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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 12, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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rward whhe id. house speakernan >> unworthy oth presidency of the united states. what he is doing is in my view terribly wrong. what we comprehensive reform. >> bay area leaders are responding. london breed that, like so many issues, we are forced to talk about during this presidency, this isn't a real idea or a real proposal. this is another scare tactic. we are proud to be a sanctuary city and to continue to put forward proposals to support our immigrant communities. san francisco district attorney george gascone said that such a proposal is being pedaled by the leader of the free world is an all time low for american discourse. >> leaders also had a lot to
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say. we spoke to officials. >> reporter: a contradictory claim from president trump leaving many people in disbelief. >> i prefer that we had a president who focused on solutions, immigration challenges, rather than silliness. >> reporter: sam liccardo responolution does not include scaring parts of our community, it does not which you dividing families at the border, it does not include punishing political opponents with retribution and threats. >> reporter: many constitutional law experts say the action would likely be found illegal by the court system? the idea of using federal enforcement apparatuses to get after mit opponents or people who don't agree with you. that's the stuff of authoritarian regimes. not a constitutional republic like the united states. >> reporter: it comes as santa clara county is considering changes to its own policy
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followed the murder of someone killed by an undocument immigrant. >> our job at a local level is to create an environment where people can live together, work together, may together in a way that create a safe, strong environment at a local level. >> reporter: dave says if the president sends immigrants here, the administration should be prepared to pick up the cost to support them. ? we won't let the federal government mandate things that we're not refunded for. that take money out of the pockets in santa clara county. now to breaking news in the north bay. five people were pulled from the waters of the bay after the boats they were in capsized. marin officials say they had come to the rescue of two boaters in the water. the boat also capsized sending three more people in. thankfully all five people were safely rescued.
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abc news is committed to building a better bay area. >> in the south bay, there a plan to house as many as 870 people had a work at or attend the school. but zoning has become a sticking point. >> david louie is live at the site at the center of a disagreement. >> this old warehouse is surrounded by multifamily housing. privately developed on one side and university developed on the other side. they think this would be an ideal place for university staff. the planning division staff is nixing the proposal. it is a perfect place. it is right across the street from the university. the problem is, the three acre site is zoned for industrial useful you can see the existing warehouse here. well university owns the lap. the land sits in san sxhoes the planning staff doesn't want to
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change the zoning. >> industrial lands make up less than 3% of our total overall portfolio. they provide vitally important jobs for residents of all skill level. >> santa clara university would like to build 290 units of housing for faculty, staff and students. the high cost of housing makes it difficult to recruit and retain employees. >> we get resignations on a regular basis. i've had five in the last five months of some really talented young people that we've lost to other parts of california, nevada and the midwest. >> the president of the staff senate said housing is the primary concern. >> who wants to drive two hours or 90 minutes to start the day and then back home? you lose family time and personal time will. >> besides santa clara university, if jobs are important, the project will include a start-up incubator. >> we think of our project creating more jobs and
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companies. we'll be putting an incubator in the facility that will spin off ten times the number of jobs. >> san jose says its policies prohibit it to preserve jobs and to try to expand them. so this very strong disagreement between the city of san sxhoes santa chaira university might end up on the san jose city council next month.lara universd up on the san jose city council next month. >> part of the problem with housing is the rising cost and it is getting worse. san francisco is now the priciest city in the world for new construction. turner and townsend say that it is gone up by 5%. the study looked at building costs in many locations. in san francisco, it costs an average of $417 per square foot
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to build. the average hourly construction build is $90. the third highest in the world. other news now. governor newsom shared ideas on how california can save lives when wildfires strike. this follows a strike force that focused on recently deadly fires in the state. they under covered several problems in evacuating freedom last fall's camp fire. it killed 85 people. an preparation for emergencies. and the state will hold a summit in june to share ideas aimed at saving lives. >> bringing everyone around the table and doing something that they have not done, to my knowledge, in many years. >> they challenged lawmakers to change the standards for utilities pay for wildfire damage. part of that is helping keep electric rates low for consumers. here's a gift we can give
