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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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our experts standing by to answer your questions. new develops in a case of a san jose murder. considering the death penalty. the suspect is undocumented and is charged with killing a woman in her home. good evening, i am dan ashley. >> and i am kristen sze. let's get to david louie live in the county courthouse with this new development. >> reporter: prosecutors are still being tight lipped about certain aspects of this case such as how suspect allegedly got into the home of bambi larson on the morning of february 28. what he allegedly did to the victim if he is convicted could make him eligible for sentence in prison without parole or the death penalty. >> he is going to spend the rest of his life in prison so that he
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can never hurt anyone again. >> reporter: number two in the district attorney's office is talking about 24-year-old carranza who was charged today and arraigned on the murder of bambi larson. her body was found by a family member and a coworker when she didn't show up weeks ago. ms. larson. video cameras show us the suspect in the vicinity of the victims home. dna of car ranza and miss larson. court papers say he was in possession of the dead woman's cell phone and tablet. prosecutors are charging him
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with special circumstances. he could face the death penalty despite the governor's ban on execution. >> it has no impact on the individual district attorney's offices obligations or responsibilities on whether to seek the death penalty. >> reporter: the family issued a statement. since this is an ongoing criminal matter, the family will not be making comments at this time. we thank the community for their support, thoughts and prayers and ask for privacy as we grieve the loss of bambi. >> reporter: as we have been reporting, he is undocumented from el salvador with a string of past crimes here in san jose. live in san jose, david louie abc7 news. thank you. young san jose woman is still shaking after waking up to smoke
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in her apartment. listen as she describes what happened as neighbors broke down the door. >> once the doors were open, we did see a bunch of black char flames coming out of them. my mom is still in the apartment. i am yelling at her to come outside. we need to leave, we need to go now. >> once they got out, the place went up in flames. her boyfriend arrived as fast as he could. >> there were black flames and smoke coming from the other apartment and overflowing and everything was going black and real crazy and everybody was panicking and chaos all around. >> the likely cause is food on the stove. people and property. roughly half a million californians and 150 billion in coastal real estate are at risk at flooding by the end of the
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century. abc7 news wayne freedman is live in a town that knows all too well just how destructive erosion could be. >> reporter: we are standing in a place where you have seen many of us before. the sea wall in pacifica. this is the first study to look at sea level rise to also look at the effect of storms and the effect of landscapes and how they come together. we found bliss and no worries in pacifica on this beautiful march day. but we also found garage doors nailed shut and sandbags telling stories in the past and in the future. >> i filed two claims and if i do a third one, i am not going to have insurance. >> reporter: her damage is statistical and frightening. a new report predicting $150 billion by the end of this
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sentry. >> palo alto, oakland, hayward, marin county. >> reporter: that is gallery of destinations. for context, the wildfires cost $10 billion. storm damage made worse by rising seas will cost 15 times more. and pacifica is already on the leading edge. we watched as erosion claimed cliff side apartment houses. her house essentially becomes part of the pacific ocean. >> i have sand on my pipes.
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>> reporter: according to the docket, at least one foot of sea rise is baked in for the next 100 years. for storms that could deplace, move, expose 200,000 people in the bay area to flooding alone. in pacifica, wayne freedman, abc7 news. thank you. california is drought free for the first time in eight years because of this. >> this is cal trans. and currently we have white out conditions over nearly the entire mountain. >> oh, there has been so much snow and rain that you may remember at one point the united methodist church put up a sign who ever keeps paying for rain, please stop. let's bring in meteorologist sandhya patel with more on the drought or the end of the
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drought. >> it is great to see this big change since 2011. you will notice we are completely out of the drought. it hasn't happened since 2011. the only dry areas are down in southern california in the far northern end of the state. but this is the first time we are drought free since december 20, 2011. no rain on our radar right now. but there is a storm developing out over the pacific and you can see it is tightly wound up. i will let you know if it is going to move in any time soon. if you will have rain in the forecast or be able to enjoy the beautiful weather. new information about a confrontation about an east bay parking lot that ended up with
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sheriff a sheriff sheriff's deputies shooting a man dead. deputies responded to a report of shoplifting. leslie brinkley is live with more on the man that was shot. >> reporter: ballard had 11 prior felony arrests. he has been arrested 50 times as yesterday he tried to flee this parking lot. flee from officers in what was essentially a shoplifting incident at a thrift store. >> we thought it was fireworks. >> reporter: it was daylight at thrift shop in san leandro. a report of theft led to the first deputy arriving to find
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41-year-old charles ballard. she wanted to question him. but he ignored her and got in his car when a second officer pulled up. >> he puts the car in reverse with the door open. that door catches one of our deputies and takes him into a 30-foot drag. >> all three opened fire. charles ballard, the suspect died at the scene. >> come to find out, he was on felony probation, he had an active felony water for auto theft. >> reporter: the woman passenger in the suv was wounded but recovering. a dog in the suv was unhurt and rescued. the officers in this incident i am told sustained minor injuries despite one of those officers being dragged backwards and slammed into that parked car.
