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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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resignation we have to think about. last month, the assistant general manager in charge of relations with union workers resigned. chief rojas of the police announced his resignation and now grace crunikan meaning an almost complete management at bart. >> today i'm announcing my plans to retire from bart and to begin the next chapter of my life. >> reporter: she has seen bart through highs like the passage of measure rr, a $3.5 billion bond measure to pay for improvements at bart stations, but also lows like rampant drug use in stations and the stabbing death of nia wilson last year. deborah allen, who represents cal nut creek, calls her a strong leader. >> in the two years plus that i worked with her, is probably the strongest woman leader that i have ever worked around.
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>> reporter: allen said she had no idea the retirement was copping, but said crunican had clashed with a trio of board members who didn't like her idea of beefing up law enforcement in the stations. steve glaser, a long-time bart critic says the resignation of chief rose roe hjas could have clue. >> it's not a surprise to see literally every top manager at bart saying goodbye. >> whether this was one big disagreement that led to her resignation, or a buildup of straws that finally broke the camel's back, we don't know yet and may not know for a while. what we do know for certain is chief rojas of the bart police will retire in may, and crunican will retire in july. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> thank you. and abc7 news devoted a week to covering bart earlier this year as part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we rode trains all day long, visiting every station. we talked to riders and to the people in charge of making bart
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better to see what changes are coming. you can see all the stories on our website, [ closing bell ] to the numbers now. a mixed day on the market. the dow lost 14 points while the nasdaq went down by nearly 17. stock and lyft managed to eek out a wind, rebounding slightly from yesterday's low. the san francisco ride sharing company went public ten days ago with an ipo price of $72. and soon lyft will face the same competition in the market that it does on the roads. today uber released its long-awaited ipo filing. abc7 news anchor kristen sze has more on what the san francisco-based company's finances tell us. >> the documents are the most detailed view of the company's finances since its launch ten years ago. they revealed growth, but also huge losses. uber's revenue was $11.3 billion last year, up 42% from 2017. but the company lost $1.8 billion last year and warns it may never make a profit.
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>> lyft isn't profitable. facebook wasn't profitable. neither was twitter. so this seems to be kind of a trend in silicon valley. >> uber was started right here in san francisco, and the ipo filing shows it's heavily dependent on the city and four other cities, san francisco, los angeles, new york, london, and sao paulo, brazil are responsible for nearly a quarter of uber's books. the bigwigs are making big money. the top five executives were paid $143 million in total compensation last year. ceo dara wasn't even the highest paid. that goes to the chief operating officer who received more than $47 million in total compensation. now when uber goes public, it wants to reward some of its drivers too. drivers who are in good standing will get between 100 and $10,000 for completing between 2500 and 25,000 lifetime trips. uber is setting aside some of
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its stock for drivers to buy with that money. >> uber is the highest valued private company in the world. so anyone that's interested in money will be interested in that. i'm not sure if the investors think this will be a safe bet. that's for the market to see. >> kristen sze, abc7 news. >> as all of this is happening, hundreds of san francisco city workers and housing rights activists are protesting uber and other app-based corporations. sky 7 was over city hall for the protest organizers called disrupt inequality. protesters condemned income inequality and unfair treatment of workers. they say these companies should pay their fair share toward public services. a report requested by governor newsom suggests that at some point pg&e customers will be stuck paying higher rates if california wildfires continue to ravage the state. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom with a closer look. lyanne? what we can say is that the
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dialogue has started. nothing has been proposed, but a thoroughly analysis again requested by the governor suggests that a hike of 30, 40, or even 50% is possible. a memo sent to the governor warns future wildfires would be of grave concern to pg&e, forcing it to look else to cover its debt. >> if we have repeated fires, we're going get to a point very quickly where pg&e or the other utilities, they're not going to be able to borrow their way out of these liabilities. >> that's stephen weissmann, an energy and environmental attorney who wrote an analysis for the governor's office. many customers say sticking them with the hike doesn't feel right given the mistakes made by pg&e. >> i don't need to raise my personal bill to take care of something that they should have already accounted for inside of their own maintenance. >> rate payers investment should go into stopping fires,
