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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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charges including attempted kidnapping and assault with intend to commit rape. >> right now we've charged one for jane doe one. but we could always add additional charges. >> reporter: on march 26 he was accused of attacking jan dough one outside her apartment building as she left for work. he pointed a stun gun at her hip as the gun malfunctioned. she dropped her bags. he tripped over her bags and fell into the bushes and she ran away. he drop is his cellphone as he tried to escape. >> a rape and kidnapping kid which included ties and bondage. >> reporter: caruso was arrested at his home in newark the next day. walnut police are investigating. >> could there be more victims?
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>> there could be. there could be. they will see if they could have potentially been targeted by him. >> reporter: so far three jane does were protected by the order in court. >> we feel that due to public safety and multiple victims involved, we want to protect the public and protect those jane does. so that's why we're going to be asking for no bail. bale is set at $1.1 billion. >> what do they say they're they wt pany information that m
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useful. they admit it's a scary case with a man stalking women at officers but they say they wasn't to reassure the public at this point they really think there's a connection to only these three women. imessaged caruso's attorney, i might add, and he declined to comment. reporting from walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, ab 7 news. >> thank you. investigators say a suspect kicked in a door on baden avenue at 2:00 in the morning. once inside they demanded money and jewelry and personal prop earth. a 52-year-old was not injured. the suspects drove away on webb third lane in an unknown vehicle with a loud exhaust. well, three former employees at the branson school in ross have been named in an independent investigation into sexual abuse allegations.
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the school hired someone. the investigation found that four former educators engaged in sexual misconduct students. they're two former athletic directors, rusty taylor and les carry roll from the '70s and '80s and a basketball coach from the '80s and '90s and grant. the marin county d.a. office is looking into the matter. the hell department is warning of a possible measles exposure. >> yeah. a patient rode cal train on april 1st and visited these places that you see on the map
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including heayes valley. >> we have the story. >> reporter: according to the department of public health in san francisco, think individual did visit several places in the city explosion people to the virus. someone boarded the cal train and entered the federal billing at 4:50 p.m. >> we're getting information out to our riders along the >> they believe the risk to the general public is very loi. >> the measles cyrus is airborne, and so it can stay in
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the air for up to an hour after somebody who was contagious with measles was in that space. >> they visit it the bay three days in a row. symptoms can emerge eight to 12 days after being exposed. >> the symptoms of measles typically start with runny nose, a cough, runny eyes and a fever. the fever can be quite high and after a couple of days people will typically develop a rash that starts on the head and spreads downward. >> the cdc reports a total of 465 cases of measles in 19 states since january. that's the second highest number of cases since 2000. >> we're seeing increases nationally and now we're seeing cases in california as well. so our best pt pt pt pt pt pt
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vaccinated against measles. >> according to the didn't of public health, this individual is currently recovering at home. >> thank you. and this is the fifth confirmed case of measles this year. in the meantime mary yore bill de blasio announced a public health emergency because of a measles outbreak in brooklyn's williamsburg neighborhood. more than 250 people have gotten measles there since september. the declaration mandates mandatory vaccinations. people who resist could be fine $1,000. to learn more about the measles including symptoms and how the disease is spread, websi websi website, look at that. a structure fire similar to a
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detached garage. there was now one at the house when they got there. crews had trouble getting a handle on it because there was a lot of stuff in and around. >> and alt because it was breezy and cooler as well. >> yes. spencer is up on the roof. >> i em blowing in the breeze so to speak. you can see we've got mainly clear skies, a litdsle storm activity. here's a view of the golden gate looking at our peak gust winds. this is the reason. we have off shore pressure. our animations show we're going to have gusty conditions going into the nighttime hours sta starting at 4:00 this afternoon.
