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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mind, william singer and john vandemoer. >> huffman was arrested this morning and loughlin a warrant for her arrest. >> we believe all of them, parents, coaches and facilitators, lied and covered up their crimes. >> reporter: one of those coaches is sailing coach john vandemoer. >> in return for bribes, these coaches agreed to pretend that certain applicants were recruited competitive athletes. >> reporter: the other way was altering s.a.t.s. >> paying singer between
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$15,017,000 to have someone either take the exam for their ildorct it afterwards. >> reporter: william singer of sacramento who set up the foundation. parents paid roughly $25 million to get their kids in elite schools. >> loughlin and her husband are accused of paying half a million dollars to have their two daughters recruited as crew for the team. the indictment said the girl was given a 1420 on her s.a.t. s >> for every student admitted for fraud an honest talented
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student was rejected. >> guilty plea sent shock waves through the campus.aid nothing. live in redwood city with more on the reaction. >> reporter: as you can see over here, if you will swing the camera, this is where the stanford sailing team keep the boats mored and this is where they gather and practice. the boats were tied up at the dock today. no one answered the doors along the boat house. far away at the courthouse, the university sailing team coach pleaded guilty to racketeering charges. the federal complaint aeges sum
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william snger founder of a company that helped parents get their children into elite colleges. false falsely suggesting that he was a competitive sailor. singer paid $110,000 to the stanford sailing team account. as it turned out, both those boys decided to attend other schools. but the scandals shocked students and the general public as well. >> it is shocking that you know, it is hard enough to get into college these days and particularly the sort of places like stanford. >> any student who deserved to get in worked really hard.
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>> hard work. from the south. not a great high school. >> reporter: gina sanchez wants more transparency. >> fairness with the admissions process as a whole. >> reporter: the university says it is kroocooperates with a doj investigation. and conducting its internal probe as well. stanford says they fired the coach today and that we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involves anyone else in stanford. vic lee. >> authorities identified the men at the center of the case as willi william rick singer of boston. the founder of the college prep
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business known as the key. in 2014, singer wrote a book called getting in. gaining admission to the college of your choice. he worked in consumer finance and banking in the late >> manuel enriquez and his elizabeth paying to boost the test scores of his huneeus is accused of conspiring to bribe. bruce isackson and his wife are accused of paying bribes to get their daughters in usc and
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william is a managing partner of growth. and a ceo of a liquor distribution company. paying to get her son into usc. >> also several peopleicd he north bay. bay. bay. bay. ba. wayne freedman live. >> reporter: they served as trustees for local schools. begin with todd blake who with his wife diane accused of paying a million dollars to get his daughter into usc. he tweeted congratulations to
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his daughter. as it turns out while this happened, blake was also a trustee of the ross school district. here is superintendent. >> he was a trustee for us for nine years and performed his duties faithfully and we are surprised to hear this news. >> reporter: they are feeling the same at the marin faked the -- even though marin academy has no football team. today the academy released a statement which reads in part, we were shocked by these charges and are especially concerned about the impact this will have on our children. there is no indication that anyone who works at ma was aware
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of or participated in the alleged illegal and highly unethical behavior detailed in the charges. today a spokesman for academy. also, worth noting, the kids, the children, the student in the scandal apparently had no idea what their parents were allegedly doing for them. in marin county wayne freedman abc7 news. >> more on the story on including the full indictment. we will dig deeper in that indictment coming up. we have learned a man arrested for killing a woman is in the country illegally.
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>> the mayor says this case should prompt a discussion. >> reporter: the sparks are flying with this one. the police chief held a news conference. a suspect wanted for a brutal murder. then it was discovered the suspect is undocumented. and now the mayor in san jose wants a change in policy on how they deal with i.c.e. detainers. san jose police confirmed that the 24-year-old suspect is not only undocumented but also a self-admitted gang member. it was dna evidence found on a t-shirt after leaving the home of bambi larson that tied him to the crime.
