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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 4, 2019 2:42am-3:58am PDT

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we're back with a violent confrontation at a miami beach parking garage. the man with the arrows on his clothes is a rising star in boxing, shakur stevenson. police say the fighting started after stevenson and another boxer made comments about that group of people. a man and woman were injured, both fighters were arrested. now to los angeles and a violent multi-vehicle crash. watch the intersection as the stolen pickup slams into several cars, wow. >> yeah, that driver of the truck was fleeing police, who say 10 vehicles, passengers, and pedestrians were hurt. one person was cut out of their
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car with the jaws of life. the suspect driver was -- the suspected driver was taken into custody at a nearby mcdonald's. there was a gun in the stolen truck which went off when an officer tried to retrieve it. no one was struck by that round. >> look at that damage. >> a lot of damage there. we're following new developments in that stunning hit-and-run accident near atlanta in which a 9-year-old girl was struck in her front yard. >> the suspect, now in custody, claims he was fighting off a carjacker at the time of the crash. here is steve osunsami. >> reporter: one of the men in this black sedan seen in this horrifying home surveillance video crashing into a 9-year-old girl who was playing in her front yard is in custody. 28-year-old gabriel fordham charged with a hit and run and was denied bond in court. prosecutors told the judge he's still on probation for a previous conviction. >> we protect our children. and it's very important to get someone like that off the street. >> reporter: fordham's lawyer says his client is a victim too, that the person you see here, also getting out of the car
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after the crash, was someone who was trying to rob him, and that's why he lost control of the sedan. 9-year-old laderihanna holmes had to be rushed to the hospital friday with broken bones and a leaking heart. despite il sacg a difficult recory. the friend she's seen here playing with who was also hurt said the two in the car shouldn't have run. >> it makes me so mad, because they could have at least stayed there for the scene, it's not like they hit adults, they hit two little girls. >> reporter: police are still searching for that second person. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> our thanks to steve there. if you want to protect yourself against facial skin cancer, using sunscreen is more effective than moisturizer that contains sunscreen but not by much. >> researchers found when applying sunscreen most people miss 11% of their faces.h sunsc. >> they say the results are worse when it comes to areas around the eyelids which are especially vulnerable to skin
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♪ not ready for the real world will i pass the test ♪ as the college admissions cheating scandal plays out in federal court, we're taking a look at how some students are cheating their way into elite colleges. >> one of the most popular is ept'e country's largest-ever college admissions scandal. millions of dollars allegedly paid for bribes and cheating on tests. but some college cheaters applying to college or already there can pay much less. it's called contract cheating. >> contract cheating has grown a great deal over the past 10 years. students are willing to use internet sites, family members, friends. >> reporter: it's a global
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business worth hundreds of millions of dollars, according to industry estimates. advertising on social media -- >> it is quite covert. it's designed not to be able to be investigated very effectively. >> reporter: we did a simple internet search, "buy college admissions essay." countless options popped up. some writers even submitted bids to us in realtime while we were searching. for less than 50 bucks, we purchased this online. a fully written college essay. then we did a little experiment. we gave these four former admissions officers and directors five essays to read. one we bought, and four others from real students who got into colleges, including the ivy league. could they spot the fraud? >> all right, gang. this is the moment of truth. i need you to put your hand on the one you believe that we bought online. hold it up so i can see that number, please. >> are we all different? >> would you be surprised if i
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told you every single one of you is wrong? >> no. >> we are? >> reporter: listen to why our fraudulent essay got by them. the topic? a public service trip to help poor people abroad. losing myself in the service of others, it read. >> honestly, it was probably the worst essay and that's why i thought it couldn't be the fake one. >> there are definitely schools where this would not have flown. >> they wrote about a topic that a lot of people write about because they think it's what admissions wants to hear, and it isn't. >> reporter: they also point out the limitations of our experiment. >> i'm looking for, does the essay hold up with the rest of the application? so the challenge really here for me was that i have no idea what's in the rest of the application. >> if somethulmaant. >> is there anything when you do read an essay that's just a glaring red flag?
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>> i think language that doesn't sound like a teenager would write it. >> reporter: if the teenager didn't write it -- >> parental tinkering. >> yeah. >> that is the most prevalent example. and the question is often, can you tell when the parent got their hands on it? you know, it's difficult. >> reporter: the current college admissions scandal could spark reform. >> i'm really excited about the conversation that now is being forced. i think it will result in positive changes. >> advise two different groups, the students and the parents when it comes to that application. >> be your authentic self. >> this is really not about the parents. >> the focus should be on helping your child successfully manage this and feel good about themselves. >> very interesting. >> it really is. i've heard of these essay mills. literally on the internet you can buy anything, from diplomas to these essays. >> diplomas, you don't even need to cheat your way into school, just buy the diploma. >> exactly. shedding a light on this is obviously very important. coming up, the epic battle over a single parking space that instantly went viral. >> you're watching "world news now." ews now."
