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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the moisture north of us. a slight chance for stray shower for onoma county. otherwise this is the way the day unfrlds. 12 hour planner, a few clouds through noon because of the cold front. we're not quite as cold. upper 30s to 40s. we'll be around 54 to 57 at noon. the cold front palace blasts t, sunshine comes out 53 to 59, the breeze will make it cooler. i'll show you some 70s coming up. here is alexis. >> we're looking at bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on tip dal time, 5:30. everybody but carpool for the wait. drive times not typical rough out of tracy westbound 580, tracy to dublin, one hour and nine minutes because of the pavement issue on grant road. i'll have more details in a few minutes. in the yellow, 24.h to concord -
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101, san rafael to san francisco. the suspect arrested for a murder in san jose. >> bambi larson, a mother of two found dead last night. matt keller joining us live from the san jose police department. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica, this case hits hard for family friends of the victim. this may be some relief. the police department tweeted this out. new:san jose police arrested the suspect responsible for february 28th homicide on knollfield way. here is a picture. bambi larson, the mother of two adult children. she was found after a co-worker became concerned she didn't show up for work and called her son. the two went to the house and found her body in the bedroom. sources told abc 7 at the time that san jose police had a person of interest in the murder. no word if that's the same
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person who was arrested. no motive has been released. we're waiting on more information from san jose police the reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. new at 6:00, a big change or howard street in san francisco starting today. according to the examiner crews are removing parking on the north side of howard street from 6th to 11th street. the change is in response to a deadly crash on friday. 30-year-old berkeley resident was struck and killed by a truck while riding on howard street. the response puts the agency on track to meet its goal to improve safety within 96 hours of a crash. nurses at two santa clara county hospitals will go on strike in less than an hour. the california nurses association or cna represents nurses at o'connor and san jose and saint louise in gilroy. they bought them from verity health system earlier this year after the system went bankrupt.
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now the county is forcing cna nurses to join another union, to join another union, registered nurses association. they plan to stage a 24 hour strike starting at 7:00. a growing list of airline carriers around the world are grounding their fleets of the boeing 737 max 8 airplane. >> australia suspended all flights in and out of the country using that aircraft. no australian airlines actually operate the max 8 but there are two foreign airlines that fly them into the country. boeing has said it has no reason to pull the aircraft from operation. american investigators arrived in ethiopia last night. ntsb, faa and kenyan authorities are also at that crash site. this morning people in redding will come together to remember two brothers killed in that crash. >> we're learning another victim had ties to san francisco. here is abc 7 news anchor dan ashley. >> reporter: ann worked in
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nairobi for was the company's global lead for africa. techsoup provides technology support for nonprofit groups around the world. she was proud of her country, kenya, and worked tirelessly to improve life across the continent. >> in a meeting, the sparkle in her eyes, you knew what she wanted, worked really hard and was always there whenever she had to connect with us. >> two brothers from redding were also among those lost in the crash. mel and bennett rafael were on vacation celebrating the upcoming birth of mel's daughter and his wife britney due in may. they had been to australia and somalia. neighbors left flowers at st. joseph's church where they graduated elementary school. the pastor said the community has been through a lot over the last year but there is resolve. >> i did visit this morning together with some other priests. their faith really strong,
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really strong. of course you can imagine how we feel the spirit as well. >> ben ashley, abc 7 news. >> we have more on the website, and abc news app. live at sfo talking to passengers about whether or not they are worried about flying on the same type of plane. new this morning lafayette city council voted unanimously to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. it happened last night. they will establish a new license program. a store could have its business license suspended for a year if it's caught selling flavored tobacco three different times. still a few more steps to go before the ordinance would take effect. governor gavin newsom planning to withhold funding for cities that build enough housing. higher short-term housing goals that cities and counties would be required to meet. if passed, the plan would
