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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 10, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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nope. >> no. anyone askingth >> i don't think so. >> i was satisfied with they met some time in the summer and again in high school. ♪ tel good morning, america. millions on alert for severe weather right now. the central u.s. bracing for a spring blizzard. 13 states about to be hit by snow and whiteout conditions. the major system on the move already wreaking havoc out west, forcing these water rescues. winds whipping up this dust storm, knocking out power across parts of california and shutting down a big concert overnight. also right now, another homeland security shakeup as president trump doubles down on the border battle and faces the democratic deadline for release of his tax returns. terrifying close call. an 18-wheeler caught on camera plowing through cars and slamming into a daycare. how all those children escaped uninjured.
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a new warning about one of the most popular baby rockers after reports of more than 30 deaths. doctors now demanding a recall. new trouble for lori loughlin. the actress and 15 other parents slapped with new charges in that college admissions scandal. they could face decades behind bars, and a look this morning at what life in prison could be like for those convicted. ♪ all night long and the party going all night long for retiring nba star dwyane wade, getting one last dance at home. the tributes and the triumph. and good morning, america. what a great final home game for dwyane wade. >> finally retiring after all these years, and a lot of fans there cheered him on of cour including chrissy teigen and john legend who were sitting courtside. they're really good friends, and they had a crazy close call --
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>> look at john's face. >> the action spilled on. >> that's right. >> from on the court to off the court. >> great seats right next to dwyane wade's wife, gabrielle union. >> trip a referee. >> we'll have more on that ahead. first we begin with that blizzard that is set to blast the middle of the country. millions bracing for what could be a record-setting snowstorm as the west faces flooding, strong winds overnight. ginger of course, tracking all the latest for us. good morning, ginger. >> robin, good morning. high winds cancelled those concerts in southern california and you saw whiteouts already in montana. there are wind alerts all the way from new mexico to those blizzard warnings in nebraska south dakota and minnesota. that is where the heart of the storm is going to hit. >> reporter: for days the west coast blasted with devastating high winds and rising waters. overnight, winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour in california, toppling trees and power lines. fire crews responding to 100
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calls in fresno in just 90 minutes. this 50-foot tree, ripped from the ground, sent crashing into this baldwin park home in los angeles county. the westbound freeway near crenshaw backed up for hours after a tree fell onto the road. power poles plucked out of the grounds, knocking out power for thousands. the wind kicking up this dust storm on the california/nevada state line. the dust so thick, it set off fire alarms. the stormy pattern flooding parts of washington state too, triggering high water rescues. firefighters escorting this man to dry land in pullman, clutching the front of a bulldozer. and this video just released, a vehicle crushed by a power pole, pinned under live wires over the weekend. and i want to remind you the area covered in red does not just mean you could get a foot or a foot and a half of snow. that's not what blizzard means. blizzard means that you have wind and we're talking gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. let me take you through the timing. the low pressure system really
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the rain/snow line mix, and that's where you'll end up with the highest totals. somewhere between central and northern nebraska into much of south dakota and far western minnite uglyllve the boarthe. michael? >> definitely not springtime weather, ginger. airlines are already issuing travel waivers ahead of the blizzard for the planes in the midwest. minneapolis could get buried by snow and that's where alex perez is right now. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we're talking about the two things that people in this area never want to hear together, snow and april. check it out, i'm standing on top of a salt pile, one of many in the area, and all of this is going to be very, very important in the next several hours. minneapolis still moving smoothly right now, but all of that is going to change. some areas could see as much as 1 to 2 inches of snow an hour, and here is the bad news. the effects of this storm, well, they're going to linger probably for the rest of the week.
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george? >> okay, alex, thanks very much. to the white house now where president trump is cleaning house at the homeland security department, lashing out at president obama as he pushes for tough new measures to deal with the migrant crisis at the border. our chief white house correspondent jon karl put some tough questions to the president in the oval office. jon, let's start with those new moves at homeland security. >> reporter: george, we have the secretary out, the acting deputy secretary out, also the departure of his choice to head the immigrations and customs enforcement agency. i'm told to expect more departures in the coming days. what's behind all of this is the white house and the president specifically does not believe that the department of homeland security leadership has been aggressive enough in enacting his policies to control the border. so this is really about the border policy and expect with these changes the white house to try to push through some charges -- some changes, specifically to make it a lot harder for people to declare asylum when they cross the border illegally.
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>> jon, one of those policies had been the family separation policy. you put some tough questions -- many tough questions to the president about that yesterday in the oval office. let's look. >> you wouldn't start separating the children again, would you, mr. president? >> obama separated the children by the way. >> would you consider doing it again? >> just so you understand, i'm the one that stopped it. president obama had child separation. now, i'll tell you something, once you don't have it, that's why you see many more people coming. they're coming like it's a picnic because let's go to disneyland. >> jon, it's not true that president obama started that separation policy, and it's unclear exactly what the president wants to do right now. >> reporter: he seems to be debating himself. he is saying that he is not going to bring back child separation, but he's also saying that that has negative consequences. the bottom line, he wants to make it a lot tougher to come into this country illegally. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. also in washington, attorney general william barr faces more questions about the mueller ckis for the release of president
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trump's tax returns. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is tracking it all. mary, the at mueller report within days, but democrats unlikely to be satisfied with what he releases. >> reporter: yeah, george. the attorney general says the report will be released within a week, but it will not be the full report. there will be some redactions. now, bill barr is promising to be as transparent as possible, including even saying he's going to color code those redactions so the public can see why certain information is being withheld, but that is not going to cut it for democrats that i've talked to up here. they are still demanding the full report and the underlying evidence. now, bill barr will be back up here for round two today and he is expected to be grilled once again on his handling of this report, on how he came to his conclusions and any communications he's had with the white house. >> he wouldn't answer that question yesterday. it seems like he may have briefed the white house on the full report. meantime, the treasury secretary steve mnuchin also on capitol hill yesterday getting tough questions about the president's tax returns. >> reporter: and the treasury secretary says he's reviewing this request and that the administration will follow the
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law, but george, he notably did not give a clear answer on whether or not they're going to actually comply with this request. the president insisted that he can't turn over his tax returns while he's under ongoing audit but his chief of staff said the democrats are never going to get their hands on his tax returns. today is the dats have set. it seems like the deadline is going to come and go without any action on this issue, george. it does seem that this fight could be headed towards the court. >> he could also face questions, mary, today about whether he coordinated with the white house on this issue which some democrats believe is against the law. >> reporter: yeah, he did mention yesterday that there may have been some communication between the two groups. it is something that i'm sure democrats are going to continue to demand answers on. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. michael? george, a look at that terrifying close call caught on camera. an 18-wheeler in alabama losing control, plowing through cars and slamming into a daycare center. thankfully, all the children inside were uninjured. a few adults did suffer minor
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injuries, but all are expected to recover. robin? >> good to hear that they're expected to recover. now to the mystery that is surrounding that american woman that was held hostage in uganda. kimberly sue endicott has been released, but the big question is where is she? ian pannell is in uganda with the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. a senior ugandan police commander telling abc news this morning that they now have ten suspects in custody in connection with that kidnapping, although they're not saying whether any of those suspects are the actual kidnappers. the investigation is likely to go on for days as questions about the american tourist still go unanswered. american tourist kimberly sue endicott was taken to the u.s. embassy here in kampala, but overnight ugandan officials say they won't comment on her whereabouts further so she can recover from what they call, her trauma. no comment from the u.s. embassy either. masked gunman ambushed and kidnapped her and her guide last week. they were on safari in queen
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elizabeth park. two elderly canadians left behind, then contacted the authorities. the kidnappers demanding $500,000 to release kimberly sue. local officials negotiating with them for days, eventually securing her release. abc news learning a ransom was paid but ugandan officials remaining firm they didn't pay it. more people arrested overnight, now more than ten in custody, all in connection to the kidnapping. all were picked up in the kanungu district of western uganda. police say they're scouring for more suspects in at least four districts and across the border in the democratic republic of congo. police saying early on they had to take, quote, a calculated and tactical approach in rescuing endicott and her guide. >> where, even after establishing the exact hideout of the captors and the victims, we couldn't make a raid because of the impact it could actually have on the lives of victims.
