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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 11, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- the airline disaster raising new safety concerns. 157 people killed after an american-made jet goes down in east africa. eight americans among the victims. the plane involved, the same boeing model that crashed in asia last fall. breaking overnight, at least three countries are grounding the plane. this morning, our experts on whatwrong. and what happened just six seconds after that plane took off. also breaking overnight. the white house worried. could republicans on capitol hill block president trump's border emergency declaration? the new vote count as the president prepares to ask for billions more dollars to build that border wall. caught on camera. that moment a man gets trapped
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inside the jaws of this massive whale. >> i realized a split second later that i was inside the whale. describes how he escaped and what his wife was thinking as she watched it unfold. plus, not just for fridays anymore. what's behind the office trend of going casual all week long? and the baker who opened up a doughnut shop and no customer showed up. see what his son did to save the day. a good monday morning, everyone. janai norman is off. we begin with the new safety questions after an american-made boeing jet crashed, killing 157 people including 8 americans. >> it's not clear what caused the ethiopian airlines plane to crash. but the brand-new boeing plane was the same model that crashed last year in indonesia. authorities in at least three countries have now grounded the plane as investigators try to determine if the crashes are related.
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this morning, new safety concerns surrounding one of boeing's top-selling planes. this ethiopia airlines crash that killed everyone on arras ve months for the boeing 737 max 8. >> we are very, very saddened. our heart is broken. for this tragic znt. >> reporter: the ethiopian airlines jet took off from the capital headed to kenya. the pilots were having trouble controlling the plane when it went down, just six minutes into the flight. >> that would suggest the possibility of an in-flight explosion. maybe a fire. >> reporter: among the dead, eight americans. georgetown university confirmed overnight one of it law students was on the ill-fated flight. cedrick was flying to nairobi after the death of his girlfriend's mother. from just finding at ho was on happened
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noju tm but ahe people that were on flight et-302. >> reporter: just this past tob crashed in indonesia. this that case, the pilots failed to disengage the auto pilot when faulty readings engaged the system that forced the plane's nose down. authorities suspended use of the 737 max 8. in a statement, china's civil aviation administration says it's grounding the plane because of similarities in the crashes. both crashes came in the takeoff phase. with the planes flying erratically. and the pilots asking for permission to return to the airport. experts say it's too soon to say they're related. >> these two crashes are wildly dissimilar. >> in a statement, boeing says it is saddened by the crash and is sending a team to investigate. now to washington where another battle is brewing over
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the border wall. president trump is expected to ask for more than $8 billion today to build the wall in addition to billions more in military construction funds. meanwhile, we have learned the white house is growing concerned that senators could soon have enough votes to block the president's emergency declaration. stephanie ramos has the details. good morning. >> reporter: diane, good morning. democrats are not budging. neither is the president. today's budget proposal announcement will likely be a prelude to another fight over funding one of the president's biggest campaign promises. another fight is about to break out over funding for president trump's border wall plan. >> we need the wall. and it has to be built. and we want to build it fast. >> reporter: today, president oe barriers along the southern u.s. border. the white house is expected to propose taking $5 billion from customs and border patrol and $3.6 billion from department of defense military projects.
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but democrats, house speaker nancy pelosi, and senate minority leader chuck schumer warn the president is headed toward a government shutdown again like he did months ago. in a joint statement, they say president trump hurt millions of americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shut down the government. congress refused to fund his wall. and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself. we hope he learned his lesson. last time, when the president didn't get money from congress, he declared a national emergency to access billions of dollar without congress. that executive decision already facing challenges in the court and congress. at least five republican senator plan to vote against the the vote is expected later this week. the white house says the president won't back down. >> well, i suppose there will be. i would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount importance. >> reporter: despite the
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president's fresh effort to access more money for the wall, democrats, who now control the house, are vowing to block the president's border wall project. guys, back to you. >> stephanie ramos from washington. thanks, steph. an emergency could be declared in venezuela today. on day five of the country's worst blackout in decades. opposition leader juan guaido wants to get government aid. businesses and schools are closed today. hospitals are at a stand still. people are struggling to find food and water. the blackout is blamed for at least 17 deaths. back in the u.s., parts of the deep south are cleaning up from the second tornado outbreak in two weeks. nearly a dozen storms across five states this weekend destroying mobile homes. but so far, no fay tailties reported.>> i was in my room.