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you. no rain in sight. >> i haven't heard that in a while. >> the key words there, at least for the weekend. a look at live doppler 7. what was a big story for most of the week. the wind is becoming less a factor right now. it is quite breezy. we have gusts to 32 miles an hour. notice in most other locations, the winds are much lighter than they were. however, it is much warmer than at this hour. a 12-degree warm-up in fact.ct.. 10 degrees warmer than at this hour. tomorrow will be even warmer than today. we have new developments about a scabies outbreak on the buses in the south bay. about 12 buses have been taken out for cleaning and inspection. they say it is impossible to
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contract scabies by being in the same place as an infected person. it is because of prolonged skin to skin contact. b.a.r.t. directors are looking at new ways to improve security. >> our viewers are bombeding to the plan. one person writes, with a fixed budget you can hire more unarmed ambassadors and it can free them up. they may be able to de-escalate better since they may be perceived as less intimidating. >> who do you think should be keeping an eye out for b.a.r.t. riders and their safety? armed police officers or unarmed ambassadors trained to de-escalate situations. >> i like it better. i don't know what an ambassador would be able to do. >> i would rather have unarmed. i've seen some attendance doing
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a good job de-escalating situations. i don't think there's a need at this point. >> b.a.r.t. is manning to do something. riders have said they have concerns about safety. >> they just want employees to handle the situation as it comes up. >> the general manager announced her propose will bugged. >> she's proposing to add 19 new officers. >> but some asked about ambassadors, rather than officers. possibly ex-cons. >> so it is something we're looking at. we have to make sure we can afford whatever we do pick. >> they're already doing something like this in san francisco. they've hired unarmed ambassadors to ride in their elevators and keep an eye on them. they say ever since they'v done that, it has been a huge success. >> the data showed all leave behavior just stopped. it came to a halt the moment we did that. we're staffing the elevator.
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>> the board and the b.a.r.t. staff said they would like to hear what you think. >> it is an important decision. at the end of the day, everyone agrees the goal is to make sure b.a.r.t. is safer and feels safer. >> we devoted a week to looking at the challenges that face b.a.r.t. you responded with lots of questions, comments and suggestions. we want to hear your share them by joining our better bay area group. and heads up b.a.r.t. riders, tracks will be closed to four upcoming weekends. it begins the weekend of the 27 ths and then every other weekend after that until the week of june 8th. a bus bridge will be in place. san francisco police are beefing up enforcement after an increase in fatalities. they announced the traffic approximate in richmond
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district. there have been two fatality this is year. >> i have said this many times to my residents. slow down. i had the daughter of the mother in my office. she went for two hours in my office. i think we don't realize that the impact these collisions have, these crashes have. we can actually prevent these fatalities. >> police will be targeting speeders, unsafe lane changes, and especially drivers who don't stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. >> cheering on the champions in oakland. >> this is an amazing moment. we worked so hard for this. >> we'll take you on this great route. >> and get ready for the nba playoffs right here on nbc 7. it is not just about the game. for some, it is about the food. ur after her
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hearing aids were stolen in a burg burglary. the chp just reopened all lanes which were blocked for a high with because of a bad traffic accident. it's all clear now but the
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that's what we call
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excitement. >> oakland high which won the division three state championship and oakland tech which claimed the title. >> she is now at city hall where a rally is underway and some glad excited people. >> what a great day it has been for these two teams here in owing. as you can hear, the rally is underway. we're going to hear and cheer as well. we'll hear from school principals and of course the champions. two teams, both from owing, were crowned champions last month. today their communities rewarded them with a parade. jordan smith played for oakland tech. they won the division four championship. >> this means a lot. we're just showing a celebration. this is what we oakland high
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which won the state division three championship. >> this is an amazing moment. we worked so hard for this, day number of oak schoolshere rounda fa we waing champs. >> this has never happened to me. all the boys previously had a lot of attention. we never had much attention. it makes me very nervous and happy. happy that i did something in my last year. >> he remembers the pep talk the girls had right before the game. >> you know, you'll remember this day, good or bad. so why not have the good version? >> the last stop was city hall where they had a banquet prepared for the teams. it was a celebration they earned by being determined and working