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>> reporter: this morning their investigation is progressing unhindered. overnight, the state department issuing a new warning about countries said to be a kidnap risk. uganda put on that list. but officials here are going to bun happy. they insist this incident was unprecedented and uganda is s f safe. robin? >> all right, ian, thank you. we're going to stay overseas to the israeli elections where it appears prime minister benjamin netanyahu could win an historic fifth term in office. the results too close to officially call right now but both he and former military chief benny gantz are in a dead heat. both men claiming victory but netanyahu appears ahead with 97% of the vote count. now, if he wins, he's a close ally of president trump, he would become the nation's longest serving prime minister. michael? >> thank you, robin. now to new developments in that massive measles outbreak, 465 cases have been confirmed in 19 states. now officials are declaring a public health emergency in new
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york city. promising serious consequences if you aren't vaccinated. erielle reshef is here with the latest. good morning to you, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. this outbreak is so alarming to officials here in new york that in some areas they're mandating the vaccine and if people don't comply, they could face fines up to $1,000. health officials now checking vaccination records. it's not just here in new york that people are concerned about this. take a look. there are hot spots popping up all over the country. we know in washington state, they have also declared an emergency and are handing out free vaccines and unvaccinated students in some areas of michigan have been told to stay home. >> and it's highly contagious and can spread easily. >> reporter: it absolutely can. 90% of people who aren't vaccinated are susceptible to contracting this disease. if you're around it and you aren't vaccinated, you can get it. this is also concerning. say i'm infected with this virus and i stand in this studio, if i leave, two hours later that virus is still lingering here in the studio. anyone that's unvaccinated is at risk.
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>> wow. who's the most vulnerable? >> reporter: well, of course, babies and young children who are too young the get vaccinated. you have the elderly and people with weakened immune systems, and also pregnant women even if they receive this vaccine could be susceptible to complications. >> thank you so much. george? >> guys, thanks. we turn now to a new warning for new parents. "consumer reports" says that the fisher price rock 'n play sleeper has been tied to the deaths of up to 32 babies and the american academy of peetd y-- pediatrics is recommending a recall. diane macedo is here with more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: george, good morning. the aap is urging all parents to stop using the fisher price rock 'n play sleeper immediately. they say it's a deadly product and are also calling for stores to pull it from their shelves. this follows last week's warning from fisher-price and the consumer product safety commission to stop using the product when infants turn three months old or start to show rollover capabilities. but "consumer reports" now says those 32 deaths cited include babies younger than three months and go beyond the risk of
7:14 am
rollover. fisher price tells "consumer reports" it doesn't believe the product has caused any deaths, citing the many situations where a medical or health condition was identified as the cause of death and/or those in which the product was clearly used in a manner contrary to the safety warnings and instructions. the aap says infants should always sleep on their back on a separate, flat, firm surface without any bumpers or bedding. we also reached out to fisher price directly. they say they stand by the safety of the product. >> all right, diane, thank you. now to a superstar sendoff for basketball royalty. dwyane wade played his last home game for the miami heat last night before retiring. the team, fans, people he's inspired were all there celebrating everything this man has accomplished. t.j. holmes is here with that. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. of course, nba champion, future hall of famer. but did you know he sent the woman named tamar johnson to college, first in her family to ever go to college. she couldn't afford do so. did you know that in 2010 when a family's house burned down ten
7:15 am
days before christmas he sent them on a shopping spree? did you know he dedicated last season to a parkland victim? so much of his farewell tour has been about his impact off the court, but last night was for the folks in miami to see him on the court one last time. miami heat legend dwyane wade took the court in what's expected to be his last game ever on his home court in miami. and the 37-year-old turned back the clock, dropping 30 in the heat win. >> i'm sitting here the most thankful person in this state. >> reporter: his home arena was littered with legacy shirts and banners all paying homage to the 13-time all star who led the heat franchise to its only three nba championships. one of those alongside shaquille o'neal and two more titles with his buddy, lebron, finishing as the team's all-time leader in points, assists and steals. the heat honored the superstar pre-game with an emotional tribute video featuring highlights from his storied career. the star-studded tributes included surprise shout-outs from president barack obama.
7:16 am
>> congratulations on a great run. >> reporter: -- and derek jeter. >> i wish you nothing but the best. >> reporter: capped off by a special pre-game introduction voiced by his son zaire. >> my dad, dwyane. >> reporter: the grand finale was a full family affair. wade's mother and father were on hand with wife gabrielle union and their baby daughter kaavia seated court side. >> you like that, huh? >> couldn't have started any better. as if it were scripted. >> reporter: his nba counterparts also paid their respects on the retirement tour, swapping jerseys at the end of games. wade invited his whole team to exchange after this win. with the help of budweiser wade exchanged jerseys with those he's inspired and uplifted over his storied career, including s n mother, pastor jolinda wade. >> you are bigger than basketball. >> reporter: at the end, the heat legend addressed the home crowd one last time. >> wade county, i love you. >> perfect night but i'm sorry,
7:17 am
if anything did go wrong last night -- just give me a minute. stay with me, robin. he has this iconic thing he does where he jumps up on the scorer's table and gets the crowd hyped. he was going to do that one last time. look what happened. he jumps once, didn't make it. he tries a second time and -- >> he is retired now so i mean, that happens. >> he made a joke of it but it took him three tries. those are 37-year-old legs now, robin. >> i'm glad you mentioned all that he has accomplished off the court as well. >> that's what it's about. >> another great player, last home game as well, dirk. >> he changed the game. it's hard to put this into words. dirk nowitzki revolutionized -- he's the first big guy -- you see big guys shooting threes. he was the guy. we didn't know what to do with him when he first came to the league. 21 years with the same team. the tributes there last night. he scored 30 last night. d. wade scored 30 last night. not a lot of defense last night.
