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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  March 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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richmond-bound train. they need your help to catch the suspect. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at bart headquarters with this developing story. cornell. >> reporter: bart deputy police chief said safety is the top concern of riders. he is working to hire more officers as they search for a stabbing suspect. >> it has become very dangerous and scary, i feel. >> riders are feeling unnerved after a stabbing on bart. take a close look at this man. bart police believe he is the same guy who got into a fight with another rider on a richmond-bound train and then pulled a knife. >> they rode together several stations. there was some type of verbal exchange, which escalated into the fight. >> reporter: police say it led to a victim being stabbed in the neck and face just as the train was approaching the oakland fruitvale station friday afternoon. a camera inside the train caught the suspect moments after the
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stabbing, running away from the car and out of the station. it's not the news riders want to hear. >> it's just gross. it's always gross. it's always been gross. >> reporter: last year 18-year-old nia wilson was stabbed stab ed to death. a judge will rule on cowl's mental competency for trial next month. mary said she saw a man pull a knife on board a train. luckily, no one was hurt. >> what do you do except grab your purse and put it in front of you in case it's you he comes after. >> i think we need more security. >> reporter: they are working to hire 19 more this year. >> we are actively recruiting, looking to put more people out there. we are doing the best we can >> reporter: meantime, the search for this suspect goes on. we're told the stabbing victim is expected to recover. anyone with information about the crime is asked to call bart police. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc
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7 news. cornell, thanks. last month abc 7 news spent an entire week looking at some of the issues bart faces. it is all part of our commitment to building a better bay area. safety was one of the primary concerns viewers told us about. one woman who had one of the run-ins allowed her to join us as they headed home to the east bay from san francisco. >> have more police presence. there needs to be somebody walking around so people know they can't jump the gate or intimidate somebody on the train. it's hard when you have a lot of transient people going through the were system. but there needs to be a way to mitigate that situation. >> a report released earlier this year says 23% of riders say they are concerned about crime. so we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep
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pwplding a bett building a better bay area. you can write us with your comments and suggestions. and on twitter use the #betterbayarea. facebook, we would love for you to join our better bay area group as we work on finding solutions together. to the north bay now where a woman and her dog are safe after their car went off a bridge and into a waterway last night. santa rosa firefighters rescued them near a property property off guerinville road. it was stuck in an upright position partially under the water. firefighters used chains and cable to secure the rear of the car to the bridge. both the woman and dog are expected to be just fine. well, you may have to find an alternate route if you plan on driving between novato and vallejo. it will close tonight at 7:00 this evening. both directions will stay closed
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until 10:00 tomorrow morning. repairs are taking place on railroad tracks across highway 37 in sonoma county. news to help the grieving while celebrating life of a young oakland man murdered near his college near los angeles. ♪ abc 7 news was inside temple hill for vick toll mack el lany. he died after being shot during an attempted robbery near the university of southern california. a minister who knows the family reflected on what gifts the music major shared. >> smart. funny. loyal, intelligent, be community minded. i believed music was a healing medicine. ♪
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>> victor was due to graduate from usc later this spring. los angeles police have not made any arrests in his murder. new details now on a judge's proposal for pg&e to prevent wildfires. in a court filing submitted yesterday, the utility says it cannot keep an eye on every tree in its service area at all times in order to comply with the tree trimming laws. earlier this month the judge revised his plan requiring pg&e to meet laws as part of its probation in the criminal case. a utility is objecting to the proposal that keeps it from paying dividends to stockholders until it meets tree management requirements. go fund me is banning anti vaccination campaigns. go fund me says it has a policy prohibiting users from making health claims that have not been approved or verified by regulators.
