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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 28, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, bay area. today is sunday april 28th. i'm chris n dprx dprx dprx dprxr >> fog out to the valley and you can see footprint all over and certainly was a cooler day yesterday and a system off shore that will affect central and southern california, but for us, it's pretty much the same old, same old. in fact, even a few degrees cooler. 54 over in fremont. so, besides the fog, we will look for the sunshine today. in fact, throughout the
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mid-morning hours we'll see numbers climb through the 50s and mid-60s around the bay staying cool and breezy at the coast and then by the afternoon, we have upper 60s bayside and upper 70s inland and we'll talk about the next few days which also feature some cooler than usual weather. >> lisa, thank you. developing news. a suspect is in custody after a shooting at a san diego synagogue. among those hurt a rabbi and a young girl. reporter amy has traveled to where the synagogue is located. >> community members joining together for a candlelight vigil hours after a deadly inside the chabad of poway. >> end of passover, which is a
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very religious day and totally targeted. i just don't get it. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: families and other worshippers were attending a last day of passover celebration when the 19-year-old suspect identified as john entered with an ar-type assault rifle. >> one guy came and shoot everybody and cursing. >> hear about six or seven gunshots and a male voice yelling and then i heard about another six or seven shots. >> a girl and a 34-year-old man were hospitalized with injuries caused by shrapnel. the rabbi was wounded during the attack. he reportedly tried to calm the gunman. >> i'm sure he kept his cool. i'm sure he was very strong. he is very strong person. and he built this community since the early '80s. >> reporter: the suspect fled, but a short time later called
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police and told him he was involved at a shooting at a synagogue. an officer rushing to the scene saw his vehicle and pulled over and surrendered. >> no prior arrest records in san diego. we are aware of his manifesto which we are in the process of determining its authenticity. >> reporter: an open-letter written and his posts on social media as they investigate the attack. >> it was hate in its purest form and hate can come knocking on anybody's door and in this community we answer it with love and coming together. >> it will not break us. >> the rabbi underwent surgery for injuries to his hand and the child and the other victim are said to be doing well. here at home, police are on heightened alert sending extra
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patrols to keep an eye on local synagogues. more from temple emmanuel in san francisco. >> reporter: fear is just one emotion racing through the minds of the jewish community. senator scott wiener is sad and angry. >> every time a synagogue is assaulted and it dredges up trauma. >> reporter: it did for this woman who did not want to give her name. an orthodox jew who left decades ago. >> i'm absolutely terrified by the news and it's extremely sad to hear that. >> reporter: sharon is a afraid into the shadows due to fear. >> people will start meeting, you know, secre they a and not to express themselves. >> reporter: to try to lessen
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fears san francisco and oakland police are upping patrols around synagogue according to the endowment fund, law enforcement paid special visits to chabad and governor gavin newsom took to twitter. he said, quote, an attack against any community is an attack against our entire state and who we are and what we stand for. our country has to be better than this. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian. the shooting comes show solidarity with san diego. a man was arrested for the tree of lifet shooing and facing hate crime charges.
