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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 14, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly storm, what they call a bomb cyclone. the tornado ripping a roof off of a preschool today. the driver, right on the edge of the twister. tonight, we make our way to drivers trapped on the highway, some more than 24 hours. the whole system tracking east. and rob marciano timing it out. the republican rebellion against president trump. republicans joining democrats to vote against the president's emergency declaration to get his border wall. the breaking headline involving the college admissions cheating scandal. what happened to lori las vegou. and what's happened to her daughter, as well. tonight in new york city, the mob boss shot and killed in front of his home. how he was lured outside and what authorities fear could come
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next. the grounding of boeing's 737 max jets. the u.s. the last to join the list. and tonight, right here, some of the evidence from both crashes side-by-side. you'll see it. our correspondent shows you what alarmed authorities here at home. tonight, our interview with beto o'rourke. he's running for president. the former texas congressman on his first trip to iowa. and we asked, what about his record sets him apart? and tonight, president trump taking aim already. what he said about beto o'rourke. and whoopi goldberg, her surprise return after pneumonia in both lungs and sepsis. her warning about symptoms that can suddenly turn, in her own words tonight. this is abc news "world news tonight," with david muir. >> it's great to have you with us on a thursday night. we have a lot to get to. we're going to begin with the deadly storm. you heard meteorologist calling it a bomb cyclone because of how
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the pressure drops and severe conditions become. now, the proof, several tornados, this one in paducah, kentucky. that system also unleashing a crippling blizzard. the chicago metro area was under a tornado watch for much of the day. tonight in denver, 24 hours after the pictures we showed you last night here, some drivers were still trapped today. our team made it to them. we have the new tract tonight, as this moves east. and clayton sandel l leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, people are watching the skies the midwest to the south. >> it's a legit tornado. >> reporter: multiple tornadoes reported already, as the deadly storm moves east. one twister, ripping the roof off of this church outside paducah, kentucky. 40 preschool kids and staff inside. >> we give god the dmroglory th nobody was hurt. >> reporter: in nebraska, high-water rescues west of
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omaha. >> there's crews out here getting people from the properties. >> reporter: at least one person in the state is missing. the storm, packing powerful winds, gusts above 70 miles per hour, flipping trucks wednesday, in amarillo, texas. in colorado, the national guard and state troopers, still helping rescue drivers after a blizzard trapped hundreds of cars. >> we have to get them moved so the snowplows can come through. >> reporter: the bomb cyclone has moved on. we're in the middle of i-25. this stretch of freeway between denver and colorado springs is still a parking lot. we found luis martinez stuck in his rig south of denver, since yesterday morning, out of food, until a state trooper gave him a sandwich. have you ever seen anything like this? >> never before. >> reporter: 27 hours after martinez got stranded, the road was finally clear. >> drivers still digging out today. clayton sandell. that's interstate 25 behind
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clayton. we can see traffic is finally moving. >> reporter: that's right. interstate 25 and interstate 70 are moving tonight. the new concern in the mountains with the fresh snow are dangerous avalanches, as this entire system moves east. david. >> clayton, thank you. as you heard clayton say, the whole system on the move. let's get right back to senior meteorologist, rob marciano, tracking it again tonight for us. hey, rob. >> you know, this thing rapidly intensified. today, it is painfully slow. that line is pushing east across the tennessee valley. the flooding continues as do the blizzard warnings. but the wind has been impressive with this. that continues, as well. chicago and detroit, in 30s and 40s for wind gusts. buffalo, as well. this gets into hudson bay and across the east coast, with more rain and flooding north. a messy day here. but thankfully, a quieter weekend weather-wise, across much of the country. david? >> all right. we have to get through a messy friday.
