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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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going further than the extra mile to make ends meet. as part of your efforts to building a better bay area, a look at
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. a denny's customer beaten and bloodied in a fremont restaurant. he says it started with a delayed order. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. the victim has broken bones and missing teeth. his attacker was a food delivery service employee. >> news reporter kate larsson joins us from newsroom with the story >> reporter: dion, eric, frederick was trying to get a late night meal and now he feels disfigured and traumatized. some of the images are graphic. >> i feel like -- you know, >> reporter: frederick is missing three teeth, has a
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fractured nose and palat and ten stitches in his lip. >> we should stand up for each other but the world is a dangerous place >> reporter: on sunday morning around 2, he was waiting for his order in fremont. he says he heard a doordash denny employee berate employees for not having an order ready. he felt compelled to defend the dennys servers so he stood up and said this. >> yo, you need to calm down. these people are working their butts off >> reporter: he punched another customer in the face and ran away. >> h do you know it was for doordash >> reporter: he was here to like food and being aggressive >> reporter: police have surveillance image of the suspect but are not confident his attacker was a doordash employee. but doordash sent a statement, at doordash we take the safety of our community extremely
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seriously. we're investigating the alleged incident and will take action including dee activating the dasher from our platform. >> paula is frederick's mother. >> he's a nice guy who cares about everybody >> reporter: she says he moved home to help take care of his father who was assaulted ten years ago and has a brain injury as a result. she wants her son's attack tosh held accountable. >> he should go to jail >> reporter: doctors told frederick he needs to see a facial surgeon and dentist right away. he doesn't have health insurance and can't work because of his injuries. he's very concerned how to pay for treatment. police tell me they'll be looking for more surveillance to try and track down whoever is responsible. kate larsson, abc news. back to you. >> we'll stay on top of it. thank you. a marin county man faces accusations of using facebook to leuer south american girls to have sex with him by offering them cash.
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police shared video of fairfax resident thomas renno when he was arrested in medellin. investigators say this was his seventh trip to colombia since 2017. they believe there are several teenage victims including one as young as 13. >> fans are mourning rapper nipsey hussle. l.a.'s mayor confirmed the death. it happened this afternoon outside the clothing store he owned in l.a. two other people were hurt. police are searching for a suspect. nipsey hussle had used his fame to give back to the community. golden state warriors steph curry got emotional about his death after tonight's game. >> i got to know him last year and had a great conversation about you know, who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was, senseless crimes that don't need to happen especially with a guy doing what he was doing. def tough. >> nipsey hussle who was 33
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leaves behind his girlfriend of five years and a young son. other celebrities including lebron james and reand nab posted tributes on line. you can view a collection on our website >> now your forecast with drew tuma. >> what a weekend. warm temperatures, a lot of sunshine but changes are coming our way tomorrow. high today, look at the numbers. absolutely spectacular to be outside. 70s across the board, made it to 80 in gilroy, 675 in oakland, 672 in san francisco. even out there tonight right now, numbers have been very slow to fall. we're still well into the 50s in most spots if not still at 60 degrees in brentwood. look what is knock on our door. live doppler 7 along with satellite. here comes a cold front that will bring back the rain. you start to see some showers in northern california and this storm will bring not one but two
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days of potential rainfall across the region. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. a live look right now at sfo where you can bet dozens of travelers are getting picked up and dropped off by uber or lyft drivers tonight. as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, we're focusing how ride share drivers are changing the landscape. >> there are a lot of uber and lyft cars in san francisco because fares in the city are the highest in all of california. that is attracting ride share drivers from outside the bay area who oftentimes sleep in cars between shifts. >> morning traffic reporter alexis smith followed one driver who does just that. >> reporter: it's 4:25 in the morning and another day for this uber driver. we'll identify him as ray because he fears uber will kick
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him off the platform if he talks to us. >> i'm getting ready to back up and start my day >> reporter: even though he has a home in the sacramento area, he slept in his car at this ride share lot in san francisco. he is one of many ride haling drivers who travel from outside the area to work for lyft and uber sleep in their cars to survive. >> whenever it gets busy, it's like a surge but we only get a dollar amount >> reporter: he got up early hoping the rain will increase depend and he can make extra money from surge pricing. > i got early people catching flights, getting ready to go to work. once you figure out how it works you can make money but you got to get out there >> reporter: ten minutes after he set out, he made his first stop in the mission district. a woman had to be work at 5:00. he kept driving through the morning commute. >> i'll run probably now until 12:00, 1:00 this afternoon.
