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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and kids. everybody is crying. >> our officers were immediately on scene as he was climbing out of the car, he started to run. our officersimgalarounea no children were out there at the time. they were able to arrest him. everything happened so quickly. >> reporter: the suspect has a stayaway order from the daycare. 45 kids attend the school and 15 staff on duty. no children were hurt. one female staffer was injured and treated at the scene. >> it was so scary because you never expect something to happen like this where there's children, churches and a whole bunch going on at the time. >> reporter: ama daetz, abc 7 news. >> a wild story. glad the kids are okay. 4:30 right now. a quick update on your weather and traffic. mike? >> hi, everybody. the fog is up in the north bay, santa rosa, petaluma, and even in the south bay it's down around gilroy right now.
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that's something i'll keep an eye on. winds are calm. notice the winds in fairfield 20 miles an hour heading due northeast. that is a stronger and deeper sea breeze. that means less sunshine today and temperatures sliding back down the scale again. waking up pretty much the same as yesterday, low to mid-50s. in the 50s at the coast at noon. low to mid-70s and then mid-70s to low 80s. so still just a touch above average but not a completely sunny day by any stretch of the imagination. here is alexis. good morning, mike. take you back to our crash in the east bay. westbound 80 past highway 4 right before you can see the blocked three lanes. you can see a lot of brake lights as well. that's adding about 15 minutes to your drive time. we're taking a look at that now,
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westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. you're in the yellow because of that. westbound 80 across the bridge, another nine. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo. you're in the green at nine minutes. i want to talk about an issue that happened last night northbound 101 in san francisco is back open this morning after a cement truck overturned and caused a big mess. gravel fell down onto parked cars at the beginning of the evening commute yesterday. the cement truck driver did have injuries but they were minor. nobody else got hurt. they sent inspectors to make sure the highway was structurally sound. it reopened at 11:00 last night. it was a mess yesterday. developing news in oakland. an officer undergoes surgery after a man stabbed him. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield in the newsroom with
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more. >> reporter: we're hearing the officer's condition is improving. the officer had just finished his shift and walked a block east toward his car when he was stabbed. he was dressed in plain clothes. he was not in uniform. he was just about to enter the parking lot that's there for police officers when the suspect suddenly came up to him and stabbed him. according to the east bay times, he was stabbed in the neck and is in stable condition. >> our on duty police officers were able to respond very quickly, render aid to the off-duty officer, immediately rush the officer to the hospital where they're listed in stable condition. when it happens to one of your own, a family member, one of your team, as you know, law enforcement is a very close family, it's very disturbing and upsetting. aes woman. they say the weapon was found. fellow officers put that injured
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officer into their patrol car and rushed him to highland hospital. there were a lot of officers there at the hospital waiting together, waiting to see the officer. the police chief also was there at the hospital waiting and sitting with the family. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. happening today the army veteran accused of intentionally running down people in sunnyvale is scheduled to make his first court appearance. >> 34-year-old isaiah peoples was headed to bible study when police say he mowed down eight people. the victims range in age from 9 to 52 years old. officers say peoples has not shown any remorse. the motive of the crash remains unclear. he faces eight counts of attempted murder. a shelter in place appears to be over after a man
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threatened to commit suicide and locked himself in his home. it happened at a home on 17th avenue. they were able to get the man to release a hostage from inside the home. authorities do not believe anyone else was inside. you may have noticed late buses and very slow service. muni drivers are refusing to work overtime. "the examiner" says it's a bid to put pressure on the city at the bargaining table. the city is offering operators a 99 cent per hour raise. the union says that's not enough. drivers are legally barred from striking, but they can't be forced to work overtime. your utility bill is going up again. the california public utilities commission has approved pg&e's request for a rate increase. the utility wants customers to cover the $373 million it spent
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in 2016 and 2017 removing millions of dead trees that died during california's drought. the puc approved the request but ruled pg&e has to raise rates over time instead of one big increase. the when and hn' been determined. the decision outraged the utility reform network. >> even if this money was devoted to safety, that doesn't mean they did it right because they certainly haven't in the past. >> what pg&e says it spent in 2016 and 2017 will be audited to determine if the costs were reasonable. the warriors will try to close out the clippers. >> the series shifts back for game six. the clippers staved off elimination wednesday night. golden state leads the series three games to two. staples center and tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. you can watch the game on our
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sister network espn. and then on sunday they will play either game seven or game one. it will be on abc 7 at 12:30, whatever game they play, and larry beil and company will have the toyota after the game immediately following. mike? it will be interesting if they can play a full 48 minutes and close this out instead of letting off the gas and letting them back in. it seems they lose interest at times, they're so good. here is a look at our temperatures, how to dress if you're getting outside in our inland east bay neighborhoods. low to mid-50s here. santa rosa cooler at 49. a look at your commute. not too much fog on the bay bridge. golden gate will be socked in this morning the. fog moving across the peninsula and the north bay valleys.