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rob, thank you. there's a developing headline from capitol hill tonight. the president, in fact, responding late today, with a one-word tweet to a key vote. a republic rebellion of sorts. they joined democrats, voting to end the president's emergency declaration to build that border wall. his one word, veto. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: for president trump, it's an embarrassing rejection. 12 republicans joining democrats to block trump's emergency declaration to build his border wall. >> a national emergency is a tool to be used cautiously, and sparingly. >> reporter: the president had turned up the pressure, tweeting "a vote for today's resolution by republican senators is a vote for nancy pelosi, crime, and the is'tut the wal >> the president can't overrule the decision of congress. >> reporter: they say trump's decision to side-step congress sets a dangerous precedent. >> already, democrat candidates
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are saying they would declare emergencies to tear down the existing border wall. >> reporter: tonight, trump responding with one word, veto. what does it say to make progress on his complain pledam, that he may have to use his veto? >> that he is dead-serious about building the wall. and if a republican or democrat gets in the way, he's willing to build the wall. >> mary bruce following all this on capitol hill. i know you're watching something else. another vote, this one in the house. republicans have joined democrats there, on something else. they have told the justice department they want the mueller report in whatever its form, to be made public? >> reporter: yes, david. this is a large lly symbolic, nonbinding resolution to put support on the attorney general. in the senate, it has been killed by one of the president's top allies. >> mary bruce tonight. thank you. there was a late-breaking headline of the massive college cheating scandal late today. major new fallout involving lori
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loughlin from "full house." she's been dropped from her newest project. and her daughter, olivia, her makeup line no longer for sale by sephora. the company was paying for her for social media posts. katie whitworth on that tonight. >> reporter: tonight career fallout for actress lori loulidays aerhi bam the set of her hallmark show to face arrest in that college cheating admissions scandal. the network saying in a statement, "we are no longer working with lori loughlin." >> you should be proud of yourself. >> the former "full house" star and her fashion designer husband are accused of paying bribes to land their daughters at usc, posing them as recruits of the crew team. her youngest daughter, olivia, learning of the charges during spring break aboard a yacht owned by the chairman of the usc board of trustees. tonight, she is facing a backlash of her own. >> sephora collection
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problending rush. >> reporter: the social media influencer who is often seen promoting products from her dorm room today losing the support of sephora, which says they're ending partnership immediately. and tonight, we're hearing for the first time from a student directly impacted by that scheme, high school senior jack buckingham telling "the hollywood reporter," "i know there are millions of kids out there both wealthy and less fortunate, who grind their -- off, just to have a shot at the college of their dreams. i am upset that i was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots." >> when your friends tell you to lie on your resume, you 100% do not do it. >> reporter: but jack's mom, the job coach, who appeared on "job or no job," allegedly paid the mastermind $50,000 to bribe a proctor and fly mark riddell, to houston, to ace the a.c.t. test in his place, leaving jack in
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the dark. a month before, his mom ironically posting on instagram, don't cheat. as for riddell, a former tennis player and college prep director at an elite sports academy, he's now apologizing for his role saying, "i want to communicate to everyone that i am profoundly sorry for the damage i have done and grief i have caused." >> all right. let's get back to kiana. we're hearing of lawsuits by students who believe they were not admitted because the slots were given to students whose families who cheated. and we're seeing consequences for students currently applying? >> reporter: we are, david. usc taking action that so far, they have identified six students in the application process as being connected to this scheme. they will be denied admission. >> all right. a lot of new chapters in this story. next, the story making news in new york city, the reputed mob boss, shot right in front of