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preventing them from starting in the first place instead of paying for damage after the fact. >> pg&e faces an estimated $30 billion in potential liabilities related to the 2017 and 2018 northern california wildfires. part of the reason why psg&e stock's has fallen is because of that uncertainty regarding future wildfires. pg&e continues to say it is committed to helping people in areas affected by the fires. ironically, higher energy rates could affect clean energy initiatives. companies who make electric cars, for example, could potentially slow down operations because of these higher rates and forced outages. one thing seems clear. pg&e's woes are certain to pop up in california's economy. >> it's going to come from the taxpayers or the rate payers, or it's going to come in the form of insurance premiums. >> and there is a proposed bill
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in sacramento to create a wildfire insurance pool. pg&e would put money into this pool that would help supplement their own insurance coverage. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> lyanne thank you, pg&e's bankruptcy, its wildfire liability, its lingering issues from the san bruno explosion are all issues that raise question, and we are working on answering them. we have dedicated a page of our website to all of our pg&e stories. jst go to new at 6:00 tonight, san jose police arrested a woman they believed was involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash. delilah ray was bookedinto santa clara jail this afternoon. police say that about 5:40 in the morning, she hit a pedestrian at the intersection of neiman boulevard and laddie way in east soench. the driver got out of her car but walked up to the victim on
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the road who was still arrive. the driver went back to her car and drove away and never called for help. other drivers struck that driver in the road killing her. asking for the public's help to solve a 3-year-old murder case of a nasa scientist. brian bowl, aged 30 was three blocks from his oakland home when he was shot and killed on richmond boulevard three years ago. investigators released surveillance video of a person of issue wearing a coat near the accident when it happened. there is still a reward being offered in the case. we have new details on a story from last week when when one of our viewers offered to help an map. fredrick iboni lost three teeth when punched. we're looking at video provided by a palo alto dentist. it shows her working to replace his teeth. dr. pi volunteered her time to help him after seeing his story
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on abc7 news. iboni who doesn't have insurance teared up when we connected him with dr. pi and kept repeating thank you. the man who assaulted iboni still hasn't been arrested. a horrible accident left a 4-year-old boy fighting for his life. navaun price jackson found a gun under a pillow at an east bay oakland home and the unthinkable happened. now in a story you'll see only on abc7, young navaun's condition has improved dramatically, a development his family is calling a miracle. here is laura anthony with the story from oakland. >> just two weeks ago, it seemed scenes like these in a video provided by the family might never happen. last month, 4-year-old navaun price jackson found a gun under a pillow and accidentally shot himself in the head. with no sign of brain activity, doctors prepared navaun's family for the worst. but now the young boy is awake, responsive, and he sought of intensive care.
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>> always pray for the best. so i knew he was going to be okay. >> navaun can now sit in a wheelchair, and he shows signs of improvement every day, although he still can't talk. >> every day he is doing something different. so my son is going to be back soon. might not be how he was, but he is going to be back. >> he is moving his foot now. he is kicking pillows. he is reaching for his feeding tube and his wraps with both hands. he is clutching things in his hands. and he is moving his head, following you with his eyes. >> navaun shot himself after he found a gun on a bed at the home of his mother's boyfriend. >> did you have any idea that there was something under a pillow that might hurt your son? >> not at all. if i knew, my son wouldn't have even been in that house. >> reporter: navaun's father, thait than price, remains in prison and they continue to lobby to allow him to visit the boy in person. >> my only concern is his father at least gets the chance to hold
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his son and comfort his son and be by his son's bedside. >> while navaun's family is encouraged by his progress at the hospital, they're also well aware that his future is uncertain. >> i know it ain't going to be a regular life now. i just want him to live his life, grow up, be something, whatever he want to be. >> you're getting stronger and stronger every day. it's okay. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> sweet boy. tough to watch. >> yeah. abc7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area. it means we look for ways to make this a better place to live for all of us. >> tonight things are looking up for downtown development plans in santa rosa as the city that was hardest hit by the north bay wildfires works to get back what it lost. what's for dinner? there aren't as many options in san francisco as restaurants are closing. we spent today trying to find out why. a live report is next. i'm spencer christian. a wind advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area, and i'll show you how strong the g
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♪ ♪ restaurant business has a reputation for being cutthroat, but the past few weeks have been especially brutal for restaurants in san francisco. some have closed after thriving for decades. abc7 news reporter kate larsen joins us live now from hay's valley with more. kate? >> there are three related businesses here on hayes street. there is absinthe on the corner. there is a wine merchant right here. and then right in the middle is harlequin cafe. after 20 year, arlequin couldn't survive, despite the fact that its sister businesses were thriving. while some san francisco restaurants are bustling, others are anything but.
