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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 8, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

5:30 pm tonight, several developing stories as we come on. this just in, "empire" actor jussie smollett indicted. now facing 16 felony counts tied to what prosecutors say was a made-up hate crime attack. the stiff sentence he could face if convicted. also breaking tonight, the navy based scare -- a truck blowing through the gate, slamming into a pole. the driver emerging a small child many his arms. >> the new major storm set to strike. alerts stretching for 17 states into the east. the avalanche risk turning deadly and the tornado threat in the south. president trump visiting that tornado disaster zone, but not before slamming michael cohen, accusing his former fixer of asking for a pardon. and what the president said about former campaign chairman paul manafort now heading to
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prison. plus, the u.s. dad who says isis has his children. our reporter with him in the region as he attempts to find them. and the space race is on. nasa and spacex teaming up, sending a capsule. the splashdown. the big question tonight -- are american astronauts on their way? good evening. it's great to have you with us on a very busy friday night. i'm tom llamas in for david. we begin with breaking news out of chicago. new charges for "empire" actor jussie smollett. a federal grand jury indicting him on 16 felony counts for allegedly staging the hate crime attack. smollett originally blaming it on these two men seen on the surveillance image. police say smollett paid them to help carry it out. and tonight he's free on $100,000 bond, but his future
5:32 pm
now potentially in greater jeopardy. steve osunsami starts us off. >> reporter: the actor and singer who police say made up a racist and homophobic attack and then lied to america is now facing 16 new felony charges tonight for lies police say he told during two separate interviews with chicago investigators. >> i'm left hanging my head and asking why. why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? >> reporter: each new charge is for each alleged lie when he told police how he was attacked on his way home from a sandwich shop to his chicago apartment in the early morning of january 29th. he told them that he was beat up by two men with covered faces who poured a chemical on him and were yelling out racial and homophobic slurs. >> he's supposed to be well known. requesting a report. said a noose was placed over the friend's neck. >> reporter: in the second interview, police confirm that this is when the actor said that his attackers screamed "maga country," an allegation that has turned this whole incident into
5:33 pm
a political controversy. >> he said, this is maga country, [ bleep ]. punches me right in the face. i punched his [ bleep ] back. >> reporter: police say he paid these two men to stage the attack. in this instagram post from director lee daniels, who created the series that made the actor famous, you see a wound underneath the actor's eye, which police say was likely self-inflicted. >> all right, steve osunsami joins us now live. steve, these are felony charges. if convicted, what kind of prison time could smollett be facing? >> tom, we're learning he could get up to three years in prison if he's convicted. he's not yet entered a plea on the current charges. he's pleading not guilty on the original charge. tom? >> steve osunsami with that new indictment. all right, steve, thank you. breaking news out of the pacific northwest. a truck crashing the gate at the nuclear submarine missile base. the driver slamming into a pole and facing off against security.
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marci gonzalez with the details coming in. >> panic at this naval base in seattle. >> is this guy a terrorist? what the [ bleep ] is happening right now oh my god, he's got a child. >> reporter: the driver barrelling through a security gate. >> this guy legitimately just ran the thing, barrier. ran across this, ran into that pole, dragged that baby out of the car. >> reporter: that driver on the ground at times grabbing on to that young girl who we learned is his 5-year-old daughter. navy police rushing to the scene within moments. >> whoa, they're backing up. does he have a gun? >> reporter: the security breach prompted a lockdown at the home to have the west coast's fleet of nuclear submarines. he was taken into custody and that child brought in for
5:35 pm
evaluation. police tell us the suspect was on drugs and has no links to terrorism. tom? marci gonzalez with that breaking news. thank you. the brutal new storm taking aim threatening blizzard conditions and possible tornados. it could be a travel nightmare. heavy snow and trouble on the roads in washington state already. take a look at this -- a school bus sliding sideways down this icy street in seattle. the storm barreling out of the west striking the midwest tonight. then a new tornado threat for parts of the south before the storm strikes the northeast. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a powerful western storm tonight is on the move. south of bellevue, washington, slick roads thursday sending a school bus full of kids sliding. no one was hurt. in colorado the rockies are bracing for even more snow with new avalanche warnings. you can see where slides have broken free on interstate 70. this is a view above an avalanche that buried multiple vehicles thursday. everyone escaped. officials say it's the worst avalanche season in 50 years.
