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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 30, 2019 2:42am-3:58am PDT

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endorsement from the international association of firefighters. gimme one minute... he explained to our abc's robin and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare. roberts why he believes he can offer voters a better deal than president trump. more from abc's mary bruce. first, it doesn't pay for everything. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, voters lined up for hours to see say this pizza is your part b medical expenses. joe biden back on his home turf. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it's this much - going to happen here. about 80% - medicare will pay for. it's going to happen here in what's left is on you. western pennsylvania. that's where an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, >> reporter: this is biden country. but it's trump country too. in an exclusive interview biden insured by unitedhealthce ' told our robin roberts he's the democrat who can woo back those these are the only plans to carry the aarp endorsement working-class trump voters. for meeting their high standards of quality and service. >> what would you say to the trump voter, trump supporter, who looks at the economy and so call unitedhealthcare insurance company today sees very strong numbers, here and ask for your free decision guide. in pennsylvania where the with this type of plan, you'll have the freedom to unemployment is at a record low choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. of 3.9%? and when you travel, your plan will go with you - >> what i'd say is, did you get anywhere in the country.
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whew! call unitedhealthcare today any benefit from the tax cut? and ask for your free decision guide. have your wages really gone up the way you think you deserve? do your employers treat you with any more respect or dignity than they did before? what's the story? ask these folks. they're not getting their fair share. >> reporter: biden's long political record could be an asset, and a liability. trailed by questions about his role in the anita hill hearings, he's now trying to make amends. calling hill a few weeks ago, but she said his words weren't enough. >> she said, i cannot be satisfied by simply saying, i'm sorry for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when i know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose. >> i think that's what she told me -- i was grateful she took the call. as committee chairman i take responsibility that she did not get treated well. i take responsibility for that. aid workers are having >> you take responsibility? aid workers are having >> i take responsibility for that because i was the chairman. >> reporter: biden laser focused troubled reaching flood-ravaged on donald trump. calls this race a battle for the areas of mozambique in the aftermath of a cyclone there. at least 38 deaths have been soul of america. confirmed. >> our political system is heavy rains pounded the nation again yesterday triggering mudslides. more than 35,000 homes have been broken.arg er damaged or destroyed. ind ifting it up. >> reporter: voters here tell us
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in a crowded field, the former at least 23,000 people have no vice president stands out. shelter. >> why joe biden and not one of the other 19 democratic candidates? ale severe rains are expected to last through the end of the he knows how to be a we rather week. >> that country hit so hard. than an us versus them. >> it really has been. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump has been firing off tweets about joe biden. an emergency ban on face it is clear the former vice coverings is now in effect in president is getting under the president's skin. sri lanka. pennsylvania is a state that >> the government's move donald trump won by less than 1 preventing muslim women from percentage point. wearing veils is in response to biden knows this is a must-win. the easter terror attack. sri lanka's president is the ban but first he has to win the is to ensure national security saying no one should cover their nomination and it is still a faces to make identification long road ahead. difficult. mary bruce, abc news, pittsburgh, pennsylvania. critics say is violates women's >> a big thanks to mary there in pittsburgh. rights. we'll have much more from robin's interview ahead on gma a school resource officer in tennessee is being credited for this morning. averting what could have turned president trump is looking into a massacre at his to place new restrictions on asylum seekers at the southern elementary school. >> two sixth graders are in custody accused of masterminding border, including a processing a plot to shoot students and fee for their applications. >> the president sent a memo to the attorney general and acting teachers at their elementary homeland security secretary ordering them to come up with new regulations within 90 days. school. here's abc's steve osunsamsay it's not yet clear how much migrants might be required to pay or if families fleeing officer who saved the day at this elementary school following poverty would be able to afford
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the new fee. up on rumors he heard friday two the president also wants sixth graders had a hit list and were planning to gun down students here, an hour west of knoxville. virtually every asylum case >> one was taken into custody at decided within six months of the school, one was taken into custody at home. when the application is >> reporter: police say they submitted. never found a hit list but did the notorious leader of isis find a hand-drawn map of the school and a plan to hide guns has apparently reappeared for in school lockers until the end the first time in five years. of the school year. that's when investigators say the two students planned to >> a newly released video shows march through the building from a backdoor, shooting teachers and students, then shooting and a man believed to be abu bakr al baghdadi, the world's most killing themselves. >> the families were very wanted man, with a $25 million cooperative and no weapons were bounty on his head. as abc's martha raddatz reports, he's still raging against the found at any house. west. >> reporter: parents at south >> reporter: if it is proven cumberland elementary school say this is baghdadi, the terrorist they're thankful, but they're fugitive appears grayer now. furious that they're just hearing about it just now. the isis territory he once claimed gone. but he seems as defiant and >> the way they handled it in threatening as ever, warning not letting the parents know -- that was wrong. on every level. that the fight against the west >> reporter: both students are being charged as juveniles with conspiracy to commit first degree murder. as kids they're not being identified but they are in custody. is not over. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. it was five years ago when baghdadi was last seen in a mosul mosque calling on muslims >> thanks to steve. now to a 90-year-old great grandfather who is expected to worldwide to join his bloody become the oldest graduate from cause. northeastern illinois in this latest 18-minute video released by isis from which university.