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hard. >> right now, the the athletic leave has a frazer to try to pay for the state championship rings for these students, for these girls. $15,000 they're trying to raise. we're hoping that there is a generous soul out there somewhere in the san francisco bay area. ab abc7 news. >> it looked like a lot of fun. did you have any favorite moments? >> reporter: well, my favorite moment would have to be when the girls, the champions, were riding and they would to at each school. specially elementary schools where you had second graders, third graders, cheering them on. waving. and of course, as you saw in that video, giving them a high five. i think for them, for these little kids, they represent like
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their heroes and certainly, we need more of those. ohearay tomro n >> and dove nation can officially breathe. after spraining his foot tuesday, steph curry practiced without any issues.g theirhi straight title. >> and the playoff run will have some latin flavor this year. >> all thanks to a restaurant in owing. >> you can find treasures in the unlikeliest of places. take this oakland neighborhood market. >> tucked in a corner is a small puerto rican restaurant about to have a big moment. >> an opportunity of a lifetime. >> that opportunity of a high of time happens tomorrow. they are catering the vip sections for the warriors' first
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round playoff games of news that even excited the customers. a customer who was always cook for the warriors recommended them. >> we had a little of everything. and they fell in love with this. >> this is what they're making. it is basically a turnover. >> they come out of the deep fry. the owner jose ortiz pops one in. he says they're done when they float to the top in a couple minutes. the restaurant is making a thousand of them and 12 gallons of his has been narrow chili hot sauce. mayo ketchup sauce. if you don't think it is a big deal for this teeny family run restaurant, just watch jose almost tear up speaking about it. >> it is very emotional. >> pride in his food and his
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culture. >> wow! >> really cool. the warriors picked local chefs during the playoffs. >> and speaking of o. arena, the warriors opening the playoffs against the clippers tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. you can watch it only here on abc7. then stay for toyota after the game with larry beale. mindially bach will be at oracle with postgame reaction from players and coaches. >> okay. you may want to be outside tomorrow. >> it will be even warmer than today. sunny skies across the bay area. still quite breezy. here's a lovely view from
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tower. 71 at mountain view. 68 at's the view from emeryvill looking at mainly blue sky. other temperature readings, 75 in rosa. fairfield and vacaville and concord, right in the mid 70s. the view breezy he wi embarcadero. the cooler pattern on sunday and then a few extra clouds. a slight chance of right showers. no showers tonight unless you like the showery effect of the fireworks. fireworks at oracle park after the giants take on the colorado rockies. clear skies with breezy conditions. about 62 degrees at game time. fairly mild weather by san francisco baseball standard. overnight lows will occur under mainly cheer skies. a few patches of fog near the
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coast. mid to upper 40s in our inland valleys. near 50 near the shoreline. and then tomorrow, another mild to warm day. breezy at the coast but sown skies throughout the day. look for highs at half moon bay. low to mid 70s around the bay shoreline. 75, fremont. inland east bay, 77, concord. morgan hi. here's the high temperature trend. a him pollen seeping into the studio here in conforward for the seven days ahead. upper 70s tomorrow. dropping to hoe 70s. and then only about 62 on monday. the entire bay area will see quite a cooldown. once again, mile to warm
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tomorrow under sunny skies. we'll get cloudier skies with a slight chance of showers. maybe a lingering shower into early in the morning. thursday and friday, low 80s in the inland areas. upper 60s to about 70 on the coast. when did we last see 70 degrees on the coast? >> last october? >> he just pushed it back... new details about the first ever picture of a black hole. it now has a name. and the back lash about the and the back lash about the george has heart failure.image. and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive
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has named black hole found wednesday after an 18th century creation chant. meet embellished dark source of unending creation. that's what i thought it meant. they said it is the perfect name for the massive black hole in the m-87 galaxy nearly 54 million light years from earth. it is also justified since the project that photographed the cosmic object included two hawaii ty scopes. the siblt was responsible for the algorithm possible. they said she got all the credit when her colleague andrew wrote most of the 900,000 lines of code in that algorithim. she said that's completely wrong. if you're congratulating me because you have a sexist vendetta against katie, please
4:27 pm
go away and reconsider your priorities in life. >> he's not messing around. apparently fake smiling can lead to more drinking. researchers say paying thing positive emotions like smiling or resisting the urge to roll your eyes can be so draining for some that it can lead to drinking. especially at work. the more people have to control negative emotions at work, the less they can control their alcohol intake after work. >> new details in that ongoing college admissions scandal. >> and an accident, maybe an accident, at one of the biggest malls. seriously injured after being pushed or possibly thrown off the third floor. plus -- >> this is a 7-year-old. you can tell, she's deaf.