5:36 pm
>> these slide pads don't have a history of hitting the highway. >> reporter: broken and buried trees mark the spot near jones pass colorado. where a back country skier was buried yesterday. teams are out triggering avalanches like this on purpose before they become threats. this spot hasn't seen a slide this big since eisenhower was president. those intentional slides sometimes triggered with explosives. we watched ski patrollers at copper mountain resort working to make the snow safe. >> how much snow does it take to immobilize you? >> nothing. two or three inches. eporter: a advances this weekend severe weather could spin up in the south, bringing high winds and possible tornadoes. after three dozen twisters last weekend struck four states. here in colorado we're expecting another round of heavy snow tonight. that increases the avalanche risk as this storm pushes east. tom. >> clayton sandell monitoring
5:37 pm
the avalanche threats out there. rob marciano tracking all the other weather. what's coming up next? >> not only snow but wind coming with the system. very powerful. it's all coming east. it emerges in the plains tomorrow. that brings heavy snow to the northern plains. 6 to 10 inches west of minneapolis. a round of strong thunderstorms. severe weather expected tomorrow afternoon. little rock to memphis. potentially lasted overnight into sunday. heavy rain chicago into new york. starting as snow and turning into rain. tom? >> rob, you'll be tracking the weather through the weekend. thank you. with that new tornado threat looming president trump and the first lady visited lee county alabama today seeing the firsthand damage from the ef 4 tornado that killed 22 people this week. at providence baptist church the president signing bibles. outside stopping by a memorial with 23 white crosses. on the way to alabama president trump weighed in on his former campaign chairman paul manafort and on michael cohen's claim about a pardon.
5:38 pm
here's abc's senior national correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: president trump today ripped into his former lawyer and fixer michael cohen for declaring, under oath, that he never sought a pardon. >> michael cohen lied about the pardon. it was a stone-cold lie. he has lied about a lot of things. >> reporter: before congress, cohen was clear. >> i have never asked for, nor would i accept, a pardon from president trump. >> reporter: but later, his team acknowledged cohen had, in fact, asked his lawyer to reach out to the president's attorney rudy giuliani to discuss the possibility. >> he knew all about pardons. his lawyers said they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. >> reporter: and then on twitter, trump went further. >> he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. he lied again. at stake in this unseemly feud is michael cohen's credibility, already shaky, and he fired back at the president tweeting "just another set of lies." today abc's kyra phillips asked trump if he'll pardon another former associate facing prison, his former campaign chairman
5:39 pm
paul manafort. >> are you ruling out a pardon for manafort? >> i dont even discuss it. the only one discussing it is you. i haven't discussed it. >> reporter: manafort faced the prospect of decades in prison. federal guidelines called for a sentence of 20 to 24 years for his crimes, but judge t.s. ellis gave him just 47 months, less than four years. a stunning act of leniency based, the judge said, on what he called paul manafort's otherwise blameless life. democrats were outraged, but not president trump. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it has been a very tough time for him. >> terry moran joins us live from the white house. terry, word tonight of another senior staffer leaving the west wing. communications director bill shine abruptly resigning today. and by our account it's his fifth communications director to leave. >> that's right. a lot of turnover in this trump white house. bill shine the former co-president of fox news who
5:40 pm
built the coverage that donald trump loves so much. but we are told the president didn't like the news coverage he's getting these days. so shine is out. we hear he may be heading to the president's re-election campaign. tom? >> terry moran with that staff shake-up tonight. terry, thank you. former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning sent to jail after refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating wikileaks. manning says she objected to the grand jury's secrecy and she already revealed everything she knows at her court-martial hearing in 2013. manning served seven years in prison for leaking a massive trove of classified documents to wikileaks. a new accuser speaking out against r. kelly. the woman claiming she was only 13 years old when kelly sexually abused her years ago. it comes as kelly remains behind bars trying to come up with child custody money he owes. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight investigation and outrage growing at in wake of that explosive interview with r.