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you'll see winds gusting going into tomorrow. i'll given you the seven-day forecast showing you how long the windy pattern is going to be with us. >> thank you. safety on b.a.r.t. is one of the issues abc has focused on. >> in february we had a look at your concerns on b.a.r.t. including safety issues and now the system has started a push. very we hopped on b.a.r.t. to see if we could catch a glimpse of the increase in officers patrolling the rail system. >> we're headed toward the coliseum. we rode up and down the line and didn't see police officers. according to b.a.r.t., it's not systemwide. they won't show where the blitz
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will be, but when it does, you'll see it. our crew saw them monday night. based off commuter accounts. several were spottet. frank hernandez wishes there could be officers all over the line. he wishes there would be more. >> he came up to me with snub noised pliers. >> they'll retro fitting stations. >> it's always been a problem that you see >> they have alarm gates and a push button for the general manager. reporting in fremont, jobinajobo
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fortson, abc news. >> share your ideas with our besser facebook group. stay with us. new develops in the ongoing college enstance scandal. >> felicity huffman's career stalled. >> facebook and google grilled by lawmakers. the growing threat the bay area companies are being tasked to tackle. and the plan to close san francisco's juvenile hall, it could save money, but will it help young offenders? >> and let's take a live look outside at wall nut creek as you can see on this tuesday moving smartly in both directions. stay with us. abc news at 4:00 continues.
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16 parents involved in the college admissions scandal are facing new charges. >> melanie woodrow has been following the developing story. she has the very latest. melanie. >> the government indicted 16 additional parents. the government previously indicted two other bay area parents, all of this coming after other defendants in the case cut deals saying they'll bleed gl to the charges. a second super seeding indictment alleges 19 defendants conspired to commit mail and wire fraud as well as money laundering conspiracy. eight parents indicted are from the bay area, including amy and dr. gregory coburn from palo al
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toe. the coburns allegedly paid $25,000 for the college entrancy did y pay to get your child in school? >> eli manual. big mcglashen and marcy. >> are you and your spouse still laughing about it? was it worth every cent. >> reporter: they conspired to bribe them. in some cases both. some were athletics they didn't play. they also charge the parents with conspiring to launder the bribes through singer's purported charity and by transferring money from inside the united states the outside the states. five bay area parents said they would plead guilty.
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the isaacsons are the ontario parents who have signed a cooperation agreement with the government. the u.s. attorney will file a motion to recommend that the court impose a sentence below the advisory guidelines sentencing range. bruce isaacson will plead gl to one count of money laundering conspiracy and one to irs. lori loughlin and her husband, n an arraignment date has not been scheduled. >> melanie, what kind of sentence could the parents indicted today be facing. >> well, dan, potentially one that's high theirtown ones that the parents plead guilty to yesterday. that's because this group of parms has that additional money laundering conspiracy charge for indictment. the max is 20 years with three years of supervised release and
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that's in addition to the mail fraud charges. netflix has removed one of the dates of a movie involved felicity huffman. she paid $15,000. her film otherhood was set to be released on the 26th. she's also in another netflix movie called "when they see us" which is set to be released on may 21st. two are on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee heard from the leaders from google and facebook as well as from human rights leaders and others. the representatives from both companies condemned hate speech in all forms and highlighted the steps they're taking. >> there's no place for hate or violence on facebook. we act swiftly with our a.i.
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when anything is tied to violence. >> we also use a combination of a.i. and human content. in addition to remoochbl -- >> google streamed the hearing live this morning on youtube, but the chat portion had to be disabled 30 minutes after it starred due to explosive and racist anti-semitic comments. >> reporter: the irs says it's dispersed more than $200 million in refuns. that's down from last year. the irs has said it's processed fewer returns. tax preparers say this is the first year because it's the fif year they're filing changes in the tax law. we know real estate is very expensive, but a house that just sold in san francisco would drop the jaws of most mirairs. this place is more for a billionaire crowd. 192 mansion sold last week for
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$27 million. it was once owned philanthropist getty. they renovated it. the selling price will reflect that. it's such a nice day outside, albeit a little bit breezy. >> it's a nice day out there. >> tough day for stacking feathers. >> i love that line. >> a little breezy out here. let's take a look at diop 7. -- doppler 7. 39 miles per hour in san francis francisco, which is about our top gust. all around the bay area, it's quite windy. a sunny day. a view from the tower. it's 59 degrees in the city. 66 in oakland.