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here are the stories making headlines. the president confirmed in a series of tweets, he is considering placing immigrants in sanctuary cities. london breed called the rarg a scare tactic.
4:31 pm
wayne freeman sent out this video showing robbers. it was cam urd on security camera footage. two of them are in custody. on abc world news tonight, secret service officers arrested a man who tried to set his clothes on fire near the white house. president trump was in the white house at the time. a child is in the hospital after going over a railing in the mall of manager. witnesses say the child may have been thrown or pushed by a random stranger. >> reporter: the mall of america is a place for fun. you can see the amusement park equipped with a roller coaster. this morning police got a call for help after two 11 were landing on the first floor. >> we have a report on the south side that someone just fell from the first floor to the, from the
4:32 pm
third floor to the first floor. >> they initially believed he had fallen from the third floor. later they learn that he was thrown or pushed. >> witnesses also indicated the suspect that had either pushed or possibly thrown the child took off running immediately after the incident. we located the suspect quickly. >> the suspect, the 24-year-old man, how a shopper jumped in and helped police administer first-aid before the child was rushed to the hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries. >> the immediate concern is for the child. our thoughts and prayers are obviously with that child and his family and hopes that child is able to recover. >> the incident shut down a portion of the mall and nearby rail service. abc news, new york.
4:33 pm
>> now to the latest in the ongoing college cheating scandal. pleadi ple the 36-year-old harvard undergraduate, by the way, was among 50 people charged last month in the sweeping college admissions scandal. authorities say he was paid about $vi,000 a pop to take place of students or correct their answers. under a plea agreement, he will have to forfeit almost $240,000 that he earned from the scheme. a number of the students he cheat for are from the bay area. they include the daughter of manuel and elizabeth enriquez of atherton. according to the criminal complain, he sat side by side with daughter during her entrance exam. the xhanlts says after the exam, he gloated with the mother and daughter about the fact that they had cheated and gotten away with it.
4:34 pm
to learn more about the local families involved in the college cheating scandal, go to abc7 in the east bay, a little girl hearing loss is the unexpected victim of burglars but this has a surprise ending. you will see it only on abc7. this is a story about alicia that starts out with an interview. hey, we have a surprise for tea chilwe'r pf you for going back to school and doing a good job. >> she's deaf is that had something precious taken from her during the burglary. >> it is a way she can have a le ofmunication with the teacher, to take in
4:35 pm
information. >> the device attaches to her hearing aids and can be controlled by a smartphone. it was taken during a string of burglaries. >> how does this make you feel knowing somebody took your property? >> super angry, like mad. >> it hit home for the alameda sheriff's offices who knew the chances of recovering it would be slim. >> most of us are parents and a lot of us have kids the same age. >> we heard about the case through channel 7. it was a report that we had taken but we did not know the severity of what had occurred, that her hearing device was stolen and it was very important to her. >> with the gifts and playing officer for a day. mom is most touched by the raised awareness f thoit disabilities. hean tbe.mazingr: a despite h ha
4:36 pm
ol s a police officer. >> ace 7 news. >> and community members have since offered to buy her a new phone app which costs about $1,500. her school is already working on a replacement. >> we're live with the sports agent who inspired a huge film. >> we're seeing blue skies in every direct today of the it will
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[ announcer ]rchetiger woods.] [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that?
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back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome. people doing extraordinary things. an oakland mom is combining her books and her roots for kidsvi reading. now it is her favorite tale. >> because i like they were before. >> as her daughter sits attentively listening to every word, she hopes she is not only diving into a world of manation literacy by gak something more. >> so she is connected to her roots. >> in 2016, an oakland mom
4:40 pm
founded booklandia. she struggled for years finding bilingual books to her children so she took it tonight herself to create a book service that goes across the bay area. >> i want these books, these personal libraries to know inclusive and representative of the community at large. >> so this is actually one of the books that i read when i was a little girl. and she tells us that her goal is not only for books to be bilingual and spanish but to have a positive message. >> we not only with families and schools and we have a donation program where children that cannot buy the books will also receive books through booklandia. >> according to the california department of education in 2017, over 42% of the state's public school students spoke a language other than english at hole.
