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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 6, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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week. making news in america this morning, air disaster. a passenger jet catches fire during an emergency landing killing dozens. this morning, the plane's troubled past and the question, was a possible lightning strike a factor? also breaking overnight rising tensions in the persian gulf. the pentagon now deploying an aircraft carrier and bombers amid reports iran has been planning to attack u.s. forces in the region. the deadliest violence in years. derby dilemma. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derby. >> the potential legal battle now blewing after the controversial and historic finish at saturday's kentucky
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derby where the first horse to cross the finish line was not the winner. plus, stunning new video as more severe storms touch down in the central u.s. consumer alert. the truth about how long your iphone battery will really last. >> here we go. and the news overnight about "jeopardy" host alex trebek. >> what is destiny? >> and why he was so afraid at winning at last night's emmy awards. ♪ good monday morning, everyone. we begin with new video coming in this morning of a deadly airline disaster. at least 41 people have been killed. >> a russian jet crash landed in moscow. this new video from inside the cabin shows the flames as they started to engulf the back of the plane. a new report says the aircraft was hit by lightning, which cut off its communications and some controls. >> the state department says it is aware of reports that one american may be among the victims.
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abc's trevor ault begins the coverage. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: hey, janai and kenneth, good morning to you both. the tragedy unfolding at the airport. it was captured on video by onlookers and people on other planes too. and we know there were 78 people on board. more than half of them did not survive. a startling sight on the tarmac in moscow. aeroflot flight 1492 attempting an emergency landing sunday. video shows the wheels collapsing as the engine erupts in flames leaving a plume of smoke in its wake. later as fire crews rushed to the inferno, passengers leaping down the emergency slides and fleeing in horror. >> the problem in this crash was that the back end of the airplane was on fire, and so the escape chutes, the escape doors in the back of the airplane were not usable. >> reporter: among the dead, a crew member and at least two children. the superjet 100 had taken off live from the same airport just a
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half hour prior and was en route to the city of murmansk. it was forced to turn back due to technical reasons and there have been concerns about this particular russian made jet. abc's patrick reevell on the ground in moscow. >> russia has struggled to sell it to european and u.s. airlines mostly around concerns about parts and about maintenance. there are unconfirmed reports that the plane could have been struck by lightning and that's what's forced it to turn back. but that doesn't explain why this fire broke out during that emergency landing. >> reporter: prime minister dmitry medvedev immediately ordering an investigation into the cause of the accident and russia's investigative committee, the equivalent of the fbi, has opened a criminal probe. and this is the second fatal crash involving a superjet 100. back in 2012 a demonstration flight crashed into a mountain in indonesia. that killed 45 people. the survivors from sunday's accident are getting help from
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emergency services. >> trevor, so many questions about this latest incident, thank you. back here in the u.s. passengers are describing the chaos after a charter plane crashed into a river in florida. we're getting a look inside the plane after it skidded off the runway at naval air station jacksonville. it was carrying military members and severalians from cuba, and what we do know is that all 143 people on board survived but were terrified as the plane hit the water. >> turbulence started. rumbling started and then all of a sudden it was like a small thud, like a small bump, and then it was the massive, massive impact. >> three pets in the plane's cargo hold were killed. the cockpit voice recorder is still in the tail which is still underwater as of last night. crews are deciding how to remove it from the river.
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breaking overnight the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrier and air force bombers to the middle east in response to a potential threat from iran. officials believe iran or its third party proxies have been planning an attack on u.s. forces in the region. "uss abraham" is headed to the region. analysts say the confrontation could drive up oil prices. there's word of a cease-fire between the israelis and leinia after the worst outbreak of violence since 2014. more than 600 rockets were fired from gaza over the weekend killing four people in israel. the israelis responded with air strikes of their own killing at least 23 people on the other side of the border. the cease-fire was brokered by egypt and a u.n. envoy. an american-israeli man was among those killed in the rocket attacks. he was just 21 years old. president trump's former fixer and attorney reports to prison today. michael cohen was spotted in manhattan and during his final hours of freedom before becoming a federal inmate and zohreen shah has more from the prison
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where he is expected to spend the next three years. >> reporter: michael cohen, president's former longtime attorney and fixer, beginning his three-year criminal sentence at the otisville prison in upstate new york. at one time cohen pledging his loyalty to the president. >> i'll do anything to protect president trump. >> reporter: but last year pleading guilty to nine counts and among them tax evasion and campaign finance violations related to hush money payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal to cover up alleged affairs to trump. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> reporter: cohen says he acted in coordination with and at the direction of trump himself. >> i knew what i was doing was wrong. i am done being loyal to president trump. >> reporter: beginning this past february cohen spent several days testifying on capitol hill going after the president's character. >> he is a racist. he is a con man, and he is a