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bob dwyer's plan to return to these images are taken, the man school -- he planned to return identified as baghdadi praises to school a long time ago, but the sri lankan attackers, suicide bombers who left at life got in the way. thscol ttw least 250 people dead last week, he says education is a plus and you can never have too much of claiming it was payback for baghouz, the last isis territory it. to fall to american-backed dwyer graduates may 6th. forces in syria the month >> what would your advice be when they run up against those first roadblocks? before. >> it's a little harder than you might think, but so what? it was then president trump declared isis defeated. but isis is still very much a threat. as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. they may not have claim to territory now, but baghdadi's message of attacking the west >> there you go. and its allies is still dwyer's nine kids and 22 grandchildren will be on hand resonating with new recruits and when he walks across the stage next week. the thousands of fighters who he was married for 56 years before his wife peggy died back remain in iraq and syria, others boldly carrying attacks out far from where isis first took root. in 2010. dwyer also had a successful martha raddatz, abc news, business career. washington. >> our thanks to martha there. incredible that at 88 years old the central u.s. is bracing for severe thunderstorms today. he decided, you know what i'm going to do it. those storms could bring flooding, hail, and possible >> i'm sure peggy would be tornados to the southern plains and midwest. >> spring storms delivered proud, i know those kids and grandchildren are definitely proud, they're going to be blizzard-like conditions across parts of montana with blowing cheering for him, defini snow and powerful winds. a winter storm warning is still
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coming up, the model who's breaking new ground in one of in place there. accuweather's paul williams is america's most iconic magazines. >> she's making history by keeping an eye on it for us. paul, good morning. introducing the burkini to "sports illustrated." burkini to >> good morning, janai, kenneth. this low pressure system is going to kick off some violent storms from dallas towards wichita with a chance of isolated tornados. another concern will be flood risks which reach from dallas to kansas city all the way up "sports illustrated." toward the chicago area. torrential downpours, travel disruptions, and a host of seor. weg r owers oh vrty giions opennsyiaun of s slamming billings, casper, cheyenne, and even denver. kenneth, janai? >> our thanks to paul. the suspect in the california synagogue attack is set to be arraigned this afternoon. the 19-year-old is being charged with both murder and attempted murder with hate crime special circumstances. he also faces weapons charges and an arson charge for a fire at a mosque last month. he could receive life in prison if convicted. in the meantime, hundreds [female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects attended a memorial service for before you even know you're pregnant. lori kaye, the 60-year-old woman
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killed in saturday's shooting. they included the three people also attacked, wounded in that attack. kaye is believed to have thrown herself in front of the synagogue's rabbi to save him from the gunman. he says her actions represented the way she lived her life. >> i think she took the bullet for the whole congregation. that woman is so benevolent, such a kind, generous philanthropist. always there. she's one of those people you call at 2:00 in the morning, she will be there. >> california governor gavin newsom plans to dedicate $15 million for more security at houses of worship and other so-called soft targets. it would include security guards and reinforced doors. director john singleton is nation inside the lives of black americans. the man behind the oscar-nominated film "boys in the hood" died yesterday. he was removed from life support after suffering a major stroke earlier this month.
