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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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way in thousan oaks on thursday. >> the killing has the community on edge. jobina fortson talks to neighbors and is live with more. jobina. >> larry and ama. we found a couple getting surveillance cameras installed at their home in direct response to larson's death. snou we don't know exactly how she was killed but we know that she was loved by many. >> the flowers placed in front of a garage door seem to be the only bright spot. the mother was found dead in -- >> never experience nothing like that, never. >> police have a person of interest in mind. officers stepped up patrols over the weekend and searched the thousand oaks streets all over again. bushes, homes and cameras like angela's. >> over here and i got one on the other side. >> they didn't find anything on
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his. he says police saw something suspicious on another neighbor's camera and found a stained sweater. >> our cameras captured officers leaving the area. we saw them looking into these trash cans. >> i'm glad they're getting some activity and i hope they find this person. >> most of the people in the neighborhood like her. very kind and sweet, she had a great dog. >> she worked for a lie owe technology company. -- biotechnology company. her co-worker was worried about her. we are very sad end by the passing of our colleague and friend. given the nature of the case, we cannot comment further. >> if you have any information to help police, contact them right away and you can leave tips anonymously. reporting from sjpd. jobina fortson, nbc 7 news. in the north bay, residents are recovering after the
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devastating flooding. droneview went over -- how high the water got there. it's been receding steadily and people are dealing with a massive cleanup. thousands of homes and businesses were damaged in sonoma county and some are counting on insurance to help them out. others are waiting on the government to step in. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman live from main street in guerneville. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. main street tonight looks very much as it would have looked before this storm. but that's only main street. there are other parts of the town that look like they need a lot of work because they do. >> 11 letters covered with dried mud. they tell the past, present and immediate future of guerneville whereas floodwaters recede, the piles rise. >> it's what we do. you get used to it. you learn from every flood. >> spoken like had a man who has been through seven floods. that explains how wendell spent part of this day. knocking out and disposing of
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drywall turned wet. he has four buildings. has flood insurance on one. has not paid a premium since 1995 and feels ahead the game. >> i knew how much it was going to cost and i ee-elected to be self-insured because flood insurance for most people is prohibitively expensive. the front porch of his house looked like a dock. >> the house was about here. >> wendell told us how a federal grant helped him raise the living space by 30 inches out of harm's way. for critics who say it encourages them -- wendell has an answer. >> florida takes more money than we do. we're a bigger state. so why don't we just saw florida off and let it float off to puerto rico. >> meantime, federal emergency disaster assistance, plenty of
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people could use it at the county emergency office, we found jennifer harwood who moved to oun on valentine's day. she lived in a travel trailer before that and before that coffey park. what a run of bad luck. >> i was used to losing everything. i actually lost all the stuff this time that was i held on to from my childhood, from being little. >> reporter: residents hearsay they need that emergency assistance for everything from getting rid of refuse to getting back on their feet. fema people were in the region today. they were looking around. the county expects to have that disaster declaration by next week. in guerneville, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. people are dealing with so much. thank you, wayne. most mail service tomorrow in the guerneville area. mail was held in petaluma because of the flooding. the post office in guerneville is closed because of flood damage and the u.s. postal service say it's not expected to
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reopen april 1st at the earliest. those in rural areas will see mail deliveries resume tomorrow. >> the last thing people want to hear is -- >> let's get a look at the timing from the weather center. spencer? >> okay. let's give you a look at the graphic. the live doppler 7 radar image shows cloudy skies but no rain at the moment. the storm is offshore. it's kicking clouds into our area right now. it's early arrival will be relatively light. it's going to rank only 1 on the storm impact scale. light intensity producing scattered showers tomorrow. maybe brief downpours. she's showing the first showers will arrive, light showers in the south bay early tomorrow morning. the showers will move around midday followed by second batch of slightly heavier rain in the late afternoon or early evening. overnight, the storm is going to intensify to level two. i'll kbif you a look at the timeline in a few minutes.