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over a single parking space that
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♪ don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone ♪ ♪ they paved paradise and put up a parking lot ♪ two drivers were wishing for a parking lot in the paradise we know as los angeles. >> it's no secret parking in the city is at a premium. this morning we're getting our first look at a standoff over a parking space that clogged traffic for hours. kabc has the story. >> reporter: how far would you go to prove a point? would you block rush hour traffic for almost two hours to prevent someone from taking your parking spot? in korea town, where parking is. >> i just saw twcars in a passed by one car backing in, one car pulling forward. >> ten minutes later i looked out my window and i noticed they're still just sitting there completely idle. >> reporter: she began to record
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it, posting as the standoff continued. 30 minutes. 45. an hour. neither car budging. >> could you see the driver? >> no, they're just on their phone sitting there being patient. it was like a really beautiful display of patience. >> reporter: her series of tweets have gone viral with millions of views, mentions from celebrities, even featured by "time" magazine. it's yet another case of life imitating art. this exact scenario -- >> what are you doing? hey! hey! you're stealing my space! >> reporter: -- playing out on an episode of "seinfeld. >> you're not getting that space. i mean, i'll sleep in my car if i have to. >> i'll die out here. >> reporter: back in k-town, neither driver had to take such drastic measures to win the moral high ground. the showdown simply ended when another car pulled out. >> oh my god! >> i'm so happy.
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if i'm honest. it's very dumb that i'm viral for watching -- also sitting and doing nothing for an hour and a half. >> reporter: mariah tells us she left a note on those cars, trying to get in touch with both of those drivers. until then the question remains, are you team black car or team silver car? in korea town, jory rand, abc 7 news. >> great question. >> that is a good question. if you were pulling forward, obviously you're going to back in. >> i agree. >> for somebody to try to swoop in -- >> don't swoop in. i might mess up my car slamming into -- no, no road rage, road rage is not the answer. >> it's incredible how that ended up ending, with that other person moving. what was it like once they both parked and got out of the car? did they just not look? >> why are people so crazy about parking? what's -- what -- oh my gosh! >> oh my gosh! >> what's happening?
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now" the possible br this morning on "world news now" the possible break in the case of a missing child. >> a teenager tells police he's a boy who disappeared nearly eight years ago. he says he's timmothy pitzen, last seen in 2011. now there's an urgent effort to confirm his identity and track down the people he says kept him all this time. >> lori, lori, lori, pay for my tuition! >> actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman the first of 3e ad cating scandal. developing now, an american kidnapped overseas. a ransom of $500,000 being demanded for the return of a woman who was in one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. celebrating the meal you can hold. but guac will cost you extra. where to get the deals and freebies on this national burrito day. thursday, april 4th.
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black beans or white rice? >> black beans, white rice, sometimes brown when i'm on a thing. >> i said the wrong thing. >> yeah, you meant -- i know. >> you already knew. >> i already knew. and guac is going to cost extra because we're facing a shortage. >> we are. >> in a few weeks. >> i'm going to pay for it every time. >> also burritos, the meal you can eat and then just not eat the rest of the day. >> you're right. it's a whole day meal. thank you for joining us on this thursday. it's thursday, right? >> yes, for that burrito talk right off the top there. >> we'll break all of it down for you. we begin with what appears to be a surprise ending to a kidnapping case that began nearly eight years ago. >> timmothy pitzen was 6 years old when he disappeared, triggering a nationwide search. a teen claiming to be timmothy has surfaced in kentucky, saying he'd been kidnapped. >> local and federal officials are on the scene trying to confirm the 14-year-old is the child last seen with his mother in this 2011 surveillance video.
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here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: the stunning discovery, has a boy who made national headlines, last seen when he was just 6 years old, now been found? the calls in kentucky came in about a boy claiming he'd just escaped kidnappers who held him for years. >> he was a 14-year-old juvenile, male white, said he was kidnapped from somewhere. >> reporter: the 14-year-old identifying himself as timmothy pitzen, a boy who mysteriously vanished in illinois. that's surveillance with his mother in 2011. police say the boy ran across a bridge into kentucky after escaping his captors who were staying at a nearby red roof inn. >> walked up to my car and he i wtoe, can you just pashe i asd m at was going on and >> reporter: the boy describing his kidnappers as two white men built like body builders, one with black hair with a spider tattoo on his neck, the other short with a snake tattoo on his arms.