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tree of life put out a statement that reads in part, this must stop. we know first hand the fear, enguish and healing process such an atrocity causes and our hearts with the afflicting san diego families and their congregati congregation. president trump gave his condolences to the victims of the shooting at a rally yesterday. >> stands in solidarity with the jewish community. >> the president also praised law enforcement for quickly catching the gunman. the mayor of poway also tweeted that trump called him and offered assistance and condolences. we sent alerts on our free abc 7 news app yesterday as we got updates about the shooting in san diego. here's a look at the alert we sent yesterday at 12:53 afternoon before we knew someone had died. if you want alerts like this in the future, download the app in the app store and turn on the notification feature. time now is bi opened feder
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hate crime investigation into the sunniville crash last tuesday where a suspect is accused of crashing into eight people on purpose. the fbi san francisco field office is conducting the investigation. 34-year-old isaiah peoples is charged with eight counts of attempted murder. the crash on el camino real left a 13-year-old girl in critical condition and injured seven others. police said they found evidence that peoples may have targeted the victims based on their race and belief they were muslim. he is due back in court on may 16th. a bay area triple homicide suspect has been taken into custody near south lake tahoe. one shooting in oakland and one in san francisco. authorities believe he is responsible for a third shooting in berkeley. >> reporter: the murder spree began on friday around 10:15 a.m. in oakland when stefon
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jefferson killed marcus jackson. a fvictim family's friend said they were related. off camera jefferson's mom said she's grieving. several hours later at 1:27 p.m., police say jefferson drove to san francisco and killed 49-year-old laron davis. >> he was on the job and he came right here and the guy shot him. >> reporter: police connected the oakland and san francisco shootings to jefferson on friday. they revealed the department is considering jefferson the main suspect in friday's homicide in people's park. that third shooting took place at 2:40 p.m. >> said something like, we're not cool any more. and bam. >> reporter: stephen said he had
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seen jefferson before. >> i knew he was a guy that came into the park before. put the gun in his pocket and go to a car which was double parked on the streets and drive off. >> reporter: an alert was sent out to police departments across the region and around 9:45 on friday jefferson was spotted in south lake tahoe. jefferson was arrested after a shootout with deputies. >> the driver immediately fired a handgun striking one deputy in the hand. >> reporter: remains under arrest in nevada but likely extradited to california to face murder charges. abc 7 news. time now is 5:09 and, lisa, we certainly felt the cool down yesterday. can we expect more of the same today? >> pretty tall marine layer and that onshore flow and everyone reporting cloudy skies. we are in the low 50s and just a little bit of fog that is
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creating visibility issues but low clouds for everyone and even some drizzle at the coast. we'll talk about the 60s and 70s today and whether we see return of the 80s in the week ahead. >> thank you. also ahead, a tragic accident on the streets of seattle. a crane collapsed killing four people. we check out a school clean-up project
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welcome back. in washington state investigators are trying to determine what caused a tower crane constructing a new google building in seattle come crashing down killing four people. pieces of the crane smashed into six vehicles. two people in two separate cars were killed by the impact. two workers in the crane also
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died. four others suffered nonlife threatening injuries. one witness heard the commotion and saw people running from the scene after the collapse. >> that could have been me. i was going to go to the grocery store and i would have gone up that way and that could have happened to me. >> the google project is one of seattle's largest developments. the building under construction suffered major damage when other pieces of the crane landed on the roof of the complex. hundreds of guns are off the streets of san francisco after a buy-back event yesterday in the bay view. according to the group brothers against guns 25 guns were traded within the first 30 minutes, that included an m-16 rifle. one person brought 14 guns in. the group teamed up with police and grace cathedral to hold the event. $200 for rifles and assault weapons. time now is 5:13. multiple cities around the bay area gave people a way to drop off their prescription drugs as
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part of national drug take-back day. in alameda where one site was open yesterday. the goal was to give people a way to get rid of unused, unwanted medication. getting rid of the extra pills could prevent abuse and also prevents the medication from harming the environment. >> a lot of folks were taking their prescription medication and just flushing it down the toilet or putting it into the garbage and going out to the landfills, which was a big issue. >> if you missed your chance to get rid of your expired medication yesterday, there are dr dropoff sites opened year round. a lawyer will review elon musk's tweets. the detail in court filings friday musk will no longer face the threat of being held in contempt. the sec claimed that musk violated a previous settlement when he tweeted that tesla would
