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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 19, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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ybut life...can throw them off bbalance.of bacteria, (vo) re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. we're getting our first images, first look at images of a massive meteor that exploded in space. so its trail was there in the red circle. nasa says the 15 hundred ton rock blew up the week before christmas 16 miles between the bering sea. scientists say it released ten times the amount dropped on
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hiroshima. miami police are looking for suspects in two college football play on spring break when they were shot in an early morning robbery the victims attend a division 2 national championship in 2017. well, we are learning new details about a casino robbery in los vegas that turned into a deadly shootout with police. >> newly released images are showing us how terrifying those moments were, when they played out. sheer absz's clayton sandel. >> reporter: the violent shootout seen from under surveillance cameras. police say it started friday night, the suspect, michael cohen, armed with a gun, demanding money from a imageio casino cashier. >> he fled with cash and casino chips he stole from the cage and exited through the north doors into the val et area.
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>> reporter: as cohen was running out of the casino, so was his luck. he tries carjacking a driving, he was spotted by officer, they confront. he opens fire, hitting one, they return fire, he is hi, he dice at a hospital. >> that officer shot in the chest was shave i saved by his bulletproof vest. they say cohen they believe is the same suspect that robbed the same casino in 2017. >> that crime had gone unsolved until now. clayton sandel, abc news. >> brazen, authorities say cohen had an extensive criminal history, that included kidnapping, bank robberies, possession of stolen property. terrifying. >> looking at that video, thankfully, nobody else was hurt. such a crowded area there. i ha it to see that thing happen. moms from the reality show, here comes honey booboo facing a
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felony charge. >> they say mama booboo had cocaine on her alabama. coming up, we will check on the apocalypse. >> they described it as disneyland size crowds. you are watching "world news now." crowds. wow. you are watching "world news now." crowds. wow. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ my pretty little poppy ♪ ♪ ♪ my pretty little poppy ♪ you're like that lovely flower so sweet and heavenly ♪ >> those lyrics right there. my goodness. okay. they call it the super boom. so many people are visiting the poppy fields that the city of lake el sinore, california, closed to visitors entirely. >> it's since been reopened so we sent our own aspiring influencer, our own flower so wheat, will ganss, to see if he could snag a picture with the poppys. will. >> reporter: that's right, you guys, roses are red, vial ets are blush if you want the perfect adock lips pick, the poppys will. >> growing up in carnia, you hear about the super blooms. as a kid you take it for granted.
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i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the last time we saw people this excited about poppys, the results were equally as witty. >> poppys. poppys. >> reporter: the city of lake el sinore at its limit. >> they are double parked auto way down the whole road. people are walking under the underpass. they parked over there. >> reporter: with 150,000 visitors in one weekend, one man stuck in traffic for almost two hours. >> very frustrated. it started brigg anxiety on me. i had road rage almost i was so irritated. it was so bad. >> reporter: problems popping up like weeds. >> excuse me, out of the flowers, please. >> reporter: the mayor says it es ka late beyond resources, revealing in this face st -a rattlesnake bit by a visitor and residents have been screaming at the traffic and port opotties, they have been
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fichltd and with perfect picks like these, the frustrations are likely far from over. later this week, the forecast calls for rain. you guys know what that means, more flowers, yep, which means, more visitors, including you guys, come open over here, we have to get the perfect poppy selfies. >> are there rattlesnakes in these poppys, too? >> no, i got them out of here. >> here, let me take this picture of missile by the poppys. >> we knew that was coming. wait. >> okay. ready. >> turn the flash on. you watched me take the selfie. >> extra light. popic, ys ain. again. >> side two. how's that? oh, wait, higher angle. get the cheek bones, duck lips.
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>> hold on. >> ready. poppys, are we on tv still doing this in. >> we are posing for a pic for them. @abcwnn. you will like it. instagram @abcwnn and like it. >> i thought we were off.