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earlier this month amazon removed documentaries from its prime video platform. happening tonight, we are less than two hours away from a big powerball jackpot drawing. at least $625 million is on the line for tonight's drawing, making it the seventh largest jackpot in u.s. history. hit the numbers, and you could opt for a lump sum payout of $380 million. but your odds are very long, 1 in 292 million. we have lucky stores in the bay area all at so be sure to get the abc 7 mobile app and enable push alert feature. we will send out the numbers right after the drawing at 8:00 p.m. how would you like a billionaire to drop by in your school assembly? see who elon musk surprised this week, and the promise he made to students. >> it kind of falls under the barry bonds. are you going to take his
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records away? >> a new twist in the college admissions scandal. the action usc is considering taking against several students who are already involved and may have already graduated. and the story behind the bulb guy and how you can check out this display for yourself. a break in the rain this evening. our next storm is quickly approaching. we will have
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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new developments now with the college admissions scandal. usc is looking beyond current students or those who have applied to the school. sit considerable revoking the degrees of several students and graduates. lori perez got a surprising response from students. >> if you're there by fraud, what right have you really to be there at all? >> attorney steve says usc can and should take away the degrees of any alum found to have gotten in by fraud. because colleges have broad discretion to protect the system by which the degrees are awarded and should because -- >> if they don't do it, they undermine the integrity of any degree they award to anyone else. >> there are eight suspicious
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cases. they are considering revoking the degrees of those involved. some were perhaps surprisingly forgiving. >> i don't think they should take away their degree if they completed their coursework. yeah, there should be some kind of penalty. >> there has to be consequences. you can't have the same reward. >> one student suggested something akin to major league baseball's asterisk. keep it but with a check mark. >> it falls under barry bonds. are you going to take his record away because he used steroids. >> you give a second break to the kid who never should have gotten the first one. and at everyone else's expense. and it has to stop. >> now, you can find all of our stories on the college
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admissions scandal at abc 7 khefrp for the term at the top of the web page. elon musk surprised students in michigan yesterday. he met with the city's mayor. he showed up the a school assembly and promised to take them on a tour of the spacex rocket factory in california. he told the crowd of sixth and seventh graders they would be getting free laptops. spring has definitely sprung. the awesome backyard flower display in the bay area. and up next we have your accuweather forecast. warriors have the night off. and dirk
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay?
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to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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take a look at what spotted at drakes beach. they asked people what they thought was sticking out of the water. we were told by the park service it is likely half of a gray whale's fluke since four of them were seeing spouting in the area where the photo was taken.
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community leaders displayed san francisco's newly renovated mclaren park today. they displayed this morning with a ribbon cutting. several other city leaders were there. the park has room for four times the number of gardners and also features a rain garden system to manage storm center, greenhouse, plaza area and more. a gardener said the community has come a long way from 20 years ago. >> the community wasn't as thrived. it was forgot about. but now this is a new generation. now it's even better than before. >> tree plantings, pot fillings and raffle and tour were also held. in south bay, one man's back or yard is a sure-fire sign that spring has sprung. he is known as the bulb guy. he opened his personal paradise. this year he planted more than
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11,000 bulbs in the backyard of his san jose home. each year he invites them to tour his creation. he doesn't charge but encourages donations to st. jude's instead. so far he has raised $19,000 over the past three years. definitely feeling like spring for today. maybe with the showers on the way through drew tuma is standing by. >> if you have yard work, you need to get it done tomorrow. during the day you will be just fine. our next storm likely arriving tomorrow night. live doppler 7 shows a brief break from the wet weather. certainly had showers earlier this morning. any of the activity has pushed off. we are in store for a dry evening. mt. tam cam, taking a picture right now. looking across the bay area. just a few clouds out there from itore for a really quiet evening. perhaps you will take the dog out for a walk the next couple of hours. no weather worries. mainly clear skies.
