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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 26, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the severe storm threat at this hour. tornado watches as we come on the air. deadly storms tearing across several states. severe thunderstorms moving up the east coast. rob marciano with the track. also tonight, the highway inferno. several people killed. a truck slamming into more than two dozen vehicles. another driver recording the moment just before impact. the truck driver now facing homicide charges. also tonight, joe biden's first major interview since launching his presidential run. stumbling when asked about apologizing to anita hill. president trump seemingly attacking the former vp's age while describing himself as quote "a young, vibrant man." driven to kill? news tonight about the army vet accused of intentionally driving
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into a crowd, injuring several people, including a child. prosecutors now say he was targeting victims based on their race. the brave escape. an 8-year-old boy saving his big sister from a carjacker, pulling her free from the suspect. the two jumping out of their moving car. and the fiery blast at the drive-thru. the pick-up truck in flames. a man sitting just a few feet away when the vehicle explodes. good evening. grait great to have you with us on a busy frids night. i'm tom llamas in for david. we begin with a tornado watch at this hour as dangerous storms barrel up the east coast. d.c., new york, philadelphia and boston in the threat tonight. 12 tornadoes in five states, and the land spout in mississippi. heavy rain on the road there in maryland and trees crashing down
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in virginia. storm wreak havoc for travelers, 4500 flights canceled or delayed. rob marciano starting us off here in new york. >> reporter: tonight, powerful fortunates in the northeast creates a rough commute for mills. now marching up the i-95 corridoor. >> we have a strong cold front that's moving in from the west. >> reporter: this time lapse showing the front move through the washington, d.c., area. air force one forced to circle joint base andrews before splashing down on the runway. east of charlottesville, virginia, high winds knocking down trees and utility lines, blocking roads. a music festival in virginia beach evacuated. >> officials are now clearing people off the beach as this weather moves through. >> reporter: the same system hitting the northeast now, spawning at least 12 tornadoes across five states, including that ef-3 twister with 145 mile-per-hour winds east of shreveport, louisiana, claiming
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the lives of a mother and her son. >> they did what they were supposed to do. they were in the middle of the home, they got away from all windows. >> reporter: kendra and remington butler killed by a tree falling on their home. >> rob marciano joining us now. you and you yosh team are watching a system with snow? >> a large part of it is about to hit manhattan. a rough day, no doubt about it. here it is on the radar scope. new jersey had it, philadelphia as well and a tornado watch in effect until 9:00. and heavy rain and wind tonight and should clear out by tomorrow morning and cool and blustery air behind it and the next system, and storm warnings in minnesota, mason city, milwaukee, 4 to 8 inches possible nus v just north of chicago. we're not done with winter yet. tom? >> we will track it through the weekend. thank you. next, the horror
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and deadly truck crash. and driver live streaming as a driver blew by him. tonight, he is facing charges that include multiple counts of vehicular homicide. along i-70 in denver. >> reporter: a major i>> repte hellscape, triggered by the crash of an out-of-control tractor trailer. a chain-reaction nightmare greg salinas barely escaped. at least four people did not. >> i know the driver that hit me is no longer alive. >> reporter: the big-rig driver, 23-year-old rogel aguilera-mederos, now facing vehicular homicide charges. investigators are reviewing videos that appear to have captured his truck just before the crash. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: the big rig speeding past josh mccutchen seconds before the collision.
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police say they're looking at another video, that an appears to show the driver swerving across lanes. >> he loses control of the vehicle coming down i-70. he can't stop, doesn't stop, and ends up colliding with several cars. >> reporter: 24 cars and four semis explode into flames, fueled by the truck's spilled cargo of lumber. it is not clear why the truck did not stop, but police say it does not appear to be intentional, and there is no indication of drugs or alcohol. >> cliton sandell live there. investigators are working to figure out what is going on with that driver and the safety concern, the fire so intense and it could have wakened the bridge and roads behind you. >> that's right. the intensity of that fire and the explosion had engineers worried but they now say it is safe. but the fire did severely damage the other side of the highway. you can see the crews down there making repairs now.
