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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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before going outside when the weather is this warm. >> maybe don't be wearing a big coat because it's hot outside. drew tuma took his off to head to the roof. >> reporter: the first hot day of the year is always hardest on our bodies. we're not used to the warmth. take it easy. find frequent breaks in the shade. those highs were 20 degrees above normal. 93 in santa rosa. 88 at sfo. we hit a record high of 91 in gilroy. those numbers are very warm at this hour. but our microclimate are in full effect. look at the peninsula. 59 in half moon bay. 9 miles to the east, redwood city, 30 degrees warmer. you are sizzling at 89 degrees. much of the region is seeing very warm temperatures at this early evening hour. at 80 at oakland right now. the same in san francisco. a warm 85 in san jose. concord and vallejo, it's down right hot at 90 degrees. if you're out and about later
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tonight, dress for warm temperatures. future tracker temperatures by 9:00, it's a mild night in the 60s and the 70s. that means we're in for a warm night overnight and another hot day on the way tomorrow. by 10:00 in the mornin already have spots getting close to 80 degrees. we'll take a look at how hot we get tomorrow and how long the hot weather will stick around when i step back inside the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you, drew. governor newsom was in the east bay today to show unity with local fire crews and officials ahead of the fire season. abc 7 news reporter kras reyes explains what they plan to do kif differently this year. >> highlighting a project that starts here and goes down to walnut creek. >> that project will address the vulnerabilities of people who live on an urban interface, many in the bay area. >> when people think of oakland, they don't think of wilderness. yet, we are one of the highest risk areas for that wildfire
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threat. >> the sky 7 shot over the east bay is one of the largest areas identified in the fuel reduction project. this area stretching from the berkeley hills to north of lafayette has been sectioned off into ten parts called the north orinda fuel break. >> we're looking at a shaded fuel break option where we get in and limb up and remove fuel that's dead and dying on the ground. the other pieces we have a broadcast burn component where we'll safely remove fuel in an area, create a fire break. >> while crews on the ground do their jobs. another essential part are the resident themselves. that means no untrimmed grass like this patch in this berkeley nighborhood. more like landscaping around houses, installing a new roof and general maintenance. >> we've cleaned up the yard. so there's no brush close to the house. people kind of look out for each other here, which is a blessing. >> once infrastructure, taking into account our own individual
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responsibility, not just the collective responsibility to address prevention is another important message that we must communicate. >> reporter: the governor reminding residents to download the brand new ready for wildfire app to help prepare their homes and families for the upcoming fire season. in oakland, i'm chris reyes for abc 7 news. we want to help make the bay area a better place to live. we've launched expanded coverage of the biggest issues that we face here. we call it building a better bay area. one of the biggest issues is homelessness. there's a vigorous debate over san francisco's proposal to build a new homeless navigation center. it would be along the embarcadero, bryant street, a few blocks from oracle park. tere's a parking lot there now. navigation centers provide homeless people a place to sleep and a case manager to connect them with resources. san francisco opened the first center in 2015 and there are now half a dozen open in the city. for the more than 3,000 people who have come into the centers,
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there's about a 50% success rate of getting them off the streets more permanently. we were at the meeting today. louis pena is there today. >> reporter: dan, there hasn't been a decision made at the moment. the meeting continues upstairs. there have been several very heated passionate arguments from both sides. obviously, the waterfront neighbors do not want this navigation center in their area and the homeless community wants a chance to get off the street. the commission is scheduled to vote 46,000 square feet to the department of homelessness in support of housing. the navigation centers in question will offer more than a hundred beds for the homeless community and that can increase to 200 beds after seven months. now, inside the meeting it's standing room only at the moment. pope ents from the center -- they don't want it in the waterfront. there are currently five active navigation centers in the city. we spoke to a homeless woman who
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lives in one of the centers for more than a year. >> i don't like seeing my fellow people on the streets like this. i don't. i don't. because the way people treat you out here, it's -- it's ugly. >> if the project is approved to build a homeless shelter on a seawall lot 330 tonight, almost certainly there will be a lawsuit, yes. >> reporter: now, we just heard from the attorney of the waterfront neighbors, that's the person they hired to represent them in this ordeal, they do not want this center in their neighborhood. let's remind that the reason why they have such heated arguments at the moment is because this is the first time that the neighbors had a chance to speak to the port commission here in san francisco. live in san francisco, luz pena. getting a home in the bay area isn't the only struggle. keeping a home. this is one of the most expensive place toss live in the country. for now. the south bay is the first major market nationwide to see home