5:41 pm
kelly. >> i have been assassinated. i have been buried alive. >> reporter: the singer denying all allegations of abuse and sex with underage girls. >> have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> reporter: one of his latest accusers, now an adult, speaking out saying she's ready to testify against him. he needs to stop playing the victim. he was the adult and i was the child. he had no right to take advantage of me when i was only a 13-year-old child. kelly's fiercest defenders, the two young women who live with him. >> we're in a relationship with him. >> reporter: 21-year-old azriel clary and 23-year-old joycelyn savage instead lashing out at their own parents. >> our parents are out here to get money and scam. >> reporter: both families now responding. >> that's not my daughter. the woman she has become now is like robotic. >> reporter: insisting they were never out for money. >> let me make sure i'm clear. i never received any funds from r. kelly.
5:42 pm
>> have you asked for funds? >> never asked for any monies from r. kelly. >> tonight r. kelly remains behind bars unable to pay $161,000 in back child support. tom? >> whit johnson for us. whit, thank you. >> we head overseas to syria where hundreds of isis militants and their wives are fleeing the last isis stronghold and crowding into refugee camps. it comes as one american father traveled to the region looking for his children who he says were abducted by his wife and taken to syria. here's abc's james longman. >> reporter: victory was meant to be swift, yet u.s., backed forces today finding foxholes, weapons, and even a car bomb. left behind near isis's last stronghold in baghouz. isis fighters, some of them injured, have been streaming out of that syrian town surrendering. and the wives and children of the so-called caliphate, who
5:43 pm
believed in its fantasy, now face the grim reality of its demise. living in makeshift camps like this one, at breaking point, another 12,000 arriving in just the last two days. we met one american father who travelled to the region desperate to find two faces among the crowd. bashirul shikder says his wife abducted their children yusuf and zahra from their south florida home four years ago to join isis. >> i asked her, how you came to this kind of decision to take my lovely yusuf and my zahara away from me? when i asked her to come back she said that, "i cannot come because our passports, my passport, my babies' passport are taken already." >> reporter: his wife now believed to be dead. u.s. commanders are warning the seeds of future extremism may be sprouting in those camps. and that father hoping he just finds his children and takes them out of this mess. tom? >> james longman. reporting from iraq tonight. james, thank you.
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>> a disappointing job report out tonight. adding just 20,000 jobs in february. possibly the effects of a harsh windter and a possible government shutdown, but the unemployment back to 8%. the u.s. women's soccer team filing a lawsuit over unequal pay. the suit filed on international women's day, alleging the u.s. soccer federation has not compensated the female players the same at men despite the same job. next a milestone in space travel after spacex's dragon capsule successfully returns to earth after a round trip to the international space station. ripley is safe too carry americans to space from american soil. for the first time in eight years. spacex is hoping to send the dragon as soon as summer with a human on board.
5:45 pm
>> a boy becoming trapped. the warning for parents tonight. the major development in the abduction of jayme closs. the letter her captor sent and his message to her. the landing scare for a passenger plane about the touch down when a massive flock of birds crosses its path 6789. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop.
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some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. next tonight, a major development in the abduction of jayme closs. her alleged captor also accused of killing her parents writing an apology letter and revealing details for the first time about his motive. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, the man charged with holding 13-year-old jayme closs captive for 88 days after killing her parents saying he intends to plead guilty. in a handwritten letter from prison apparently answering questions from a reporter at minneapolis station kare, jake patterson writing -- i want jayme and her relatives to know that. don't want them to worry about a trial. >> i have a young lady at my house right now and she says her
5:48 pm
name is jayme closs. >> reporter: jayme bravely escaping patterson's rural cabin, later telling investigators she was barricaded under his bed for up to twelve hours at a time with no food or water. asked why he did it, patterson claiming, this was mostly on impulse. i don't think like a serial killer. but police say the 21-year-old meticulously planned the home invasion. patterson ending his letter with an apology. i'm sorry, jayme, for everything. i know it doesn't mean much. tom, the sheriff says he is aware of the letter but cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. patterson is charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping. tom? >> erielle reshef with that disturbing letter. thank you. when we come back, more on that bird strike scare. and the health scare from whoopi goldberg, telling fans she almost died. stay with us. r month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage.
