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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 2, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> yeah. >> all kinds of interesting things you can catch in the water. i have to be honest, this is pretty rare. >> there's a crow in the water. >> that's a crow. they saw it having trouble in the water. they jumped in the canoe and paddled out there to see if they could give it a helping hand or in this case a helping ore. >> okay, buddy. >> it just flops down. look how tired it looks. >> okay. >> poor baby. >> they get it back to dry land. look, the little thing is just shivering. so cold. don't worry. got himself someone that seems to know and seems to care quite a lot as well because it's time to get some sun. >> you're wet. you need to dry out. >> it looks like it starts loosening up, limbering up. all right. this is good. shortly afterwards we do get this. off it goes. probably learned its lesson. stay out of the water in the
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future. this next one, this fox is caught in a feather trap. i'm not sure if maybe a trap got caught in the fence, but whatever it's made of is clearly there's serious, serious wire cutters right there and they're doing nothing. they cannot get through that little metal wire. nothing is working. it gets to the point of literally with their hands, with their fingers trying to unwind this metal. imagine trying to unwind a necklace. all completely tied up. it's made out of steel and attached to an angry fox. it takes quite a while. finally after minutes and minutes of struggle. >> oh eah. >> don' get caught again. >> clearly there was some energy left. it vanishes off hopefully learning its lesson. ♪ the boldface cheek in this video is astonishing. what you're looking at is a
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group of people having coffee at a wake. this is part of a chapel. watch what happens when two people walk through the door, they take out their gun. one stands in the door as a lookout, the other makes his way through the chapel area. >> phone, phone, phone. >> phones and cash he's taking. >> at a wake. >> fortunately nobody was hurt in this incident. the funeral home says that this has been attempted before, but this is the first time that anybody has actually gotten away with money and phones or anything. what could be bolder than that? what these guys did. this is in a hotel. one guy comes in with a shotgun. look at these other guys. they have the long, long bars. they're trying to break open those atms. the guy with the backpack comes loaded with explosives. they walk away. you see flames start. then a huge explosion. >> oh. now, it's believed they got away with $150,000. they don't know how they got it
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out. >> this happens to be the building where the defense minister of brazil lived. he wasn't home at the time. that's pretty bold. ♪ iblg the human spirit is one of the strongest forces on this planet. >> causing problems. 42 days. 16 hours a day. >> that was mark pollack's life. he's an ultra endurance racer. but as challenging as that sounds, mark faced even more challenges than his competitors. he did all these races blind. >> how? >> at the end of one of these races, he decided to propose to his girl simone. got married. but the challenges for mark were in some cases just beginning. >> one month before his wedding, he was staying at a friend's house. mark's normal way of navigating a strange space was to use his hand to follow along the wall. >> my hand finds an open space
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where a closed window should have been and i cart wheeled out. >> no! >> out of a second story window and broke his back. >> i was paralyzed. >> but what mark knew from all of his ultra endurance racing is you got to stay moving. >> i thought if i just stay ready, there was a chance that i could be part of next big intervention. >> mark came to the states. continued to stay mobile. worked with a number of different people to keep his body as fit as possible. mark was tied into the community now. he kept himself on the cutting edge. and he went out to san francisco to walk in something called the exo-gt. >> exo as in exoskeleton. >> he believes in his life time he will see paralysis cured. however, it's going to take the community as a whole to work together. lots of research.
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that's why he started he wants this information to flow together. >> we need to work together. to explore the intersection where humans and technology collide. >> that's basically mark's message in this video called steps beyond produced in collaboration with exo bionics the suit you see mark wearing. he is one of the many people you see pushing themselves in this video, trying to develop this technology and make it more widely available. mark continues to strive toward a different finish line. along with his wife, the checkered flag looks different. >> my world of hope used to be about tourism. now it's about curing ♪ it's work. >> you know what season it is? >> oh, no. you know for some people that news hits like bucket of cold, icy water.
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little mila breaks it down for us. >> swim suit. it's hugging me so much. people always tell me how much i grew. >> that girl is not going to get any tan with the shade that she's getting. >> it was a compliment. >> it loved her. >> it loves her a lot. >> be confident. >> she is right. it's all about perspective. >> push up bra gives her more vibrancy. like vitamins. >> she's got jokes.
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she's so cute. she can get away with all of them. >> it says i know the perfect coverup. >> wow. >> in the end, i couldn't decide to buy a two piece or a one piece, so i went with a six piece. which i mastered. ♪ a group of kids in russia -- >> some of them cross? watch what happens. >> what! >> oh my god! >> see what goes wrong next. hey, everybody, mack is back and rapping for homeless dogs. >> so bay area, if you like shrimp, he's your pup. >> if you live near san francisco, come and get me run, don't tiptoe. >> rapping for dogs coming up on "right this minute."
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no small flavors. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. ♪ >> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- so why can't our skin? gold bond strength & resilience.