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values drop year over year according to zillow. it defines south bay as santa clara county where a median home price is $1.2 million. david louis explains it's a small shift that could make a big difference. >> reporter: realtors who measure their experience in decades say that silicon valley market is seeing a return to normalcy. >> inventory picked up. you have more choices. that means that competition won't be as fierce. if you take a break and said i just -- there's no chance, i think there is a chance now. i think there is an opportunity there. >> that means buyers have more time to find the right house without making offers tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands over the asking price. at one point last year, the supply sold in two weeks in some areas. now it's taking a few months. zillow crunched the housing numbers. >> the level of inventor r i is coming up. these are good indicators that
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competition is softening. >> reporter: there is good news when this comes to mortgage rates. compared to a year ago, a 30-year fixed is lower. >> to buy this san jose, the interest rate was 5% last year. it's 4% now. that translates into a $600 lower monthly mortgage payment. a lower interest rate means you may qualify to buy a more expensive home if you can afford the payments. some are in more high demand than others. competition may continue to pit buyers against each other. >> that still doesn't mean we don't have multiple offers. i wrote an offer last week on a property for $100,000 more than asking. we didn't get it. >> median priced homes dropping slightly. zillow is projecting that san francisco median prices could soon follow. in lows dps gatos, david louis, 7. >> we want to hear your ideas.
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san jose mayor sam liccardo rejected a huge pay increase even though a city panel is will to give him one. he currently gets $132,000 a year. last year san jose residents voted to empower a committee to set salaries. the panel decided to gively card owe a $58,000 raise to 190,000 per year. he wrote in a memo, he would accept a 3% raise like many city employees. razor no raise, the mayor is the lowest paid big city mayor. libby schaaf is paid about $203,000. san franciscs london breed makes the most. $326,000 per year. a former warriors coach is now on the defense. luke walton has been accused of sexual assault. reaction from the golden state warriors. you have guns in my stomach, two of them. they ask me to get out. >> firsthand description of what it was like to be stuck and
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surrounded by a violent sideshow in oakland. a truck driver tells his story only to to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at late this afternoon, we heard from the woman accusing former war years assistant luke walton of sexually assaulting her. she went into detail on what happened the a owe hotel. cornell barnard is live with her story and reaction from the warriors. >> reporter: dan, the team is in the process of reviewing the alleged incident involving luke walton. steph curry is reacting to the
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news. >> i thought he was going to rape me. >> former l.a. sports reporter kelly tennent is speaking out about an alleged sexual assault by luke walton. she's suing him for an incident she says that happened at his santa monica hotel room when he was assistant coach. tennent says he was helping her with a book she was writing. >> out of nowhere he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest. and he continued to laugh at all of my pleas to get off and to stop. >> it's not clear if the incident was ever reported to police. the warriors are in the process of seeking more information this. >> luke, known him for a long time. hopefully, everything works out. >> walton was just named head coach of the sacramento kings. the team told us, we are aware of the report and are gathering
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additional information. we have no further comment at this time. >> reporter: now, luke walton's attorney in los angeles says the accuser is quote, an opportunist, not a victim. and we intend to prove that in court. in oakland, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. cornell, thank you very much. the warriors play tomorrow. happening tonight, the san jose sharks are back at. >> between the sharks and vegas golden knights. >> reporter amanda dell is there. >> reporter: the weather is warm. the teal is bright. fans are still continuing to pour in ahead of tonight's big game. we're talking big. game 7. that means winner take all. look at the wave of teal to hit downtown san jose today. a better look at the afternoon street rally happening now just outside the s.a.p. center. since 4:30 p.m., music,
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facepainting, food trucks all this to keep the positive energy flowing. fans are anticipating a stressful game. the highs and the lows. it's all part of sharks hockey. fans in very high spirits after a victorious game 6, double overtime win in sin city. they're hopeful, waiting on tonight's win. >> it's what we live for all year. >> it means efrng. it's going to be a lot of nerves new york city doubt. it's going -- no doubt. >> i will skip the giants game on friday for a game one round 2 right here. >> reporter: as you can tell, no going overboard with facepainting tonight at the shark tank. the winners face the colorado avalanche in round 2. puck drop in less than 45 minutes. we're out here outside of the sap center in san jose. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. thank you so much amanda.
