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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 19, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories. the horrific pictures coming in. the deadly bus crash, flipping on the interstate. tonight, the driver has just been charged. two adults killed. more than 50 others injured. several children rushed to the hospital. also breaking tonight, authorities just moments ago revealing more tanks have gone up in flames tonight. the inferno growing at this hour, and the new warnings. the major headline breaking involving robert kraft. will the billionaire owner of the new england patriots take the offer? prosecutors offers kraft a plea deal tonight, but what he must acknowledge. and what kraft would also have to do. ste of emergency growing, and the rescues tonight. more than 80 cities now, 70 counties in nebraska alone. several states under water, and there is more rain on the way. amazon chief jeff bezos, who
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leaked those photos to "the inquirer," you inquirer," and how much were they paid? president trump going after kellyanne conway's husband, who has been a critic of the president. and kellyanne conway is asked, does she share her husband's concerns? the high school basketball player kept off the court, out of school, because he never got vaccinated for chicken pox. is he putting students at risk? the garbage truck scare, in flames and headed straight for a home. the talk show host and what she revealed today about addiction. and there is news tonight on that popular actor who suddenly died. authorities now revealing what was behind it. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we have a lot to get to, and we begin tonight with those new charges, after a deadly bus crash. a charter bus flipping over on the interstate. that bus driver has now been charged just a short time ago. the horrific images from the
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scene. two dead, more than 50 injured, many of them children, rushed to the hospital. the bus flipping on a foggy i-95 exit ramp in virginia. the bus landing off the road and on its side, many remain in the hospital at this hour. the passengers were traveling from florida up to new york. and abc's david kerley leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, florida >> reporter: this bus on it's side, filled with horror early this morning, when in the fog. >> i have multiple injuries. >> reporter: it careens off an i-95 exit ramp near richmond. children among the 57 onboard. >> small girl with dislocated knee, several subjects bleeding. >> reporter: two people were killed. >> people stuck underneath the bus. >> like i'm in the spin cycle in somebody's dryer. the bus is just flipping. >> reporter: from a mass casualty event to a local disaster. >> we did think about some needs for a medevac, but due to the fog, we knew there was though way for them to deploy that unit. >> reporter: nearly everyone on
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the bus was taken to a local hospital. one survivor telling the local paper it was like a roller coaster when the bus, on a trip from orlando to new york, rolled over several times at 5:30 in the morning. police say the 40-year-old driver from staten island is tonight charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> just want to get home. just want to get home. >> let's get to david kerley, with us live tonight. he covers transportation for us. and david, the driver not only has been charged, but police now say speed was, in fact, a factor? >> reporter: speed, and police say that that exit is prone to having accidents, david. and we have learned from federal officials that this bus company has a good safety record. this is its first major accident. david? >> david kerley leadi ining us again tonight. thank you, david. as we were on the air last night, we took you to the dangerous inferno out of control. and authorities near houston just a short time ago revealing more tanks are now on fire tonight. eight tanks now blazing, two
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irighters briefly lost t,se the concern now growing forth oft ds actuay their yards now. abc's marci gonzalez again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, those towering flames burning out of control at this chemical plant for a third day. >> it is evolving. it is a dangerous situation. >> reporter: today, debris falling into neighborhoods. >> they look almost like a lump of charcoal. >> reporter: officials closely monitoring air quality, insisting it is still at safe levels. the wind carrying what huge plume right towards houston. but officials say that smoke is 4,000 feet in the air, high enough off the ground. they say, to not cause any health problems. but jennifer rosas says she and her 74-year-old mother are already feeling the affects, so much so they've had to block off the windows of their home with plastic. >> because my eyes were so red and burning, i have to sleep with a washcloth on my face. mom's throat started getting
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worse. she started developing nose bleeds. anso i thought,hin'be normal. >> reporter: the company that owns this plant has set up a hotline for anymore impacted, not offering an emotional apology to the community. >> this isn't an event we wanted or planned. >> marci gonzalez joins us live tonight from outside that plant. and marci, you've been talking to those concerned residents all day about the air quality, but local authorities still saying the air is safe tonight? >> reporter: yeah, they say it is still safe for now, david. but people here are still very cautious. the schools reopened today, but teachers were told to keep students indoors because of this. and now fire officials are saying they don't know how much longer this could keep burning. david? >> marci gonzalez tonight. marci, thank you. there is also a breaking headline tonight involving the billionaire owner of the new england patriots, robert kraft. prosecutors now offering a plea deal, but what he would have to acknowledge and what kraft would