7:18 am
>> the last game. >> thank you, t.j. also this morning, the latest on new trouble for actress lori loughlin. she and 15 other parents hit with new charges in the college admissions scandal. the big question, will they face decades behind bars. and the playboy model accused of murder. we have that coming up ahead, but first, ginger. as fun as it is to say april blizzard, and we all kind of react, like, ugh. the severe storms on the front end of that snowstorm today could bring you hail right here in kansas, parts of missouri and nebraska. watch out for that and also damaging winds possible. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the hot cities sponsored by amazon.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. total sunshine, a little breezy. not as much as yesterday and a little warmer today. but we'll have a temperatures seesaw. upper 70s around the bay and low 7! 70s inland. we sure hope that you're -- >> h. we'll be back. k. start. we'll be back. 's best plant scientists comes miracle-gro performance organics. it's miracle-gro's next big thing. ♪ ♪ organic plant food and soil that finally work.
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hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a measles warning in san francisco. public health officials say an infected person may have exposed others to the virus while visiting the city last week monday through wednesday. the person took public transit and visited the federal building in hayes valley bake works on golden avenue. measles stays as a virus in the air up to an hour after a person was there. symptoms can come up to 12 days after exposure. let's take a look at the roads. we have our typical backup approaching the west side of the san rafael bridge here. about a 27-minute delay and that is all due to that emergency roadwork and that big bump that
7:24 am
you have to drive over once you get onto the bridge. south on 880 to san jose, bouncing back from a crash on
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(dad) this i(mom)eam cake needs a freezefreezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. >> you can see the breezes are already out there. they'll get a little stronger on the south bay bridge as we get into the early evening hours. growing that beard already? we have a pre-game rally. it will start at 8:00, so make sure you have a coat for the sharks game. cooler on monday but not much rain. >> that is looking like a nice
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forecast, mike. thanks. lori lou
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get with dsses frorcent off all now, at old navy. ♪ a whole new world ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is the cast of "lion king" and "aladdin" joining forces for an incredible broadway mash-up here in 2016. well, now some exciting news. they are going to top it. this friday, we are upping the ante by adding "frozen" and more, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime mash-up as we celebrate 25 years of disney on broadway. you'll only see it right here. >> that's going to be cool. >> that is going to be cool. following a lot of top headlines right now. millions across the central u.s. bracing for a spring blizzard set to move in tonight. 13 states will be hit by snow and whiteout conditions. and the clock is ticking on the deadline set by democrats to release president trump's tax returns. they want them by the end of the day today.
7:31 am
and some big news overnight stpingown as the lakers' team president. the nba legend made the surprise announcement at a press conference. he told reporters he wants to return to the life he had before entering management. >> a surprise. but we have that new trouble for actress lori loughlin facing new charges in the college admissions cheating case that could land her and her husband behind bars for a significant period of time. linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. . >> reporter: good morning, robin. the 13 parents who pled guilty on monday prior to the grand jury indictment yesterday were spared this new criminal charge, but for 16 parents who had not given their intention to plead guilty including actress lori loughlin, the potential prison time they face if convicted just doubled. this morning, more legal trouble for actress lori loughlin and her husband. they're among 16 parents now facing an additional criminal charge in the college admissions scandal. already charged with mail fraud, they're now also accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering.
7:32 am
prosecutors say the former "full house" star and her fashion designer husband shelled out $5 their daughters, including youtube star olivia jade, into usc. >> this is olivia jade. >> reporter: this new charge comes one day after actress felicity huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud conspiracy. >> do you plan to fight this? >> reporter: the "desperate housewives" star stone-faced as she left federal court last week in boston. this in stark contrast to loughlin smiling before her own court appearance and signing autographs after arriving in boston. >> lori, felicity accepted a plea deal. will you be doing the same? >> reporter: in this new video yesterday, loughlin appears more subdued. if convicted, she and her husband could face up to 20 years in prison for each charge at a cell like this one in a minimum security prison like this in west virginia, the same place where martha stewart was locked up for five months after she was found guilty in 2004 ofr
7:33 am
everybody that you love and you're just locked away. >> reporter: jennifer myers served 17 months at the same prison after she got involved in marijuana trafficking through an ex-boyfriend. now a prison consultant, she helps nonviolent, first-time offenders prepare for their new life behind bars in federal prison. she says for women with privileged backgrounds, the experience can be especially difficult. >> it is challenging. there's probably a lot of shame she's going to experience. to have humility around the guards, being watched, being counted, the entire world of prison is going to be completely opposite than what somebody like lori has ever experienced before. >> reporter: meanwhile, "dance mom" abby lee miller who served eight months in federal prison offered this advice on "inside edition" to huffman who legal experts say faces roughly four to ten months behind bars. >> be respectful of everyone. keep a very low profile. be kind to people.
7:34 am
tell your story but listen. >> reporter: now with this additional charge, if convicted, legal experts say that loughlin likely faces the possibility of three years or more behind bars while huffman could potentially not have any jail time at all, though you have to imagine that the judge won't want to have the appearance of any kind of celebrity justice here. >> we'll have to see. thank you very much. sunny hostin is going to join us right now. these new charges are no joke. >> no, it's very, very serious and she was already looking at serious charges. we're talking about mail fraud, wire fraud, but in this case, the added factor of money laundering, i mean, you see that kind of charge with organized crime and gun cases and drug cases, and i think when a jury looks at that, money funneling through a charity, that extra ick factor makes juries really take a pause and think, what kind of behavior is really going on here? >> big risk for them to go before a jury. what we don't know is did they reject a plea deal that some of
7:35 am
the other parents took. >> i think that's probably likely. you know, in a case like this, i've said from the very beginning, any kind of plea that would be offered has to contemplate at the very least some sort of prison time. i mean, linsey made it very clear, i think, prosecutors don't want the appearance in a case like this which is a case about privilege that some people will get celebrity justice. >> talking half a million dollars. >> exactly. so if they got some sort of plea i guess that contained a lot of jail time, then you have someone that rejected a plea and now prosecutors are saying, oh, you want to reject a plea, no problem, this is the additional type of case you're now looking at. >> speaking of appearances, we saw loughlin outside of court smiling, she's shaking hands, signing autographs, taking photos. is that something that the prosecutor takes into consideration? >> michael, i can only tell you that when i was prosecuting these kind of cases, i did look at defendants' demeanor. i looked at the behavior in a courtroom, and when you don't see remorse, when you don't see
7:36 am
that someone is taking someone seriously, the court system seriously, you look at it and you consider it. you do. >> you saw what felicity huffman -- her statement which is absolutely opposite of what we're seeing with lori loughlin. >> it was so appropriate. she took responsibility for her actions and more than that, she said, my daughter didn't know anything about it. i did something wrong, and i apologize to the families that did the right thing. that's what you want to see, and i do think that she will spend some time in prison. i do think no celebrity justice here. prosecutors definitely want to punish. the system is intended to punish, but prosecutors also recommend sentences to send a message to the community that certain behaviors will not be tolerated, and i think we're going to see that across the board here. >> in the end it will be up to the judges. sunny, thanks very much. >> y'all going to behave on "the view" today? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> thank you, sunny. we're going to turn now to a baby rescue caught on camera. a quick-thinking police officer
7:37 am
saved a 9-month-old baby who was choking. will reeve is here with the story. good morning, will. >> reporter: george, this video is simply incredible. this officer was in the right place at the right time, and as you'll see, he had the right training. >> my daughter is choking. >> reporter: caught on camera, the terrifying moment a baby begins to choke on a piece of food. >> i was in shock. i was afraid. i didn't know what the outcome was going to be. >> 911, may i help you? >> reporter: the frantic 911 call coming in late afternoon yesterday. l.a. officer brian cappell responding to the call was just down the block. the little girl's sister guiding him to the scene as they rush to save 10-month-old harley lockridge. >> my daughter actually ran down the street to him and she ended up making contact with him. he ran back. >> she's the real hero. she got me and told me where her sister was. >> reporter: her mother seen here, helpless in the front seat of her car. >> i don't know. she's, like, not breathing. >> she was struggling for air.