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produce 500,000 vehicles this year. get approval in advance hege sll ndsgn offon ame. neighbors showed up in force to help revitalize an east bay elementary school targeted by vandals earlier this month. abc 7 news was in east oakland where students, faculty and neighbors helped out with the beautification event. yesterday's gathering was not just about spiffing up the campus, but also empowering students and connecting their families with vital local resources. >> a lot of community partners out and alameda food bank giving away food and doing some exercises and it's a great community event. >> the school suffered major damage over spring break when vandals broke windows and destroyed computers. an end of an era, the final
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meals were served at the iconic restaurant in san francisco last the nerites the heol o expectations. she just prefers creating casual comfort food. the restaurant will work hard to ensure that all staff members find a new place to work. thousands of people came together to march for babies silic silicon valley. >> you got it. she's in the lead. >> now speaking of leaders, i'd like to welcome to the stage -- >> yesterday amanda emceed the count down the super hero race. it gives babies the best possible start each year
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supporting research, funding and advocacy. close to $300,000 was raised at yesterday's march. how does a free burger sound to start off your week. tomorrow super duper burgers are giving away burgers beginning at 3:00 p.m. the offer is good for a mini or vegy burger at any location except the super duper at sfo at oracle park. the chain is giving burgers away tomorrow night to teachers. proclaimed by san francisco's late mayor. let's turn to weather now and lisa amin >> everyo you can see the twist in the atmosphere west of san diego and a cutoff low that will continue to produce a generous onshore
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push and as we look at our fog footprint it is everywhere. five miles on the coast. we'll look for that mid-day clearing and then sunshine and breezy along the coast and 50s san francisco. upper 40s for you in pacifica and santa rosea and a look outside from our roof camera. we cover the coastal drizzle this morning and sunny and cool to mild today. the week ahead featuring temperatures near or below average. we're not looking at the 80s to return. if you're close to the bay or the coast, it is going to be little bit on the cool side. if you're headed to the beach today, bring the jacket. only partial sunshine from time to time. upper 50s ocean beach and 57 half moon bay and 60 down through monterey. and in the south bay today, plenty of sunshine and mild with numbers in the mid-70s and on
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the peninsula some mid to upper 60s as you get towards millbrae and 70 redwood city today andic looing looking at 73 in mountain view. low 60s should do it with those winds up to 20 miles per hour and up in the north bay, 70 for a high in sonoma and 71 and mid-60s for berkeley and breezy at times and 70 for san leandro. in the east bay, we already had that cooling yesterday and temperatures, again, another five degrees below average. well, below where we were yesterday. not below average. 74 san ramon pleasanton and we will see the trend for slightly below average weather. if you're headed into san francisco today for the yankees, hopefully better luck for the giants. and then tonight the low clouds and the fog allowing for
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temperatures to stay pretty uniform from upper 50s to near 50. upper a 40s to near 50 and the seven-day forecast. check it out. plenty of 50s at the coast today, tomorrow and tuesday. download the ap and inland the numbers will come down tomorrow through tuesday. cooler weather for everyone and then by wednesday and thursday, you can't even really tell, but a ridge wants to build in a little bit, but by the weekend, yeah, another system from the north keeping temperatures on the cooler side of aor most. >> yeah, we'll have to keep an eye on sfo throughout the morning because of all that fog. >> yes. >> thank you. new brand localist sharing in a series called more in common. tractor day where the coolest vehicle in the high school parking lot is the one with the biggest wheels. >> how most students get to school. >> it is not, no. my high school we're lucky enough toebl to drive our
5:21 am
tractors to school one day out oaf the year. it's a special thing. >>ict t tractor day. >> tractor day. >> sometimes other schools make fun of you guys for getting kind of country. >> if you want to pick on us, go right ahead. we won't take no shame from it. it's what we do. >> this is my grandpa's tractor and it's honoring him by driving his tractor. >> you want to some day drive a tractor like that? >> yes. >> some day. >> we talked to one little girl and she said she wants to be on a tractor some day. >> i think it's cool because i feel like they look forward to this when they're old enough to drive a tractor. i think it brings us together.