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in the past few weeks, several san francisco stalwarts have closed or are on their way out. chef tracy dejardin announced it her restaurant will close after 21 years of award winning food. blowfish sushi locked up. their concept was actually dead. and after 38 years, new orleans inspired elite cafe on fillmore street announced that they're closing after easter brunch and bar sfr. on east street, white paper now wraps the windows instead of their sandwiches. an unsettling sight for the lunchtime symphony crowd. >> we've been coming for years. i thought oh, that's too bad. it kind of cut out a quick place to get in and out and have a nice little lunch. >> i would have paid anything for some of the sandwiches we had there. >> but the owner who owns it says most of his customers felt
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otherwise. >> we tried to raise prices a little, we lost 20% of our business. people are very used to what we were doing. and i was happy with what we were doing. we couldn't change it without affecting the quality. >> reporter: russell shapiro says he was losing money because the business, which was brisk, still didn't make up for the fair living wage he wanted to pay his employees. so after 20 years, he closed this week. >> we just couldn't make the numbers work. and do right by the people who work here and satisfy our customers. >> so bill tells me that he was able to offer either severance or a new job at one of his other restaurants to all of his cafe employees. he does say he is working on a new concept for the space that will hopefully suit customers' needs as well as his bottom line. i'm kate larsen, abc7 news. >> all right, kate, thank you. a pothole at an intersecting section of runway caused delays and cancellations at sfo today. let's take a live look at the
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airport where, yes, it's still windy out. repairs were finished around 2:30 p.m. sky 7 captured repair crews getting to work. the 12-inch depression was discovered at dawn at the intersection of runways 28 left and 1 right. 28 is used heavily for arriving flights. sfo has a plan to address the issue later this summer. >> we're going to be doing in september in that area is creating a new concrete base below the layers of asphalt. >> the original concrete base is several decades old. sfo says about six to eight depressions happen every year. we still don't know when the salesforce transit center will reopen, but it looks like businesses are interested in moving in. a report released today by the transbay joint powers authority says there has been an uptick in interest. it comes after a week toured the
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building. officials say steel plates that will reinforce the beams have arrived and will soon be bolted into place. the transit center shut down almost two days ago, as you can see, we are keeping track. repairs are expected to be done in june, but a date to reopen the center, that has not yet been set. it's time to check on our forecast, because we saw how windy it still was at the airport. >> spencer christian standing by with how windy indeed. >> in just the last few minutes, there have been gusts at sfo from 38 to 41, 42 miles per hour. it's windy there and windy all around the bay area. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have a few clouds around, high thin clouds mainly. we'll see the clouds moving out of the area overnight. right now, though, we have a wind advisory still in effect until 8:00 this evening, mainly for the coastal areas or areas near the coast. we can expect gusts up to or perhaps even above 45 miles per hour at times. and that raises the possibility of downed tree branches and power lines. moving along, taking a look at
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current wind gusts, 40 miles per hour here in san francisco. 38 at half moon bay, and all around the area, you can see gusts from 25 to 35 miles per hour generally, and occasionally higher. this is the view from atop mount tam where you can see how windy it is. 55 degrees here in san francisco. 62 across the bay in oakland. 58 in mountain view. upper 50s also at san jose and morgan hill. and 56 at half moon bay. this is the view from sutro tower looking over the city. 60 degrees in santa rosa right now. upper 60s at fairfield and vacaville. low to mid-60s at concord and livermore. and from emeryville, we're looking at a bright blue western sky, and these are our forecast features. gusty wind continues tonight, especially near the coast. a warming trend will be with us the next two days, friday and saturday. but and we'll have a dry weekend. but i should say clouds will start to increase on sunday, and there is a chancofhowers on monday on we go t low tonight, under mainly clear skies and breezy conditions. look for lows in the inland
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valleys, in the mid 40s for the most part. upper 40s around the bay shoreline. about 50 here at san francisco, and upper 40s on the coast. here is what is causing these powerful wind gusts. we've got this alignment of systems as you can see on the radar and satellite image. center of low pressure inland. a center of high pressure offshore. a tight gradient or very sharp pressure difference between the two centers of pressure producing the strong gusty wind from the north-northwest. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice we'll continue to see clouds blowing from the south -- from the north to the south, i should say, along with a few pockets of moisture carried by the strong winds. during the early morning hours, we'll see the clouds moving out of the bay area. skies will be clearing. so the day will begin on a very sunny note, and it will end up on a sunny note as well. speaking of sunny notes in the south bay tomorrow, look for high temperatures mainly in the low 70s, about 72 at both santa clara and san jose. on the peninsula, highs up to about 70 in redwood city. 71 at moffet -- mountain view, i
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should say. look for highs at 63 at pacifica. 64 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 66. north bay 74 at santa rosa. 70 at novato. east bay highs 70 at oakland. 71, union city. 70 at castro valley, and the inland east bay will see highs of 74. 72 at livermore. and here is your pollen forecast. tree pollen forecast. moderate tomorrow. elevated on saturday and sunday. and then moderating again on monday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny and warmer days tomorrow and saturday. in fact, on saturday, we'll see highs inland reaching upper 70s to almost 80. we'll have a little bit of a cooldown on sunday, as a few more clouds move into the picture. more clouds still on monday, with a slight chance of showers, and then the warming begins again by thursday of next week. high temperatures near 80 degrees inland. >> geez! >> we have not seen highs at this level for a while. a nice warm-up coming our way. >> from april to june.