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the nfl draft is here on abc 7 starting thursday. this week, the local college players who have a chance to have their dreams come true. today we meet a stanford linebacker who excelled on the field and in the classroom. dustin dorsey has thethethethete >> style. >> good to be in that same category as him. mission to become a professional. no longer a college student. senior bowl was good. honestly, feels great to compete. compete with some of the best guys in the nation. combines. compete with some freaks and lastly on the stanford field, goat compete with my brothers. my agent doesn't think i'll make it out of second round. it's not up to me. got to keep checking the boxes. keep doing well.
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see how it goes. >> and you can watch the nfl draft here on abc 7 this week. it will air starting at 5:00 p.m. thursday. 4:00 p.m. friday and 9:00 a.m. on saturday. now, let's focus on the heat we are experiencing around the bay area. >> feeling like summer, drew. >> if you like summer, you'll like tomorrow as well. that heat is going to stick around for another day. little in the way of relief coming our way until about thursday for a lot of us. live doppler 7 right now. the way you get a lot of heat this time of year, you need clear skies. that's when we have right now. plentiful sunshine. live doppler 7. not an ounce of precip on the map. the picture, it's beautiful from this vantage point. sutro tower pointedand in ba.wee in sto for a really nice evening under way. we'll have warm temperatures early on. we look at your hourly planner over the next couple of hours. in the 80s right now for most of us. those numbers will gradually fall under clear skies.
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later on tonight, you can see even as we go into midnight, it's still mild out there in the 60s. but a reminder. when temperatures are in the 80s and low 90s, your asphalt can be as warm as 130 and 140 degrees fahrenheit. protect your pets. they can get very warm very quickly on the pavement this time of the year. look at the current temperatures. can't see the numbers enough if you love the heat. 90 in concord and vallejo. it's warm at the shark tank where amanda was moments ago. 85 in san jose. still in the city, we're at 78, 80 in oakland. and santa rosa after a record high in the 90s. still warm right now at 86 degrees. tonight we will see plenty of stars. the only exception, we'll see a little bit. i can emphasize a little bit of coastal fog right around the coast of san francisco and parts of half moon bay and pacifica. that's about it. temperatures over the next 12
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hours, again on the warm side for this time of the year. even low 60s. our winds right now are offshore. the winds are coming off of the land. that's why we see uniform temperatures in the 80s and the 90s. tomorrow the winds will switch. we're going to get a sea breeze in the afternoon and in the evening. the wind direction off the ocean water, moving inland. what that will do, begin the cooling process wednesday night and it really kicks in on thursday. tomorrow in the south bay, another hot one in san jose. 89 degrees for an afternoon high. lots of sunshine. 87 in cupertino. sunnyvale 86 degrees. 81 for san mateo. when the sea breeze kicks in x look at pafi aute 60s. downtown san francisco, not as warm. 76, still warm downtown. 67 in daly city. cooler along the coast and san francisco. 86 in sonoma.
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83 san rafael. cooler along the water. mild at 75 degrees. the east bay, 70s to mid-80s. 84 in fremont. 80 in oakland. 79 in berkeley. 83 castro valley. inland, another day of temperatures in the upper 80s to 90s. 89 walnut creek. 88 livermore. 87 in pleasanton. lucky enough to hit the beach. it's going to feel cooler tomorrow. we have the sea breeze that kicks in. temperatures get knocked down into the 60s for the most part. the only exception, santa cruz warm at 78. the ocean water temperature is a chilly 53 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast for the next seven days, still hot. the cooling fog moves in thursday. that sets up a very nice weekend. little breezy saturday but the winds relax sunday. it feels nice to finish out the weekend with temperatures close to average with most in the 70s. >> all right. thank you, drew tonight, we remember a loca. next, a lk back at the life
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a record breaking day on wall street. the dow went up 145 points. that's not the real story. the nasdaq gained 105 surpassing it all-time best close from august. the s&p 500 beat its historic closing high set in september. shooting up 25 points.
