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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 8, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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company of marvel and abc 7. it looks good. good reviews for it. i'm hoping it's like the next wonder woman. that was amazing. happy international women's day. >> gma starts right now. good morning, america. the reaction right now to that surprising sentence for the president's former campaign chair. overnight the paul manafort shocker. a judge hands down a dramatically reduced sentence for president trump's former campaign chair who was facing the possibility of the rest of his life behind bars. the fierce reaction this morning. the new warning. that powerful storm heading east. millions bracing for possible tornadoes and blizzard-like conditions after these powerful avalanches buried cars in colorado shutting down two highways. now 24 states from california all the way to virginia are on alert. the house taking on hate speech. voting overnight to condemn bigotry but not directly condemning the freshman congresswoman whose statements about israel sparked outrage.
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elon musk's spacex capsule barreling back toward earth heading right for the atlantic this morning with test dummy ripley on board, about to make history. swift justice. taylor swift's stalker in court overnight. accused of breaking into her apartment for the third time. the superstar's message this morning. ♪ you got the right stuff and we've got the right stuff, right here in times square. new kids on the block taking over "gma's" block 30 years after their debut. now about to perform their biggest hits here live. ♪ so right good morning, america. it's a big morning here in times square because new kids on the block, they are here live. cecilia, i know you're excited. you had a poster on the wall, you got all the dance moves. big day. >> i'm going to do my best to not embarrass you guys, the show or myself this morning but i
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can't promise. >> the poster is real? >> i had a joey mcintyre poster in my room for a long time. not anymore. >> the secret's revealed. >> many more coming up. we begin with breaking news. president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort sentenced to 47 months behind bars. that's far less than the 24 years he could have gotten under sentencing guidelines. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas starts us off from washington, and pierre, the federal judge's decision already trigger pretty fierce backlash. >> reporter: george, good morning. that's right. paul manafort was facing more than two decades in prison. he asked a federal judge for leniency. and it worked. setting off a fierce debate on the question of fairness in crime and punishment. paul manafort could be locked up for nearly four years, sentenced to 47 months in prison for a variety of crimes including bank and tax fraud. the judge, t.s. ellis, rendering his decision after manafort threw himself at the mercy of the court. manafort in a wheelchair and dressed in a jailhouse jumpsuit saying, my life personally and
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professionally is in shambles. this is an ordeal i'm responsible for. i ask for your compassion. he apparently got some. manafort had faced a maximum of 19 to 24 years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines. the special counsel had called for a severe penalty given the fact that manafort was convicted on eight counts of bank and tax fraud. but judge ellis called those sentencing guidelines excessive, saying that manafort has led an otherwise, quote, blameless life. and that he's earned admiration among many people. but he did note that manafor trgs needed to pay cops qupss. >> as you heard in court today, mr. manafort finally got to speak for himself. he made clear he accepts responsibility for his conduct. >> reporter: the judge's leniency came despite the fact that manafort has been in jail since last june for witness tampering. and he was caught lying after agreeing to cooperate with the special counsel. democrats blasted the sentence as too lean yet, reeking of
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privilege. >> you have a person of privilege who is spending a significantly less sentence than people of color spend for committing crimes that i think are far less dangerous and offensive to our society. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar tweeting, my view on manafort's sentence, guidelines there for a reason. his crimes took place over years and he led far from a blameless life. but manafort's legal battles are not over. he will be in a d.c. federal court next wednesday facg sentencing on another special counsel prosecution where the guidelines call for a maximum of ten years in prison. so we'll see what kind of sentence the judge there gives. she's the one who jailed him for witness tacherring. and that is the court where he reneged on that cooperation deal, george. >> a big issue and one other question the judge will decide whether manafort will serve the sentences back to back or simultaneously. >> reporter: that's right, judge ellis is recommending manafort get credit for the nine months he's already served in connection with the witness tampering, george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. and, cecilia, this is something as we see him go into court again next week. that judge could take into more
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account the fact that he lied about his plea deal and wasn't cooperating fully. that could have an impact on the sentence there. >> this judge said he was upset that manafort didn't mention regret for the crimes that he was convicted of. but let's turn to that news overnight from capitol hill. the house voting to condemn bigotry after freshman democratic congresswoman ilhan omar's comments about israel sparked outrage. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce joins us now, and mary, while this drew allegations of anti-semitism it also exposed major divisions among democrats. >> reporter: yeah, this was a real family feud, cecilia, but within the democratic party, exposing those generational and idealogical divides that are going to dog the party from here on out. overnight, they did pass this sweeping resolution but it capped days of frustration and fierce debate over how to respond to congresswoman ilhan omar's alleged anti-semitic comments. in the end, what they passed was this really wide-ranging condemnation of hateful speech including anti-semitism and
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islamophobia but it did not call out congresswoman omar by name. the final language was actually broadened out after many progressive members and members of the black caucus said the original language was unfair in the way it singled out omar. and it questioned why the congress hasn't responded similarly to president trump's hateful or racially charged language in the past. and what was finally passed did have broad support. but cecilia, this is simply not what democrats had hoped to be talking about up here all week. >> yeah, that's exactly right. certainly gave them a pause for a few days. they will try to get back on track today, mary, with an anti-corruption bill. >> reporter: yeah, this is sort of the signature centerpiece of the new house majority here. democrats will be moving forward in the house on this anti-corruption bill. it tackles issues like limiting big money in politics, tackling election reforms, and it also would require any president to release his tax returns. so democrats here are trying to set a new tone.
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but this bill is expected to hit a brick wall over in the republican controlled senate where mitch mcconnell has made clear he is opposed to it. >> you got a friendly bird behind you. some competition. >> reporter: never a dull moment on the hill. never. >> thank you. also this morning, president trump and the first lady are heading to alabama to meet with victims of that devastating tornado that tore through beauregard on sunday, killing 23 people. the massive ef-4 tornado leaving so much destruction in its path. it traveled 70 miles crossing into georgia and was the deadliest tornado in the u.s. since 2013. on the heels of that storm that caused all that damage in alabama, another storm is on the move. it's heading east and bringing more flooding to the west. ginger has the latest on the track and timing. good morning, ginger. >> michael, good morning. we start with the pictures out of utah. this is southwestern utah and springdale. they had nearly four inches, that muddy overthrowing river and then in the san joaquin valley, cold air funnels. those usually don't do damage but they're still -- were kind of entrancing for the
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folks in northern california. want to bring you to what will happen with the storm tonight. so it's the overnight. if you're in dallas or ft. smith, damaging wind into early tomorrow morning. if the atmosphere can destabilize again, tomorrow or saturday, we're going to see northern alabama, memphis down to jackson, mississippi, all in the severe threat that could see tornadoes. guys, there's a really snowy side to this. and i will be telling you about that coming up. >> all right. we'll be waiting for that, ginger. that storm also triggering dangerous avalanches out west burying cars in colorado. abc's clayton sandell is there in morrison, and clayton, there are new warnings again this morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. that's right. that's because this has been an epic historic snowfall season here in the colorado rockies. and the avalanche danger is extreme. it's not just for skiers and snowboarders but for drivers now too. this morning, avalanche conditions across the colorado rockies are about as extreme as you can get. this avalanche just south of copper mountain thursday trapping several cars in cement-like snow. this vehicle flipped.