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investigators are working to confirm whether this boy is in fact who he claims to be. pitzen's father desperate to find him. >> it was just more devastating than anything else. where's tim at? if i knew where he was, i'd go get him. i'd do just about anything to get him back. >> reporter: his father telling "investigation discovery" in 2015 how he and his wife were having problems when she took timmothy away without warning on a three-day trip to the zoo and water parks, where the boy was last seen on surveillance. his mom later checking into a motel alone, where she took her own life. leaving behind a note saying timmothy would never be found. >> she indicated that timmothy was somewhere safe with people who would love and care for him. >> reporter: for years detectives searched. this age progression showing what he might look like today. after eight long years, timmothy's family is anxiously waiting for word. >> i'm very hopeful that it's him and that he's okay and he's
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been in a good place when he was gone. that he's going to come back to us. very cautiously hopeful. and if it turns out to be him, we'll be thrilled. >> reporter: the teen is now getting medical care while investigators are still working to confirm his identity. the fbi and police in illinois case trying to track down those two men believed to be driving a white ford suv with wisconsin plates. whit johnson, abc news, hebron, kentucky. >> this is an incredible development. if this does turn out to be timmothy pitzen, who that little boy -- who that teen at this point says that he is, timmothy went missing may 11th, next month will mark seven years. eight years. so since 2011. he's from aurora, illinois, which is about 45 minutes outside of chicago. so that community has been grappling with this over the years, wondering what happened to him and wondering if they may finally have answers. >> you heard that woman just now
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in whit's report say, obviously we hope that it's him, we'll be thrilled. if it's him, what has he gone through the past eight years? we hope that the police get down to the bottom of this very quickly. democrats have formally asked the irs to turn over six years of president trump's personal and business tax returns. >> the chairman of the house ways and means committee made the request under a little-known provision in the tax code as this panel seeks to shed light on the president's financial dealings and possible conflicts of interest. and he set a deadline for next week. trump is the first president in nearly 50 years to refuse to release his tax returns. he says he's still not inclined to do it now because of an audit. >> we're under audit, despite what people said, and we're working that out. i'm always under audit, it seems. i've been under audit for many years because the numbers are big, and i guess when you have a name, you're audited.
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>> republicans are calling the request an abuse of the committee's authority. it sets the stage for a court battle that could take months if not years. former vice president joe biden is directly acknowledging that his past interactions made some women uncomfortable. biden released a video after four women complained of inappropriate conduct such as a kiss on the top of the head, getting too close, and rubbing noses. "the washington post" is reporting that three more women have come forward. biden didn't apologize but talked about how he connects with people by touching, hugging, and grabbing their shoulders. he said he would be more careful about his actions in the future. >> social norms have begun to change, they've shifted. and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying. i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space, and that's a good thing. that's a good thing. >> biden also hinted that he still plans to enter the race for president. he said in the coming months he
3:07 am
expects to be talking about a whole lot of issues. there's a major new clue about what might have caused the boeing jet crash in ethiopia. sources tell abc news a sensor outside the cockpit was damaged by a bird or some foreign object during takeoff. that data from that sensor then engaged the plane's anti-stall system, which forced the plane's nose down. sources say the pilots shut off power to the system, then turned the power back on. that sent the plane's nose down even further and the pilots were not able to maintain control. next, the latest on the college admissions scandal. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin making brief appearances in federal court in boston. both women telling a judge they understand the charges against them but not entering a plea. >> others who are facing charges in the case are also making appearances with their attorneys. abc's elizabeth hur has details this morning. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: janai and kenneth, good morning. with fans and even some critics gathered outside, the two actresses were in and out of
3:08 am
court without talking to reporters. the two were among 12 parents in court. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin in boston -- >> lori, lori, lori, pay for my tuition! >> reporter: making their first appearances in federal court. the hollywood stars turned defendants in "operation varsity blues." wealthy parents, including real estate executives, a lawyer, doctor, and ceos appearing before a judge today, all charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. >> fraud is about money and the amount of money matters when you're talking about fraud. >> i do think when it comes to sentencing it will be very different. >> reporter: loughlin and her husband stand accused of paying half a million dollars of bribes to get their daughters into usc. huffman charged with paying $15,000 to allegedly have an s.a.t. proctor correct her daughter's test answers. already some parents working with prosecutors on a possible plea deal, while other parents like dr. gregory colburn and wife amy making it clear they are fighting to clear their names. they've been charged with using
3:09 am
$25,000 of company stock to cheat on their son's entrance exam. according to their lawyer they are innocent of these charges. sources say prosecutors are warning some defendants, cooperate now or face more charges. the grand jury does have until next week to hand down any additional charges. janai and kenneth? >> our thanks to elizabeth hur in boston. a big lottery win has a special meaning for a north carolina man. >> this week richard beare claimed the $250,000 he won in a scratcher just last month. the charlotte man said his good luck came just after he'd been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. he plans to travel as much as he can starting with fulfilling his wife's dream of going to italy. he took home a little over $176,000 after taxes. >> he said normally he doesn't play but he stopped by powerball jackpots when the jackpot was high thinking, might have some luck. he got some scratchers as well,
3:10 am
turned out he did have some luck. >> they say it's important when you're doing something like cancer, battling cancer, you got to stay positive, you got to believe there's big wins that happen, big luck. obviously this financial luck, we hope that it will obviously translate into health and happiness for him as well. >> $170,000 to be positive. coming up, the effort on capitol hill to take back our phones. the legislation that a senate panel just advanced targeting those annoying robocalls that have been aggravating americans by the billions. a game of chance has been drawing thousands of people to a tiny town in south dakota. no one has won for weeks. so did that change last night? you're watching "world news now."