7:38 am
she was struggling to breathe. >> reporter: you could see the moment the 19-year veteran leaps into action, holding the baby face down and pattinba, something cappell says he's learned in training. >> okay, come on, baby. you're all right. >> once i heard the baby crying, it was the best sound i've ever heard in my life. >> okay, she's crying now so she's getting air. >> reporter: this morning, the mother of two grateful for the officer in this harrowing rescue. >> i am just extremely, extremely grateful and i am, like, indebted to him forever. it was amazing. it was truly amazing. >> this family did everything right. they knew they needed help so they called 911 right away. harley's grateful mother says that when she heard that cry it was like the sound of an angel. guys, this is such a great example of good training coming in handy that applies to everyone, not just to police officers. >> thank you, will. >> thank you. coming up, everybody, we have the playboy model who's accused of murder.
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7:42 am
♪ we're back now with the playboy model accused of murder. police say 25-year-old kelsey turner killed a psychiatrist with the help of accomplices still on the run. amy is here with this story. good morning, amy. >> reporter: this is a bizarre one, guys. as kelsey appears in court this week, new details are emerging about the mysterious relationship between the model
7:43 am
and the doctor who authorities say had been paying her rent. she's the 25-year-old model who once graced the covers of men's magazines, and even appeared in "playboy," but now the only picture kelsey turner is posing for, a mugshot, after being accused of killing a california psychiatrist. and this morning, authorities say her two accomplices are still at large. turner, now in an orange jumpsuit, on monday appearing in a california courtroom for the murder of 71-year-old thomas burchard. police say they found his body in the trunk of the model's car, abandoned in the las vegas desert last month. >> it's been really difficult. my whole world has literally been turned upside down. >> reporter: burchard's girlfriend of 17 years, judy earp, speaking out, saying the doctor had befriended turner, and provided her with some $300,000 over the past two years. >> he helped her financially. he helped so many people with their rent, you know, car payments or education. >> reporter: according to an
7:44 am
arrest warrant obtained by abc news, burchard traveled to vegas with the intent to visit turner. he was attacked inside the vehicle and died from blunt force trauma to the head. >> i received some texts that i didn't think were from him. the vocabulary was not his vocabulary, and i said on the text, you need to call me because i don't think this is you. >> reporter: police say burchard had also been helping turner pay to live in this nevada rental home. inside they say they found blood and cleaning supplies, calling it evidence of a cleanup. while a possible motive remains unclear, earp insists their relationship wasn't sexual. >> he thought he could solve people's problems. with her though, she severely took advantage of it. >> now, police arrested the model in california but she is awaiting extradition to las vegas. she is due back in court next week, but there is still an urgent hunt right now for those two alleged accomplices.
7:45 am
kelsey's family is insisting throughout all of this that she is innocent but there is, i'm sure, much more to this story that we will find out in court. >> a lot of circumstances and things we don't know right now. thank you, amy. coming up, everybody, it is our "play of the -- >> day." >> yeah. i'with uncontrollederson who moderate-to-severe eczema, . or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin... overly sensitive immune system... ...could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid,... ...and it continuously treats your eczema... ...even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin compared to those not taking it. ...and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur,
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7:48 am
♪ back now with our "play of the day." in honor of masters week, here's
7:49 am
one talented little guy who's got the eye of tiger woods. that's right, take a look. dax whittaker is bringing a whole new meaning to mini golf. he's 2 1/2 years old. he's been golfing for about half his life. it all started when his parents showed him some tiger woods highlights when he was just over a year old. take a look at this. >> he made it. >> did he make it? >> yeah. yay, tiger woods! >> yay, tiger woods. >> yay, tiger woods! >> you can see he's a big tiger woods fan but he is obsessed with golf and his mom brooke, she played golf in college. >> look at this. >> this might be where he gets the skills. 2 1/2, and look at that swing. his dad told us his favorite club is a 7 iron, but he doesn't love bedtime as much as he loves to play golf. and they make him carry his own bag while mom and dad ride in the cart because he has so much energy. wear him down. >> look at that swing.
7:50 am
>> it's really amazing. >> keep an eye on him. >> we will, we will. coming up, the new way you can pay for college without taking out loans. it's called an isa. and greased lightning is back, people. all the details about a new prequel ahead in "pop news" with lara. aww. yaaaayyy!!! aww. yaaaayyy!!! aww. yaaaayyy!!! we hide hotel names, so you can find four star hotels at two star prices.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
this is still ongoing flooding. the mississippi river there, and actually the baseball team that plays in davenport has had to move their next series because of that, surrounded by water. the players can't get there. they can't get things out so they're moving that all. there is more rain and of course snow heading to the middle of the nation. all right. this segment has been sponsored by humira. coming up, the new way that coming up, the new way that you can pay for college without california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... ♪
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hi there, good morning. i'm jessica castro for abc 7 mornings. mike nicco is here with the sunshine. >> hi, everybody. yes, onztons of sunshine. a crash south of the bay bridge. low to mid-70s inland. we have a 12:35 pitch at oracle. mid to high 70s, so have the sunscreen. it is better now that the lawrence expressway has cleared. we do still have some activity on the shoulder but you are stop and go for several miles. i want to take a look at some drive times, particularly westbound 4, one hour 22 minutes. that's due to an earlier crash at 680.
7:57 am
>> yikes. coming up on "gma," a consumer alert. a baby rocker, so be aware of (dad) this i(mom)eam cake needs a freezefreezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. millions on alert as the central u.s. braces for what could be a historic april blizzard. 13 states about to be hit by snow and whiteout conditions. up to two feet of snow in some places. ginger zee taking us through the track and timing of it all. health alert. the cdc warning about a dangerous and drug resistant super bug. almost 600 people here in the u.s. sickened. what you need to know this morning. and a new way to pay for college without the foyo tti after graduation. you pay them back with a percentage of your salary. what the experts say about whether it's the right choice for you. new this morning "the lion king." the brand-new trailer just out.