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some incredible moments caught on camera. two young children making an escape during an apparent carjacking. this surveillance video captured the moment the kids escaped from the moving car. their great-grandmother chasing down the driver to save them. she got out of the car to help a relative in the hospital when he sped off with the 8 and 10-year-old in the back seat. >> i ran to the car and i ran to the driver's side because i knew my grandbabies were in that car. >> i was trying to get her out. >> and my brother went to go grab me and opened the door and went out. the guy pulled me back in the car. >> still, the little boy pulled harder and managed to drag his sister out with him. the suspect was taken into custody a few blocks away. napa unifies will sell a
5:25 am
teaching farm toreplacement sit. hands on in sciences and culinary trade. the napa valley registrar reports a nine acre farm will replace the old one. it should fetch around $9.5 million for the district. as many as 67 single family homes could be built on the site. a marine biologist tells us this is a rare sight. killer whales playing with their food. monterey bay showed this video. chasing sea birds and chasing the cap to hunt by practicing with the birds. experts say it's very unusual to see killer whales do this for so long. they tend to
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is. >> well, this wasn't the ending "avengers" fans were expecting. they were two hours into the film when the power suddenly went out. you can see them streaming out of the theater. the manager said he would issue refunds and credits so fans can come back and finish the movie. this week "star wars" fans will make a reservation to visit galaxy edge at disneyland. guests can get one by staying at a disneyland hotel and that gate guests will be entered into a queue system. you must have a disney account to register. disney is the parent company of abc 7. still to come on abc 7 mornings. finally, some good news for bay area househunters. but, first, video from last
5:27 am
night's white house correspondents dinner. breaking with tradition. more on that. plus -- housing prices are still high, but actually starting to head down at least in one part of the bay
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to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. thanks so much for starting your day with abc 7 news. i'm chris nguyen. here's lisa argen with more on the conditions where you live. >> the low clouds and fog have moved all the way across the bay. everyone wakesiing up to the cls and the bases are pretty high. we're not looking at that fog except in santa rosa. 53 for you in mountain view. a little cooler this morning in the south bay, the east bay. two to three degrees cooler and not as actually a little warmer in the north bay. as we go through the 10:00 hour,
5:30 am
still some patchy fog in the east bay and in the 50s. by the afternoon, full sunshine. temperatures are cooler, though. low 70s by 1:00 but that's way out by brentwood and antioch. we'll be in the 70s for our inland valleys 3:00, 4:00 and then the temperatures continue to drop. 5:00 upper 50s and the fog moves back into the bay overnight tonight. this year's white house correspondents dinner went off without president trump in attendance but his presence was felt the entire evening. last night's dinner in many ways took on a different tone this year. no comedian for the first time in decades and very few celebrities were in attendance. the third time president trump boycotted the event instead holding a rally in wisconsin. s sarah sanders attended the event last night but banned members of the administration from this year's event. >> last year i was at a slightly different event. >> instead of a comedian, they
5:31 am
invited a historian, ron who delivered a well received speech to the crowd. >> james clyburn will discuss the latest on the 2020 race and the divide among democrats on whether to impeach president trump and the response to congressional investigations. you can watch the full interview on "this week" with george stephanopoulos right here on abc 7. time now 5:31. politicians personal requests may have hampered firefighter efforts. they had to check on so many addresses belonging to political figures that they couldn't focus on putting out the fire. l.a. fire responded yesterday saying the request did not interfere with protecting lives or property. the claims upset malibu's mayor
5:32 am