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withhold gas tax funding for road repairs starting july of 2023. former governor jerry brown signed a bill increasing the gas tax $0.12 a gallon. an evident to repeal the increase failed. taxing for homeless. the company that pledged $3 million for the cause. forget about cooking breakfast this morning. where you can get free pancakes today. >> that looked good. hi, everybody. never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. a cold front sweeping through. look at the winds during the evening commute, 25, 35, 40 miles an hou
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fewer neighborhoods in the 30s this morning including south bay, morgan hill. everyone else 40, milpitas 48. 50s san francisco, san carlos. thirst around nap and sebastopol. doesn't this look gorgeous. beaches, bay play everywhere, just breezes in the afternoon and evening hours. the 40s until 10:00, notice sunshine and 50s in the morning and afternoon hours. east bay,louds kick up aund :0 m
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47 to 58, 8:00 to noon. 54 at 8:00. peninsula clouds around 10:00 and 12 also as we climb from 48 at 8:00 to 57 at 2:00. then those breezes actually drop our temperatures down to 54 by the time we get to 6:00 70s in the weekend forecast. a look coming up. >> a look at the roads. they finally issued a sig alert for our problem in the tracy area. westbound 580 at grant line road. no change in the situation. two left lanes blocked. we've been talking about this since 4:30 this morning. we had paving work overnight, through the stretch. caltrans picked up and they went home. a lot of callers were telling chp, hey, there's a big rut in the roadway, a large pothole, whatever you want to call it. chp has been blocking lanes every since. they are trying to get caltrans out to the scene. that hasn't happened yet. chp blocking lanes to make sure
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no one hits uneven pavement. 6 miles an hour on 205, 16 on 580 and that continues to grow. a live look at the richmond side of richmond san rafael bridge. a back-up approaching the toll plaza but moving along okay if you're using carpool lanes. next traffic coming up at 6:20. >> thanks, alexis. a free breakfast at ihop all day long. >> 14th annual free pancake day. head to any ihop to get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes. the chain is asking for donation to help sick children. most will be serving pancakes from 7:00 to 7:00. you only have 15 minutes left to wait. >> oh, man. >> looks good. >> that's all i want. moving on house speaker nancy pelosi is no fan of mr. trump, it's ovechkin, but she doesn't want to see him impeached. >> hold your breath. the new observation deck in new york city that will have you
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welcome back. tar conor mcgregor leaving jail overnight after he was arrested after an altercation with a fan. it happened last night in miami. police say the man tried to take a selfie with mcgregor. that's when he hit the phone out
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of the fan's hand and stomped it several times before walking away. mcgregor faces two felony charges for the incident. last year mcgregor avoided jail after a rampage after a fight in new york. a new sign among democrats about whether to pursue impeaching president trump. >> house speaking nancy pelosi said she's opposed to impeaching the president. she said i'm not for impeachment unless there's something compelling and bipartisan. i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country. he's just not worth it. pelosi also said he's ethically and intellectually unfit to be president. the number of registered voters in california has hit a record high. the secretary of state says more than 20 million people are rental stirred to vo registered to vote. that's 79% of eligible voters. before the primaries next march.
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8.6 are democrats, 4.7 million are republicans. this is the first time california's voter registration has topped 20 million. look at this. hopefully you're not afraid of heights. new york will have the highest observation deck in the western hemisphere. the deck is 1100 feet in the air. so high that visitors will look down on the empire state buildi building. the edge was revealed in this video on instagram. it's set to open next year. wow, it looks stunning. >> how much to scare the wits out of one's self, did they say. >> i would definitely go up there. the view must be spectacular. i'm not afraid of heights. >> the breeze would bother me. >> of course, meteorologist thinking about the breeze. >> you're up 1,000 feet and its empty, that's all.