8:01 am
>> let's take your place. >> it's 100 days until the king arrives. >> circle of life. >> and we'll show you it all right here. and winter is almost here. your favorite "game of thrones" stars dishing on their most memorable scenes. >> for the night is dark and full of terrors. >> chaos. >> since the series began, from jaime lannister and brienne to the stark sisters. look who's saying -- >> both: good morning, america. i see ginger's knee popping over there listening to the theme. she's getting it. "game of thrones." >> i feel like we need swords to start out. good morning, america. thank you all for being with us on this wednesday morning. >> we appreciate that. you know how you get really excited about some stories you're going to share? this is the one. an exclusive sneak peek at i'm dwayne johnson, our production companies are joining forcing for this, a story of his
8:02 am
incredibly meaningful friendship with milton, the man he calls his brother. they've been friends since childhood. despite facing his own set of obstacles, milton has made a profound impact on dwayne's life and that of his family and i think we'll get a little wednesday wisdom from this man. and remember, i shared something that he got rock's father to stop doing. >> amazing. >> looking forward to that story coming up. we want to begin with ginger. we have that storm on the move now. millions of americans bracing for what could be a record-setting april blizzard. ginger, what do we have now? >> it has already been such a stormy pattern for much of the west coast. i want to bring you to these images because this is tough to see but important. i can say 70 mile-per-hour winds all day until you see that. you saw that power pole go straight into the windshield of that car. this is the type of wind we're talking about, still happening today. now, of course it comes with rain too which we've seen lots of. high water rescues in pullman, washington.uient er
8:03 am
in baldwin park, california, overnight you had winds from 50 trees into power lines and you see there, a home. arizona, new mexico, texas all on tap with those 50 to 75 mile-per-hour winds. then the heart of the storm that everybody is excited about is the blizzard warning from the high plains and colorado through nebraska and south dakota. timing-wise it wraps up a lot tonight. this is where we really get that low circulating. you have severe storms on the front end of it. you can see damaging winds and tornados and in one state a tornado and blizzard warning at the same time. south dakota getting a lot of this. western minnesota is going to feel it. i like to emphasize it is not just the one to two feet of snow that happens right there in that purple region, it's the wind. you put a 60 mile-per-hour gust with that it is going to impact your travel anywhere from denver to minneapolis. by the way, last year minneapolis had their largest april snowstorm right about this time. they had 15.8 inches. ts time. it will be west of them but still, again.
8:04 am
>> i know. >> for some reason i feel like you can control the weather. >> stop it. >> michael, i can. it's right here in my hand. >> all right, thank you, ginger. now we're going to go to a record-breaking night on "jeopardy!" 34-year-old james holzhauer from las vegas hauled in more than $110,000 in one game. he's a professional sports gambler. he had the goal to break the previous cast winnings, which was a record of 77,000, which was set by roger craig back in 2010. of course he crushed it. take a look at how much he wagered for the final question. >> and how much did you risk? $38,314. a new one-day record. >> and the reason behind that big bet at the end, because he did some quick math and realized that if he won $110,914 it was
8:05 am
in honor of his daughter's birthday. 11/09/14. >> wow. >> he also set a four-day winning record with a total of $244,365, and tonight he's going to go for his fifth win in a row. smart man. >> so sweet and smart. >> sweet and sma >> tuning in tonight. >> nice combo. coming up, dr. ashton is here with important information about that new super bug. plus the new way college students are paying for college without loans. is it a smart choice for your kids? and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. >> hello, michael. we have got all the details on that "grease" prequel and john legend taking on a brand new challenge. and by the way, did i mention we have the most wonderful audience in the biz? [ cheers and applause ] so happy to have them here. i can't wait for you to be back with us on "good morning america." awh right, guys? are you ready? ♪ ♪ you ready? (woman) what should we do with it first? (man) road trip. (woman) yes. (woman) off-road trip. (couple) [laughter] (couple vo) whoa!
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8:10 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you're the one that i want we welcome you back to "gma." you know that song, you're the one that i want, and we want the news about "grease" and you're going to give it to us in "pop news," lara? >> i'm so excited about this, robin. yes, that's right. we begin right now with movie news. listen up. ♪ with the four speed on the floor ♪ >> such a good soundtrack. "greased lightning" has apparently struck again with a prequel in the works to one of our favorite movies of all time. characters danny and sandy will return to the big screen and the film about the fling they had before they got back to school
8:11 am
in the original "grease" in the 1978 musical starring john travolta and olivia newton-john. i know what you're thinking, tell me more, tell me more. >> how did you know? >> i knew you were thinking that. so i will. i will. it's called "summer lovin'" and it will tell what really happened when danny zuko met sandy olsson. oh, yes, cue the romantic music. no word yet on whether travolta or newton-john will be involved at all. deadline is confirming that john august who wrote the ne new "aladdin" script and tim burton who wrote "charlie and the chocolate factory," to anymore a few, has been tapped to write this screenplay. we are looking forward to that. great idea. long time coming. i still really like "grease 2." anyway, the "monsters inc" gang is also getting back together. disney plus, our parent company's upcoming streaming service is set to debut an animated spinoff series called "monsters at work."
8:12 am
welcome back to original voice stars john goodman as sully and billy crystal as mike wazowski. such magic they created. the show will take place six months after the original movie finishes with the power plant now harvesting the laughter of children to fool monstropoulis. the spinoff -- not a relative of george. the spinoff will also star john ratzenberger and henry winkler and will debut next year. >> that's a great cast. >> get ready for disney plus. that's just the beginning. >> i'm hearing that. >> good things. good things. >> listen to you. >> oh behave. >> oh behave. also in "pop news" this morning, john legend going for the gold. not another award. he already has an egot for goodness sakes. he's finally getting over his fear and learning how to swim. good for you, john legend. not easy to do as an adult.
8:13 am
and if you're a hollywood mogul you take lessons from an olympian. 12-time medalist, ryan lochte posting this video of the two of them in legend's backyard pool and writing, swimming with john legend, giving him some swimming tips and getting him ready for the 2020 olympics. he looks good. he only started taking lessons in january. he's been so open about posting these videos of his progress saying that his main motivation is to be able to swim in any setting and to be safe with his children, luna and miles. great inspiration for anybody out there. it can be daunting. >> it really can be, especially older, but when you have children -- >> got to do it. >> got to do it. >> good for him. >> yes. also a cautionary tale that you probably need to hear before you let your children play with your device. evan nos, a staff writer at "the new yorker" went to use his ipad, no problem, and then saw this message. oops, his ipad has been disabled and he can't try to open it
8:14 am
again until 25 million minutes. if you're not a math genius that works out to roughly 48 years or the year 2067. his post explains that his 3-year-old tried repeatedly apparently to unlock his ipad. obviously did not know his password. evan went to social media and to his community for help and got tips like, time travel seems to be your best bet. another suggested rebooting both the device and his 3-year-old. >> oh, come on. >> no need to do that. eventually a follower walked him through the steps. we can report that evan's ipad should work again before he retires. [ applause ] isn't that funny? can you imagine? >> i could not. >> we've all seen that message. it's so frustrating. then finally, this just in, literally just in. we're getting a brand-new look at the new "lion king" trailer, seeing simba's journey for the very first time. the highly anticipated movie has a list of stars lending their voices including beyonce, donald glover, seth rogen and james earl jones reprising his role as mufasa.