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a state highway buried 15 feet deep. miraculously, no one was hurt. a second major slide cutting off interstate 70. a third rupturing a natural gas line. teams are out deliberately triggering avalanches to try to prevent dangerous surprises. officials say this avalanche path hasn't run this big since 1957. >> i have never seen something like this ever. >> reporter: it's already been a terrifying week for avalanches. this one bringing sudden whiteout chaos to interstate 70. the goldmans' family car caught right in the middle. >> i don't see how you could see it as anything other than miraculous that we survived that the way we did. >> reporter: in colorado officials recorded more than 2,000 avalanches making this the worst season in 50 years. >> these slide paths don't have a history of hitting the highway. >> reporter: avalanches have killed 19 people this winter so officials are warning skiers, snowmobilers, and now drivers, to avoid avalanche territory
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until the snowpack can settle and become more stable. avalanche forecasters haven't seen slides this big in decades and they're using words like shocking, incredible, and they're going to need more big words like that because more heavy snowstorm is set to slam the mown taints later today. george? >> okay, clayton. thank you very much. overseas to the battle against isis. surrendering by the hundreds as the final stronghold takes place in syria. as thousands prepare to leave, now warning isis could stage a comeback. james longman has the latest from erbil, iraq. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, u.s. backed forces have been on the edge of victory against isis in syria for weeks. but the final assault has yet to begin, because thousands of civilians are thought still inside their last piece of territory. wave after wave of women and children have been slowly emerging from the town of baghouz in eastern syria. many of those children gaunt from malnutrition but their mothers often defiant still supporting the so-called islamic state. columns of surrendering isis fighters have been making their way out but only when coalition
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forces have cleared all civilians will the final battle begin. the head of u.s. central command has warned against early celebrations. the general called surrender a calculated decision to preserve their capabilities and isis could be waiting for the right time to re-surge. the defense department estimates as many as 20,000 isis fighters could still be at large in this region. george. >> that is still quite a danger. okay, james. thank you very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to r. kelly who could be out of jail as soon as today if he can pay that child support. this comes as we hear from two young women whose families say they were brainwashed by the singer. abc's whit johnson is in chicago with the latest. good morning to you, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. this is the latest twist in the r. kelly saga. his spokesperson telling us they do expect today to be able to pay that $161,000 in owed child support. meantime, the singer's two girlfriends are now defending him publicly as he faces multiple charges of sex abuse. this morning, singer r. kelly spending a second night behind
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bars for unpaid child support. his girlfriends, 23-year-old joycelyn savage and 21-year-old azri erk l clary, defending the 52-year-old, saying he's family. both denying they have been brainwashed and making explosive allegations against their own parents. >> both of our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam because they didn't agree on what happened, you know, with the music or where we could be and they're just very upset. >> reporter: the two women allege their families are exploiting their relationships with kelly for money. >> my dad and my mom, they're starting to send threats to both me and him. they said, oh, i'll put all your make thele pictures all over the world. i'm going to ruin you. i'm going to ruin him if he doesn't send $20,000 to this bank account by monday. i'm going to put everything out there and then $10,000 after that. >> reporter: both sets of parents deny ever asking for money. the attorney who represents the savage family says in part, at
7:13 am
no point was money given to the savage family discussed with the savage family, requested by the is a -- savage family, or offered to the savage family. kelly has pleaded not guilty to ten counts of sexual misconduct and aggravated sexual abuse. detroit police now looking into a separate claim from 2001. now, that case out of chicago involves four women, three of them allegedly underage at the time. r. kelly is scheduled to be back in court regarding the child support case on march 13th. george? >> a lot of questions ahead. okay, whit, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to that splashdown from space. the dragon capsule from spacex undocked from the international space station earlier in morning after a six-day test flight. and david kerley has a look at what could come next. good morning, david. >> reporter: this is a milestone. the dragon capsule helping to open a phew era. just minutes ago, this was the scene. this is reentry of this capsule to carry humans. it was captured by nasa aircraft
7:14 am
in the area. then the choouts deploy with the test dummy ripley inside. still on board. with sensors to test this ride back home. and then, a beautiful splashdown. two recovery boats speeding to the first privately owned spacecraft to visit the space station in the atlantic just off of florida. spacex passing, apparently, the three critical tests out was six days ago that the capsule lifted off from the historic kennedy space center's pad 39-a. that was test number one. then the docking and undocking with the international space station. where it spent five days. one of the astronauts describing the interior of the spacecraft yesterday as slick and kind of like business class on an aircraft. now the third test. the reentry and splashdown. spacex hopes to put human on this craft in july.
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boeing planning to test it own craft next month. >> david kerley, thank you so much. michael? we're going to go now to the man who nearly made a $273 million mistake. he bought a lottery ticket, a winning lottery ticket, but he left it at the store and thankfully and honest cashier came to the rescue. now they're reuniting. t.j. holmes has the story. hey, t.j. >> okay, stra, get this. this man says he has not held a job in 15 years. and he still doesn't have a job this morning. but after you win $273 million, you go from being unemployed to now being retired. but he left his retirement fund on the store counter. lucky in many ways than one. >> i still don't think it hit me totally but it feels good. >> reporter: 54-year-old mike weirsky is the latest man to join the multimillionaire club. overnight, cashing in his $273 million mega millions lottery ticket. >> my mother, she was sitting
7:16 am
five feet away from me and i told her and she said, get the hell out of here. you're lying. >> reporter: but this megamoment almost never happened. >> i bought tickets and messing with my phone and putting my money away, two hands, so i set the tickets down thinking i was going to pick them up and walk out. and i just walked out without the tickets. >> reporter: weirsky was answering his cell phone after purchasing the tickets and accidentally left them behind in this convenience store in new jersey. >> i was cleaning up. he was the last person in here buying lotto. his tickets were here on the counter. so i put them for safekeeping under our registeregister. >> reporter: quick chek cashier phil campolo held onto the ticets and gave them to him the next day. >> there are not many people who are honest like that. >> reporter: abc news reunited weirsky with his samaritan savior. >> i don't want to get emotional on camera but i can't ask for a better friend and i'm sure we're going to be friends.
7:17 am
>> i'm very happy for you. i'm very happy for you. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> reporter: weirsky's life is now forever changed by one small event that they both believe was fate. >> i'm going to give him, something, yes, but i'm going to keep that private. >> one fascinating part of this he did address, and this is a moral question for you all. he got divorced in october. okay? his wife supported him for 15 years while he did not work. what is the right thing to do? i've had the whole studio upset about this. >> is that a difficult question? >> is it? i don't know. i've had all kinds of arguments with people. what's the right thing he should do? >> he's got to give her money. >> he should give her some money, of course. he should give his friend some money. >> he should give the guy who saved the ticket and give his wife 20%. >> at least 20. >> 20 huh? >> 15 years or at least 15%. a percent a year. >> i'm going to go with half. >> whoo! >> george? >> i will go between the two. >> you're always playing -- this is not "this week with george stephanopoulos." you're always playing it down the middle. >> that's not down the middle. he's got to give up some cash.
7:18 am
>> okay. >> you said half, i shivered. whoa! all right, guys, it is international women's day and this morning, duchess meghan is getting a big honor becoming the vice president of the queen's commonwealth trust. her role will be to support and connect young leaders, particularly girls and women around the world, to help them drive positive social change and serve their communities. today she's participating in a big event with some of the most famous names out there like annie lennox. we'll have more on that in our next hour. also this morning, taylor swift's stalker arrested again. accused of breaking into her new york city apartment for a third time. we'll have what she's saying about it. and a rescue in the gulf of mexico. a kayaker stranded when his boat flipped over. how he was able to call 911. first, let's go back over to ginger. >> let's get straight to the weekend getaways brought to you by downy.
