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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 11, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. tonight, the deadly plane crash. will any passenger jets be grounded here in the u.s.? this evening, boeing's response. what they're saying now, after a new boeing 737 crashes, killing all 157 people onboard. several americans onboard. the pilot's distress call. what they reportedly said. crashing just six minutes after takeoff. other countries tonight grounding that plane. breaking news as we come on. what house speaker nancy pelosi just said about president trump and impeachment. it's making news. the pridecdet tonight. billions for his border wall. cuts to education, the epa and what about medicare and medicaid? our correspondent also asking, what about the growing debt? we're watching a major storm
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tonight, about to sweep across the country. bracing for damaging winds. rob has the timing and the track of this all the way east. the parents horror. with spring break here, their son, a college student, dying falling from a seventh floor hotel balcony. the major bust tonight here in the new york city area, and the shipping container that said "dried fruit." what was hidden behind it. the final push against isis in syria. u.s.-backed forces, the fire fight. and tonight, our team is right there. here at home, the deadly and fiery collision on the highway. the truck slamming into a dozen vehicles. and the jaguar attack at the zoo. the visitor report dleen leaning over the wall, trying to take a sel selfie when the jaguar lunges through the fence. good evening, and it's great to start another week with all of you ahome. and we begin tonight with the deadly plane crash. the new boeing jet that went down overseas, a boeing 737
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max-8. their newest and most in demand jet ever built, crashing to earth just six minutes after takeoff. and look at this image tonight, and investigators say that relatively small crater speaks volumes about how fast that jet was coming down. the plane shattered in pieces along with fragments of what people carried with them. 157 people onboard, including eight americans. no one survived this. tonight, the first clues now coming in, and as other countries ground this jet, will the jets be grounded here in the u.s.? boeing's new response tonight. abc's matt gutman leads us off from ethiopia, where american investigators have just now arrived. >> reporter: this heap of twisted metal scraps, all that remains of oaethiopian airlines flight 302. as investigators race to analyze those crucial flight recorders to find out why the plane, carrying 157 souls, fell out of the sky.
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excavators digging for debris in the crater. many first responders picking through the dirt and passengers' personal effects by hand. from the ground, beyond the s g singed grass burnt. but from above, the sheer force with which the doomed plane hit the earth is clear. the victims from 37 different countries, including eight americans. the weather was clear when flight 302 took off from addis ababa at 8:38 a.m. sunday morning. but there was trouble from take off. the pilot radioing the tower saying he was struggling controlling the plane, asking to return to the airport. then, just six minutes into its journey to nairobi, at 8:44 a.m., the jet disappeared from radar. witnesses describing smoke coming from the rear of the plane before it crashed. >> the only we know for sure about this airplane is right after takeoff, the airplane was porpoising, going up and down, >> reporter: this is the second catastrophic crash involving
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boeing's popular 737 max-8 aircraft. in october, a max-8 operated by indonesia's lion air crashed into the java sea, also minutes after takeoff. in that crash, the pilots failed to disengage the auto pilot when bad data engaged a nodse-down dive. there were no survivors. >> absolutely critical that the black boxes that were recovered get read immediately so that we can figure out whether this was a problem with the airplane that affects the fleet worldwide. >> reporter: among the dead, melvin and bennett riffle, from reading, california, two brothers on vacation. >> so, let's bring in matt gutman, live in ethiopia tonight. and i know you just learned that the faa and ntsb, american investigators are in fact on the scene there? >> reporter: that's right, david. and we're told they intend to stay through the night. now, one of the things they'll do is examine the crash site itself. look at possible engine problems and, of course, pilot history. but the ethiopians remain the lead investigative body right now. what's incredible about this
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crash site, though, is how compact it is. it could fit in the size of a small, large hotel lobby. and that's because of that steep decent. most of the parts of the plane, david, we main buried in the dirt. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. as i mentioned at the top tonight, three countries have ordered airlines to ground those new boeing 737s. tonight here in the u.s., three airlines continue to fly them. what boeing and the faa are now saying, and the flight attendants union tonight now saying their attendants do not have to fly on these jets if you don't feel safe. abc's david kerley on that part of the story now. >> reporter: first indonesia, now ethiopia. the two crashes of the brand new version of the 737, so close together, that some passengers are asking airlines if they're booked on a max-8. >> i would be a little bit leery about flying that boeing plane. >> reporter: 72 of the maxes are flown by u.s. carriers.