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♪ ♪ it's time for "this happened." and we're starting with a big story. it's a big baby. a 15-pound adorable baby. >> wow. >> born here in the great empire state. 15 pounds, 5 ounces. harper buckley born ever at an upstate hospital. her mom is a super hero walking amongst us mere mortals. the hospital says that she is, harper, twice the size of a newborn and onolds. >> oh my goodness. >> kudos to mom. 15 pounds, 5 ounces, that's
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biggest than india's heaviest newborn which weighed a mere 15 pounds. >> congratulations to that family. let's talk about the russ kis, oshie, russia, that time of year when they get their bikinis, they head out on the slope itself there, skiing in that beautiful weather. oh, as my russian friends would say -- >> yep, the sky. >> yeah. beautiful weather. >> he happens to speak russian. >> they were hoping to set a record. they didn't, because there was too much ice and snow. but 870 people. they made it, this colorful show there down the slopes and in a great time there. >> they've all got pneumonia. no, that's crazy, they didn't all get nummia. it looks cold there, in addition to being snow you would do it? >> oh, no, no, no i'm tropical. >> you and me both. tropical. i need the sun. yes. mm-hmm. speaking of skiing, there is a
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dummy skiing contest in colorado where some people make these home-made works of art. they're dummys. they have to weigh under 125 pound, they go downhill for the 2019 dummy downhill competition. >> okay. yeah. >> you get to see them go flying. there was actually the winning dummy was called who are you going to call, snow busters? you know, like snow busters. very interesting. they judge and everything. >> there is something out there for everyone. >> you are right. >> also, soaring through the sky, in the air. the paraglider and apparently a bird. watch this. this is a paraglideer nearly hitting a bird. apparently. that's what this video is supposed to show us. >> that's what it's supposed to show us. so imagine if you will. >> here we go. oh. >> that's pretty cool, actually. >> too close for comfort. >> that's pretty cool. >> speaking of birds. a parrot and a cat play
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peek-a-boo. >> that cat wants launch. >> pee
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this m this morning on "world news now," a raging fire burning out of control. >> for more than 24 hours, fierce flames and thick flames and plumes of black smoke have been filling the sky, making it hard to breathe and leading to growing health concerns. hear why crews are not putting it out. the death toll is flooding from homes in the mid-west. many are bracing for more flooding as a new storm moves in. our reporter takes us to the scene. she is a millionaire waitress who became a malnair by simply making slime. we introduce you to the youtube sensation who has devoted fans making all types of gooey stuff. what a way to gauge internet fame. google catches the exact moment
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a guy falls down the stairs. a man's address has gone viral all because of this tumble. it is tuesday, march 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> just as soon as we figure out who that man is, he's going to be a meme. rolling through the week liketh. >> oh, look at you. deep dive. the questions that need answers. thank you for joining us, marcus moore, all week. we're so excited. we begin with news in texas, a raging inferno, fine miles houston. they say the tanks at a chemical plant are likely to burn into wednesday. they say the air quality around the facility is not dangerous. look at that fire and smoke. the company that owns the plant and authorities in the area say that air quality around the facility is not dangerous. and this sa time lapse video that shows the smoke stretching
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miles into the sky. abc reports from dearpark, texas. >> reporter: this fly burning sending flumes near houston. they have been erupted fk oke visible for hours. >> it is a dangerous and active event that's occurring. and it is still going on. >> reporter: six large tanks filled with components to make gasoline, nail polish, and causing nearby schools to close. residents for a sometime told to shelter to keep their windows closed and air-conditioning off. officials monitoring the air quality, finding low levels of particular matter and six miles from the facility. officials saying for now there is nim lie otherwe. problem. this is also a public safety issue. >> reporter: so far, no injuries reported.
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fire crews on the scene used foam trying to keep these flames from spreading. >> we should all pray that this comes to a very safe conclusion sooner than not to where there is no life lost. >> reporter: and officials say they will have to likely let the fire burn out on its own, which could take a couple of days. right now the wind is carrying that smoke straight towards houston, where they are keeping a close eye on this. marcy gonzalez, abc news, texas. >> our thanks to marcy. >> it tells you about the real risk the firefighters are facing. >> right. and the company says air quality is not a concern. environmental groups think otherwise and when you look at that, all of that smoke going into the air, they're saying they're finding mater in the air six miles away, i think they have good reason to question whether the air quality is really okay. >> it's having a huge impact on life.