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mid-60s in mountain view, san jose and morganview. here's a view from the hills camera. looking out over the bay, it's 66. napa, 67. concor concorde, 67, 64 in livermore and the view from mt. tam, you can see the trees swaying in the braise. these are forecast features. breezy to gusty pattern will be with us through thursday. we'll have mild sunny days into the weekend. a cloudier and cooler pattern begins on sunday and here once again is why we have this windy pattern. a center of low pressure inland, high pressure offshore, tight pressure gradient between the two and that's a classic pattern that produces a strong gusty wind. on we go, look for low temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 40s and then tomorrow under sunny and breezy conditions, we'll see the wind
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pattern continuing be rather impressive. tomorrow in the morning, 30 miles an hour at 8:30 in the morning and 20-mile-an-hour gusts at this time. we'll see the wind picking up. it will be much like today in terms of the wind pattern, and highs tomorrow will range from 60 to 63 on the coastal areas to upper 60 aurnsd the bay shoreline and we'll see low 70s. antioch, fairfield, concorde, santa rosa, they'll be around 71, 72, 73. even with the breeze, it's still going to be mild. speaking of breezes and mild conditions. we have the rally time at the sharp tank with the sharks going into the first round of the stanley cup playoffs tomorrow. temperatures in the afternoon reaching upper 60s to 70 degrees. once again it will be breezy. here's a look at the accuweather forecast. saturday, we'll have mainly
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sunny skies and relatively mild conditions with high temperatures in the mid-70s inland on saturday. the breezes will taper off a little bit on friday, so things will be a bit calmer. on sunday, cloudier and sharply cooler conditions. temperatures dropping off. the clouds and the cooler weather remain with us through monday and we tuesday. so kind of a pleasant pattern coming our way and the wind if you don't like it will be going away at the end of the week. >> thank you very much. spencer mentioned the sharks but we're gearing up for the playoffs in oakland. and the simple pieces of pottery are stirring up a frenzy across the state. we'll explai it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off
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the new ncaancaancaancaancaa welcomed home. the university of virginia cavaliers were welcomed home as they arrived. i beat texas tech in overtime to win the title last night. an incredible turnaround from last year when they lost in the first round, becoming first number one seed to fall to a 16 seed in the ncaa tournament. good for them. the nba playoffs are almost here and there was something going on an oracle arena besides the three-pointers. >> work crews were braving the wind as spencer was talking about to hang the first banners at the warriors court. when abc surprised, there were only a few. inside boogie cousins and others were staring down their competition. >> just to confirm they're pang
4:25 pm
left, the whole slogan for the warriors was on the arena for everyone to see. strength in numbers. >> they got it all done. the team surprised dub nation with the uniforms during the last regular season finale. it marked the fran cheese's return. all proceeds from the auction will benefit the kmun's foundation. >> the raiders and 49ers have released their schedules. the raiders could begin what could be their last season at home. the arizona cardinals are next in a nationally televised game on espn on august 13. game three is against the green bay bakers at a yet to be determined location in canada. the raiders will finish on the road against the seattle seahawks. the niners will play the cowboys at levi's stadium. a game in denver against the broncos is on monday, august 19th and that's followed by a
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game to kansas city chiefs. the dates for all the games except for those in the espn contest will be in the coming weeks along with the entire regular season schedule. a call for change for san francisco's youth criminal justy system. the plan to close the juvenile hall and what would take its place. >> it's early and i feel like we've got the case to make and a country to fix. >> the bay area cong george has heart failure. and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great!
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the man charged with trying to use a stun gun on a walnut creek woman with intent to rape her two weeks ago appeared in court to plead not guilty. walnut creek police say matt owen caruso had a list of women he wanted to attack. san francisco public health officials are warning about possible measle exposure. they say there's a low risk to the public, but one person spent time in the city april 1st through 3rd while contagious. attorney general william barr testified on capitol hill about the doj budget, but that's not all.
