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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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family returns to san francisco. all the planes are grounded effective immediately. >> issue of safety in the skies, president trump grounds all boei boeing 737 max 8 and 9 plays, banned every country they fly. >> wondered when we got on the plane why still on it. >> expressing relief. grounding following two deadly crashes of the 737 boeing max 8 planes since october. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. faa says there's new similarities between the crashes. ethiopian pilots appeared to
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struggle to control the aircraft. >> vic lee. >> reporter: this is the emergency order from the faa, prohibits all max 8s from flying and also max 9s from flying. those already in the air, once they land, they cannot take off until further notice. almost everyone we spoke with at sfo seemed to be aware of the late-breaking news. some travelers said they had already decided against flying on the boeing 737 max 8 jetliners even before the president's announcement. >> just because, wouldn't want to take a chance. >> reporter: how about you? would you fly in one? >> no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: president says decision comes after faa resisted grounding the planes, even after fatal crash in ethiopia and the one in october
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killing 189 passengers and crews. faa said received newly refined satellite data to support. but john nance believes it's premature. >> nothing has emerged from the crash saying there's a major systems problem. >> reporter: says u.s. has excellent record of aviation safety. >> 92,000 flights over the planet and almost nothing goes wrong. >> reporter: but airline passengers tended to agree that max 8s should be grounded for time being. >> little scared. >> good to ground it to figure out problem. >> sometimes we have to be inconvenienced so things are safer. >> reporter: united, southwest and american airlines all have the models their fleets, all three issued statements saying
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they'll immediately comply with the president's order. vic lee, abc7 news. >> several american pilots who reported having trouble controlling the max planes used nasa's reporting system to report the problem. run out of mountain view. told congress how it works and why it's too early to assign blame. >> key is to get pilots to share things they might not want to with the faa. that's why it's housed at nasa. i've been familiar with the program as a pilot myself. malfunctioning autopilots which i've had in the past, you turn them off and fly the airplane. i've flown many hours without autopilot. as far as what caused the incidents, i would be reluctant to jump into prescribing some kind of blame.
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there is not enough information at this point. >> boeing's latest 737 entered service in august of 2011. orders quickly grew to more than 5,000. october of 2017, max 8 operated by lion air plunked into java sea 11 minutes after departing jakarta, all were killed. and computer could malfunction and cause the plane to take a dive. training manual had a checklist to prevent that problem. oo ethiopian airlines flight crashed. quickly stop flying the max 8 and now grounded.
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california reinstated death penalty in 1978. 737 inmates on death row, cost $4 billion since reinstituted. >> executive order is moratorium. death penalty is not abolished. >> california voters had chance to get rid of it in 2016. not only decided to keep it but speed up the lengthy process. moratorium doesn't commute sentences but halts costly appeals process and debate over human lethal injection. >> governor argues capital punishment is immoral and unfair, pointing to recent exonerations. >> question is do we have the right to kill? do we have the right to kill?
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that's a deep and existential question. i don't believe we do. >> frank spent 20 years in prison for murder he didn't commit, believes would have been sentenced to death if not 16 at the time of the crime. >> idea of wrongfully convicted and executed haunts me. this news is great, touches on the death penalty matters and also that criminal justice needs reform. >> many people are not happy about the executive order. including the father of polly klaas, girl from petaluma kidnapped and killed. >> doesn't mince words as orpft he doesn't, governor is advocating for evil. >> reporter: won't go away soon. >> monster. >> sad soul. >> curse on the community, still
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in san quentin, wish he weren't. >> richard alan davis on death row for kidnapping and killing of polly klaas. when governor newsom stopped executions, made mark in the town. >> mixed feelings. >> died a little bit. >> in meeting about victims' rights issues. >> advocating for pure evil. >> waited for him to die since sentencing. vigils, searches, discovery of the body, personal pain, families of victims deserve closure no matter how much a death sentence costs. >> think the guy needs to meet his fate as does scott peterson, ramon saucedo, all the other scum bags rotting away on death row. >> reporter: in petaluma,