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singleton was the first black director to be an oscar nominee. he said he was on a mission to tell stories from an authentic black perspective. john singleton was just 51. it's the end of an era in japan. the emperor is stepping aside today as his son steps into the role. 85-year-old emperor akihito ruled for three decades, the release of a "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. spending much of that time >> and this year the magazine is trying to bring the monarchy closer to the people. breaking a brand-new barrier his eldest son is set to take with a model who's doing over wednesday. this is the first abdication by something that's never been done before in the magazine's 55-year history. a japanese monarch in 200 years. so the impossible will >> don't change yourself, change become possible all over the country by the end of the year. the game. >> reporter: halima aden is changing the game and changing >> burger king says the trial run for its meatless impossible burger has gone so well, it's history as the first model to taking the sandwich nationwide by the end of the year. >> meatless burgers were not on wear a burkini in the the menu as baylor's women's basketball team visited the white house to celebrate its "sports illustrated" sim suit issue. latest national championship. president trump welcomed the when you were shooting what was going through your mind? >> we definitely had a lot of lady bears with whoppers, moments where everybody was breaking down crying. it's a huge moment. "sports illustrated" is proving that a girl that's wearing a bikini could be right alongside wendy's, and chick-fil-a. a girl wearing a burkini, and as women we can come alongside each
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other and be each other's biggest cheerleader celebrating >> you know, now i know we saw the diversity of women. >> reporter: known for turning this before. but i would think college models like tyra banks and kate bodies to be in top shape. i'm sure whoppers are not on the list of things they try to eat too often. upton into household names the >> so i know it's become a iconic brand is trying to push thing. i think the president enjoyed it forward the conversation around beauty. because we know that's his dietary menu. we know that. and so it's become a thing. >> this year's issue has one of but now it may be becoming too the biggest and broadest samplings of beauty that we've much. because these athletes, as some have pointed out, they worked ever featured. you see a wide range of age and really hard, and so getting to the white house for a championship visit is important, >> how did you feel when you and maybe some nice white house first saw the pictures? delicacies. they got good chefs there. >> i've never gotten to shoot in >> right, yeah. something. something. coming up, another white the ocean wearing a women suit. house visitor, the teacher of i felt like i was beyonce in that water. the year. i was living my best life. it was incredible. plus the beluga whale that it was a neat, neat experience. may have been a russian spy. something i probably will never what that whale's wearing that get to experience again. >> reporter: as a child, halima grew up in a refugee camp in triggered concerns of espionage. kenya. later in "the skinny," "game of thrones" episode 3 by the numbers. today the 21-year-old model is why this episode has been breaking barriers in the fashion industry and empowering others. breaking so many records. don't worry, no spoilers here. what are your hopes for the future in continuing to be such a role model? not just a supermodel but a role
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model for so many people? >> for me what i've always been passionate about is combining fashion with activism and breaking those stereotypes. who says a girl wearing a hijab cannot shoot for "s.i."? who says? i want to showgirls, these spaces you think are not for me, i want to show them, yes, you can, you're a queen, yes, you can. >> halima was incredible to talk to. she's also a unicef ambassador and went back to the refugee camp that she grew up t out there. she got it into her modeling contract she would walk away from projects if they opposed what she believes in, as far as up. so she didn't want to compromise herself. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like >> it reminds me that she said, i remember in your coverage of 'cuz i'm way too busy. this, that she said she felt like beyonce there. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? we know that beyonce's all about walking away from something that is not inclusive, that doesn't so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. represent. this is an inclusive move and it for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. definitely represents. and i think it's really nice to see. it captures dust in one swipe. and that levels of modesty was .
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ha! gotcha! >> she was amazing. stay with us. and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. >> she was amazing. stay with us. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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hd 5. hd 5. a beluga whale is making news off the coast of norway. it has been unharnessed. the gear prompted espionage concerns because the harness appears to be russian made and
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has a camera mount. the norwegian military is said to be showing great interest in the harness. the soviet union at one time used dolphins for military purposes. what is mind blowing in itself. so lots of questions there. >> a spy whale. i didn't see that one coming. okay, that was the point. investigators in kansas are looking into disturbing video from a kindergarten classroom at a school outside kansas city. >> it shows the teacher dragging and kicking a 5-year-old student. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: this elementary school surveillance video capturing every parent's nightmare. watch as students line up to leave. this 5-year-old hides in a bookshelf. what happens next is disturbing. a teacher approaches the child, yanks her out, and then kicks her in the back. stop fearing your alarm clock... no one at the school in shawnee, with zzzquil pure zzzs. kansas, had told mom what a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin happened but the little girl, that supports your natural sleep cycle who came home with this red mark on her arm, bravely did. so you can seize the morning. her mother then confronting that teacher, crystal smith, and
