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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 7, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, breaking news. a sheriff's deputy shot dead, and the urgent at with u.s. marshals, shot dead while serving a warrant. the suspect then jumping from a third floor hotel window. the 150-mile chase. where they've now surrounded him and we're on the scene tonight. also breaking at this hour, president trump's former campaign chairman in court for sentencing. all eyes right now on the judge, what will he do? paul manafort facing the longest sentence of anyone charged by robert mueller and we'll go live to our correspondent on that. the verdict is in tonight, after a deadly police shooting sparked national outrage. the plain-clothes officer who showed up on the scene. a driver on the side of the road. the officer shoots and kills him. the driver's car broke down. he was calling for help. and tonight, what the jury has now decided.
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the major storm moving east tonight. whiteout conditions, heavy rain. rob marciano on when this hits major travel hubs, new york, philadelphia and boston. the chilling audio tonight. never heard before. in the case of chris watts, the father and husband who killed his wife and two girls. the interview with interrogators. what his daughter said to him. just in tonight, the alarming images. the officer trying to stop this driver. the car reported stolen. taking a dangerous turn. the major headline tonight on gas prices. good-bye to $2 a gallon? and the baseball star who just revealed his very personal battle. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with the breaking news. that urgent manhunt for the suspect who shot and killed a deputy, working with u.s. marshals. that suspect was surrounded and we've just learned moments ago, he's now under arrest. he was taken into custody a short time ago. this all began in rockford, illinois.
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dozens of officers rushing to the scene. the suspect jumping from that third floor hotel window, leading police on a high speed chase, then facing off with police in the middle of snowy weather. but tonight, authorities moments ago said they have thrma and abc's tom llamas is on the scene for us. >> reporter: tonight, a standoff between officers and an armed fugitive accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy. >> officers are in distress at that location. >> reporter: it started just after 9:00 a.m. u.s. marshals from a fugitive task force arriving at this extended stay hotel in rockford, illinois, to serve an arrest warrant. >> they were fired upon by the suspect. one of the marshals was hit. >> reporter: as the victims were raced to the hospital, officers from multiple agencies surrounding the hotel. but the suspect, identified as 39-year-old floyd brown, got away, jumping out of a third floor window, fleeing in his silver mercury marquis, rifle in
3:33 pm
hand. after that shooting, the gunman able to get a jump on police, driving more than an hour and a half here to lynn doe. the standoff happening behind us and has been going on for hours. police shutting down a portion of the interstate. brown barricaded himself in his car. >> he has opened his door as if he was going to come out but subsequently shut the door. >> reporter: amid the standoff, news the deputy who brown shot died in the hospital. >> so, let's get to tom llamas, live from the scene tonight. and tom, as we said at the top of the broadcast there, the suspect now arrested, in custody tonight? >> reporter: that's right, david. the takedown happened just moments ago. behind me, you can see in the distance those flashing lights. and we were so far away, because the scene was so dangerous. state troopers launching at least three flash bangs, stunning that suspect. that's when the s.w.a.t. team moved in. they took him out on a stretcher, david.
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he is alive, and police say tonight, he will be charged with that deputy's murder. david? >> tom llamas, who has been on the scene all often. tom, thank you. the other major story tonight, paul manafort and his sentencing. all eyes on the judge right now and what he'll do. manafort facing the longest sentence of anyone charged by special counsel robert mueller. just moments ago, manafort addressing the court, asking for, quote, compassion, while prosecutors said manafort did not provide any information they didn't already know. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas at the courthouse tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the extraordinary fall of president trump's campaign chairman capped with his sentencing. >> paul manafort has done an amazing job. he's here someplace. where's paul? paul manafort. >> reporter: the veteran political strategist brought to court in a wheelchair today. he faces the most prison time of anyone charged by special counsel robert muler, after he was convicted of an elaborate
3:35 pm
financial scheme, including crimes like bank and tax fraud. paul manafort tried to play both sides. after agreeing to cooperate with mueller's investigators, he then secretly had his lawyers keep up communication with the president's legal team, and he kept on lying. the special counsel found out, and the cooperation deal, which could have meant a reduced sentence, was off. manafort was not charged with anything related to possible collusion with the russians, but mueller's team recently said that in 2016, manafort shared campaign polling data with a russian associate with ties to russian intelligence. president trump has kept his distance. >> paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. >> reporter: still, the president also painting manafort as a victim. >> he happens to be a very good person. and i think it's very sad what they've done to paul manafort. >> reporter: but will that translate into a presidential pardon? late last year, the president saying, "it was never discussed, but i wouldn't take it off the table. why would i take it off the table?"
