts, 50 miles per hour and whiteout conditions are possible. accuweather seven-day forecast, level one storm arrives tomorrow intensifies into a level two on wednesday. one for thursday, skatsered showers and a slight chance early friday. saturday we have a chance of showers and don't forget -- we will spring forward losing that hour of sleep sunday morning. not looking forward to that. and i think kristin could relate. perhaps not you, larry. >> i look at it at the other way. i look forward to gaining an hour of daylight. >> a lot of people say that. it messes some of us -- >> get over the sleep. >> thank you. and saving california. the new deal that will
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search giants ceo larry baer taking an immediate leave of absence after seen on video doing this. [ yelling ] >> that video was obtained by tmz and shows him reaching across his wife pan trying to grab a cell phone at a park in san francisco. pam there fell to the ground with her husband wrestling the phone away from her. a statement on behalf of the giants ownership group said baer will take some personal time away from the giants and that starts today. it also said, quote, mr. baer has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable and apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens against. both major league baseball and san francisco police are investigating. california democrats and environmental advocates join forces today and urge spending $100 to reduce the state's carbon footprint. activists rallied at the state capital and want california to become the only state to declare
5:25 pm
a climate emergency and develop a green new deal. a similar effort is being pushed nationally. >> they'll tell you that we can't afford to take these steps to carbon neutral california or to 100% cleaning -- and transportation fleet in -- we can't afford not to make those -- [ inaudible ]. >> in california they prefer draconian mandates as opposed to letting the market place deal with this. >> california intends to eliminate fossil fuels for generating electricity by 2045. the new push calls for moving that goal up to 2030. it is the world's worst tourist trap and it ♪ ♪
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with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, talk about a run of bad luck. meet a guerneville woman flooded out of her home last week after losing her last two places to
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fire. >> also -- [ crowd chanting ] >> today's call to action at san jose state, new demands to address the growing number of homeless students coming up in half an hour at 6:00. >> ama, thanks. we'll see you then. finally this evening, it draws millions of visitors each year but a new travel survey stomps all over hollywood's walk of fame. >> rob hayes from kabc in los angeles has the story. >> with the luggage storage company stasher surveyed customers, the walk of fame pulled up lame. >> where do you think the walk of fame landed? >> probably top ten. >> guess again. >> bottom ten? >> guess again. >> 100. >> it was dead last. in the world. >> what? >> yep, there it is. number 99 right behind second worst tourist attraction, maachu picchu and a whole world away
5:29 pm
from number one ranked plaza in spain. >> have you been here before? >> yes. it was more impressive years ago and i don't remember so many people trying to give me their cds. >> there are those guys preing a cd in your hand and then there are the characters. [ bleep ]. >> who are not the best hollywood ambassadors and even worst wrestlers. when police aren't arresting them, they're investigating guys like this. who are intent on impeaching president trump's star and those who take issue with that. so the walk of fame does have defenders like the hollywood chamber of commerce which is pointing out, hey, we're one of the top 99 tourist attractions in the world. in hollywood, rob hayes, abc 7 news. wondering what people that did that survey. matchu peeshu.
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>> that is what i had a issue with. world news is next. i'm kristen tonight, we're on the scene, the deadly tornadoes. the damage here unimaginable. tonight, at least 23 dead. authorities telling us here they will search into the night. homes lifted off their foundations, carried into the air. and we were here when they upgraded this tornado, an ef-4. winds 170 miles per hour. a mile wide. and tonight, the sheriff here taking us past the barriers, showing us some of the worst of the devastation. the scare on the passenger jet in the northeast tonight. part of the landing gear tearing off. the death of an actor. luke perry has died. the star of "beverly hills 90210" and "riverdale." days after a massive stroke. he was just 52. on the hill tonight,


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