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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> the man authorities say is the ring leleader is from sacramento. rick singer said nothing to reporters. he pleaded guilty. the 59-year-old was the founder of a college prep business. in 2014, he wrote a book called getting in, gaining admissions to the college of your choice. he was ceo of a large call center in india. >> more than a dozen local people implicated in this scheme. >> in the news room with who these parents are. >> reporter: these parents were entrepreneurs, investors and even a vineyard owner. all charged with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. still, they allegedly paid
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hundreds of thousands of dollars to help their children cheat on college entrance exams and they allegedly faked that their children were talented athletes to gain admissions to top tier universities. a three year varsity letter winner. except that this is not his daughter. he own told a confidential witness, you understand my daughter is not worthy to be on that team. he allegedly paid $50,000 to a key wide foundation for a test proctor to correct his daughter's answers to a college exam. he also had his daughter recruited
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player which she is not. he says is there any risk that this bling blows up in my face? hasn't in 24 years says confidential witnesses one. manuel henriquez is the founder and chairperson. he quote gloated with elizabeth and her daughter about the fact that they cheated and got away from it. marcie told confidential one that she and her spouse laugh every day. . we have been reading through these court documents all day. we will have a closer look at the bay area families that are
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named in this scandal. >> thank you. two people from full som were in court today. prosecutors say mckayla sanford pictured here helped fabric kate athletic profiles. wayne freedman continues our coverage. >> reporter: they call this operation varsity blues. two of the people named in this indictment worked as trustees for local schools. first todd blake indicted with
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his wife diane. they stand accused of paying bribery money. in fact when that university accepted her, blake tweeted congratulations on twitter writing quote, very excited my daughter will be attending usc next year. fight on. more alarming, todd blake just recently retired as a trustee from the ross school strict. >> todd blake was a trustee for us for nine years and we are surprised to hear this news. >> reporter: according to the indictment, this was not the only case of false ethnic profiling. quotes of the indictment show parents knew anything. he is accused of formulating an
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athletic profile for his son. trying get him in as a kicker and punter. he stands accused of paying to have an entrance exam faked plus playing $50,000 in bribe money to guarantee his son's acceptance. marin academy issued a statement saying in part we were shocked by the charges and are especially concerned. there is no indication that anyone who worked at ma was wear of or participated in the alleged illegal and highly unethical behavior detailed in the charges. today tpg placed william on indefinite administrative leave. many of these kids thought they got into these colleges on their
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own merit. >> we put together a map showing all of the schools that have been named in the indictment. most of the schools are private, there are public including one of the biggest in the country that is the university of texas of austin. john the two students ultimately declined to enroll at stanford and the scandal shocked students. >> there are victims. any student who deserved to get in and work really hard. >> stanford says there is no evidence that anyone else at the university was involved in the scheme. what does it really take to get into an elite college the right
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way? hear from local counselors on the intense competition. coming up at 6:30. with the abc mobile app is one way to stay on top of the local developments. moving to the south bay now, an illegal immigrant has been arrested accused of a brutal murder of a woman in her home. >> the suspect has a local criminal history. >> reporter: san jose police confirm that the 24-year-old suspect is not only undocumented but also a self-admitted gang member with a long history of arrest. he was deported in 2013 but returned to the u.s. committing a series of crimes. >> he was arrested for
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possession of paraphernalia. in 2016 battery of an officer, resisting arrest. >> reporter: he was arrested for more crimes as recently as two months ago. now tied by dna evidence for the brutal murder for bambi larson. police say he had cased the neighborhood and appeared to know where security cameras were covering his face to avoid detection. one neighbor's security video does show him on knoll way. i.c.e. had asked to take custody of him six times. four years ago mayor sam lickardo seeking to revisit i.c.e. policies.
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chief garcia says he believes says his job is to protect everybody. and does not want to get into a political fight. oakland city council woman spoke publicly for the first time about the murder of her son over the weekend. she passionately remembered her son at a conference. >> he believed that music could heal the world of violence and sickness and addiction. and his desire to bring music medicine, that's what he called it torqu the world, brought him los angeles. victor died sunday morning by a failed robbery attempt.
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no arrests have been made. >> there was so much love for victor. victor was my sunshine. and i pray like every mama, every day, please don't take my sunshine away. >> victor would have turned 22 in april. plans are still in the works for a celebration of his life. you can just feel his mother's pain. >> absolutely. still to come this evening, changes at the san francisco interaction where a bicyclist was killed. pulling the plug on the arts. the school district that wants to use the money for something else.