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thank you, spencer. you can check the weather conditions your live on the app. you can click the blue live bar at the very top. enable the push alerts to get weather and news alerts sent to your mobile device. >> the same day 3,000 teachers returned to their classrooms, the school board approved 22 million dollars in budget cuts. >> hundreds of students marched through downtown oakland to the school board meeting at elementary school in hopes to save the programs precious to them. restorative justice and foster youth case management programs. >> it breaks our hearts. >> united together. if you take my program down, you're taking every progra down. >> the contentious meeting came one day after the oakland education association narrowly voted to ratify a new contract. one that gives him a 3% bonus
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and 11% raise over the next three years. the reductions are necessary in order to give the raises and avoid a 56 million budget shortfall by the 2021 school year. now to san francisco where high school students are coming together to help one of their own after a car accident. liz pane i can't is at mission high. luis? >> reporter: at mission high school, aaron is one of the soccer players. even though he couldn't be here, he was always on their mind. >> one, two, three. >> the cheers and tears and joys of the team go beyond winning. >> what does that mean to you guys? >> it was really meaningful to us because we won the trophy. he was in the hospital. we're like having him as an inspiration. >> at the northern california regional division 5
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championship, his teammates had one more stop ta to make. the hospital. >> show him the plaque we got for him and the -- we fought for him the finals. >> max, along with the teams, other players hoped that this weekend's victory would play a role in his recovery. >> can't talk yet because he's on a machine. he went like this. fist up and gave me -- >> aaron is still recovering after his family's minivan crashed into what the chp told abc 7 news was an illegally parked big rig on the shoulder of westbound i-80 last thursday. three siblings passed away at the crash. >> memorials where they all attended. >> his brothers played for mission. he bleeds mission colors. i guess it meant a lot for him to win a championship. >> the death of the three siblings left a deep hole in this community. >> healing for a moment.
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it's not going to take away the tragedy that happened. but it's definitely a feeling that these guys understand. they belong to a community that depends on each other. >> we miss him. he'll be back stronger. be captain of mission. >> we spoke to aaron's family. he still doesn't know about his siblings passing. doctors say he's too weak to process their loss. live in san francisco, luz pena. thank you. he was often called the warrior of the underserved. a memorial was held today at city hall for the late jeff adachi who served for five terms as san francisco's public defender. lyanne melendez reports on his legacy. ♪ ♪ >> a packed city hall celebrated the life and career of jeff adachi, remembered as a man who fought for a just and equitable san francisco. >> jeff gave us strength in time
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of trouble. wisdom in time of uncertainty. and sharing in time of happiness. >> adachi was the only elected public defender in california. it was the people of san francisco who put him in that position for five consecutive terms. that was something he was proud of. adachi died on february 22nd from an apparent heart attack. he was 59. >> we cannot help but feel that he should have had many, many more years of life to feel. >> mayor london breed remembered a younger adachi coming to her predominantly black neighborhood to offer legal aid to those in the community. >> everyone let him do his thing. because everyone knew that jeff was there to help. everyone knew he cared about our community. >> his parents and grandparents spend time in a japanese internment camp that let to a
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passion for -- led to a passion for filmmaking. adachi and his chief attorney, matt gonzalez worked closely on a number of cases. >> most people want to measure the accused at their worst moment. but jeff wanted to measure people by their potential. >> since his death, matt gonzalez led the public defender's office. it's likely that mayor breed will a officially appoint him. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. san francisco giants ceo and part owner, larry bear is taking an immediate leave of absence after an altercation with his wife caught on camera. this was the video obtained by tmz showing him reaching across his wife pam to reach a cell phone at a park in san francisco. pam fell to the ground with her husband wrestling the phone away from her. a statement on behalf of the giants ownership group today says he will take personal time away from the giants starting today.