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two dozen schools in that area. we will move onto the mid-west. where the rivers are at expert levels. >> the national weather service says the flood warnings in the rock river and the quad cities area runs until further notice. both the rock and mississippi rivers will stay above flood stage for two weeks and new flooding may be on the way. . >> the mississippi is also overo its banks, about 150 miles down stream in le grange, missouri. many roads are under water. the situation is worse in nebraska, two-thirds of the state's counties are under an emergency. >> 20 miles from omaha, the elk horn river hit the highest level ever measured. >> reporter: we are following all of these floods in the mid-west. in fact, where we are standing right now, this is a part of a levy. and so much of this was actually under water. that's why you can see how moist the ground is right now.
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take a look right here. this is not the river. that is over there though. that is the elk horn river. what happened here is that this record snow and cold followed by the rapid warmup caused these water levels to rise so much so quickly. if we zoom in back there, you can actually see a house that is just destroyed. there is no way that house is going to be saved. if we turn over here, you can actually still see there are helicopters in the sky because still firefighters, police, officials, they are in the sky looking to see what's going on here, this is one of those neighborhoods that still is under water. if you look over there, can you if you look over there, can you see another house that is effectively cracked in half. you can see so much of it is under water. that neighborhood over there is still largely under water. and it's been days since this actually happened. in fact, police tell us they
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can't get there by car. they have to get there by air boat. they were able to evacuate most of the people from there, except for one family that they then later had to come back and rescue. because that family refused to leave. but so many of those people left before this flood happened and that's the good news. and it's not over yet. because once this all starts to recede, then comes time for the cleanup and the rebuilding. i'm geo benitez here in waterloo, nebraska. >> now thanks geo for that. we mentioned more flooding may be headed to the region. >> let's go to paul williams. >> good morning, more unwelcome rain is like salt into an already infested wound from the folks living in grand island, omaha, kansas city, adds to flooding and the recovery will be disrupted. now, think about this. the missouri river at plattsmouth location, the mississippi, ohio, illinois red, missouri and platte rivers.
3:07 am
that's going to be a problem throughout the season. on the rest, for tuesday night going into wednesday, look for snowy patches and icy thunderstorms along the west coast and for florida, heaviest rain from ft. meyers to miami that will result in flooding in low lying areas. we head overseas where a gunman opened fire in a tram ride in the netherlands. killing five people and injuring three others. >> the turkish immigrant was known to authorities and has a criminal record. terrorism has not been ruled out. at least one other suspect has also been detained. some witnesses say there was more than one assailant on the train. the ceo is out with a statement amid clear similarities between two crashes. they say boeing is taking action to actually ensure the safety of the 737 max in light of the
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indonesia crash last october and the crash in ethiopia. in an earlier statement, the company said the 711 max 8 was certified with faa requirements. french verdicts are confirming at least some of the data between those two boeing crashes is similar. the top man at warner brothers stepped down amid sexual allegations. the company is launching an investigation into the chairman and ceo kevin tsujihara. text messages show tsujihara had an affair with actress charlotte kirk and promised to advance her career. his attorney insists tsujihara had no influence on kirk's roles. a person is receiving thanks for helping in a recovery mission with a child with autism. >> thank you for helping me. with teddy bear. >> that is 12-year-old ryan
3:09 am
hugging officer hari manzy. ryan unbeknownst to his parents called 911 after his little teddy you see there disappeared. the officer came by minutes later, helped ryan find freddie. >> he said the bear was okay and didn't have any injuries. >> oh, that's nice. the dad said, ryan, did you call 911? he said, yes. he asked him why? he said teddy bear rescue. >> he had prior training for -- >> a teddy bear? >> -- children with autism. so he nigh knew exactly what to do with children with autism. coming up, a possible break in a cold case, a really cold case. researchers in britain say they know know who jack the ripper was, more than 130 years after the serial killer terrified london. but first, the new developments in the killing of a reputed mob boss. right here in new york city. the suspect makes his first court appearance with a handwritten message on his hand. we have a lot ahead for you. you are watching "world news now." watching world news
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so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. fires in the stands forced the soccer field three times in the stadium. the mayhem started when fans attacked a visiting team less than five minutes into the
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match. police also used tear gas outside the stadium. at least eight people were arrested. my good ness. back here at home, the suspect in the execution style murder of a reputed mob boss in new york city has made a court appearance. >> he is accused of luring him out of his home in statin thailand and gutting him down. >> reporter: some of the images of the 24-year-old who police said murder an alleged mobster. anthony carmelo appearing in a new jersey courtroom. >> is it true you are waiving your right to extra decision? >> yes, sir. >> he appeared in the new jersey courtroom with the words "maggots forever" scribbled on his bob. he is accused of killing the mob boss. godfather after smashing into his parked car outside his staten island home.