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recording the conversation. smith claimed the little girl zzzquil pure zzzs. injured herself. >> i'm not surprised because she shoved herself into that bookshelf, books that she wanted to kick, she kicked me a couple times. she was lashing about and crawling into the bookshelf, i'm not surprised she doesn't have a mark on her arm. hollywood and really the she got really mad really fast. nation are mourning the loss >> reporter: the video capturing something more disturbing. this morning of one of the most after investigation, the district firing smith. gifted pioneering directors. >> john singleton, who blazed new trails at the young age of we have not reached that teacher for comment but prosecutors are now reviewing the case to 23 with "boys in the hood," he's determine if she will face criminal charges. died at the age of 51. here's abc's david muir. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> reporter: john singleton was a trail blazer. the writer and director was just >> lots of emotions seeing that 23 when he prompted a national video as a parent or not. es>>t conversation about race with his debut film "boys in the hood." that. cuba gooding jr. >> our thanks to alex there. the nation's teacher of the >> brothers, you aren't supposed year has been honored at the to be fighting each other. white house. >> reporter: regina king, ice education secretary betsy devos cube. hosted the event for virginia's rodney robinson. >> robinson teaches social >> either they don't know, don't studies to incarcerated
2:56 am
juveniles. after the ceremony he met the show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood. president and vice president in the oval. >> reporter: at the time, he was when we come back, check your calendar because it's gonna person of the week on "world be may. news tonight." >> we came in with a black crew, what scarlett johansson had to do every day to get in shape for her "avengers" role. "the skinny" is next. a black cast, and a black neighborhood. and we was like a homecoming. e bedroom >> reporter: singleton would our natural lubrication varies every day become the first african-american nominated for it's normal an oscar for best director. and the youngest. so it's normal to do something about it >> what's your name? ky natural feeling >> lucky. the lubrication you want nothing you don't >> reporter: he would go to direct "poetic justice" and worked in movies and tv for get what you want years. he would take note of the work still to be done, but also the progress to be made. >> american film is becoming more and more popular because it's become more american. it's become more multi-ethnic. and that's why i really love it. >> reporter: he died after being taken off life support after suffering a major stroke. his family revealing he quietly struggled with hypertension. thanking his doctors. the next generation remembering singleton. jordan peele who directed "get out" and "us" saying john is a
2:57 am
brave artist and true inspiration. his vision changed everything. from the beginning john singleton's standards. >> have to do something that i can look at ten years later and say, yes, i did that, and i'm proud of it. >> in his own words. our thanks to david there. and even more celebrities are paying tribute to singleton across social media. >> ice cube tweeted this snap of the two of them at cannes in 1990. janet jackson shared this photo saying, you gave me my first movie role, my first oscar nomination, and so much more. >> crediting singleton with so much, ava duvernay, calling him a giant among us. this is another screaming example of how people in general but particularly black americans, black men, black women, need to pay attention and know your health. when it comes to hypertension, we are at risk, i think 70% to 80% risk factor for hypertension for black men. 40%, more than 40% have it. so know your health.
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♪ it's which means tomorrow is a big day. >> just ask justin timberlake, joey fatone, lance bass and the boys who have become internet royalty thanks to the unofficial holiday, because if you remember the music video, guess what? ♪ it's gonna be may >> can we just sing along? it's gonna be may. the boys of nsync embracing a long-standing internet tradition of making their hit song into a springtime meme. >> i love them. after their coachella performance with ariana grande, the guys returning to center
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stage minus timberlake, online with memes like this, it's gonna be may, it's gonna be may with justin's frosted tips. >> can we show them the dance moves? >> go ahead. >> are you going to turn up the music? >> turn up the music. >> wait, wait, replay that video. ♪ >> can we hit the rewind, please? >> i don't know how much control we have over that, but whatever, we're practicing the moves. >> i almost got hit in the face. an'se may. >> yes. >> if you aren't ready for may, maybe you're ready for winter, which came to winterfell sunday night on "game of thrones." >> if you haven't seen the episode, congrats making it this far without any spoilers. we won't ruin the episode for you but there may be some serious hints in what our own will ganss has to say. will? >> for so long we've been saying winter is coming. sunday night on "game of thrones." it was the most tweeted about tv episode of all-time with good
3:00 am
reason. just this one episode took 11 this morning on "world news weeks to film, 16 to 18-hour now," alleged terror plot days, all to create the longest uncovered. battle scene ever on screen, tv and film included, which wound up bringing in 7.8 million >> fbi officials say they stopped an army veteran from carrying out a mass terrorist tweets during the course of the episode, more than this year's attack at a popular tourist spot in southern california. new details about the suspect. also this morning a new super bowl times three. and the most tweeted about record high in the measles outbreak. it's a disease that was characters, arya, of course, the considered eliminated in 2000. now lawmakers are taking drastic night king, of course, jon snow measures to try to stop it from and cersei for whatever reason, spreading. we'll let that one slide. plus no more alarm clock. hear how mark zuckerberg is skipping the snooze button in if you didn't see this tweet kenneth pointed out, kind of nja his own house. is his idea worthy of a real life like? full-on fireworks display happening outside their window. plus so many memories are kim kardashian telling everyone made on your couch like watching right before "thrones" that her tv, hosting friends. but there are so many other memories your average couch has show was about to air. lived through. like how many times you cried on it. it airs in 45 minutes, east coast, let's live tweet. we'll tell you on this tuesday, a dedicated fan reminding her, april 30th. kim, people are dying in winterfell. while people were dying in
