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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 6, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement. good morning, america. joe biden facing backlash. the former vice president giving his first speech since multiple women say he made them feel uncomfortable making a joke. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. >> his reaction to those allegations of improper contact and what one of his accusers is saying this morning. president trump's warning, the visit to the border to survey the newly built section. this morning his threat to asylum seekers and his message to migrants. >> our country is full. we can't take you anymore. new overnight, look at this. power pole problems, the incredible chain reaction sending dozens of poles crashing down. one landing on this car.
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live wires trapping people inside. power knocked out to thousands. >> stay under the bridge. >> how did this happen? wild police chase. the chaos caught on camera. the driver in a suspected stolen truck smashing into three patrol cars. the demolition derby and the search for the driver this morning. and spilling secrets? what tennis star serena williams said about a pregnant friend. the speculation, it's meghan markle. did she accidentally reveal the baby's sex? the possible foot in mouth fault. good morning. also coming up on the show the latest on the final four. the women's matchups overnight and tonight, the men's games. we've got expert analysis from espn. >> we'll look forward to dan's
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bracketology coming up later in the show. >> i'm sharpening my pencil. >> exactly. breaking news, nearly 40 million at risk for severe weather this weekend including tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail. >> yeah, look at this trampoline fly away in a severe storm in florida. meanwhile, in texas, hail cracking this windshield. it's a serious situation and rob is, of course, tracking all of it for us. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. it is april now, so we're going to see more of these scenarios but already this morning, storms firing up across the western half of texas. the brighter pinks in there. that indicates hail. we have big stuff coming down with winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. pretty much an all day event. another round firing just south of dallas, waco and austin later on this afternoon getting up through the arklatex. can't rule out an isolated tornado and then tomorrow we reload the atmosphere and expand this whole area of risk right up through nashville, louisville and st. louis, so it's an all weekend event of severe weather.
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we'll talk more about it throughout the show. back to you, guys. eva. >> thanks, rob. we'll check back with you in just a few minutes. now to vice president joe biden facing buchanan over jokes he made in his first public appearance since his allegations of improper contact. abc's charleston rambo joins us with how those comments are being criticized. good morning, rambo. >> reporter: pilato, good morning. just days earlier joe biden put out a video on twitter saying he gets why women are concerned and that he may have made them feel uncomfortable and he will be more mindful moving forward of personal space but kicked off his event joking about it. in his first speech since multiple women came forward with accusations that former vice president joe biden made them feel uncomfortable, the potential 2020 candidate brushed off allegations of unwanted physical contact friday. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. i had permission. [ applause ]
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i don't know, man. >> reporter: biden then invited these kids from the auden tate up to the stage and made a second joke. >> you guys can sit on the edge. i don't want you to have to stand all along, but it's up -- by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> reporter: biden's remarks at the event for union workers didn't go over so well with lucy flores, the woman who first accused biden of kissing the back of her head at a rally five years ago. flores tweeted, it's clear joe biden hasn't reflected at all on how his inappropriate and unsolicited touching made women feel uncomfortable. to make light of something as serious as consent degrades the conversation women everywhere are courageously trying to have. biden immediately after the speech explained his comments. >> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. i realize my responsibility is to not invade the space of anyone who is uncomfortable in that regard. and i hope it will be taken that
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way. >> reporter: president trump who's had more than a dozen women come forward alleging misconduct against him ranging from sexual assault to harassment, inappropriate behavior says biden is only a threat to himself. >> you got to sort of smile a little bit. >> do you think joe biden is a threat? >> no, i don't see joe biden as a threat. >> biden actually says he wouldn't be surprised if more women came forward and said they felt uncomfortable around him but he's also said he's had hundreds of people reach out and say the exact opposite so, guys, it looks like biden is ready for what's coming his way and hasn't even announced he's running for president. >> but a lot of people expect he will soon. stephanie, thank you so much. for more on this let's bring in abc news political commentator cokie roberts. cokie, good morning. i'm very eager to hear your thoughts here. do you think joe biden materially hurt his potential candidacy by his performance on stage yesterday? >> look, dan, we're dealing with a generational problem here. those of us who are older think young people are deadly serious.