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the ferry ride slightly breezy today. for the north bay starting off at 50. a lot of cloud cover through 1:00. a little more sunshine, upper 70s. socked in with a lot of cloud cover. places like fremont or san francisco with temperatures in the 50s through about noon. and then a late run f. you're heading out thise'll drop back down into the 50s quickly so have that coat if you're going out to one of our fine establishments for dinner. i want to bring in alexis. already some issues this morning? not the friday light start we wanted. this one in particular some trouble in the east bay. westbound 80 just past highway 4 we still have a crash blocking the three right lanes. tow truck is on the way to the scene.
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i'll show you what this looks like. the backup hasn't gotten any longer. that's adding about a 15-minutes to your commute total. be on the lookout for that. everyone else is quiet this morning. i don't have any other major incidents to talk about. a live look at walnut creek 680 north at 24. looks like they have the overnight road work picked up. stopping the spread of measles. two california colleges aren't taking any chances. a 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself is making a remarkable recovery. his family is sharing video of his progress. >> after all she's been going through, she deserves happiness. >> she's been battling willing stage four cancer.
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burn even faster than you would back here at home. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s. new developments officials in sri lanka say the suspected leader of the easter terror attacks was killed in one of the hotel bombings. he died at the shangri la hotel. they have arrested the second in command. the attacks killed 253 people. the u.s. embassy in sri lanka is warning people to stay away from all religious ceremonies this weekend in ferp of more attacks. students and staff at two universities in los angeles have to be quarantined because of a measles outbreak. more than 100 students and over half a dozen faculty at ucla are under quarantine because they haven't been able to prove they've had the measles vaccine. at cal state l.a. it's 71 students and 127 staff. this quarantine could last for a week. the current outbreak in l.a. is linked to an overseas traveler. there have been 38 cases of measles in california so far
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this year. triple the number from this time last year. locally patients have been diagnosised in san francisco, stand mateo and santa clara counties. to learn more about symptoms and how the disease is spread, go to the 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself while visiting neighbor's home is making major improvements. >> can you say grandpa? can you say mama? >> mama. >> say, hello, world. >> hello world. >> say hello. >> na'vaun price jackson is now talking. these are videos shared from his grandfather at the hospital. police say he found a gun under a pillow at an east oakland home and accidentally shot himself in the head. a go fund me account to help support him throughout therapy has raised $3,400 of its $50,000 goal. if you'd like to help we have a link to that account on
4:45 am >> good to see that kid smiling again. in the south bay deputies from the sheriff's office surprised a 9-year-old girl battling stage 4 brain cancer. it's a story you'll only see here on abc 7 news. sophie trinidad of gilroy has been dealing with some setbacks in recent months. with the help of her family sophie has been sharing her journey on instagram. a tech at the sheriff's office found one of her posts. so they decided to raise more than $6,000 for her, and they surprised her with a trip to disneyland. >> after all she's been going through, she deserves happiness. i'm so thankful for them that they care about my daughter and they follow her journey, her fight against cancer. >> disney is the parent company of the abc 7 and the family hopes to make the trip to disneyland this summer. >> look at them and their mickey ears. yeah, they're going to have a
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blast. that was an incredibly sweet gesture. >> it really was. i love seeing that. >> really lifts my heart. >> yeah. >> it really does. makes it warm on this cold morning. nice to see that. i hope they have a great time. >> they will. >> we're all fans of disneyland. >> keep making instagram posts so we can see them. >> good point. we'd love to follow your journey there and back and beyond. let's take a look at what's going on outside. you're never more than seven minutes away. the roof camera, oh, sure the flags, they were just almost completely unfurled because of the wind and now that i want to show them, psych. we're just going to stay limp for a minute. trust me the sea breeze is out there, even stronger than yesterday so slower sunshine and cooler temperatures, increasing clouds and fog again tonight. and that will help the tapering of our high temperatures. down in the south bay we'll still hit 80 in many neighborhoods. upper 70s to low 80s. 72 today in santa cruz. 81 in san jose. a lot of mid to upper 70s on the
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peninsula. millbrae, 71. always the cool spot as that sea breeze shoots through the gap and drops you more than everybody else. low to mid-60s along the coast with the clouds being a little sticky today. mid-60s for downtown to upper 60s in south san francisco. sausalito. nice afternoon up in the north bay. upper 70s to low 80s until you get to santa rosa, calistoga. along the east bay shore, mid to upper 70s. hercules 75. as we move inland we'll have 81 to 86 degrees. still a touch of warmth holding on there. here is a look at tonight's lows, and we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s. a few mid-50s possible. my accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow pretty close to today, maybe a degree or two cooler and then you can see sunday the 80s are gone. we're back in the 70s. the fastest winds will be monday that will bring us our coolest temperatures tuesday. we'll rebound back to average by
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wednesday. alexis? the same problem so far this morning, that is really our only significant issue here today this is in the hercules area. westbound 80 just past highway 4. a lot of brake lights. you can see some flashing lights beyond those. we have a crash, i believe three vehicles total. does sound like one was driving recklessly prior to the collision and that is what caused it. the tow truck is trying to get there. they're stuck in the backup. adding about 20 minutes to your commute if you are coming in from the vallejo area into hercul hercules. we are friday light with these drive times. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 25 minutes in the green. a 15-minute drive. 101 to cupertino in the green as well at just 16 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. amazon is working on speeding up delivery for prime members. and microsoft is doing away with forced password changes. here's "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes"
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amazon spending big on prime. >> the company says it's spending $800 million over the next few months upgrading infrastructure so it can cut its prime delivery time from two days to just one day. amazon says improvements will be made through the year. and microsoft is ending its expiring password policy. >> starting with next month's update, forced changes will be no more. a consultant calling them ancient and obsolete. organizations will be able to pick their own password expiration date or not have one at all. kansas city chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes is on the cover of madden nfl 20. >> the reigning league mvp, chiefs fans, of course, will hope mahomes can avoid the dreaded madden curse which has struck plenty of others in the past. >> best of luck. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> have a great day. there's a campaign under way today to help feed families in need in the south bay and the peninsula. find out who it's targeting in particular. new life for a century old
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victorian home in san francisco. it will soon serve several family. >> plus sheep in a wildfire -- >> this is a huge mistake. >> -- invade a fa
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tell you about something special happening sunday, the st. frances yacht club hosting the opening day, all types of ships from 9:00 to 3:00.