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i kept hearing something like a branch was falling. i thought that's what it was. come to find out it was the whole tree that fell. >> that woman was able to get out through the back door. firefighters had to rescue her mother through a window. time now for a look at your forecast on this monday morning. ♪ new avalanche warnings posted for colorado's high country today after an historic week of snow slides. and planned avalanches. snow is expected today in the rockies from utah and colorado to arizona and new mexico. in the upper midwest, many roofs have collapsed including the roof at this gas station in wisconsin. one customer was injured. check out the scene in squaw valley, california, where more than 50 feet of snow has fallen this winter. cars are traveling between giant walls of snow. ♪ coming up, the heart-warming
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story of how a son helped his father's new bakery succeed when no customers showed up. but first, the potential new video evidence against singer r. kelly, as he faces new sexual abuse allegations. and later, a woman attacked by a jaguar at the zoo. we'll hear from the people who
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we can't do this alone. we need you. >> i'm not what you think i am. >> "captain marvel" was a superhero at the box office this weekend with $153 million in ticket sales here in the u.s. that's the third best march opening in movie history. it's marvel's first film with a solo female lead. played by oscar-winner brie larson. an attorney for singer r.
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kelly says the singer is not the man reportedly seen on a newly discovered video tape. a man from pennsylvania says he found the tape at home when he was cleaning out his video collection. he disclosed the recording's existence alongside gloria al are neyothey cheape sho a man who look like kelly sexually abusing girls. >> i watched the sports on the tape. then continued to watch what i thought would be an r. kelly concert. to my shock and surprise, r. kelly appeared to be on the tape but not in concert. >> attorney gloria allred acknowledges she can't be certain that the man in the video is kelly. kelly's lawyer says his client is not in that recording or any other video with underage girls. a wild shootout in oregon had cows running for safety.
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it all started with reports of a stolen car. police arrived as the driver was leaving and chased the car to a field where officers and the suspect exchanged gunfire. the car caught fire. police are trying to identify the remains found in the car. well, a mishap during a game of hide and seek is now prompting a safety recall. igloo is recalling four of it cooler models after youngoy flo inside one of them while playing a game. the5-year-old managed t close outside of the cooler, locking himself inside until his family came to the rescue. igloo says the part malfunctioned. a texas man harnessed the power of social media to save his father's doughnut shop. he tweeted a picture of his dad all alone with the message, my dad is sad because no one is coming to his new doughnut shop. >> oh, billy. >> that tweet has 485,000 likes and 230,000 retweets.
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more importantly here, customers responded in droves. >> ah, i was going to ask. >> they filled the store and bought every single doughnut. >> yay, billy! billybai hping out his dad. that's pretty cool. >> good stuff. coming up, the implosion of an old steel plant goes horribly wrong. first, the incredible video of a man stuck inside the mouth of this whale. he describes how he escaped and what his wife thought as she watched it all. and later, a soccer player attacked on the field by a fan. what is happening to that fan now. what is happening to that fan now. derate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin... overly sensitive immune system... .. .soelp verly sensitive immune system... dupixent is not a steroid,... ...and it continuously treats your eczema...
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you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in... behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life- threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking "slow turkey." talk to your doctor about chantix. we're back with the horrifying moment a diver found himself inside the mouth of that whale. wngitscntts e ast sic >> now he's sharing thscaped. this morning, a diver's terrifying encounter. see those legs dangling out of the whale's mouth? they belong to rainer schimpf.
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>> the moment i got caught into the whale was so quick. >> reporter: rainer was photographing sharks feeding during the annual sardine migration on the coast of africa. he didn't realize there was a far larger animal coming to the surface. >> out of nowhere, the whale came up from from the side. i realized a split second later that i was inside the whale. it was pitch black. i couldn't see anything. >> reporter: at 50 feet long and weighing 55,000 pounds, this brutus whale could have crushed him or dragged him deep under the water. >> i thought, he can't swallow me. his throat is too small to swallow a human. obviously, he could take me down into the water with the fish. >> reporter: rainer took a deep breath preparing for the worst. when suddenly -- >> he twisted. pulled out the fish. pulled out the water and with the water, he pushes out me. and i was out again. >> reporter: last year, another whale made news capsizing a 20-foot fishing boat in the atlantic. >> whoa!
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>> reporter: and last summer, this humpback whale breached right next to a boat. >> the whale got away with as much of a fright as i. but definitely, i don't want to be inside a while again. >> reporter: when he got back to the boat, he had two questions. was everyone else okay? they were. and did they get the photo? oh, they did. definitely, i don't want to be inside a whale again. that's the quote of the day. rainer's wife was watching from the boat. she said she saw something in the while's mouth but didn't know it was her husband. >> is he offended that the whale spit him back out? >> next time maybe more salt. a woman attacked at a zoo i apologizing for crossing over a barrier to get a selfie. the animal attacked her arm while she tried to get a picture near the fence of the enclosure. she returnedd says she feels horrible for the bad publicity is zoo is getting. an onlooker distracted the cat with a water bottle.