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winterfell and people were nonstop tweeting about it, new >> worthy of a real-life like. moms can't get enough. >> real-life like. >> a facebook like. khaleesi is the 630th most popular name in this country for i would love anything that girls, which may not seem like doesn't scream at me to wake me up. that much but when you consider >> i know, i do have jay z and beyonce waking me up, but it neither hermione nor katniss still startles me some. >> which one? ever c jo nt moms, our beloved which song? was it the angry one? pregnant producer just walks by. >> "ring the alarm." no. >> thank you for joining us on holding her belly. this tuesday morning. >> did you time that, jordan? a lot to get to. >> just in time. that was amazing. we do begin this half hour >> that was incredible. >> mama always knows best. >> right. >> is that -- yeah. with a foiled terror plot in southern california. prosecutors say army veteran that's just me saying khaleesi mark domingo planned to bomb a is a pretty cool name, jordan. white supremacist rally in the >> yeah. los angeles area. >> right. >> yeah. the recent islam convert was >> how about next to "the allegedly seeking revenge for avengers" because that was a big the deadly new zealand mosque one as well. stick around, will. su, lievin attk on arch. we like having you up here. yeah. thpolar toist spot would santa . this is how two of them got in shape, right? >> "avengers: end game," produced by marvel, a division of our parent company disney. >> there she goes. scarlett johansson's personal >> reporter: this army veteran who fought against terror in trainer tells "harper's bazaar" that the star fasted for 15
3:02 am
afghanistan is accused of trying to wage jihad in the united hours a day while engaging in olympic-level weightlifting. states. >> this is a case in which law >> chris hemsworth ate five enforcement was able to identify times a day, 3,500 calories, a man consumed with hate and every 24 hours, just to bulk up bent on mass murder and stop him for thor. before he could carry out his nice job, guys. ♪ attack. >> reporter: authorities say nice job, guys. >> nice job, guys. mark steven domingo wanted to detonate an ied at a packed white nationalist rally in long beach over the weekend. >> he was taken into custody after he took receipt what was he thought were pressure cooker bombs. >> reporter: those turned out to be inert devices passed along by federal law enforcement as they tracked domingo's every move. >> he allegedly purchased several hundred three-inch-long nails to be used in ieds as shrapnel, specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human body and puncture internal organs. >> reporter: federal authorities say domingo was radicalized rapidly. >> following the attack at two mosques in new zealand last month, he wrote, quote, there must be retribution. >> reporter: authorities say domingo also wanted to target
3:03 am
jews, churches, police officers, the popular santa monica pier, and pull off a drive-by. with an ak-47 style rifle. >> sometimes, we get asked, what keeps you up at night. this is a case that keeps us up at night. >> reporter: before he could pull off any attack, a joint terrorism task force arrested domingo friday. with that in mind are you considering him to be a lone wolf at this point? >> yeah, we believe we caught him very, very early. >> reporter: authorities believe the suspect was acting alone but say he wanted to target places that were packed with people, including the santa monica pier behind me. they also say he talked about other attacks including the boston bombing and said there should be another mass shooting like las vegas. in santa monica, will carr, abc news. >> our thanks to will in california. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has submitted his resignation after a tumultuous two-year run at times drawing criticism or praise from republicans and democrats. presidump iny used a justify firing fbi director james comey. rosenstein also appointed robert mueller as special counsel.
3:04 am
he later joined with attorney general william barr's determination that the president did not obstruct justice. top democrats are set to meet with president trump today to discuss a massive bipartisan of taeructure package.wh t p rder wall. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer sent a letter to the president outlining their priorities such as clean energy. democrats are divided on how to pay for the legislation, including disagreement on the proposal to raise the gas tax. turning to the 2020 race, presidential candidate pete buttigieg took a trip to harlem as he looks to broaden his coalition by reaching out to black voters.rterd autograph seekers as he met with at the same sylvia's restaurant. >> the south bend, indiana, mayor discussed his policy on gender in the black community which he said would focus on home ownership, entrepreneurship, health, and the criminal justice reform.
3:05 am
buttigieg arrived in new york like most new yorkers, taking a ride on the subway. there he goes. fellow presidential hopeful beto o'rourke was also on the campaign trail appearing at yosemite national park to unveil a $5 trillion plan to combat climate change. former vice president joe biden is heading to iowa today after blasting president trump ♪ ♪ in pittsburgh at the first rally of his 2020 campaign. he accused the president of and we're back with our abuse of power and said he was "skinny bonus round." ♪ only representing his political base. and we're back with our biden also sat down for an abc "skinny bonus round." your lucky morning. starting with a touching news exclusive in his home state of pennsylvania, telling robin roberts he can win back the tradition by a very special working class voters that friend of our broadcast, miss gayle king. >> good morning, gayle. she shared photos of her family supported trump in 2016. celebrating her son's birthday at red lobster. >> she revealed she's taken her >> what would you say to the now 32-year-old son to the seafood chain every year on his birthday since he was 8 years trump voter, trump supporter, who looks at the economy and old, and they keep coming back sees very strong numbers. because he loves the biscuits, like everybody. >> she calls him favorite son here in pennsylvania where the number one, he's the only son. unemployment is at a record low she calls me favorite son number of 3.9%. two, she doesn't, but i also >> well, what i'd say is, did like biscuits, gayle. this year mom and son were you get any benefit from the tax joined by gayle's newly engaged cut? daughter kirby and kirby's have you really -- your wages fiance virgil.