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the boom was driven by trading in consumer goods, health care, as well as technology. twitter stock gained more than 15% following news of strong profit in revenue and increase in users. twitter reported 330 million monthly active users in the first three months of this year. that's 9 million more than the previous quarter and ends a streak of user decline. h&r block announced the death co-founder. henry w. block helped grow the business in kansas city, missouri, to the global tax service provider. he served as president from 1962 until 1988 and as chairman until 2000. he was 96 years old. one of the lenl dairy a dia cl here at abc 7. >> good morning. >> jim dunbar worked on kgo television and radio. he launched one of the first
6:24 pm
morning tv news and talk shows on channel 7 with a.m. san francisco in the mid-'60s. he made national headlines in 1969 when he spoke on the air with a man claiming to be the notorious zodiac killer. he anchored the news on kgo radio hoping to make it the number one rated station in the bay area for more than 30 years. he was inducted into the radio hall of fame in 1989 months before his retirement. jim dunbar was 89 years old. truly a legend and inspiration to all of us and a nice guy. >> all right. well, still to come, cars spinning doughnuts, guns, fireworks and the torching of a bus and truck. it was an oakland sideshow. >> the truck driver is talking about that night for the first time only with us. do you have unclaimed money hiding in plain sight? i'm michael finney, 7 on your side is coming up.
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he doesn't want his face shown. this is the driver of a delivery truck who was carjacked and hild at gunpoint during a sideshow in oakland. it happened nine days ago. tonight he talked exclusively with abc news reporter leslie brinkley about that confrontati confrontation. >> he shared this video as he escaped. he ter v to oakland police. but no one followed up. that is, until this afternoon when abc 7 news reached out to police to make sure they knew of the video's existence. >> this is video from the driver whose truck was torched in an april 14th sideshow in oakland. he wants to remain anonymous but
6:29 pm
described his ordeal from his central valley home. >> it was like craziness. most of it was like -- >> he was on a run from tracy to an oakland grocery store. when he got stuck inside the sideshow traffic like this on international boulevard at 42nd avenue. he says he waited for 40 minutes and saw no police. >> people were shooting up with guns. so what i did was i try to look if i can go through it. when i turn on my truck and honk on them, they all got mad and they just talk in front of me. went up to the truck, start jumping on it. they actually stand in front of the truck and came around the cab and they asked me to get out. when i got down, then they point guns on me like they're trying to show me -- they actually pointed it on my stomach. >> others lifted up their shirts to show they, too, were armed. >> you'll you are thinking is i
6:30 pm
got to get out of here. >> i thought i'm going to die. i got a kid. i said i'm not going to see my kid anymore. i was so scared. >> when the crowd was looting the truck, he used the distraction to back away and take videos of people spray painting his truck. >> started getting the toilet papers from the deck and put fires on them and throw them on the truck. >> the truck went up. you were hiding watching all this. >> i was in a store. hiding on the store. i don't think you can drive the truck anymore. even a car when i'm driving, my hands are shaking. >> reporter: that driver is still shaken up, unable to work and worried about the welfare of his family having survived that oakland sideshow attack. in the central valley, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. terrifying. today in sacramento, the chair of the assembly transportation and public safety committee pulled a be engage not guilty sideshow say crime. -- engaging in sideshow a crime.
