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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the usc campus where he was a music student. a source tells me victor was amazingly talented and gifted and really cared and wanted to give back to the community. victor's mother is an oakland city council member. she and other family members are in los angeles now dealing with her son's death. i spoke to lapd. they say just after midnight, three to four men approached victor and one of them shot him. the suspects fled and at this point police are calling it a possible attempted robbery. it's unclear at this point if anything was actually stolen. victor was transported to a hospital in critical condition and died around 11:00 this morning. the university released a statement which says, we are deeply saddened by the death of victor. he was a gifted musician and a beloved member of the trojan family. his loss will affect all of the faculty and students who knew him. we appreciate the diligent and ongoing efforts of the los
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angeles police department to quickly identify and arrest those responsible for this senseless crime and extend our greatest sympathies to victor's family and friends. victor was an oakland native and attended oakland school for the arts before transferring to usc in 2017. he was a drummer. he was studying jazz at usc. we are expecting a statement from the family. of course, our condolences here at abc 7 go out to them as well. we will have more information on this story at 11:00. back to you. >> truly so senseless. thanks. in the east bay, sheriff's deputies successfully deescalated what could have been a deadly situation at the oakland airport this morning. a 28-year-old oakland man was armed with a knife. he approached patrol cars out at the curb with the intent to, quote, randomly kill a police officer. deputies surrounded the man and talked him into putting the blade down and surrendering.
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>> i think she would have been put in a deadly force situation. knowing our staff, they do not want to do something like that. i think there's a sigh of relief for us and for everybody involved. >> a folding knife was recovered. the suspect was arrested and faces several charges, including brandishing a weapon and making criminal threats. a possible electrical fire at elmwood correctional facility. it broke out just before 10:30 a.m. in one of the two housing barracks. a fire department crew had the flames contained in a half an hour. authorities did secure the perimeter. there were no initial signs of arson and no reports of any injuries. some parts of the bay area saw rain, hail, even sun today and drying out later in the week. >> a live look outside right now if we can. that picture, you were looking at, shows cloud formations -- is
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that a rainbow? kind of. i was discussing these clouds with lisa. i don't speak cloud. she was telling me what they were. >> we had a nice discussion about low clouds, and the clouds of vertical development is because the atmosphere is so unstable. we have an area of low pressure offshore that's allowing for this dynamic weather we have been having all day. it's a one on the storm impact scale. still looking at downpours, hail, even thunder. it will continue to decrease tonight. you can see that circulation offshore. look at the lightning strikes from san jose into the east bay. as we zoom in there closer, check it out. get indoors. some very heavy rain. as we go along the lighter rain up through lake view drive. further in san francisco, certainly, looking at more showers.
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we are looking at a break in the north bay right now. that's the trend. the weather -- the rain will end from north to south. temperatures will warm into the 60s as soon as tomorrow. >> thanks. while we are expecting a sunny day tomorrow, we got pelted with rain and hail and snow. >> reporter: booming thunder was rolling through the east bay on sunday. a major hailstorm, not far behind. it totally pelted this area in oakland. there was so much hail, it look liked a snowy tahoe wonder land. >> put a scoop in your hand. is it like snow? >> reporter: there was real snow falling on mount hamilton at the lick observatory. the rain was also back, making driving pretty treacherous. the chp says this car spun out