3:36 pm
>> pierre thomas with us live tonight from the courthouse in virginia. and pierre, i know there is also news tonight about the president's former fixer, michael cohen. cohen is now suing the trump organization for nearly $4 million, he's trying to make the case, claiming they should pay his legal bills, that they agreed to that in the past, something cohen told congress last week. also under scrutiny tonight, this was about whether he had ever asked for a pardon, and remember, here's what cohen had said. >> i have never asked for, nor could i accept a pardon from president trump. >> so, pierre tonight, we're learning that michael cohen actually did have his lawyer ask about a pardon? >> reporter: david, it's a growing controversy. cohen's attorneys say that he explored the possibility of a pardon, but that he never officially asked for one. republicans are not buying it, and some are saying cohen made another false statement before congress and should be prosecuted, david. >> all right, pierre thomas with us live tonight. pierre, thank you. we turn next tonight to palm beach county, florida. a former police officer
3:37 pm
convicted tonight in the shooting death of musician cory jones, whose car had broken down. he was calling for roadside assistance when an officer, plain clothes and driving an unmarked van, showed up on the scene, shot and killed him. tonight, corey jones' family now believes that the recording of that phone call, that roadside assistance call, made all the difference in the case. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, fired florida police officer nouman raja put in handcuffs, convicted for killing 31-year-old corey jones. >> this was about the truth and the truth caught up with him. >> reporter: the night jones was killed back in 2015, his suv had broken down on an exit ramp off i-95 in palm beach gardens. he was returning home from a music performance. >> i didn't want to die. >> reporter: raja was in those clothes, working on an unrelated case nearby when he pulled up to jones. >> the second i said "police," he jumped back and i clearly remember him drawing and pointing a gun at me.
3:38 pm
>> reporter: in this video re-enactment filmed hours after jones' death, raja claimed he identified himself as a cop, opening fire after jones, who was legally licensed to carry a weapon, pulled out his gun. but raja was unaware that jones was on the phone with roadside assistance. >> i'm good. yeah, i'm good. >> really? >> yeah. >> get your [ bleep ] hands up. >> get your [ bleep ] hands up. >> hold on, hold on. >> reporter: prosecutors say that tape proved raja never identified himself to jones, who may have feared he was being robbed. the all-white jury agreed. the jury convicting raja of manslaughter. that roadside assistance call a crucial piece of evidence. tonight, raja's defense team says they may appeal. david? >> victor, thank you. next here tonight, to the relentless winter storms. the new system headed for the northeast. new york, philly,toll in avalan danger in colorado. two avalanches just today
3:39 pm
shutting down a major interstate. we have the track of this system, and here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, that winter storm bringing dangerous avalanches to the colorado rockies. late reports of vehicles trapped on highway 91.ea trapping a tow truck in vail pass, rupturing a gas line in copper mountain and shutting down part of i-07. >> i've been doing my business for about 30 years, and i've never seen it like this. >> reporter: crews deliberately triggering avalanches to try to reduce the risk. >> the colorado avalanche information center says we're seeing historic activity. >> reporter: extreme or high danger in nine of ten backcountry zones including aspen, vail and breckenridge. authorities fearing more scenes like this one sunday -- a wall of snow crashing down onto vehicles, including the golemon family. >> i don't see how you can say it was anything short of miraculous to survive the way we >> reporter: officials in colorado declares historic
3:40 pm
avalanche conditions and warning people to stay away from prone areas. and here in california, we have so much snow that some ski areas will stay open through july. david? >> wow. kayna, thank you. that avalanche risk growing even worse tonight, as kayna reported. that major storm now headed east, so, let's get to rob marciano, tracking it for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. more snow coming for the rockies and high winds with that powerful storm, so, we have the avalanche warnings remain in effect. winter storm warnings up for vail and aspen. light snow for the ohio river valley, but the big player is coming out of the rockies. that's going to be the severe weather player for saturday, heavy snow north, heavier rain , phadelphia on sunday, starting out as snow in new england, but then turning to rain. we're warming up. david? >> rob, thank you. next tonight, singer r. kelly, just 24 hours after that explosive interview, r. kelly jumping out of his chair, tonight, he is facing a new allegation of sexual abuse. beh
3:41 pm
owing child support. that explosive interview he gave, he actually said, he defended himself against the demand for money while those two young women who live with him make new claims against their own parents. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> robert, what do you want people to know? >> reporter: there is more trouble tonight for the self-described pied piper of r & b. investigators in detroit say they're looking into a new allegation of criminal sexual conduct, this time with a 13-year-old in 2001. r. kelly's people were hoping to get him out of jail this evening, by paying off nearly $162,000 he owes in back child support, but the check is late. >> how can i pay child support? how? if my ex-wife is destroying my name and i can't work -- >> your ex-wife says you abused her, robert. >> lies. >> reporter: in his interview with cbs news, kelly went after his ex-wife. >> i'm not disrespecting her by saying she's not telling the truth. i'm just being honest.