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i'm abc7 news metrologist mike nicco. that's the sunshine behind me. random showers possible. rain to showers this weekend, one more storm before an extended period of dry weather develops. highs today above average as we hit 52 to 56. 30s and 40s tonight. but the next cecilia, you weren't the only one with a poster. i had a jordan one. you know who's coming up, new kids on the block. we're going to be right back. ♪ kids on the block. we're going to be right back. ♪
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. it's 7:23. happy friday to you. i'm reggie aqui. a groundbreaking ceremony will get underway for the 101 express lane project. the project includes 32 miles of uninterrupted express lanes between san bruno and sunnyvale. the cost will vary throughout the day so you can bet when the traffic is heaviest, it will cause the most. they'll use an electronic tag. >> i want to take a look at a situation that is starting to improve.
7:24 am
this was our main headache this was. that crash has finally cleared from the right lane. obviously have some residual delays through the area. we had another crash in the north bay, southbound 101, very heavy through novato. that's because we had a crash clear. that's adding about 15 minutes
7:25 am
7:26 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's a look at the temperatures. they are cool especially up in the north. 30s there. this has been the area, light showers all throughout the morning and those are going to fade away. you can see they left some moisture on some of the highways in the south bay but otherwise everything is going to be good commuting today. tomorrow not so much.
7:27 am
rain in the morning and then showers and showers near the coast sunday. >> thanks, mike. coming up on "gma," taylor swift's stalker arrested again swift's stalker arrested again for swift's stalker arrested again for (music throughout)
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with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber. good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. ♪ hangin' tough ♪ hangin' tough ♪ hangin' tough that's right. welcome back to "gma" on this flashback friday. that's new kids on the block performing right there in 1989. 30 years ago. and this morning they are back celebrating the 30th anniversary of their breakout album "hangin' tough" and take a look. there they are. making their big entrance in our studio. excited fans, confetti. you know you're cool when you wear sun shades in the morning time. you wear shades. they'll perform some new music, of course, they'll's perform their classics. we can't wait for that. you're excited. ginger was in a cover band. >> i thought i saw ginger out there in the group of fans.
7:31 am
>> she tried to join them. >> we are really excited for that. much more on that ahead. but first, the top headlines we're following right now. president trump and the first lady are heading to alabama this morning to meet with survivors of that devastating tornado in beauregard that killed 23 people. and this morning, 24 states from california to virginia are facing alerts bracing for possible tornadoes and blizzard-like conditions as that big storm moves east. and on this international women's day, marvel's first female-led superhero movie "captain marvel" is hitting theaters starring brie larson. a lot of excitement for that. can't wait to see that one. >> elliott and i reserved our tickets for tomorrow afternoon. right now to that stalker scare for taylor swift. a man arrested after breaking into her home for the second time in less than a year and amy has that story. hey, amy. >> reporter: yeah, this is really scary stuff, george. roger alvarado served time for breaking in just last april but is now back in a courtroom facing very similar charges. this morning, pop superstar taylor swift is trying to shake
7:32 am
off a feeling she knows all too well, after an alleged stalker was arrested for breaking into her manhattan apartment for the third time in less than two years. >> private house, the alarm going off about five minutes. >> reporter: police say roger alvarado used a brick to break through the patio door of her new york city home around 2:20 thursday morning and then attempted to remove property from inside. the 23-year-old appearing in court overnight charged with stalking, burglary, felony criminal contempt for violating the order of protection, criminal mischief, and two counts of possession of burglary tools. alvarado was arrested after breaking into the same apartment last april, taking a shower, and napping in a bed. he was sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to complete a mental health program. two months earlier he was arrested after busting the front door of the residence with a shovel. ♪ we got bad blood
7:33 am
>> reporter: the "bad blood" singer, who already had a protective order against him, was not inside the apartment currently under construction during any of the break-ins. overnight swift posting this cryptic message on instagram. we have to live bravely in order to truly feel alive and that means not being ruled by our greatest fears. this is not the 29-year-old superstar's first scare with strangers. in september of last year she obtained a restraining order against one man sending her threatening letters and showing up at her record label in nashville. and in april 2018, a colorado man was arrested after trying to break into swift's beverly hills mansion. he was found with a knife, rope, and ammunition. just days ago swift telling "erk lelle" magazine, if i if ii of violence has continued into my perm life. i carry army-grade bandage dressing which is for gunshot or
7:34 am
stab wounds. websites and tabloids have taken upon themselves to post every home address i've ever had online. you get enough stalkers trying to break into your house and you kind of start prepping for bad things. now, he faces a minimum of five years on present charges if convicted. but with additional charges pending that could go up to seven years. he is due back in court on tuesday. but three times. that is beyond frightening. i can't imagine what she lives with every day. that's the price of fame. >> you can see how it's affected her. >> fear. >> it certainly has. >> frightening and infuriating for that many times. that rescue in the gulf of mexico. a stranded kayaker was saved after calling 911. abc's erielle reshef is here with the story and, erielle, they were able to find him thanks to some gps technology. >> reporter: they were, cecilia. this is truly miraculous. as he struggled in the choppy gulf that kayaker somehow managing to hold his phone above the water line to call 911 for help. now, he's crediting a calming dispatcher on the line, that new gps technology, and some heroic first responders for saving his life. >> 911, what's the address of the emergency? >> hey, i'm out here on my kayak. i flipped over. i'm near 7th avenue. i'm about, oh, a half a mile off
7:35 am
the beach. >> okay. >> please send the coast guard. >> okay. >> help me, please. >> reporter: a 65-year-old fisherman's desperate plea for survival after his kayak capsized into rough waters on the gulf of mexico a half mile from shore. michael bochniarz's legs tangled in the kayak's rope, as the current pushed him further and further away from land. knowing any minute could be his last, bochniarz used voice activation to call 911 on his cell phone. for 23 minutes, 911 dispatcher mackenzie espinoza did her best to keep him calm. >> if you hang up on me i will lose your gps connection. we're not going to be able to find you. right now i can see where your phone is. i'm tracking your phone right now. >> reporter: as mckenzie and michael spoke, the 911 supervisor deployed a new technology called rapidsos which can pinpoint an exact location for wireless callers. >> i feel so embarrassed. >> please don't feel embarrassed. that's exactly what we're here for. >> okay.
7:36 am
and what is your name? >> my name is mackenzie. >> mac kenzie, thank you so much. >> reporter: identifying the coordinates the sheriff's office dispatched rescue boat. >> i see a helicopter. >> they'll come out to you. >> reporter: first responders finally converging on bochniarz. >> i'm so happy. >> i'm happy too. i'm happy that we got you. >> reporter: bringing him back safely. >> i'm going to cry. >> reporter: on shore, an emotional reunion. >> i'm still lucky and blessed to be here today. >> he is a member of my family now. >> reporter: the water was only 56 degrees during that chilling ordeal but bochniarz is okay. he also reunited with the two first responders who pulled him from those choppy waters to just to thank them. >> wow. >> it's pretty miraculous. >> big hugs. >> heroes. from one heroic act, we're going to go to another. this is a bus driver, caught on camera. so take a look at this. the driver, carolyn from missouri springing into action to save an 8-year-old student
7:37 am
from choking. she heard his older brother screaming in panic and suddenly slammed on the brakes to help him performing the heimlich maneuver. and the boy's mother was so grateful saying the family is grateful she knew exactly what to do and keep her cool and get our kids home safe. carolyn says she took a training course years ago but never expected to have to use what she'd learned. but thank goodness she took it. she was prepared. and she jumped into action. >> right in action really fast. coming up, almost daylight saving time. how could a loss of sleep affect your driving? wait until you see our experiment. and gio benitez is taking one for the team on this.