6:31 pm
how to define sideshows, criminalize them and penalize people who participate. currently, police can issue citations to sideshow participants. state lawmakers will now work on tweaking the language of the bill and it will be debated again next year. the state controller's office on track. they will process 33,000 property claims worth $23 million. >> many californians are receiving found money because of the state controller's hard work. there are others who may be owed money that is hiding really literally in plain sight. >> 7 on your side michael finney has been looking into it. >> this is interesting. this will be different than any other story. unclaimed property law requires companies to report and submit their customers' property to the state controller's office when the customer can no longer be located. once the information and money gets to the state, is the state doing enough to get it to you? >> you're rich. better than me. >> this is how most of us think
6:32 pm
of the unclaimed property division and website. >> $135 from texas instruments. so that's cool. >> a place that delivers up found money. but not everyone is smiling. >> there's a vast number of errors in the database which prevents certain property records from showing up in searches. >> julie carlson spent months downloading files from the state's unclaimed property records and crunching the data. she's taking me out for a spin. the state's website looks easy and straightforward. last name, first name, middle initial, city. julie is putting in a name. blurred here for privacy. the person lives in san francisco. she puts that in too. we find no unclaimed money. >> if your particular property rof record in the database has your city name misspelled and you put in the correct spelling of the
6:33 pm
city, it's not going to pull up. >> watch what happens when she changes the spelling of san francisco to fran san sis cal is. >> $4,307. >> four grand hiding in plain sight. if you go far enough into the unclaimed property website, this helpful video explains that. >> when narrowing the search by city, you can enter partial information. for example, if you lived in sacramento, you can just enter sac for the city. >> the video offer other search tips, too. >> try common misspellings of your name. >> great advice. then it gets weirder than that. julie tries another name. again, blurred for privacy. the correct first and last name don't work. but she does manage to find the person and a bunch of cash. >> how did we end up finding her? >> we didn't follow what the screen said. we just started plugging in
6:34 pm
information that we know about yourself or your family member, first name, last name and stuck them in spots until we hit the right combination. and voila. >> julie is adamant the state could clean up the database so you have a better chance of finding your money. >> i took julie's concern directly to the california state controller betty. >> she's horrified at all the inaccuracies. >> by law, we are -- my office is required to post the information as we receive it from the businesses. >> that's right. ee is not allowed to clean up the database even with obvious misspellings. like francis calif. >> if the law were changed? >> i would becitati the propty if a -- bill were introduced, it has to be protecting a person's
6:35 pm
identifying information. >> if their goal, which they claim to be, is to reunite people with their property, the property that belongs to them, then by golly, they better do everything in their power to make that happen. >> now, the reason julie was able to download the files is because controller yee just made the files available. advancements are occurring. ifyou want to look into those further, i'll post contact information for controller's office and for julie on our website. one final note. when you're checking the unclaimed database, try the last name trust. many trust accounts are incorrectly inputted. your last name may be your middle name. michael finney trust. you might want to check that. i want to hear from you. the hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. my telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can also reach me through
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a construction site in downtown may yield some clues to the past. >> perhaps remnants to the gold rush era waterfront. larry beil has the story. >> crews at front street and broadway in san francisco's financial district are busy digging for the city's new gold. that's residential housing. but sources familiar with the construction project are also describing some smaller treasures to abc 7. possible remnants of the city's gold rush era waterfront which has yielded buried secrets in the past. were involved a little bit with the -- which turned up in the excavation for the -- >> steve is with the san francisco maritime national historic park. he has no direct knowledge about the front street construction project but says the area was
6:40 pm
the site along wharves or piers that were built along the historical shoreline. researchers mapped the location of dozens of shifts grounded in that area. >> some of the ships were some -- foundations for piers. the ships were pulled up on to the mud to be used essentially as buildings. >> over the decades, remnants of those ships and their cargo been cover uncovered. the site is being surveyed according to state guidelines. we flew drone view 7 over the project where there's small sections. they described finding small artifacts including a button from 1851. evidence pointing to the site being the location of one of the original wharfs it was devastated by fire around the same period. >> i don't recall what month. but 1851. it burned off essentially all of