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nine straight hours. then i shut down, take a break probably around 6:00, i'll start again and i'll probably run to 10:00 in the night >> reporter: we caught up with him again after his morning shift. how long have you been doing this coming in from sacramento. >> about four years. everybody comes to san francisco and works because you make more money here than you do anywhere else >> reporter: sacramento is a hugely growing area. it makes that big of a differences? >> yeah, a lot of people drive in sacramento. we don't have a problem, parking >> reporter: he says he made $105,000 last year driving for uber. if you take away costs like new tires and brakes and gas, his real take home pay is about $65,000. >> you put in 12, 13, 14 hours out of a day to make real good money >> reporter: what do you think uber could do to make it better for drivers?
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>> treat us like employees me interpretation of independent contractors i get to pick and choose what i want to do when and how much >> reporter: even though ray can start and end when he wants, he says uber penalizes those who is turn down uber pool rides which aren't as profitable for drivers. at noon he headed to san bruno to take a break-in including a stop at the gym to take a shower. by mid afternoon, he was back at the airport staging lot. >> i start my afternoon at the airport and i will go wherever it takes me. >> reporter: he got his first ride of the evening just after 4:00. >> you got to keach driving to make money. i'll run probably late into the night. some drivers run 12 straight hours then lay down and run another whole 12. i can't do that >> reporter: rain start stad again by the time he returned to the sfo lot to sleep. >> i lay back and sleep in my car certain nights.
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hotels are so expensive, you would use your money up staying in hotels. a lot of the driver dozen it not just only here, they sleep at mcdonald's, a rest area. they're all over the place. they're coming down here to work. i would sit back and get my blanket and pillow and sit in my passenger side seat and let my seat back and catch me a nap. i will get started again in the morning >> reporter: alexis smith, abc7 news. >> stay tuned to abc7 this week. we'll have ride share stories each day on all our platforms through friday. we invite you to share your ideas about building a better bay idea and abjoin our better bay area facebook group. >> still ahead, another horse has died at southern california's famed santa anita racetrack. what we know what happened days after sweeping changes were made there and at golden gate fields. >> the next time you check out when making an online purchase, you could be in for a surprise.
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the change coming tomorrow to all cyber businesses. >> we'll introduce you to the 90-year-old man looking to the [ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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another horse has died at the famed southern california santa anita racetrack, the 23rd horse that died at the track since december 26th. an official confirmed the death to the la times. santa anita reopened friday after a closure to look into the deaths. on friday a new initiative launched at other tracks with the same owners including golden gate fields and it will eventually eliminate race day meddations for horses and regulate whips. the arms runner fell and was
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later euthanized. >> tomorrow is a tough day for shoppers. at midnight, 51 cities across california are raising their sales taxes. that's not the only blow to your wallet. you'll be paying for tax online. >> the california sales tax is official on april fools' but it's no joke. >> this has been in the works for a while since the supreme court decision last year. it was an exception made for online retailers at a time when they were the minority and brick and mortar sales was the dominant platform. now it's the opposite >> reporter: in 2018, the supreme court ruled to require out of state businesses who make more than 200 transactions or $100,000 in california sales to collect state taxes from shoppers. experts say the state could make more than $500 million from this >> i buy a tremendous amount on amazon like everybody else >> reporter: but the rules might
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change. two california lawmakers are working on bill ab-147 that that could raise sales tax to $500,000 so small businesses don't have to collect. some business owners like this idea. >> not just me. a lot of people here are going out of business because the reason is online is a dream like people don't know the quality. all they're looking is the price >> reporter: the money collected through ab-147 will go toward transportation costs and public safety personnel. aside from the online taxes in the bay area, martinez, redwood city, los gatos, sonoma county, alameda and antioch are also raising their sales tax. >> that's not fair. we already pay a lot of taxes california >> reporter: abc7 news. >> a 90-year-old man alive today because of a heart transplant years ago is looking to the bay area to find his donor's family.