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you're looking down through nothing but plexiglass. >> that's a no for me. >> i wanted to set the scene there and make sure you got all of the senses heightened. >> breezy here today? >> i think so. take a look, show you what's going on. thank you, jessica. quiet and dry, becoming sunny after a few clouds kicked up by this cold front that will bring us breezy conditions this afternoon. and tomorrow calmer and warmer. this first spring feeling weekend. highs 60 to 63 in most neighborhoods. upper 50s in richmond, san francisco and half moon bay. won't feel as warm as yesterday due to the breezes. the breezes are all due to the cold front. most of the moisture up in oregon, washingtonened northwest corner of the state. in fact, a look at future radar, 7:00, rain in the valleys, mountain snow. look what happens as it slides south. there you go. mendocino, possibly northwest corner of sonoma county, that's it. notice a few clouds ahead of it. once it sweeps through, breezes
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pick up this afternoon, clouds clear out and we have a whole lot of sunshine. overnight everything starts to calm down in the valleys. it will be colder than it was this morning. can you see the clear air there wednesday morning. sun comes up and breezes will pick up again. not as fast as today. temperatures, 30s in the north bay valleys, livermore, morgan hill, east bay, extreme south bay. the rest 40 in redwood city to 47 in san francisco. fastest winds today could gust around 35 miles per hour. fastest winds tomorrow about 25 miles per hour. thursday morning is going to be our coolest morning. that's why temperatures when they rebound get to about the same levels as today and tomorrow. look at that warmth, saturday and sunday. it just keeps getting warmer monday. alexis. >> all right. checking out the roads. still have a traffic alert. i have a feeling we're going to be saying the same thing for the rest of the morning. no end in sight basically here for tracy commuters. westbound 580 at grantd line
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road. sig alert issued. a pavement issue, large pothole or rut situation opened up. chp blocking it. still no caltrans crews on the scene to repair. westbound 580 tracy into dublin, one hour 22 minutes. longer if you start on 205. web 4 antioch to concord, 28 minutes. southbound 101 san rafael to san fancisco in the green at minutes. here is a look at part of that stretch if you're crossing golden gate bridge i'm in the seeing significant delays. next coming up. "good morning america" at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> look who it is, rob marciano with a look at what's ahead on the show. hi, rob. >> hey, reginald, good morning to you, jessica. great to be with you on this tuesday. coming up on "gma," our team on the ground in ethiopia at the scene of that fatal crash that killed eight americans. we'll have the latest investigation on the investigation as boeing now faces calls in the u.s. to
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ground that model. also breaking this morning, spring break alert, a teenager falling to death during spring break. this morning the state department's warning and how some popular destinations are cracking down trying to keep students safe. plus bachelor nation catching this breath after part one of the finale. colton sending both finalists home, looking to win back cassie. now an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's finale only on "gma." and we have this incredible story, a medical miracle. a paralyzed marine and his wife beating the odds to start a family. it is a tearjerker, a fantastic ending. of course we're all about the "bachelor," too. popcorn, red wine? >> especially after that knock. i wonder what happens next. >> i have
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"bachelor." >> it's a good tease. >> i need to see if he walks away alone. >> jumps another fence. >> rob, have you met him? >> i'm going to meet him tomorrow. he'll be here tomorrow. my first burning question of the show is, i mean, did he practice jumping that fence? because he did it so gracefully like he was a "mission: impossible" tom cruise actor, which was fantastic. that's going to be my probing question. >> i think you should set up a fence in there and see if he can jump it. that's my challenge to you, rob. do it. get them on it. i want to see that tomorrow morning. >> or at least a few office chairs. >> good idea, reg. i'll give you guys full credit. >> thank you, rob marciano, see you tomorrow. honda issues a new recall for an old problem. your car could be included even if you had it repaired in the past. also new at 6:00, the future of a controversi
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good morning. a heads up on the pollen, climbing. tree, moderate, grass climbing, mold is low. uv index is high. wear sunscreen. look what's pushing this pollen,
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winds 35 to 45 miles an hour this afternoon and evening. we're tracking breaking news, a texting outage is affecting verizon customers on the east coast. multiple reports say verizon customers cannot send or receive texts. verizon acknowledges there is an issue. in a tweet the company says verizon is currently experiencing a wireless network issue in many eastern areas. our techs are aware of this issue, looking to solve it quickly and apologize just a warning, you may have some trouble. it could be more than two weeks until flood debris along the russian river is cleaned up. the river crested almost 16 feet above flood stage in geurneville about two weeks ago. residents started piling up damaged pliappliances for firsty of curbside trash removal yesterday. sonoma supervisors set aside $2.5 million for the cleanup.