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5:52 pm
empty coolers and refrigerators. whoopi goldberg revealing a personal health scare. >> here's what happened. i had pneumonia and i was septic. and yes, i came very, very close leaving the earth. good news, i didn't. >> "the view" co-host who had been missing for a month sharing the news in a video to fans saying she hopes to return to the show very soon. we wish whoopi well. when we come back it is hard to stop steph curry, but one little girl did it with a letter. it's america strong. ♪ limu emu and doug. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird
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finally tonight on this international women's day, america strong. the little girl and the big star. what he did to make her dream come true. >> reporter: 9-year-old riley morrison loves playing basketball, and she loves watching golden state warrior steph curry. >> he's a really good ball handler. i hope to be as good as him when i'm older. >> reporter: so naturally she wanted the same shoes curry wears on the court. >> the ultimate upgrade. >> reporter: but when she went to the under armour web site and looked for the curry 5s only boys sizes came up. riley telling espn -- >> there weren't any on the girls net. i was disappointed. boys aren't any better than girls. there's no difference. >> she looked at me and she goes, dad that's not fair. i said hey why don't you write a letter to him? >> reporter: and that's exactly what riley did. >> dear stephen curry, i'm 9 years old. i'm from napa, california and i'm a big fan of yours. >> reporter: well, that letter reached curry who usually makes amazing plays on the court. this time he did it on social
5:57 pm
media. >> i opened my phone and i'm reading this letter and realize this is a letter from stefan curry to my daughter about shoes. >> he said he was sorry that they had listed the shoes as boys and that he was fixing the problem and that he would send me a pair of curry 5s. i was shocked. i didn't know what to say. >> she just kept saying he wrote back. dad, dad, he wrote back. >> are these mine? >> yes. >> yay! >> she got six large boxes of gear from him and multiple pairs of shoes. >> this is amazing. >> reporr:ndst night riley got to meet her idol. riley has now even collaborated with curry on another sneaker, her designs right there on the sock liner. >> to basketball players, encouraging words around it. be fearless, courageous. girls hoop too.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: riley morrison, by taking charge of her own future, teaching a new generation of girls this lesson. >> by simply writing the letter you can change the world and you don't have to be rude. you can be kind and respectful and it will change. >> that is so true. you can see more of riley's story on espn's "nba countdown" at 7:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for watching. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you back here tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
a liefr live look at san francisco. if you think the effects of the tech boom are bad now, just wait. i'm in san francisco where there's a compelling reason why housing prices could go up an astounding 50% in the next few years. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm a.m. daetz. i'm dan ashley. uber and loirt ashe and -- >> the move could leave the employees of the companies flush with cash and leave prices higher in san francisco. >> we're looking into the issue as part of our commitment to build a better bay area. leslie brinkley has been tracking down what this could mean. >> she joins us live from the berkeley hills. leslie? >> reporter: well, to start with, in the near future in san francisco, thousands of young people are on the verge of become being instant millionaires. and here in the bay area, they're going to be buying into the housing market and driving
6:00 pm
it up way. >> people covet living here in the city by the bay. it's expensive now. very expensive. but buckle up for a ride up on the backs of these ipos. in the next year, these major tech companies like airbnb, uber, lyft and others are expected to go public with a total market capitalization of $200 billion. and many of those employees have an equity stake in those companies. >> if all the planned or rumored ipos happen, we'll see on the order of thousands of new millionaires. >> he specializes in data analytics and crunched the numbers of what will happen when they start buying single family homes. >> we probably expect 50% to 100% increase in prices over the next five to ten years specifically for single family homes. >> in san francisco? >> in san francisco. >>


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