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immediately. it also said, quote, mr. baer acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable. apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again. a call to action in the south bay. >> 13%. the demands these students are making and the changes they want to see made on their campus. they promised their fight for justice was just beginning. the action taken today by the family of stephon clark. a man killed last march by sacramento police. southwest airlines has a deal you can't pass up. the limited
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here at abc 7 nurks we're committed to building a better bay area. one of the things to take a look at is the housing crisis. >> the high cost of living forced many people on the streets of our cities. many of us may not be aware that the issue of homelessness impacts a large number of college students. at san jose state, one experienced homelessness in school. >> today san jose state students came up with solutions and took them to the school president. >> based on a survey by cal state university's chancellor's office, it's estimated as many as 4300 san jose state students have been homeless at some point. many filled out sticky notesor . >> others marched on campus during lunchtime urging students, faculty and the public to call on the president of the
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college to support three demands. the university set aside at least ten spaces in a garage where homeless students can park and sleep safely. a dozen dorm beds for homeless people to sleep for 60 days and emergency grants to help students remain in housing if they can't afford the rent. a member of the student housing alliance says he'd like san jose state to match what cal poly pomona is doing. >> they have thee apartments dedicated for students to sleep in. as of now, we'd like -- only two beds for two weeks. >> he's also aware of a bill introduced in the state assembly allowing community college students to clesleep in their vehicles. >> to actually get the research on how this could work and how we can all make it work. >> san jose state implemented a one stop clearinghouse to help the students access resources. >> we want to make sure we're
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finding viable long-term sustainable solutions. it's not about opening pandora's box. it's what are the realistic sustainable ones that we want to be sitting there at the table discussing, exploring and implementing. >> the meeting with the president of san jose state will be here on campus. david louie abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. what issues do you see your live. what would you do to make them better. use the #better bay area. we have a facebook group where you can share your ideas as well. >> a coalition of ministers and -- urged the top prosecutor to charge two police officers for last year's shooting death of the unarmed father. the deadly confrontation at sacramento police officers. the item was clark's cell phone. civil rights advocates hand delivered a letter to javier
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becerra urging him to probe clark's death after they key declined to charge the officers. >> because prosecutors investigating police is like a student grading their own paper. >> my entire time has taken it very seriously. we hope that soon we'll be able to issue our report as well. >> the sacramento county district attorney says there was enough evidence for the officers to believe that clark was holding a gun. let's turn to the forecast now. more rain is on the way. >> spencer christian is here with our forecast. spencer? >> larry, it's going to be a wet midweek. not yet but it will be soon. live doppler 7, not raining at the moment. clouds are thickening and getting lower in the bay area sky. despite the increasing clouds, we have temperature readings at a narrow age in low to mid-50s. mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. another view from the abc 7 rooftop -- exploratorium camera
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at pier 15 off the embarcadero looking back at the skyline or a portion of it. 54 right now at santa rosa and napa 51. petaluma, mid-50s at firfiel and concord and livermore. a better view of the clouds lower in the sky. these are the forecast features. light rain moves in tomorrow. it gets heavier with gusty wind wednesday morning. lingering showers through thursday. starting the wet weather with storm number 1. that ranks number one on the storm impact scale. comes in tomorrow, bringing scattered showers, brief downpours possible as well. it will be breezy at times. starting at midnight, light rain moving over the santa cruz mountains. much of the south bay. in the east bay as well. that batch of rain will move out, followed by a more vigorous surge of rainfall up in the north bay. late in the afternoon, early evening, that will produce downpours. that will continue overnight. tonight, look for low temperatures mainly in the --
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the trickles of light rain arrive in the south bay in the early morning hours. highs in the upper 50s to 60 in some south balow indications. then we get to the second wave of storminess is more intense. ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. this will be mainly a wednesday morning event. gusty winds. minor flooding is possible. especially on small streams. there's the forecast animation. wednesday morning will be a mess for early morning commuters. it's going to feature heavy downpours at many locations across the bay area. through the morning commute and after the commute. mid-morning, midday, that storm moves out to the sierra. it will be followed by occasional showers. by 3:00 p.m. wednesday, we project rainfall totals ranging well above an inch in the north bay and an inch in san francisco and under an inch in the peninsula and into the south bay. meanwhile, in the sierra, is will be snowing and a winter storm warning in effect from
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4:00 p.m. tomorrow to 10:00 a.m. thursday. above 6,000 feet, look for 1 to 4 feet of snow with strong gusty wind and whiteout conditions. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. as i said, it's going to be a wet midweek. showers tomorrow, light rain. followed by a stronger storm on wednesday. ranking 2 on the impact scale. showers again on thursday. dry on friday and mainly dry on the weekend. we may see an occasional shower on saturday. we spring forward to daylight saving time. saturday night or sunday morning. which ever one you're awake for. >> thank you, spencer. tesla says it's about to unveil its model y. the
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san francisco's gap is buying one of gymboree's brands. the move came over the weekend after gap announced it was spinning off the old navy brand. according to documents, gap is picking up the line for $35 million. gymboree filed for bankruptcy and revealed the buyers of various properties. tesla plans to unveil a new vehicle next week called the model y. it's expected to be a crossover suv. elon musk dropped a few hints as to what it will look like. saying it will be 10% larger than the model 3. as for pricing and availability, won't know until next week's event in los angeles. amazon is opening another cashless store in san francisco.