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>> it is unbelievable how much stuff there is in the streets right now. we do believe this will be a record breaker in terms of the amount of debris re o are hopin additional relief from fema to help deal with all of this mess. >> honda is recalling a million older vehicles in u.s. and canada. the automaker says takata driver airbag inflaters installed during previous recalls could be dangerous. the recall includes some of the most popular models including accord, cr v civic, odyssey. the models made from 2001 to 2010. owners can take their cars to dealers to have those inflaters replaced. kaiser permanente reaching beyond health care. the company pledged $3 million to tackle homelessness in 3 million communities nationwide. that includes contra costa, marin and santa cruz families. kaiser says housing affects health. chronically homeless people stay in hospitals longer because there isn't a safe place to go
6:27 am
after being discharge. built for initiative h community make decision toss the homeless. at gooe wants to help you book hotels for your next vacation. the new service they launched. vandals do on a tire slashing spree in san francisco. some frustrated neighbors are left stranded. plus the growing concern over 737 max airplanes after a second deadly crash. we're live at sfo with the calls for jets to be grounded and how passengers are reacting this morning. and we're saying good morning to viewers streaming us live on and abc 7 news app. if you're on the go, you can take abc 7 mornings with you.
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right now at 6:30, growing safety concerns this morning over the safety of the boeing max jets after a second deadly crash. the calls to ground the planes as investigators rush to figure out what went wrong. a man arrested for making threats against google. the chance encounter in iowa that tipped off authorities in mountain view. >> brand-new at 6:00, the man who organized a controversial war memorial in the east bay is resigning. the future of the memorial is now in question. >> plus, jessica and i were doing a "newsweek" peek on my phone. the new trailer for the live action version of "aladdin."
6:31 am
this is the first time we've seen an entire trailer only here on abc 7. also on our phones, i guess. >> i was looking. >> of course he is. >> he plays a prominent role in the new >> still one of my favorite disney movies. starts off slow but once the genie shows up, hold on. >> the music is fantastic. >> can't wait to see it. talk about our weather, starting off slow. once that cold front shows up, then it just takes off. right now live doppler 7 is pretty quiet. look at the winds, 17 sfo and half moon bay. everybody else calm to about 5 to 10 miles an hour. can you see on mount tam, a teaser of what's coming our way, 17 to 25. from 7:00 to noon, mostly sunny conditions. we jump from 39 and 51 at 7:00
6:32 am
to 54 to 57, then breezes kick in and hold us in the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. feel a little cooler than yesterday. alexis. >> good morning, mike. actually two sig alerts to talk about now. the first one been talking about it for two hours now. that's our situation in tracy. two left lanes still blocked. westbound 580 at grant line road due to pavement issue. this is a sig alert. we've got major delays getting out of tracy, 4 miles an hour on 205, 17 miles an hour on 580. you've got two ace trains left. one of them leaves in 10 minutes. you can still catch ace 7. that's a better bet sitting through that or delay your trip. i'm not seeing any end in sight for that. eastbound state route 4 near lone tree way. all lanes blocked. a semi, sounds like one of the wheels caught fire and the whole truck caught fire. they have all lanes blocked for the moment. i'll have an update on that coming up in a few minutes.