3:42 pm
somebody sent me something on my phone that said i hogtied her. i don't know how to hogtie people. why would i hogtie her? >> reporter: kelly was asked about 21-year-old azriel clary and 23-year-old joycelyn savage, whose parents say the young women cut them off for a life with the singer. >> i love them. and it's almost like -- they're my girlfriends. it's like, you know, we have a relationship. >> reporter: and now, we're hearing from the two young women. >> both our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam. >> reporter: in the explosive lifetime documentary that attracted the law's attention, clary's parents say they believe the singer first had sex with their daughter when she was 17. >> and we found some really disturbing text messages between them. they had sex in florida that first time they met. >> reporter: both women say their parents are lying and trying to extort money from their famous boyfriend. >> that is a lie. i was not having sex with him at 17.
3:43 pm
>> reporter: the families of both young women are responding this evening, saying they never asked r. kemly for a single penny. david? >> steve, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, we have reported here on president trump wanting forces out of syria. he does acknowledge that a small military footpoint is necessary. and tonight, look at these new images. hundreds of isis fighters leaving the last territory they still hold in syria. and this evening, a top u.s. commander with a new warning. here's abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell tonight. >> reporter: tonight, hundreds of desperate and defeated isis fighters stumbling to surrender. many of their families now huddled in makeshift camps, dirty and hungry. but many, still defiant. and tonight, with the level of u.s. troops in syria set to drop from 3,000 to 400, a new warning from the head of u.s. central command. >> what we are seeing now is not the surrender of isis as an
3:44 pm
organization, but a calculated decision to preserve the safety of their families and preservation of their capabilities in going to ground and remote areas and waiting for the right time to resurge. >> reporter: we've been covering the fight in syria for years. you've got local forces backed by the united states taking the battle to isis militants. fr a-called caliphate that once stretched across large swaths of syria and iraq, what remains is the small village of baghouz, just one square mill. u.s. commanders warning there could be 20,000 isis fighters still in iraq, and that unless the u.s. and others come up with a plan, the seeds of extremism will continue to grow. david? >> ian pannell tonight. thank you, ian. back here at home and to the economy now. gas prices on the rise. aaa saying tonight the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.45, 17-cent jump in the last month. analysts expect the cost to keep rising through spring, hitting an average, they say, of about $3 a gallon by the summer.
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there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the baseball star who just revealed his own personal battle. also ahead, the alarming aim js tonight, trying to stop this car, the car reported stolen. it take as very dangerous turn. also, the chilling audio tonight. never heard before in the case of chris watts, the father and husband who killed his wife and two girls. the interview with interrogators. what his daughter said to him. and the outpouring for alex trebek tonight. what trebek recently said about his own wife, and the one wish he has when it comes to his marriage. a lot more news ahead tonight. ead tonight. lmost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even rooftop parking. strange forces at work? only if you're referring to gravity-and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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we turn next tonight here to a chilling piece of audio, never heard before. newly released recordings of chris watts being interrogated. he's the father who murdered his own wife and girls. and tonight, it is impossible to imagine how any father could share what he did about what his little girl said. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it's a dark and disturbing dive into the mind of triple murderer chris watts, heard in a newly-released
3:48 pm
interview with investigators. >> none of this makes sense. that's why i know you guys keep asking these questions, because it doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: his wife shanann, 15 weeks pregnant, seen here coming home from a business trip in august. watts says they argued, she accused him of cheating, and told him this -- >> you're never going to see the kids again. you're never going to see them again. get off me. don't hurt the baby. >> reporter: watts says that triggered him into a rage. he says shanann did not fight back as he strangled her to death. >> it just felt like there was already something in my mind that was implanted that i was going to do it, and when i woke up that morning it was going to happen, and i had no control over it. >> reporter: the couple's daughters, watts says, woke up to see their mother face down in bed, wrapped in a sheet. >> is that what happened? bella came in? what did she say? >> something's wrong with mommy. >> reporter: watts says he drove his wife's body from their frederick, colorado, home to a remote oil field, his girls in the back seat. there, watts says he strangled 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella. >> she said "what happened to cece?