8:15 am
>> mufasa. >> it hits theaters july 19th. say it again, robin. >> mufasa. >> yes. let's take a look, everybody. here it is. >> life's not fair, is it my little friend? while some are born to feast, others spend their lives in the dark. begging for scraps. >> everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. while others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.
8:16 am
>> run away, simba, and never return. >> you must take your place in the circle of life. [ lion roar ] ♪ ♪ weeee weeee >> wow. [ applause ]
8:17 am
>> that looks great. >> come on. i got chills. they're multiplying. >> looking for it, you guys, in july. >> july 19th. let's go to ginger. wonder if that will make anything? wow, that looks stunning. let's do a "gma" moment from morton, texas. do you have a dog that's afraid of thunderstorms? well, so is owen. >> okay, i just turned around, unloading the dishwasher and look who's in the dishwasher. it is owen. you must come out of there, sir. >> oh, owen. there's a thunderstorm happening. his buddy howie scared too. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. total sunshine, a little breezy. not as much as yesterday and a little warmer today. but we'll have a temperatures seesaw. upper 70s around the bay and low
8:18 am
7! 70s inland. [ applause ] we take a look now at a new way to pay for college without the burden of student loans. under these student bond proposals investors pay for students' tuition in return for a percentage of their future income. paula faris has the details. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. interesting concept, eh? this structure essentially takes the government loans out of the equation. it's a story that we first saw in "bloomberg" so students become stock in a sense, selling a piece of their future to these investors. meet charlotte herbert. this morning the 23-year-old is one of the millions of students in the u.s. who is repaying her college loan. >> i absolutely do not think the price of college should be this high. >> reporter: but the twist, to pay for her senior year at purdue university, she borrowed $27,000 through something called an income sharing agreement.
8:19 am
it's also known as an isa. >> students are just trying to find ways to finance their futures. >> reporter: an isa is a financing option that's typically funded by investors ta ting eligible studtsay a f theieain for a fixed period of time. >> any time i change jobs or i get a raise, they recalculate it. they send me a new amount that i owe them every month. >> reporter: charlotte now works as a technical writer and is paying 10% of her income each month for the next eight years. this is about $312 every month. >> it is constantly scaled to whatever you're bringing in, which is a pretty big reassurance when you're looking at a huge college bill. >> reporter: the percentage the graduate pays depends on what they study and the amount of money they make afterwards. the less they make after graduation, the less they're required to pay. and if they do not work, they
8:20 am
don't pay anything. purdue university started this program in 2016. >> shifts the risk from the student to the investor. so if things go very poorly, it's the investor who's on the hook and not the student. exactly the reverse of what happens in a debt or loan situation. >> reporter: and while taking out an isa doesn't preclude you from also taking out a federal loan, some financial experts warn, be cautious. >> at the end of the day these students are still forking over part of their salary for a set amount of time, so for students i always caution them, again, go to a school that you can afford. >> many questions still about isas. so how much you repay these investors is going to vary depending on how much you earn after college. so the more you make, the more you pay. the less you make, the less you make, george. >> lots of questions there, paula. thanks very much. let's bring them to our financial expert and best selling author nicole lapin. thanks for coming in. let's look at the upside. >> the upside is you know exactly when you're going to be
8:21 am
done with this student loan repayment. we have so much stress and anxiety and this lessens that. you know in ten years i'm done with this portion. >> and the down side? >> the down side is that you are betting against yourself. you're looking ahead, you're fast forwarding the videotape of your career and you're saying i'm going to be underemployed or unemployed. i'm not going to be able to make these student loan repayments and traditional student loan payments are actually lower than if you give a portion of your salary. >> nicole lapin, thanks very much. let's go to robin. to a "gma" health alert. we have the cdc warning about a dangerous super bug. it's drug resistant and has sickened almost 600 people in the u.s. across 12 states. dr. jennifer ashton is here with what we need to know so break this down. >> this is a bad actor. this is a very deadly and resistant type of yeast or fungus. it is resistant to most medications and according to the cdc has a fatality rate killing anywhere from 30% to 60% of the patients who come down with it.
8:22 am
historical perspective, it was only first identified ten years ago. it's the new kid on the block. three years ago the cdc put out an alert about it. now they're calling this an emerging global public health threat so it's to be taken seriously. >> absolutely. and who is most at risk? >> the good news, robin, is that this is still incredibly rare. for the most part this is something that only patients who are hospitalized, critically ill, in long-term care facilities with multiple tubes and lines have to worry about, but again, if you are in that population, this is something that is concerning a lot of health providers because how to protect ourselves with it, when we clean and disinfect these rooms, we need to find other disinfectants that can kill this type of yeast. >> anything else we can do? >> on the outside world, we don't need to worry about it. the onus of responsibility is for health care providers. we need to be able to identify it, test for it, suspect it so our radar is up and then we need to develop some kind of arsenal inur toolbox to treat it and
8:23 am
fecte ainst . jen will be answering your questions live on facebook. michael? >> thank you, robin. we're only four days away from the epic "game of thrones" premiere and our resident super fan amy is back. you had a chance to sit down with some of your favorite cast members who also talk about their most memorable scenes of all time. they got a lot to choose from. >> that's right because you're talking about ten years, 67 episodes. that's over 55 hours of twists and turns since "game of thrones" first started. i know you already knew all those facts and figures so how do you pick just one favorite scene? take a look. >> my watch has ended. >> reporter: the highly anticipated eighth and final season of hbo's "game of thrones" is just four days away, and with one of tv's most captivating sagas coming to an end -- >> they will not remember us.
8:24 am
>> reporter: -- i sat down with some of the cast to reflect over the show's epic ten-year journey. >> do you all have a favorite scene? >> i do. my favorite scene is when arya and i kill little finger. >> thank you for all your many lessons, lord baylisch. i'll never forget them. >> girl power. >> it's family and -- >> yeah. >> nothing says family like murder. >> exactly. >> we're captured and then we had a scene where we're tied together. >> we were sitting in a muddy pen wrapped in chains for the past year. >> and i'm a woman and still beating you. >> i was trying to make it work. >> you were saying that you felt uncomfortable and you were saying i don't like being close to this woman. that's what you said. >> it was fun though. >> do you have a favorite line, like when you saw the script and you're like, yes, i get to say that? >> when bran gets to repeat back to little finger his line -- >> chaos is a ladder. >> chaos is a ladder. that was so cool. >> for the night is dark and full of terrors.