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police said he had cased the neighborhood and appeared to know where the security cameras were. chief garcia acknowledged that i.c.e. previously issued detainers asking for him to be turned over for likely deportation six times. however santa clara county has a policy with not cooperating with i.c.e. late today this letter. >> we are not conducting civil federal immigration enforcement. and that is not what we are doing and not what we are saying. we are here to ensure that regardless of anyone's status,
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s our nuer one priority. >> reporter: well the mayor's letter argued that the safety of law-abiding citizen is at stake. better relations between the community and the police when immigration status does not come up. this is a controversy that is going to be generating a lot of headlines and going to be debated hotly in the days ahead. live in san jose, david lojose,o abc7 news. gibbon mcel >> he believed that music could heal the world of violence and
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sickness and addiction. and his desire to bring music medicine, that's what he called it to the world. brought him to los angeles, the failed morning near usc. he was approached and by a group of men and shot a mile away from campus. no arrests have been made. >> there was so much love for victor. victor was my sunshine. and i pray like every mama, every day, please don't take my sunshine away. >> victor would have been 22 in april. plans are still under works for
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a celebration of life. >> heart breaking. when we return, we come back to today's top story. what does take to do it the right way. a san francisco woman trying to neighborhood a safer
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♪ ♪ ♪
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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. the focus on brand name colleges has contributed to the intense competition. legitimate coaches and
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counselors work with students to give them a leg up. >> reporter: parents are in overdrive to get their kids into colleges. so parents who can afford to, hire private college consultants like michelle myers. charges $4,500 per session. >> you thought the playing field wasn't equal because there are going to be students putting their child into fancy test preps. but now this is another level. i mean, this is just buying a spot. >> reporter: she under scored how hard it is for students getting a high >> the more resources that families have, the more
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resources they have. >> reporter: how parents leverage sports to give their kids a spot up. he believes the scandal magnifies the inequality. the experts i spoke with said now we can expect new security measures to confirm the student is the student and try and prevent this kind of fraud. >> project director with educational talent search here in san francisco. i have been through the college application process with my two daughters and sometimes you feel the ultimate desperation. does anything about what we heard today surprise you?
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>> it doesn't surprise me. attending college is becoming competitive. many students who even have gpas over 4.0 are still not eligible to be accepted at top universities. and a number of factors. >> educational talent search is free, and federally funded. >> correct. so our program primarily prioritize working with low income and first generation. we do have a flexibility to serve other students. any students attending any high school in san francisco can reach out to us and we can provide them with information and support. >> what is your general advice overall? >> as i mentioned before, there is a number of factors in terms of the college application
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process. i highly recommend that beginning in high school as early as tenth grade for the student to become involved in a number of activities whether it is sports, there are clubs, show leadership positions in these clubs. and then during the summer program if they can get a job even if it is a job at mcdonald's but they would be a manager or take opportunities to pursue internships in different types of public and nonprofit sectors and during the way, meet with their counselor and make sure they are on the path to take the courses that are eligible for the uc and privates. and they can take the s.a.t. take it twice. most colleges will take the best scores of all the tests. >> the extra curriculars that
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you were talking about is very important in some schools in particular. some schools doesn't matter. but in privates it can be big. what is the biggest hurdle getting into schools? is it s.a.t. prep, is it essays? is it something else? >> it is a number of factors trying to get the best grades, trying to take a number of ap classes, some high schools don't offer enough competitive ap advance placement courses. a lot of students have to work regardless if you are low income or middle income or just want to earn the money for themselves. there is a certain content and key words or formatting that is critical to help write the essay. if they seek out, the parents and the students seek out a school counselor or easily going
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will college access problem in san francisco and seek out one of us >> help is out there. and wide spread through the uc and the state system and helping kids even as young as middle school. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> and now it is turn to turn to our weather. spencer, i called you spectacular yesterday, but i got sprinkled on. >> the weather is spectacular. check out this view from emeryville looking at clear and western blue skies. 55 degrees in san francisco. and morgan hill at 56 at half moon bay. view from sutro tower. temperatures in the low 60s in santa rosa. one live view from the east bay hills camera.
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these are our forecast features. chilly start to the day. mostly sunny and drya ike warmu ak gusts. here in san francisco, we had gusts into 49 miles per hour. between 30 and 36 mi 36 mi 36 m3 hour. wind gusts rather strong. look for gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour in some locations. as we get into the midday hour, wind is rather tame rather calm in inland locations. overnight lows will drop into the low to mid-30s in the north bay valleys. chilly there. upper 30s to
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south bay. here is a break down where tomorrow your day planner starting at 10:00 a.m. it will be, we will see theittl noon. it won't warm up until the late afternoon when high temperatures move into the mid-60s. and look for highs of 60s at half moon bay. 65 down at san jose. and 67 at santa rosa. this is the accuweather forecast. mainly sunny skies ahead. we will see inland highs around 70 on saturday. 70 on the coast. then on sunday and monday, mid-70s inland and the bay
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shoreline. and then a little bit of a cool down next tuesday. this is spectacular compared to what we have had in the previous weeks. >> that weeke looking good. >> great weather for outdoor activity for anything you want to do. >> perfect. you probably remember bob saget. and now he is back with a darker show. plus. >> oh boy, the tears, the drama
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we are getting an exclusive look at the first full trailer for >> do you trust me?