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we are back now with an alert about driving while tired. as daylight savings time approaches this weekend we'll jump ahead an hour, which means losing an hour of sleep. and that can be pretty dangerous if you're behind the wheel. we put a sleep-deprived gio benitez in a simulator to see what could happen. good morning, gio. glad you're awake and here. >> i survived. we always hear about the importance of sleep but shooting this report brought it home to me. losing an hour of sleep this weekend can make an impact. so i took part in a safe driving experiment after staying up almost all night, the results dramatic. even worse than i thought they'd be. car crashes like this happen a lot. officials say a suspected drowsy driver crashed that this truck pushing it into the barrier. and this driver slamming into a
7:42 am
toll booth, and he's ejected. everyone survived these accidents but experts estimate more than 7,000 people have been killed in drowsy driving-related crashes over the last decade. >> i've definitely dozed off. it's about 1:00 a.m. now. now, i'm staying up to demonstrate how devastating lack of sleep can be on the brain. all in an effort to help prevent accidents. i probably got if i were to add it all up about two hours of sleep. after being up for most of the past 29 hours i get into a driving simulator at the classic car club of manhattan. meeting me there experts from new york's mt. sinai integrated sleep center, who will monitor my alertness during a driving simulation test. they hook me up to a device that will monitor brain waves. >> sleep is defined by the frequency of brain waves. as you go to sleep that should slow down. >> reporter: my first six minutes in the simulator, smooth driving. but then, crash after crash after crash.
7:43 am
after 15 minutes a significant slowdown. lots of yawns and more spinouts. in fact, i would crash or spin out about once a minute. after half an hour, i just had to stop. there were moments when suddenly my attention would be back on the road, but i wouldn't remember what happened immediately before. >> some of what you're describing we call automatic behaviors, this is especially when people are driving on the highway they just get into this automated mode. >> like a trance. >> like a trance. >> reporter: back at mt. lab, my results. so, doctor, what did you find? >> while there was no frank sleep that there were definitely lots of pieces of evidence of increased drowsiness including a lot of microsleep so we see that these are these bursts of slower activities that are indicative of your brain going offline. >> reporter: here's what stunned me. in those 30 men minutes of driving, i experienced about 0 episodes of what experts call
7:44 am
microsleep. that's what the brain goes offline for one to three seconds. essentially even though my eyes were mostly open and appeared awake, my brain would briefly go into sleep mode. >> the frequency with which it was occurring was really to me very dramatic. >> fragmented sleep. >> i think it would have been pretty similar if you hadn't slept at all. >> unbelievable. and here's why this is important. one study found that people who slept six hours a night for two weeks fupgsed just as poorly as those who stayed awake for two days straight so we truly need to schedule that sleep seven to nine hours for adults. losing just an hour again this weekend we really can be affected. i'm a five to six-hour guy. not anymore. that brain scan just shocked me. >> two weeks of six hours a night was the same as only getting two hours' sleep -- >> the same as if you were staying awake for two days straight. >> wow. >> george is like i've been awake for a lot of days in a row. your brain showed those moments your brain went offline. that scan did. but that microsleep, that is
7:45 am
really dangerous. >> very dangerous. because you don't know it's happening. you don't know it's happening. we had those bursts. that's why we did the experiment because we had those one to three-second bursts of microsleep and that's when i lost control. that's when i crashed the car and i just didn't know what was going on. you see me yawning right there. i was yawning a lot. >> can i ask one more question? how good of a driver were you before? >> i haven't been in an accident since i was 18, michael. >> you live in the city. you've been taking ubers, that's why. >> thanks again for taking one for the team, gio. coming up, the 9-year-old girl, the nba star and what she just got steph curry to do. ♪ no, no, no. oh... ooh. what is that? no, no, no. you got a virus. i have a virus? ♪ i'm missing this. did you try restarting it? mom. any key enter... space bar... escape. ♪ ♪ ♪
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back now with the 9-year-old making big moves on international women's day and she got the chance to team up with an nba giant to help girl on the basketball court. janai norman is here with this great story. good morning. >> such a good story. happy friday. you might remember from back in november when the only thing that the 9-year-old warriors fan riley morrison wanted was steph curry's sneakers. but under armour didn't have them in the girls' section. so young riley took matters into her own hands and wrote him a handwritten letter. saying, i know you support girl athletes because you have two daughters and host an all girls basketball camp. i hope you can work with under armour because girls want to rock the curry 5s too. not only did curry respond in handwritten style but under armour immediately made the change. and now, in honor of international women's day riley
7:50 am
helped design the new 6s, a day before their official release, steph curry himself surprised the 9-year-old with her own pair of the new purple kicks. >> cool. >> here's a closer look at the new under armour icon curry 6 united win color way and it takes a way a lot to impress the two-time mvp. but curry praised the 9-year-old saying she had the courage to use her voice to call attention to an issue and keep us accountable. she was focused on the opportunity for all girls, not just herself. she's inspiring and wise beyond her years. so inspiring. so, i mean, i would love if you had a daughter, all you would want her to do in a situation like that is to grab the reins and say, i'm going to help make a change. >> and start a whole new sneaker line? yeah. >> yes, so impressive, so fantastic. >> that was great. >> thanks. >> don't go anywhere because look who is here. new kids on the block. whoo. laugh in times square. they're performing live coming up. ♪ the right stuff
7:51 am
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♪ i have... ♪ welcome back to "good morning america." this is buddy, everyone. from charleston, south carolina. just learning windshield wipers and we thought it was probably the cutest video we've seen all
7:54 am
week. so wanted to share that with you as so many have dealt with so much rain, it's then snow. mammoth mountain, more than 600 inches. they're worried about spring flooding but you know what, it was good for this. look at that number. all of california nearly out of the drought. we have not seen that since 2011 so no numbers like this, 99.4% drought free. that's spectacular to see. this segment has been sponsored by lincoln. and coming up right here on "gma," how facebook is cracking down on vaccination information. and we've got skin scare solutions for spring. should you get a hydrafacial? we'll try it out live. and this. new kids on the block are here. ah, i can't wait. cove
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by walmart. discover more ways to shop at walmart today.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> it is friday. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." and metrologist mike nicco has the forecast. i can see some sun. >> i hope everybody enjoys it too because it won't last past today. we have a little of showers. if you're heading out today, it's going to be a little breezy but a good day to be outside. temperatures around 52 to 56. let's take a look at my acweather seven-day forecast, rain this time tomorrow, turning to showers for the rest of the weekend. >> taking a look at the roads, we are looking at that sunshine here on the san mateo bridge. a quick check of some drive
7:57 am
times. in the yellow all the way around. highway 4 to the maze, minutes. >> coming up on "gma" how facebook is fighting back against misinformation on vaccinations and we'll have another
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. overnight president trump's former campaign chair, paul manafort, sentenced to almost four years behind bars after facing the possibility he'd spend the rest of his life in prison. democrats now blasting the decision. facebook fighting back. the social media giant cracking down on misinformation, blocking anti-vaccination propaganda across its platforms on the heels of measles outbreaks across the country. the galaxy far, far away. it's closer than you think. disney's brand-new "star wars" experience, the latest details on the groundbreaking new attraction that's out of this world. we'll tell you how soon you can hop aboard the millennium falcon. ♪ looking for some hot stuff
8:01 am
spring skintervention. could the face gym be your skin's new secret weapon? does the hydrafacial really work? we're breaking down the cutting edge treatments to help you boost your beauty routine. ♪ you've got the right stuff >> and we've got the right stuff this morning. new kids on the block is taking over times square performing their biggest hits live as they get ready to kick off their massive cross-country tour. and they're here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh >> good morning, america. a huge morning here on "gma." ♪ right stuff there we go. new kids on the block, they are taking over times square. cecilia, how is your inner 13-year-old self feeling right now? >> you guys keep teasing me all morning and poor ginger, but
8:02 am
let's just tell -- you were doing the oh, oh, oh, oh dance during the commercial break. so there is that. >> but i'm not blushing like you are. >> i'm very excited. i'm not the only big fan here, guys. the news directors upstairs from some of our affiliates from across the country and our "gma" staff have been posing with the guys all morning long. there they go. and now time for their grand entrance upstairs. let's see it. new kids on the block. [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about. i love it. and i love the new song, too. >> the new song is great. >> yeah, it's really awesome. >> we'll hear it in just a little bit. we do have news to get to, as well. we'll start with that breaking news overnight on paul manafort. after facing the possibility of 24 years in prison, president trump's former campaign chair has been sentenced to less than four years behind bars. that's in his first sentencing. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest from washington. pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. manafort is going to jail for at least several years.