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>> jackman's heart still beats strong especially for his bride of 6 years. but that wasn't always the case. 23 years ago, jack went into cardiac arrest and kept having repeated heart attacks. his doctors told him he would need a new heart soon. >> i asked my nurse, honey, how much time do i have to live? she said you really want to know? i said yes. she says, well, probably a week. if the heart doesn't come in within a week, you're going to be gone >> reporter: but he's still here because a heart came through from a 44-year-old palo alto man who died in his sleep from aneurysm. the surgery was performed november 91995 at the california pacific medical center where they used to live. now jack just wants the opportunity to show the how good the heart has been to him. >> i hope they have a nice reunion. it would be great if we had
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more time to celebrate the sun out there, but drirks that's not the case. >> we wish we could bottle the weekend's forecast and have it on replay over the week ahead. showers return to the forecast. the silver lining, they're going to be very light in nature and very scattered in nature. live doppler 7 you already see changes in the form of cloud cover, it increased late this evening. turning to mostly cloudy sky on the picture right now from the east bay hills camera, it's a dry one. a live look. you can see it's pretty quite from that vantage point. really tomorrow what you'll notice first is that the certainly a lot more cloud cover. not as bright of a day tomorrow as we had this weekend. rain chances over the next four days. you can see they increase starting tomorrow. 30% chance. i highlight monday in the fact that 30% chance confined to the north bay. on tuesday, those chances really go up to 0%. by tuesday, that's when we think everybody has a good shot at
11:19 pm
seeing light showers in their neighborhood. as we see numbers though ahead of the storm system, still mild out there. we were in the 60s and 70s earlier today with that cloud cover overhead. we have still stayed in the 50s. 58 in morgan hill, 56 in fremont, 56 in vallejo and livermore at about 55 degrees right now. a beach hazard statement in effect. our ocean current is more active than usual. there's an increased risk of sneaker waves till tomorrow evening. overnight tonight, mainly cloudy skies and the other story, it will feel mild as you step out the door tomorrow morning, not as cool as we typically are this time of year. most spots holding in the lower 50s. storm impact scale we have to bring it back tomorrow. level one system, emphasizing tomorrow the best chance of finding a shower really in the north bay. it's very light in nature and rainfall will be less than a tenth of an inch over the next x
11:20 pm
24s. 7:00 in the morning, overcast skies for the morning commute. afternoon and evening we start to see the chance of a light shower. by 9:00 monday evening, showers light in nature around santa rosa, parts of marin county, as well. as we advance into tuesday, tuesday morning's commute looks to feature light showers across the region. tuesday, add extra time as we'll have slick roads in the morning. afternoon, evening have the umbrella with you as light showers will be on and off throughout the day. monday the best chance of rafe in the north bay. we advance the clock into tuesday and you can see more areas have a chance of finding those light showers where you live. highs tomorrow on the mild side. 69 in san jose, 63 in san francisco, 66 in santa rosa. 69 in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, there's that best chance in the north bay
11:21 pm
tomorrow. tuesday, that's when everyone will likely see light showers wednesday partly sunny. another storm moves in friday evening into saturday morning to bring us more light rain. the good news, even the rain in the forecast looks really light in nature and it will be minimal impact on a lot of us the next seven days. >> you have fans because of that. >> have yu found the silver lining? >> good one. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, how the golden state warriors tonight honored the
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the two-time defending nba champion warriors saluted two oakland high school basketball themes captured state titles this month. >> abc news was inside oracle arena when the girls basketball teams from oakland tech and oakland high watched from the sidelines. oakland high's wildcats won the
11:25 pm
division iii title. oakland's tech bulldogs took home a division 4 championship. 2019 marked the first year two girls basketball teams from the oakland athletic league won state championships. >> you think they had tips for stefan draymond and the guys? >> i think the other way around. the warriors put on a great show for them. those girls played great in the championship. it was fun. because with charlotte in town and a division title on the line, the warriors didn't waet time getting business done. which leaves time for other distractions. a load of cute. coming up in spo
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abc7 sports experienced by river
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rock casino. >> it's known after a bad loss, and the warriors often unleash frustrations on next opponent. case in point, tonight's win over charlotte. the warriors largest margin of victory this season. look at this curry cherub. to see his dad play. all kinds of cute going on on the sidelines. hortons up by two. klay thompson would tie it up with the yucher. he scored the first nine points for the warriors. proud papa stephen curry put on a show. look at the ground he covers before knock down the corner three putting golden state up by eight. a six-point lead in the second. look at the hands on boogie cousins. he had eight points in 11 minutes. later in the second, kevin durant with assists. this one to quinn cook. five threes on his way to a 1-point le 1-point night. cousins is ejected with a flagrant two.