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> exactly. >> that's what happens these days. coming up, the warriors have to worry about fouls on the court. fans have to worry about fraud off the court. tonight the picture that could help you
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alrightygreat!guys are almost all set. sounds good!
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honey, while you finish up here, i'll grab us some coffee. ok. ♪ (music stops) ready to go? but... i... ♪ getting a volkswagen during the sign then drive event. it's almost that easy. with practically just your signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jetta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing. the owner of the famous flintstone house in hillsboro has fired a countersuit against the town.
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hillsboro sued florence fang first calling her home a public nuisance. she purchased the house that can be seen from 280. she has added dinosaur sculptures and other structures to accommodate future parties. the suit allegation fang's modifications are in violation of several municipal codes. >> it is really about dino, fred, wilma, or betty? is it really about that? or is it really about treating mrs. fang differently because she has a dream and because she is chinese? and because this is hillsboro. >> the flintstone house isn't fang's primary residence. she actually bought it as a party and event space. the warriors begin their run for another nba title this weekend, and you can catch the first play-off game right here on abc7. so check out what the game tickets look like. the background is made up of player names, words, and phrases symbolic to the warriors and the fans. the team release the images to help fans avoid buying counterfeit tickets by mistake.
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the team recommends buying tickets straight from to make sure you're getting the real deal. as always, everyone attending the game will receive a free gold t-shirt. this year it features an image of the bay bridge. now the warriors open the nba play-offs against the clippers at oracle arena saturday at 5:00 p.m. you can only watch the game right here on abc7. then stay with larry beil and carrie keating and donald foil for toyota after the game. mindi bach will be at oracle with postgame reaction with players and coaches. a documentary featuring danville dogs and their owners. >> abc7 news caught up with the film crew today. hear what message this movie wants to spread. and building a better bay area. see what's changing in the north bay. >> the abc7 storm impact scale. >> it's going to be a 2, moderate scale. >> from 1 to 5, light to severe. know exactly how every storm will impact you. >> wet and windy once again. >> be prepared with the abc7
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>> he was man known for more than just music, and thousands turned out to honor him today. nipsey hussle fans gathered in a sold out service to celebrate the life of the grammy nominated artist. >> hussle was fatally shot less than two weeks ago. at the staples center where today's service drew huge crowds. >> i am amazed there is a lot of people. >> it's insane. it's overwhelming. >> thousands lined up along the route to pay their respects to murdered rapper nipsey hussle. >> i don't know why they did that. i don't know why they did that to that man. >> one fan said she used her sick hours at work to drive down to the service from oakland, california. >> i have to pay my respects to my brother. r.i.p. >> an outspoken advocate for ending gang violence, he was murdered one day before he was scheduled to meet with police about crime and violence in the city. outside the seic ahule's lamente loss of a leader for theyout earlier family, friends and fans
6:31 pm
gathered at the staples center to honor the grammy nominee's life. >> i have a studio again. i'm just happy and ready to work. >> reporter: his mother, angelique smith's heartbreaking tribute. the event was a celebration of hussle's life. >> we love you, nipsey hussle. >> more than 21,000 people showed toupee their respects here at the staples center. former president barack obama paying tribute in a letter, writing nipsy saw potential. he saw help. abc news, los angeles. new developments now in the case involving actor jussie smollett. chicago is now suing the actor as promised. the city wants to recover the costs of investigating a racist anti-gay attack that police say smollett made up. last month, prosecutors dropped all criminl charges against him. the legal action comes just days after smollett refused a city demand to pay more than $130,000. disney is taking on netflix
6:32 pm
with its own streaming service. details were released today. the service, called disney plus, will launch on november 12. it will cost $6.99 a month, but that's less than netflix. in addition to disney films and tv shows, they'll feature programming from the marvel superhero universe. the "star wars" galaxy and national geographic channel. need help finding the perfect pet? a new film featuring east bay residents could be your guide. abc7 news caught up with the crew of me, my dog and i in danville. they were interviewing the owner of white kitty foundation. that's a pet sanctuary. this is one of dozens of dog owners interviewed for the documentary. the film explores why people are attracted to certain dogs and why mismatches can be stressful for the owner and the dog. >> how important it is for people to be matched properly with the right dog, because otherwise there can be this disconnect, and people can feel