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on rain slick highway 24 near the broadway exit. the driver wasn't hurt. in san francisco, umbrellas were back on duty. >> it's getting to be a lot. it's wet every single day. >> reporter: this tree fell overnight blocking traffic. this tree toppled near 380 in san bruno. >> this week, our soil is saturated past the point. it cannot take more rain. >> reporter: this arborist says homeowners should look for anything unusual at the base of trees on their property. >> if you see any roots, that's a good indication. it's a big red flag warning, this tree is hazardous. >> reporter: many admit after a long winter, they need a break from the elements. you ready for spring? >> yes. very ready for spring. >> reporter: more rain is on the way. >> if you want to track the rain with live doppler 7, you can do it with the abc 7 news app. just click the blue live bar at the top. you can check the weather conditions where you live and
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enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. in the south bay, a couple originally from paradise who lost everything in the deadly camp fire will drive a 2014 toyota rav4. >> we were at the silicon valley auto show where andy and lindsay met with geico and caliber collision who helped make the donation possible. all of it part of the national auto body counsel's recycled rides program. they collaborate to repair and donate vehicles to those in need of reliable transportation. >> we're humbled by just the opportunity. we know we're a few of many people in paradise that lost everything. we feel very honored. >> slick ride. they are both teachers and have volunteered countless hours to help their paradise community recover from november's devastating fire. sury adviser
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john bolton appeared on abc's "this week "tod" today. he discussed photos that appear to show a rebuilding of a north korean nuclear launch site. president trump wants more money for a border wall. the reques he is set to make a month after declaring a national
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ethiopia declared tomorrow a national day of morning after an eiththiopian airline crash kill all on board. it crash aed a few minutes afte takeoff. the u.s. state department confirmed eight americans were among the victims. several u.n. staff members were killed. president trump is set to seek more than $8.5 billion to build a wall at the u.s./mexico border. that would come as part of the white house's upcoming bun dget proposal. the president declare ad a national emergency. congress has moved to resolution in the coming days. john bolton spoke today on "this week" discussing issues of international concern.
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we have the story. >> reporter: president trump's national security adviser john bolton appearing on "this week" said he did not want to go into specifics on new images that appear to show rebuilding of a north korean launch site but said the u.s. watches north korea constantly. >> the united states government, i will put it this way, expends a lot of resources and effort so we don't rely on commercial satellite imagery. there's a lot of activity in north korea. i'm not going to speculate on what that particular satellite picture shows. >> reporter: the activity was detected two days after the second summit in hanoi that failed to reach an agreement. when asked about the images, the president is said it's too early to draw any conclusions. >> i would be very disappointed in chairman kim. i don't think i will be. but we will s wha ppen rter: inrne says th h the believes the momentum
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ez with a l veven -- venezuela is for maduro. >> he has never said that the elimination of the caliphate means the end of isis. we know there are isis fighters scattered still around syria and iraq and that isis itself is growing in other parts of the world. >> reporter: bolton adding the isis threat will remain.>> powe to half a billion dollars. nobody won last night. the woh $448 million. the largest powerball jackpot so far this year. while there was no first place winner last night, somebody in puerto rico won $2 million. winners in nebraska and texas won a million dollars.
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a man found out the hard way why cars and sand do not mix. >> you can see he got stuck on carmel beach. why he drove on it in the first place. taking a live look outside. a little gray right now. your accuweather forecast up next. clay thompson is doing it again. they are off to another quick start. he plays in his 600th career game tonight.
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is the final week for the maverick surf contest. the waves were actually too big in december, 50 feet in height. that did not keep surfers from taking advantage of the swells at the half moon bay surf spot. if it's held this year, it will be the first time women will be included. what was supposed to be a romantic night on the beach turned into a complicated task for police and a towing company. >> this wasn't romance when i was growing up. a man in his 20s impress his girlfriend by driving on the beach in carmel by the sea. things did not go as planned.