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all three airlines expressing confidence in the jet. southwest tells us it's had some calls from customers, but not a high number of cancellations. the union for american airlines flight attendants reminding its members that if they feel unsafe, "you will not be forced to fly it." while at least 18 airlines around the world have grounded nearly a third of the fleet of delivered maxes, the faa tonight saying no action is necessary. there is no evidence to require a grounding. >> i think i would just trust the people that made the plane that it was going to be fine. >> so, tonight, they're saying no action necessary. david kerley live at reagan national airport. i know, david, some are wondering why perhaps the faa might not ground the planes, at least until data from the black boxes can be analyzed, but so far, no 3450move from boeing or faa. >> reporter: that's because they have no indication that the first crash is related to the second. there is no evidence that they can actually use to ground the aircraft and the boeing ceo says his aircraft are safe. >> david kerley with us tonight.
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david, thank you. meantime, to breaking news from washington. what house speaker nancy pelosi just said a short time ago about president trump and impeachment, saying the president isn't worth it. and the other major news, the n i and what's not.opol here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl now. >> reporter: nancy pelosi has no problem being the president's chief nemesis. >> you should not have a trump shutdown. you'll have -- >> a what? you said trump? oh. >> reporter: but today, for the first time, the speaker of the house flatly declared she is against impeaching president trump, telling "the washington post," i'm not for impeachment. unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country. and he's just not worth it." this comes as the white house rolled out a new record-shattering budget proposal. than $4.7 trillion in federal spending next year and trillions
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more in debt over the next decade, something candidate trump promised he wouldn't do. national debt had doubled. it's going to more than double by the time he gets done. look at that. it'll be at $20 trillion. great job. great job, obama. >> reporter: he also promised he would eliminate the national debt within eight years. and as you know, the debt at the end of his first year was at $20 trillion. last year, it went to $21 trillion, last moth, $22 trillion. so, what happened to that promise? i mean, the president has added, historically, large numbers to the national debt instead of keeping a promise to actually pay it off. >> look, again, the last administration nearly doubled the national debt. when this president ran for office, he made a commitment to the american people that he would attemptokl the debt within eight years. >> reporter: but he added
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$2 trillion, more than $2 trillion to the national debt. >> he came into office and had an economic recovery that was needed to put people back to work. >> reporter: the new budget calls for $750 billion in defense spending next year, a 5% increase. and $8.6 billion for the wall on the mexican border, $3 billion more than the president asked for last year. there are also cuts to medicaid and student loans and changes to medicare. also, a 31% cut for the environmental protection agency next year alone. democrats pronounced the whole thing dead on arrival. >> let's bring in john coral, live at the white house, asking about the debt at the white house there today and presidents ma promising made when the president was a candidate. i want to get back to what nancy pelosi said, saying she's not for impeachment. some of the house freshmen have been very keen at the prospect of impeachment proceedings. she's the leader, though, so, what's her political calculation here?
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>> reporter: david, it's a reflection of political reality. there are simply not the votes to impeach the president. and nancy pelosi would much rather run against a wounded and heavily investigated donald trumpromice through new stm out to sweep acssheay it's going to damag rob the track. it comes after 11 tornadoes across the south. this one ripping off rooftops in spring hill, louisiana. incredible pictures there. this new storm hits the midwest, then it heads all the way east. let's get right to rob marciano, tracking it for us this week. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. blizzard warnings already up in the plains. high wind warnings also posted for oklahoma city. and we've got flood watches expanded into minneapolis.
3:41 pm
the severe weather threat starts tomorrow. then the low gets cranking. that's when blizzard conditions may ensue in eastern colorado, 50 to 60-mile-an-hour winds with the snow blowing sideways. heavy rain over snow pack in places like minneapolis, back through des moines, that's where we'll see flooding. eastern half of the country quiet, but that changes on friday. david? >> all right, rob. thank you. next tonight, to a parents' horror. it's that time of year. spring break is now here, and tonight, we've already learned of a college student plunging from the seventh floor balcony of his hotel in cancun. what his girlfriend and what witnesses are now reporting tonight, and here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, mexican authorities investigating after a michigan college student plunged to his death from a seventh floor balcony at this cancun hotel. a tragic end to what was supposed to be a spring break getaway. the girlfriend of 19-year-old ahmed altaii reportedly telling police he had been drinking and consuming toxic substances before his fatal fall.