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feelings mixed. >> him being in cell for rest of his life isn't a picnic either. >> reporter: not enough for marc klaas. >> would you watch the execution? >> i would take champagne. family of woman who presumably died in landslide is not giving up hope of finding her body. father of kyra sunshine scarlett visited the site to leave flowers. lives in visalia, came to provide police with dna sample to be used if her body is ever found. >> would be nice for sense of closure. make certain of the legal aspects of trying to deal with someone's passing a little bit easier, because we can get a death certificate. >> kyra and friend walking dog
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when hill gave way. family held memorial in utah and holding another in visalia. more fallout from the college cheating scandal. >> and repercussions on admissions offices. new details about alleged mastermind of the scandal. one of the first clients said nearly drove off the road when heard the news. meteorologist sandhya patel, only going to get nicer. only going to get nicer. weekend only going to get nicer. weekend (music throughout)
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william glasshon put on indefinite leave. mcglashan and and and and and ad of the arrested. >> lori mclove you lin was released on bond, granted permission to travel in united states and to vancouver to film a movie. husband was arrested yesterday. both due to appear in boston court. >> several prep schools in california have been subpoenaed as part of the investigation and notre dame high school in be
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belmont also. >> administrators there say they have cooperated. high school counsellors responding to the scandal. >> issued because looking for more records related to families involved in the alleged scheme. as for fact checking that should be going on, it's not really at high school or college level. >> it's reminder that cheating doesn't pay. >> marianne osmond is head of notre dame high school in belmont, spoke to us after it was known that former student allegedly cheated on the s.a.t. >> at the time she took her test, had no idea there was possibility of cheating going on. >> both parents of atherton lr charged with cheating on two daughters' college exams in four
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occasions. first in 2015, paid $25,000 to have someone proctor older daughter's s.a.t. exam and correct the answers. also accused of bribing head tennis coach to call her daughter a recruit to facilitate georgetown. >> college teams supposed to review applications to ensure that students are telling the truth? >> in this case, the counselor from the private high school inquired about the athletic recruitment to usc, did not believe either of the daughters participated in crew and was concerned that their applications may have contained
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misleading information. test magic, a learning center in san francisco. says the reality is little or no fact checking going on. >> they will say they're overwhelmed with the number of students they have to work with. they barely get a chance to meet them throughout the school year much less check their applications. >> another thing you may or may not know, many of the elite high schools are under a lot of pressure to get students into the ivy leagues or other top colleges. it's their selling point, one reason why incoming parents apply to their schools in the first place. we'll talk more about that at 6:00. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> looking forward to that. man at center of the scandal is rick singer. pleaded guilty on racketeering and monday laundry conspiracy
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charges. one client says she nearly off the road, shows another side to singer. >> had to call my mom, say you didn't pay him anything i wasn't aware of? wasn't anything shady? absolutely not. you knew everything we did. there was total transparence. >> said she was one of his first clients as student in the early '90s. >> it was shocking because rick that i knew when i was a teenager was such a straight and narrow kind of guy, so trustworthy, just the kind of guy that would be sports coach. >> according to old business card, company called future stars. quickly sought after prep tutor among sacramento elites. >> whole thing was creating your personal brand, packaging that, submitting it. there was no okay, if we got in,
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he got paid, nothing like that, one and done. >> you wrote your essay. >> exactly. >> her experience was positive, that's why considered hiring him to coach daughter avery, a senior at granite bay high. >> i was impressed. been through it before and he knew everybody, volleyball coach numbers on his phone, offering to have her tour the campus. >> right. >> i could tell he was connected, especially usc. where daughter wanted to go at the time. >> said singer texted the usc volleyball coach about his daughter. ultimately decided not to hire him because of outrageously high fees but said the prep programs didn't all seem nefarious. >> good portion of the company was probably up and up. >> most of it probably was.
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>> i think a slow build in the wrong direction. >> someone offered him $1 million to get kid into school and couldn't turn it down, next thing you know, dumpster fire. >> facing 10 to 20 years in prison now, scheduled to be sentenced in june. two big recalls you should know about. >> 7 on your side's michael finney. >> both by automakers, involve nearly 1 million fooe ought chrysler don't meet new emissions standards and claims previously cheated the standards. there is not a safety concern. calls the recall quote routine.