8:25 am
>> i can sort of scare people by saying the night is dark and full of terrors. i have tendency of being in lin. >> that will clear the cue quickly. >> do fans ask you to say khaleesi? >> i was in an airport once and i could feel this lady's body language change and she came right in front of me and said, excuse me, can i ask you a question? would you look me in the eye and say khaleesi? and i said khaleesi. she said, thank you so much. >> oh, the gratitude of just hearing khaleesi. by the way, michael, this is for you. not to worry, there is still time to catch up on all the "game of thrones" drama before sunday's big premiere. it will take you two days, 15 hours and 30 minutes to watch every single episode, and you have just told me that you are going to watch every single episode. you're going to be caught up by sunday? >> yeah. >> you're looking a little nervous right now. >> but i didn't tell the bosses
8:26 am
that i wouldn't be here because i'm catching up on the episodes of "game of thrones." when we come back, actress milla jovovich is here. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
and good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui for abc 7 mornings. gas prices are high right now. so maybe walk to san francisco for a chance to see "hamlet""ha" a giants game in the city. you can enter a raffle to win those tickets. alexis, i guess walking to work might be a better option for some? >> if i walked to work, i'd get here in about a month, but it might be worth it. those gas prices, too. a lot of folks sitting here on westbound 580 on the richmond side of san rafael bridge, about
8:28 am
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speaking of an advisory, 56 after the game. temperatures are going to mak ♪ remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better ♪ ♪ better, better, better, better ♪ [ cheers and applause ] well, welcome back to "gma," everybody. that is the cast of "avengers." it looks like they're having a great time on their press tour. they're not going to win "american idol" but "avengers: endgame" is one of the most anticipated movies ever. we spoke to the six core "avengers" and now here they are on the cover of "entertainment weekly". >> looking good. >> now the question for our audience, are you guys excited to see this film? [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
it is truly setting so many records out there. everyone is excited to see it and it opens on april 26th. make sure you're looking out for it. [ cheers and applause ] this is something else that we're very excited about. we're going to bring out milla jovovich in the movie "hellboy." come on out, milla. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> bow to you. >> thank you. how are you? >> great to see you. >> nice to see you. thank you. >> multi-talented, oh, my gosh. >> thank you. >> "hellboy" was here himself, yesterday, and he was singing your praises. now, you play the villain but he said you were very motherly to him.
8:32 am
>> well, listen, poor david, he had about 40 pounds of prosthetics on at all times, you know, so, poor guy, by the end of day with those horns he would be sitting with his head in his hands. i would come up and give him a massage. what was hard too is you couldn't sit on a normal chair because of everything. you couldn't. so i would run and grab him an apple box between takes because usually i didn't have shoes on for most of the movie so i could get around really quickly. i'm an action hero so i run, jump, grab the thing. >> you had a big job for him, you had to win him over to the dark side. you guys want to see a little bit of that? [ applause ] >> why are you fighting for those who hate and fear you? all i wanted was revenge until i saw you. you can usher in the apocalypse. out of the ashes a new eden will emerge. leave these frail, pathetic humans behind. be my king. [ cheers and applause ]
8:33 am
>> actually, what i love about this film is i got to air bend and i've always wanted to be like an air bender and they never made a sequel. you guys don't remember "the last air bender"? i've always wanted to air bend so in this movie i get to. i'm manipulating with magic powers and stuff. it was awesome. >> your character also has a little crush on "hellboy." >> just a little bit. it was the back hair, you know. i loved, like, stroking it. sexy, right? >> it was hard for you to tell the stunt double and david apart? >> oh, my gosh, the funniest thing on action movies and these kind of fantasy films is that people do have stunt doubles but when they're dressed in complete costume like that you literally can't tell them apart. but the funniest thing is to see two "hellboy"s at the craft
8:34 am
table peting pe eating potato c grabbing a choffee and chilling between takes. with the "resident evil" films, they would be hanging out with the zombie makeup. i would have my baby and they would be like, hello. i'm like, okay, thank you. >> you play a witch. so if you could cast a spell, what spell would you cast? >> oh man. you know, i played there game as a kid and i don't know if any of you girls have played this game but it's the i'm her game, and that's mine. so you would look at a commercial and you would see a really pretty girl and go, i'm her, or you would see a great dress and say, that's my dress. i would love to have that magic power to actually get the dress or the hairstyle, right? [ applause ] >> you mentioned bringing your baby to set.
8:35 am
your daughter s are now 11 and . >> yes. >> what does your little one think you do for a living? >> my 4-year-old literally thinks that i go to the gym for a living. you ask her, like, what's mommy's work? at the gym. it's like, okay. but it was very cute because the other day, you know, i said what do you want to be when you grow up? she goes, a superhero like my mommy. very cute. she hasn't even seen any of my movies. that's just from going to the gym. but it's true, i do feel like a superhero after going to the gym. i feel like i can take on the day. >> and bend air. >> when she does see her mom's movies she's going to be very proud of you. 26 years ago "dazed and confused" came out which starred you and matthew mcconaughey. what was it like to be part of a cultural touchstone? >> there were so many great people in that movie.
8:36 am
it's a little hard for me to remember things from "dazed and confused" because we were all seriously a littt's like, i rem all those actors and we were all nobodies at this point. i remember meeting matthew mcconaughey for the first time and feeling like -- listen, by the way, i literally just turned 16 and he was already an adult. so i was like, he's so old. little did i know he would be the biggest heartthrob in the world a few years later. >> what a classic, classic movie. >> right? [ applause ] >> we got to say, you're something else. i mean, you really are. >> thank you. >> we're so happy you came here this morning. >> oh, i'm so happy to be here. thank you guys. [ applause ] >> it is "hellboy." it is in theaters on friday. make sure you go check it out and check out milla and support her. coming up, the inspiring man
8:37 am
dwayne johnson calls his brother. >> the rock's rock. >> the rock's rock.
8:38 am
i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else?
8:39 am
[ applause ] we are back now with a story of a childhood friendship that has strengthened over a lifetime. dwayne johnson has become an international superstar, but his heart remains with his family, including a long-time family
8:40 am
friend who he calls his brother. milton has downs syndrome and has taught johnson what it means to be a buddy, what it means to be an inspiration and what dwayne calls the rock's rock. we have an exclusive sneak peek at their story. ♪ when i first met mitten i was a kid, probably 5, 6 years old and for me it was just another buddy. he showed me how to start working out and then we got extremely close. >> dwayne would try wrestling holds on him and stuff like that when they were little, but then those games continued as they grew older. dwayne would take a hair brush and he would have a microphone and he'll say, come on over here, meet milton mcbride. come on in. >> tell me, rock, i know you're getting ready. sergeant slaughter's tough competitor, do you think you can beat him? >> yeah.