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but older people also have gone through lots of life experiences that they've gone through by getting -- by using humor. and joe biden is a prime example of that, but it also reminds you of the generational gap and reminds you that he's old and that's a problem for him running for president regardless of these allegations. >> so what, if anything, can he do to put this behind him? do you see this as a blip or a real roadblock? >> no, i think it's a real problem because his real appeal is that he's normal. he's natural. he is himself. and if he tries to now put himself in a bottle and not be just genuine, it will ruin his candidacy, so he's got to figure some path where he can be genuine but not be offensive to people who take these matters very seriously. >> stakes are high for joe biden. cokie roberts, we really appreciate you coming in early on a saturday morning. thank you so much.
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>> always good to be with you. >> well, dan, thanks. now we want to turn to president trump with a harsh message for migrants and asylum seekers. the president visiting the border and telling anyone with hopes of coming to the u.s. the country is full. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri joining us with that story. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. president trump visited a small border city in california to tour the first piece of his border wall, and he came with this blunt message to migrants, that this new taller border wall means stay out. >> our country is full. our area is full. the sector is full. can't take you anymore. i'm sorry. can't happen. so turn around. that's the way it is. >> reporter: this comes as the numbers of border crossings have surged in the past two months. in his message he's denying even asylum seekers a port of entry calling the process a scam and a hoax. on the border president trump surveying a two-mile strip of
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30-foot-tall steel slats. but this isn't a new barrier on open land. it's a replacement of 14-foot-tall matted fence constructed in the 1990s. it was a porous area that customs and border patrol under the obama administration recognized in 2009 needed to be fixed. president trump promising that there will be 400 more miles of this kind of border wall in the next two years. eva. >> all right, tara palmeri at the white house this morning. thank you. now to the latest on that missing american woman in uganda. we're learning new details this morning about the urgent search for kimberly sue endicott. her family demanding the u.s. government take action. abc's senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the ground in uganda with the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: hey, good morning, eva. this is the location where the american tourist and her local driver were kidnapped at gunpoint last tuesday. you can see how stunningly beautiful it is.
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there are even monkeys in the background tree climbing, lions, elephants but it's also here where what should have have been a holiday of a lifetime went so tragically wrong. overnight the family of an american tourist kidnapped in uganda pleading for the u.s. government to take action. kimberly sue endicott's cousin telling abc news, i heard our secretary of state get on there and say, we don't pay ransom. okay, fine, then go get the navy s.e.a.l.s. get them on a plane and go save her. endicott seen here on her ugandan safari and her guide jean-pierre mirenge remezo both abducted tuesday at gunpoint by four men dressed in military uniforms in queen elizabeth national park. the kidnappers using endicott's cell phone to demand a ransom of half a million dollars. >> this is very unusual. this is not typical uganda. there's never been an incident like this. >> it does seem to be more crime than terrorism. seems to be more money related than ideological. >> reporter: the state
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department releasing a statement on the abduction saying, whenever a u.s. citizen is taken captive abroad, we work tirelessly in partnership with local authorities to secure their release and get them home safely. >> the american involvement in this will be through the embassy. these partnerships are precisely why we're in these countries and that the ugandans have worked side by side with us. >> reporter: authorities believe endicott and remezo are both alive and the search is expanding. now covering an area larger than l.a. and chicago combined. the assistant inspector general of ugandan police telling abc news exclusively he's sure what the outcome will be. >> we are prepared for it, and we think we will be able to resolve it. >> reporter: and this morning i met the minister of tourism who's come to reassure the families of the missing. >> if we had lost hope, i wouldn't be here.