4:41 pm
she hope that's her books awakens a new pride in those homes. >> i like the chapter book. >> you still want it? >> abc7 news. >> if you would like to nominate someone to be a star, you can go to abc7/stars. an attorney who said he has reinvented soda will try to sell it to the sharks. after drinking the high calorie sugary stuff and diet drinks while fwurng midnight oil getting ready for a trialeri eeg tinkered in his kitchen for months to produce this drink. it is now sold out online. we'll have to see if the sharks buy it sunday at 10:00 p.m. right here on shark tank.tank.t. >> all right.
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sunny skies. quite a warm-up from yesterday. we'll see the temperatures cooling down from the mid to upper 40s. tule fog overnight and in the upper 40s. then a sunniy to mild day, breezy at the coast. low to mid 70s along the bay shoreline tomorrow. we'll see upper 70s to almost 80. tomorrow kicks off the northern california cherry blossom festival. it will be in japan town. under sunny skies and a good dose of spring warmth. we'll see a little drop-off of five or six degrees. a nice dry weekend. it will be a bit cloudier and cooler. more clouding up on monday as we have a chance of some white showers monday into early tuesday. it doesn't look like a strong chance but we'll keep an eye on
4:43 pm
it. we'll get sunny and warmer all order again. >> a taste of the future. >> the burger made by robots. >> i'm michael finney. a warning for parents.
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show me the money. >> did you know the iconic agent in the movie, jerry maguire, was infired by a real life sports agent. lee steinberg is joining us here today. how many times have you seen it, by the way? >> the number of times peeve have run up to me in public and said that to me is hundreds. >> we are trying to mennor and educate a new generation of young people that want to get into sports so it could be working for a team, a league. we'll have the oakland a's there and the 49ers and the giants and the raiders. so all the teams in the bay area will be there. so suppose you wanted g involv. we'll have anchors and producers
4:47 pm
there, or sports marketing or sports branding. i've done this across the country. the bay area is my second home. so i very much want to help young people who want to know what is actually available in sports. >> in a nut shell, how has this changed? i know you have to negotiate and there's the work of the athlete. i imagine like attitudes must have changed over time. >> the first thing was the amount of money. when i started each team in the nfl, made $2 million as the share of the national tv contract, today, it is $200 million. we now hemedia. >> we have millennial athletes who grew up on fast cutting and sound. and there's a little bit of a
4:48 pm
sub versive effect and focus. >> we are fab friends. although this is the first time we've met. we've discussed quite a few things. one of the things i admire about your career, you've had these enormous highs and lows. you are almost ten years sober now. congratulations. that's fabulous. but you never let that define you. how did you come out the other side? >> i've been open about my struggles with alcohol and the hope, if there's someone out there who is struggling, confused, demoralized, they know there is hopeful part of it is proportionality. i knew that i wasn't a starving steinberg in nazi, germany. and my dad had two core values. one was to treasure relationships, especially family. and the second was to try to make a meaningful impact in the world. and i was not doing a great job
4:49 pm
on either of them. so i went to a 12-step program. i did everything asked. and i had hope, resilience is really key. >> it is indeed. the nfl draft is two weeks away. how do you judge the draft class? >> i think the first 15, 17 picks are good. then i go another 40 players short of, synonymous with each other. i look at the 49ers taking someone like nick bosa, a defensive lineman. then they have to go defensive back. i think the raiders will take an edge rusher and someone like quinn williams from alabama. >> yeah. losing kahlil mack. that's a big deal. >> by the way, the draft can be seen right here on abc7. we so enjoyed having you here.