3:06 am
really gone up as you think you deserved? have your employers treated you with any more respect and happy birthday to favorite son dignity than they did before? what's the story? number one. >> gayle, we're sorry we ask these folks. couldn't make it. they're not getting their fair share. >> for more of robin's exclusive we'll be there for the next interview with biden catch "good family gathering. morning america" later this morning. >> we haven't talked about red lobster this much since beyonce made it famous. >> right? a new report from the cdc >> good job, gayle. confirms measles cases in the next to tough questions for jennifer lopez. >> jenny from the block uploaded u.s. have reached a 25-year this video on her youtube high. >> more than 700 cases have been confirmed since january with channel as she played "ask me anything" with her twins emmy and mack. about half of those seen in children under the age of 5. here's what happened when the talk turned to math. >> now, lawmakers are taking >> do you think that math is useless? did you think math is useless? drastic measures in hopes of >> no, i didn't think math was useless, it wasn't my favorite. containing the outbreak of the virus that was nearly eradicated nearly 20 years ago. >> would you say adding >> reporter: a stunning fractions is useless? usually in the real world it's announcement from the cdc as health officials battle the ongoing measles outbreak. >> we're reporting 704 cases decimals. you use decimals. >> yes, but -- yes, yes, when of measles from 22 states, you're in school you think, why am i learning this? that's more cases of measles in but at the end of the day, when a single year than we've seen in you learn it, you realize at some point in your life, oh, i the past 25 years. actually needed that. actually, that is helpful, >> reporter: nearly 80 new useful information. measles cases confirmed in the last week alone with at least even if -- are you listening to 89% of those cases seen in unvaccinated people, despite me? >> yes. pleas from doctors, lawmakers,
3:07 am
and religious leaders to get >> either one of you? immunized. >> j. lo with the solid mom >> it is necessary for all the physically able to receive the response. and i say mom response because, honey, you know adding fractions vaccinations they do so. >> there is not one religious is useless. speaking of math, the superstar said at the top of the video institution, not one single one, that she'd been interviewed some that denounces vaccines. 10,000 times, 10,000 hundred million gazillion times in her >> reporter: the rapid spread life. spurring officials in new york state to introduce a bill that would do away with nonmedical >> fractions are important. exemptions for all students >> when is the last time you attending public schools. >> we have got to get a handle added fractions? >> a lot of times when i'm trying to figure out on these outbreaks or the percentages, like percent over hundred equa -- a e - t only m it is measuring in a measuring measles will get a foothold and be a permanent problem with the cup, then eyeball it. >> when i want to know the results being disastrous. percentage of scripts i have over you on this show, i do the >> you can anticipate that it won't be surprising if unfortunately we do see a death. math. next, to a major league >> reporter: but the celebrity sighting in l.a. coast-to-coast outbreak has already shut down campuses in >> kanye west surprising tourists on a bus taking a tour >> one pson with a confirmed of hollywood while driving with measles case can expose wife kim kardashian, kris thousands of people. jenner, and kendall jenner. >> reporter: more than 200 >> thankfully, of course, it was studen all documented on social media. >> to ensure it did happen. >> the encounter took place after the celebrity family in quarantine after exposures at ucla and cal state los angeles, attended sunday services and two more schools in brooklyn together. >> preach! were closed this week for >> you're in the bus, you're like -- and they're like, hey!
3:08 am
violating vaccination rule orders. >> your health is not just your health. it's me, kim. your health is my health. and you're like, oh my god, it's and your child's health is my child's health. >> new york's new bill would still allow people to be exempt from vaccination if they have a legitimate medical reason. so that's something to keep in mind. >> so 57 unvaccinated people in brooklyn have been subject to fines for ignoring vaccination orders. we've been really monitoring what new york is doing because of so many cases in that ultra-orthodox jewish community where they've seen a high rate of people with measles are unvaccinated. f the country in california, all of those people who were being quarantined on those two campuses, so another story we'll continue to watch. let's move to weather. severe storms and rain are threatening much of the center of the country this morning. storms stretching from dallas to detroit and the possibility of large hail, damaging winds, flooding, and even tornados. >> more now from accuweather's
3:09 am
paul williams on what to expect. paul, good morning. >> this low pressure system will kick off some very dangerous thunderstorms throughout the south-central part of the country, giving us pause for the likelihood of isolated tornados, flooding downpours, damaging winds and hail, from dallas to oklahoma city all the way over towards st. louis. but not just there, throughout the entire midwest it's going to be messy, wet, and rainy. throughout the ohio valley region stopping right in central portions of pennsylvania. not only there, spotty showers around salt lake city and there's going to be snow from casper, cheyenne, down to boulder. janai, kenneth? >> our thanks to paul. boeing now faces at least three dozen lawsuits stemming from those two deadly 737 max jet crashes. the latest is from families of canadian victims of the ethiopian airlines tragedy. the news comes as boeing's ceo updated shareholders on changes to the software blamed for the crashes. one ensures the system relies on two sensors to determine if a jet has stalled in midair. well, "jeopardy!" james' streak nearly came to a stunning end. i know how much of a fan of his