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new surveillance video police in south florida says shows an arsonist at work. a suspect threw some type of fire bomb under a vehicle parked outside a mobile home. police say the next night they believe the same suspect returned and used an even larger explosive device. flames destroyed cars and damaged that home there. no one was injured. thni iston t earcdewa aca
3:14 am
>> it happened at a national park in uganda and a ransom demand has been made for $500,000. here is david wright. >> reporter: the desperate search under way in uganda's most popular tourist destination. queen elizabeth national park seen here in a promotional video from the group wild frontiers. an american tourist kidnapped at gunpoint. a 35-year-old woman identified by the tour group as kimberly sue endicott. authorities say four armed men also abducted her driver and guide, jean paul. ugandan police say the kidnappers, using the victim's cellphone, demanded $500,000 in ransom. they say the abduction took place tuesday evening at dusk during a game drive. the kidnappers taking the keys to the group's vehicle and leaving behind an elderly canadian couple who reported the kidnapping.nsayheloedoff all th border with neighboring congo
3:15 am
while security forces conduct a search. >> have you heard about the american kidnapped in uganda? >> reporter: at a photo op with the congolese president, secretary of state mike pompeo declined to answer the question. the state department says it is aware of the reports, but for now u.s. officials won't comment. just this week secretary of state pompeo reiterated what has long been a u.s. position, that the u.s. does not pay ransom for hostages. he was speaking in general terms, not about this particular case. but the reason for that policy is simple. the u.s. worries that if they do give in to ransom demands, it will only encourage more kidnappings. david wright, abc news, london. >> our thanks to david. yeah, just really scary. obviously security forces, apparently they believe that this family's still there, this couple's still there -- >> in the park? to fiem as of la demr, the u.s. are sn
3:16 am
u.s. citizens traveling to uganda to exercise increased caution and to keep a low profile. but very rare that you hear about americans kidnapped overseas. especially held for ransom. facebook is embroiled in yet another privacy scandal involving hundreds of millions of user records that were posted online. >> an outside cybersecurity firm says third-party app developers exposed data, including usernames and passwords on amazon cloud servers. facebook says it has removed those databases and it says it will stop asking users to provide e-mail passwords for new accounts. in a rare show of bipartisanship, senate lawmakers are moving to crack down on robocalls. >> the commerce committee voted 26-0 on fines of to $10,000 per call.tronge
3:17 am
action against spoofing, when robocallers make it appear they're calling from the recipient's area code. >> on behalf of all americans, thank you for finally doing something. the fact that i have all those missed calls that are like one digit off from my phone number. >> yes, and you're just like -- >> it has been making me angry. >> oh! >> i know. am i being aggressive? >> i was just going to say. >> i'm being a little aggressive, right? >> get some decaf up there. >> you know you're tired of it too. thank you, congress, do something. >> thank you, thank you. coming up, the woman who bought hundreds of pairs of shoes and gave them away. first, see why thousands of people have descended on a small south dakota town. that's next on "world news now." s costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay.
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. ♪ i'm just a dime store cowgirl that's all i'm ever gonna be ♪a dime store cowboys and cowgirls. >> our own will ganss joined us with the details.