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have to do. prosecutors offering that deal in the last 24 hours. kraft would have to admit guilt, and that's not all. here's abc's victor oquendo in florida. >> reporter: tonight, florida prosecutors offering to drop soliciting prostitution charges against billionaire patriots owner rob kraft. the deal offered to kraft and 24 other men would carry several requirements. kraft would have to acknowledge he would have been found guilty at trial of soliciting a prostitute. take an educational class on the dangers of prostitution. perform 100 hours of community service. pay $10,000 in fines. and submit to an std test. >> the question was, does the video contain mr. kraft receiving the alleged acts? the answer to that is yes. >> reporter: kraft and nearly 200 other men were arrested in a sweeping prostitution ring last month involving several spas in florida. police say the six-month sting operation found evidence the women were victimized by spa owners. authorities claim they found indications the women were living on the premises in
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unhealthy conditions, and that owners of the spa brought them over from asia. the arrest exposing the dark underworld of human trafficking. >> this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes. this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. >> reporter: just after the charges were announced, a spokesperson for kraft said in a statement quote, "we categorically deny that mr. kraft engaged in any illegal activity." >> let's get right to victor oquendo, who has been following this case from the start. and victor, this deal would mean those misdemeanor charges would go away. are we hearing anything tonight from the patriots owner? >> reporter: david, we reached out, no word from robert kraft tonight. though he would not have a criminal record, he could still face punishment from the nfl. according to league policy, owners are held to a higher standard than players. david? >> victor, thank you. we're going to turn now to the dangerous weather tonight. the state of emergency, the rescues tos.
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more rain now coming. more than 80 cities and 70 counties are under water in nebraska alone. the floods than been deadly. abc's gio benitez taking us inside the devastation tonight in nebraska. >> reporter: tonight, the >> reporter: tonight, the historic flood waters inundating communities damaging hundreds of homes already are on the move. after those dramatic chopper rescues in nebraska, residents in northwest missouri bracing for impact. in st. joseph, they've filled more than 100,000 sandbags already. >> it's a dirty, nasty job, it's hard work. >> reporter: the missouri river expected to reach its highest level there since 2011. this, as we see new images of the devastation, the fast-moving icy waters left behind in nebraska. rivers breached at least a dozen levees in nebraska, iowa and missouri. and bridges weren't spared, either. juoo thion d by those floodwaters. repairing public property i this state could cost more than half a billion dollars.
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agricultural losses could be double that. vice president mike pence surveying the damage in the flood zone today. southeast of sioux city, iowa, the rose family is among those now cleaning up. >> i don't know if we're going to rebuild, because it's going to cost a lot. >> reporter: volunteers helping them salvage what they can. >> gio is back with us live tonight. he's in douglas county, nebraska, and we took note of that number today, that about 200 miles of levees have been breached because of this flooding, 200? >> reporter: that's right, david. and the peak flood season actually starts in may. it takes about six months to fix those levees, so, they may not be done by then. and of course, you have all of this property damage, you see it everywhere. there is so much work to be done here, david. >> all right, gio, thank you. in the meantime, we turn now to amazon chief jeff bezos tonight, and this question. who leaked those nude photos to "the inquirer" and how much were they paid? what "the wall street journal" is reporting tonight. and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, the
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question of who leaked explicit photos billionaire jeff bezos sent his mistress, lauren sanchez, may have been answered. according to a "wall street journal" investigation, the "national enquirer" paid $200,000 to sanchez's brother, michael, who then sold bezos' secrets, including those intimate texts and photos. according to "the journal," david pecker, the publisher of the "enquirer," was initially uneasy about proceeding with such an explosive story, anxious the powerful bezos would sue. but ultimately, the paper reports, he approved the deal. and shortly thereafter, bezos, who is reportedly worth $137 billion, accused a.m.i., the publisher of the "national enquirer," of blackmail and extortion, claiming a.m.i. threatened to publish the embarrassing photos unless he stopped his investigation into just how the tabloid obtained the text messages. in response, michael sanchez, a hollywood talent agent, says that he will not dignify the claims, adding only that "the journal's" reporting is based on hold rumors. david? >> linsey davis tonight.