11:30 pm
that's number 15. the warriors keep rolling. curry shakes both defenders and drains it from distance. a game high 25 in 27 minutes. maybe canaan should come to more games. the warriors win big and clinch their fifth straight division title. >> really proud of all our guys. they fight and scrap and claw every single night. been a great run. >> you got to really keep things in perspective like i said what we're laying for and building towards in the playoffs and it's obviously starting to get real. >> after losing their first two games of the season in tokyo, the a's got backton track in their first homestand taking three of four from the angels behind excellent starting pitch. frankie montas wrapped up the series at the coliseum striking out andrelton simmons. in the second he got kevan smith. in the third justin bour's turn to take a seat.
11:31 pm
score less in the fourth, khris davis crushed his fourth home run of the season. that's high for most in major league baseball. in the fifth, matt chapman singles in marcus semien. a's up 2-0. montas's only runn earned run right here. that was a solo shot by calhoun. angels get the tying run in the ninth. blake treinen gets simmonss to pop out and picks up his second save of the season. 2-1 the final. >> that's what winning teams do, they win the close games. we didn't have a great offensive day but felt like we had a great team day. >> we have a lot of young arms, a lot of veteran guys that really know what they're doing. it's a lot of fun watching guys d their job. it's great. >> this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino.
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next up the world champion boston red sox for a four-game set. >> much more to come on abc 7 news, including reaction tonight after a priest who served at two bay area catholic churches is accused of child sex abuse. >> plus, the new
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> a bay area priest faces dozens of counts of child sex abuse. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. shock and sadness from parishioners in the east bay as they learned about the
11:36 pm
allegations. >> reporter cornell bernard went to the church in san lorenzo where investigators say some of the alleged abuse happened. >> oh, my god. he's pathetic >> reporter: that's how some parishioners at the church reacted to news their former priest father david mendoza-vela was arrested on 30 counts of lewd acts with a child. some couldn't believe it. >> he's a good priest >> reporter: sheriff's officials say the alleged an wuss began in 2016 and lasted 18 months and involved one child. parents at st. john's school got a letter notifying them about the arrest the father was transferred to corpus christi church in fremont in 2016. parishioners learned about the arrest at today's mass. >> our feelings are all confused right now. so we didn't know anything about it. >> we're trying to make parents aware of what happened >> reporter: members of the survivors network of those
11:37 pm
abuses by priests or s.n.a.p. stood outside the church handing out flyers with information about the arrest. joey piscitelli fears there could be more victims. >> we're urging any kid or anybody who knows a kid that has been molested by this priest to come forward. reporter. the bishop of the oakland diocese tells pa trishners in part i ask you to join me in prayers for all involved in this situation but most especially anyone who has been harmed. >> good peest, great homilies. after mass, thank you for come. god bless you. and then this happens. >> reporter: abuse survivor dan mcnevin says he was molested by another priest at corpus christi in the $1960. >> to be standing here 40 years after i was abused talking about it again, it's sad. sad. >> reporter: authors say the victim in this case was 14 or 15 years old at the time of the alleged abuse. they urge other possible victims to come forward.
11:38 pm
father vela remains in the santa rita jail and will be arraigned on tuesday. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> tonight a vigil was held for the south carolina student who may have been murdered after getting into the wrong ride share car by mistake. samantha josefson was a senior at the university of south carolina. turkey hunters discovered her wounded body dumped in the woods 70 miles outside of the city of columbia. video captured her stepping into a chevy impala. police believe she taught it was an uber ride. police arrested the man driving the car, nathaniel david rolen charged with kidnapping and murder. >> family and friends held a prayer vigil for a little boy who remains on life support after being shot in the head. abc news was inside oak land's mount cavalry mission baptist church where they pray ford the 4-year-old. he shot himself in the head after finding a gun inside a home on wednesday.