3:20 am
>> is he live there right now? >> i think he is, live from south dakota. >> hey, y'all, yep. i am live here in hudson, south dakota. it's a quiet little town near the iowa border, or it was quiet, until now. hudson, south dakota, is less than one-third of a mile wide. with a population of just over 300 people. but now folks are flocking there for their chance to win big. a raffle a year in the making. a jackpot of $321,000. >> it bolsters the community, puts hudson on the map. such a small town, probably three-fourths of the people have never heard of it. >> reporter: they've heard of chase the queen. news spreading about the game played every wednesday at waddy's bar. folks buying raffle tickets. one winner chosen each w hoping for the queen of
3:21 am
diamonds, which would mean all of that prize money. week after week, no one could find that queen. even as the deck dwindled. >> we can't believe it's still going on. we say, this has got to be the week. then it would be $60,000 and nobody would win. then we'd say, oh, next week somebody will win. it would be $80,000, and it just kept going on and on. >> reporter: until just hours ago. only three cards left and $321,000 on the line when ryan gordon of montrose, south dakota stepped up to the table. >> whoo! >> he got it! >> yeah, yeah! >> reporter: the sleepy little town in south dakota home to a dream jackpot for ryan and his family. >> the best part of that story, those $300,000 ryan won is only a part of the money raised by hose raffle ticket sales. neca trearchacilies there in soo rely is. putting hudson on the map. >> i'm so glad we have will live from south dakota. >> thanks, will. >> the least i could do, just a short trip.
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it's time for "the mix." we've got reason to celebrate, it is national burrito day. >> talk about mix-ing it up. >> uh-huh. >> burrito time! >> tell me again what rice and stuff you like? >> i like black beans, white rice, brown rice if i'm doing a thing. i like double chicken. with a little bit of cheese. lettuce on top. >> i also go for the white rice. >> corn. >> black beans. i have them do the cheese on top so that it melts. >> oh! >> a little bit of sour cream, the red sauce. at least for me -- >> have you ever seen anybody manhandle your burrito while they're putting it together then you're like, i don't think i want that. >> softer, please. >> then they have to get another tortilla. now that's even more carbs. >> chipotle is offering free delivery all day when you order through their app, website, or door dash. mo's southwest drill, $5
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burritos all day. qdoba, triple reward points. there's a tortilla blanket you can wrap up and become a tortilla yourself. >> love it. back in my 20s i used to hit up that mo's monday burrito. >> really? >> $5 burrito. every monday. in orlando, orange avenue, at wftv. >> look at you. that's hilarious. >> so maybe some sauce for the burrito? >> okay. >> maybe some kranch. >> kranch? >> ketchup and ranch. heinz is coming out with its latest mashup. >> of course. >> they've got that beautiful bottle. guess what, here at "world news now" now, we got our own thing. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> we go cheap. >> you want some kranch? >> right here, just get that in there, give us some ketchup. >> what's the proportion?
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>> i got my -- >> go ahead, mix it up. is that color right? are you trying to go for pinky? that smells awful, uh-uh. you know what? >> let me get a nice glass for you to drink. >> that smells awful. i don't do ranch. i don't do many condiments. certainly not kranch. go for it, go for it, go for it. yeah, right. oh! oh my gosh, eww! eww! i can't believe you even did that! mm, just ask mikey, he'll eat anything. i can't believe you did that! he took one for the team. you're trying to make friday funnies, aren't you? >> oh god. that was -- >> what was that like? >> oh -- my -- i -- >> can we get some mints to the set? we still got hours to go. >> oh my g
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out.
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this morning on "world news now," joe biden's first on-camera comments about those complaints over his behavior. he's now acknowledging he's made some women uncomfortable and he's hinting at a presidential run. also this morning, a teenager tells police he's a boy who disappeared nearly eight years ago. timmothy pitzen made headlines in 2011. hear how his family is reacting to the shocking claim. new this half hour, the big headline about britney spears. >> the pop star making a major decision about her career weeks after putting her vegas act on hold. and no one is ever allowed to stand up during takeoff on a plane so what are these standup airplane seats about? we'll explain who's behind the idea on this thursday, april 4th. >> it's like a roller coaster ride. >> i guess so, that is what it
3:31 am
looks like. we'll break all that down later. >> we will. we begin with former vice president joe biden speaking out for the first time since he's been accused of inappropriate conduct, now saying he gets it. >> biden took his message directly to the american people posting a video promising to be more mindful of respecting the personal space of others. but he stopped short of an apology for the physical displays of affection that triggered complaints from a growing number of women. abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: after days of mounting pressure, former vice president joe biden is acknowledging that some of his behavior has made women uncomfortable and is trying to explain. >> i'm always trying to be -- in my career i've always tried to make a human connection. that's my responsibility, i think. i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulders and say, you can do rorter: now biden is promising to change his ways, calling it his responsibility. >> social norms have begun to change, they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset. and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying.
3:32 am
i will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. and that's a good thing. that's a good thing. >> reporter: with biden's would-be campaign in crisis mode, president trump is relishing the moment. >> i was going to call him, i don't know him well, i was going to say, welcome to the world, joe. you having a good time, joe? >> reporter: trump himself has denied accusations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, by more than a dozen women. biden didn't apologize and house speaker nancy pelosi has suggested he should. >> to say i'm sorry that you were offended is not an apology offended. because that's -- what's that? >> reporter: her advice to biden -- >> i'm a member of a straight-arm club. i'm a straight-armer. i just pretend you have a cold and i have a cold. >> reporter: advice the former vice president seems willing to take.
