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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 10, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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now at 5:00, surging gas prices, a live look at one station in the east bay. what drivers all around the bay area can expect this morning. >> whoa. wait a second, is that for regular? $4.09? >> $4.09 for regular up to $4.29. yikes. >> good morning on this wednesday, april 10th. >> sticker shock indeed. at least the weather isn't that shocking, right, mike? no, it's okay if the temperatures go up a little bit. someone like me who has to fill his tank every five or six days with the premium unleaded that was nearly $4.30, i should get rid of my car. that's what i'm thinking.
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here is a look at the winds. they're still breezy in santa rosa, oakland, sfo, san carlos, winds will pick up again but won't be as aggressive as yesterday. a look at the flags on the ferry building are unfurled. 47 to 50. we are cooler. we'll be near 60 at the coast. mid-60s at noon to near 70 at 7:00. back to the mid-60s at 7:00. could you have lunch, dinner, and even dessert outside today. alexis? >> or just walk a whole bunch if you don't want to fill up your tank which is what i need to do today. looking at really our only blocking issue this morning and it's gone. we are looking at a quiet start westbound 80 in the fair field area. that situation is looking much, much better. we have a few places with
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overnight road work. right around north main street and we're filling in but overall is looking pretty good. >> thanks, alexis. we just got the preview of gas price as second ago. just wait until you see what it's like around the rest of the bay area today. >> yes, as we just showed you, $4 a gallon or higher in some places. say prices are continuing to surge in the bay area as well. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson live for us in fremont. jobina, wow, those prices. >> reporter: wow is the only word right now. it is so hard to look at this sign and not just because of the l.e.d. lights blaring off it. $4.09 for regular gas. consumers are likely already paying $4. one found a pump charging $4.15 a gallon for regular gas last night. the average gas price in san jose right now is $3.89. san francisco, it's $3.935 and
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in oakland it's $3.87. california gas prices have jumped up 22 cents in the past week and 53 cents in the last 30 days. a petroleum analyst says maintenance issues at four refineries are behind all of this. a refinery in benicia is in the group. it shut down two weeks ago when there was a malfunction that sent black smoke into the air. the refinery was hit with 12 violations over that. >> i haven't seen this since the exxon mobil plant exploded back in 2016. so we're seeing quite a run on supplies and that's really what's causing these prices to dial up. >> how much is it a gallon? >> reporter: it says $4.49 a gallon for regular. >> what? where is that at? >> reporter: i would have had that same reaction. i wish i could deliver better news now but analysts tell us
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they do not expect the prices to fall by the end of the month. reporting in fremont, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> oh, man, thank you. gas buddy revealing the best and the worst days of the week to fill up. so here are some tips. for california drivers the best time is monday morning on your way to work. the worst is sunday. drivers can save $20 to $30 a year by switching to mondays when stations tend to be less busy. interesting. >> in the east bay a concord daycare wants to find its stolen van. this surveillance video shows the moment thieves drove it away. it is the second time the van has been stolen. as reporter reports. >> reporter: moments late they are is video of the van being stolen and driven toward concord boulevard. >> it was parked right over
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here. >> reporter: feet from the daycare's front door the van was reported stolen monday morning. >> they're hurting the children. >> reporter: the facility and the children rely on the van for afterschool pickups and field trips. now going on day two with one van left the problems are already starting after school. >> we have to do it in shifts. i pick up a group. i have to leave a teacher there, bring them back and then go back and forth each time. >> the kids are concerned about their summer. they're concerned about how they're going to get from their schools over here for daycare. it makes parents nervous. >> i'm just more worried about safety and who is coming on to the grounds after hours and why this keeps happening. >> reporter: the same exact van was stolen last july and was found three weeks later in bay point. then more issues began. after the first theft, the gas siphoning started. it cost $160 per van per week to fill up and every week they'd be emptied. police believe the same people