8:03 am
and he is 69 years old. but the judge going so far below those sentencing guidelines has set off a fierce debate about fairness in crime and punishment. paul manafort could be locked up for nearly four years. sentenced last night to 47 months in prison for a variety of crimes including bank and tax fraud. judge t.s. ellis rendering his decision after manafort threw himself at the mercy of the court. manafort, in a wheelchair and dressed in a jailhouse jumpsuit saying, my life personally and professionally is in shambles. this is an ordeal i'm responsible for. i ask for your compassion. he apparently got some. manafort had faced a maximum of 19 to 24 years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines. the special counsel had called for a severe penalty given the fact that manafort was convicted on eight counts of bank and tax fraud. but judge ellis called those sentencing guidelines excessive, saying that manafort
8:04 am
has led an otherwise, quote, blameless life. the judge's leniency came despite the fact that manafort has been in jail since last june for witness tampering and he was caught lying after agreeing to cooperate with the special counsel. democrats blasted the sentence as too lenient. reeking of privilege. >> you have a person of privilege who is spending a significantly less sentence than people of color spend for committing crimes that i think are far less dangerous and offensive to our society. >> reporter: but manafort's legal battles are not over. he will be in a d.c. federal court next wednesday facing sentencing on another special counsel prosecution where the guidelines call for a maximum of ten years in prison. so we'll have to see what happens there, george. >> very different judge. pierre, thanks very much. michael. now to that major new storm that's moving east. millions bracing for possible tornadoes and blizzard-like conditions this weekend. ginger is tracking it all including those dangerous flash floods in utah. ginger. >> right, and that's where we begin. the pictures out of springdale, utah, southwestern utah where you can see those rushing rapids in that river overflowing.
8:05 am
that is the same energy coming from what was in the san joaquin valley, upper level low pressure system that caused these, actually called cold air funnels. they are different from others and don't usually do damage but that means there is a lot of energy, cold air loft and where all of this will head east. overnight tonight, if you're in ft. smith, arkansas, there could be damaging winds waking you up. in the middle of the night. so please have your weather radios on. tomorrow if the atmosphere has a chance to destabilize we have a potential for tornados and damaging winds, especially from memphis down through northern mississippi, very close to the same region that was hit, george. >> we will be watching. ginger, thanks very much. facebook is fighting back against vaccine misinformation and we're going to tell you about that in a minute. and we're helping your skin get a boost for spring. what's a hydrafacial and does it really work? we're trying it out live. plus, what mariah carey is debuting right here on "gma." but i don't know if you guys have heard, this is breaking news, new kids on the block. >> oh, really. >> here, taking over times square. i know, this just in. our crowd is going crazy upstairs. can't wait for them to perform, "hangin' tough."
8:06 am
we'll be right back. we'll be right back. so why do you stick with a bank that treats you like this? this is nice, how much? $50. $40. deal. please see if there's better out there. ask the internet! ask your friends. ask your co-workers. we're pretty sure they'll send you over to us. because we're not just a bank, we're an ally. [phone ringing] ally, this is pamela how can i help you? ♪ ♪ if♪ darling, tell me me, loveall the ways ♪ay ♪ ally, this is pamela how can i help you? ♪ tell me all the ways from our store, to your car door. ♪ all the ways choose drive up, at target.
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience. how do you know the new kids is on the block today? if you look around i think there are six men in the audience there. >> that's a good point. >> i want you all to come back on monday. idris elba will be here with a great new show. he's going to be here live in times square. [ applause ] a lot to look forward to. janai norman back with "pop news." >> it is time for "pop news." happy friday. happy international women's day
8:11 am
to all of the women who are here. [ applause ] and we begin with the duchess of sussex this morning leading the way on international women's day. meghan is joining singer annie lennox, former prime minister of australia julia gillard along with other female thought leaders and activists to discuss how to encourage women's empowerment worldwide. there she is, arriving to speak to a panel about access to education and limitations with employment. this as it was just announced that meghan will become vp of the queen's commonwealth trust. in her new role she will focus on the trust work with young women, particularly with young people, particularly young women and girls. [ applause ] >> way to kick it off. and now so many people are excited for this. get ready to be transported to a galaxy far, far away because "star wars" galaxy's edge, the latest epic land in the disney parks just bumped up its opening day. that's right. the force will be with us
8:12 am
earlier than expected. the highly anticipated theme park -- they're ready to clap. [ applause ] you're all excited. that will open on may 31st at the disneyland resort in california. august 29th at disney's hollywood studios in florida. grab your ticket. you'll be able to jump into the cockpit of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy in the millennium falcon, smugglers run ride. then in phase two opening later this year, you can face off with kylo ren in "star wars: rise of the resistance" unless he talks you into joining the dark side. you're looking forward to that? >> yeah. >> it will be fun. time for a special "pop news" exclusive. mariah carey fans told you to tune in to "gma." here's why. she's releasing a brand-new video for her song "a no no." we have the exclusive first look. here it is. ♪ you should have known that it's bigger than you ♪
8:13 am
♪ you'll never know what i already knew ♪ ♪ after everything i already been through ♪ >> yeah, we're into it. you like it? thumb's up? "a no no" is the second single from her 15th studio album, "caution. " and in that video she's paying tribute to a place close to her heart, can you guess, new york city where she grew up. her team re-created an actual new york subway car and her twins moroccan and monroe make a cameo. little cuties. the track reworks lil' kim's "crush on you" featuring biggie smalls. you can see more of mariah. she just kicked off her "caution" world tour last week. >> you know what they call that? >> what do they call that? >> it's very easy. they call that a yes yes. >> a yes yes. >> i think we've got the picture. last time mariah carey was here right? i had some fun. we've got that. a yes yes i guess. are you feeling a little shy, michael? caught you off guard. >> that's "pop news," everybody. [ applause ]
8:14 am
now to our "gma" cover story. facebook taking on a new fight, cracking down on vaccine misinformation spreading online after those recent measles outbreaks. erielle reshef is back with the details. hey, erielle. >> hey, george. health officials say the measles is a preventable illness. but so far this year, there have been more than 200 cases in 11 states, mostly in unvaccinated children. the world health organization calling the decision not to vaccinate a global threat. now facebook is taking sweeping steps to curb the spread of misinformation about vaccines. this morning, facebook vowing to fight back against anti-vaccination propaganda across its platforms. >> any time that we see misinformation, hoaxes, inaccurate information about vaccines being shared in a group or a page, we will be taking action. >> reporter: the announcement coming as the hot button topic is once again making headlines. >> my mother is an anti-vax advocate. >> reporter: this week ohio teen ethan lindenberger testifying before congress that his mother
8:15 am