whose home burnt down in the fire. >> sad if somebody put their position above the general population. my feeling would be, you shouldn't be doing that. if you did, shame on you. my situation was different. i lost my home and i was hospitalized during the event. >> the woolsy fired destroyed more than 1,600 structures. an uber passenger was shot to death by a fellow passenger. the driver picked up the two men at an intersection. it's not clear if the victim and shooter knew one another. the driver went a mile before pulling over in a parking lot to call 911. >> as he picked up one individual, the individual sat in the rear passenger side of the suv while a second companion to that individual came around the driver side from the back and began opened fire into the back seat where his companion
5:33 am
was and shot him. >> the uber driver was not hurt. the ride share company has not commented on the shooting. hundreds of people remain quarantine in southern california over concerns they were exposed to measles. the focus is on the university of california los angeles and cal state los angeles. the number has spiked dramatically at the cal state campus with more than 650 students and staff being quarantined. meanwhile, the number has dropped to under 50 at ucla. so far there are five confirmed cases of measles in los angeles county. last week, uc berkeley encouraged its students to get vaccinated. new details now on the college admission scandal. families from china are accused skidtkids insc.ost to getheir $6.5 mliet theireadinghool.urce
5:34 am
confirming an earlier report in the "wall street journal." by far the largest payment known to date. court documents show another chinese student's family paid $1.2 million to get her into yale university. 50 people now face charges getting a home isn't the only struggle in the bay area. so is keeping a home. this is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. at least for now. the south bay is the first major market nationwide to see home values drop year over year according to zillow. defines the south bay as santa clara county where the median home price is currently $1.2 million. as abc 7 news reporter ex ex it could make a big difference. >> reporter: realtors say the silicon valley market is seeing a return to normalcy. >> you have more choices which means competition is not going to be as fierce.
5:35 am
if you have taken a break and said, there's no chance. i think there is a chance now. i think there is an opportunity there. >> reporter: that means buyers have more time to find the right house without having to make offers hundreds of thousands over the asking price. the supply of newly listed houses sold as fast as two weeks in some areas. >> the share of listings that have a price is starting to come up. overall level of inventory is starting to come up and both things are good indicators that competition is softening. >> reporter: good news when it comes to mortgage rates. to buy this median priced $1.2 million house in san jose, the interest rate was 5% last year and 4% this year. that translates into a $600 less mortgage payment. means you might qualify to buy a more expensive home. homes are in higher demands and
5:36 am
in those cases competition may continue to pit buyers against each other. >> i just wrote an offer last get . >> reporter: the san jose area has seen prices drop, zillow is suggesting that median home prices could also follow. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. still ahead, a piece of history underground. the construction project digging up some ghosts of the past. but, first, as we head to break, a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera on this sunday morning. lisa argen will is your
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royal fans are in a frenzy awaiting the arrival of b b b bb the pair posted new images with children on their instagram account friday leading many fans to believe that the newest royal had made their big debut. one follower disappointed said, my heart can't take it any more. >> what we are expecting is an announcement from buckingham palace that the duchess is in labor. the announcement will come after she has given birth given us the time of birth, the sex and the weight of the baby. >> back in january the duchess revealed she was due at the end of april or beginning of may. fans and expecting parents
5:40 am
shouldn't have to wait much longer. happening today, the annual pacific coast dream machine show in half moon bay. the event is in its 29th year thousands of planes, trains and boats are on display. vintage buses and tricked out trucks and a historic military aircraft. new this year, bay area high school robotics teams are showing off special display. tickets cost $30. and at the half moon bay airport. weatherwise, we're off to a very cool start in the bay area this morning. >> maybe some drizzle half moon bay and also else where along the coast as the marine layer made its way to the valleys. a cooler day and emoryville in the mid-50s. and we'll talk about theal cooer sunday and the cooler week ahead and whether or not we see a warm up in store with my accuweather seven-day forecast. also ahead, the warriors are limping into their series with
5:41 am
the rockets with both brothers nursing ankle injuries.