6:41 pm
downtown san francisco. >> the area was eventually filled in with landfill meaning many secrets buried beneath the streets. reminding us of the city's past. larry beil, abc 7 news. historians same some of the scuttle ships were older vessels taking advantage of the gold rush. >> there was no financial incentive to sail them back to original ports. we are looking at record setting warmth today. it's going to stay warm the rest of the week. >> that's right. drew has the sev
6:42 pm
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♪ the beat goes on trending on twitter "today in the bay" area. check out all of these tweets. this is because of the professional businesswomen conference held at san francisco's moscone center. >> every year, we help sponsor the conference. we're proud to have done that. this year's theme is unstoppable. which speaks to the challenges women have faced only to succeed in the end. >> that's right. reporter lyanne melendez looks at the past 30 years. >> reporter: 30 years ago, congresswoman jackie speeer had an idea to bring women together
6:45 pm
to advance their skills. >> i want to create this for professional and businesswomen. there's a hunger for that. >> this conference started 30 years ago. let's see. the year was 1989. george bush was president. the speaker of the house was a man. there were only two women senators and 29 women in the entire house of representatives. today there are 127 women in congress, roughly 24%, a record number, including those unlikely to have been elected 30 years ago. >> the most diverse congress. i'm one of two native american women ever elected to congress in history. i serve with the first two muslim women. >> a regular here at the professional businesswomen of california conference has been the state's first partner. a title jennifer newsom agreed was appropriate given our
6:46 pm
diversity. >> part of the notion of partner is gender expansive and gender inclusive. we'll have a female governor someday, an lgbtq governor. >> gina row certificate owe is -- to advance the rights of transgender individuals. >> as a trans woman for so long, i've been asked to maybe slow it down, maybe don't ask so much about your race. but no, you know, it's necessary. >> congresswoman speeer says success doesn't come without fears. >> do not be afraid to fail. >> lyanne melendez. >> there was a lifetime achievement award going to long time abc 7 news anchor, cheryl jennings. she's attended there for many, many years. congratulations cheryl. >> way to go, cheryl.
6:47 pm
>> let's update the weather one last time. >> the warmth there hold on for another day, even this evening. it's very warm in terms of april numbers. behind me a live look from the east bay hills camera showing the sun slowly setting. it will go down at about 7:52. later on this evening. we have a full hour more of daylight. look at the numbers in the east bay right now. it is warmer. 84 currently in fremont. 82 castro valley. 80 in oakland. san leandro. a little bit of a sea breeze at 73 degrees. elsewhere, it is still very warm. 86 in livermore. san francisco still at 77, 85 for mountain view and 86 that current temperature in santa rosa. tonight, the numbers, they'll be slow to fall the next couple of hours. overnight, we see temperatures in the 50s for the most part. there will be some areas inland, like antioch, that will drop into the low 60s. patchy coastal fog around san francisco at half moon bay. that's about it in terms of the marine.
6:48 pm
let's break down the 12-hour planner. another bright looking day. not a cloud in the sky. again, temperatures well above average. might be getting close to records once again. records watch for another day. 80 and again 90s in the warmest spots. a closer look at your highs on your wednesday. 90 in concord and antioch. 89 in san jose. a warm 80 in oakland. 76 in san francisco. 87 in santa rosa and napa. you look at half moon bay. just a little bit of a sea breeze. that's going to knock them down. only high of 61 degrees. so the summer spread in full effect again tomorrow afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days, hot inland again tomorrow. the coast cools first. by thursday, begin to see the marine layer come back. the cooling against the spread areawide. we'll drop into the 70s and 80s. saturday starts off. the wind will bring it each cooler weather to finish out the weekend. we'll start in the 50s. then early next week, no sign of
6:49 pm
intensity. comfortable temperatures in the 60s and 70s. >> that will be nice. thank, drew. on to sports, a lot of hock toy talk about. larry is here. >> game 7 is here. >> who are you calling a clown, clown? >> what >> that's what it's come to. the coaches would
