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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 19, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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breaking tonight -- tornado alerts and a state of emergency as we come on the air. several reported twisters. homes and structures damaged. deadly weather up and down the t weekend begins. rob marciano standing by. president trump bashing the mueller report after previously claiming complete exoneration, the president now calling statements made about him quote, "b.s." democrats issuing a subpoena for the full report. judgment day for the mother and father who abused, chained and tortured their 12 children for years. the parents in tears as some of their children appear to defend their actions, asking the judge for mercy. the fiery rescue on the highway. four people pulled from two burning cars. the vehicles completely in
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flames. also tonight, the protests growing because of this video. why two officers say they jumped from their cruisers, immediately firing into a car with a couple inside. and we'll take you to paris as the faithful march on from the ashes of notre dame on this good friday. and the new information tonight is a computer glitch to blame for that fire growing out of control. good evening. great to have you with us on a busy friday night. irm tom llamas in for david. we begin with the severe weather threat moving up the east coast tonight. a state of emergency in mississippi right now. the third day of a deadly storm system. treacherous travel this weekend, i-95 in der,ian, georgia, and rescuing a firefighter from underneath a fallen tree. and a home in franklin county,
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virginia. the dangerous storms on the move. the watches from raleigh to d.c. and up to baltimore. david kerley starts us off in washington where they are bracing for the storms to hit. >> reporter: this is the danger tonight, tornados. this one touching down in virginia, picking up debris before the witnesses take cover. when residents emerged in franklin county, the tornado had taken its toll. the strong winds, toppling trees, turning deadly. an 8-year-old girl in florida killed when a tree struck a home she was in. an atlanta truck driver, rescued, cut out of his crushed cab. to the north, our zachary kiesch is in raleigh. >> these storms have already knocked down huge trees here in raleigh. it's just getting started. >> reporter: the storm started before dawn. a gash ripped in georgia apartment building. the roof of a knoxville home
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torn away. >> i didn't know what was going on. i was shaken i was shocked. >> reporter: along with the winds, heavy rains. this, along the georgia-florida border. >> i am right in the middle of the heart of a tornado storm right now. >> reporter: the storms cutting power for thousands. and more tha flights canceled. overnight, eight tornados in mississippi. the town of morton mississippi >> it went through in a matter of seconds. out of the blue. >> reporter: homes crumbled and cars crushed. by a high end f-2 tornado with winds over 130 miles per hour. the rain has picked up here again. and they are preparing for a rough night tonight. the tornado warnings in effect until midnight. the strong storms could bring winds up to 70 miles per hour. tom? >> david kerley leading us off. rob marciano is by the west side highway here in new york. rob, time out the storm for us. >> reporter: tom there is so much wind energy. they stretch all wait down to south florida.
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look at the radar scope reaching back to memphis. clearly, north carolina and virginia are the hot spots tonight. raleigh, the first time huh a risk in three years. the storms up through d.c. and philadelphia and new york city by daybreak. the heavy rain saturday morning in new england. we expect flash flood watching for nearly all of the northeast. quieter sunday. but the next few hours will be dangerous. >> we will monitor the storm throughout the wicked. rob, thank you. we do move now to the fall out from the mueller report. president trump true v turning from try yiumph to anger. tonight, they have subpoenaed the full unredakted report. here is jonathan karl. >> reporter: shortly after the public got a first look at the mueller report, president trump claimed it amounted to complete vindication.
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>> game over! time to get back to work, folks. >> reporter: but today the president is lashing out, specifically at some his former top aides who told robert mueller trump lied to the public and wanted them to do things that could amount to obstruction of justice. now, in a series of angry tweets, the president calls some of their accounts "fabricated & totally untrue" and "total bs and only given to make the other person look good (or me look bad." he appears to be particularly angry at his former white house council don mcgahn, who talked extens under oath, mcgahn said the president repeatedly ask him to have mueller fired. >> mr. president, you've sought or thought about or considered leading to dismissal of the special counsel? >> i haven't given it any thought. >> reporter: mcgahn said he refused the president's order, and refused to lie about it later. he had extensive notes of his conversations with trump to back up his account. today the president tweeted, e p rublicans people that taked
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in congress painted haven't said much about mueller's report, which paints a dark portrait of chaos and dishonesty in the trump white house but tonigh senator netynd misdirection by oftty om r individuals in the hstheig thpr >> jonathan karl joins news now from the washington. and flay what is the justice department saying tonight? >> reporter: the justice department has just put out a statement saying that the subpoena is quote premature and unnecessary because they have released a lightly redact offer towho s a less redacted version but democrats are not accepting that, tom. this will be fought out in the
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courts. >> jonathan, thank you. next to davided and louise s including torture for shackling their kids to beds. louise turpin breaking down, hearing what they had to say. they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars. here is matt gutman. >> reporter: the last time the turpin children saw their parents, some were shackled to their beds. >> my parents took my whole life from me. >> reporter: but today in court resilience. >> but now i'm taking my life back. >> reporter: david and louise turpin sobbing as they listened statements from four of their children, and before a judge sentenced them to 25 to life for what they did to their own. >> sometimes i still have nightmares of things that had happened, such as my siblings being chained up or getting beaten, but that is the past and this is now. >> reporter: a remarkable turn
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from january 2018 when their 17-year-old sister scrambled out this window to dial 911. >> and my parents are abusing. they abuse us, and my two little sisters right now are chained up. >> where are they chained up at? >> on their bed. >> reporter: seen here being arrested, both pleadui glty to multiple counts of torture and fae prisonment, accused of keing their 13 children in starving them, keeping them in filth. even beating some. amid those expressions of anger, there was also forgiveness. >> i love my parents and have forgiven them for a lot of the things they did to us. >> reporter: david turpin so overcome that first he is unable to read his statement. his wife louise more remorsement. >> i am truly sorry for everything i have done to them. >> reporter: but the judge had little pity.