decided not to vaccinate him based on myths perpetuated online. facebook now saying it will reduce the ranking of pages that spread falsehoods and reject ads that contain misinformation. >> if we see people sharing this sort of content on facebook, immediately we will make sure that that content, those pages, those groups, don't appear in what i'll call search type head and we'll also remove those pages from recommendations. >> reporter: the issue of childhood vaccination an emotional minefield on social media with parents facing off. >> when it comes to vaccinations people have a different concern, it's the fact that their child is playing with a child that's not vaccinated going to cause some kind of issue or medical issue? and that's scary for a lot of parents. >> reporter: but within the medical community, clear consensus, the cdc and american academy of pediatrics stressing the benefits of immunizations
8:16 am
far outweigh any minimal risk. >> the cdc and prevention has talked about the effectiveness of vaccines sean really pushing to have vaccinations for not only children but for adults, as well. there's no science, medical data to support that vaccines cause autism. vaccines are very effective. they save lives. >> reporter: now the world health organization says vaccines work best when 93 to 95% of people have been vaccinated. so doctors urge it's not just a personal choice. it also affects everyone around you. by the way, cecilia, facebook is not alone in taking steps to stop the spread of misinformation on social media. in the past month pinterest and youtube have also joined this effort. >> such an important message. okay, erielle, thank you. we turn to our spring skintervention series. we're looking at some of the hottest trends to get your skin ready for the season. this morning it's all about your face. from treatments you can try at home to an actual face workout. diane macedo is on the case. ♪ >> reporter: from jennifer lopez to gwyneth paltrow to halle
8:17 am
berry, flawless skin is practically a hollywood hallmark. but how can you get that superstar glow? top dermatologist, janine downey says one great option is the new clarisonic mia smart that pairs with your phone to customize your skin routine. >> it has a cleansing head, it has two firming heads and it has a makeup application head. the main reason why it's award-winning is because people are nuts about how it is helping to firm and tone under the eyes. >> now i have the eye massager on here and the awaken eyes routine on here. let's get started. oh, that's really nice. my skin kind of feels warm to the touch and really nice and smooth. for the latest in trendy treatments face gym in new york claims to give your face a workout. it's based on the idea that stimulation can firm and tone the muscles in the face, sculpting cheekbones and defining the jaw line. >> it promises to work out all 40 muscles of your face.
8:18 am
you can get a great glow factor from it and it is boosting your circulation. >> walk me through the face workout. >> we do a warm-up. we do some stretching. we do cardio. then we do sculpting and a cooldown and you're all done. so this is the after gym glow. you worked out for this face. >> i did. i worked out for this face. >> you worked out. >> reporter: for a cutting-edge treatment beauty bloggers tout the hydrafacial as the ultimate way to rejuvenate the skin. >> my never skin has never felt softer in my entire life. >> i'm really loving the way my face is looking right now, plump and hydrated. >> reporter: for "good morning america," diane macedo, abc news, new york. >> i'm here with dr. whitney bowe and angela who is trying a hydrafacial right now. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. [ applause ] >> you're already glowing. tell us how this facial is different than others. >> this one is actually super gentle. so it's safe for even sensitive skin. so as i'm performing the
8:19 am
hydrafacial right now on angela, i'm actually infusing her skin with hydrating serums simultaneously pulling the debris out of her pores. >> how do you know it's working? >> oh, well, take a look at this. so i have -- i've been collecting what we've been doing with her during her procedure. so i -- the serum that i infused into her skin are virtually clear but if you take a look at this you can see that what we collected is yellow and cloudy. that is evidence of all of those dead cells and oils we actually pulled out of her skin during the treatment. >> wow. and has the fda weighed in yet? >> the makers of the hydrafacial are registered with the fda but, you know, the device overall, the risk is very low so it doesn't require the same complex oversight that say a laser would. >> so you've already done it on angela. what's your verdict so far? >> i mean, as far as facials go, this is one i can get behind. >> angela, how did it feel? >> it does not hurt at all. >> it didn't hurt? >> nothing at all. it felt great to be honest. you can feel it sucking out.
8:20 am
it feels good. >> you definitely have a glow. what's your verdict? >> i love it. >> you like it? >> i love it. i feel like my face is as clean as it's ever been. it feels great, amazing. >> all right, looks great. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> for more on this go to our website. over to you, ginger. >> i'm next, dr. bowe. i'm next. let's do your "gma" moment right now. we start, a lot of people say got to turn out for the weekend. how about you gotta just turn? that's what 2 1/2-year-old addie thinks. whoa. >> whoa. >> this is something she does. >> i like it. what? >> and that's what a lot of people look like after turning out, too. addie, we love that so much. thank you for sharing. she's from california. please send your "gma" moments to my facebook page. good mo.
8:21 am
i'm abc7 news metrologist mike nicco. that's the sunshine behind me. random showers possible. rain to showers this weekend, one more storm before an extended period of dry weather develops. highs today above average as we hit 52 to 56. 30s and 40s tonight. but the next it is international women's day. it is a day to celebrate women's accomplishments but when it comes to the workplace, there's still a disparity. women make about 20% less on average than men and are still less likely to get hired in manager level jobs. "nightline's" juju chang is here with more. good morning, juju. >> good morning, michael. i know you support women and you know international women's day is a call to action. so let's jump ahead to april 2nd. that is equal pay day, the date that symbolizes just how far women have to work in the new year to earn on average what men already earned the year before.
8:22 am
so this stubborn pay gap is something employers clearly need to ard. but there are a few things that women can do to take a stand on pay ek quiequity. nancy is a working mom and vice president at a medical center in maine. alex works long hours for a nonprofit in boston. two women eager to get ahead in their careers. but something unexpected is holding them back. >> the inner critic is the voice in our head that tells us we're not good enough. it can be very distracting and incredibly limiting. >> reporter: enter career coach susan brady, author of "mastering your inner critic" and founder of linkage. despite alex's outward confidence, she is dogged by her inner critic. >> i have this voice in my head saying, you know, in meetings, why would anyone have to listen to what you have to say? i'm sure a colleague could articulate that point better so why don't you just wait. >> i worked with my own inner critic. the voice can be mean. >> very mean. >> what's the thing you'll tell yourself the minute you start to feel like you shouldn't or that
8:23 am
you should or that you were supposed to, and i think if has to start with something compassionate like, it's okay, let's speak up. it's okay, let's take action. but first is it's okay. you've got to turn a little love your way. you know? >> yes. >> change your body language. if you're in a meeting sit in a prominent location. be present. shoulders back. chin up. take up more space. you are more powerful than you think. >> reporter: recently given even more responsibilities, nancy's inner critic makes her feel like she has to do it all herself. >> i have a really hard time balancing work and life. how do i just fit everything into an eight, ten-hour day? >> you have to think of your time as extremely valuable. >> reporter: brady says women can be less likely to delegate. >> where are you able to ask for help? start with micro-asks. people who you think are going to have your back and want to support you. >> reporter: bottom line -- >> think bigger.