4:30 pm
marci gonzalez had a look at what barr said today about the mueller report. >> reporter: the questions and criticism were almost immediate. >> i want to address a serious oversight matter. your unacceptable handling of special counsel robert mueller's report. >> attorney general william barr facing members of congress for the first time since special counsel robert mueller concluded his investigation into election meddling by marco rubio and collusion by the trump campaign. >> i believe the american people deserve to see the full report. >> reporter: barr telling them he will release a redacted version of the full report within a week. >> i do think it's important that the public have an tune to learn the opportunity of the results of special counsel's work. >> reporter: barr also addressing scrutiny over the four-page letter outlining his main conclusions from mueller's nearly 400-page report.
4:31 pm
>> all we have is your four-page rohr which seems to cherry pick in the most favorable posture for the president. >> i tried to use as much of the special lan galg as i could. >> there's no obstruction. it's done. >> the letter speaks for itself. >> and barr will be back here tomorrow and will answer more questions from congress next month after the full mueller report has been released. mar marci gonzalez, abc news. 58% of the more than 6,600 people surveyed say race relations are generally bad. 25% said former president barack obama made it worse. the white house says the president has repeatedly
4:32 pm
denounced racism, hatred, and bigotry. >> will run for president. >> u.s. representative eric swalwell announced he will run for president. >> i have seven years of service in congress. >> reporter: some political osh servers are scratching their head at the move, wondering why he would join a field of 17 other candidates especially with his lack of name recognition. >> i have an idea who he is, i'm sorry. >> reporter: anally bed ft. is in town from houston and recognizes the national name he represents but what aboutpeople he represents right here in castro valley? >> everybody knows everybody. that's the way it is. you conditional go never without
4:33 pm
running into somebody you know. >> but you don't know the congressman. >> no. no, i don't. we were just looking him up on going >> swalwell said if that's a problem he is facing, he can fix that and believes his ideas will win people over. >> it's early and i believe we have a case to make and a country to fix. >> the congressman is not at his office right now in the east bay, but he's coming home this weekend. he's planning a rally at 2:00 on sournd. a new plan could perm contintentally close san francisco juvenile haw and make way for youthful offenders. >> right now they have theable. just recently 77ch has been empty. >> according to san francisco, it cost $250,000 a year. that's similar to other cities across california. >> abc news reporter vic lee has
4:34 pm
a closer look at the plan. vic. >> well, the board of supervisors which is meeting right now here at city hall, those supervisors who support schuing down ju i have hall have yet to introduce their resolution, but they said they will do that sometime tonight. they say shutting down ju i have hall makes both economic and societal sense. some 200 people gathered to shut down the san francisco juvenile hall a 150-bed facility in diamond heights. they will come up with support for young offenders. as a young man, walton was incarcerated in a juvenile
4:35 pm
detention fa sill for armed robbery and other crimes. he says the changes in his life were all through mentorships. >> educational exposure, quality after school programs. it has never been because of time suspect in juvenile hall. >> reporter: among speakers today, youth activist madrigal spent time for robbery when he was 13. >> i was locked in my cell for one whole month straight. one whole month straight in the morning and at night. >> reporter: he said the incarceration made him angry and depressed. those who want it shut down says the population has dropped dramatically. they also point to the cost of incarceration. about $250,000 per young person. chief juvenile probation officer alan nans credits the drop in juvenile crime to progressive
4:36 pm
programs. his position? >> interest there opportunities for reform? absolutely. although i'd like to have them in place. >> the reverend is also against the shutdown. >> you have young people not reared by parents who need discipline, who need structure. they need a quality fa sill such as juvenile hall. >> reporter: one of the supervisors have six of 11 declared votes, and they need eight votes to override a mayor's vito, and mayor landon breed says she does not support the proposal as it stands, vic lee, a b bc7 news. >> vic, she doesn't support it, but does very have any counter proposals? >> she wants a blue ribbon full of prak tick neshs and experts
4:37 pm
to look at options, look at a the alternatives before sitting down a juvi hall. that is essentially per position. >> run down thosal ternives that they're talking about, if you could. >> well, the violent juvenileile offenders will still be locked up, but not at juvi hall. a possibility is to put them in dorm-based facilities with programs like schooling and mentorships but community-based small programs, not like juvi hall has with 150 beds with huge programs that residents say it does not do them any justice, that young people cannot thrive or learn in a locked up facility. >> individual approaches. vic lee, thank you.