8:41 am
>> great. all right, thanks, rock. >> we entered milton in special olympics pretty much right away. we put him in track and field, and he was running the 50-yard dash, softball throw. >> the biggest thing is when special olympics put in weightlifting and that's where he thrived. his self-esteem grew. >> years later, tampa, for all of us became a very challenging place. my dad was not wrestling anymore, not making any money. >> then i started drinking real heavy. >> of all the people, milton became somewhat of a saving grace to my dad. >> he took the bottle one time and dumped it out. >> milton convinced him to stop drinking. he's never had a drink since. >> milton changed my life
8:42 am
because he looked at me like i'm your dad, i'm going to take care of you. >> all right, remember, championships are won and lost. legends are forever, and you're a legend. >> oh. >> when you get somebody who just comes around and is not judging, looks at you and loves you and will cry with you and i got you, and then probably the fact that it's milton who has downs syndrome and he's -- this connection happens and his heart is boundless. the love he has is boundless. the empathy is boundless. >> you and dewey here? who's stronger, you or dewey? >> me. >> that's how milton has impacted my life in ways, again, that i could have ner . [ plse ] wow. impacte smany lives. i'm really proud that my production company, rockin'
8:43 am
robin deemed up with dwayne johnson productions for a new documenta rary series called "g changers" highlighting extraordinary people like milton who have helped drive and shape the special olympics. "game changers" premieres today starting with the full story of the rock's rock. you can see it across all of espn's platforms as well as i was so excited to share this with everybody, a little snippet, but as we said it's going to air later. i've always felt very highly of dwayne johnson but when you see him before he was a star, when he has that hair brush and the way he's talking with milton, you know that this was something that -- in dwayne johnson from an early age. >> and to keep that connection going. >> to keep that connection going and the fact that he got his dad to stop drinking, it's an example of the special olympics and the importance that it has in our society and all across
8:44 am
the world and i'm so glad it's going to continue to be f becse all known dwayne quite a bit and we didn't know this story so thank you for bringing it to us. [ applause ] all right, over to ginger. >> i love that story too. i can't wait because inspiration comes always from you and now from the rock combined and from milton. let's talk about this. do you know they're still skiing in new hampshire. yeah, fresh snow earlier this week. the same day this was happening it was nearly 80 degrees in new york city so we got some fresh pictures of flowers. i know it's not going to be snowy and blizzard for everybody so i thought we'd share some of the warmth. that ring ahedge brings tempera in laredo, texas, 100 degrees, 90 for dallas. nebraska, good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. a little breezy today but total sunshine and even warmer than yesterday. check out my accuweather 7-day
8:45 am
forecast and the [ applause ] it is time now for a closer look at the new technology that could change the way we live. we're about to change your life here. work, play, all of it's going to be changed by our sponsor verizon taking an inside look at their lab where they're bringing entrepreneurs and small companies to experiment with groundbreaking concepts that all use the power of 5g. >> reporter: in movies like "ironman 2" advanced technology seems to be the stuff of the future. >> for almost 20 years, still taking me to school. >> reporter: but the future is closer than you think. 5gt is here, it's happening. >> it will usher in the next generation of wireless communication, speeds 100 times faster, band width 1,000 times
8:46 am
greater and massive connectivity. >> reporter: with the recent launch of their network, our sponsor, verizon, is giving us a glimpse at how this innovative technology will shape our every day lives. our guide, nicki palmer, verizon's head of technology and product development. >> consumers are going to have this in their hands? >> yes. they can get it now with the way they live, work, play and learn. 5g will impact all of that. >> reporter: first up, a virtual dressing room. >> volume etic data captures. what you see around us is over a dozen depth-sensing cameras. imagine trying on some new clothes and sending a hologram of yourself to your friends to get some near real-time feedback. >> reporter: next, from the clothing racks to the grocery store. >> it's like online dating for food. >> reporter: using augmented reality paired with 5g, you can
8:47 am
scan and identified allergins in food products and it happens in real time. >> to be able to walk down an aisle and get that information filtered for you would be transforming the experience. >> reporter: and ar is also headed to the or. >> whoa. >> reporter: by using those special glasses, doctors can create 3-d models resulting in potentially more precise surgeries. verizon 5g service is available today with a smartphone in chicago and minneapolis, and it will be rolling out in more than 30 u.s. cities in 2019. such cool technology. >> awesome. >> now i want to turn to a cool lady, sara haines. >> something also awesome. >> tell me, sara, what's going on. >> we have ambush interviews from the stark girls from "game of thrones." we have sophie turner, macy williams. thanks for having them on the show last week so we could steal them from you and put them on our show. >> now, we offer that up because we know you wouldn't do anything like embarrass us by dressing up
8:48 am
and interviewing them. >> oh never. that's weird. >> she totally did that. >> i'm a news person. >> can't wait to see that one on "strahan & sara." for now, how about on "gma" you come back because we have one-on-one with basketball legend kobe bryant. "gma's" future innovators sponsored by verizon. there's 5g and
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back now with kobe bryant, one of the greatsest players in nba history tapping into his artistic side with a series of books for young adults. adrienne bankert sat down with him and joins us from los angeles. >> good morning. after leaving the court in 2016, basketball legend kobe bryant dove into his more artistic side, first writing the oscar-winning "dear basketball",
8:51 am
then venturing into a whole new world he created inspired by helping young people. his new book was just released last month and already found its way onto "the new york times" best seller's list. >> harry potter kind of inspired fantasy mixed with the olympics? >> yeah. i got a lot of these. >> rolled eyes? >> a lot of them. >> reporter: many considered it an unusual move for one of the nba's greatest players ever. >> it's strange though, right. okay, kobe is writing fantasy novels and creating fantasy novels. >> reporter: kobe bryant's 2016 retirement from basketball sparked his creativity, inspired by author j.k. rowling. >> i'm a huge harry potter fan. >> i want to talk about this book because this series, you wanted to help young people to process their emotions, their fears. >> right. so if you can wrap it around something that they're passionate about, be it basketball, volleyball or soccer and you teach life lessons through the sport, then you have
8:52 am
something that's more powerful. that's what i tried to do with this series. >> what are you calling this stage of your life? is it an awakening? >> i think it's just having fun. right, like you find something that you love to do and you go after it. i was very fortunate to have basketball. but even more fortunate to find storytelling after. >> reporter: so what could be next for the icon? >> i heard you like "dancing with the stars." >> i do. >> what you ever -- >> no. >> no? >> no, no. my knees would be like, dude, what are you doing? we just went through 20 years of, like, beating me up. don't dance. >> kobe plans to release the next part of the series in september. what i love is that he was so compassionate and so empathetic to the story of young people, and he says this was even more fulfilling than the game. lara. >> wow. that's great. by the way, good try on the "dancing with the stars." very good attempt. >> why not? >> thanks,
8:53 am
♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
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> gotea star power. iowa women's basketball coach, neysmith coach of the year, lisa bluter and her staff from iowa, the hawkeyes. wnba draft tonight. >> we're excited about it. one of our players, megan guff staffson, probably going in the first round. >> she should go in the first
8:56 am
round. you had a great year. >> the state of iowa were behind us. we emotional moved that state. it was fun. >> go big ten. penn state talking, sorry. >> we have baylor coach kim here tomorrow. she knocked you out of the tournament.
8:57 am
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good morning, it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui for abc 7 mornings. mike nicco, give us that nice forecast. >> i predict spring sunshine. just a little bit of a breeze beyond the bridge. small craft advisory there. if you're going to oracle, make sure you take the sunscreen, you'll definitely need it. we have a seesaw of temperatures but no rain. alexis? >> lots of sunshine at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are still on. we had a median crash just before you get to the boulevard. inbound 101 looks better, or of course you can ride b.a.r.t. reggie? >> i hope you join us at 11:00 a.m. for "m
9:00 am
[cheers and applause] >> announcer: >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, the start of the series "brockmire," hank azaria! and from the new film "little," justin hartley! all nxt on "live"! and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause]


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