8:24 am
the world is our oyster. i mean, there has never been the amount of attention and focus and frankly desire to have women step in more fully at work, in leadership. think bigger. for yourself. [ applause ] >> now, both alex and nancy say their confidence absolutely has improved and simply by sitting up straighter has helped. but susan says don't just dream big, dream with specifics. figure out exactly what you want, what title, what salary, what duties, then you add the confidence, the kind of confidence that michael strahan was born with. >> no. >> and was coaching us all about. sit up straight, ladies. >> you know what, equal work, equal pay, i think that's what it should be across the board no matter what it is. susan, the expert we saw, she is working with our parent company, disney, in this issue. >> absolutely. she's going to be part of an event for the women behind the magic. one of more than 100 disney events all around the globe celebrating international
8:25 am
women's day. and, you know, today is all about collective action and it's nice to see corporate commitment to empower tens of thousands of female employees around the globe. >> it's nice to see you bring us this story. >> absolutely. we're going to both sit up straighter. >> we'll both sit up straight. that's right. juju, thank you so much. coming up, everybody, you guys know who's here? new kids on the block. [ applause ]
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." san ramon valley school officials are returning to the bargaining table. they walked away without an agreement wednesday despite a more than 13-hour negotiating session. they're still arguing about class sizes and the numbers of nurses, librarians and counselors. and happy international women's day. >> same to you. we've got a couple issue here this morning, southbound 880. you're slow almost back to state
8:28 am
route 92. two right lanes and off-ramp are blocked. check that out. that's causing when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's diet,m. coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. thanks for sticking around. check out live doppler 7. still showing waves of light showers moving along the peninsula. how about the sunshine and the dry roads for your commute
8:30 am
today? we have rain this time tomorrow and showers the rest of the weekend. >> we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and [ applause ] and ♪ welcome back to "gma." and this is the moment you can tell everybody has been waiting for. how are you feeling? >> i'm excited. >> you're excited. >> can't you tell? >> everybody in here is excited because new kids on the block, they're here and they have sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. this year they are celebrating their 30th anniversary of their breakout album "hangin' tough" by releasing a special anniversary edition that includes all the classics and new music. it is out today and here's new kids on the block performing their latest hit -- >> "boys in the band." [ applause ] ♪
8:31 am
♪ you can hear them going crazy in stadiums in every nation ♪ ♪ a never-ending celebration baby that's how we show our dedication ♪ ♪ the boys in the band, the boys in the band ♪ ♪ we do it for the fans, the boys in the band ♪ >> come on! ♪ where the ladies, let the crowd in 'cause it's about to get loud in here ♪ ♪ and we're only getting started, baby, everybody wanna party with the boys in the band ♪ ♪ the boys in the band ♪ we do it for the fans, the boys in the band ♪ ♪ hey ♪ and if it isn't love then why these new editions keep on showing up ♪ ♪ and why do boys from boston keep on hanging tough ♪
8:32 am
♪ went from boyz ii men but we ain't ever growing up can't get enough ♪ ♪ hey ♪ you can hear them going crazy in stadiums in every nation ♪ ♪ a never-ending celebration baby, that's how we show our dedication ♪ ♪ the boys in the band, come on put them, up, the boys in the band ♪ ♪ we do it for the fans, the boys in the band ♪ ♪ ladies, let me hear you ♪ we like the boys the boys in the band ♪ ♪ the boys in the band the boys in the band ♪ ♪ we like the boys the boys in the band ♪ ♪ the boys in the band the boys in the band ♪ ♪ before we go boyz ii men to the end of the road let's go back to the beginning pay respect new edition ♪ ♪ then came bbd, bsb, b2k, 1d, 98 degrees, come and talk to me, jodeci ♪ ♪ from b-brown to beantown to h-town to o-town ♪ ♪ came the sound berry gordy
8:33 am
found all the way back in motown ♪ ♪ ah, had to catch my breath ♪ peace, lfo, menudo, jls, bts westlife, jackson 5, 'nsync, take that i want you ♪ ♪ and if it is enough then why does every generation have another one ♪ ♪ and why do all directions only lead to one ♪ ♪ before you know there'll be even more to come you can't get enough, whoa ♪ ♪ come on ♪ you can hear them going crazy in stadiums in every nation ♪ ♪ a never-ending celebration baby ♪ ♪ that's how we show our dedication, the boys in the band ♪ ♪ all around the world the boys in the band ♪ ♪ all across the land let me hear you say ♪ ♪ the boys in the band we wanna be with the boys in the band ♪ ♪ come on ♪ we like the boys the boys in the band ♪ ♪ the boys in the band the boys in the band ♪ ♪ we like the boys the boys in the band ♪ ♪ the boys in the band the boys
8:34 am
in the band ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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8:36 am
all right, we are back with a look at some of the best beauty products and treatments for 2019. the magazine "new beauty" vetted nearly 10,000 of them and now they're out with their top picks.
8:37 am
editor at large, sarah eggenberger, is here with the results. good morning to you, my friend. >> hi, cecilia. >> do very this right? you have been doing it for nine years? >> correct. >> 200-plus products on the list. that's a huge undertaking. how do you choose? >> so, it is a six-month process to make sure we find the solution for beauty's biggest problems and they are the absolute best within their category. >> okay, well, let's take a look at some of them. the first one -- we've got them broken down into topics. the first one is called the innovator. something changing the beauty game, right? >> this is mask me. now, this is a mask that you apply to your skin. it contains amazing ingredients that will really help to fortify the skin to add the nourishment back into the skin. this is the innovative part, the bottom half you grabbed actually contains hair minimizers and helps when you get extra hair in the lower half and reduce that
8:38 am
hair growth between your waxings and in between your laser hair removal. >> and a facial-ish on top of it. >> yes. your skin is very hydrated, makes it feel great. >> let's make the commute. the next one we have you're calling the multitasker. what's this product? >> you want to save space in your makeup back and within your wallet. this is our award winner, olay. total effect. >> this is do it all. >> this is do it all. so if you're the market for an affordable moisturizer and spf, this is your go to product. it really literally transforms it from a cream to a light lotion into your skin. very breathable. it feels great. super hydrating without that heavy feel on your skin. >> it's light, definitely. all right. we've got another one. not just talking face, also talking body. the body boost. >> the winner is neutrogena hydra boost. this is amazing because this is taking ingredients that you find in your skin care. hyaloronic acid which is like a
8:39 am
drink of water for your body and hydrating for your skin and especially in low humidity months we need a way to restore moisture so if you use daily you will see extra hydration in your skin and will feel soft and smooth when you use it on a daily basis. >> hyaloronic acid is kind of the buzzword right now. >> it's like the camel of the skin care industry. it holds a thousand times its weight in water. >> the last one is one i'm excited about. you're calling this the secret weapon. you say everyone needs it. >> yes, this is one of your stockpile in your car, in your purse, everywhere. this is color science total effect three in one. i love this. i wish i had this in my bathroom every morning. what you're going to find here is if you had a restless night or you wake up and you're like help me with my under eyes -- >> which is me every morning. >> right, really, so this will help to get rid of dark circles. iridescent minerals and pearl he
8:40 am
interlook and has coverage and spf and hydration. so protects that delicate eye area and helps to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles because it contains vitamin c and green tea extract. >> you've got more where this came from. >> we sure do. >> this is amazing. thank you so much for being here. you can shop these products on our website. ginger, are you like me? do you need some of this under eye stuff? >> every single day, cecilia, yes, hello and good morning. i've got some of the folks behind me. these ladies are from -- >> ft. worth, texas. >> yes, we are starting out this morning with pictures from there because it's cold here. it feels like 20. it's about 26. it's really cold. you know where it's going to be 78 today? dallas-fort worth. >> yep. >> you see the beautiful pictures where spring is springing and it's going to head this way, at least some more moderate. if you guys are staying for the weekend at least good morning. i'm abc7 news metrologist mike nicco. a chilly breeze will kick up a
8:41 am
few clouds but it will be dry other than a random shower. my accuweaththththththththththth this weather has been ththth sponsored by trulicity. george, nothing is stopping us. the cold can't stop us and nkotb is coming up. >> i believe that. right now we have an exclusive interview with indycar driver robert wickens. he suffered a serious spinal injury that left him drive. paula sat down with robert and his fiancee since the accident. >> they touch. oh, my. >> reporter: you're watching a terrifying crash that could have been deadly. 29-year-old indycar driver robert wickens coming around a turn crashing into a wall, the fence and another car at a race last august. wickens was air-lifted to the hospital breaking his leg, arms, ribs and fracturing his spine.