4:38 pm
a popular baked pottery artist and how she got her start. >> my first teacher wanted me to
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
a berkeley artist is so good people can't wait to get their
4:41 pm
hands on her pottery. we have the story. >> reporter: look up the name ray dunn on instagram and you'll be flooded with pictures of white pottery with simple words. she's filled to the brim with mugs, canisters, and plates. if fans, the addiction is many wait outside anxious to get their hands on it. there's a calm inside this brightly lit studio in berkeley where ray spends her morning working and shaping art. >> i have a hard time expressing herself. when i found clay, i found my voice because i could communicate through that.
4:42 pm
>> reporter: the fresno state graduate moved to fresno for a job in industrial design. >> i was in golden state park riding my bike and i spotted this beautiful building that looked like a cass. >> two classes fit her schedule, clay and glass. >> naturally i flipped a coin to see which one i would take. it leaded on clay. >> women and men seemed to instantly connect to the hand maig look of her pieces, finger prints and all. >> when i first started pottery, my teamers were smooth those out. i was like, i don't want them to be perfect. i want it to look like somebody made it. >> they were as inherit in her work as the one-word messages. >> i'm so not a wordy person and i feel like my pottery really resembles me. >> the inches and letters have
4:43 pm
been smau and understated. >> these were the first things. >> until five years ago when she cree yeahed the popular long letter or ll. >> my fans will email me words that might be good. >> the word suggestions cofrom all over the world. her line is sold at t.j. maxx, home good in the u.s. as well as in canada. >> that's incredible. and rae dunn is currently collaborating on a stationary line and home and office furnitu furniture. >> she's doing well. i love her work, the fact that it's imperfect. speaking of whether, the weather is imperfect? i was prepared for that. >> it's perfectly windy. let's put it that way.
4:44 pm
here's a look at our wind advisory. especially coastal areas. we can create wind gusts from 25 to 5 miles an hour. it can be blown around. overnight lowed will be in thehe coast. high temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid-70s. as yu look ahead, this is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have sunny anded my and dry conditions through saturday. a cooldown will occur. temperatures will rebound quickly. the wind gusts we have now will finally taper off toward the end of the week and then we've got clouds coming in with a cooldown sunday and mon. there's your imperfect forecast. >> fabulous. thank you, spencer. >> well done. perfectly done. some new changes coming to
4:45 pm
your facebook feed. how they're helping to hide some of those bad memories. >> tired of a commute
4:46 pm
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facebook is announcing new policies if someone dies. it will use artificial intelligence to help find profiles of those who died so friends and relatives won't get reminders of birthdays of lost ones. they'll tighten rules on who can memorialize the facebook post. they'll allow tributes to write posts as well as share photos. artificial intelligence and voice control tech are just huge industries right now that include things like siri, alexa, even game apps, and drive time founder nick ovori is with us. tell us what your app does. >> that's right. it's basically a mobile app. it lets you play trivia while you drive. we have a fresh show.