3:33 am
>> the idea that i can't adjust to the fact that personal space is more important than it's ever been is unthinkable, i will. >> reporter: biden has yet to officially announce whether or not he's going to jump into the 2020 race, but he's certainly responding to all of this like someone who is going to be running for president. a source close to biden tells us these accusations do not at all impact his decision. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> our thanks to mary bruce on capitol hill. democratic lawmakers have authorized subpoenas aimed at getting ahold of robert mueller's full report on the russia investigation. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler said he'll give attorney general william barr time to change his mind about turning over the unredacted report before he issues the subpoenas. meanwhile, "the new york times" is reporting that some of the investigators on mueller's team tve said their findings were trump than barr indicated in his four-page summary. the fbi is investigating the security breach at mar-a-lago where a woman from china was
3:34 am
arrested after making it pas they're trying to determine if the woman, who was carrying malware, was part of a larger effort to gain access to president trump and do potential harm. the president said he was not concerned about possible espionage and called the incident a fluke. but democrats have asked the fbi to assess security vulnerabilities at mar-a-lago. the fbi has another major case on its hands, this one in the cincinnati area where a 2011 kidnapping case may have been solved. >> that's the last time timmothy >> that's the last time timmothy pitzen's father saw his son. the boy was 6 when police say his mother picked him up from school and never came back. yesterday a teen claiming to be timmothy walked up to a woman and begged for help. >> he walked up to my car and he went, can you help me? i just want to get home. can you just please help me? and i asked him what was going on, and he told me he's been kidnapped. >> local and federal officials are now trying to confirm the
3:35 am
14-year-old's identity. >> meantime, timmothy's family is hoping their long nightmare is open. here's abc's maggie rulli. >> reporter: it was the 911 call his family had been waiting for for eight years. >> it was a 14-year-old juvenile, male, white, said he was kidnapped from somewhere. >> reporter: that 14-year-old says he is timmothy pitzen, the 6-year-old boy who famously vanished in illinois in 2011. police say the boy ran across a bridge into kentucky after escaping his captors, who were staying at a nearby red roof inn. >> he looked like he had been beat up. >> reporter: he describes his kidnappers as two white men built like body builders, one with black hair and a spider tattoo on his neck, the other short with a snake tattoo on his arms. investigators are now working to confirm that this 14-year-old really is the same young boy his father has desperately been searching for. >> it was just more devastating than anything else.
3:36 am
where's tim at? if i knew where he was, i'd go get him. >> reporter: his father revealing to "investigation discovery" in 2015 that he and his wife were having problems when she took 6-year-old timmothy away on a trip without warning. she later checked into a motel alone where she took her own life, leaving a note behind saying timmothy would never be found. >> she indicated that timmothy was somewhere safe, with people who would love and care for him. >> reporter: now his family says they're cautiously hopeful. >> i'm very hopeful that it's him and he's okay and he's been in a good place when he was gone and he's going to come back to us. >> reporter: maggie rulli, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to maggie there. a stunning case, the fact that eight years later and this boy shows up. obviously the family, everyone is hoping it's him, but we just -- our prayers are with him and our thoughts are with him after thinking what has he been through the past eight years? >> thinking about the dad, the family, after eight years, and he was 6 when he was gone.
3:37 am
so he's been gone longer than they had him. just remarkable. we'll be watching developments in that one. moving on, a heads-up to anyone who uses electronic cigarettes. the fda says it's looking into nearly three dozen reports of seizures among e-cigarette users, particularly young people. >> the agency says the cases go back to 2010, but there have been an increasing amount of reports starting in the middle of last year. regulators say it's not yet clear whether vaping is actually responsible for the seizures. an italian company is once again pushing the idea of standing-room only on airplanes. >> the sky rider 3.0 -- what happened to 1.0? apparently this is 3.0. it debuted at this week's aircraft interiors expo in germany. it's described as a standing seat. the company said it allows airlines to carry more passengers because many of them would basically be standing. >> the designer insists the sky rider is not about creating a cattle class for flyers. last year's 2.0 version didn't catch on.
3:38 am
one can assume the 1.0 didn't either. as you pointed out, it looks like a roller coaster. this also reminds me of those memes that call out some specific really low-budget airlines that are like, oh, i'm never flying such and such again. 60 bucks roundtrip to miami, here we go, knees up, stand up, whatever it takes. >> yeah, i'm thinking about how we already have to check ourselves in, get our little bag tags, put those on, carry them to tsa. now we got to stand up? >> right. the whole flight? >> my gosh. that's going to be a long flight to london. >> right. you might as well just go in the bathroom and take the toilet. first dibs. >> seat's taken! just going to stay here for a while. >> literally. seat is taken. coming up in "the skinny," the red carpet premiere for the final season of "game of thrones." but first, what we're hearing this morning about britney spears and why she's taking a break from the spotlight. you're watching "world news now." you're watching "world news now."