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my hope and my firm belief, my desire and my effort is to restore these people safe and sound. >> reporter: yeah, and i have to say that reflects the mood here. concern but optimism. it can be resolved swiftly and safely. but i have to say that the longer this goes on, the greater the concerns grow, not just for the people here but, of course, for the families back home. dan. >> ian, thank you so much. really appreciate your reporting and we're thinking about those families, of course. meanwhile back here at home, it was a surreal scene in seattle. thousands of people losing power when poles went down in a terrifying chain reaction. abc's maggie rulli has more on the damage and a dramatic rescue effort. >> reporter: overnight thousands in seattle are left in the dark after more than a dozen power lines came crashing down trapping two people inside a car. >> stay in front of me. >> reporter: and causing chaos as witnesses nearby scrambled to safety.
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>> wires down, there's about 15 poles down. >> reporter: the car caught right in the middle pinned and surrounded by a tangle of live power lines. >> all i heard was this loud boom crashing and then power lines are falling. >> reporter: first responders rushing to the scene desperate to turn the power off as rescuers worked to carefully pull the two people out. one taken away by stretcher. another pole falling next to a museum. the power cut off with hundreds of visitors still inside. a stunned visitor capturing the moments terrified families with children were escorted out passing the mangled wires. >> stay under the bridge. >> reporter: the damage stretching more than a mile. authorities cleaning up this morning still unsure of what caused the poles to fall over. the two people inside that car were taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, and authorities are collecting surveillance footage to help pinpoint how this all started. eva. >> all right, maggie, thank you. we turn now to new body cam video from a police shootout
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that left two officers injured. abc's zachary kiesch is here with an extraordinary look inside what turned into a deadly siege. >> blood in the driveway. the female is visible inside unresponsive. >> reporter: dramatic police camera footage showing the grueling standoff that turned deadly in this quiet neighborhood. watch as henry county police forced their way into this suburban home just south of atlanta. >> are you ready? >> reporter: after discovering blood on a garage door and a lifeless woman on the ground inside now known as sandra white. body cameras they were wearing showed that volatile situation officers walked into. anthony bailey, who is believed to have been white's boyfriend, fires what seems like endless rounds of shots at officers. as bailey shoots at the cops, officer taylor webb is hit twice. he then takes cover inside the garage. that's when another officer, keegan merritt, attempts to get
7:14 am
in and is shot in the hand. the shooter warns police. >> do not come in here. i got a hostage. >> reporter: eventually police break into that gara grabbing their wounded officer who dives to safety. after a tense 17-hour standoff police say bailey took his own life inside that home, and officials found 39-year-old sandra white and her 16-year-old son dead inside. >> we got three babies to bury. we don't know how we're going to do it. >> reporter: now the family of that woman said they had a surprise baby shower planned for her today. obviously she was pregnant. her son was inside. he was killed too. but this video, i mean it's so graphic. it really shows what police are up against every single day as they went in there, tried to save those folks and obviously tried to save their own as well. >> a lot of bravery. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. we do want to turn to the man authorities are calling an impostor allegedly pretending to be a missing boy who vanished eight years ago and the federal
7:15 am
charges he's facing this morning. we're learning new details about him and why investigators question his story. >> reporter: this morning, brian michael rini behind bars without bond accused of impersonating timmothy pitzen, a boy who mysteriously vanished nearly eight years ago. >> we were on pins and needles until the dna came back, and when the dna came back, we were just like, oh, my lord. >> reporter: pitzen's family rocked by a painful lie. according to court documents rini had been wandering the street and looking confused telling officers he was abducted when he was 6 years old and recently escaped from a hotel room and had been sexually and physically abused. >> rini declined to give his fingerprints in response to a request for them. >> so that was a red flag. >> i think that would raise naturally anyone's suspicions. >> reporter: but rini agreed to a dna test ultimately revealing he was not timmothy pitzen, instead a 23-year-old convicted