3:14 am
>> just minutes before they were seen on under surveillance video talking and shaking hands. police say they found his fingerprints on his blood stained suv. they believe he was dating his female relative when he told him to stop seeing her. this is the first time a reputed nobody boss has been killed in new york city in more than 30 years. police don't believe this is mob related. lindsay davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to lindsay for that one. one of the greatest mysteries of the past 150 years has been solved, according to researchers. >> an investigation just published reveals the identity of jack the ripper. the serial killer in the 1880s. he terrorized london in the 1880s. jack the ripper is believed to have killed five people in 1888. today popular tourists retrace the steps if london. >> they say the killer is aaron kazminski, a barber at the time. they found blood samples next to the fourth victim and matched the dna to samples from his
3:15 am
living relatives. >> some critics are saying not so fast. they admit the evidence isn't quite strong enough, because they say there is no proof tying that cardigan to the crime scene and it's been so many years, they say it could have been contaminated. . >> oh, which is entirely possible. once again after all of these years ago dna. >> 1888. >> that dna. coming up in our next half hour, what you need to know if you have been taking an aspirin a day to prevent a heart attack. why the american heart association is now changing that advice. who they say should and should not be taking that daily dose of aspirin. first, the woman building a youtube empire on -- look at that -- that's slime. that's next on "world news now." with slime.
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>> slime after slime.
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♪ slime after slime. that's what we have g ♪ >> slime after slime. that's what we have here. you should see this. >> you have it in your hand.
3:18 am
. >> yes, marcus is too great to play with this. >> the consistency of some of this is like foul. this is like runny eggs. >> do we have some gloves? >> there is no question about it. if you have young children at home, more than likely, your home may or may not look like a slime kitchen for kids. >> but it's slime. >> you didn't touch it, did you? >> i touched it. slime apparently is not just for kid. oh, she's trying to start a fight over here. one woman is turning slime into a artisanal goal. >> reporter: this is the house that slime built. meet 25-year-old karina garcia. aka, the queen of slime. >> the more you knead it, the heavier and thicker it gets. it's a huge part of my life. this is why you don't make slime at 3:00 a.m.
3:19 am
i spend 80% of my life making slime. i sound insane. oh my god. >> reporter: with almost 9 million subscribers on youtube, she shows young fans how to make all types of slimes, with different textures and scents, even doing slime challenges. karina the a part of a new generation of youtube'ers turning their channels into full fledged brands and businesses, creating an empire out of slime. her success is all new. >> we have rainbow beads. two years ago she was a millennial trying to figure out her life. >> i was a weekend waitress. i didn't know what i was going to do with my life, honestly. >> reporter: she started posting makeup and do it yourself craft videos. >> i found a simple recipe on pinterest? then you will add glitter to it. >> it was going to be another how to diy on my channel. i think boom everything after that is like a blur.
3:20 am
then boom i feel like everything after that is like a blur. >> reporter: now, karina makes six figures and makes slime from her los angeles mansion. >> so this is the room that holds all the slime supplies. we have a bunch of beads. these are add-ins. these are a bunch of scents. we have bubble gum. this is cake batter. they all smell so good. >> reporter: today, karina is showing off her latest sticky stretchy and scented slimes from her new company craft city. >> we have a banana one. >> reporter: you can literally take off the top, yep, there it is? so you had always dreamed of actually creating toys? >> yeah, for the moment, i started in youtube, i was in the kids' scene, i thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have stuff on shelves, specifically around the toy industry. >> reporter: a mogul in the
3:21 am
making. she says she couldn't have made it the far without the power of social media. >> i think it says i can do everything. i started, it was for fun. i never thought i could make a career out of it. i hope my brand keeps expanding. i want to be a megabrand one day. >> reporter: she surprised a group of 2nd grade slimers. >> how are you doing? are you ready to make some slime? >> reporter: she shows them how to make the personal slime. >> if you never made slime, i tell you, it's the easiest ever, i promise. >> it's still sticky, right? >> reporter: as much as four years ago, you said before, you are lost, you didn't have this platform. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: what is it like for you now? >> it's insane. i wake up, what is my life? it's crazy.