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linsey, thank you. we move on now to the white house. president trump's new war of words, and one of his most trusted counselors has now been caught in the middle of the very public feud. the president blasting conway's husband, george conway, calling him a, quote, total loser. it came after george conway very publicly questioned the president's mental health. and kellyanne conway was asked, does she share her husband's concern? abc's cecilia vega at the white house. >> reporter: the president today taking aim at kellyanne conway's husband, calling george kon way a "total loser." it comes after he questioned the president's mental fitness for office. conway saying it's getting worse, and americans should be thinking seriously now about trump's mental condition and psychological state. the well-known conservative lawyer and frequent trump critic even posted pages from the american psychiatric association manual, highleichting disorders for narcicisstic and anti-social
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personalities. reporters asked kellyanne conway if she shared her husband's concerns? >> i don't their shows concerns. >> reporter: conway con seeds his wife is not happy when he publicly controls her boss. >> i don't think she likes it, but i told her i don't like the administration, so, it's even, you know, it's one of these things. >> reporter: today, conway told "the washington post" "the men das si, the imcompetence, it's just maddening to watch." saying he tweets about president trump "so i don't end up screaming at her about it." >> all right, cecilia vega with us tonight. the president taking aim at kellyanne conway's husband. cecilia, we know the president also going after the late john mccain. meghan mccain in the last 24 hours defending her father, who she reminded everyone, passed away nearly seven months ago. well, the president was asked today while still go after him. let's listen. >> very unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace obama care, as you know. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be.
3:43 pm
>> cecilia, you've covered this for some time, the president making it clear he's not letting this go. >> reporter: and this one goes back a really long time, back to the campaign, when then candidate donald trump said that john mccain wasn't a war hero. you'll also remember that president trump said he's a counterpuncher, but in this case, he is fighting against someone, as you just reminded us, that meghan mccain says has been dead for nearly seven months. >> cecilia, thank you. next this evening, to the president's former personal attorney and fixer michael cohen, and what we learned today. newly unsealed search warrants now reveal just how long he was a target of robert mueller's team. and what they were after. abc's pierre thomas now. >> reporter: newly unsealed documents show robert mueller had his sights on michael cohen much earlier than was known. a full nine months before the fbi raid on his home, office and hotel room. >> mr. cohen, why do think they raided your office -- >> reporter: the special counsel's office obtained a search warrant for cohen's e-mails in july 2017,
3:44 pm
investigating several possible crimes, including what they call a scheme to defraud multiple banks. cohen, $22 million dollars in debt, failed to disclose he was aggressively raking in $2.8 million in payments from a number of corporate giants, some based overseas, on the promise of an insider's advice on how to deal with a trump white house. investigators also looking into campaign finance violations allegedly involving donald trump. the details of what they call "the illegal campaign contribution scheme," nearly 20 pages long, full little redacted. the investigation apparently still active. >> pierre, news on michael cohen tonight. but there's news today that could give us a hint on how long this mueller investigation could last. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, we've learned, he's staying at his boast longer? >> reporter: that's right. rosenstein was expected to leave by mid march. we're told he may stay a couple-weeks to help out with the mueller report. david? >> pierre thomas with us tonight.
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thank you, pierre. now, to the middle of the country, and new developnts tonight in the murder of a firefighter in indiana, gunned down in front of his home. authorities releasing 911 calls, including one from his wife, who now faces charges linked to tin vest game. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, this newly-released 911 call under scrutiny. >> my husband just got shot. >> reporter: a distressed wife telling a dispatcher her husband, 51-year-old robbie doerr, a veteran firefighter, has been fatally shot outside their evansville, indiana, home. >> all i saw was my husband's headlights pull into the driveway and then i heard a bunch of popping. >> reporter: elizabeth fox-doerr becoming a widow that night last month. but the day after her husband was laid to rest, she was arrested, charged with obstruction of justice. and misinforming law enforcement. >> the charges she's facing is for deleting a phone call on her phone and then not being honest with investigators when questioned about it. >> reporter: that call, police say, was received before she
3:46 pm
dialed 911. >> what type of car it was you saw drive away? >> i did not see a car. i did not see a person. the only person i saw was my husband laying on the ground. >> reporter: david, police say fox-doerr is not a suspect in her husband's murder. she's pleaded not guilty to those other charges. david? >> erielle reshef. erielle, thank you. we turn overseas tonight and the massive humanitarian disaster in mozambique. the government confirming more than 200 people are dead and the death toll could climb to more than 1,000 following that powerful cyclone. the storm hitting with winds up to 106 miles per hour. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the neighborhood scare. the garbage truck, fully engulfed in flames, headed straight for a home. you could hear the neighbors in panic as they saw it coming town the street. the talk show host and what she revealed today about addiction. there's also news tonight on that popular actor who died suddenly. now the cause. and the high school basketball player kept off the court an out of school tonight because he never got vaccinated