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may be responsible for all of this. and this pair with the dog are considered persons of interest. in concord, lisa amin the license plate is on your screen. if you see it, call concord police. new this morning santa clara county is taking steps towards possibly changing its sanctuary law. supervisors have voted to explore ways to modify the county's immigration policy allowing federal authorities to be notified of undocumented inmates who have been convicted of specific crimes. this all follows the february murder of a san jose mother. the suspect is an undocumented immigrant. i.c.e. says it had asked santa clara county at least six times to detain him before he was arrested for murder. we have the results of the special election in alameda. voters have approved a plan to build a homeless and senior
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center. measure a narrowly passed with 53% of the votes. it calls for turning a government building on the former alameda naval air station into a new wellness center with 90 senior housing units and a homeless rehab facility. 56% of voters said no to measure b. that would have blocked the development. walk to work in san francisco today, save money on gas. also a chance to win tickets to see hamilton or giants or warriors game. >> city officials are trying to make the city more pedestrian friendly. today they're setting up five walk to work day hubs around the city. specific locations are on your screen. people can stop by between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m. for a free goody bag and free coffee. they can enter a raffle for free tickets to "hamilton" or a giants or warriors game. some incentive, mike. >> yeah, i like that. that and the sunshine and the comfortable conditions ought to make everybody head outside for a while. nice to open up the windows in the house yesterday and let some
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of the winter must out, some of the spring air in. 46 right now in san leandro, castro valley, 47 owe rrenda. 53 in alameda. the winds are creating micro climates this morning. we're in the mid to upper 50s in the east bay valleys. we're in the mid-50s. 44 napa, 50 in novato. also in san jose. a look at the golden gate bridge and if you're going to be out and about today strong sunshine, blustery at the coast. small craft advisory south of the bay bridge today. that's where our fastest winds will gust up to 40 miles an hour crossing those east/west bridges, too. be careful there. peninsula, 50s through 9:00. 60 at 11:00. mid-60s by 3:00. wall two wall sunshine. you will need the sunglasses in the east bay valley starting at 49. look at this, already 64 at 11:00 and 70s this afternoon and our last stop the south bay.
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starting at 49 at 7:00. mid to upper 60s for most of the afternoon hours. i'm sure we'll see some 70s if you're driving around, also. here is alexis. >> all right, good morning, mike. my sneeze count off the charts here. >> did you just start? >> just did. trying to pull it together. hoefully i can get through the traffic report without one. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now where we are starting to fill in through the fastrak lanes. i did just double-check, no metering lights yet. looks like the cash lanes are looking better. within the next five to ten minutes weep should have metering lights on. a high wind advisory for several bridges as well. highway 4 to the maze looking great, in the green at 18 minutes. once you get through the toll plaza another 11 minutes across the bay bridge into san francisco and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo you're still in the green at nine minutes. a look at some road work up next. thanks, alexis. families of parkland shooting victims are expected to file a
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lawsuit. it names the broward county school board and other agencies as the defendants. it's been more than a year since the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. 17 students and staff members died. another 17 were hurt. attorneys will release more information about that lawsuit at a news conference this morning at ft. lauderdale. east bay congressman and presidential candidate eric swalwell says we must stop gun violence. >> i think we can have a country where you keep your pistols, keep your rifles, keep up shotguns, but we're able to unite and take the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people. i think we can do that. >> and this was swalwell's first big event since announcing his presidential run on monday. l.a. is renaming an intersection in honor of rapper nipsey hussle. crenshaw boulevard at west
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slauson avenue will be renamed. the grammy nominated actor was shot and killed near the intersection. a public memorial for him will be held at the staples center tomorrow. next, the 7 things you need to know as you get your day started. also -- >> my braids maids have open-toed shoes and cute pink dresses. now it's going to be a blizzard. >> not the forecast you want for your wedding day. also, a new push to recall the fisher price rock and play. what an investigation reveals since tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair.