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i am spencer christian, sunny
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. today in san francisco, abc7 news spoke to the driver who opened a car door at that caused an accident that killed a cyclist. >> reporter luz pena is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: the driver did not want to be identified. identifi. she said she has been upset and everything happened very fast. did you see her?
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>> no i didn't. >> reporter: this from the driver who opened the door. avoiding our cameras, she told us she is heart broken. >> i am dying. she came to change my life. >> reporter: tess was a design researcher in san francisco. her childhood friend came to the scene to leave flowers for her friend. >> tess was just really full of life. she was really adventurous and kind and generous and she had strong convictions about things. and like for someone with that much life in them to get killed, for no good reason, is awful. >> reporter: the death of the 30-year-old cyclist has prompted an out pouring of grief. >> the lady tried to avoid
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hitting the car door and fell onto the streets under the tire of that big box truck. that is stuck in my mand find fr long time. >> we know this corridor has safety issues. and that's why we installed protected bike lanes between sixth and eleventh. and that was part of a specific project that we had to go out by design. do public outreach and construction to make that happen. the area between fifth and third was not part of that specific project. >> reporter: 96 hours after her death to respond with a plan. today was the deadline. >> we are putting up signs to
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make space for those areas. >> reporter: tonight is the last time that you are going to see parks parked along sixth and how. >> you could change a cyclist life by changing how you open your door. the dutch reach, you use your right hand to open the door. you are forced to swivel which makes it easy for cyclist and other vehicles before owning the door. >> you have to train change their behavior. this is a part of the solution. >> it is just habit, you park and you open your door. illinois and massachusetts is the only state where the dutch reach is in the driver's manuel.
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>> this has happened to me before. you have to headacmake a decisi >> you do. nice to do anything outside. >> except keep your hair in place which is quite blustery. >> it was a bright and brisk and windy day. let me give you a look at just what we think are wind gusts are going to do. moving along here. and there it is, so as we go into the evening hours, we will see gusts ranging from 22 to 30 miles per hour. you can look way out to the east there you see the strongest gusts will be near 30 miles per hour. and get into the early morning hours, still breezy, wind gusts ranging from 15 to 20 miles per hour. strongest gusts will still be in the eastern portion of our
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viewing area. meanwhile, it was anything but tame today. we had peak wind gusts here in san francisco of 49 miles per hour. half moon bay 45 miles per hour. concord, napa, mountain view from 32 to 36 miles per hour. continuing to be windy in the evening hours. check out the view of the soon to be setting sun an hour from now. this is our current temperatures. oakland 58. and from the top mt. tam. you can see how clear the skies are. and how windy that elevation. 57 degrees at santa rosa and petaluma. concord 60. and 58 at livermore. traffic flowing freely. and gusty windy chilly tomorrow.
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this dry pattern will continue with us into early next week. spring like warmth developing over the weekend. we will see low temperatures dropping into the low 30s, 31 in ukiah. and we will see lows around 40, in most location down in the south bay 38 will be the low. 41 at san jose. then tomorrow bright sunny skies, breezy at the coast but we won't have any gusts like we had today. breezy from time to time maybe 15 to 20 miles per hour. highs tomorrow, 63 in san rafael. 65, the high in san jose and again, breezy on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. bright sunny days coming our way. but well, before i get to the next chance of showers, let me
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give you the good news. mild weather, it is going to warm up nicely. low to mid-70s near the bay and inland saturday, sunday and monday. after that is corre, the cloudsa bit. six dry days out of seven. >> we earned it. >> we toughed our way through the rain. thanks. >> st. patrick's day is a celebration that sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you.
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dick's sporting goods are scaling back on last year the company experimented with removing hunting gear at some of its stores. wells fargo ceo appeared before a committee. telling the committee the bank is cleaning up its act. the san francisco bank has paid a billion dollars in fines. disney's take-over of 21st century fox will go through.
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it picks up hulu and several cable channels americans are expected to spend a little less green this st. patrick's day. the national retail federation says the typical person will spend $40 for the holiday. the bulk of the money is expected to be on food and drinks. green is a big color and 30% of those say they are buying new clothing to celebrate. maybe shamrock baby onesies. our big story tonight is the college admission scandals. dozens of people have been charged. there is a right way to get in.