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we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. welcome back. time is 5:43 and taking a look from our san mateo bridge camera. very quiet start to theern mo m out there. lisa argen will have more when we wrap up the weekend and more when we can expect a warm up. in sports a big day in the bay area for our local teams. the sharks face the colorado avalanche in game two of their conference semi-final series. the puck drops at 4:30 and the warriors open the conference semi final against the rockets at oracle arena. tipoff is at 12:30. if you're not going to the game, you can watch it only on abc 7 and then stay with larry beal and warriors ambassador after
5:44 am
the game and anthony has a preview of today's matchup. >> their motto is strength in numbers but the warriors might not be on full strength when they take on the rockets in game one' both steph curry and klay thompson are listed as questionable. curry rolled his ankle in the first quarter while thompson was hurt in the third quarter on a drive to the rim. both guys returned to the game. head coach steve kerr called thompson's sprain, significant. he wants to see how both guys respond to treatment before game time. >> i'm not worried about the energy because here we are. it's the playoffs and no matter what we do, you know, max there's six weeks left in the season. minimum there's a couple weeks. we're near the finish line.
5:45 am
our guys will have plenty of motivation and plenty of energy. i'm more worryiere eworried abo nagging injuries. took the sharks to warm up against their new opponent, colorado. came away with the victory 5-2 and now won four in a row. friday he scored the game-winning goal with a nifty around the defender. the avalanche have been in this situation before in their series against thehey lost game one on the road only to win four straight to advance. >> we know they're going to be hungry and they're a good team. they're a fast team. we have to be ready for that and make sure that we're not giving tem any room and take it to them right from the drop of the puck. >> they're not satisfied with their game yesterday and they'll come out with a few more things and we know that we have to do in here to match that. we know that we have to be
5:46 am
better in game one and, you know, that's all we can do is take care of our business in here. >> giants hosting the injury depleted new york yankees. one guy not hurt is gary sanchez. he would make holland pay in the fifth with his first career grand slam. that made it 6-0 yankees. the giants come alive in the bottom half of the ninth. three- then eric with his first home run with the giants. all of a sudden we have a 6-4 ball game. too little, too late. pablo sandoval goes down looking and that's your ball game. the yankees survive. your final, 6-4. the a's north of the border taking on the blue jays. anderson gave up six runs. should have been an inning ending double play but the throw is off the mark. 2-0, jays. a's only run coming in similar fashion in the fifth. huntly grounds into what should be a double play instead first
5:47 am
baseman jason smoke can't make the grab. that allows a run to score. but that was it for the a's. jays would score seven in the game and that drives in a pair right there. toronto continues to dominate oakland. they're 5-0 against the a's this year. 7-1. san jose earthquakes on the road taking on dallas. this match was all about the keepers. four big saves including this one right here in the first half. san jose could not get past gonzalez. christian espinoza nice movement and gets knocked away right there. this match would end in a scoreless draw. well, that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony florous have a great sunday. check of the forecast with lisa argen. >> view looks pretty nice. sun coming up 6:17 and sets towards 8:00. 7:57. so long day today and looking at the low clouds and
5:48 am
taking their clouds to clear, but have you been sneezing and sniffling? i know i have. the culprit. the trees. we're looking at all that pollination going on and, in fact, the suffering for most of you and blame it on the cotton wood and the aspen as we look at medium tree pollen and that is enough to cause some problems out there. grass pollen is medium and, of course, that uv index high today. and mold spores not so much as well as the weeds. we'll look for those in the month ahead. but right now as we look outside from our roof camera, pretty quiet out there. te winds not much of an issue and as the fog has settled on in to the bay area the only breeze that is taking shape right now is that delta breeze up to 30 miles an hour and that brings our temperatures down today. we have an upper level low that is off shore and this is alsohe the central coast and even southern california, as well. a system to the north that will
5:49 am