11:39 pm
the child is show nothing signs of brain activity. his father is currently being held in a state prison near salinas. one relative is urging the governor to grant the child's father early release. >> we know the power of love. we know the power of human touch. him being at his son's bedside very well made makes a difference whether or not he lives or dies. >> police have arrested a man connected to the house where jackman was shot. the east bay's catholic community is mourning a clergy mann. father jay matthews served as the rector of the cathedral of christ the light. he died suddenly of an apparent heart attack last night. he was 0 years old. in 174, he game the first african-american man to be ordained as a roman catholic priest in northern california. father matthews also served as a chaplain for oakland's police and fire departments. >> president trump will travel to calexico to tour the
11:40 pm
u.s./mexico border as the trump administration ramps up the pressure on its threat to close the u.s./mexico border. the president's acting chief of staff defended the president's threat to shut down the border unless mexico stops a new wave ofmy grans. he doubled down on president's decision to cut off aid to three countries that are the primary source of caravans head together u.s. boarder. >> we do give these countries hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. we need them to do more. >> a borderish you thedown would have severe economic consequences an average of $1.67 billion worth of goods travel back and forth between mexico and the u.s. every day. >> in the north bay, a road closed because of a massive mudslide is set to reopen tomorrow. sausalito boulevard was closed last month after a huge mound of mud came crashing down a hillside. that slide destroyed at least two homes and damaged four
11:41 pm
others. one woman barely escaped when the torrent of mud swept her home off its foundation. she came away with scratches and bruises. >> san francisco businesses and residents tomorrow already have more sustainable electric options. san francisco will be offering greener alternatives with clean power sf. there are three options green which is 40% renewable electricity, super green which is 100% renewable and eliminates your carbon footprint or you can choose to stay with pg&e which still uses 33% renewable tris night still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 a man is fighting for his life after getting attacked outside dodger stadium. the plea his wife is making tonight. >> after wrapping up a warm weekend, we're tracking showers for some tomorrow. we'll have the timing in the frecast ahead. >> abc's 7 is sharing a digital series called more in common.
11:42 pm
this week our country may be more divided than ever about securing the southern border. you'll can be surprised what these people living on border have in common. our mottau is humanitarian aid is not a crime. we're leaving water, food and some medical supplies where migrants are crossing. >> my name is jim chilton. i'm a rancher. this is my ranch. it goes from here 20 miles down to the international boundary with mexico. your church has taken a risk to help those making the trek across the border. why? >> the people who are crossing are the most desperate of the poor. >> you're not afraid there's no wall between mexico? >> el chapo himself just recently in his trial said building a wall wasn't going to
11:43 pm
stop drugs from coming into the country. he should know. >> here's you with trump. >> called me on the stage and talked about our ranch and the border issue. i said mr. president, we need a wall. >> so you have cameras across your ranch that are capturing people walking through. >> see the big packs of marijuana? that traffic is decrease. we see less of the big packs and just the regular backpacks coming through. one kilogram of cocaine, one of heroin extremely valuable in a backpack. even if no one in your home smokes,
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a wife is asking the public for help after her husband was beaten outside dodger stadium. >> 47-year-old rafael reyna is in the hospital on life support with a skull fracture after he was attacked in the parking lot. his wife was on the phone with him after he left the game
11:47 pm
against the arizona diamondbacks and heard a man and woman yelling and a loud crack "she wants witnesses to share what they saw with police. >> someone needs to come forward. i know people saw it. i heard them. i know people saw it. it hurt mize heart. this isn't supposed to happen. >> there have been other violent confrontations at the park. doctors say reyna has brain swelling and bleeding. > yeah, you may remember some of those other violent confrontations including the severe beating of bryan stow on opening day eight years ago today leaving him with permanent brain damage. after that security was supposedly ramped up at dodger stadium. >> one last check of the weather. >> drew tuma. >> we're tracking clouds first increasing tonight and a chance of light showers tomorrow. overnight tonight, we'll see clouds overhead. temperatures mainly in the low 50s. on the storm impact scale for your monday, the best chance of
11:48 pm