8:42 am
>> have you gone back and watched the crash? >> i have. the accident started at 212 miles an hour. for how i felt at the time i thought it was going to be something, you know, even worse. >> reporter: his fiancee carly woods watched the crash on tv. >> when did you realize the severity of the injuries? >> the moment i walked into the room. they just said he's paralyzed. they didn't even know if he was going to make it. and -- >> reporter: doctors didn't know if wickens would ever walk again. >> you can do it. >> reporter: but he has been determined, focused on recovery with two specific milestones in mind. >> your wedding is in september? >> yeah. >> how important is it not only for you to walk but dance at the wedding? >> more important to walk, i would say. i was never a good dancer. goal number two is to see if i'm fit enough to try to get back in an indycar for the 2020 season. >> reporter: wickens is making huge strides in the six short months since his accident. now standing on his own, walking with a walker. >> i am on my way. >> reporter: even pedaling on a bike.
8:43 am
>> there's no hesitancy to get back in a car for you especially considering that you almost died? >> not that i know of. maybe i'll take half a lap and be like, nope, nope, nope. >> done. >> not for me. >> yeah. >> but i really don't see that happening. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm paula faris, abc news, denver. >> what a great attitude he has. let's go over to ginger. >> yes, and now we've got so much more coming up. we're actually right in front of our sponsor before we get to new kids on the block, by the way, our sponsor with sara outside. samsung's new interactive pop-up insurance, sara. >> yes, right here in the heart of freezing times square, guests can take part in live gaming tournaments, workshops and so much more. and on "strahan & sara" we'll take you inside for a sneak peek at all the excitement and we have new kids on the block. >> oh, my gosh. i've been singing all morning. ♪ please don't go >> would it, let's not us sing. it's not working. >> why are we not singing the same song? >> let's see them sing. they're coming up live next. don't go anywhere. ♪
8:44 am
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♪ step by step we are back now on "gma" with obviously the new kids on the block. don't worry, they're going to perform again in a moment. but first, guys, let's have a quick chat. good morning to you. we're so excited that you're all here. >> beautiful, this couldn't be better. >> we just heard your new hit "boys in the band." i was watching the new video before we came out this morning. it's amazing. and it's a throwback. you guys really throw it back from, boy, in sync to new edition. >> the osmonds. >> i love the '70s wigs. those were good. the suits were good. menudo, too. >> you know what it is, it is a celebration celebrating 30 years of hangin' tough but the song "boys in the band" in making the song it celebrates boy bands.
8:47 am
we decided let's celebrate all boy bands. >> favorite moment from shooting that video? >> playing, i don't know, octogenarians. the opening, yeah, probably the opening, yeah. >> you're about to go on tour. your "mix tape" tour kicks off may 2nd. >> yeah. >> what's different this time around from being on tour the first time? >> you mean in 1988? >> yeah. >> this time, oh, my god. we're back with tiffany so that's the same. she gave us our big break all those years ago on her tour but it's like being a pro athlete as you get older everything slows down and you enjoy it more. but i'll tell you what hasn't changed is the enthusiasm of our fans. [ applause ] it's just incredible. >> your fans are pretty awesome. you mentioned the guest list, tiffany. you've got an amazing guest list including deejay k.g. from naughty by nature is out there with you guys also. >> yeah. >> but that's not it? >> we have salt-n-pepa.
8:48 am
tiffany, trying to tour with them forever. >> debbie gibson. >> amazing. >> the entire naughty by nature, opp. you name it. >> speaking my generation of music. i'm not the only megafan here. jackie, you're in the audience. you got a question for the guys. >> yes. well, i just want to let you know that i've been loving you forever. >> ah. >> and if you could add a pop star to the group, who would it be? >> ooh. >> wow. >> as a sixth member. >> would you really welcome a sixth member to the new kids? >> no. >> would you? >> maybe. >> we're not enough? >> all right. are you ready for more music? >> michael strahan. michael strahan. >> you know, he's got the moves. he was doing the dances downstairs. some of their biggest hits performing live right here new kids on the block. ♪
8:49 am
>> good morning, america. we are the new kids on the block. and we want to see you jump. here we go. come on. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ the right stuff ♪ oh oh oh oh oh, the right stuff ♪ ♪ first time was a great time second time was a blast third time i fell in love ♪ you got the right stuff baby ♪ ♪ love the way you turn me on ♪ you got the right stuff baby ♪ you're the reason why i sing this song ♪ >> come on. >> sing. ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh the right stuff ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh the right stuff
8:50 am
♪ step by step, ooh, baby, gonna get to you girl, step by step hey girl ♪ ♪ your eyes i see a picture of me all the time ♪ ♪ and girl, your smile, you got to know that you drive me wild ♪ ♪ step by step ♪ you're always on my mind ♪ step by step, ooh, girl ♪ ooh girl, i really think it's just a matter of time ♪ >> come on. ♪ step by step, ooh, baby, gonna get to you girl ♪ ♪ step by step, ooh, baby,
8:51 am
really want you in my world ♪ ♪ step by step ♪ >> come up here. [ applause ] ♪ please don't go girl >> got to get that next generation. ♪ you would ruin my whole world ♪ ♪ promise me this, tell me you'll stay ♪ ♪ never ever go away >> good job. >> come on, everybody in the place. let's go. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ everybody if want to take a chance get on the floor and do the new kids' dance ♪
8:52 am
♪ don't worry about nothing 'cause it won't take long ♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪ we're gonna put you in a trance with a funky song, hey ♪ ♪ you got to be hangin' tough, hangin' tough, hangin' tough ♪ everybody in the house now we're rough ♪ ♪ come on, let's go ♪ oh oh oh oh oh get your hands up baby get your hands up oh oh oh oh oh ♪ [ applause ]
8:53 am
(music throughout) seresto, serjake...eresto. seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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>> announcer: it's an ending you won't see coming and monday before the live "bachelor" finale what will chris harrison reveal? >> i will tell exclusively only to you. colton is here live. thursday, an exclusive interview with the new bachelorette. who will it be? only on "good morning america." ♪ oh oh oh "good morning america" is sponsored by samsung. meet the next generation galaxy s10. ♪ the right stuff >> let's give a big thanks to new kids on the block. [ applause ] >> we've also got a surprise. everyone in our audience gets to go home with a copy of the 30th "hangin' tough" anniversary album. [ applause ] have a good weekend, everybody. [ applause ] have a good weekend, everybody.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
is. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. and happy friday. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's check our forecast with mike nicco. >> got live doppler 7 really on the peninsula. that's where we've had light showers moving from northwest to southeast. every once in a while one of them veers over so it could be a little wet. but look at all that sunshine. good day for yard work, exercising. this time tomorrow we'll have steady light to moderate rain. >> we are looking at sky7. they're over a situation in san francisco. this is 6th and howard where we have a fatal collision between a vehicle and a bicyclist. it's backed up.
9:00 am
there's quite the backup on 6th as well. i imagine this investigation will be going on for some time. jessica. >> thank you, alexis, time now for "live with kelly and ryan." we'll be >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new action film "triple frontier" ," charlie hunnam. and star of the series "the enemy within," jennifer carpenter. plus, a performance from new kids on the block. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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