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temperatures gradually falling throughout the 50s. then after midnight, we'll drop into the 40s, add a few clouds here from time to time. all in all, the next 12 hours is tranquil. numbers out there, we have the rain out. but what kind of lingered behind the storm system? cooler air. it felt like a cool start to the weekend. 56 in san francisco. 59 in san jose. 58 in haywood. napa, 57 degrees. overnight tonight, what we will see is mainly clear skies. but after midnight we will likely see patchy fog developing, spilling throug the delta, and likely patchy fog in the north bay valleys as well. numbers in the coldest spots dropping into the 30s. around the bay shoreline they will hold in the mid-50s the next 12 hours. the 12-hour day planner features a little bit of fog early on in our valleys. otherwise, the cloud will lift midday. a mix of sun and clouds out there. the clouds will be on the
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increase in the afternoon ahead of our next storm system. despite that, numbers will get a little bit warmer tomorrow than we were today with most spots in the 60s. highs on your sunday, 62. clover detail, 66. 60, san francisco. 66 the high in cop cord. oakland, 62 degrees. not only great weather for the oakland marathon early tomorrow morning. the a's game at the coliseum for an exhibition match, first pitch 1:05. temperatures mainly holding in the low 60s throughout the entire game. so a nice day to be at the ballpark. light breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. live doppler 7, along with satellite, our storm system is out of here. we get a brief break tonight. here is our next storm that we will approach tomorrow night. but mainly on monday. storm impact scale, light to moderate rain to begin the work and school week. the cities a quarter to a 3/4
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rain. tomorrow during the day, we're dry. a chance late at night, say after 9:00, we could see a shower. the main event holding off until monday. we'll track another storm wednesday, thursday, and drying out for friday and saturday. no stefan curry, shawn livingston against the mavericks. dallas's dirk nowitski getting the start in what will be his final game at oracle likely. remember he punched that hole after the we believe team in 2007 upsetting the mavericks? i think he is looking to leave his mark tonight. the first four shots for 10 points. mavericks shooting 68% in the first quarter. jalen brunson, the beautiful reverse layup. maxi with a 23-footer.
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former stanford cardinal dwight throwing it down. then trey burke aptly named. one of nine threes. mavericks led by as much as 21. right now in the second quarter, mavericks up. 51-30. stanford has been so good for so long. the cardinal never has to go far. postseason game number 71 today as the two-seed cardinal played uc davis in the first round. you think someone is excited for the return of march madness? oh, my gosh, that is too much fun. williams had 16 by halftime. ana wilson, one of the cardinals' threes, ten threes. you might know her brother, seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson. 49-26 stanford at the half. cardinals kept up the pressure
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in the third. dodson, look at this, surrounded by three defenders. gets it to go and gets the foul. stanford advances 79-54, the final. cal in waco, texas, facing north carolina for the first time. bears trail by 11. kiana smith, the three. jaylen brown brings the triple as well. cal had 11 threes. trailed by three at the half. c.j. west lays it in. and gets the one. that gave cal its first lead of the game. thomas led with 13. puts cal up for good. 3.8 left. off the inbound. brown with the running three to beat the buzzer. yep. she finished with 16. another double-double for christine. north carolina shut her down the first half. could not control her in the second. 18 points, 22 rebounds. cal wins. will face top-seeded baylor next. on the men's side, lsu taking on
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maryland. may, the biggest of his four threes right there. tigers led by three. terrapins answer on the next possession from the corner, jalen smith. 67-67. five seconds left. waters will bank it in with two seconds left. maryland had no time outs. desperation heave. no good. lsu survived. i'm tired. 69-575. midwest region wofford in kentucky. today, unbelievable. 0 for 12 from beyond the arc. that's most attempts in an nba tournament game without a mate. that's former stanford cardinal reeled travis who had 14 points. with 10 seconds left, mcgee needing a three. but remember he's 0 for 12. so kentucky wins this one, 62-56 the final. this is just the first round. >> i love it. >> plenty more to go.
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whew! >> yes, there's more sports. all right. really? do we have to say more? it is national puppy day. all the four-legged cuteness you can handle and how you can provide a home for one of these precious pups. ♪ ♪
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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full disclosure, we don't have to do much in acknowledging today is national puppy day. friday we saw an invasion of little four-legged friends in need of a new home. it all started with "abc 7 mornings". their team picked up the ruff assignment, haha, of dealing with the occupants of puppy center. they may touch your heart. they are hoping they found homes as well. head to we have a full list of numbers
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for the shelters that participated in yesterday's puppy event. i think a producer came to my desk and said a puppy was playing with my hair. i think i want to take it home. i think you know who that is. >> yes. >> they were very adorable. >> another addition to your home? >> no. i hav a big puppy and three boys. that's like another kid. >> i have two. that's it for abc
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