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temperatures around 58. one in three kids in silicon valley is at risk of being hungry. now you can help change that. second harvest food bank is launching a new campaign to fight childhood hunger. the nonprofit is feeding a record number of kids and families. a recent report found many of those in need are middle income families who can't afford food because of high rent prices. organizers hope to raise $10 million to make sure any child who needs a healthy meal can get one. this might sound hard to believe but you may face a higher risk of getting badly hurt in a head-on crash if you're riding in the back seat instead of the front. the insurance institute highyaf ad seat belts reduced death and serious injuries for front seat passengers. most cars lack advanced safety features for back seat passengers. so the iihs is urging automakers
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to rethink safety in the back seat. one of san francisco's historic victorian homes is about to get a new life. abc 7 was on franklin street for a tour inside. the historic home was built in the 1880s. in a few weeks the home will be rolled through the streets to a new location on fulton street, seven blocks away, and reconfigured into modern residential units. >> this will be multifamily so it's about preserving the features of the outside. >> although the interior has been stripped of some of its original works, the original layout of the rooms has remained the same. >> baseball back at oracle park. the yankees in town to take on the giants and it's metallica night.
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the usual cool breeziness. you may rename it but the weather doesn't change. 60s along the coast. san francisco, sausalito, low to mid-70s around the bay. we'll have mid to upper 70s petaluma, santa rosa, napa, down to san jose around 80. a little bit cooler sunday especially inland. the rest of us in the 60s and 70s. hope you have a great weekend. here's alexis. good morning, mike. one main trouble spot. looking at a caltrans camera. westbound 80 just past highway 4. that's where we have this collision, and it is involving, i believe, three vehicles total. the tow truck is stuck in the backup so the three right lanes are blocked. here is a look on our traffic maps. checking the speed about 4 miles an hour. just a little over a mile for a backup. that is adding about 20 minutes to your commute. a quick check of golden gate bridge. we have a high wind advisory and a high fog advisory so the wind
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blowing that fog in not looking too bad at the toll plaza. there are stretches where you'll have reduced visibility so use caution. lyft is giving a cheaper way to shop for helpy food. a food desert has limited access to healthy food. lyft is offering rides for $2.50 to get people to partner grocery stores. a pilot program is under way in washington, d.c., and 15 other cities. no bay area communities are included yet. you have to see this next story, a family in placer county wanted a closer look at some of the grazing sheep near sacramento. the animals had a different idea. >> this is a huge mistake. >> scare them out, scott. >> you're looking at that stampede that invaded a home after a man opened a backyard gate. his daughters wanted to get a better look at the sheep. they tried a few tricks to shepherd the flock back into
4:57 am
some nearby grass the 's a trampoline while playing a tambourine. >> yes, now jump up and down. yes. they're going to take my fence out. >> bizarre. >> is he playing a joke on her? i don't know what was going on there. >> there they go. it worked. i guess. the city of lincoln reduces the fire danger every year by renting hundreds of sheep and goats to graze grassy areas near those homes. you don't want to open the backyard to them. they're very cute from afar as they're doing their work. they got a little too close. >> they just don't like tambourines, i guess. >> or trampolines. >> got it. >> so next time bring a trampoline. coming up, joe biden about to give his first tv interview since officially entering the 2020 presidential race. next at 5:00 a.m., the move he's making to attract younger voters. a person of interest in a headless body case released from
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. hi there and good morning to you. it is friday, april 26th. we made it. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. we'll start with doppler 7 that is rain free but not cloud free. we have a thicker marine layer, more widespread, even some fog showing up. and this is


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