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the car became trapped in the sand for seven hours. the police at 3:00 a.m. saturday got the call asking to be rescued. it took hours for a tow company to pull it to the parking lot. the driver was cited for driving on the beach. that's not romantic either. he told officers he, quote, messed up in his drive to impress his girlfriend. do you think? >> i wonder if they are still together. lisa is going to relieve us of this conversation. talking about the weather. >> i like that beach. you may want to be spending time at the beach. believe it or not. several severdays next week. today, rain is winding down. as we look at the hills from the summer in livermore, they are green now. it does represent a warming trend with the sunshine coming your way. tomorrow, 64 degrees. a weak system will drop your temperatures into the 60s on
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tuesday. mid 60s will prevail for much of the week. by this time next weekend, above average, well into the 70s in the valleys of the east bay. today, it's been thunder and lightning and hail that's been accumulating at the surface. the reason why, as you can see, the circulation offshore. it's a low that's beginning to fill and sink to the south. as a result, it's allowing for the unstable air over the land to vertically develop quickly. that allows for the instability, showers, thunderstorms from area. lighter rain. but it has been soggy on the peninsula. pretty consistent in san francisco with the on and off showers from the bay view. into the east bay, around seaview parkway looking at the
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wet weather. we head towards fremont, a bit of a break. pleasanton, light showers. on and off shower activity. this will slide to the south. the rain will end from north to south tonight. amounts, between now and the rest of the evening, you can see very scant. the most will be in the south bay. beautiful picture outside with some of the evening light, that sun setting in a little less than an hour. 51 in mountain view. another cool day. low 50s has been our norm. 53 in santa cruz tomorrow. how about 63 for a high there? santa rosa at 50. an hour and 14 minute delays on the peninsulpeninsula. heavy showers with sunny and milder conditions tomorrow. here is what's left of the
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system through the 8:00 hour. then we are into a chilly night. numbers in the 30s and 40s with the clear sky. tomorrow, we have sun and in the afternoon, temperatures responding to that march sun. keeping us into the 60s. this is tuesday's system. a lot of cloud cover. maybe mist and drizzle in the morning. we're looking at a very spring-like forecast beginning tomorrow. 60 in oakland. 62 in san jose. how about the peninsula? low 60s. featuring more sunny and mild weather in napa with mid 60s all week. low 70s by the end of the week. looking at lots of sunshine and temperatures warming right through the week. warriors look to extend their winning streak against the sun to 19 games. tonight's game is about more than a win. golden states needs to get in sync before heading out on a
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tough road trip. thompson had the three and followed it up with this nice little dunk. unbelievable. 600th career game and he needs four more threes. durant who connects for three. warriors led by 16 in the first quarter. mckinney, nice. warriors leading in the second period. stanford women taking on oregon in the pac-12 championship. the ducks beat this cardinals team by 4 theight.there. williams going coast to coast. stanford led by 10 in the second quarter. kerri kerrington had almost half of the offense in the first quarter. stanford is leading slightly in the third.
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antonio brown is coming to oakland. the raiders have agreed to trade a third and fifth round pick to the steelers in exchange for antonio brown. they also reworked brown's contract, increasing his pay $12 million to $51.125 million over the next three years. the big win for brown is that $30.125 million is guaranteed. he had no more guaranteed money under his deal with pittsburgh. the raiders agreed to trade their two-time pro bowl left guard and a sixth round pick to the jets. oakland will get a fifth round pick from new york. the a's and giants had split squadf the a's played the white sox. the a's projected starters played the other half of the giants. san francisco fans remember this guy. second inning, off the glove of hanson.
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the a's take a lead. he drives this one deep off the wall. that brings in kaka giants trail big two. davis with a two-out drive right down that line. this game is tied. in the bottom of the ninth, law on the hill for san francisco, runners on second and third. canha ends it. a walk-off le the a's win 5-4 the final. rounr invitational. no one saw this coming from molinari. from the rough. that's for birdie. he finished with a bogey free round 8 under to win the tournament by two strokes. a 43-foot birdie putt on 18.
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that's a way to top it off. he was 12 under on the tournament. picks up a nice trophy and $1.6 million. >> i thought it was a big deal until i saw the powerball. >> $400 million. >> i will take the 1.6. >> i will take anything. >> thank you. >> i have three kids to put through college. captain marvel soars to the top of the box office. how much the super hero film took in on o
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tonight at 11:00, tributes continue to pour in for the son of an oakland city council woman. the young man was shot and killed in los angeles. we're reaching out to the schools where he made an impact here in the bay area. a surprise discovery for highway patrol officers. look at this. what led them to pull over a man hiding more than 10 grand worth of disney souvenirs. "captain marvel" soared to the top of the box office this weekend. >> the film took in an $153 million in the united states. that's the third highest march debut of all time. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7.
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haven't seen any of those. i'm looking forward to getting out for "captain marvel." >> you have a look when you say that. >> i go back to when "captain marvel" was a guy. >> those days are over. >> that's right. they sure are. that's it
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