7:16 am
criminal released from prison just last month. rini telling investigators that he came up with the pitzen story after watching this cable documentary show about the case produced by abc news. >> rini told the agents that he wanted to get away from his family and that he wished he had a father like timmothy pitzen's father. >> reporter: police and rini's family saying he suffered with mental illness for years. >> i hope he goes to prison for this but -- or at least an institution. >> reporter: investigators also found on two prior occasions rini allegedly pretended to be a juvenile victim of sex trafficking. the case devastating pitzen's family still refusing to give up hope. >> t.j., come home to us, buddy. >> we will never stop looking for you, praying for you and loving you. >> now, rini is charged with making false statements to federal agents. he could face up to eight years in prison. he'll be back in court on
7:17 am
tuesday. but i want to go back to tim harris pittman's family. >> i'm curious to know, is there anything new here? >> they've shown such strength and poise through this awful situation. if there's some silver lining here, if any, what the family has said is it's brought new awareness, renewed attention to the case and perhaps could turn up new leads because the investigation into what happened to timmothy pitzen still continues. >> yeah, hopefully they can get some answers. >> exactly. >> thank you, whit, for your reporting this morning. a lot going on in the weather department, so let's kick it over to you, rob. what's happening? >> i mentioned april is severe storms month or the beginning of it and, of course, have in spring, we have spring thaw and that brings the flooding. the mississippi river near la crosse, wisconsin, it is now receding and heading downstream but that's problems downstream but you see what's it has done. davenport, dubuque, you'll see the river rise here in the next couple of days and looking for major flooding or major flood stage, i should say, as we get towards next week. that's going to get down to the
7:18 am
southern part of the mississippi river, which is already swollen, and we've got several rounds of rain that will bring severe weather. but also look at the amount of rain we'll see through the weekend. austin through jackson, mississippi. could see several inches of it. so that's going to be an issue. on the plus side of this if you like warm weather, this system will really pump up the heat across much of the eastern half of the country. look at atlanta, 84 degrees. temperatures typically this time of year in the lower 70s. and this warmth gets up. look at d.c. and philly, near 80 as well, this time of year you get wind off the ocean and boston, i'll tell you that, 48 degrees is a stark difference in
7:19 am
just got back from a weather conference in brownsville, texas. everybody in the lone star state says hello to you guys. they're big fans of the saturday morning program. >> hello, brownsville. i almost gave your cell phone number out actually at the airport in cincinnati last night. >> why did i -- >> our flight was delayed. bad weather getting to new york. people were frustrated. i'm like, hey, i know a guy to blame for the bad weather. call him up, rob marciano. >> he's a good time guy. i mean, he spends time at weather conferences. that must be really fun. >> i know. it's a party. yeah. i'll be changing my number this afternoon. >> you do that. i didn't actually give it out. thank you, rob. we do want to transition, though. a county in new york dealt a blow in their fight against the measles outbreak. a judge has ruled against rockland county's state of emergency declaration. the 30-day order banned unvaccinated children from public places. but a judge ruled emergency orders cannot exceed five days. 166 people have been infected
7:20 am
with measles in rockland county since october. all right, i now need to get to a very important investigative report for you guys. twitter is blowing up right now after an interview with serena williams, the tennis star. the question is did williams let a royal secret slip? everyone is dying to know the gender of the royal baby, and we know serena and duchess meghan are very good friends, so listen to what happened when serena was asked about her advice to new moms. >> my friend is pregnant, and she's like, oh, my kid is going to do this, and i just looked at her and i was like, no, she's number. i'm like, no, you're not, and she started laughing. >> no, she's not. everyone is now wondering if this pregnant friend is duchess meghan and if that she implies they're having a girl. >> and how many pregnant friends does she have right now, you know. >> you know, these are tough questions. we don't have time to get into all of that. but my team, my investigative team is on it. >> yes.