3:22 am
what i do, i love it so much, my audience are kids, they're so pure and loving. i wouldn't trade them for anything. >> reporter: sticky and stain, it's time too take a selfie. >> hi! >> oh, we love that one. >> thank you. we are back. thank you, lourdes and will. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. but what i love about olay regenerist whip with spf 25 is that it's lightweight, it's barely there. and then i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working, you know, just roll.
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for up to 10 hours of protection. it catches leaks, so you can catch zzzzs. because my morning starts before morning starts. always a all right. welcome back. let's get you to "the mix" now and a thank you can go a very long way. we want to tell you about a study that just came out that says receiving more thank yous at work can lead to a healthier and a better life. >> that makes a lot of sense. feeling appreciated, right? >> right. when you have more satisfaction at work, according to this study. and it leads to better sleep, healthier eating and fewer headaches. >> healthier eating? that one surprises me some. >> yeah. >> but i can dig it, thank you, marcus, for sharing that story. >> i want to thank you for all that you do, janai. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. >> thank you. >> no, thank you.
3:26 am
by the way, if you want to read more about it, it's in the journal of positive psychology. >> positive psychology. you probably have that on your shelf at home. the man at google maps. they're taking pictures of everybody's home, they happen to catch this man falling down the stairs. this is in hoboken, new jersey, so not too far from here. you see him there, he's in the process of falling. his address has gone viral. >> oh. >> because that tumble was captured. look at him there. his body is beginning to become all contorted. >> is he okay? i hope he's okay. >> we hope so, they're still trying to figure out who he is. you see several bystanders, their faces are blurred. they're looking, they're in shock, oh my gosh. sorry, these pictures were taken august of last year. not that it's slippery, no ice. we don't know why he fell. >> i don't see anybody helping. >> no, we appreciate google capturing it. they have replaced it. with a picture -- >> why? >> why did he fall?
3:27 am
>> i'm thinking he might have been bending his elbow at one of the locals over there in hoboken, if you know what i mean? >> no, what does that mean? what does bending his elbow, does that mean drinking? oh my goodness, bending an el bow. that's good, jack. >> so you go from no one helping this guy falling. to two adults that help saving a drowning bird. we can't make this up, folks. let's take a look at this. this is video that is really making the rounds. look at this. is that a golden retriever? >> it's struggling. >> look at this. >> what's wrong, boy? >> a burden to be saved, boy? >> this buenes aries. >> oh, no, she let the dog it have? >> jacks is really happy. here back at home. a woman eating ahe dog, jack.
3:28 am
>> jacks is
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," no end to the flooding disaster. entire towns are under water and people are left stranded as heavy rain floods the mid-west. more rain is on the way. accuweather explains why it's taking so long for these rivers to recede. also this morning, a possible terror attack. three people killed, several others hurt when a man opens fire on a tram. hear what police are saying about a possible motive. new this half hour, a health alert. an explanation on aspirin. >> doctors say an asperin a day can be doing more harm for your heart. sesame street says which muffin america would like to be left with on a deserted island
3:31 am
and why. th >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we are going to go straight to debate team when it comes to the whole sesame story. >> 100%. >> 100%. get ready for that, but we begin this half hour with deadly flooding in the mid-west. vice president mike pence will visit the damage. >> three people are now dead and hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged. residents in the towns like bellevue, nebraska on the missouri river were ordered to evacuate days ago. this is what bellevue looks like now. >> 300 miles to the east. they hit a record smashing the previous high set decades ago. >> a major air force base, water is cut off. the runways there are covered with water, even a base arc neighborhood is under water.