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reporting live in alameda county, i am leslie brinkley, abc7 news. thanks very much. the college admission scandals, the first lawsuits. next. great expectations most parents aren't guilty of buying our kid's way into college, but what else are we guilty of. >> i am michael finney, the "7 on your side" tax line is open for business. give us a call. >> on saturday, abc7 will have the first live broadcast. we'll take you inside the warrior's future home following the dubs prime time match up with the thunder. >> tune
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new developments in the college admission scandal, the attorney for rick singer is speaking out. the attorney says singer takes full responsibility for his actions. and calls singer's guilty plea an emotional cath thar thar singer cooperated with the authorities for six months. singer has pleaded guilty to racketeering. a number of lawsuits have been filed. a stanford student is claiming she was denied a fair opportunities because of the scam. she also said her degree from stanford will now be devalued because of the scandal. a second student was denied
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despite his grade point value. meanwhile, state lawawawawaw an investigation into weather employers at other campuses accepted bribes. a soccer coach was among dozens. the school says it plans to conduct a case by case review of current students and graduated. there is a lot of fallout to this scam. including where a child goes to school. that has contributed to the cheat or be cheated mentality, we have asked lyanne melendez to look at the conversation. >> reporter: here is what i have been told. where you go to college matters
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to where you go. >> it is what i make of what my education was at san francisco state. >> reporter: it was repeated to me by an organization looking for strategies of better learning. >> how you engage with professors. if you study or if you don't. if you join an activity. if you get to apply your learning and internships. all of that matters far more. >> reporter: and studies show that getting into a top college seldom gives you the networking power you think you will get by attending that school. here is another unfortunate reality. most students cheat, not only in tests but in general. >> there is a mentality that they tell us, if everyone is cheating and i don't cheat, i am the sucker. it is cheat or be cheated. >> reporter: here is a transcript of a conversation a father had in the scandal had with a person he arranged to
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help his daughter cheat on the s.a.t. father, if you had wanted to, i mean, my daughte's score could have been 1550, right? responding no, i would have been investigated. >> they are not teaching their kids that they don't need to work for what they want. >> you are worthy and we see you for who you are. and we are not trying it make you into somebody you are not. that is probably the most important thing a parent can say to a kid. >> reporter: is this going to change anything? probably not overnight. but i can tell you this, as a parent, i have been doing of soul searching and that is a step in the right direction. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. yeah, we are soul searching
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together. opens up a lot of conversations. >> important conversations. life lessons. one thing you never want to cheat on is taxes. the dreaded tax deadline is just a month ahead. >> michael finney is here >> reporter: this guy is here to catch tax cheats. >> just last week we had a guy sentenced to 33 months federal prison preparing fraudulent tax returns. put false credits and deductions on there, specifically education credits and increased t givt t clients. >> reporter: wow, look around the room, do you think any of
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these people would do that? >> i hope not. >> reporter: i assume there are rip offs out there. how do you spot them. >> well is the return preparing asking for a percentage. >> reporter: okay. >> are they promising a large refund without looking at your tax documents. those are some of the red flags. >> reporter: so those are preying on people that don't know any better. >> the bad thing is that this guy is going to federal prison but his clients are going to be responsible for paying back that refund with interest and penalties. >> rep us. the "7 on your side" hot line is still open for business. you can get some great advice. they will not steer you wrong.