7:21 am
>> diane is like, thank you for putting me on the spot, eva. really appreciate that. thank you, diane. much more to come from you in poppinga in the next half hour. more to come on the show including this rather serious story. a missing 15-year-old girl found safe. the person police say she was traveling with more than a thousand miles away from home. police pursue the wild smash-up as troopers try to stop a suspected stolen car. what happened next. and we're in the final stretch of march madness. highlights from the women's final four, plus a look ahead at tonight's match-ups for the men with espn's maria taylor. "good morning america" is sponsored by sherwin-williams. ask sherwin-williams how to bring color to life with the very best paint. ♪ oooh oooh aaah ♪ i'm discovering, i'm discovering ooooh ♪ ♪ all the color in, all the color in the world ♪ ♪ i'm uncovering, i'm uncovering ♪
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so you can pour it and ignore it. so let's promote our spring ftravel deals, on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at good morning. everyone. i'm chris nguyen. last night the southbound lanes were closed for several hours because a man stopped in the middle of the bridge and said he had a bomb. officers took him into custody,
7:28 am
but the bomb squad had to examine a questionable package left in the truck. nothing dangerous was found. all lanes reopened around 11:30 last night. the suspect is oifred as 54-year-old rodney brinkerhoff. he's expected to face multiple charges. turning to weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> a weak system working through the bay area bringing a few showers and here's walnut creek, plenty of clouds, some fog and breezy winds and 56 in mountain view and 49 in morgan hill and not much sun there either and look for low to mid-60s today and dry and sunnier tomorrow. >> thanks so mu
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. right now the urgent search for a missing american woman in uganda. kimberly sue endicott and her driver both kidnapped after being ambushed by gunmen. investigators say the men are demanding half a million dollars in ransom. officials believe the two are still alive. caught on camera, look at this. a wild police pursuit in ohio. the driver of this pickup truck turned a chase into a demolition derby of sorts. three police cruisers smashed while trailing a stolen dodge ram in the cleveland area. each trooper tried to get the driver to lose control and stop. but none of those attempts worked. troopers called off the chase when they lost sight of the pickup. the driver still on the run this morning. fortunately no one was hurt.
7:31 am
and final four fever. the ncaa men's tournament gets in gear this evening when the auburn tigers face the top ranked virginia cavaliers in minneapolis. texas tech is taking on michigan state later tonight and someone who won't be playing tonight but still a big winner, duke's zion williamson, has been named a player -- ap player of the year, and it was a landslide vote for zion who has taken the college basketball world by storm with his soaring dunks and high-flying blocks. he also had that shoe ins dintsz. >> he did and came back strong though in the playoffs. coming up, lori loughlin's daughter is doing some finger pointing when it comes to that college admissions scandal and her career. whom olivia jade is saying she is blaming now this morning. >> that's a big story but we want to start with the brand-new developments overnight in the search for a missing teenager from louisiana. police say they've located the 15-year-old girl and the man she was traveling with. abc's marci gonzalez joins us from washington with more. marci, good morning. >> reporter: hi, whit, good morning.
7:32 am
such a huge relief for this girl's family. they have been looking relentlessly for her not knowing just how far she traveled with a much older man they once considered a friend. this morning, this 15-year-old girl missing for more than a week is safe found in colorado more than a thousand miles from the louisiana bus stop where police say she was last seen before getting into a car with her 47-year-old neighbor. >> he told her that he loved her and stuff like that. >> reporter: before investigators say the pair ran off together, domeanna spell's family tells us they warned police about their friend cory shane disotell's apparent relationship with the girl saying they found te messages and figured out the divorced father of three had spell over to baby-sit his granddaughter as a cover-up. >> come to find out there was no granddaughter there for her to really be baby-sitting. they had that little secret relationship going. >> reporter: now after days of agonizing searching going door to door, her family learning spell was coming home.