3:32 am
abc's geo benitez has more. >> reporter: roads and bridges washed out, dams and levees destroyed. thousands of families forced to evacuate amid the worst flooding to hit parts of the heartland in decades. >> there goes the mormon canal bridge washed out. >> reporter: hundreds rescued from this nebraska home, animals trapped, too, dogs saved from the home. back in nebraska, military officials say one-third of offit air force base was heavily flooded. west of omaha, the elk horn river rising ten feet above flood stage. record cold followed by a rapid warm-up made rivers rise so much that days later some neighborhoods are still under water. in northwest missouri, residents in craig filling sandbags bracing for the water coming their way.
3:33 am
>> we will do anything we can to keep this town dry. >> reporter: the water is now claiming at least three lives in the region. and ere in waterloo, nebraska, you can only get to this town by air boat. you see that house there, it's been moved off its foundation. geo benitez, waterloo, nebraska. >> you can still see on the weather radar, there are more storms coming into nebraska and iowa. this is a combination of recently heavy rain and last week's snow from the blizzard. >> paul williams explains, what's happening and why. good morning. good morning, unfortunately more unwelcome rain will hit the same area that's already ravaged from grand island, omaha, kansas city. recovery will be disruptive. you add that rain on top of the ice melt that's happening, up toward the elk river, that flows into the missouri. then you combine those rivers and the missouri water all the way down into st. charles. then that funnels right into the mississippi river, making
3:34 am
problems for the mid-south as well as the deep south. just to give you a hint as to how bad it is, 40.6. that's the new record for the missouri river in plattesmouth, river. that will be the entire rain for the entire season. our thanks to paul. authorities in the netherlands are looking for the motive behind a deadly attack. three people are dead, five others injured. it sparked an hour long manhunt. a suspect was edstre a nd abc has the details. >> reporter: in the middle of the morning, 10:49 a.m., gunfire erupting on a dutch commuter tram, raising immediate fears this could be a new zealand-style terror attack, the
3:35 am
gunman wielding an automatic weapon, killing three, wounding five more, then fleeing the scene. heavily armed counter terrorism police descend in force, authorities releasing these under surveillance images from four minutes before the shooting spree. identifying the suspect as 37-year-old gutman tanis from turkey. for a while, the terror threat level was raised to its highest level. neighborhoods locked down. police moving door-to-door in search of the suspect. then authorities announcing an arrest. but the motive still a mystery. >> we are investigating all possibilities, so that means possible terrorist motives, but also other possible personal motives. >> reporter: the police here appear to have narrowed it down to two possible named motives, either terrorism related or personal. meanwhile, a second man who was taken into custody is suspected of also being involved in the incident. still far more questions than answers.
3:36 am
in fact, exactly what happened here and why. ian panel, abc news, holland. >> and this morning, american security agencies are out with a new intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement ability possible isis attacks. >> that comes after the deadly mosque attacks in new zealand that left 50 people dead. the bulletin says isis supporters are posting images of the attack online and calling for muslims to respond by launching their own attacks. attack. president trump announce the . president trump has dubbed bolsonaro the trump ought classics. the two leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference today. a investigation into the woman with president trump and robert kraft. cindy yang is a campaign donor. she is suspected of donating. she founded the massage parlor
3:37 am
where past owner robert kraft is accused of soliciting sex. the chinese immigrant has ties to china's government. senator mccain's daughter says president trump's life is quote pathetic. megan mccain was reacting to attacks on her father. she said he should focus on his own family than hers. >> my father's kryptonite in life was his kryptonite in death. i thought your life is spent on your weekends not with your family, not with your friends, but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to. >> that tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life right now. >> president trump is apparently still angry over mccain's decision to vote against the repeal of the affordable healthcare act, also known as obamacare. he blames the late arizona senator for his role in the russia investigation a former
3:38 am
>> a former pennsylvania pediatrician heads to prison for 79 years for sexually abusing children. 19 people gave impact statements, including his wife. saying he has been lying to her for 62 years. officials, though, throughout that case saying the claims didn't match his reputation. a young woman in washington state has entered a guilty plea for pushing her former friend off a bridge. you probably seen this video. it went viral last summer. taylor smith was seen pushing jordan who fell 60 feet into the water below. she broke six ribs and punctured a lung. she faces up to a year in jail for reckless endangerment when she is sentenced next week. a new report what's been confirmed about text messages from ceo jeff bezos to his girlfriend, laura sanchez. the messages were published in january. now the "wall street journal" says sanchez' brother michael sold the messages to the "enquirer's" publisher for $2
3:39 am
million. that money is higher they say than they usually pay sources. twitter was talking sesame street survivor on monday. >> i heard about this. they tweeted out the following question, if you are stuck on a deserted island, you can pick one, oscar, grover, elmo, or the cookie monster to come with you. who are you picking and why? one user said the only answer is grover. elmo is too optimistic. oscar would ditch you in a heartbeat. and then the cookie monster will start eyeing you like cookie. >> cookie, cookie. cookie. >> another went the grouchy route, clearly oscar. he lives in a trash can. cookie monster had his supporter, saying i only assume he would come with a lifetime supply of cookies. >> it would help. >> when people were making really good points so my answer i think would be grover. i will throw that out there. one person said oscar, wait, no, no, no, that's not the good one, grover is too anxious.