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3:42 am
asleep at the wheel is being blamed for this. a tanker filled with milk went off a bridge along i-30 outside dallas, then slammed into a barrier. the driver was treated for minor injuries. he received a citation and it took a few hours to clear up the milk. wow. vigils continue in the crenshaw neighborhood of los angeles for rapper nipsey hussle. >> crowds have gathered outside hussle's clothing store since shortly after he was killed there sunday. a curfew is in place at the site after chaos this week left 19 people injured. in the meantime the suspect in the murder is being held on $7 million bail. in the southeast asian country of brunei, new laws that punish gay sex and adultery with stoning are now in effect. those found guilty of gay sex or adultery can be stoned to death, thieves face amputation of hands or feet. outraged celebrities and civil rights groups have launched a boycott of the beverly hills hotel and eight others in the u.s. and europe owned by the sultan of brunei. turning now to a new headline involving britney
3:43 am
spears. >> the 37-year-old pop icon is reportedly taking a step out of the limelight as she deals with some personal issues. our own will ganss is here with more on that. >> yes, good morning, guys. from the vmas to vegas to her usually very active instagram, we're used to having a piece of britney spears. but now the pop powerhouse announcing she's taking a major step away from the spotlight. posting this quote on instagram which says, fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body, spirit. along with the caption, we all need to take time for a little "me time." "people" magazine reporting britney has checked herself into a facility for all-encompassing wellness treatment. their source saying britney just needed to focus on herself as she cares for her father, jamie, after his life-threatening colon rupture. all this coming after britney canceled her highly anticipated vegas show "domination" back in january. putting her album on hold as well. the pop princess announcing on instagram that she was instead
3:44 am
going to spend time with her father, who she says almost died following those health complications. there's reportedly nothing seriously wrong, and britney just wants to take some time now to focus on herself after spending so much time with her dad. tmz reports she'll live in this facility for the next 30 days. i also want to point out both britney's boyfriend and her sister have chimed in on instagram throwing their support behind britney as well. >> how could you not support it? love that she is out there just saying what i feel like everyone can agree with, take some time to take care of yourself. >> exactly. >> there should be no stigma around that. >> absolutely. >> mental care is the most important care. >> yes. >> and the fact that -- i think it's good news that they're saying there's nothing wrong. again, they put it out there. and that's nice to see that she's taking a break. >> really, just like one of the -- i mean, best-case scenario, if there is nothing seriously wrong and she's just taking care of herself, beautiful. >> right. she'll come back stronger than ever. >> there you go, there you go. >> britney, we are rooting for you. >> hitmaker that britney.
3:45 am
when we come back, prince harry tries ballet. >> and the countdown is on for "game of thrones" fans. "the skinny" is next. ame of thrones" fans. "the skinny" is next. could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we got rid of that traditional "skinny" music for that theme song you know. for "the skinny" we're starting with the big night for "game of thrones" right here in new york city. >> the red carpet premiere for the final season was held at radio city music hall last night, complete with an iron throne, a giant one. >> wow. and some of the cast members shared their favorite death scenes from past seasons. >> when oberon got his head swished. love that scene. >> my little girl shireen, that was heartbreaking. >> i like the way ramsay dies, eaten by his own dogs. a very scandinavian death. >> charles' dance on the toilet. >> the final season of "game of thrones" premieres sunday, april 14th. >> by the way, winter is about to come to "world news now." that's all we're saying for now.
3:48 am
>> that's all, that's all we're going to say. do you want to give them a little more? no! >> no, no. >> no, we're not, we're not. the other big event is the release of "avengers: end game." >> "avengers" is produced by marvel which is owned by our parent company, disney. yesterday we told you ticket presales nearly broke the internet. now they're fetching top dollar on ebay. >> among the highest price listings, two tickets at a dine-in theater in new jersey for $1,500. >> i'm sorry, say that again? >> $1,500, two tickets at a dine-in theater in new jersey. >> it says $15,000. anyway, but -- hat was a kebu-- ba?,00--an i getha uh -- e ght-priced ck dine-in theater in new jersey for $15,000. >> how much?