6:33 am
police in los angeles releasinmoti aut the death of oakland city congresswoman's son. died during a failed robbery attempt near usb where he was studying music. his mother is a congresswoman. she'll speak to the media in l.a. we expect that to start at 10:00 a.m. we'll stream it live and you can watch on the website, or abc news app. developing this afternoon, racing to analyze the recorders from the airline that crashed killing 157 people on board. two black boxes have been recovered from the wreckage. the first signs of trouble were apparently during the flights ascent. the pilot called the tower tower to say they were struggling to control the plane. they are calling to stop the
6:34 am
max. there are planes flown by southwest, american airlines and united. amy hollyfield at sfo. amy. >> singapore made the move joining countries like china, indonesia in grounding these flights. the concern comes after the plane crash that happened in ethiopia on sunday killing everyone on board. it was the popular boeing 737 max 8 that crashed. 72 of the maxes are flown by u.s. carriers. senator dianne feinstein has called on the faa to ground the planes but u.s. airlines that use the planes are expressing confidence in them. they are still flying them today. passengers we're talking to this morning say they aren't too worried. >> no, i'm not concerned about it. no. i've seen it all over the news but i'm not really concerned about it. >> why? >> well, actually, it's not a big concern. if the government is not going
6:35 am
to put their foot down and regulate them, then i think we're in good hands. >> now, the max 8 is a relatively new plane. it's been out for about two years. united states airlines that use them are southwest and american. united uses the max 9. the faa has said if officials identify an issue that affects safety, the faa will take immediate action. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. you can find the very latest on this developing story on our website, we will send updates as soon as they happen right to your phone. just download our abc 7 news app. a man who drove all the way from maine to california is now in jail for allegedly making threats against google. >> mountain view police say kyle long wanted to confront google after his youtube channel was shut down. he was driving to the bay area when he got into a car crash in iowa on friday. that's when police saye
6:36 am
mentioned he was upset with google. iowa state troopers warned mountain view police who then increased patrols near google campuses. officers arrested long on sunday. they found baseball bats and directions how to get to mountain view inside his car. a google employee, though, we into with said he was not notified about the threat. >> a lot of things could happen if they wouldn't have caught him. find a better way to plett employees know. similar to the youtuber who shot at san bruno office. the difference in the long case, they knew what to expect. happening today representatives for google and intel will testify about privacy policies. they will face questioning from senate judiciary committee. lawmakers want to know about the privacy
6:37 am
happening in san francisco, closing arguments in the trial of monsanto and weedkiller roundup. the man said he developed non-hodgkins lymphoma after decades of using it on his property. monsanto denies it causes cancer. last year a vallejo man won a $289 million verdict against monsanto. the judge reduced the awashed to $78 million and monsanto is appealing the verdict. >> new details of the shooting at codingtown mall. a murder suicide, an estranged couple with four children. it happened in front of crunch fitness yesterday afternoon. they found paula inevle she had been shot multiple times. she was pronounced dead at santa rosa hospital.
6:38 am
meanwhile thomas martinez foundd to be a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound. san francisco police hope home surveillance video will lead them to the vandals who slashed car tires in noe valley around cesar chavez and castro street. police say 18 tires were ruined and victims were left trying to figure out how to get to work. >> super frustrating. it's a monday morning. it's obviously the worst time to have that happen. it's just, you know, there's an epidemic of property crimes in the city. >> police search the area for more vandalism, and they are checking surveillance videos in the area. abc news looking at ways to build a better bay area. >> a san francisco woman is making her predominantly asian community a safer place after her grandmother was brutally beaten earlier this year.