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this is the third one in the city and will be on market street near the montgomery b.a.r.t. station. shoppers pay for their items using an app on their phone. southwest airlines starting selling tickets for $49 to the island. hope you got on those. the seats sold out within a few minutes. there were some available at $79 and $99. not quite 49 bucks. but you can't argue with the deals. keep in mind, the prices are one-way only. the flights listed are from oakland and san jose flights. from oakland to honolulu it starts march 17th. flights out of san jose start may 5th. southwest will be flying nonstop to maui in the future. incredible story of survival. >> we talked a long time. >> adorable girls. the two young girls share how they made it through a wet and chilly weekend in northern
6:26 pm
california. as you know, abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. ever since we spent a week focusing on b.a.r.t., you've been sending us your questions and thoughts. tonight we're focusing on a positive comment about b.a.r.t. by a viewer. >> you're driving down the freeway when, wait for it, is it coming? >> it is. >> it's going to be interesting. i promise. >> here it comes. >> yes. you're driving and that happens. the dramatic video taken
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live where you live. i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for most of the night. >> these girls are unbelievable. two young girls survive a wintry night in the northern california wilderness. now they're telling us exactly how they did it. the sisters were lost for two days before they were found huddled under a bush. >> they live in ben bow, in humboldt county. it's an area known for majestic
6:30 pm
red woods, as well as bears and mountain lions. dion lim tells us the sisters were prepared to survive their orde ordeal. >> what will strike you about this interview is how resilient and how brave and well-prepared the two little girls were for the elements. it's why rescuers call their safe return home a miracle. >> my sister cried the whole night. i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for most of the night. >> the cries of despair very different from the tears of joy in the cell phone video. the moment and travis carico were reunited with leah and caroline after two days lost in the woods. the girls, ages 8 and 5 were doing what kids do in rural benbow. >> we live on 80 acres in the middle of nowhere. our kids spend hours at time playing. it's not unusual for them to be playing unsupervised. it's our lifestyle. >> as friday afternoon crept on,
6:31 pm
the girls didn't come home. mom and dad began to worry. >> we hiked at least two and a half miles around your house. screaming their names. ringing a giant bell that they always come back to. >> the girls didn't respond. meantime, as volunteers and search dogs scoured on foot and helicopters hovered from above shall the girls used their training to drink water from leaves to survive. >> we go camping a lot in the summer. >> i knew how to start a fire. i watch a lot of tropical paradise. >> the temperature took a nasty turn, dipping into the 40s as it began to rain. >> i knew we had to find shelter fast. >> sharing one jacket and huddling together for warmth, they began their two terrifying nights in the woods about a mile and a half from their home making camp under a tree branch and huckleberry bush. as time pressed on, frustrating, yet encouraging sign, the girls
6:32 pm
could hear sounds of rescuers. >> we said hopefully someone will hear this. we heard helicopters and we yelled at them. but they couldn't hear us. >> finally, after 44 hours of searching -- >> we heard crackling in the brush. we kind of stopped. from there, i thought we heard someone say dad. so then we called out again. they said yes, we're right here. we both just covered our faces and started running. popped out of the brush and slid under and there are purple rain boots. oh, my gosh. >> leah and caroline had been found. cold, wet, but in good health and spirits. >> my legs are sore. but i knew they could save us. so even though my legs were sore, i walked with them. >> it was the ultimate reunion. >> oh, lord. >> mom says her girls stuck
6:33 pm
together. they did everything right and they saved each other. the family extends their deepest gratitude to first responders and volunteers. in the newsroom, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> the fact that they stayed calm, too. >> their poise and they're so articulate at 5 and 8. i'm saying this honestly. they're more prepared to survive out there than i would be. >> you would panic? >> exactly. they held it together and man, their parents had to be petrified. that had to be a long 44 hours. safe and sound. remarkable. this story, as you might expect is one of the most popular on our website. we've posted more of the interview online. you can check it out at or you can view it through the abc 7 news app on your mobile device. other news tonight, planned changes to a federal progr birt control services. california's attorney general said he's suing the trump administration over proposed
6:34 pm
changing to the title 10 family planning program. under the change, clinics would only be eligible for title 10 funding if they don't perform abortions or suggest where a patient can get one. currently, the funds cannot be used for abortions. supporters say it's about politics. >> what the president is attacking is general certificate equality and female autonomy. organizations that provide reproductive services don't just protect the health of women, they enable us to control our own lives and pursue our own dreams on our own terms. >> at least 20 other states are expected to file lawsuits. anti-abortion group californians for life released a response saying, quote, we support the department of health and human services policy of redirecting these funds away from the abortion industry. we do not accomplish family planning by killing our children. >> they're using the scare tactic to raise money. incredible video taken yesterday in colorado.