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84% saw improvement in skin texture in five days. gold bond. ♪ now there's people out there. chill calm down, sit back and relax and listen to the flow themes by mack. it's time to meet the new canine. >> hey, everybody, my name is shrimp. i'm a canine pimp. i'm three years old. >> in this case, mack has selected three random dogs from three random rescues around the country and he's written specific raps for each one in the hopes it will make people want to adopt them. so bay area, you like shrimp, he's your pup. >> i love shrimp. >> i know. good for him. i love this. >> i won't cook him. i'll actually take care of him. >> hi, my name is monty, i'm one years old and you really want me. look at me, you you want to kiss those lips. i'm your dog, let's meet each
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other. you can feed me peanut butter. against your wishes i'll jump in your lap and give you kisses. >> monty is an absolute sweetie. third one, watching in boston, keep an eye out. >> my name is gerald i'm gold and black. i'm two years old and energetic. >> he is so talented. what awesome use of your skills. the entire video features the rescue's name and the phone number that you can call if you want to inquire. apparently today, all of these dogs are still available. we'll put the entire video up on the website to get the numbers. ♪ close your eyes for me for a second. picture this. it's a desolate landscape. it's snowy. it's 76 below. you're at a russian gulag and your hero james bond is breaking out, trying to free himself and some scientist or something to
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save the world. where are we? >> russian gulag, somewhere in russia. >> bingo. it in your mind, it would probably look like this, right? >> huh? >> this is siberia. felecia went there with her partner who is russian and she said -- he was rushing to see his family. they visited his hometown and other cities and she said it blew her mind as to what she thought of siberia before she got there. >> that's why you need to travel. changes your mind. changes your world. >> she said she met the people who lived there. they were very, very friendly. she got to go to lake side cool known as the deepest lake in the world. >> siberia. not as bad as you think. when on the road, eyes peeled, head on a swivel. at times, even that doesn't matter. watch that. >> what! >> oh my god! >> whoa! >> wow! >> holy cow. >> yeah. according to reports, that
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massive truck has lost control as the students are coming by. >> oh, wow. >> that kid bounces right back up. >> as you see, it manages to hit a 13-year-old boy unable to completely clear the way as you can see. she's trying very hard to run, but he is sent sliding on the pavement. he was treated on scene and didn't suffer any major injuries. >> you get to go home early from something like that, right? you don't have to go to class. >> hopefully not that day. this next one is kind of hard to see coming. the driver of this suv. yeah. you see this convoy of military vehicles making their way down the road. when you see that they start changing lanes, this guy decides to attempt going toward the right. >> oh. >> oh, oh. >> we do have another look of what it looked like after you see one of those vehicles completely smashed into the back of the suv. fortunately no major injuries
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because of this, but yeah. he's on the long board and riding the edge very fast. >> just bombing this hill. going so fast. >> he's flying on a road full of potholes and cracks. >> all of those an opportunity for this to be a big fail, a massive injury. >> can he make the run without going down next? and her roommate is doing her special makeup. >> does her makeup know what she's doing? >> well, you're going to find out. >> see what they're trying to create coming up on "right this minute." >> the final result, my friend. >> ah. that's her?
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♪ >> announcer: promotional considerations provided by -- ♪ got to appreciate those type of sports that just ride that raiser's edge. that's what we've got here. this guy dexter manning on his long board in california just bombing this hill, going so fast. >> you notice he's got a helmet on, yes. but that's about it. the gloves on his hands have
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puffs to put her hands down and scrub off that speed. this run is about as scrubbing off as little speed as possible. dexter made this same line back in 2016. felt like he left a lot of speed on the table. so he's returned with new gear, new trucks, new board, all kinds of new stuff that is allowing him to go even faster. and you may notice, there are ripples in the pavement. there are potholes, cracks, gravel, boulders on the side there. right there he lifts his hand up and over some of those rocks on the street. >> right. all of those an opportunity for this to be a big fail, a massive injury. >> there are pauses in the video that seem to blur. right here. watch how close he gets to the rocks on the right hand side as he tries to scrub off just the right amount of speed. he didn't realize how close he got until he went back and watched the video. by the end of the run, his front wheels were totally smoked. the balance of the board has
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changed, but he's pretty happy with the run that he was able to put together. today katie is going to ruin my face most likely. >> that's mikey. this time her roommate is doing her makeup. >> does her roommate know what she's doing. >> you'll find out. >> you have to pick the look. i'm guessing it's a character and the character requires home depot. >> after they go to the hardware store because the first look they think they're going to do is just do the hell raiser face with the nails. >> pinhead. >> yeah. that's pretty cool. i want to do that. >> but before they start that, katie starts drinking. >> okay. maybe that helps the glue stick. it helps the look. >> inspiration maybe. >> yeah? >> have you ever played in effect makeup before? >> no. this is going to take forever. >> did you think fx was going to be easy? >> you make it look so easy. that's why. >> good answer. >> she startsppth head. sshe puts the fita