3:10 am
you are. >> i really am. james holzhauer was riding high on a 17-show winning streak entering monday's show but a college sports information director nearly knocked him off have a great day. his pedestal. holzhauer and adam levine there -- levin? making news in america this adam levine is the other guy and he's got a job on "the voice" so morning, hitting the trail. >> our political system is it's not him. i actually knew that and i still said levine. broken. i knew it was levin. >> joe biden blasting president trump at the first rally of his so it came down to those two for final jeopardy. 2020 campaign as trump calls for the defending champ won by just eepi iigraha. $18. >> that's it? >> $18. what it mes for asylum seekers. final total of $54,000 was well terror plot foiled. under his average of $75,000 per the army veteran accused of win. >> that was close. >> so adam levine can go back to planning a mash casualty attack targeting jews, churches and "the voice," or to maroon 5. >> wherever he's going. cops in retaliation for the new >> sexiest man alive tattoos. zealand mosque shootings. the popular tourist spot he planned to attack next. historic outbreak. measles cases reaching a 25-year high. >> james holzhauer, his total schools closed and hundreds winnings are about $1.3 million. under quarantine as lawmakers
3:11 am
$18, that's all it almost took. >> you missed last week? take drastic measures to stop were you here last week? the spread. i can't remember what days call for help. you're typically not here. so when i was doing holzhauer -- >> that's how naturally shady he is. >> the holzhauer smile? >> no, what's the -- speaking of shady. >> i love it. i'm not being shady. james, i love the smiles. i'm not picking on you. i'm a big fan. w u' jusn, reallar coming up, why nasa scientists are working on an asteroid disaster plan, finally. first, the tour helicopter that crashed right in the middle of a neighborhood. plus the new video from notre dame as experts argue the rebuilding should not be rushed. you're watching "world news now." sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. but what i love about olay regenerist whip with spf 25
3:12 am
is that it's lightweight, it's barely there. and then i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working, you know, just roll. it's perfect for me. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything.
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you're looking at new video you're looking at new video of notre dame cathedral in paris as the french president is being cautioned to move slowly with repair plans. he wants to rebuild that building in five years. more than 1,100 architects and heritage experts signed on to a newspaper column calling for a well thought out plan. they say t on proper procedures, not a political agenda.
3:15 am
investigators are looking into what caused a deadly helicopter crash in hawaii. >> the tour helicopter slammed into a residential neighborhood outside honolulu. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the helicopter fla. >> could have landed on my neighbor's house, my house or any other -- my ne >> reporter: on a residential street on the island of oahu around 9:00 a.m. >> rescue one, rescue two, downed helicopter. this is referred to be the kawainui marsh near kaha street. >> reporter: all three on board killed. debris coming down near a school and slamming into this car. the driver was okay. >> neighbors were doing a heroic job trying to put out the fire and also trying to get the patients away from the burning aircraft. >> reporter: the chopper identified as a robinson r-44, registered to a tour company called no victor helicopters. the company said it had no comment. according to the ntsb, r-44 helicopters have been involved in 48 fatal crashes since 2006.
3:16 am
a hawaii state lawmaker is calling on all tour helicopters to be grounded. officials say honolulu paramedics were already in the area on another call and were just 30 feet away when that chopper came down. the faa and the ntsb are now investigating. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton. nasa is working on a disaster plan for an asteroid that does not exist. >>ev h aeb page for the drill with the disclaimer, does not describe a real potential asteroid impact. they want to make sure people know. the fake but potentially fatal rock has a 1% chance of hitting earth by 2027. officials are working on mass evacuation plans and strategies
3:17 am
to destroy the object. you know what i just told my husband last week, if there is an emergency, the last place i want to be stuck is in manhattan in a car. >> oh, completely. >> it took so long to get off this island in traffic. >> to get off this rock. again, the fake but potentially fatal 2027, fake y'all, don't go empty your bank accounts, don't go buy that new ferrari. >> the bug-out bag. pope francis wants hair dressers to stop gossiping. >> yesterday the pontiff cautioned stylists to conduct their business in a christian style and avoid succumbing to the temptation of chatter. the pope invoked the patron saint of barbers and asking beauticians to act with righteousness thus making a positive contribution to the common good of society. >> so now you know how you can be a better person. >> you know what? >> i said what i said. coming up, a possible low-tech solution for insomnia. >> how mark zuckerberg helped his wife sleep through the night with a box, a lightbulb, and a timer. ♪ can't get to sleep tonight no with a box, a lightbulb, and a timer. and finally, in the bedroom our natural lubrication varies every day it's normal so it's normal to do something about it ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't
3:18 am
get what you want
3:19 am
♪ can't get to sleep tonight no matter what i do ♪ can't get to sleep at night is something pretty familiar to many of us. >> yes, for some sleeping through the night can be a real challenge.