7:33 am
>> she has family that love and care about her. >> and that disotell is in custody. >> cory is in big trouble because depending on how you charge him, you could charge him federally with taking a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. he potentially could get a significant amount of time out of this. >> but investigators still haven't said anything about charges or how the pair was finally found but in a statement the fbi thanked people for calling in tips and credited great police work for this ending they call a blessing. eva. >> all right, marci gonzalez. thank you so much. >> now, let's get a check of our weather with rob marciano. fresh off the plane. >> how you doing? >> how are you? >> i'm fine. i'm great. by the way, it was south padre island where the conference was. >> i covered a hurricane there. >> yeah, they do, which is why it was a hurricane conference. >> beautiful beach. >> gorgeous stuff. but we're still holding on to winter in some spots notably big
7:34 am
sky, montana. check this out. this guy just tearing up a little bit of spring skiing there, some fresh corn. they got about six inches this past week, but the mountain is called lone peak. well, all alone on that morning of shooting. gorgeous stuff. you can get out there and enjoy it. we have spring storms that are lining up for the pacific northwest, especially in northern california, and these will dump a lot of rain, a little bit of wind as well and mountain snow at the higher elevations. maybe half a foot of rainfall especially along the coastal range and the river systems and the reservoirs across parts of western oregon are really high right now, so all of that has to get into the willamette valley. so we may see some flooding later in the week. meanwhile, the reason that everything is being pumped up to the north as it does this time of year is because the warmth is building across the southwest. look at these numbers getting into palm springs, might hit the first triple digit as we get towards monday so if you like the heat head out there, and vegas, 90 degrees and will get the air conditioners finally humming as we get
7:35 am
>> good saturday morning to you. do not adjust your set. this is the rain in san rafael. it is certainly soggy out there. parts of the bay area this morning, by the afternoon mostly cloudy skies in the mid >> this weather report is sponsored by blue buffalo. >> we just had to have whit explain to us what cordy meant. we had no idea. >> corn snow. >> corn snow. >> corn or cordy? >> corn. >> we thought it was corduroy. >> corduroy groomers is a different thing. snowboarders. you know, it's like if you don't have the powder, you get the corduroy groomers. you get the crunchy corn. >> you can shred the gnar in all of it. >> that's the most important point. >> i'm surprised. i didn't think these guys could get any nerdier. >> well, here we go. >> it's more than you think. >> welcome to a saturday morning. coming up on "gma," lori loughlin's daughter reportedly lashing out at her mom.
7:36 am
what she is allegedly saying loughlin ruined for her. and the surprising reveal from actress charlize theron when it comes to her love life, diane has that for us ahead in "pop news." ews." ♪
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welcome back to "gma." actress lori loughlin and her husband charged in an alleged college admissions scheme to get their two daughters into usc. they're reportedly dealing with some painful family fallout. "people" magazine is reporting her youngest, olivia jade, is blaming her parents for all that's happened. the popular youtuber hoping to rebuild her brand. >> lori, lori, pay for my tuition, lori. >> reporter: new fallout this morning for "fuller house" actress lori loughlin in the midst of the college admissions scandal. this one super personal. >> hello, everyone. it's olivia jade. >> reporter: loughlin's daughter olivia jade reportedly now lashing out blaming her parents for the bad pr. >> olivia is very frustrated with her parents and that she would never have gone along with this if she had known about it. she's distraught. she's embarrassed and she's determined to figure out how to rebuild her brand. >> reporter: the 19-year-old youtube star losing major
7:41 am
sponsorships like tresemme and sephora. >> i'm about to see my sephora collection. i feel like i could cry. >> reporter: after her parents, lori loughlin and mossimo giannulli, were arrested last month for allegedly paying $500,000 in bribes to get both her and her sister isabella into usc. >> if you would have said england is my city, i would say, why did i pay all this money for your education? >> reporter: loughlin and giannulli appearing before a judge wednesday alongside a parade of other wealthy parents including actress felicity huffman. >> do you plan to fight this? >> reporter: also in court wednesday, high-power attorney gordon caplan who announced friday he plans to plead guilty to paying $75,000 to rig his daughter's a.c.t. test. caplan saying in a statement, the remorse and shame that i feel is more than i can convey. and we reached out to loughlin's attorneys for comment but did not hear back. this case is still unfolding, though. they've said there could be more potential parents.