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>> to the extent that they do thrive, it will be not because of you both, but in spite of you both. >> matt gutman joins us live. the case is over but the children have years of recovery. >> reporter: with chronic malnutrition, their are stunted. it. >> took courage to go and read that statement. one of them has his first part time job in a bike shop. tom? >> incredible resilience. thank you. next to the outrage in new haven, connecticut, after two police officers looking for a robbery suspect jumped from their vehicle, firing on a coupcar with a couple inside. woundsing the female passenger. tonight, protesters are taking to the streets. here is abc's lindsey davis. >> reporter: surveillance video has the community near yale university up in arms. win seconds of driving up to the
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red car, two flimps fire multiple times. inside the car, shot at least once, 22-year-old stephanie washington and in the driver's seat, her boyfriend, 22-year-old paul witherspoon. >> i thought i was dead. he pointed it right at me. >> reporter: police say a camden and yale plimpb reported a robbery, and this honda allegedly fit the description and the driver made an abrupt movement and authorities say they did not find a weapon inside. now, outrage. protestors including hundreds of yale students are coming for the two officer who fired their guns to step down. they are also demanding the body cam and dash cam video be released. the female inside the car is now out of surgery and in stable condition. one of the officers was also injured in the incident. both are an administrative leave
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as the state's attorney reviews the case. tom. >> thank you. the mother of a fifth grader who died after a fight after school is disputing the prosecutors conclusion the fight had nothing to do with her death. the autopsy showed that she had a rare condition that caused abnormal blood vessels in her brain. mere is abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: parents are demandsing answers, wanting to know how this south carolina fifth grader can lose her life after a fight that grade school, are shocked tonight. >> first, she died of natural causes. second there is no evidence of trauma on or inside the body of her. to say it contributed to her death. >> reporter: they say she had a
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rare birth defect that caused her deathheec m where ood vessels that shouldn't grow together do and could burst. sss most deadly in the brain a suffered hers. the girl's family said in the last two years, theyad h her to the doctor seven times because of bad headaches. the girl's mother say she by aeves the death was >>sihy p whocase kpild is going next with the same girl? >> prosecutors tonight say they are notin il fyg the case. tom? >> steve thank you. next to the desperate plea for help from vicks of hurricane michael. scientists say is much worse than first thought. the hurricane wiped most of mexico beach off the map last october. and tonight the national hurricane center said it slammed
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the shore as a category 5, just the fourth one on record. tonight, the national hurricane center upgrading an initial assessment of hurricane michael. meteorologists confirming the deadly hurricane, one of the strongest storms to ever hit the u.s., was actually a category 5. winds hitting 160 miles per hour. in panama city, florida, david and his team reporting and taking shelter in this concrete hotel and suddenly the roof collapses. >> you can see the roof of the hotel -- we had been standing out there. that was the shelter. >> reporter: in mexico beach, ginger gee reporting as structures around her are destroyed. the blue house there, gone. >> the homes floating away. it is no longer. >> reporter: the after math devastating. hurricane michael responsible for 16 deaths and $25 billion in damage. but tonight, the cleanup is still on going and now survivor.