6:39 am
she's changing the way the community interacts with law enforcement. she's arranged community forums and more patrols, there's also money for a new police subsation. >> in times of difficult, tragic crisis, there's a great chance for opportunity and healing, a chance to ask what can we learn from this situation. >> you heard from her there. the board of supervisors will honor her this week. there are a lot of ways we can make things better. what are your ideas, we would like to see them. #betterbayarea when you tweet or instagram and you can join the conversation. let's take a look at what's going on with temperatures in san francisco. we're 48 in financial. 49. pretty much everybody else 50 to get to ocean beach at 53. we've got 51 at belmont, 40s at palo alto and saratoga and 38 in
6:40 am
pleasanton, 52 in pittsburgh. 39 in american canyon, 9 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. here is a look at south beach. you can see the bay bridge. it's stacked and packed. what i'm concerned with not necessarily this morning but this afternoon not only for the roads but mass transit and on the bay is how breezy it's going to get. in fact, a small craft advisory for the bay. 11:00 through 9:00. northwest winds coming in from 15 to around 35 miles per hour. that's going to be the big weather story today. here is a look at east bay cloud cover 44 at 8:00, 54 at 10:00. just all day sunshine near 60. we'll be down to 54 by 8:00. down in the south bay cold front will kick up clouds a little bit longer. you will start at 45 at 8:00, up to 52 at 8:00. san francisco clouds around cold front by 10:00 and noon. a whole lot of sunshine and
6:41 am
mid-50s this afternoon. those temperatures may drop a little bit later this afternoon as the colder, dryer air starts to rush in. that's going to be the difference between today and yesterday. but 70s still coming up in the weekend forecast. i know that makes you happy. >> yes. oh, my gosh, we need sun and warmth. >> felt great yesterday. that's all i saw on social media. what's that bright thing in the sky. >> very nice. looking forward to this weekend, too. not looking forward to the tracy commute if that's what you need to do. i read comments on waze. drivers are not happy here this morning. still have a sig alert. i really don't see any end in sight. westbound 580 grant line road. two left lanes are blocked. we had paving work overnight. somehow the roadway did not end up smooth. so sounds like a large pothole or rut was left in the left center lane, two left lanes blocked. i believe we finally have a crew on the way to fix it but we've got major delays. all the surface streets leading to those routes are terrible, too. i've had a couple chances left to catch ace rail. i would do that this morning.
6:42 am
still full closure on sig alert eastbound 4, lone tree way, hazmat heading to the scene, everyone forced off a street. new crash involving vehicles, westbound state route 4 at solano way. that back-up is continuing to grow as well. thanks, alexis. a south bay woman killed in her home in the last 30 minutes new information has emerged in this investigation. our matt keller is live for us in san jose next. on a lighter note, we also have the abc news exclusive. >> is it possible to shot at costco without a costco membership card. this is a 7 on your side quick tip. you can actually shop in costco without a membership card depending on how you're shopping and what you're buying. by law you're allowed to go in and buy any prescription drug. you do not need a car. if you're buying alcohol in california or hawaii or several other states, then, again, you don't need a membership card.
6:43 am
it's because of the way the state laws are set up. finally you can shop for anything you want at all in any costco because of a store policy that says if you h
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ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. check this out. mother nature making our state even more majestic than normal. however, this morning officials in riverside county issued a warning to people to stay off
6:46 am
the flowers. there's a huge super bloom happening right now. isn't that gorgeous? all across the state after the wet weather we've had. it inspires masses of people to head into nature, which is great, to get their pictures taken for social media accounts not so great. they want to remind people to stay on the trails, stay off the flowers, whether you step on them or sit on them while you're taking yourself selfie. it could ruin the ecosystem and ruin next year. look at that, beautiful. let's take care of kids, 49 to 87. quite a range of temperatures. quite breezy this afternoon, 53 to near 60 degrees. snowing in the mountains around los angeles and san diego until noon today, up to a foot and a half of snow. look at the lower elevations, looking up at snow and feeling temperatures 71 in l.a. and 73 inspfng, ist it? low- to mid-60s, 57 in monterey.