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5:14. if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, the department of public health is warning of a possible measles exposure in san francisco. the infected person rode caltrain into the city april 1st and visited a number of other places including the federal building. number two, get ready for $4 a gallon gas prices and higher. according to prices are surging around the area. prices have jumped up 22 cents in the past week. number three, the man suspected of being the golden state kill certificate due back in court today in sacramento for a hearing. james deangelo is accused of at least 13 murders and numerous sexual assaults dating back to
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the 1970s. number four, check out the simulation on your screen. space x will attempt to land two rocket side boosters at cape canaveral in florida. the launch will send a saudi arabia communications satellite into space. love seeing science in action there. we have a little bit above us. look at these temperatures. we are up today, down tomorrow, up again friday. i'll let you know if the week continues the warming trend or if we cool back down. number six, overall we have a really quiet start to the wednesday morning commute. so quiet,fact, i'm talking about road work that isn't even causing a backup. we do have various lanes scheduled to be closed until 6:00. you're in the green right now. number seven, stanley cup fever begins in san jose tonight. the sharks battle the las vegas golden knights in game one of their series. the puck drops at 7:30 at s.a.p. center. a grieving family wants
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fisher price's rock and play recalled and this morning a pediatrics group agrees. >> they are calling for the immediate recall of the sleeper citing a consumer report study linking the popular sleeper to 32 infant deaths. keenan and evan overton are warning other parents about the sleeper. their son died while sleeping in the product. >> i looked up and i found him in a standing position but facedown in the chair, his face was on the back of the seat, and he was already passed away. >> the child's mother says they have not filed suit, but they are negotiating with fisher price. they hope the chair is recalled. the cpsc recommends not using the sleeper when a child is older than 3 months or is able to roll over. airlines have completely stopped ordering boeing 737 max
5:17 am
jets. according to boeing only ten of the planes ordered in the first two months of the year. there were no orders last month. last year the airplane manufacturer saw 112 orders in the first quarter alone. but then last month the 737 max jet crashed killing everyone onboard. it was the second deadly crash involving a jet like this. after the lion air crash happened last october. boeing says it is developing a software fix. sunnyvale-based yahoo! could be paying $118 million to settle a lawsuit over massive data breaches. the proposal must be approved by a judge who rejected a different version of the settlement earlier this year. yahoo! suffered multiple data breaches from 2013 to 2016. verizon acquired yahoo! in 2016 and has boosted its security budget as well as enhanced training and policies. several states are under a blizzard warning this morning, and some airlines are already issuing travel waivers.
5:18 am
abc news reporter shows us the areas we could see snow. >> reporter: a potentially historic storm gathering steam this morning in parts of the country. colorado, south dakota, nebraska, and minnesota all under blizzard warnings starting at noon. >> we're going to see 6 to 18 inches of snow widespread, but that's not it. 55 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. >> reporter: parts of south dakota and minnesota are anticipating up to two and a half feet of snow. in the rockies a major temperature swing from record highs in the 80s tuesday to whiteout conditions. the april storm is taking many by surprise especially this minnesota bride set to get married saturday. >> my bridesmaids have open-toed shoes and cute pink dresses. now it's going to be a blizzard. >> reporter: and it's back to work once again for the plow truck drivers in the great lakes. >> we'll have them ready by the end of the day for first thing tomorrow. >> reporter: accuweather meteorologists say this storm may be second in strength to the
5:19 am
bomb cyclone that pummeled the same area last month. >> it's happened before t. doesn't happen often especially consecutively. >> reporter: delta, united, southwest and frontier are willing to reschedule passengers while jetblue is offering waivers. more than 100 flights have been canceled in denver alone. the storm will make its way to the northeast later this week. the lane and thunderstorms expected will likely have less of an impact. so you saw there you can get a travel waiver and you may certainly want to consider it if you're here in the bay area because it's been really nice weather here. boy, what a difference. >> they shouldn't cancel those flights. just divert them to us and let the people come out here and have good weather. it's a shame if you follow me on facebook you saw that the hundreds of thousands of cattle that were buried and perished by the last blizzard in places like nebraska and hopefully that won't happen again.
5:20 am
the storm doesn't look that impressive but it's just getting started so keep an eye out if you're going to be passing from denver, kansas city, st. louis northward the next three to four days. here is a look at walnut creek, one of those areas that could hit the mid-70s today as we have sunny and milder weather and breezes. a little less in speed than yesterday. clear tonight. breezy hills and beaches like we're dealing with now. the extended looks like the rain season is over. a look at our highs today. 69 in milpitas. 70 at santa cruz. 71 in san jose. 68 today in redwood city, menlo park, san mateo 67. low to mid-60s along the coast today. it will feel cooler than that with the breeze coming off that 50-degree ocean water. 65 in downtown south san francisco. sausalito, 66. 69 at sonoma to 70 at napa. 73 in santa rosa. we have 68 in berkeley today. 69 in oakland, san leandro, castro valley. check out the temperatures, 70
5:21 am
to 74 degrees. if you open the windows today, make sure you close them tonight. we'll be back in the 40s and redwood city, morgan hill, the north bay valleys. here is a look at my accuweather forecast. a dry cold front that will drop four to six degrees, keep us breezy tomorrow. the breezes return and bring warmth friday. saturday will be our calmest day. the breezes return and start another cooling trend. alexis? we're still looking great. i am on road work patrol this morning because we just don't have any crashes to talk about, so that is always some good news. northbound 680 past the benicia bridge another full closure scheduled for tonight from midnight until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and they have been wrapping this up on time and this will go each night through saturday. and take 780 for a short stretch. and then we have some road work
5:22 am
on state route 92. the eastbound direction lower skyline. one-way traffic control in effect. we did have some red and yellow on that eastbound side just a few moments ago. looks like that has started to thin out. the san mateo bridge, one of the bridges that has a high wind advisory this morning especially if you're in a high-profile vehicle, it could be tugging at your wheel this morning. take a look at drive times up next. thank you, alexis. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a baseball fan now filing a lawsuit. what she says the mascot did that left her with a permanent injury. also, a jeopardy contestant crushes an
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tell your doctor if you have a history depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may sp treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. this is a look at san jose. i picked this because san jose will be one of those areas along with napa and concord and surrounding neighborhoods that will hit 70 degrees today.