3:42 pm
krystal herndon and her husband, who were staying on the same floor, say altaii looked upset earlier that night. >> we opened our hotel door to see what the noise was and saw him, you know, angrily pacing toward the hallway and her trying to grab him to get him to sit down. >> reporter: his former classmates back in michigan now dri grieving. >> i really i didn't even believe it. it just hurts. i'm still in shock that he's gone. >> reporter: mexican authorities say this is a private investigation and are not providing any details. we did reach out to that hotel, david, they are not commenting. >> tough time of year when we start to hear those headlines. erielle, thank you. we're going to turn now to the major bust right here in the new york city area, and to the shipping container that said "dried fruit" on the outside. investigators today reveal what was hidden behind it. $77 million worth of cocaine, and where it came from. here's abc's gio benitez.
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>> reporter: the crates were labeled "dried fruit," and they seemed to fill the shipping container, but authorities say it was all a front. hidden behind those crates, 3,200 pounds of cocaine, $77 million worth, making this the biggest coke bust in the new york area in a quarter century. the massive stash discovered on a ship that traveled from buena ventura, colombia, to newark, new jersey, a legal pointle of entry to the united states. customs officials seized the illicit cargo, handing it over to the department of homeland security, keeping it off the street. and david, we're told the dea is now working to identify the source of those drugs. they're looking at several organizations, but they do expect to make arrests. david? >> all right, gio, thank you. we're going to turn overseas tonight, and to the final push against isis. their last hold on territory in syria, at least. u.s.-backed forces moving in on their last stronghold. tonight, our team not far from the front lines. james longman, as you're about to see, using his phone tonight in very little light to report in. they, of course, do not want to
3:44 pm
draw attention, with the fighting not far behind them. as tonight, this u.s.-backed effort now ramps up and nears its finish. >> reporter: tonight, the final push. artillery and gunfire light up the sky, pounding the small village of baghouz, all that's left of the so-called caliphate. some 1,500 isis jihadis are holed up and surrounded. this is as close as anyone gets to the front line in baghouz. we can't have too much light, to avoid being targeted ourselves. you can see artillery fire coming from all sides on that tiny town. this is hoped finally the end of the so-called islamic state in syria. tonight, we understand there were at least four suicide bomb attempts against coalition troops. dozens of isis fighters have be as we raced to the front line, you see the devastation everywhere. neighborhoods abandoned. the price of liberation. a big danger here is the network of tunnels, they run for miles underneath baghouz, and that
3:45 pm
means isis fighters could literally just pop out of anywhere and launch surprise attacks. isis occupied some of these towns less than a month ago. their abandoned pick-up trucks and broken tents, signs of their hasty retreat. only when commanders can be sure that every single isis fighter has been cleared from that place can they announce the complete and utter victory over the so-called islamic state in syria. the battle for territory may be coming to a close, but the war against their ideology is far from over. >> reporter: and james longman reporting in not far from the front lines in syria. and james, as we know, these u.s.-backed forces involved in this final fight. you were mentioning about 1,500 isis fighters remain. you also reported there on the network of tunnels they can use to sort of escape and launch surprise attacks. so, how much longer is this actual fight expected to last? >> reporter: david, you can still hear the sounds of gunfire behind me as the battle rages on tonight. but there is no telling how long
3:46 pm
it will take before every single jihadi in that town is either dead or captured. david? >> all right, james longman and our team in syria tonight. james, our thanks to you. and of course, stay safe to the team. and back here at home now, and to other news this monday night, the race for 2020. tonight, the democrats have now announced their national convention will be in milwaukee, signaling their commitment to try to win back the midwest. hillary clinton lost wisconsin by 22,000 votes. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. a tragic accident during a day of volunteering at a high school. a coach and wife were killed. the couple electrocuted on the baseball field. and we'll tell you how this happened in just a moment. also, more on that jaguar attack on the zoo. tonight, we learned the visitor reportedly leaning over the wall, trying to take a selfie when the jaguar lunged through the fence. and the fiery and deadly collision on the highway. a truck slamming into 12 vehicles. where this
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next tonight here, to the frightening jaguar attack at the zoo in arizona. a visitor hurt while trying to take a selfie. she reportedly leaned over a barrier, that jaguar then pushing through a fence. here's abc's kayna whitworth tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an investigation into a terrifying attack on this woman over the weekend at an arizona zoo. officials at the wildlife world zoo telling abc news this female jaguar clawed the woman's arm through the fence after she crossed over this barrier wall, several feet from the fence, to take a selfie. >> she looks pale. >> keep the pressure on it, keep the cloth on it. >> reporter: the jaguar finally releasing the woman's arm after another visitor was able to distract the big cat with a water bottle. >> cannot believe that just happened. >> she took one paw off,ith the. >> reporter: zoo officials say the woman received stitches and regrets her role in the attack. but it's not the first time. the barrr e a video was throuet
3:50 pm
me jaguar. >> when people do not respect the barriers, there's always a chance that there might be a problem. >> reporter: david, the zoo now warning people about staying behind those barriers. the jaguar was not euthanized and the zoo's director says it was not at fault in either attack. david? >> all right, kayna whitworth, thank you. when we come back, news tonight about something in your eyes that might actually help detect alzheimer's. more on that. and that crash on the highway turning deadly when a truck rams into a dozen vehicles. where this played out. the index is next. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here.