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening. nothing like the drama of a game 7 on the ice tonight. it's the sharks hosting the golden knights. winner moves on, loser leaves own. even the head coaches are sick of each other. in interview after game 6, sharks head coach peter deboer said the vegas coach has been yelling at sharks players and he doesn't like it. gallant said deboer is a clown. it's no secret that the knights and the sharks don't particularly care for one another. here's gallant today. >> really don't want to talk about that. i think i have to a little bit. you know for that clown to say that in the paper yesterday, it's not right. if i'm going to be a chirper and loud mouth, people know me as a coach and respect me as a coach. if he's going to yap like that, that's unclassy for me. >> the warriors will try to finish off the clippers. tomorrow night at oracle. klay thompson came alive in game
6:53 pm
4 in los angeles. had 32 points. six threes. after the game, he told mindi bach, the key was taking a dip in the pacific ocean to get his mind and body right. >> when i don't have a game that is of my standards, try to do something different. i jumped in the pacific ocean yesterday. it was cold but it was worth it. >> did it wake you up? >> it woke me up and heal the body and mind. >> oh, yeah. i think the ocean is probably the best way to clear your mind and being a southern california kid, growing up on the beach and spending a lot of time in the ocean, it's -- that made perfect sense. i know people joked about it and laughed about it, because it's klay. made perfect sense to me. >> beach, a little chilly right now for the water. toronto blue jays swept the a's and flew home to canada to sethe anaing on them. kevin by lar who broke into the
6:54 pm
majors in toronto. jays fans still love him there. brandon belt. trying to steal home and he is out. second inning. no score. smokes a single left. joe panik with a couple of runs driven in. he adds another. first homer of the season. then the giants muscling up as they do on the road. that's why they're talking about moving the fences in at oracle park. 7-2 giants now in the 8th. the a's host texas later tonight. yesterday, just yesterday 49ers general manager john lynch said robbie gould would be back kicking for the red and gold in 2019. gould said not so fast. he's demanding a trade. wants to kick for the chicago bears. that's where his family lives. the niners used the franchise tag on him this off-season.
6:55 pm
he said i don't want to play for the 49ers. his agent says he's not sure the kicker shows up to training camp. he's 36 years old. has a 96.5% field goal percentage over the past three seasons and apparently was not happy that the niners brought in steve gostkowski for a free agent visit. do not forget, first time ever nfl draft on abc 7. with both the 49ers and the raiders at their headquarters at the conclusion of a busy first round for both bay area teams. if you know eric burns, you know he's a little crazy in a good way. he broke the mark for the most holes completed in 24 hours. he played 402 holes at the half moon bay links. that's the way he did it. playing contradict there almost. you don't do a big setup. no caddies, no tees, no sleep. burns broke the previous record by almost an hour and a half. most important part of this, he
6:56 pm
raised thousands of dollars for the let them play foundation, which is committed to expanding youth physical education and after-school programs. anybody that knows eric knows he's a bundle of energy. i wish i had half his energy. when i first met him, he was with the a's and he memorized the presidents. everybody knows george washington is 1 lincoln is 16. john adams 2. it gets murky after that. >> he knows them all. >> knows them all cold. he knows the heaviest president. >> oh. >> william howard taft. 340 pounds, whatever. he knows all of that. that's stored away in his head. >> helpful. >> it's helpful. especially for a baseball player. >> he'll be on jeopardy. thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi cable -- tesla says new versions of its cars can go farther than ever. we'll look at the see how thepa to other electric cars on the market. that's at 9:00. >> on abc 7 news at 11:00,
6:57 pm
b.a.r.t. revives plans for parking lot readers. what will protect your privacy. >> that's later tonight. that's our addition of abc 7 news now. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. and for everyone here, have a great evening and stay cool. you need to place yourself whilein the moment.ears, ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants. a principal from los angeles, california... a grant writer from mesa, arizona... and our returning champion, a professional sports gambler from las vegas, nevada... whose 13-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex tre [ cheersnd ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. when you were watching yesterday's program,
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and many, many people were, you saw our champion, james, set a new record. he moved into fourth place on the top five list of single-day winning totals. actually, the record is that he bumped himself out of fourth place. no, no, no. the record is that he holds all five of the top winning scores. [ applause ] claudia and kevin, good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. let's find out what the categories are. starting off with... solid category. followed by... a little bit of everything. hey. james, will you? queen for $1,000. the widow of jordan's king hussein, today she's an advocate for peace and cross-cultural understanding.


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