6:33 pm
like this is a bad dog, and it's not. it's because of the owner relationship. >> the film is the first in a series that will also take a closer look at dog shows and therapy dogs. "me, my dog and i" is expected to premier early next year. our commitment to building a better bay area is about tackling the issues that affect our quality of life. one issue is housing and things could be looking up in the north bay. in the place that was hit hardest by the 2017 wildfires. the fires destroyed 5% of the housing in santa rosa. out of the ashes, though, comes opportunity. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman explains. >> at the fourth street in downtown santa rosa, they are used to big crowds after a quarter century$6.95. thank you. >> co-owner pete sees lines as an indicator of economic health. >> nothing wrong with people. >> he hopes for many more.
6:34 pm
>> we need to go up. >> up as in 3500 units of high-rise housing and the cultural change. santa rosa has drawings and proposals on the board and plans to fast track building by streamlining the permit process while incentivizing height. a parking structure on third street one prime candidate. what is the advantage of vertical? >> we can bring more smart growth in a more concentrated way into our downtown core rather than sprawling out to the rest of the county. >> the north bay firestorm played a part in this. santa rosa already had a housing crisis before those flames destroyed close to 3,000 homes and 400,000 square feet of commercial space. peter rumble runs the chamber of commerce. >> i think there is a whole younger generation in this community that would love to live and stay in their hometown, would love to move here, work here, build a family here, but are frankly facing economic choices that make it very
6:35 pm
difficult for them to be here. >> that said, the plan is not popular with everyone. >> look at the beautiful redwood trees. wouldn't it be horrible to have a big ugly building behind that? >> but we did find more supporters than naysayers, which is regrowth here, and we need to expand. >> it may mean an even longer line for that deli sandwich. >> would you build a bigger deli? >> would i build? if there was a way? yes. why not? >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> now, we would love to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. >> and building a better bay area takes all of us. and one person can make a big difference. just ahead, this artist is helping north bay wildfire survivors who lost something that is irreplaceable. if you're using one of those online tax prep companies, a word of warning tonight. consumer reports found glitches consumer reports found glitches 234 california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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- ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. a san rafael woman realized she could use her unique talents to help families survive the tubbs fire in santa rosa. >> she is helping building a better bay area one couple at a time. ac7 news reporter melanie
6:39 pm
woodrow now with the story. >> melanie and michael carlston are still unpacking their most valuable possessions. art melanie's mother edith coleman created. these are some of her pieces they still have. >> looks like a volcano. >> they lost most in the tubbs fire. >> we lost about 500 of her original pieces. and that was and will always be devastating. >> one of those pieces, the carlstones jewish marriage certificate callman had made the couple filled with text and art. >> it was beautiful. >> beauty perhaps no one understands better than san rafael orderist anna abramson. >> my whole life is about them. >> the first one she ever made was for her own wedding, then friends started asking and soon she had a thriving business. >> it freezes that moment in time and reminds them day to day of the promises they made to each other. >> shortly after the fire, abramsome and her father were
6:40 pm
driving to calistoga when inspiration flourished. >> this must be incredibly painful to lose all your family heirlooms, and that is one i can replace for people. >> creating these katubas can take hours to days and she does it all for free. >> one of the most meaningful jewish values is repairing the world. >> she presented the carlston's katuba to them in person. >> it reminds me of the good and the love in the world. that was such a thoughtful, kind thing. and my mom would have loved this, because this is kind of her style. >> the only things which are really lasting are relationships and especially something like that to mark a relationship. >> may are home be a sanctuary of peace built by the deepest love, understanding and compassion. >> in santa rosa. >> may our marriage be blessed by wisdom, kindness and consideration for one another. >> melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> so nice of her. and beautiful work.