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they hope to have the interstate reopened by tomorrow morning. tom? >> clayton, thank you. we want to turn now to politics and the race for 2020. the spotlight on joe biden in his first major intervus since announcing his presidential bid. on the view, stumbling when asked about anita hill. here is terry moran. >> reporter: day two of his 2020 presidential campaign, and joe biden was confronted on "the view" about his role in the 1991 anita hill/clarence thomas hearings, a 28-year-old issue he can't seem to shake in the "me, too" era. biden struggled to explain why he reached out to anita hill just a few weeks ago, after all these years. >> i don't know why it took you so long to call her. i wish it had happened earlier. >> well, i'll tell you what the deal was. what i didn't want to do -- and i didn't want to, quote, "invade her space." >> reporter: biden ran the
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hied thosearassing her, and the all-male committee, many feel, trashed her. >> can you tell the committee what was the most embarrassing of all the incidences that you have alleged? >> reporter: anita hill says biden's recent call to her left her deeply unsatisfied. >> you know, i think what she wants you to say is, "i'm sorry for the way i treated you," not for the way you were treated. i think that would be a closer -- >> well -- well, but i'm sorry the way she got treated. in terms of -- i never heard her say -- if you go back and look at what i said and didn't say, i don't think i treated her badly. >> reporter: this is not the way it was supposed to go for biden, who has called his campaign to unseat president trump as quote, "a battle for the soul of the nation." >> this is not who we are, the way we're treating people. it's not who we are as a nation. >> reporter: biden specifically calling trump out for his comments about the clashes in charlottesville. houseod.he president about thai
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. president, dyou still quwhat iaiouilseth ry opthchvie? queson awered perfectly. and i was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee, a great general. whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals. >> reporter: biden and trump, both men in their mid-70s. trump asked about that, too. >> mr. president, how old is too old to be president? >> well, i think that i just feel like a young man. i'm so young. i can't believe it. i'm the youngest person. i am a young, vibrant man. i look watt joe, i don't know about him. i don't know. >> if he looks young and vibrant compared to me, i should probably go home. >> terry moran joins us now from the white house. biden recently started to raise
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money for his campaign and foed announced an impressive tally. >> $6.3 million in the first 24 hours. and we can sometimes make too much of the money race at this stage in the money campaign, you have to pay to play and bide condition pay. >> it is a long company. you need that money. joe biden and his wife, jill, will sit down with robin roberts on "good morning america" on tuesday. there was an alarming moment at the nra avengs in minneapolis. a cell phone came flying on the stage. 15 feet away from him. the a.p. identified the phone thrower as this man. he has not been criminally charged just yet. the president went on to speak fought crowd without any delay talking about obama care to gun control to the muller report.
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railing against the investigation as a coup, his words. and 37% think that congress should impeach him. that is a new low. next to the mees thing quarantine spreading in los angeles, more than 900 students and faculty having to stay inside. mat v matt gutman is in l.a. >> reporter: tonight, public health officials order 900 students in isolation. >> the measles outbreak right now is a wake-up call. can is it. >> reporter: they so far, 200 released. >> the to school needed my
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records as soon as possible. >> reporter: nearly 700 cases across 22 states fuelled in part by misinformation about the safety of the vaccine. over the years, donald trump echoed those anti-vax myths on twitter but today the president changing course. >> they have to get the shot. the vaccinations are so important. this is really going around now. they have to get their shots. >> reporter: and some parents are now so worried about the measles they're scheduling that vaccine as early as possible. >> his appointment wasn't til june and i said, well, we need to go ahead and get this vaccine and protect him. >> reporter: tom, public health officials are saying they can pursue legal action against those who violate the quarantine. and one of the reasons, the measles is so contagious. if you are exposed, your chanceses of contracting up are 90%. >> thank you. this is breaking in
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california. news of the army veteran intentionally crashing his car in a crowd of people. the suspect making his first court appearance. several people including children were injurped late today. and police revealing he originally targeted his victims based on race and religion, believing they were muslims. more from los angeles. >> reporter: tonight, police say the man deliberately targeted the victims. >> new evidence shows the defendant targeted the victims, believing they were the muslim faith. >> reporter: isaiah peoples charged with six counts of murder. a 13-year-old girl who still is in critical condition. >> if there is evidence that warrants the filing on of a hate crime enhancement, i guarantee you we will file such a charge.