6:35 pm
a family was driving on the freeway about an hour and a half west of denver. watch the right side of your screen here. an avalanche comes barreling right across the road. you see it's starting there and just envelopes everything. covering the vehicles. one of the passengers has spotted this ahead of time. they turned on the dashboard camera. as bad as all this looks, they were able to get out just fine. nobody was hurt. this is one of two avalanches to hit the same freeway on sunday. how scary is that? >> that is insane. well, you have questions about b.a.r.t. we went digging for answers. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. we'll look at one of the things you tell us the transit agency is doing well right now. plus, the price of doing the right thing. steep one. 7 on your side's michael finney explains why recycling can be a
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abc 7 news committed to building a better bay area. we devoted an entire week you responded with dozens of e-mails. >> we listened and have been taking your comments directly to
6:39 pm
b.a.r.t. to get answers. all the e-mails were negative. >> riders told us about the positive things that b.a.r.t. does right. one woman, liz, wrote to us saying, i have a choice to either drive or take b.a.r.t. and my first choice almost always is to take b.a.r.t. i like to hear the various operators, the man that you are about to meet included. >> good afternoon everyone. >> welcome aboard. >> hello. my name is allen. i'm a train operator for the bay area. rapid transit. i've been an ambassador for b.a.r.t. 17 years. >> you call yourself an ambassador. >> i let people know about the local businesses and attractions. it may be their first time riding a train. >> san francisco station. >> the california street cable car turn around. nob hill, wherever your dreams go. >> dublin, pleasanton, now
6:40 pm
boarding. >> you coming? >> you're welcome. thank you for riding. the doors are closing. >> we move almost half a million people a day. the public trusts us to get them to work on school. maybe they take us for granted. everything is running smooth day in and day out. they feel uncomfortable being able to read a book, listen to their music, zone out, downtown san leandro. the main library and the englander, formerly known as bogeys. >> want to thank the driver for remembering who where bogeys used to be that was many years ago. >> thank you for riding. >> t mak worthwhile. >> i wanted to do this since childhood. i grew up in the east bay back in the day. operators were treated like celebrities. it's an honor to be a part of
6:41 pm
this organization. thank you for choosing b.a.r.t. as your mode of transportation. come back and see us soon. i'll make sure somebody is here to pick you up. coliseum station. >> all right. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area. head to and search the words better bay area. you can write us with your comments and suggestions. on twitter, use the #better bay area. on facebook, we'd love for you to join our better bay area group as we work on finding solutions together. it's nice that people appreciate him. >> he seems like a great guy. you're doing your part by recycling. 7 on your side's
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part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we took a look last december at the recycling crisis that california is facing after china stopped accepting a lot of our plastic, paper and glass. >> the california recycling program was costing consumers millions of dollars in pocket money each year. who should be done? >> michael finney brought us the stories and this is a dilemma, michael. >> it is. it doesn't seem to be getting
6:45 pm
better yet. people are working on it. let me start with this. if you were old enough to return bottles in the 1980s, you remember there weren't many recycling centers. you took the empty bottles back to the store where you bought them. convenience is not a new idea. your grandparents had milk delivered to their doorsteps. kids on bikes threw newspapers on driveways. when a coke was bought, it was returned to the same store for the nickel deposit. the milkman is gone, grub hub brings nutrition to your door. newspapers still get delivered but to our computer screens. getting your deposit back, that is an entirely different story. when is the last time you returned a container to get the $.05 deposit? >> my grandmother when was a child. i'm originally from chicago. she passed when i was probably about 15 or so. that's probably facility to get. yeah. >> most of us forgo the hassle
6:46 pm
and our nickels letting curbside recyclers take the containers away. even that's becoming a hassle. collection companies have been issued tickets for not recycling properly. >> they sent me a bill for something that i don't even know what i did. >> state law says stores must take back containers. be within a half a mile of a recycling center or pay the state $100 a day. more and more stores are opting to pay. that makes it harder for consumers to get their nickels back. executive director of san francisco community recyclers, ed dunn. >> i've got 22 recycling centers in 2012 and now we have nine. all restricted to the industrial parts of town. >> recyclers are disappearing, well-meaning environmentalists are getting tickets and consumer watchdog has come up with a plan. >> we want to help consumers get their money back. >> last week this consumer
6:47 pm