6:41 pm
>> not only it is beautiful, but it's nice to know somebody is caring about you so much. >> absolutely. >> here is a question. are you already making weekend plans? >> yeah. spencer has the weather forecast to help you out. stay with us.
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one of our abc7 family members received a special award in foster city today. reporter vic lee was honored for his volunteer work with ombudsman services of san mateo county. that group gave vic its nancy croenen guiding force award. both vic and his wife have volunteered for years. they help senior and others who live in assisted care facilities in their community. he provides a voice for more than 10,000 people every year. >> so well-deserved. with the tax deadline fast approaching, many of us are still scrambling to file those returns. >> and many are using the do it yourself online services. but can you trust the accuracy? >> with the answer, 7 on your side's michael finney joins us. >> wow, this was a surprising study. consumer reports tested four of the most popular online tax prep services and found all four had some glitches. the consumer group said it could not fully endorse any of them and said do a little extra
6:45 pm
resource before you follow the prompts and hit send. >> the annual headache known as doing your taxes is at a fever pitch right now, with time running out, millions are relying on those online tax preparation services for step by step guidance. however, a new survey by consumer reports finds the most popular services can sometimes steer you wrong. >> what we found was all of them had some sort of glitch. some of them are minor, some of them not so minor. >> consumer reports tobey tested four of the most widely used, h&r block, turbotax, tax slayer and tax act. she says they can be safe and helpful tools, but she found some problems, especially related to the new tax reforms. >> there was nonupdated information from prior tax law. >> the new code allows a $500 tax credit for those caring for an adult depend. but eligibility depends on the adult's income, and all four
6:46 pm
services gave at least some inaccurate guidance on who qualifies. >> the point is you have to be very careful when you do these service. check your work. make sure your input is act craft. >> all four companies incorporated the tax laws in their software, but she found some outdated advice on items like personal exemptions and mortgage deductions. all four companies said their products are useful tools for preparing accurate returns. after consumer reports contacted the company, tax slayer said we corrected the dated content and areas for improvement within 24 hours. creating an accurate and easy to use product is our top priority. tax act said we completed a robust implementation of the new tax code to ensure all calculations are correct. the appropriate forms and schedules populate and every deduction or credit change is included. we guarantee our software is 100% accurate and will get keea
6:47 pm
customer their maximum refund. h&r block said its online products include guarantees for accuracy, maximum refunds and audit support, all at no additional charge. turbotax disputed findings that it gave incorrect information on tax credits saying turbotax is a trusted resource with over 30 years in the tax business. we have tax expertise plus technology and tools to make sure customers' taxes are done right. now i posted the link to the full report by consumer reports, as well as the more complete responses by the four companies. you'll find all of that at now i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is up weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. the telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page. >> eye-opening stuff. all right, michael, thanks. >> sure. time to get one last check
6:48 pm
on our weather this evening. >> yeah, spencer christian back with an update. spencer? >> it is still windy all around the bay area. we have a wind advisory in effect, especially along coastal areas. so let me move along, give you a look at that. it will be in effect until 8:00 tonight. it's still going to be windy even after 8:00 p.m. the advisory will be lifted then. but it's going to take a while for the wind to get back to normal levels. in any event, along coastal areas look for gusts up to 45 miles per hour at times. there is the possibility of downed trees, tree branches and power lines. overnight look for mainly clear skies along with the breezy conditions. overnight lows will be in the mid-40s in our inland area, and upper 40 to about 50 near the bay and coast. tomorrow, a lovely day. it will still be breezy but sunnier than today and a lot warm were highs inland mid to low 70s. mid-60s on the coast. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be even warmer by a couple of degrees on saturday, but we'll have a rather sharp cooldown on sunday. even cooler on monday. cloudier also on monday with a slight chance of showers. and then we'll start warping up
6:49 pm
gradually on tuesday with a bigger warm-up wednesday and thursday with high temperatures by midweek next week, reaching almost 80 degrees in our inland areas and upper 70s to near 80 around the bay shoreline. that's pretty decent warm-ups. >> yeah, it is. thanks, spencer. taking a look now at sports. anthony florez in for larry. an animal theme. >> we all know hockey players are tough. i'm not calling them animals, but the captain has taken it to a whole new level. why joe pavelski spent the day at the dentist, and tiger is in the hunt at the masters. how many
6:50 pm
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now sports from abc7 news. >> it's masters week. up for grabs, one of the most iconic prizes in all of sports, the green jacket. who says golfers aren't tough? jason day gutting it out, despite having a back injury from trying to pick up one of his kids. yeah, they're heavy. he is at 2 under. tiger woods had a solid round. missed a few makable putts. but here on 14, he drains the bird. he is at 2 under, four shots off the lead. lefty had it going in the first round. on the par 3 16, look at, this phil mickelson staring it down. takes the roll. almost goes in for an ace. he is at 5 under, one shot behind the leaders. on 17, bryson dechambeau from the central valley, chip chip hooray. he chips in for birdie. a first round 66. he is at 6 under.