light showers will be in the north bay. the rainfall will total less than a tenth of an inch. future weather tomorrow morning for work or perhaps school, 7:00 in the morning, a cloudy start to the day. not nearly as bright as this weekend. then into the afternoon and evening a chance of a light shower popping up from time to time mainly in the north bay. i think everybody has a better chance on tuesday. highs on monday, still pretty mild. 66 in oakland, 63 in the city. 6 for san jose. 67 the high in livermore. seven-day forecast, chance tomorrow in the north bay. a better chance on tuesday and we'll track a storm to finish out the week friday night into the upcoming weekend next weekend. >> drew, thanks. >> i'm not good at this. i think if you put that color together with that color you get cardinal. >> very good. that's a nice segue. the bay area's well represented in the women's ncaa tournament. stanford plays for a final four
11:49 pm
berth tomorrow. tonigh
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the sharks went head to head tonight with the team standing between them and the top spot in the pacific division and the wirn conference. baby shark on hand to watch team teal take on calgary. he didn't score the score at first. couture got it to teemo meier and his 30th goal of the season. still in the first, johnny gaudreau finds the puck and gets it to monahan to tie it up. less than 30 seconds later, mark zwrankowski rips one more another goal. moments later, it's andrew skating along the middle of the ice. he prout. three goals in 1:15 for the
11:53 pm
glams. they beat the sharks 5-3 and cling the west and pacific division, their first division title? 13 seasons. >> the giants couldn't overcome. the offense scored five runs total. san francisco dropped three of four games to the padres. military appreciation day at petco park. jeff smar jar at attention, gave up one run over five innings. got out of a jam in the second. got the force out at first before the run crossed the plate. no score in the fifth. pablo sandoval popped one deep over the head of margot. brandon crawford racing to score from first beats the throw. that is one pumped up panda. bottom of the fifth, cos mer ties it with a single to right. so now in the seventh, the bases are full of manny machado hits it to
11:54 pm
crawford. no inning ending double play. the padres go on to win the series. giants on their way to play the dodgers next. as we showed i earlier, the warriors blew out the charlotte hortons a by score of 137-90. and a little curry magic may have played a small part. had curry's son canaan was in attendance so was his dad dell. that's three generations of curry. sonia curry was also in town to host a future leaders panel for young girls hosted by the warriors. >> it's special. like i talk about every time we play the hortons, it's always special and surreal to have family on the of broadcast for the hornets and whoever shows up in the family watching in the stands. pretty special moment. >> when tom izzo was asked how his spartans planneded to defend
11:55 pm
zion williamson, the michigan state coach equipped he would like to borrow khalil mack. turns out, michigan state didn't need him. zion looking to end his collegiate career with a trip to the final four. watch this. gobbles up the rebound. he had 14 of those and throws it down for his game high 24 points. final seconds of the first half, cassius winston drives to the hoop and puts the spartans up by four. duke up one with 38 seconds to play. kenny goins drains it. spartans take the lead. spartans up 2. barret made his second free-throw. michigan state gets the ball. all they need is a clean inbound pass to win it. they do and they upset duke by one. the spartans are heading to the final four. auburn's malik dunbar honored the injured teammate before the game against kentucky.
11:56 pm
the tigers bryce bound missed the free-throw and drained from the corner to give auburn its first lead of the game. then kentucky's johnson with the steal and kentucky back on top. kentucky has the ball in the final seconds of the game. horace expense where the block. johnson stopped, loses the ball. this one's going to overtime. auburn up by three. a game high 26 points for jared harpur as he blows by for the layup. auburn completes account upset for a date with virginia in its first final four, 77-71. walnut creek's sabrina and number two oregon take on one mississippi state. the two-time pac-12 player of the year took over. she put the ducks up five. with under three minutes to play, a three-point game, she hits a jumper to put oregon back up five. under two minutes to play. uness cuedries a three-pointer.
11:57 pm
oregon pulls away. uness cue finished with 31 points breaking her own ducks record for most points in an ncaa tournament game. oregon advances to its first ever final four. >> at that moment in time, i didn't want it to go to overtime. i was also pretty tired so i was like let me just hit this and walk off to the final four. >> this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. to hear her say she was tired it, didn't show at all. >> you know? it looks like she's got account [ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ]
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(man) all right, and... (drill whirring) first contestant approaching the start ramp. 2-minute warning, everyone. mm. season six, johnny. can you believe it? i mean, doesn't that make you a little nostalgic? i don't get nostalgic, john. i'm too busy thinking about the past. speaking of which, what would you say if i told you i had singlehandedly managed to bring back one of your favorite people in the whole world?


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