2:03 am
>> unicorn. >> i think i should rethink my approach. >> i'm going to flip the script and make you into something else. >> okay. >> i said the fly as a classic. you should remain i look great, katie. >> she is starting to look like jeff gold bloom in the fly. but then the final result, my friend. >> oh, that's her? >> you do see that katie actually did do a good job. >> yeah. >> do you have anything to say for yourself? >> clearly i've nailed it. >> kill 'em serving up an out of this world idea. >> it's a space taste test. >> but what happens when his cosmic snack gets lost in t
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this is the new one she just
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made. >> so that's from the youtube channel. his latest idea starts off simply enough. >> can i have a big mack, please? >> he wants a big mack. why? he has big plans for that big mack. >> it's special. it's not going straight to the mouth from mcdonald's. it's going from mcdonald's into space back down and then into my mouth. >> yeah. it's a space taste test. he's such a goof. you have to appreciate his zest for life. he fills a balloon with helium and then it's time for liftoff. >> all right. it will go take two. >> he may have filled himself with some of that helium as well. but slowly but surely lets it go. lets it off, though very quickly, houston, we have a problem. >> it's not tracking. >> he's having problems with the tracker. they jump in the car and maybe chase aft, try to maintain contact. after a while, it's gone. this is where the story gets interesting. on twitter, the official twitter
2:07 am
of cold chester united, they had something strange happen. they got a call from the club secretary. he's like, there's a box on the playing field. it's got a big mack attached it to. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> in his video you can see he drives three hours across the country, finds his way to cold chester united. >> look at this. >> right there in the offices of cold chester united in his box and his big mack. they head back over to where big mack one landed in order to do well, what was the point of this entire operation? >> eat it. >> the taste test. >> i think it tastes like three pieces of card board squished together. >> i have to ask this question. we never saw any footage from the balloon. any chance he's a cold chester united fan and set this whole thing up? >> no, this is 100% authentic, random happening. there is actually footage from the camera.
2:08 am
>> can i say how nice that big mack looks once it got up into space. still has the cheese and everything on it. i'm kind of impressed by that. >> but there is proof that that big mack did kind of go into orbit, at least for a moment. that's our show. we'll see you next time on a that's our show. we'll see you next time on a brand new "rtm." >> our returning contestant, john bakarish, from kansas city, missouri has banked $30,000, but only has one lifeline remaining. can he make it to the million? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire" [dramatic music] ♪ show. you ready to play today? [cheers and applause] john, welcome back. it's good to have you. we had to stop yesterday in the middle of what turned out to be a fantastic game, and you got right to the cusp of that $50,000 threshold.
2:09 am
>> i'm ready. >> are you? well, that's where we start today. you have $30,000 in the bank and this next one, obviously, the pivotal move in this game. getting to $50,000 guarantees you that money and a free look and a free shot at $100,000. so, nervous at all? you don't seem like you even care. >> oh, yeah, i was nervous. i was really worried about my lunch choices earlier, early in the game, but now i'm pretty well... >> calm, cool, collected. >> i'm calm. >> all right. >> i'm ready to go. >> well, you still have that plus one behind you.... >> i do. >> if you need it here, or as we head up to that million dollars. let's get back to your game. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] here it is, $50,000 question. what animal comes in more than 110 species, although only two of them, the mongolian and the fat-tailed, are typically kept as pets?
2:10 am
>> [sighs] wow. [laughs] wow. 110 species... i had a box turtle as a pet when i was a kid. so... either i was really weird or it's not turtle. >> okay. >> uh... goldfish, i've never heard associated with mongolian or fat-tailed. so we're over on the left side. a and c. 110 species. only two of them, the mongolian and the fat-tailed, are typically kept as pets. it would seem to be gerbil. i am not sure on this one. but it is for $50,000.
2:11 am
>> yes, you're at $30,000. you're risking $25,000 on the back end. >> yeah. but chris, i've been broke my whole life. so, you know, $5,000 is still $5,000. >> but $30,000 is yours to walk away with. >> yep, and 50 is... a free shot at $100,000. >> right, i know. you wanna get to that 50. >> so... >> and you have the plus one. >> i'm gonna go for it. >> okay. >> i'm gonna go for it. the question is just... what am i gonna do? let's... let's go, you know, i... kick myself all the way back home if, uh... i didn't use my plus one. >> that's a long... >> yeah, that's a long... >> that's a long trip back to kansas city. >> lus on >> final? >> final answer. >> all right, tina, come on down. [cheers and applause] how are you doing? >> hi, thank you. ah. all right.
2:12 am
>> okay. >> i do not know it. [laughter] but, uh... which one are you leaning towards? >> well, my-- >> mongolian. >> i mean... people keep parrots as pets. i've never heard... >> well, they keep gerbils as pets as well. >> i know, but i mean, i've never heard... a limitation on the number-- types of parrots. uh... seems i've seen... multiple varieties of parrots. >> think about $30,000 though. >> yeah... >> that's huge. >> yeah... [laughs] i promised myself i would not walk at 30. do i... >> [laughs] >> do i hold myself to it? >> or break a promise and $30,000 is in your pocket.


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