3:49 am
>> $15,000. >> four times a try. and another theater here in manhattan, two tickets, one bid for $9,000, y'all. >> that's a lot of money. >> it is, for a movie that -- i mean, are theaters going to be packed for months to come? >> i guess i'm not going to see it -- i said yesterday i'm not going to see it for a month, i guess it will be like six months. >> it will be out on dvd. people still get those, right? >> you want to show off that you can read the prompter better than i can? go ahead, go ahead. >> you were close, you were close. across the pond prince harry is brushing up on his -- >> reading the prompter. >> i got it. he's brushing up on his plies. >> plies, you got it. >> the way it was written, it got me confused. >> they did it phonetically for you. plies. the duke of sussex made a solo visit to a ymca in west london where he engaged with a ballet class of 4 to 6-year-olds to show off his own balancing skills. >> but apparently he still has a lot to learn. the prince got called out for his wobbly performance.
3:50 am
>> still, the prince told the class they all deserved gold stars, sounds like a millennial to us, everybody all gets gold stars. back here at home we're all going nuts over a new development involving google assistant. >> google has turned to john legend, they've turned his voice into the newest voice option for its virtual assistant. >> the ten-time grammy award winner will croon his way through any google assistant device in the u.s. or from your android phone. so let us show you. we got john here. >> we found one person with an android phone around here, and they have allowed us to play. let's go through the pictures to see what they've got. you do not go through another person's pictures on their phone, but here we go, here we go, let's try it. here we go, here we go. hey, john. >> hey, i hope you're having a fantastic day, and i'm here to help if you need me. >> okay. go ahead. >> hey, john. can you rap? >> gimme a beat. ♪ one two three four ♪ i never rapped before but i guess i'm starting now ♪ ♪ if i do it well at the end
3:51 am
i'll take a bow ♪ ♪ i gotta see it through i think i'm pretty good ♪ ♪ spent all this time thinking i couldn't rap when i could ♪ see, i could do it. >> they're both awful. him singing, you reading the prompter. >> that is so cool. >> hey, john. what about chrissy moore? "i don't understand." >> he's like -- he's still thinking. ♪ i don't understand >> that's in the key of "e." living in new york we know how exciting a celebrity sighting can be. >> one fan absolutely freaked out on the subway when she noticed she was in the presence of none other than ben stiller. >> she immediately jumped up, started taking the rollers out of her hair, couldn't stop gushing all over him in spanish about how much she loves him. >> my mama said don't ever leave the house with the rollers in your hair. this is why. >> love you, ben.
3:52 am
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i will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. >> "sex and the city" will never get old. sarah jessica parker's carrie bradshaw famously elevated shoe acquisition almost to a religion. >> she buying? >> yes. >> this morning we're hearing about a woman in central kansas who bought more than 200 pairs of shoes in one fell swoop. >> not for herself. addie tripp bought out every last pair of shoes at her local payless shoe source, which is undergoing a nationwide liquidation sale. >> she negotiated a fair price, just $100 for all 204 pairs and donated all of them to flood victims in nebraska. most of those shoes were for babies. i love her so much. addie, that is well done. >> we salute you. >> speaking of babies -- jack wants to clap. go ahead, give it to her, yeah. >> addie deserves that. >> yes, completely.
3:56 am
speaking of babies, we just can't get enough of one tot caught on camera in a moment of pure wonder and joy. >> it happened when a little boy heard the violin for the very first time. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: the story of a baby boy hearing the violin for the first time. thomas, just 11 months old, transfixed, walking straight toward the violinist. studying her and her sound. he was at a music class for babies in new york. taken by laura zawarski. she plays "can't help falling in love." ♪ standing before her, then walking in to hold her. a smile from laura as she looks down at her newest fan and pethomas and his mother rachel sending us this. >> this is thomas and rachel. he can't talk yet. he can only say "dada." but he showed her in his own way
3:57 am
how much he loved the music. it was a beautiful moment of connection and joy when in this world we can feel so separate. >> reporter: her son and the violinist, a video seen more than 3 million times, proving thomas isn't the only one moved. >> how sweet. >> it's real beautiful. and obviously we know that music helps with developmental skills. >> yes. >> thomas is going to be a smart boy. >> absolutely. and music classes for babies, i love the idea of that. not that i've taken my kid to one yet. >> you've got to get on that. >> now i've got a reason. >> you've got to stop playing that cardi b. for him. >> he does like the kids bopper. bopper.
3:58 am
3:59 am
great day. making news in america this morning, the first report just
4:00 am
out this morning on what caused that boeing jet to fall out of the sky killing all 157 on board. what we've now learned and the question this morning, was a bird or other flying object to blame? trump's taxes. the new battle for the president's tax returns. what democrats are now doing to get their hands on them and how the president and the irs are responding. the shocking scene on the street. a boy is found wandering alone claiming he just escaped from two kidnappers. is he the same boy who disappeared seven years ago in illinois two states away?


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