4:50 pm
lee tysteinberg with your roots right here in the bay area. >> best of huck to you. go to our website and find out what he's doing in town today. >> my pleasure. the trump administration is pushing for a faster rollout of five speed mobile technology in the united states. >> we cannot allow any other country to outcompete the united states in this powerful industry of the future. the race to 5g is a race america must >> the white house's plan includ ty.s also to expand broa in rural america. money will be drawn from exiting federal programs. a big day for chevron. the company is buying arco petroleum in a cash and stock deal which will expand the reach in deep water exploration. they put the enterprise actually
4:51 pm
of the deal at $50 billion. it is expected to close in the second half of the year. >> a major recall to tell but involving rock in place sleepers by fisher-price. >> it is being blald for 30 infant deaths. the warning didn't go far enough. i've already reprinted it. >> a week ago when it was just a warning. now all 4.7 million sleepers are being recalled. it is blamed for more than 30 infant deaths as you've just heard. kit allow infants to roll on to their stomachs or sides while unrestrained. the last one was seen as be going far enough. if you own any model of this project, stop using it now. they are offering full refunds and vouchers. and a study to find out how minors get their ecigarettes of it called track and trace and it
4:52 pm
provides a web portal to input the serial number. that gives away for parents, teachers and law enforcement to find how the child ended up with a vape. each one will be traceable within the next few weeks and older models will never be traceable. the company is working on tracking its juul pod ha have, refills. they plan to discuss the decision in the fourth quarter call. the financial ang lists saying it is all about offsetting the costs of expensive leases in certain stores. yet negotiating with landlords. the company closed 21 stores last quarter. however, it opened three more. >> how can you say it is all about one thing? it is usually all about one thing. >> with most of us. >> thank you. just ahead, a taste of the
4:53 pm
future. >> the thing is being made on the machine in real-time. >> these burgers are being made from scratch by robots. it's not quite the jetsons but it is pretty close. >> thanks. surveillance cameras capture just about everything these days. see how employees took matters into their own hands to stop suspected thieves. and get ready, it will be a brutal allergy season. some of you already know. we'll take to you art that of the bay area where it will be especially bad. especially bad. and it has just gottenrs free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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we have a lot coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00. you can watch fresh off the boat. that will be followed by speechless. then at 9:00, a special two-hour 20/20 and then stay tuned for abc news at 11:00. a creator in san francisco, the robots do most of the work. the one of a kind were a labor of love for this super creative and innovative team. for just $6, you can watch one make your burger. it is all part of our local brand, localish. >> each takes about four minutes to make. deliciouschea
4:57 pm
it was. >> i'm the co-founder of creator. i run operations. the project was started in 2010. since then we brought together a team of engineers, fabricators, chefs, culinary experts, a variety of other skills. we slice butter and toast all to order. and it is in a custom box. the next part, you get just the right amount of sauce and move on to get the fresh slice of tomato, pickle and onions. from there, we fresh grate the lettuce and the cheese. we have a grinder that takes a whole piece of the brisket. gets the seasoning and then it is ready to go. >> the thing that's being made on the machine in real-time. and how fresh it is. it is amazing. >> it was very important to use a lot of natural materials and
4:58 pm
be very light and inviting and open. >> really good. super fresh. the perfect bite. >> building the rest of the coil in the bay area, this community of engineers, chefs, people that love food, people open to trying new things and the customer base to go with it. >> and you can check out the brand on and you can be sure to get the haste news to get more videos you wanted delivered to your phone in real-time. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news at 4:00. thank you for joining us. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> we don't want anyone getting hurt. it is personal for us. >> take it personally, they did. next at :0 t aionmm ahead of fi
4:59 pm
season. he is making his demand very clear. >> and allergy season is almost here and it will be bad. especially in one part of the bay area. >> live where you live. >> employees at a santa rosa camera store take matters into their own hands. tackling and capturing two teenage here's tried to rob the store. one of them just 14 years old. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. the two suspects are now in custody. another remains on the loose this evening. the attempted robbery took place yesterday. as a shutter bug camera shop. >> tt' wayne freedman is. >> this is the story behind the story of the it is getting to be closing time of the afterey go . this is the would be robbery of a camera store caught on video.
5:00 pm
>> with so much good gear on sale, you have to figure that a camera store has a top notch surveillance system and shutter bug camera store, these three people seemed to have never made the connection. >> they came in the door. >> so the armed robbery that did not go according to anyone's plans -- >> there was not time to be scared. >> the owner, three of eight people working yesterday as suspects jumped behind the case. grabbed gear and then encountered something they had not planned on. resistance. >> i think we did the right thing. >> virtually every store employee helped. >> what made you challengehe


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