6:53 pm
so is this guy, brooks koepka. look at the break on that putt. koepka and desham doe bowe were tied for at least at 6 under par. koepka won two may squloors year. phil mickelson one shot back. ian poulter and dustin johnson are tied for fourth, just two shots off the lead. >> i do treat these weeks a lot different than i do probably regular pga tour events. i've been trying to transition that into the regular events. and done an okay job so far. but it's nice to be feeling good, get my chef there this week. so he is cooking me up some good food and trying to relax when you can. well, last night the sharks took game one of their best of seven series against the golden knights. but they did suffer a loss. well, just captain joe pavelski, who lost four teeth while scoring a goal. don't worry, despite spending the day in the dentist chair, he will play in game two tomorrow. the captain took a puck off the face from brett burns, who has the hardest shot on the team.
6:54 pm
most people would call it a night. not pavelski. he returned in the second period. but his night did not end when the final horn rang. he then spoke to the media, bloody lip and all. >> it's nice to hear the fans cheer. silver lining sort of thing, should i go to the pile or not? i knew everything was messed up there for a little bit. but i think somewhat fortunate it wasn't worse. >> keeping the dentist in business. he goes to the hard areas. that's why he scores so many goals. it's probably not a fun place to be, but he is one of the best in the world at it. >> wow. those guys are tough. brunch in baltimore. the a's with a matinee affair against the orioles. oakland down 1-0. not anymore. khris davis gives the a's a 2-1 lead. more fireworks in the fifth. josh's turn, his third home run of the year that made it 4-1. but wait, there is more. davis guess yard again in the sixth. it's his second of the game, fourth home run of last two days. ninth of the year.
6:55 pm
5-1 oakland. and then morales follows up with his first homer as an a. that made it 6-1. you just feel bad for the orioles. khris davis really struggling at the plate. he was the winning run in the eighth before striking out. get this, hit list in his last 61 at bats. the a's take three out of four. they win it 8-5. the kings with a surprising shake-up, firing head coach dave joerger after their best season in 13 years. general manager vlade divac said he made the move to take the team to the next level. the kings have 31 wins this season but failed to make the play-off in yaeger's three years as head coach. and the warriors/clippers open their play-off series saturday on abc7. it will be followed by after the game with larry beil, carrie keating and mindi bach. came four will also be here on the big seven on sunday, april 21st. the warriors are going for their third title in a row and fourth
6:56 pm
in the last five years. i guess the only real drama will be steph curry's ankle and how it holds up, if he plays. he is expected to but we'll see in game one. >> we'll be watching. >> thanks, anthony. >> make sure you join us on kofy tv at 9:00. coming up, not enough room to house all the immigrants at the border. new tonight, the white house plan to release them on to the streets of sanctuary cities, including san francisco. that's at 9:00. then on abc7 news at 11:00, two hikers are saved after five days in the california wilderness. how they survived, and the big clues that led rescuers to them. coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00, it's "grey's anatomy." then at 9:00, "station 19" followed by "for the people" at 10:00. stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. and that's it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm ama daetz. for anthony flores, spencer christian, the entire abc7 news team, have a great night.
6:57 pm
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