3:40 am
elmo is the only choice. cookie monster will go through cookie withdrawals and who know -- knows what a sober personality is. oscar, anyone that chooses oscar should be on a watch list. >> i'm going well mo, though. >> why? >> i feel we'd get along. >> somebody else said elmo is too loud. all that giggling and carrying on. >> rude. >> rude. >> coming up, the health alert for people taking a daily dose of aspirin. to prevent a heart attack. why doctors are now saying you could be doing more harm than good. >> later in "the skinny," contestants earn their golden tickets to hollywood. this is on "american idol". you are watching "world news now." ♪ the thing that ever made you feel alive ♪ ever made you feel alive" ticket on "american idol." skinny."
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breaking overnight, this massive fire near houston may burn into tomorrow. it started in dear park, texas. the flames are being fueled by gas and other chemicals and some of the plant's 80,000 barrels. no injuries were reported. officials say air quality in the area is testing within normal guidelines. now to some health news, new research finds sweetened drinks has a much more sour affect on
3:44 am
women's health. >> harvard found adults who had two sugary drinks a day increased their cardiovascular disease by 21%. women are twice as fast as men. they find artificial sweeteners lower the risk for all adults. and listen up, if you are taking a scaly dose and are concerned about a heart attack. >> reporter: this morning cardiologists are warning people to stop taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks saying for some the medication could cause life-threatening complications. >> the risk of bleeding is thought to be better than any potential benefit. >> reporter: aspirin thins the blorksd reducing the risk of blood clots. cardiologists saying seniors who never had a stroke or heart attack should stop using the commonly prescribed pill because it could cause uncontrolled bleeding.
3:45 am
. >> new guidelines say if you are 70 or older, you should not take an aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke. >> reporter: as for younger adults, doctors say it's a case by case decision. >> if you are between 40 and 70 and are you at high risk for heart disease but low risk for bleeding, it might be an option so you should talk to your doctor. >> reporter: still for those with a history of health issues, the benefits of a blood thinner outweigh the complications. >> these new guidelines do not apply to people. they should not stop their aspirin. >> and, of course, they always say you should talk to a doctor before deciding how you will change your health regimen. when we come back, the cookiest and possibly the creepiest "american idol" contests ever. the new controversy involving brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio. "the skinny" is next. involving brad pitt and leo nar do dicaprio. ""the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, just give ♪ skinny all right. welcome back. this morning, time now for skinny.".