3:49 pm
is the exact same thing that happened to me as cece?" it's that soft voice she always had -- >> reporter: watts tells investigators he knew his tv interviews a day later were unconvincing. >> shanann, bella, celeste -- if you're out there just come back. some people said i just made it look even worse. >> reporter: watts plead guilty, he says, to give shanann's family closure, but he also avoided the death penalty. he'll spend the rest of his life in a prison cell, where he says he keeps a picture of his wife and daughters on the wall. david? >> just an awful story. all right, clayton sandell tonight. clayton, thank you. when we come back, the baseball star who just revealed his very personal battle. alex trebek tonight. the recent words for his wife and his one wish. more on that suspect, the stolen car, the officer who tells him to stop. it then takes a sudden and dangerous turn. the driver does not stop. back in a moment. and the pill that starts with "f." farxiga, along with diet and exercise
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before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. serious allergicel disse reactions can for all the things that move you. to the index of other news tonight, and graphic video just released this evening showing the dangers officers face. this officer trying to stop a driver after a reported stolen car. the officer yelling, telling him to stop. you can see the driver then appears to keep going, he hits the officer with the vehicle. the officer opening fire there. the suspect is killed. there is a review of the case now under way. we brought you alex trebek's message last night, his courageous fight against pancreatic cancer. there has been an outpouring of support for trebek. he's hosted "jeopardy!" since 1984. two months before learning his
3:53 pm
diagnosis, he told "people magazine," he wishes he met his wife of 29 years much earlier so they could, quote, have a longer life together. trebek says he will keep working and he will fight this. hall of fame pitcher tom seaver tonight has revealed his own personal battle. his family says the 74-year-old mets legend has been diagnosed with dementia. he will retire from public life. seaver won three cy young awards and 311 games during his career. and we wish him well. when we come back here tonight, the handyman who hit the jackpot. he made us laugh today when he explained how this nearly did not happen.
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finally tonight here, the handyman who used to wonder, if i had a million dollars. tonight, he's won more than $270 million, but it almost didn't happen. so, michael weirsky is a handyman from new jersey, he'd been looking for work. he might not have to anymore. $273 million. and he wants that ford pick-up first. >> first thing i'm doing is buying myself a pick-up, a ford raptor. that's something i've wanted for a long time, and i'm going to get it. >> reporter: but it almost didn't happen. after buying two tickets at this quick check store, he left them behind. >> i put the tickets down. i put my money away. did something on my phone and just walked away. >> reporter: a good samaritan -- a very good samaritan -- turned them into the store clerk. mike went back the next day, after realizing he left them there. >> i was just very thankful that there was an honest person out there, because i figured it was gone. just so happens we got lucky. actually twice. >> reporter: the money will help. >> it's going to change everything because i was unemployed.
3:58 pm
i've been looking for just about a year for a job.s m in high school, a bum after, and now -- a beach bum. >> i always wanted to know what it would be like to be able to just wake up and decide to go somewhere and buy something and just do it. and when i get the money, i'm going to do that. >> reporter: good for you, mike. playing every week for years, but there was a time he had to stop. >> money got tight, so i stopped for a while. two weeks ago before i won, i started playing again. >> and michael says if he ever meets that good samaritan he's going to share a little of that cash, but that he'll keep that private. hey, mike, i was at that quick check store. just kidding. we hope to see you back here tomorrow night. congrats. good night. good night.
3:59 pm
at first i thought it was a joke. but then i saw the gun. >> then i saw everybody's hands go up, and i heard the guy say "raise your hands." >> i was in the back, and i saw him hold a gun. >> the guy said, "you got ten seconds," then he started counting down. >> i ran for my life. i was super terrified. >> really scary. >> how frightening. a terrifying okland coffee shop. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. >> it happenedthis afternoonat the world ground coffee shop on mcarthur boulevard near 35th avenue. >> laura anthony is live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the first thing i can tell you is no o was hurt. but folks here were visibly shaken. the folks that were inside when we arrived, they were telling us what happened this afternoon just before 1:00.
4:00 pm
an armed man walked in and demanded everyonelaptop. at one point, telling folks they had just ten seconds before he would start shooting. >> at first i thought it was a joke, then i saw the gun. >> world ground coffee shop employee diego said he didn't take it seriously at first but then realized the man with the orange vest, a mask, and a gun, was no joke. >> he pointed at a guy and handed him a bag and said, "i want all the laptops in the bag right now." i backed up slowly because didn't want his attention. as soon as i turned the corner, i ran for my life. >> then all the sudden i saw everybody's hands go up and heard the guy say, "raise your hands." >> reporter: linda halpern told us she was working on her laptop in a rear room of the restaurant when the robber was ordering people to put their hands in the air. >> i heard, "that means


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