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♪ a whole new world ♪ i'm like a shooting >> will smith stars as will hit the theaters may 24. >> i got the chills there. it was one of my favorites so this is cool. >> that almost looked like an action movie. so you might be on board. >> the producers of "america's funniest home videos" are back with a comedy video called "videos after dark." >> talking to him about the videos that involved mishaps, blunders and flat out bad
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decisions. >> i do those voice overs again. and people like it. and it is video show when you were younger in 1989, this is for you. this is for you and your family to watch together and just laugh. >> i did. i was kind of sheltered growing up. i wasn't allowed to watch much growing up. but i could watch "america's funniest home videos" and "full house." >> it is like, what are we doing. >> if there is a disclaimer at the top of the show. >> if you have seen his comedy routine. >> his edgy. >> edgy is a nice word for it. it is not sweet fun that he brings. >> tonight at 10:00 on abc7.
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and here are the stories making headlines. dozens of wealthy parents elite college coaches have been indicted on fraud charges for paying to get their kids into elite colleges. bay area families were also named. vic lee tweeted about john vandemoer. he has been fired by the university. in wiretaps, a napa vineyard owner complained about paying $50,000 fraudulent s.a.t. scores for his daughter. abc7 news reporter zachary
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kiesch is live in new york. >> reporter: this is the second time this plane has u.s. investigators are in ethiopia searching through the pieces. investigators hope the black boxes will reveal what happened inside the cockpit. abc's matt gutman is there. >> reporter: the european union is the latest nation to ground the jets. both before and after the plane disappeared from radar, the
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passenger plane never rising above 1,200 feet from off the ground. they fully support decision to continue flying the max. meanwhile, the union representing american airline flight attendants is calling for american's ceo to strongly consider grounding their boeing 737 max eight jets. >> the 737 max eight should be immediately grounded until the faa can assure us they are safe. >> reporter: while others, like republic lindsey graham take a different position. >> i will leave that to faa and leave it up to the experts. >> reporter: boeing releasing a statement saying safety is their
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top priority. they have complete confidence in this jet. abc7 news. >> thank you. well, pressure is more asylum seekers will have to wait in mexico. officials said today they have expanded the new policy today. a lawsuit against the policy change has been filed in california. asylum seeking families have typically been allowed to stay with family or friends in the u.s. while their cases go through immigration courts. >> legislation is moving forward that could make new mexico the first state in the u.s. for -- broke with their local party to embrace a big government approach to legal marijuana. the democrat sponsored
4:36 pm
legislation will have cannabis. chicago judge ruled today that cameras will be allowed in court when jussie smollett enters a formal plea. smollett claims to be a victim of racist and attack in january. police say it was a hoax. a san francisco woman was recognized today for her extraordinary response to a fami family tragedy. she was honored by the board of supervisors. her 88-year-old grandmother was beaten at a park. her attackers was an african american man. instead of letting hate and rage taking over, she responded to organize events to create unity.
4:37 pm
>> i do not want to perpetuate that pain. i am taking a more transformative route through my own healing. >> her grandmother hospitalized in critical but stable condition. >> one step closer between the raiders and the coliseum. blue sky we have, a clear one. more days like this coming
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georgand a busy day ahead.
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after weeks of negotiations it appears a lease deal is set for a vote. a source tells abc7 news that the last remaining details have been worked out. and the board will vote on this deal at its meeting friday. the lease is for one year year $7.1 million. abc7 news broke the story in early february that the raiders and the board have resumed negotiations after the talk broke nurses at two south bay hospitals walked off the job os
4:41 pm
hospital. nurses are staging the one day strike becau the county is forcing them to join a different union. cna hasn't taken the necessary steps to lawfully represent county employees. let's get another look at the forecast on a very windy day. >> quite >> it will remain breezy. our wind gusts shows after about 7:00 p.m., we will still have gusts in coastal locations and even above 40 miles per hour. inland between 20 and 30 miles per hour. the wind will get tamer and calmer. and by midday tomorrow we will see the regular or the normal
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range about ten-15 miles per hour winds. breezy on the coast tomorrow and mild under sunny skies. high temperatures mainly in the low to mid-60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. nice warmup. even mild on the coast. >> beautiful. >> so take a look, we're going to show you an incredible satellite the national - >> recalls over tak for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99.