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highs are rebounding in most neighborhoods after being so much cooler yesterday. in fact, i want to stay down in the south bay and show you this because the golden knights of las vegas are in town to shake on the sharks. yep, it's playoff mode. grow your beard but it will be itchy when the temperatures hit 70. an astros fan is suing the team after she says the mascot broke her finger with a t-shirt cannon. >> jennifer says the mascot fired a t-shirt at her during a game in july, and it hit her left index finger. >> first i was like, oh, gosh, that really hurt. but it was a t-shirt. surely it didn't do anything. i'm sure it's jammed. >> she says the pain did not subside. she needed two surgeries costing more than $15,000. doctors told her she will never get full use of her finger again. >> it was an unfortunate incident, and we were just asking for some compensation for
5:26 am
medical bills. >> her lawyer says the astros refuse to help leaving her with no option but to sue. the astros say it doesn't agree with the allegations and will continue to use t-shirt cannons during the games. this morning kobe bryant talking about his new fantasy sports book series for young adul adults. >> he sat down to talk about the -- i can't say this. >> you wanted to help young people to process their emotions, their fears. >> right. if you can wrap it around something they are passionate about, be it basketball or volleyball or soccer, right, and you teach life lessons through the sport, then you have something that's more powerful and that's what i tried to do with the series. >> oh, all right. it seems like a crowded space. kobe's new book has found its
5:27 am
way on to the new york bestseller's list. you can see more with the basketball legend coming up at 7:00 on "gma." we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. more than a dozen parents, the new charges that could mean more prison time. >> and two bay area teams are prepping for the playoffs. the rally for the san jose
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100% natural looking color. that lasts 8 weeks. gentle on your hair and scalp. with conditioning in every step. new nice'n easy cream. now nicer, and easier. now at 5:30, measles alert. the possible exposure at a bunch of places around san francisco. also, playoff mode. the sharks are going up against the golden knights tonight. we'll tell you about the free rally for fans. and it's something we've never seen on "jeopardy" before. the new record and special
5:30 am
meaning behind the winner's wager. good morning. it's wednesday, april 10th. thanks for joining us. >> and you are never more than seven minutes away from a very nice accuweather forecast. >> everybody seems to be a little bit nicer to me lately. why is that? i don't know. put your umbrellas away. we don't need them. rain season i think is over. we've closed the book on that chapter. a look at live doppler 7 and it is dry this morning. a look from sutro tower and we'll go several more days without any fog because of the breezy conditions that are out there even during the overnight hours. 46 to 50. cooler this morning. we'll stay in the upper 50s at the coast most of the day. we'll hit the mid-60s around our bay and inland at noon. near 70 at 4:00. back to the mid-60s, still gorgeous at 7:00. alexis? and the commute still looking great this morning as well. we do have the official word about the bay bridge metering lights. they are on as of 5:22 this morning. things have filled in.