3:20 am
this morning we're hearing about an innovative low-tech sleep solution from one of the masters of high-tech, and our own high-tech genius here, will ganss, is here to tell us all about it. wake up, will. >> sorry, i'm really into this story. we all know mark zuckerberg as one of the leading thinkers in tech of our generation but he's scaling things back when it comes to tech in his own house. mark revealing he built this wooden box for his own bedroom to let his wife know when it's time to wake up. the box emits a soft light between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. to let he and his wife know when their daughters may be awake without letting them know exactly what time it is. instead of waking up in the middle of the night and checking a phone or an alarm clock, which you guys know can be super stressful, his wife will know whether it's time to wake up simply by if the box is glowing or not. if she is sleeping, the light will softly awaken her instead of that sound that we're so scared of. zak says he's sharing the idea
3:21 am
in case other aspiring entrepreneurs have a little more time on their hands and want this make this thing kind of go public. mass produce it. >> this is not a facebook product, he's not saying i'm putting it -- >> no. >> he's saying, look, someone else make this, make a lot of money probably off of it, and -- >> totally. but you guys know whenever you wake up in the middle of the night, you look at your alarm clock, it's 3:16 in the morning, and i have four hours and 24 minutes -- >> if it's 3:16 in the morning and we're still asleep -- >> i have a story about this. so one time once i read that that's bad for you, to check your phone in the middle of the night, i stopped doing ex >> then look what happened to you, it was downhill from there. >> i know! i'm so sorry still. >> you needed the glowing box. isn't that so much more common, you wake up, you look at that oe to. >> waking up to beyonce is also good. >> or to us. >> i'll take it. also
3:22 am
good. >> or to us. >> i'll take it.
3:23 am
3:24 am
it is time for "the mix" on
3:25 am
it is time for "the mix" on this tuesday. and we are starting with the average age of an american couch. we all have one, right? probably. most people. most people have a couch. and so a survey examined homes of 2,000 americans. and so here are some fun facts about the average american couch. so the average one is about six years old. six years, that's not -- i would have thought it would have been older than that. it's been cried on 17 times. i believe it. >> because of watching? >> all types of shows. >> netflix. >> in six years, someone's gone through a breakup, some sort of heartache, something. napped on 36 times. that seems low to me. >> that seems really low. you nap on yours in your office at least -- >> five times a week. >> yeah. >> 21 sick days. who's taking 21 sick days in six years? >> see, she thinks that's -- >> that's a lot. >> a lot, okay. >> i think that is a lot.
3:26 am
>> what's the big deal? >> i guess you're right. one a season. and 32 hosts with friends and family. >> now to the list of what's in the couch. there are crumbs -- no, i'm just kidding. we're not going to go there. >> pennies. >> how about this. so you buy real estate. you buy -- you purchase a unit, a condo, whatever. apparently there's a realtor who is saying, i will give you a year of avocado toast, millennial, if you purchase this unit. >> ding ding ding! here's a winner. >> a condo in vancouver, canada, promising buyers free avocado toast for a year when they purchase a unit in this beautiful building here. units are starting at 399k. >> okay. >> i don't know if i like avocado toast that much. >> really? >> aren't we about to go through a shortage or something? >> i have avocado toast at least two times a week. >> millennial. >> a lot of times places have
3:27 am
poached eggs on top. they have to be done fried over, please. >> offer me biscuits for a year. >> with a little chili powder. >> top it up. i would do that. >> a croatian man pushed a car for 66 miles to break the guinness world record. >> oh, was it a big one? oh, no, that little thing?utner? >> somebody's in it. >> still 66 miles, that's a lot. our question is, what was the previous? 51 miles was the previous record. but that's -- >> that seems like nothing. all right, how about this. a kitty babysitter oversees a goat. "kidding" around the barn, get it? the cat's in charge here. take a swipe at those goats at any moment. >> at the top there. to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call...
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visit... or call your doctor. because...
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this morni this morning on "world news now," democratic front-runner joe biden heads to iowa today after holding the first rally in his presidential campaign. only on abc news will you hear him discuss a key moment in his
3:30 am
career, his role in the anita hill hearings. also this morning, a new message from the head of isis. the world's most wanted man hasn't been seen in years. this morning there's a new video showing him and he's talking about a terror attack just a week ago. >> the meatless whopper. yes. you heard that right. the meatless burger is coming to a bk near you. we'll tell you when. ♪ it's gonna be may any reason to play this song. you heard j.t. in just one more day it's gonna be may. ahead in "the skinny" we're celebrating this gift from the pop music god. because it's tuesday, april 30th. ♪ it's gonna be ♪ like you never seen we just want this song to
3:31 am
play as long as possible. ♪ because it's gonna be may ♪ it's gonna be may >> oh, man, nsync, the jams. >> you knew i was going to try to hit that high note. >> bringing the heat this morning. happy tuesday. thank you for joining us. a lot of fun to get to. we begin this half hour with former vice president joe biden he secured a major union o i
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