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bank is compensating customers and many lawmakers are skeptical. >> all the changes that you said that you made are not evident and you do not have the kind of customer satisfaction that you are eluding to. >> she is expected to hold a hearing with the ceos of all of the big banks. >> uber has settled a class action lawsuit. >> and there is another big car recall that has just been issued because of problems with faulty air bags. michael finney is here. don't tell me that it is takata again? >> a subsidiary of takata. the recall affects sedan, suvs and pick ups made in the last
4:47 pm
decade. the defective air hewlett-packard issued a recall. this is due to an increased fire and burn risk. lithium batteries can overheat. the recall affects 700 units. 50,000 additional units previously recalled and that was back a year from this past january. uber settled a lawsuit. the suit claimed that uber classified its drivers as contractors in order to avoid
4:48 pm
paying them minimum wage or providing benefits. in a settlement, the company has agreed to pay $20 million to 13,600 drivers. volkswagen unveiled plans build. vw is also looking to build its own batteries in europe expects to take the short-term hit of profits to do all of this. now i have to tell you, coming up on thursday, we have the tax hot line at abc7 news right here. get your documents together and bring them on. >> and they can submit their questions? >> submit them right now go to our web ge loosk
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finny. you can call in and we can do it. >> it is a huge day in tech history. today marks the 30th birthday of the worldwide web. google is marking the occasion with an animated doodle. it was on this day on 1989 when he handed in a proposal that ignited the information age. it was rejected by his boss who called it "vague but exciting." >> this will never work. this junk. >> look at us now. a new jersey man getting a lot of birthday wishes more than 15,000. all due to a prank. >> reporter: the lynnwood, new
4:50 pm
jersey man is receiving well wishes. >> saying happy. i said who is this? nick. nick who? you don't know me. how do you know it is my birthday? i saw it on a billboard. >> reporter: listed on a billboard. wish my dad happy birthday, love your sons. >> we just wanted to wish him an extra special birthday. >> i am getting things like my father's birthday was the 16th. he passed four years. so i am contacting you in memory of him. >> reporter: his two sons chris and mike who live in florida paid for the billboard. a continuation of a childhood prank. >> they would tell the
4:51 pm
waitresses it was my birthday even though it wasn't. >> reporter: has it been fun or do you want to kill them? >> it was fun until this morning and then i wanted to kill them. but i am kind of going with it. i'm having a good time. >> at least he is getting a lot of birthday wishes. the majority of the messages have been good natured. the billboard is going to stay up early april. >> i will put your phone number on a billboard so everybody can call you. >> i think it is a horrible birthday. >> ranking 200 cities. here is a look at the top ten cities. plano, texas took the top spot. followed by irvine in southern california. and then madison,
4:52 pm
stroh'sa w santa rosa was not too far behind. >> we should take a road trip and test those places out. >> flipping the script on reality tv. >> it is over. all of this is over. >> the bachelor left without a proposal. >> thanks, new at defunding performing arts. plus no more stopping. making changes after a death of a cyclist. and two years after the
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coming up tonight on abc7 8:00 catch the bachelor.
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and at 10:00 videos after the bachelor finale filled with surprises. >> colton left alone. because he only had eyes for the one who left him. >> reporter: 23 seasons of the bachelor and the script has flipped. threatening to walk off the show. >> i am done with this. >> you want to be done with the whole thing? >> yeah. done, done. >> heart broken. then walking away from the only 22 finalist leaving long time host chris harrison to say this. >> there are no women in
4:57 pm
colton's life. that is the first time in bachelor history that has happened. >> reporter: even the woman colton was breaking off with asking to talk away from the cameras. >> can we talk without all of these cameras? >> yeah. >> reporter: it doesn't usually goes that way. this is how it usually happens. you join the bachelor, you narrow it down to the final two and then pop the question with one of them and send someone home. this season saw several women eliminate themselves. and never has the bachelor walked away from everybody who is left sending them packing. >> it is over. all of this is over. i mean, i started this with 30 women and now there aren't any more people that i am dating.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: even past bachelor who also threw out some of the rules in a final twist years ago breaking up with a woman engaged to and running aft t so many viewers left with this scene. a sobbing bachelor pouring his heart out. >> i just want to be loved back, the way that i love someone. >> reporter: and the mother of all bachelor cliff hangers knocking at this door. >> what if the bottom line is she is just not that into you? >> drama. the bachelor season finale begins tonight. >> you can catch him tonight at
4:59 pm
jimmy kimmel live and tomorrow morning on good morning america. >> thank you for joining us. i am ama daetz. >> i am larry beil. >> he is remorseful apologizes to his family. stanford university. >> that's the attorney for this man a stanford coach caught in the cross hairs of a nationwide cheating scandal. >> others implicated in the scheme. >> who is rick singer? the sacramento business man who allegedly bribe schools. >> that cyclist trying to avoid the open car door. why the mayor is so angry about an arrest.
5:00 pm
we'll begin with the college scandal code named operation varsi varsity blues. this sacramento man master mind the largest scam. >> through the use of bribes and fake academic and athletic credentials. >> 50 people including a dozen in the bay area charged. >> take the exam for their child or correct their child's answers afterwards. >> and the parents paid big bucks i am dan ashley. >> and i am kristen sze. >> 13 of the 33 parents charged in the scheme live in the bay area. some paid half a million dollars and in one case nearly a million.
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