6:47 am
not a lot of snow coming to the sierra. that time of year. if you're skiing take sunscreen. 36 wednesday as cool as it gets. low- to mid-50s sunday and monday. >> mike, thank you. we have breaking news coming in. the united kingdom has just announced it's grounding all boeing 737 max 8 aircrafts after the de crash. they a flying in the u.s. including american airlines and southwest airlines. more breaking news this morning. a texting outage affecting verizon customers on the east coast. multiple reports this morning say verizon customers cannot send or receive texts. so here is it is map from from down can you see a wide swath of red on the eastern send. that means verizon customers in large clusters reporting problems. it's not clear this morning how many customers are impacted. verizon is acknowledging there's an issue in a tweet to a
6:48 am
frustrated customer the company said, quote, verizon is currently experiencing a wireless network issue in many areas. techs are aware and working quickly. we apologize for any inconvenience that causes. at the top of the hour we told you about the arrest san jose police made after a mother found dead in her home. >> new this hour we have a mug shot of the man under arrest. abc news matt keller live at san jose police headquarters. matt. >> good morning, jessica. yes, we have new information in this case that just came in in the past half hour or so from san jose police. they just released this person's photo, the suspect. his name is carlson eduardo arevalo carranza. police say he was arrested yesterday and booked into the santa clara county jail for murder. here is a picture of the victim. her name is pam by larson. she was the mother of two adult children. the 59-year-old found at her
6:49 am
home on knollfield way after a co-worker was concerned she didn't show up for work and called her son. the two went to the house and found her body. she had multiple stab wounds. planning on talking to the media later today. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. lawyers for "empire" actor jussie smollett back in chicago today. the judge will decide whether cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during future proceedings. smollett has been charged with 16 felonies counts for the alleged hoax. he hired two men to carry out the attack and filed a police report. smollett is expected to be in court today even though he's not required to be there. new at 6:00, the fate of the lafayette crosses up in the air after the man in charge resigned. the crosses put up in 2006 to honor soldiers who died in afghanistan and iraq. in a letter to "east bay times,"
6:50 am
he says the crosses were psupposed to be temporary. he's tried for the past years to turn the crosses into a, quote, real memorial. he said he's sorry for any pain he caused for the family and soldiers he tried to honor. now your morning money report. google wants to make it easier for you to search and book hotels. >> the company launched something called google hotels last we. it shows you hotel rates in any season between your travel dates and let's you know if there are deals going on. can you set a price limit that fits your budget. google already has a similar feature to book flights. new at 6:00, we are getting an exclusive look at the first full trailer for disney's new live action film "aladdin" this morning. >> i thought a princess could go anywhere. >> not this princess. >> do you trust me? ♪ a whole new world 100,000 things to see ♪ ♪ i'm like a shooting star
6:51 am
let me share this moment ♪ >> is that a bird or dragon? >> it looks like a dragon to me but you're saying bird. >> looks like a bird, could be him blown up to full size. >> that's very possible. naomi scott as princess jasmine. "aladdin" hits theaters may 4th. disney is the parent company of abc 7. i love it. >> who is in? i'm in. i like it. >> looks great. >> i love princess ali. >> alibaba. >> that's going to be in my head all day long. >> what is the name of the tiger in "aladdin." >> raja. >> raja. >> you said it a couple times
6:52 am
earlier. i was listening to when you're saying. >> i'm so impressed. >> love it. can't wait but we have to move on so let's talk about the weather. hopefully you'll love it, too, full of sunshine, a few clouds. none of this nonsense. the rain season for 2019. look at seattle and portland. they are below average like the whole weather pattern shifted south. they had record snows while we had record rains down to los angeles. 140 to 183% above average. look at l.a., in 26 days they received as much rain almost as san francisco. it took us 46 days. you can kind of see where the atmospheric river set up, well south of the pacific northwest, right on top of us in so cal. here is a look now, clouds with the cold front coming through giving us a breezy afternoon. seeing stars, cooler tonight especially in the valleys, winds up in the mountains, keep you a little bit milder. our first spring feeling day -- weekend is on the way. upper 50s, richmond, san
6:53 am
francisco, half moon bay, 60 to 63 elsewhere. we're getting squeezed by storms to the south and north. it's the one to the north i'm concerned with. you can see the rain in the green, mountain snows. and by noon a slight chance of a shower in mendocino and northwest sonoma county. then you can see the front rolls on through. when it does, it's going to bring in colder weather tonight. 30s in our inland valleys, the south bay. up in the north bay with low- to mid-40s elsewhere. winds could gust up to 30 miles an hour today, 25 miles per hour tomorrow. coldest thursday morning, we'll rebound temperatures similar today, pretty close to average. can you see the warmth start to take off friday and really accelerate through the weekend and into next week with low- to mid-70s. alexis. >> mike, we are getting a look at what is causing the major headache in tracy this morning. we just got the photo from chp dublin. this is the pothole or rut situation here on westbound 580 at grant line road. here is what i know.