5:31 am
you'll have that usual backup into the maze. overall our drive times looking good this morning. westbound 580 tracy into dublin. you're in the yellow. that's coming in at 43 minutes. 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the green at about 16 and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino also in the green should take you about 16 minutes. we'll talk about mass transit next. developing news, another public health alert concerning measles. this time it's in san francisco. a person with the illness visited several places in the city and also used public transit. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the fourth and king caltrain station with more on the concern. amy? >> reporter: jessica, this was the entry point for the person into san francisco, the caltrain station. then this person went to several different locations in san francisco. we have those locations for you so you can retrace your steps. take a look at this map this is all the places that the person who had measles visited. we're talking about a window of
5:32 am
time last week, last monday, tuesday, and wednesday. this person visited the federal building, the bake works on golden gate avenue and a couple other places. they're all safe now. we are talking about just that window of time last week. >> it is airborne and can stay in the air up to an hour after somebody with measles inforwas that space. >> reporter: this person used muni riding along the 49 and 47 lines. symptoms can surface 8 to 12 days after being exposed. the measles bring on a rash, high fever, runny nose and a cough. no other cases have been reported. this patient is recovering at home in santa clara county. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. this is the fifth confirmed case of measles in the bay area so
5:33 am
far this year. last month an international tourist with measles visited more than half a dozen cities in the south bay. the person ate at restaurants, went into several stores between march 16th and march 22nd. the cdc reports the number of cases. new york is dealing with its worst outbreak since 1991. the city has declared a public health emergency and ordered mandatory vaccinations. anyone who refuses faces a $1,000 fine. right now if you go to you can watch this video. it shows how measles spreads and gives you treatment options. in today's "gma first look" lori loughlin and her husband face more potential prison time in connection with the college admissions scandal and comes after prosecutors announce charges. >> reporter: in this morning's
5:34 am
"gma first look" more legal trouble for lori loughlin and her husband, among 16 parents facing an additional criminal charge. already charged with mail fraud they're accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering. prosecutors say the former "full house" star and her fashion designer husband shelled out half a million dollars in bribes to help get their daughters into usc. this new charge comes just one day after actress felicity huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty. "the desperate housewives" star stone-faced as she left court in boston. this in stark contrast to loughlin smiling before her own court appearance. and coming up at 7:00 p.m., we'll hear from sunny hoskins about what type of jail time they might face. abc news, new york. the man accused of having a
5:35 am
list of women he wanted to rape appeared before a judge and pleaded not guilty to three charges including child porn as well as attempted kidnapping and assault. caruso is accused of attacking a woman march 26th outside her walnut creek apartment building. prosecutors say caruso kept detailed notes on where other potential victims worked and lived. >> we feel like due to the threat of public safety and the fact there are multiple potential victims involved we want to protect the public and those jane does. that's why we're going to be asking for no bail. >> investigators are trying to determine if there are more victims. his attorney declined to comment on the case. happening today the man suspected of being the golden state killer is due back in court for a hearing. 73-year-old joseph james deangelo accused of at least 13 murders and numerous sexual assaults dating back to the 1970s. he was arrested one year ago after investigators used dna evidence to link him to a crime
5:36 am
scene. in december a sacramento judge ruled that deangelo could not afford to pay for a defense attorney, and he would continue to be represented by a public defender. attorney general william barr will be back on capitol hill today for day two of testimony. he's expected to talk about the department of justice's budget. senators are more interested in special counsel robert mueller's report on the russia investigation. barr told members of the house yesterday he plans to release a redacted version of the report within a week. the nearly 400 page report looked into potential ties between russia and the trump campaign. israel's benjamin netanyahu appears to be heading to his fifth term as prime minister. more than 97% of votes from the latest election have been counted and his right-wing party appears to have secured a majority in parliament. menlo park is putting the brakes on red light cameras. >> they voted to end the contract with the company that supplies the devices. red light tickets generated $1.4 million in fines last year, but
5:37 am
the city only got $24,000. most of the money went to the state, the county, the camera operator as well. councilmembers were also concerned the number of crashes in intersections with the cameras has actually increased. it's unclear if the city will try to find another camera operator. all right. if you're a big hockey fan, how big are you? do you grow a beard? do you go to the rallies? that's what will happen today before the sharks game against las vegas golden knights. 4:00, 68. 5:00 the rally starts, 58. they drop the puck. here is a look at the peninsula where we have 48 in daly city. redwood city, 47. everybody else 50 to 52 degrees. fremont, san jose, san ramone, concord, 55 in antioch, napa,
5:38 am