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transmission issue led to recall by mazda, 14,000 mee oughtas with a automatic transmission issue. potential to downshift unexpectedly and decelerate abruptly, increasing chance of crash. call mazda customer service and auto maker will reprogram the module for free. apparently getting less consumer protection from the federal government. been telling you about this all along. nonprofit advocacy group says the cfpb issued 64 enforcement actions in final two years of the obama administration, 35 in first two years of the trump administration. bureau told "usa today" will continue to vigorously enforce
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the law and has number of open, nonpublic investigations. we have a tax call-in tomorrow night, 4:00 to 8:00, any questions or concerns, call us or #askfinney, get them answered. >> great resource you do every year. >> great opportunity. sunshine and sparkling weather. >> let's just go outside and enjoy it. >> better idea. let's go sandhya. >> i thought you were referring to me when you said sunshine and sparkling, dan. >> that's true. >> all right, thank you. good evening. live picture from golden gate bridge camera, blue skies and gorgeous. breezy tonight but winds are coming down. will relax tomorrow, warming trend through the weekend and chance of showers next week. never too early to talk about
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the weekend, let's check that out right now. warming trend starts tomorrow, continuing next couple of days and saturday mild, 60s to low 70s. and sunday the pick of the weekend, upper 60s to mid-70s, if you like warmer weather, that's the day to get outside. sutro tower, towards marin, it's a gorgeous view and live doppler 7 is not tracking rain. next week may be different. pier 39 camera, sea lions are enjoying sunshine right now. san francisco 58, oakland, mountain view, half moon bay, 66 degrees. and mt. tam to sausalito, it is a little hazy. nice looking weather. 12-hour planner for tomorrow. 7:22 sunrise, 30s and 40s, little bit of chill.
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sun and high clouds noon to 4:00 p.m., coming up a few degrees. download the accuweather app and track the numbers hour by hour, anytime you want. 3:00 p.m. increase in cloud cover. nighttime is sun and clouds. first bundle up, near freezing in lakeport and ukiah. 45 san francisco, 39 in san jose. freeze warning for interior portions of mendocino county and frost advisories for outer portions. dropping. protect the plants and pets. tomorrow, upper 50s to low 60s. friday up into upper 60s to low 70s. saturday even milder inland, and sunday spring-like warmth.
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accuweather seven-day forecast. filtered sunshine tomorrow. then luck of the irish, nice looking weather. spring in the air monday, then slight chance of showers tuesday but looking more unsettled wednesday with light level one system beyond wednesday going into thursday. keep you posted on that. for the time being though, absolutely, let's broadcast from out there. all three of us. let's go. >> holding class outside. airbnb loses a big fight
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>> look at this. talking about ominous crowd over italian seaside, say it looks like something from movie "independence day". >> it does.
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>> only brought temporary cold temperatures, hail and wind. even so, said it was a little bit scary. relaxing on the beach and bomb. >> ominous. another first for san francisco beer maker, first craft brewery in the u.s. to unionize, voted to form a unit of the international longshire and warehouse workers union. grew unhappy. bought out by japanese owned sapporo in 2017, known by industry insiders as birthplace of american craft beer. ninth circuit court of appeals upheld a law that bans vacation rentals unless a resident is plenty. setback for airbnb and
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skpooedia's home away that fought it. said the law makes it impossible for them to operate, particularly in other municipalities adopt similar laws. update from yesterday, san francisco board of education voted not to eliminate more than $2 million in funding for visual and performing arts program. three of the board members wanted to use the money to hire more full-time pe teachers. antonio brown speaks first time as member of the silver and black. >>
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i'm ama daetz, coming up, governor newsom's moratorium on the death penalty in california. >> i just think it's the right thing to do. >> explains to eric thomas why he took this controversial step.
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said nothing to do with politics. palpable anger on local campuses over the bribery scandal, what irritates students more than anything else. coming up at 6:00. nfl's leading touchdown target made first appearance in silver and black today. >> antonio and baby brown welcomed to bay area for first news conference as oakland raider, excited to play for historic rival of former team the pittsburgh steelers and jon gruden can't wait to get in the film room. >> excited to be in same building with guys who have been great in the past and excited to go to another level for this winning environment. >> great imagination as football coach when you coach a man like this, split end, flanker, play in the slots, return punts and sell popcorn at halftime. we're excited about this guy.
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>> three-year, $50 million contract extension with the raiders, not to sell popcorn. >> but make gruden's life more tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. president trump immediately grounding all boeing 737 max jets flying in the u.s. the order late today, followed by confusion and alarm, planes stopped in their tracks at airports across the country. >> southwest 410, we've been directed to return to the gate. >> it comes amid growing pressure after that boeing jet crash in ethiopia, and several other countries grounding the jets first. the uk, france, germany and canada, among them. so why now, from the president. what jon karl has learned tonight. also breaking. authorities warning of life-threatening driving at this hour across much of the country. a tractor-trailer blown right over on thgh


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