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a counselor will tell us about the right way to get in. tonight more fallout from the deadly crash of a boeing 737 max 8 ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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these parents are a catalog of wealth and privilege. >> a pay to play scheme on the grandest scale. parents coughing up hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their children in schools of their dreams. >> i am disgusted. i am appalled. >> the schools, some of the nation's elite. already costing a stanford coach his job. 50 people have been arrested so far. and among those charged. felicity huffman, lori lori lori
6:29 pm
>> the now former stanford coach is one. but also some of the areas wealthiest families and biggest influencers. >> telling us how this scheme worked. >> reporter: the parents involved were entrepreneurs investors even a vineyard evener. according to the complaint, parents were worried they would be exposed in the news. they allegedly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to help their children cheat on college entrance exams. this photoshoped daughter. it is not his daughter.
6:30 pm
he said you understand my daughter is not worthy to be on the team. he allegedly paid $50,000 to the foundation for an s.a.t. test proctor to correct his daughter's answers on a college exam. the money also went to have his daughter recruited to usc as a water polo player which she is not. when his daughter scored 1380, he was concerned. i mean, my daughter's score could have been 1550, right? saying is there any risk that this thing blows up in my hasn't in 24 years.
6:31 pm
in part by transferring shares of stock to kwf. and allegedly took a tax write-off for the when talking about if the irs were to call, ice isackson is this going to be a front story? todd blake, paid to get his daughter into usc. blake asked cooperating witness one, it was basketball wasn't it? cw says no, it is volleyball. he later tweeted so excited my daughter will be attending usc
6:32 pm
next year. manuel hen knew. he quote gloated with elizabeth and her daughter about the fact that they had cheated and gotten away with it. bill mcglashan is on indefinite administrative leave for his alleged marjorie clapper and peter sartorria, marcie said her and her spouse laugh every day. we're like, it was worth every cent. we reached out to the bay area
6:33 pm
parents for comment and we have not heard back. >> thank you. and our society's focus on brand name colleges has contributed to the intense admission. >> legitimate counselors try to give them a leg up. >> reporter: where do you draw the line. tutors, prep test courses are widely accepted. some parents who can afford to, turn to private college consultants like michelle myers. to what colleges to apply to. her take on the scandal? >> it's appalling and it makes me very sad for the students that worked so hard, especially the ones that are able to get the perfect scores and plus take
6:34 pm
ap classes and juggle a sport and volunteering. what is it worth? i can't compete against the money. >> it has gone haywire, the idea that you can have people take your tests for you. >> reporter: codirector of east bay center for sport and social justice. >> parents actually look for sports leverage on a regular basis. >> that's right, but other research done with chess, dance, sailing, the pay to play model. we know it is exclusive. it advantages those families that have the what about the other students who can't get access to these family resources. and calling in the question mer. >> reporter: the experts i spoke with says now we can expect the ncaa, the college board and the
6:35 pm
colleges to enact new security measures to confirm the student is the student and try and prevent this kind of fraud. i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news. remarkable. what about those with more modest means? >> getting in is the first hurdle and paying for it is the next. >> we've heard about struggling students skipping meals or living in their cars. many incurs heavy student loan debts. it is not easy, but it is possible. getting a college degree is a dream for millions of students. it can mean a better job, higher pay and making a difference in the world.
6:36 pm
>> we shouldn't be having students going hungry, or students who need to sleep in their cars. >> reporter: she says tuition is just a fraction of the cost of college. >> living costs. >> reporter: costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars per year. millions of students take on loans and saddle them with debt for decorates. a majority of borrowers wish they would have taken a different route. >> had to delay a major financial decision because of the student loan debt they had. and one in ten say they wouldn't have gotten to school at all. >> reporter: markham hammer say continue opening a 529 plan.
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submit the free application as early as possible. that puts you in the running for a wide range of grants and scholarships. apply for a work study job on campus. if you don't have enough financial aid, ask your college for more. millions of dollars in scholarships are left on the table every year. now it is worth noting many grants are awards first come, first serve. so you answer reneed to apply e. the college board has a calculator on how much to pay for school. i posted a link at go check it out. it is a big help. now if you haven't filed your taxes yet, you have about a month until the deadline. tax experts will be right here
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"7 on your side" on thursday this thursday answering your questions from 4:00 to 8:00 >> as we continue tonight funding for a popular arts program is on the line. the school district that wants to take the money and run with it. >> the
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wit looks like george having are busy day.?