watchdog study hit hard. california has lost 1,000 recycling centers it said. consu consumers, more than $300 million a year in unclaimed deposit money. the report suggests the state set a redemption target of 90%. consider raising the debottle deposit and ex planned the number of recycling locations by having stores take back the containers they sell. >> our recycling rate is only at 75% in california. it used to be in the 80s. michigan is at 92%. the reason why is that michigan requires every store to take back the empties on site. >> the california grocer's association says not so fast. stores aren't set up to be recyclers and consumers are not all on boards. >> there are customers saying i don't want somebody to throw a bunch of cans on the conveyor belt where i'm putting my food and running it through the register. >> grocers would rather change the recycling rules, allowing
6:48 pm
for a mile and a half zone rather than a half a mile. that would make the operations profitable again and we would see more of them setting up shop. now, i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and there's new legislation being discussed in sacramento. nobody knows where this stuff ends. it starts so early. a lot of people are jumping in this time. >> interesting. if you could take it back to the store, that would be the easiest for us. but not necessarily for the store. >> what's interesting is we think of stores having huge back rooms. that's old school. they don't have huge back rooms anymor it's a space issue. work issue. it's very complex. >> all right. i'm sure you'll be following it. >> yeah. >> thank you, michael. we want to get one last check on our weather. spencer? >> by the end of this week, we may be looking for ways to
6:49 pm
recycle sunshine. here's live doppler 7. clouds are thickening as we speak. it's flowing more vigorously towards southern california. we'll get moisture from this approaching system. the first wave the storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. scattered showers and brief downpours tomorrow and it will be breezy. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll go with showers, light showers in the morning hours in the south bay. heavier, steadier showers in the evening in the north bay. by wednesday, as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the storm will intensify to a level 2. we'll have a heavier, steadier rain, more widespread rain on wednesday and lingering showers on thursday. a period of dry weather into the weekend. we spring forward this weekend to daylight saving time. >> don't forget. >> save up on your daylight. >> thanks, spencer.
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. andrew bogut back to the warriors? yep. golden state is looking to sign the punish being center from the 2015 championship team to fill
6:53 pm
the 15th and final roster spot. bogut finished the season in australia's national basketball league. he needs permission and a work visa before he can rejoin the nba. the warriors are in contact. >> we have been talking with bogut and his representatives and nothing is official. there's things that have to happen. we can't really comment on it. until it's official. >> whatever works for us. >> i saw them -- in the front office to figure out. i had a little bit of knowledge and wisdom because he's been a part of the system before. look forward to having him on the team. >> well, this is 10-year-old carolyn a ramirez during an appearance on kelly and ryan. she said she's a huge stefen
6:54 pm
curry fan. they arranged for for her to attend a game in orlando and sit courtside. that video made today's show. >> the other night, she went down there thanks to abc 7. the warriors magic game. here comes steph. and there she is. can't believe it. so cute. >> she didn't know what to say. she got shy. >> he has that affect on kids. the first daughter's giants game in spring training is giants/dodgers. jeff samardzija one of them. struck out four. bottom of the second. hello evan longoria and good-bye. mr. baseball. longoria led the giants with 16 homers last year. that's a career low. but all around, we're getting off to a good start, right?
6:55 pm
justin turner, flair flare to the right. he seems likely to be the opening day right fielder. unfortunately, the other guys won 8-2 the final. a few hours ago i was in richmond introducing stephen curry. he helped dedicate a new court. he spoke to many of the high school kids there and ran the younger ones through some basketball drills after sharing a few words with the crowd. >> the best part about what i get do for a living, playing basketball, but not only playing basketball but playing for an organization like the warriors here in the bay area, is being able to inspire and celebrate and represent all of the great communities that support us in this bay area. everywhere you look, everywhere i've been, i've met so many
6:56 pm
amazing people who are committed to bettering their communities. anyway that they can. this court is a representation of that. >> i have to say that court is beautiful. even steph said it looks like an nba court. it's shiny and buff. it's a warriors foundation 90th court they've refurbished. and jpmorgan chase. >> the impact he has when he shows up, instantaneous. >> easiest job ever introducing him. >> here he is. we're done. >> thanks, mindi. >> joining us tonight on cable channel 713, stuck in the snow for five days with no way out. the condiment packets that saved a man and his dog. how they're doing tonight. >> abc 7 news at 11:00, lost in a humboldt county forest for nearly two days. more on the two sisters who use
6:57 pm
the 4-h training to help them survive. it's an incredible story. i could watch it over and over again. they're a combination of poised, articulate and adorable all at once. >> and safe. >> that's the best part. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc app. for all of us here, thanks and have a good night. see you at 9:00 abnd 11:00.
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