7:42 am
this is not the end of it for sure. >> and it's so complex within these families. you feel for the children. the parents were doing it for them but, of course, it's incredibly embarrassing and it's wrong, so, yeah. it's complicated all the way around. >> the defense is interesting. some parents fighting back and saying they didn't do anything wrong and others working towards a plea. >> and how much did these kids actually now is the question. >> exactly. >> exactly. much more to come on "gma" on this saturday morning including a night of triumphs and defeats in women's college basketball and a look ahead to the men's final four games. espn's maria taylor joins us with some analysis. i'm going to help her with that just after a break. >> oh, are you? >> oh, are you? rhood with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger. [ laughter ] -everyone acts like their parents. -you have a tattoo. -yes. -fun. do you not work? -so, what kind of mower you got, seth? -i don't know. some kid comes over. we pay him to do it. -but it's not all bad. someone even showed us how we can save money
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all right, sports fans,
7:46 am
breaking news, march madness is so crazy it's bled now into april again. it's final four weekend for the men and women. so let's talk sports. we've got to bring in espn's maria taylor to break down all of the games. good morning, maria, from tampa, florida. great to see you. let's start it off with the women. what happened in the games last night? >> good morning, rob. great to be with you again and, yes, march madness is finally at its culmination. we had two games. oregon took on baylor and baylor was in the final four for the first time since 2012 and were able to get the win against oregon behind their bigs. they have a 6'7" big in kalani brown and a 6'5" player in lauren cox. they combined for 43 points and they're going to go to the national championship for the first time in seven years. then it was a rematch of connecticut and notre dame. we saw it a season ago, remember arike ogunbowale, she was on "dancing with the stars" and ended up on the "ellen" show and kobe loves her. she had a great game and helped them return to the national championship and
7:47 am
defending their title and become one of two programs to do that. connecticut and tennessee would be the other two. >> star power for them going for them tomorrow night. notre dame/baylor, who do you like? >> ooh, you know, it's fun. i really have to go with baylor. i love kim mulkey and what she's done. she's won a national championship as a student athlete and assistant coach and head coach and another cool fact we'll have two head coaches that are refeel and they'll be going against each other. that's the first time it's happened in seven years, so that will be fun to watch in tampa. >> i love it. let's turn to the mens. final four, two games happening tonight. your take on auburn versus virginia. >> okay, auburn and virginia, auburn, first of all, they are like the cinderella team that's here. who knows how they made it? they lost one of their best players in chuma okeke but had to beat north carolina, kansas, kentucky, all the bluebloods to make it. and virginia are that team that needs redemption. remember, they lost to a 16 seed a season ago, the first one seed to ever let it happen so i'm just happy that the cavaliers have made it to the final four. >> spartans too. a familiar place for them taking
7:48 am
on texas tech. who do you like and who do you think will take it all on monday night? >> all right, so spartans taking on texas tech, texas tech another team that's never made it to the final four. but tom izzo is a legend at michigan state and been to eight final fours so he's the guy that has all the experience. i think michigan state wins that game and i think virginia wins the first game and i think ultimately it's the cavaliers with the win because they've got a little bit of everything, tony bennett, the head coach has been there and again i just want the "30 for 30" film redemption of the cavaliers to be the story line that comes out of this year's national championship. >> they have been taking some heat for sure. we're excited about all the games happening this weekend and we're always excited to talk to you. maria, thanks so much for your insight. enjoy the rest of the games. >> thanks, rob. >> so, that's sports for you. dan, i know you wanted to chime in there. >> where did your newspaper go? >> i just feel like we keep leaving the patriots out of this, their ability to drive down the field. >> tom brady. he's strong when he drives to the hoop, that tom brady. >> we'll have more sports analysis after the show but coming up on "gma," we've got "pop news." mick jagger's message to fans about his health.