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in the south bay, san jose city council is expected to take up the issue of increasing building heights. asking city leaders to support a plan that would double the height. saying it will help the city stay competitive. >> san jose is in competition with other markets like seattle, portland and denver. >> in the past height was limited because of the airport. if the governor gets his
6:42 pm
way, california cities could lose funding. a plan that would withheld state gas plan funds that don't meet zoning and housing production zones. now critics of this proposal say it is unfair to link transportation maintenance dollars to housing. >> for the governor to hold a sword over local governments in order to get their transportation dollars is inappropriate and really constitutes a local threat. >> if that happens, it would take affect in
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(music throughout)
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>> snowboarder got a treat by hitting the powder. he quickly realized he was not alone. he spotted a black bear climbing a tree. it was easily making its way
6:46 pm
towards the top. that's a good shot. there is a measure before the school board to defund a poplar arts program in order to hire more pe teachers. lyanne melendez has the story that you will see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: two weeks ago, the board of education quietly told these two administrators that their contracts would not be renewed. one is the head of curricular of instructor, the other runs vapa, a third man suddenly announced he was retiring. why is this significant? because now three board members are proposing eliminating $2.3 million of funding for vapa, the program at the heart of san francisco arts education which one way or another all
6:47 pm
thr three men oversee. >> this is a vote of no confidence. >> reporter: the three board members want to instead use the 2.3 million to hire more pe teaches. vapa is to receive $6 million. a level playing field. >> we have people that come in from the opera. >> reporter: and this is all done by vapa. >> we don't have the time to do that. we teach all day. >> reporter: these cuts are being proposed just as the newly revised arts education master plan for the school district was about to be presented by vapa. >> how do you run a cadillac with no gas. how do you have a great idea that you can't implement because
6:48 pm
you don't have the people? >> reporter: meetings are taken place to possibly change this proposal. in san francisco, lyanne melendez abc7 news. the teachers association in the dublin school been negotiating a contract. a state mediator was brought in to help with talks. even when it is raining we call him mr. sunshine, but especially on days like this. >> absolutely. >> this is a forecast i could have phoned in. but i decided i like being on tv and showed up for work. clear skies out there right now. a bit windy today going to remain breezy overnight. it will be chilly up north with low temperatures dropping into
6:49 pm
the low to mid-30s. we will see lows in the 40s and tomorrow expect another sunny day. wind gusts will be strong. notice how the wind gets tamer going into the midday hours tomorrow. highs tomorrow ranged from 60s at the coast and mid-to upper 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, we will see a few clouds thursday. going to warm up nicely. low to mid-70s will last to monday. tuesday increasing clouds and a slight chance of showers. not strong enough to get a ranking on the storm impact scale. >> this would not translate on the phone. >> much better in person. it is. >> football to talk about.
6:50 pm
>> free agency. and it is wild. it is crazy. what about odell? what about kd?
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6:52 pm
good evening, golden state warriors are 0-3. kevin durant injured his ankles.
6:53 pm
he stepped on a foot. and that injury is an ankle contusion. kd is not going to go tomorrow against the rockets. warriors coming off a loss. steph curry is calling it a statement game. >> yeah, they should have probably said it before the game that they lost. so, i'm sure they are. why wouldn't they be? i would be surprised if they didn't feel that way. >> hopefully kevin durant will be back on saturday. we have a huge show planned following the warriors thunder. bringing you the first live show ever from inside the chase center. stick around following the conclusion of warriors and okc. last night got into it with a utah jazz fan.
6:54 pm
both acting swiftly. they banned the fan for life from the arena and westbrook fined $25,000. 49ers close toclose tocloseo past rusher ford from the chiefs. the nfl network reporting that they will get a first, a third. the ability to make spectacular catches look routine. he was also a high maintenance guy. beckham is now part of the browns roster that looks loaded. nfl free agencies are crazy. you have to inspect social media like a detective. we learned the raiders acquires antonio brown. he photo shopped himself into a
6:55 pm
raiders uniform and veon bell. trent brown tweeted to bell, come on, let's get it, i'm going to lead the way way way the zags are ranked number one in the entire nation. bennett championship game. moments later, hatchimora. with authority. up at the half 27-24.
6:56 pm
to the ice we go. baby shark. no score first period. follow your own shot. good things happen. he did. he scores. take the lead on a rister by brian little. nice move. to the recently acquired one. tied at two in the second. this time it is off a rebound from hurdle. and it is 3-3 as they head to the third period. so much going on. especially with the nfl. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20. we'll continue on coverage of the college admission scandal including how investigators first learned about it.
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>> then at abc7 news at 11:00, how a new app is helping clean up streets. catch the bachelor after the final rose. at 10:00 p.m., videos after dark. followed by 11:00 p.m. >> thanks for joining us. we're done with the news for now. i am ama daetz. i am ama daetz. >> it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. ed gets copays as lowlily go to as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions.
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