force our cool air from the middle of the week. with the tall deck of clouds, anywhere from 2,000 feet, bases are high. livermore to half moon bay and fog footprint over the entire bay area. 51 good morning to you in berkeley and also for you in fremont with 50s san francisco, and 49 in pacifica and mountain view coming in at 53 this morning. a live look outside at the airport and we are looking at, we're going to move past that map. i want to update that. we are looking at the cloudy skies everywhere. you see the clear sky here from walnut creek. fog is out there and pacifica, half moon bay to sunny to cool to mild today and featuring temperatures near or slightly below averag onof tse weeks g the breeze and clearing and i of the fog clear you're going to get the breeze that is pretty substantial. at the coast upper 50s and half
5:50 am
moon bay and limited sun here and the south winds up to 20 miles per hour. looking at the temperatures. no 80s on the map today. in fact, we should see highs in the low to mid-60s and 62 in the east bay and 67 and in the south bay, numbers should be in the 70s. low 70s for that redwood city, mountain view, 72 in palo alto and 72 in san rafael, as well. kind of mild. you have to stay away from the wind and the fog clears and temperatures are pleasant out there. today opening day on the bay. upper 50s to low 60s around san francisco. plenty of sunshine. should be a nice afternoon and then tonight for the game forecast at oracle looking at numbers still in the 60s. so, a nice afternoon by san francisco standards. but for the rest of the bay, yeah, little bit cool and in fact perhaps this weather not changing. as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 60s at the shoreline and stays cool and breezy there and at least you'll get some sun through part of the week there. the marine layer will mix on out
5:51 am
altogether as we get into a cooler day early in the week. say tuesday. and that means more sun, but breezy. below average. and then by the end of the week, not a whole lot in terms of warmth headed our way. if you like this weather, it's a good thing. otherwise you carry the jacket and download the accuweather app and temperatures in a narrow range for the week ahead. >> i was getting my fix in the mission yesterday and i was struggling with the cooler temperatures. ddn't expect it after the warm temps we had. lisa, thank you. a construction site in downtown san francisco may yield some clues to the city's past and praerhaps the remnants of i gold wash. >> crews in financial district are busy digging for the city's new gold. residential housing. but sources familiar with the construction project are also describing some smaller treasures to abc 7. possible remnants of the city's gold rush era waterfront which
5:52 am
has yielded buried secrets in the past. >> we were involved a little bit with rome which turned up in the excavation. >> reporter: steveson with the san francisco maritime national historic park. he has no direct knowledge, but the area was the site of long wharfs or piers that were built along the historical shoreline. researchers have also mapped the location of dozens of ships that were grounded in that area. >> some of the ships were sunk as the foundations for the piers and others of the ships were pulled up on to the mud to be used essentially as buildings. >> reporter: over the decades, remnants have been uncovered, the developer bridge housing would only say the site is pebeg surveyed. crews have broken ground in several small sections. a source familiar with the work described finding small
5:53 am
artifacts, including a button from 1851 and evidence pointing to the site possibly being the location of one of the original wharfs. ken said the area was devastated by fire around the same period. >> but 1851 and it burned off, essentially all of downtown san francisco. >> reporter: the area was eve eventually filled in with landfill leaving many of its secrets beneath today's streets. mysteries that still surface from time to time reminding us of the city's past. larry beil, abc 7 news. >> some of the ships were older vessels rushed into service to take advantage of the gold rush. street fair season begins in san francisco. how a festival today is benefiting the local community.
5:54 am
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happening today one of the earliest street fairs of the season takes part in san francisco. live music, local artists, vendors and a raffle. kids can take part in the arts and activities area. the fair helps raise money for children's programming based in glenn park. line diamond street and runs from 10:00 until 4:30 this afternoon. next on abc 7. the latest on a deadly synagogue shooting. the reaction from bay area temples and law enforcement. also a tragic accident on the streets of seattle. how a crane came crashing down killing four people.
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today is sunday april 28. i'm chris nguyen. here is lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. >> short term our trend continues. marine layer 2,000 feet deep and onshore winds quite generous. fog in livermoe and santa rosa and otherwise we're looking at the clouds to peel back but that low spinning just west of san diego enough to keep the temperatures on the cool side. we're not going to look at any heat


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