6:54 am
some paving work overpass through the area. caltrans crews headed out of there. several drivers called chp reporting this issue. i don't know what happened with the pavement here, if it didn't cure correctly. i'm not sure exactly how this happened. i know we've got two left lanes blocked. we've got major delays getting out of tracy. so no end in sight. caltrans crews on the way back out there to repair this. they aren't at the scene yet. we've been reporting on this since we went on the air at 4:30. here we are almost 7:00. honestly, more hours. east rail, do that or delay your trip because we've got massive delays. another sig alert eastbound 4 near lone tree way all lanes blocked due to a semi fire. you're forced off at a street. check this out. normal back-upys from this cras. westbound state route 4 at solano way. still have the left lane blocked. significant delays if you're coming from the pittsburgh
6:55 am
baypoint area. >> thanks, alexis. next, seven things you know before you go. >> follow us on nbc bay area. you can see a lot more photos like this
6:56 am
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6:57 if you're joining us or heading out the door, seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking news coming in. we just learned uk aviation authorities have grounded boeing 737 max 8 aircrafts. the list of countries grounding the fleet continues to grow after sunday's deadly crash that killed 157 people. number two, a texting outage apparently affecting verizon customers on the east coast. multiple reports say verizon customers cannot send or receive texts. it's not clear this morning how many customers are impacted. number three, san jose police released this mug shot of the man accused of killing a mother of two. 24-year-old carlson eduardo carranza was arrested yesterday. investigators say he killed bambi larson atknollfield way l. number four, we expect to learn new details about the death of an oakland city congresswoman's son. he died near usc where he was a student. los angeles police will hold a
6:59 am
news conference this morning. >> e clouds a his asoos yesterday will be sunny but breezy. >> number six, no change. we have been talking about this ust showed you that picture a few minutes ago of the pavement issue, westbound 580 at grant line road. still have the two left lanes blocked. still waiting for caltrans crews to come out to the scene to fix that. it is a sig alert. as i zoom out a little bit here, we check these speeds. 4 miles an hour on 205, 19 miles an hour on 580. i would take ace rail this morning or delay that trip if possible. number seven, bts fans rejoice. the k-pop group is dropping a new album called map of the south persona. hits on april 12th. you can preorder your copy starting tomorrow. i'm sure they will. i have a feeling that one will go all the way to number one with no problem at all. >> yes. >> thanks for watching. we'll be back in 25 minutes with
7:00 am
another abc 7 news update. good morning marc starts right now. have a great morning. >> look at the golden gate bridge. >> stunning as always. >> not a lot of sun on that, because, you know, daylight savings. good morning, america. calls growing right now to ground the boeing 737 max in the u.s. after that second deadly crash. more than 20 airlines around the world now grounding that plane, but the u.s. still taking no action, as american investigators arrive on the scene searching for clues. what brought down that boeing 737 with 157 people on board? now new eyewitness accounts, smoke spotted before the jet hit the ground. we're live on the scene. winter storm warning. a massive new storm heading east, set to slam the center of the country with snow and possible tornadoes. as this new video emerges showing the terrifying moment tos send a lightol soccer field.
7:01 am
breaking news.


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