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his home on stanton island. how police say he might have been lured outside. whit johnson on the scene tonight. >> reporter: following the brazen murder of a reputed mob boss, tonight sources tell abc news, police in new york are investigating whether it was a sanctioned hit or the opening salvo in a new mafia war. >> units responding to shots fired. approach tactically, utilize cover and maintain firearm control. >> reporter: emergency crews rushing to this staten island home after 9:00 last night. police say 53-year-old francesco "frankie boy" cali of the infamous gambino crime family went outside after someone hit his car. after a brief conversation, that person then shooting him at least six times in the torso steps from his front door. >> confirmed, male shot. get a rush on a bus. >> reporter: his wife and children inside. one witness telling authorities that he saw an individual run toward the driver's side of a blue pickup truck while keeping one hand near his waistband. inveigwoing todermine if that a
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it possible, that was part of a plan. >> reporter: it's been more than three decades since the last killing of a mafia kingpin in new york. >> police in new york are looking for the man who gunned down paul castellano. >> reporter: 1985, paul castellano, murdered in spectacular fashion, outside a manhattan steak house, paving the way for john gotti to take over the gambino sidynasty. how confident are you that this was a targeted assassination or execution of some kind? >> thus far, everything police has says it's clearly a hit. and old-school. except for the fact they did it in front of his house, which is unusual. >> reporter: police are poring over surveillance video from the neighborhood. sources telling abc news, they're worried about a fresh feud in the gambino crime family and retribution that could
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follow. tonight, no suspects and no clear motive. >> whit johnson on the scene all day for us. we're going to tn to new reporting after the grounding of boeing's new 737 maxu.s. was th them grounded. a line of those planes right there, you can see at the airport in phoenix today. and tonight, the black boxes from the ethiopian plane are being analyzed in france. and right here, you're about to see some of the evidence side-by-side tonight. what alarmed authorities right here at home, leading to that decision to ground the jets. abc's david kerley back on the story tonight. >> reporter: the data in this mangled flight recorder could solve the mystery. but extracting that data from the boxes, which ethiopian officials carried into the french safety board in paris, will not start for another day. that left 737 max aircraft towed in tulsa to be parked, the jetliner grounded worldwide. hundreds of flights are being cancelled. the concern -- similarities between the ethiopian crash and
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one less than five months ago, a both jets after takeoff, moving up and down crash, an automated safety system to prevent a stall, did play a role. this is a graph of the up-and-down movement of the lion air jet. experts zeroing in on a 20-second dip. when compared to the ethiopian graph, another 20-second dip. that similarity, triggering the faa to ground the fleet. >> the graphs were similar between lion air and ethiopia. why? we don't know exactly. that needs to be sorted out. and the only way to do that is with data from the flight data recorder. >> reporter: experts say the data from those boxes can be read out in a matter of hours. and it should tell us were the accidents related? is there a possibility it was pilot error or some kind of mechanical problem that we've not heard about? >> david kerley tonight. thank you. in the meantime, we turn to the race for 2020.
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beto o'rourke, announcing he is in. and right here, our interview with him. and president trump's response. abc's paula farris is in iowa. >> reporter: he's sat down with oprah, posed for "vanity fair." but today, for the first time ever, beto o'rourke came here to iowa to talk to voters. >> hey, everybody. what's up? >> reporter: the former congressman, swarmed with cameras. just hours earlier, he'd announced his presidential campaign, his wife, amy, by his side. >> this is a defining moment of truth for this country, and for every single one of us. >> reporter: o'rourke burst on to the national scene last year with his vigorous challenge to senator ted cruz. electrifying massive crowds. sharing his life on instagram, at times, perhaps, oversharing. >> i'm here at the dentist. >> reporter: still, his supporters are confident his energy can lift him even higher. >> any single democrat running today, and i may not be able to
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enumerate every one of them now, >> reporter: o'rourke has vowed to run a positive campaign. can hope, change and unity beat trump? or do you have to be a street fighter? >> i think you have to believe forth is to bring everyone in and shut no one out. >> reporter: at the white house, the president already taking aim. >> well, i think he has a lot of hand movement. i've never seen so much hand movement. is he crazy? or is that just the way he acts? >> reporter: among democrats, o'rourke has his doubters, too. he did lose that senate race, after all. his six years in congress, largely unremarkable. i asked what sets him apart from the pack. >> i want to be able to bring people together. we've had a history of being able to do that in el paso, and in texas. ensuring the party affiliation or geography or race, doesn't