44. and about 51 in san francisco. getting kind of busy on our san mateo bridge camera there. if you're driving it will be breezy on this bridge and the dumbarton bridge. public transit cool this morning but comfortable this afternoon. 70 with total sunshine this afternoon. the east bay we start at 50, hit the 60s by 1:00, near 70 around 3:00 and 5:00. san francisco will be really nice. low to mid-60s this afternoon. almost picture perfect weather. if it just wasn't so breezy and it won't be quite as breezy as yesterday. we are looking at a quiet stretch today. >> i love hearing that. >> hopefully we can hold on to that longer. eastbound in the richmond area
5:39 am
and chp still sorting out the location. between san pablo avenue. i believe it's just before you get to san pablo dam road and sorting out the details. it may have started as a solo vehicle collision and now at least two vehicles involved. i believe we have one lane blocked. we have some injuries as well. one of those that we're still working on getting the details in from chp. 32 b.a.r.t. trains in service, no delays. ace 1 and 3 out of the central valley on time. no issues for capital corridor. normal service, no delays. thanks, alexis. as mike mentioned san jose shark fans are getting into playoff mode. >> the sharks will open the first round of the stanley cup playoffs against the las vegas golden knights. prior to the game the sharks will host a free street rally from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. outside the s.a.p. center on autumn street. the puck drops at 7:30. tickets are still available on
5:40 am
the sharks website, the least expensive tickets cost $55. now let's talk about the nba playoffs almost here and oracle arena is getting ready. braving the winds to hang the banners yesterday. you could see only half after huge banner was up on the outside windows. outside boogie cousins was staring down the competition. by the time we left the whole warrior mantra was up on the arena for everyone to see. strength in numbers. >> they are auctioning off sunday's we believe throwback jerseys. they surprised dub nation with the uniforms during the last regular season in oracle. the jersey represents an era that marks the return to the postseason. that was in 2007. coming up, will you need to make another trip to the dmv? the problem with some of the new
5:41 am
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5:44 am
comfortable degrees this afternoon. still a little breezy in the mountains around los angeles today, so be careful if you're driving through there. notice the high desert. we're doing okay. the winds aren't as aggressive. we'll have 85 in palm springs. low to upper 70s from san diego to los angeles, low to mid-70s through the central valley. that looks more like spring, doesn't it? we have winter weather holding on in the sierra. for today we're going to have sunshine, but look at this, a lot of snow coming tomorrow and temperatures near 60 by saturday. thank you, mike. south san francisco police are looking for three suspects in a home invasion robbery. investigators say they kicked in the door of a home yesterday morning and once inside demanded money then stole jewelry and other personal property. a 52-year-old resident was not injured. officers say the suspects drove away in an unknown vehicle. in the south bay city
5:45 am
leaders say there's nothing they can do to stop a chick-fil-a from opening despite protests from some in the lgbtq community. airport officials said the restaurant is set to open in about a month under an approved contract. the city council did take some action. they voted to hold off on extending the contract for chick-fil-a. the council voted to place rainbow flags at the airport. chick-fil-a has been accused of anti-lgbt behavior for years. if you just received your california real i.d., listen. it may not comply with federal rulesnd that could also mean another trip to the dmv. the federal government says california did not stick to home lan security guidelines when it developed its real i.d. program and people would have to submit more proof where they live. some people may have to go back to a dmv office.
5:46 am
building a better bay area can often mean returning to your roots. >> todd kennedy sells rare fruits in morgan hill. he says he has 880 elusive stone fruit trees and each tree is of a different variety. when state ag experiment stations were being shut down in the '80s, kennedy collected several varieties for safekeeping. once funding returned to federal repositories representatives turned to kennedy for plant material to grow and preserve new trees. >> they don't have to travel across the united states or don't have to travel back in time even. you don't have to be here because we've kept these varieties alive. they're still here. >> the fruits of his labor are available online or in person in morgan hill.
5:47 am
share them by joining our group on facebook. a professional sports gambler from las vegas just won big on jeopardy. the 34-year-old set a record after winning more than $110,000 in one day. >> and how much did you risk? $38,314. a new one day record. >> that's when my daughter was born. >> $110,914. >> 11914, his daughter's birthday. you can watch jeopardy on abc 7 every week night. i'm having trouble with numbers today. >> i like that he wrote happy birthday. >> that's cute. >> his lucky numbers. >> very nice. >> a down payment on a house in
5:48 am
some other city, though. he's had a good run. here is a look at san rafael. there's no fog right now. enjoy the commute, it's only a matter of time before it comes back as we start to transition from the rainy season back to the dry season and the summer fog season. breezy and milder today. a dry pattern into next week. they said there's no real strong storm the next two weeks. 69 in milpitas. everybody else in the low to mid-70s down in the south bay. the breeze will be coming off the bay just a little bit more towards you than elsewhere. you can see the winds coming off the bay will hold the peninsula into the mid to upper 60s. blustery in our coast with 61 to 63 degrees.