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just this week accusing state and federal e federal governments of abandoning themg. a community trying to rebuild and move past the deadly storm as a new hurricanet approaches.urn paris now and notre dame off limits in the wake of the devastating fire. the good friday ritual, the stations of the cross, took place in the treats with the twin tower cathedral in the background. a computer glinch may have caused the fire. >> reporter: a solemn procession in paris today making good friday. thousands gathering to retrace the steps of jesus all in the shadow of notre dame where masses are can semied for the first time in nine centuries. in vest gators now suspect the fire that rip tlud this church may have been sparked by an electrical short sir sit, a
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computer glitch showing the fire in a wrong location. today, signs of progress. digar pullingou ficials nowrevealing the art work recovered from the cathedral escaped major damage. calling it a miracle. today, on the streets of paris. we found that same hope among the faithful. >> in a few years, notre dame will be built again. >> notre dame is the heart of humanity. >> reporter: a powerful moment today, the crown of thorns relic saved from notre dame was today presented to worshippers in a good friday sar ploen. tom? >> james, thank you. there is more ahead of "world news tonight" this friday. the deadly police shoot out in new york. the officer wounded. the gunman from behind a parked car. news on the con tonight. the fiery rescue right on the highway. four people trapped in two burning cars.
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great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. back now with a fiery carys cue in new jersey. state troopers pulling beam out of their vehicles seconds before they are in flames. >> we have them trapped in a vehicle. >> reporter: you are looking at newly released police body cam video from camden, flge nge two camps are on fire of a crash. >> pull, pull! >> just moments after an accident early y this month, four police officers are seen struggling to rescue the people trapped inside. >> give me your hand. come on. give me your hand. >> reporter: tonight, those sfemps honored by camden police for their heroism. >> i knew that someone was inside the vehicle still. communication was excellent.
3:49 pm
the sferp saying i got the legs. i told him i would grab the arm. move him to the shoulder. >> reporter: tonight, camden police want to publicry recognize the good samaritans who helped saved the people in their cars and asking for them to come forward. tom? >> gravery. thank you. the health alert about flu season. the longest in a decade. the new numbers tonight. and a police officer wounded in a running gun battle. the shoot out in a parking lot. news on the officer's condition tonight. stay with us. about teaching him to put others first. about helping her raise her first child. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio. it's the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. it gives us more time without cancer progressing. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor approved with hormonal therapy that can be taken every day for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc.
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time now fmp the index and a deadly police shoot out right here in new york city. video smoeing justin wounded by a gunman. the suspect shot and killed. fellow sferps applauding as he left the officer today. the cdc warning the flu season is the longest in a decade. with 21 weeks of elevated flu activity in the u.s. more than 57,000 people have believed to have died just this season. and widespread plu activity. take a look at the map. and the stuff of nightmares. a 18 foot python found on a roof in a home in detroit. what was she doing there? whatever she wants. the owner finally coming home, flim v climbing on the roof to bring her home. the snake's name is juliet. she got scare bid one of the barking dogs. the owner insists juliet is
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >>n't finally tonight, america
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strong. the puppy no one wanted to adopt until someone realized he was actually a perfect match. when a local tv station in maine ran a pupally adoption segment, emerson is one dog you will not forget. his face so cute. his story so sad. neglected. battling illness and death. on this day, other dogs were adopted but not emerson. if this story has already touched you, it touched nick abbott in a far nor personal way. nick who is deaf learned of emerson on facebook and decided to check him out. >> he came straight to me and stayed by my foot and stayed there. you can tell that he kind of picked me and i knew we would get along well and understand each other. >> reporter: to help emer soen, nick started to use visual commands. a sign language he developed for the two of them. watch him use his hand to get emerson to sit.
3:58 pm
>> good boy. >> reporter: emerson also learning one command in front of cameras. how to lie down. emerson now part of nick's own pack. hanging out with his other dog, scout. going on runs and getting to know other dogs in their family. >> that's a happy dog. happy dog. >> reporter: a happy dog and a happy owner who don't need words to understand each other. >> the bond that we have is awesome. we understand each other very well. >> reporter: we thank nick and emerson for sharing their story. we thank you for watching on this good friday and happy pass overas well. i'm tom llamas. see you tomorrow.
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a box truck burst into flames this afternoon. damaging the structure and closing two lanes. the good news, the driver was not hurt. >> the bad news, traffic on one of the main arteries out of the bay area was slowed to a crawl for hours after the crash. >> here's how it looks right now behind the toll plaza on 680. this is a live look from sky 7 with our sky map 7 technology. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> the toll plaz >> more on the unusual fire. >> reporter: very unusual. i mean, this might have been just another truck fire on northbound 680. but it is where it occurred. the unusual thing about it, right as the truck got to the
4:00 pm
toll plaza. it burst into flam just after 1:30 this afternoon, drivers approaching the been eastern a toll plaza saw an alarming. a black smoke coming from a box truck fully engulfed in flames. the driver and the toll takers all escaped without injury and firefighters extinguished the blaze. but windows blew out, equipment appears to be in melt down mode. although the toll plaza structure appears to be intact. chp spokesperson brandon says they're investigating how long it will take to make repairs. huge boxes of goldfish crackers are the only sign of what the u-haul truck might have been carrying. traffic was diverted to the left and the right of the damaged toll booths.


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