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by state farm, neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. >> this music woke you up. >> it did. >> all week i was waiting for that beat. >> yes. i feel like you're going to throw out your neck muscles by doing that. >> a night at the roxbury kind of thing. >> we were stretching before the show. >> we were. >> we were. >> all right, everybody, can i get this train back on the tracks? >> please. >> you can try. >> let's do this. we'll start off "pop news" this morning with actress charlize theron, she seems to have it all, right? an oscar, a golden globe, also a film producer, a mother to two but apparently there's at least one more thing she wants. promoting her upcoming romantic comedy "longshot," the 43-year-old opened up about her own love life telling "e.t.," quote, she is shockingly
7:54 am
available, and she says someone needs to step up and ask her out. theron's last serious relationship was with actor and director sean penn. they were engaged but they broke it off in 2015 and no surprise twitter has exploded with a long list of volunteers. >> no, i don't have -- all my friends are blowing me up thinking i have her number. >> so hard to believe. i just really do. >> hey, maybe people are too intimidated. >> okay, that i can believe. that i can believe if now she has men and women on twitter volunteering to take one for the team. >> lots of options. superheroes by the way took over disney's california adventure park for a day. the stars of the "avengers: endgame" including iron man robert downey jr., thor chris hemsworth, black widow scarlett johansson and the newest addition, captain marvel, brie larson. the superstars were helping to launch universe unite, in delivering comfort and inspiration to seriously ill children around the world. the team was celebrating disney chairman and ceo bob iger's announcement of a $1 million
7:55 am
donation benefiting children's hospitals across the country and an additional 4 million in total from the lego group, hasbro, funco and amazon. so disney, of course, the parent company of abc, but what a great cause. >> rob is fuming over here because he considers himself a little bit of a hero saving lives daily. >> i think it was -- >> weather warnings. >> the invitation was in the mail. it must have got lost. >> there's millions of heroes across america. >> you're our hero, rob. mick jagger has a message for fans out there following his recent medical treatment. the rolling stones' front man writes, thank you, everyone, for all your messages of support. i'm feeling much better now and on the mend and also a huge thank you to all the hospital staff for doing a superb job. you might remember late last month the stones announced they would be postponing their upcoming four -- tour for jagger's health reasons. the singer is expected to get back on stage as soon as possible. soy, of course, fans were very upset when they had to postpone the tour but said we'll be back. hold on to those tickets. they'll be valuable again once they go back on tour so good hope for fans. >> he's a giant and a genius and
7:56 am
we're wishing him the best. >> absolutely. >> and you're a genius for keeping this train on the tracks. >> you did it. >> some days it's harder than others. >> great job. see you tomorrow, everybody. thanks for watching. appreciate it. abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. a head's up if you plan to take golden gate ferry. we are taking a live look at oracle park. there is no direct service. instead, you can ride to the ferry building in san francisco
7:57 am
and walk or take muni. this will impact games through next sunday. first pitch against the tampa bay rays is set for 105 this afternoon and direct service will be back in time for the next homestand and that begins april 26th. in san francisco another stored restaurant is those closing after four decades in business. the elite cafe has been fixing southern-style food for visitors and locals alike. the restaurant is now up for sale. there has been some interest from buyers, but nothing concrete just yet. the elite cafe will serve its last customer in about two weeks on sunday, april 21st. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it may not be raining and a weak frontal ban will push through the bay area today scattering the showers about throughout the morning hours and we have them in the north bay and the coastal hills and you can see right
7:58 am
along the coast off of marin county and off of san mateo looking at showers and throughout the noon hour. you can run the risk of a shower and temperatures quite mild from san bruno to belmont, mid and upper 50s and 30-minute delays and around the bay and upper 60s in liver more and it will be dry and we will have a slightly sunnier sunday. >> up next, a 16-year-old girl hurt when a car slammed into a building. what police say a 14-year-old was doing behind the wheel. plus lanes reopen on the benicia bridge and the bomb scare that
7:59 am
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earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at good morning bay let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> it's saturday, april 6th, and thank you very much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the weather for us. >> we do have a front moving through the bay area. it will be with us through the next several hours and it is up 0.01 in the north bay and off the coast of point rays and about 35 miles from the san mateo coast. so some showers all of the way down to the santa cruz mountains this morning. walnut creek is gray and we're looking at temperatures in the mid and upper 50s from san jose to oakland. from our roof camera, it has been breezy and slick in the


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