4:49 pm
it's designed for the commute driver. many of us are stuck in traffic for extended periods of time. we thought instead of listening to is same old podcasts and shows, why not listen to that. >> a voice quizzes me and i answer? >> that's right. they're hosting a fun lively half hour show monday through friday for the commute driver. they ask questions. >> that's a lot of fun. it uses voice technology and artificial technology. there's concerning that type of technology. you're tapping in to it with your app. should i be worried that siri and alexa are not listening to me? >> absolutely not. >> absolutelynot. privacy-wise there is nothio
4:50 pm
worr about. we listen to you we don't do an your voice recording. >> what about as i said siri and alexa, we're looking at -- i think that's an alexa right now. what about that kind of technology, i can say in my house, alexia, play xyz in my house. should i be worried that somebody's listening? >> it's listening to the wake word but up to then it's not listening to or recording to. it will listen for the wake word. at that point it will make sense of that word. >> nik, that's true? it's not listening 24/7. it's listening to that wake word? >> i do not work at amazon or google, but that's my understanding of how it works. >> interesting. >> e believe amazon and google are recording what you're saying
4:51 pm
once you use the wake word so they can use it better to understand your needs. >> you're tapping into this technology for your quiz app. >> that's right. >> where do you see this technology going. >> that's a great question. we're very much at the beginning of a revolution, the voice first revolution. speech is the most natural way to communicate like we're doing right now. it's also the most natural way to communicate with technology. i see in five, ten, 15 years we're going to be doing much more with our voices with items around us than we are today talking to our cars, tvs. >> thermostats. >> exactly, exactly. >> i notice one of the financial services companies, they'll use voice recognition when i call in. >> exactly. imagine healthar whe doctorsith their nal use their
4:52 pm
anything but they can use their voices to control things. 's the future. the future is very open. >> you're excited about it. >> i'm extremely excited. >> niku vuori, thank yououou much for leing me have you here. >> thank you. innovation is a buzz word with companies and now you're hearing more about social responsibility. a conference called day one talked about diversity hiring, employee satisfaction as well as community involvement. they say communities need to adopt these values early. >> social responsibility isn't enough. you can't be, you know, polluting the water and then paying for schools. you have to have your values and ethics be every single part of what you're doing as a company. >> nbc kate larsen was part of
4:53 pm
the conference. she talked to an ever lane executive that lets them learn more about their factories. >> terrific. a bay area man making a difference for students. >> he goes above and beyond. >> the custodian whose people skills could make him number one in the nation. and kristen's here with what's coming up on abc7 newsed a 5:00. >> new at 5:00, there's a definite upside to aerial surveillance. >> hot spots in fire, looking for people. >> it's the downside that has some people concerned on the south side. and another apology from the dmv. and why 3 million may
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch -- there's a well known quote that says each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution thafrm pretty much describes a custodian. he's one of a top finalists in a nationwide custodian of the year contest.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: he's one of the first to arrive and one of the last. he insists he be called by his first name. >> mr. miguel. >> he goes above and beyond also to be nice to the students and very welcoming to all of us. >> he's funny and does jokes and is nice. >> reporter: as custodian his duties go beyond the hal ways, he's quick to give advice to anyone who wants or needs it. i tell them to go to class, respect your elders, respect your school. >> if you're part of a community, your actions matter, and so if you make a mistake or you have an action that is negative, it has impact. he helps kids understand that. >> students here have learned that any kinded of work can be done by all.
4:58 pm
>> i have cleaned outside on the yard and the cafeteria >> reporter: it was because of his contributions that the staff submitted his name. there were 4,000 nominations. right now there are ten finalists. mr. miguel is the only one from the san francisco bay air yachl the numbers will be determined by the votes submitted online. regardless of who wins, he said coming to san francisco from his native el salvador 35 years ago has given him opportunities he would never foresee. >> it's given me everything i want. >> and if he wins, he would get $5,000 and the school would get a $5,000 makeover.
4:59 pm
thank you for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 is start u now. it's inhumane. >> someone is picking off cats. >> in search for the serial shooter. another possible measles exposure, this time the health alert is in san francisco. >> facebook and google face congressional fury and then the hearing devolves into a clear determine station of the problem. >> this black cat is recovering after a nasty encounter. he was stalked by a man. there's ee ward to get this guy. good evening. >> these shootings have residents on edge. i have occurred in four differe different locations around
5:00 pm
oakland. >> nbc 7's the story. >> it's a picture of cats. rebecca katz who runs the oakland animal service wouldn't invite us back here if she didn't have a problem. one look at a cat -- >> we deal with cruelty more than i like. >> but percy's case and not far away a similar circumstance has animal services on high alert. both were shot by pellet guns and there have been others. it appears to be a pattern. four cats shot in five weeks, one of thome so badly it had to be euthanized. all they have in common, every cat was a male, every cat a stray. >> if it's an adult,


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