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to the index of other news. a heartbreaking accident in bristol, florida. a high school baseball coach and his wife were electrocuted while installing a scoreboard on the baseball field. their son was also hurt, but he survived. authorities say equipment came in contact with power lines. they were among 30 volunteers repairing the field damaged by hurricane michael. the fiery collision involving a dozen vehicles in bel air, maryland. two people were killed on route 24, including a 7-year-old. a tractor trailer slam into the vehicles. the truck and two cars bursting into flames. and a possible new test to detect alzheimer's. a new study suggests an eye scan may one day be able to diagnose the disease. scientists believe a reduction of blood vessels in the retina could be a key indicator. when we come back here tonight, the doughnuts made in america, but no one came. until the tweet.
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has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. finally tonight, made in america. the son determined to make sure his dad's dream and his doughnuts weren't half baked. it was his american dream to open a doughnut shop named after his son. billy's donuts in missouri city, texas. the grand opening sign right there. but few came. and that son, billy, went on twitter and wrote -- "my dad is sad because no one is coming to his new donut shop." responses were immediate. "aw. i saw this place this morning while running errands.
3:58 pm
i'll come when i get back. "where is it? i want a donut." billy answered. "address, 7022, highway 6, suite 800. missouri city, texas. monday through friday, 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. saturday and sunday, 5:00 a.m. to 1 kw:00 p.m. " and look at this. the lines inside that doughnut shop almost immediate. the community responding. and then billy tweeting again. >> just wanted to update y'all! we completely sold out of donuts. you are all amazing. i can't thank everyone enough. this means so much to my family. and tonight, right here, a message from billy, who is graceful you helped his dad. >> the support from around the world and especially houston, i love houston. i'll never leave the city. >> reporter: and billy dad's tonight holding that sign now has his work cut out for him, because it was this sign that spoke volumes, hanging on the door, the disappointment outside when the doughnuts were sold out. highway 6, missouri city, texas. we hope the line is even longer tomorrow. i'm david muir. i hope t
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live where you live, abc 7 news. >> we have to get a lot of the stuff out bauts israel already starting to rot. >> fema and the state have new regulations we had to comply with. >> most of us are trying to do the best we can. >> the cleanup has finally begun in the north bay. vastating russian river t rid o flooding. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. today garbage trucks moved in to get rid of the flood-ruined damage. >> wayne freedman joins us live from mill street in guerneville. wayne? >> good afternoon. it's probably going to take a couple of weeks to get all this garbage out of here. despite what you're looking at over my shoulder, this pile of stuff taken out of a hotel, it's actually going pretty well. but picking up garbage is not going to solve all of the larger gue, tooesany s
4:00 pm
head f theussianer flood, sonoma county sent in more trucks and containers today. >> it is unbelievable how much stuff ther is in the streets right now. we do believe this will be a record breaker in terms of the amount of debris removed. >> supervisor linda hopkins purchased the county to invest $2.5 million to clean up after the flood. but even after the garbage disappears the cleanup will continue for months. >> you're dealing with toxic waste, dealing with emotional issues, shock. >> jeff ridges owns the hotel. before getting his flood garbage in the bins, he still needs to remove it from 19 of the 23 rooms ruined by high water. >> one of the probls dumpster people are going to have is finding a clean spot to put the dumpsters. >> yes, so much garbage remains in places that drivers feel spos in places. th


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