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while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. next tonight here, a high school student is now suing his school after being kicked off the court and out of school because he didn't get vaccinated for chicken pox. here's abc's steve osunsami on the debate. >> reporter: 18-year-old jerome kunkel is a senior and a basketball star at this catholic high school in northern kentucky, and he's suing his local health department because they won't let him back to class without a chicken pox vaccine. his objection to the shot is a common one, based on religious grounds. >> it's a catholic belief that abortion is wrong, morally wrong. and since the vaccine's derived from aborted fetal cells, that obviously goes directly against that. >> reporter: it is true that in the 1960s, cells obtained from two aborted fetuses were used to grow viruses that were developed into some of today's modern vaccines. but even the vatican has decided that it's morally acceptable for
3:50 pm
catholics to get these vaccines because they protect children. kentucky health officials are underlining that they have 32 students out sick with the chicken pox right now, at this one school, and say they're not letting any students who aren't vaccinated back to class until the outbreak is over. the student who is suing says it's unfair, because he can't play ball, but all sports and extracurricular activities at the school have been canceled, too. david? >> all right, steve, thank you. when we come back here, the popular talk show host, and her very personal reveal today about addicti addiction. and more on that garbage truck fully engulfed in flames and headed straight for a home. you'll see the moment when we come back. a new range of innovative air fresheners with no heavy perfumes that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness. febreze one neutralizes stale, stuffy odors and releases a subtle hint of fragrance like bamboo or lemongrass ginger. to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes,
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whatever party you've got going we've gothe busi up front. to the index of other news, and to that runaway garbage truck engulfed in flames in los angeles. no injuries reported. talk show host wendy williams has revealed her fight against addiction. a. >> for some time now, and even today and beyond, i have been living in a sober house. and i never went to a place to get the treatment. i don't know how, except god was sitting on my shoulder. >> williams says she shared her story today to encourage others to seek help. we wish her well tonight. and autopsy has revealed how actor kristoff st. john has died. they say heart disease was the primary cause, alcohol was a factor, too. he spent three decades on "the young and the restless."
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when we come back, the wakeup call in the middle of the night. the parents who woke up their son with a good reason. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. this and even this.hark, i deep clean messes like this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
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>> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ finally tonight here, america strong. the call that came in the middle of the night. the dag see know family of suburban chicago. mario and mary and their six children. kevin d'agostino was born with cystic fibrosis, a progressive, genetic disease of the lungs. for the past two years, he has depended on oxygen, carrying a tank everywhere he went. even behind him, right there at the pool. he was put on a lung transplant list, waiting six long months. then, the call in the middle of the night, his parents wake him.
3:58 pm
>> you're getting new lungs. >> no way, no way. >> reporter: hugging his mother, then his father. >> you're getting new lungs. >> no way! >> reporter: the double lung transplant surgery was a success. and look at this. just one day later, up and walking. >> this is his third time around. my goodness. fantastic. >> reporter: weeks later, coming home. >> my man, how's it feel? >> reporter: and then it hits him. his mother, mary, offering these words. >> it speaks to his determination. and it speaks to his bravery and it speaks to his strength. >> reporter: the whole neighborhood right there for kevin, who waited for so long -- and who came home. what a young man. what a family. and what a remarkable gift from that donor family. good night.
3:59 pm
hello, san jose emergency. >> problems with 911 in the south bay. when you dial 911, you count on somebody on the other end picking up quickly, but that is not always the case. a new audit finds those calls aren't getting answered fast enough. >> staffing is an issue with our 911 center. >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm dion lim. calls must be answered in 15 seconds. in san jose, it's been taking longer than that. >> joining us live with some of the promosed solutions to fix this problem. >> reporter: good evening. 911 dispatchers get about 1,400 phone calls a day. the city says they're making some improvements, but this report being discussed at city hall aims to get the city in compliance. >> san jose 911, what is the nature of your emergency? >> reporter: calls coming in to
4:00 pm
911 have to be answered fast. in san jose some calls aren't being answered fast enough. >> san jose is having problems meeting emergency call answering times. >> reporter: city auditor sharon erickson was tasked with finding a solution. the state mandate say calls should be answered within 15 seconds, the average was closer to 80%. the state threatened to cut funding if numbers didn't improve. they reached 90% but did it with huge amounts of overtime, sometimes people on 15-hour shifts. that's not a long-term solution says the police chief. >> we're at 24/7/365 operation. and it takes a large commitment. because of our staffing levels we've had to incorporate mandatory overtime. that can be problematic. it's tough on people. >> reporter: erickson says the best fix is to reroute nonemergency calls. >> stay on the phone and i'll tell you exactly what to do next. >> 40% of the calls they're handling in


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