3:48 am
it started with a full night of started with a full night of auditions for "american idol." >> two nights in a row. tonight is the final night. sorting it out our own will ganss. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much, you are so much to us. >> i am the kelly to your clarkson, the carrie to your underwood. thank you all. normally, we can keep it up to luke to keep it cookie, we met the cookiest or creepiest ever. . >> why is it lady malfo? >> why lady malfo? >> that was the name of my cat. she died. >> yes. ♪ why are there so many >> oh my god! >> yeah, that was last year's winner maddie poppy going under cover to punk the judges. but with last year's champion fresh on the mind, would the
3:49 am
judges be more keen to find so many amazing auditions, watch chloe, decide for yourself ♪ you push your dreams" ♪ i live by your side ♪ ♪ only by your side >> after ryan sang, the director, e-mailed me to say, he should announce he is the winner. end of story. >> true story. >> she up to new competition, katie's new crush, nick mariko. >> do you play gigs? >> a couple. >> like how? >> i do a lot of open mics, to be honest. >> i'm having an open mic at my house tomorrow. i can't let anyone in. i'm a yes! >> katie is kind of into me. >> okay. i think katie and most of america are kind of into nick
3:50 am
after meeting him on last night's "idol." all the drama kicks off sunday night. >> it's always the eyes, the eyes that get you. >> is it. >> it's always the eyes. we were talking about singing, will, you are a fan of karaoke. >> it's not even a question. >> obviously. and marcus you -- >> i didn't know. >> marcus only sings in spanish. right? >> i can only sing in spanish. i don't know why. >> hit a couple notes, real quick? >> mmm. . >> no, in spanish! >> i need music. i can't sing. i have an idea. >> let's go sing karaoke. you can take all the spanish parts. >> not that one. like a classic saya cruz or luis enrique. luis enrique. . >> roll that tongue. >> no, we're doing this. sign me up, what are you doing, janai? >> nothing, i won't be there. >> are you serious right now? >> yeah, i'll rap something or something, oh my gosh. okay. next to what is shaping up to be another emotional fail.
3:51 am
>> leonardo dicaprio showed himself and co-star brad pitt. once upon a time, the they are pointing tout 55-year-old pitt and dicaprio seem to be photo shopped in this photo and saying it appears pitt's face was mcconahey. >> last august, sony accidentally leaked this image showing wrinkle smooth out of pitts complexion and dicaprio showed a double chin. who wrote this and threw all that shade at dicaprio? his double chin. hilarious. >> okay. we got a shout out to our beloved -- >> shout out. our chief, rebecca jarvis and her husband matthew henson
3:52 am
welcomed their first child. >> they say quote this is the most magical moment of our lives, hanson added we are overjoyed. she's incredible. >> we love seeing baby pictures! >> so cute. e love seeing these baby pictures. >> so cute. but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings. the only detergent with concentrated gain, oxi boost, and febreze odor remover. mmhmm. smelling is believing. and gain flings can hiya karate stink too. try new improved gain flings.
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it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean. ♪ so it's march. it's almost spring. and march madness is just about upon us. two versions of march madness running side-by-side the next three weeks as the women's bracket has now been revealed. >> the top four seeds on the road to tampa are baylor, mississippi state and louisville. 63 schools are trying to take the crown away from the fighting irish. notre dame won a national championship last april. this, of course, you will recall was back-to-back final beaters. >> so much excitement to look forward to in sports.
3:56 am
specifically college basketball. >> always. of course, for the players, getting to march madness is a lot of work. . >> it takes a lot of work and practice. >> of course, it starts with a dream. we are meeting a young special player living out his dream, one basket at a time. >> reporter: 9-year-old austin weaver plays basketball at martin's elementary school, parkersburg, west virginia, diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 3, he wears braces to help him walk better. at his first game in season, one of his teammates held his hand throughout. watch what happened, number 50 getting the ball and handing it to austin. they tried to sink that basket together. it was a miss. but no glory. because if at first you don't succeed, number 50 determined to give austin another shot. it just looked at austin's reaction.
3:57 am
austin's mother proudly posting, austin made a basket. we are so blessed. a huge thanks to his team, austin weaver, america strong. >> absolutely america strong. >> right. >> what a fun story. . >> that's incredible. and that video has 7 million views since last night. >> people love those feel good stories. that's what we want. we want to feel good. we want to love on somebody we don't know. we want to see them succeed. right? >> absolutely. . >> don't miss updates on face book at >> we have more news next. stay with us. >> announcer: this is abc's .
3:58 am
>> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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morning america." making news in america this morning, the massive inferno overnight that could burn for days. a texas refinery up in flames. plumes of smoke and toxic fumes billow into the sky. the impact it could now have on gas prices. the historic flood emergency. the vice president tours the devastation in the heartland today with more rain on the way. we have new images of before and after as rivers inundate neighborhoods. the death toll rising. hundreds of homes now underwater. another top hollywood executive loses his job because of sexual misconduct allegations. what the head of warner brothers allegedly did. the text message at the heart of the case and the fallout this morning.


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