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415-954-7621 or people working social media #askfinney. reporting live from the your side" offices. your side" offices. sandhya is a great resource if you want to find out how much longer this nice weather is going to continue. >> i was going to say i will remain popular until i keep this weather coming. you notice the high clouds coming in. a few people soaking up the sun. 59 in the city. mild in oakland. and san jose low to mid 60s. the highs been to the low to upper 60s. here is another picture from our emeryville camera. napa is at 65 and livermore
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currently checking in with 62 degrees. the weekend is almost here and what can you expect? let me show you the forecast. going to be looking at a con e continuation of what we are looking at which is plenty of sun and warm weather like. a chance of showers for those of you who missed the rain, the middle of next week. you will notice a milky sky as those clouds are passing through. no rain on live doppler a few passing high clouds is about it. gilroy, morgan hill. redwood city 66, san mateo 61 in daily city. 64 in san rafael. in the east bay, 65 oakland.
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fremont 67 degrees. head inland and you will see mild conditions as well. 66 in walnut creek. 67 in concord. and it is only going to get warmer as we head towards the weekend. low 70s by saturday in the inland valleys going into sunday low to mid-70s above average. look at monday, we are flirting with 80 degrees in some of our warmer spots. now this weekend, the st. patrick's day parade is taking place. and it is the luck of the irish i would call it for the parade. 59 degrees in the morning at 11:00 a.m. quite comfortable in the low 60s evening hours. look at the accuweather seven-day forecast sunny and milder. feeling like spring sunday, monday, and then the temperatures begin to come down on tuesday. wednesday, the first day of
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spring, a light level 1 system that is going to drop our temperatures. right now we are going to go with clouds, a little something for everyone on the accuweather seven-day forecast. accuweather joining forces to support women and young girls in stem education. >> you are talking about how fun it is studying the science. >> absolutely. i have enjoyed it since i was young and there is definitely a need for more women in this field. >> so here is a question, speaking of science and pi. what does a parachute have to do with pi. >> the deadly storm. it is all moving east now.
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pi in the sky dream becomes real for google staffer. >> calculating the most accurate value of pi. >> a lot more than the 3.14 that most of us know. it took her four months google cloud virtual machines. >> it is used to build bridges and highways and nasa used it to figure the size of a parachute to send a device to mars. today is pi day. the fourteenth day of the third month. >> pi day prompted a special
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>> a physicist at the science museum actually invested pi day as a celebration more than 30 years ago picking calendar date to match the numbers. >> what has become a yearly ritual. >> pi day is an exuberant celebration of important mathematical content and highlights this institution that creates extraordinary learning experience. >> so fascinating. what is a pi day celebration without a piece of actual pie to go with it. >> dishing out an almost infinite number of appropriately. just a little joke there for you math nerds. >> two birds in a bush are
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suddenly more visible. >> we want to thank john for the picture from the shorelines of newark. >> and we want to let you know about this year's professional businesswoman of california in san francisco will include nicole kidman and jacqui
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changes are coming to several b.a.r.t. stations new escalators. two dead grey whales found in the san francisco bay this week. and the new fallout in hollywood for the celebrities
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wrapped up in the college admission scandal. coming up at 6:00. finally tonight, tourists board a whale watching tour in maui. a memory of a lifetime. >> oh! >> it is like synchronized swimming. putting on a show during a double breach in almost perfect unison. >> migrating from maui to every year. a pair of falcons can now be monitors 24/7. >> installing two cameras so we can all watch. they like to play hide and seek. >> the babies are due any day now. the public can watch them hatch
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and grow and even fly. >> that's great. >> well that's all for tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly storm, what they call a bomb cyclone. the tornado ripping the roof off of a preschool today. the driver, right on the edge of the twister. tonight, we make our way to drivers trapped on the highway, some for more than 24 hours. the whole system tracking east. and rob marciano timing it out. the republican rebellion against president trump. republicans joining democrats to vote against the president's emergency declaration to get his border wall. the breaking headline involving the college admissions cheating scandal. what just happened to lori loughlin. and what's happened to her daughter, as well. tonight in new york city, the mob boss shot multiple times and killed right in front of his home. how he was lured outside and
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what authorities fear could come


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