5:49 am
65 to 66 degrees. as you travel into the depths of some of the valleys, 70 at napa to santa rosa. the warm temperatures and 70s, the cooler temperatures inland. tonight how about mid to upper 40s in our deepest valleys. and a dry cold front in the 50s and 60s. saturday will be warmer than average. another cooling trend with a few more clouds. a few more details on the crash in the richmond area. it's on the eastbound side of 80. we do have a collision involving between one and two vehicles. they are running a break through that area right now and we do
5:50 am
have the left lane blocked. i'm actually seeing a little backup on the westbound side, maybe folks are slowing down to take a look at that. not much of a backup on the eastbound side. bay bridge metering lights on, 5:22. of course car-pool lanes cruising through without any issues. a typical wait for cash and fastrak users. a couple of our busy spots in the yellow. 580 tracy to dublin, 50 minutes. the yellow at 29 and no delays southbound 101. that's coming in at 17 minutes. a big day for samsung introducing its galaxy smartphone. one of its features a pop-up self-y camera. several other devices are expected to be unveiled. a company with a birth control break through, one that works for women and men. how some students are
5:51 am
avoiding the typical student loan. >> a live look outside at
5:52 am
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
5:53 am
all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. the gusty winds created some problems yesterday in the bay area. this is video of a tree that took a pole down along with it. winds gusting 35 miles per hour at the time, thankfully no one was hurt winds will be calmer
5:54 am
than yesterday. as we head deeper into the forecast you can see the winds will pick up this afternoon and this evening getting up around 25 to 30 miles an hour. they'll calm down in our valleys overnight but again tomorrow they're going to pick up even faster because of that dry cold front. breezy in the giants game, enjoy that sunshine. about 63 at 3:45. watch out for the tree pollen and the uv index both high today. back to the richmond area where we have a sig alert on eastbound 80. they've changed the location once again just a bit. they're saying right at solano avenue blocking one lane. it looks like we have onlooker delay as well. that is really our own blocking issue.
5:55 am
you can see that sign shaking around the san mateo bay bridge. thank you, alexis. voters in the north bay are gearing up for a protest on friday. they say the marina closed its dinghy dock and boaters say the move is illegal because the dock provides public access. the boaters say the marina will let some dinghies dock if they pay a fee. we've reached out for comment and are waiting to hear back. a new option for college students looking to avoid government loans to finance their education. >> more schools are now offering income sharing agreements also known as isas. students become the stock for investors. the investors give them money interest free. in return students promise to pay a percentage of their
5:56 am
earnings after graduation for a fixed period of time. the amount graduates pay per month is scaled to their income. purdue university in indiana started offering isas in 2016. >> shifts the risk from the student to the investor, so if things go very poorly, it's the investor on the hook and not the student. the reverse of what happens in a debt or loan situation. coming up, a financial expert who is my friend, weighs the pros and cons of students signing up for isas. "gma" starts at 7:00. it's funny when you see someone that you know pop up. >> what an interesting concept. >> it's as it nating. yesterday eric swalwell says he still owes $100,000 in student loans and it's been a few years. new at 6:00, two bay area cities just named among the best places to live in the entire country. fisher price release as
5:57 am
warning about rock and plays, but doctors say it's not enough. the increasing concern this morning. >> reporter: i'm jobina fortson. i'll show you the staggering gas prices in the bay area. a live look outside if you are getting ready to
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. it is wednesday, april 10th. thanks for joining us. right now at 6:00 a.m., sticker shock. gas prices across the bay area are spiking. some already seeing $4 per gallon. how long it could last. also, thieves drive off with an east bay daycare center's van, and that isn't the only thing that's gone missing. brand-new at 6:00, we know the bay area is a great place to live. now two local cities have been ranked as the best in the
6:00 am
nation. first, mike says it's going to be sunnier and warmer today. i'm not complaining, mike. bring it on. >> i like that. spring is back. that is the truth. it is breezy out there but that chased away by any chance of rain or fog or clouds for that matt matter. i just checked the winds. they will be out there again. once the sun comes up, not quite as aggressive. notice we stay near 60. mid-60s, bay and inland at noon to upper 60s at 4:00. picture perfect weather if it wasn't for the breezes and pollen. alexis? >> little? >> i tried to play it down. taking a look at the roads this morning one issue that is significant. eastbound


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