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>> it was the only thing i saw that i could stick through the cage and get her attention. she went and -- went for it. and took one paw away. and then at that point, all i heard was, pull, pull. >> there's boundaries for a reason. we need to respect those boundaries. don't do something that could potentially cause this to happen again. we hope that is just kind of a learning experience for everybody. >> the woman was treated with stitches. on her arm and zoo officials are now warning guests about the need to stay behind the barriers. and a building implosion in west virginia this weekend seemed to go off without a hitch. but the key word in that sentence? seemed. the former steel plant about 35 miles west of pittsburgh was reduced to rubble in minutes. but some neighbors are furious because they say the blast damaged their homes even blowing off the roofs and shattering windows. >> it didn't affect anybody, right? they couldn't have it go that way towards route 2 because god
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forbid we have to clean up dirt and dust off route 2. we're going to have it come towards families. >> yeah, so the residents are complaining that the dust and the dirt spread towarding families, covering yards and lawns. getting inside homes. another neighbor says the blast knocked his kitchen cabinets off the wall. sometimes we see these implosions and they don't get the job done. this one seems too powerful. meanwhile in sweden, a bus driver is recovering from severe burns after this massive fire in stockholm. the driver was the only person on board. natural gas stored in a tank on the roof. investigators believe the tank exploded after the bus hit barriers on the top of a tunnel. and in sports, many female athletes are behind the u.s. women's soccer team's suit. the suit claims they have been consistently paid less than their male counterparts outper. it seeks ek wit bbl pay and
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treatment. two players will make their case on "good morning america." a man who sucker-punched a player at a professional soccer game in england is now facing criminal charges. he was tackled by other players before being arrested. e winning goal. >> there you go. he got his way in the end. up next in "the pulse," why more offices are relaxing the dress code and going casual. and a medical study causing controversy. are children of working mothers more likely to be obese? what we now learned about j. lo's engagement ring. learned about j. lo's engagement ring.
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college in london studied 20,000 families. they found children of mothers who worked full time are 29% lez likely to eat a regular breakfast than kids of stay at home moms. and are 19% more likely to watch tv more than three hours a day. >> the study claimed a father's employment had no effect on kids' weight. critics call the study ridiculous and accuse the researchers of shaming mothers. if your office is more casual these days, you're not alone. more companies are throwing out their dress codes and not just on fridays. >> target recently made a change allowing employees to wear jeans. and the investment bank goldman sachs is fxible. >> one reason for the trend is the new generation entering the workforce. and more companies are challenging tech company where that has long been the norm. the fight to save british pubs. rising real estate values are putting pressure on pubs.
4:24 am
many are being forced to close their doors. >> people have been coming together to form community groups to buy their local pubs. a charity has been formed. and says about 250 communities are now in the process of buying their local watering hole. >> love that. >> i can say i've been in some. europe, australia. they love their pubs. finally, the big engagement of the morning. alex rodriguez, he put a ring on it, y'all. >> that's right. her love don't cost a thing. but that ring did. a rod proposed to jennifer lopez over the weekend. they shared the engagement news on instagram. there it is. experts say a-rod paid anywhere from $1 million to $5 million for that huge ring. it appears to be somewhere between 12 and 15 karats. >> that is a big rock. >> yeah. >> for jenny from the block. >> she's okay. she's got a lot. that's all i've got. she's gt a lot. that's all i've got.
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warmer this morning. but upper 50s to low 60s in many areas. even 65 in napa today and palo alto and concord and fairfield at 63. temperatures a little closer to average and they're going to get
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warmer in the accuweather 7-day forecast. see you with that in a minute. here's alexis with the traffic. we don't have major issues to talk about this morning. we're looking at an empty san mateo bridge. we are nice and light this early hour. drive times looking good, too. even out of the central valley. that is the first one in the yellow. westbound 580, tracy to dublin at 32 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 15. northbound 85101 to cupertino, should take about 16 minutes. tributes are pouring in for the son of an oakland city council woman. >> he was shot and killed in los angeles near usc where he studied. amy hollyfield is in the y.morning.ith more. his mother says he was a son of oakland. he was born and raised there. as a musician, he drew inspiration from the beat of the
4:29 am
town. she's city council member lynette gibson mche will haney. she said i miss my baby. he was studying music at usc. those who new him in high school remember him as being passionate and dedicated. >> devastation. disbelief. shock. knowing his path and going to usc studying music, knowing how much that meant to him, how much that meant to our community, how much that meant all of us who saw him working hard and seeing how his life can be tragically taken short and not even knowing the circumstances. >> 21-year-old victor was approached by a group of men. he was shot about a milero an arrtse en made. ral arrangements have not been made yet. first the family needs to bring victor back home to oakland. live in the newsroom, amy
4:30 am
hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, such a sad story. >> our thoughts with her. >> absolutely. thank you, amy. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, good morning. here's a quick look at weather and traffic. >> now that the rain is gone, we're going to have fog. half a mile advice nblt novato. 3 in napa. traveling through the north bay will be tricky because of the reduction in the visibility out there from san rafael up to santa rosa. look at the winds. they're not blowing. the fog is going to stay stuck in many areas. maybe get thicker as we head through the morning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where it's clear and dry. let's talk about, for a couple .


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