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separate us. >> all right. paula farris, you've interviewed him before. great to see the interview again tonight. you're in iowa, i know. we've seen polls here of iowa voters. joe biden leads the pack and not running yet. bernie sanders close behind. o'rourke down the list. it would appear he has work to do there. >> reporter: he does. the people we spoke with today, the savvy iowa voters most of them democrats, tell me they're curious to hear more about beto and find where he stands on the big issues. they say, at the end of the day, they're going to vote for the candidate who has the best chance to defeat president trump. david? >> can't believe we're in iowa already. paula farris, thank you. there's more ahead on "world news tonight" on this thursday. the close call on the highway. the small plane crashing on the highway, just missing vehicles by a few feet. drger re nigh everye t
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next, tonight, whoopi goldberg's major health scare and her message about the pneumonia and the sepsis and how quickly it can all turn. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, the surprise return that even whoopi goldberg's co-hosts on "the view" didn't see coming. >> we're hoping she'll be back here soon, maybe next week. we'll see. hurry back, whoopi, and get better. >> reporter: the euphoria for goldberg's first live appearance on the show since early february. >> this is my first foray out. i'm not there yet. i know that. the only way i'm going to get . >> repor
3:50 pm
went to the hospital with a high fever and soon learned she had pneumonia in both lungs. but that illness led to sepsis, which is the body's deadly response to an infection. it kills 270,000 americans annually. >> there's death and here's me. >> yeah. >> that's how it was. and you think because you've healed quick before, that something crazy can't happen? well, it can. a double-pneumonia and sepsis. >> reporter: medical experts tell us that early intervention is key. and they're echoing what whoopi said, if you feel off, seek advice. she is hopeful she may be back again on monday. david? >> good to have you back, whoopi. thank you, lindsay. when we come back, the close call on the highway, the plane crash right in front of the drivers. and the humpback surprise. and what you saw wasn't all of it. it.
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choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna. finally tonight, here, "america strong." lily is back. you first met 9-year-old lily right here tuesday night. >> you and isaac here. you're a good team. >> amazing. >> reporter: the young man working the checkout, noticed she was watching intently. he asked her if she wanted to help. lily has special needs. and her mother tells us, she rarely interacts with others like this. >> there you go. >> reporter: each item, one-by-one. >> you're so good at this. >> here, mom. >> reporter: in the middle of it
3:58 pm
all, lily proclaiming to that young man, this -- >> i just love it. i love you. >> reporter: and her mom loves isaac, too. >> you did the whole job. how do you feel, lily? >> good. >> reporter: a smile from lily and from us. this is how we said good night, tuesday. she loves the check-out guy and we love lily. well, it turns out, lily was watching. >> hi, lily. >> hi. >> did you like that video? >> yes. >> did you hear that man? he said, and we love lily. do you want to go meet him? >> yes. >> reporter: and lily's mom, with a suggestion. >> maybe you can give him a hug. >> okay. >> reporter: we talked to lily's mom today. she's coming for a visit. we'll keep you posted on the hug. good night.
3:59 pm
>> on honest genuinely talented student was rejected. >> ow another blow, as those charged with fraud are now facing lawsuits. >> good afternoon, thank you for joining us, i am larry beil. >> and i am ama daetz. one is from a stanford university student and the other is from a mother. melanie woodrow is live in ther >> reporter: we know those two lawsuits and could be more, one names rick singer the key and multiple university defendants. new today a class action lawsuit filed by stanford university
4:00 pm
students who want their application fees returned. the lawsuit claims stanford degrees are not worth as much as before because prospective employers. the complaint says had she known that the system at usc was warped with fraud, she would have -- what they got was a process tainted by bribes and school officials who failed to assure an honest application process. law professor david levine says they may get it. >> that is a good case. >> reporter: stanford university says the lawsuit is under


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