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>> reporter: a layer says he had been suffering from ptsd. >> this was a product of a mental disorder of defect that caused this to happen. >> reporter: torts did not say what evidence that led him to target his victims but he is expected in court next month. tom. the nfl star under fire. authorities reopening a criminal case against tyreke hill and his fiancee. a recorded conversation brings concern about possibility of abuse of their 3-year-old season. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: startling audio tonight that has sidelined kansas city's star wide receiver. in the audio, exclusively obtained by kctv, you hear what is purported to be tyreek hill and his fiancé crystal espinal talking about an alleged incident of child abuse,
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involving their 3-year-old son. his fiancee claims hill hurt the child. >> why did he say daddy >> i don't know! he says daddy does a lot of things. >> like what? a 3-year-old is not gonna lie about what happened to his arm. >> reporter: police had earlier launched a criminal probe against the couple, after an incident in march left their young son with a broken arm. but this week police declined to press charges. >> we believe that a crime has occurred. however, the evidence in this case does not conclusively establish who committed the crime against this child. >> reporter: tonight a new investigation reportedly launched. >> we understand you have a lot of questions. i think you understand also that the case has been reopened. >> reporter: othe leag top wide receivers, has been barred from all team activities. pending the investigation. the kansas city chiefs posting a message saying in part "we were deeply disturbed and concerned by what we heard. we have a great concern for crystal, we are greatly
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concerned for tyreek, but our main concern is with the young child." hill denies breaking his son's argument. he did not return our calls for comment but in an earlier statement, he said his son's hemtd and happy nts is his number one priority. the chiefs have suspended hill. depending on the outcome. he can also face punishment from the nfl. tom? >> there is more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the pickup truck explosion at the drive through. a truck in flames, a man sitting there a few feet from the blast. and uber shooting, a gunman ambushing a passenger in the backseat. and the 8-year-old boy saving his big sister from a car jacker. the two jumping from a moving car. we will have more. stay with us.
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an 8-year-old boy pulling his sister out of the suspect's hand. here is erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, this stunning surveillance video released by police outside cincinnati. watch the backdoor of that moving car open. seconds later, two children tumble out and onto the ground. they are okay. watch again. the car is being stolen, police say. their great grandmother, there on the left, races to the car, thinking the two are still in the backseat. he says she got out of the car briefly and went inside. >> i started hearing the kids screaming and i ran to them. >> reporter: that is when authorities say 24-year-old dalvir singh suddenly jumped into the driver seat and took off with the two in the back. the quick-thinking 8-year-old boy, chance blue, opens the door and pulls his sister, schuyler, out, while they say the suspect was trying to hold onto her hoodie. >> what chance did was extremely heroic. it was extremely brave he was, and how much he loves his
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houston. a passenger was shot and killed seconds saf sitting in the vehicle. the driver speeding away with the victim, calling police for help. authorities searching for the suspect tonight. a fiery explosion outside a burger king in arkansas. a man standing a few feet away when the truck explodes. authorities say there was a large propane tank in the back of the truck. kids 2 recalling nearly 700 rocking sleepers after reporting of nearly 500 infant deaths. fisher-price issuing a similar recall two weeks ago. avengers end game smashing records in its debut. it could make $1 billion in the opening days. it's expected to earn $3,000 million in north america this weekend where it's playing in 4600 theaters. behind the skins of the nfl
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but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. finally, big guys making big plays. when it comes to 8 nfl draft there is big e moegts. the families who help make it possible. in nashville, 100,000 fans lined the streets for the nfl draft. picks one and two -- so exciting. kyler murray to the cardinals.
3:57 pm
nick bosa to the 49ers. but watch these moments. michigan's rashan gary, known for his size, strength, and speed. but you can't miss those big tears. drafted by the packers, gary on the phone thanking them for giving him a chance. >> the buffalo bills select ed oliver. >> reporter: oliver, from the university of houston, going in the first round. the news bringing his brother and father to tears. >> i always had a dream that one day i'd have a son in the nfl, and that dream came true today. >> the minnesota vikings select garrett bradbury. >> reporter: super fans happy with that pick, and so was his family. when the giants selected dexter lawrence, all 340 pounds of him standing up to hug mom. and a mother was at the center of the most poignant moment so far in this draft. the number three pick, quinnen williams, selected by the new york jets, leaving an empty seat for his devoted mother who he lost to breast
3:58 pm
cancer when he was just 12 williams sharing this story with espn about his mom's last words to him. >> i was the last one to talk to her. she pulled me and she's like, "quinnen," like, "you're gonna be the one who take care of everybody. you're gonna be the one who like, makes sure everybody's straight, and i need you to do that." >> reporter: and he did, writing his mom this message, and leaving at her gravesite. "dear mom, we did it. p.s. i'm a millionaire." >> and more great moments on the way. round two of the nfl draft moments away here on abc. good night. .
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the following is a presentation of espn on abc. nashville, tennessee, for night two of the nfl draft. broadway is popping. 200,000 people in downtown nashville for round one last night. for the ultimate reality drama. the agony of anticipation for fans, including the hometown titans, hoping their team picks the right guy. this is nashville, where megastars arrive and thrive. ♪


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