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cheat. >> reporte r to discredit cohen. >> fraudster, a cheat, convicted felon. >> narcissist, a bully who cannot tell the truth. >> reporter: they also accuse cohen of lying during his sworn testimony, but the disbarred lawyer says he's now owning his mistakes and is calling himself a cautionary tale for the president's current defenders. >> the more people that follow mr. trump as i did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that i'm suffering. >> reporter: cohen will be eligible for release after 2 1/2 years assuming credit for good behavior. janai, kenneth. >> all right, zohreen, thank you so much. the president is changing course from a few days ago when he said it was up to attorney general william barr. democrats are pushing to get mueller to appear before a house committee next week. they're especially interested in hearing about his objections to how barr characterized his report on the russia investigation. new video this morning of a
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powerful tornado hitting texas. another reported twister hit a church parking lot in nebraska. now let's take a closer look at your monday weather. this huge twister was spotted south of lubbock, texas near the city of tehocka. in nebraska, tornadoes were reported near lincoln. heavy storm damage and flooding was seen throughout that area. looking ahead this will be a nerve time for people along the mississippi river expected to crest today near st. louis but more rain possible. flooding is already blamed for four deaths, three in missouri and one in indiana. coming up, a new milestone for "the avengers." plus, the breaking news overnight, stocks plunging as the trade war with china
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a disturbing scene at a college commencement. michigan state's interim president collapsed. the school says satish udpa had what's described as a health incident. the 68-year-old is expected to take up to a week to recover, but he is said to be resting comfortably. three bodies recovered and one person missing after a massive chemical plant explosion. the silicone factory exploded and burst into flames friday night. the blast was felt 20 miles away. workers are waiting for special equipment to finish searching what remains of the building. authorities say the victims lost their lives trying to save their co-workers. no word yet on the cause of the explosion, but officials say it
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originated in the building where silicone is produced. breaking overnight, stocks are plunging after president trump turned up the pressure in the trade war with china. the president warned in a tweet that he would drastically raise tariffs on dhz imports from 10% to 25% this friday, and now there's word that china may cancel trade talks set to resume in washington. stocks in china plunged 6% and dow futures have dropped about 500 points. singer diana ross claims that she was violated by a tsa agent at the new orleans airport and now the tsa is responding. ross said she was treated like royalty in the city but called her airport experience traumatic and aggressive but a tsa spokesperson said an initial review of surveillance video shows the agent followed protocols. the investigation continues. "avengers: endgame" has smashed another box office record. it's now the second highest grossing movie of all time. it crossed the $2 billion mark in record time earning $2.2 billion worldwide in just
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11 days. amazing. only "avatar" has earned more money at the box office. well, coming up, how tiger woods is making history today. first, should two parents in florida lose custody of their son with cancer because they chose to end his chemotherapy? the debate and what doctors are saying. and up next, the kentucky derby dilemma. why the battle for saturday's controversial finish is far from over. i'm just a normal person who got an awful skin condition. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within, with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent
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with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. ♪ we're back with an emotional scene from north carolina. a memorial service honored riley howell, the hero student who tackled the gunman who opened fire at the university of north carolina-charlotte last week. howell was fatally wounded. another student was also killed. the 21-year-old howell received full military honors because he was enrolled in rotc courses. now the fallout from saturday's controversial kentucky derby. the owner of maximum security, the horse that crossed the
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finish line first, says he may appeal his horse's disqualification. >> and potential legal action is looming. abc's diane macedo has more. >> maximum security wins the kentucky derby. >> reporter: it's being called the most controversial kentucky derby ever. for the first time in the race's 144-year history, the first horse to cross the finish line is not the winner. >> they disqualified him. >> they did. >> reporter: second place finisher country house named derby champion. it all centers on this moment at the end of the final turn. watch as the undefeated favorite, maximum security, shifts to his right coming out of his lane and interfering with a nearby horse. >> maximum security's rear heels come very close if not actually clipping the front heels of war of will, and so there was clearly interference here. if there is any interference that in any way affects the outcome, the offending horse has to be taken down. ght after the race the young horse got
4:17 am
scared by the crowd noise.aez w celebrating, two other jockeys were filing objections arguing the champion horse made a foul and should be disqualified and then the wait. for nearly 22 minutes the crowd was in suspense. the jockeys on the phone with the judges waiting for information and then the verdict. >> so for the first time in the history of the kentucky derby, the horse that crossed the line first has been disqualified. >> reporter: the favorite disqualified and replaced by a 65-1 long shot, but espn's barry abrams says the result isn't that rare. >> it happens every day in this sport all across the country, just not in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: even maximum security's trainer later alluded to the foul. >> could you describe what you just saw as you watched the replay? >> you know, it looked like he came out a little bit on the 1 horse.the first derby champion to win by objection.
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the owner of maximum security is reportedly planning an appeal and possible legal action, but for now country house is the derby winner and headed to the preakness. it's unclear if maximum security will run that race as well. diane macedo, abc news, bristol, connecticut. now to the couple who lost custody of their toddler over his cancer treatment. 3-year-old noah mcadams was diagnosed with leukemia in early april. after chemotherapy, noah's parents believed the cancer was gone, and they say they left florida to get a second opinion. police then put out an alert to find noah saying his parents refused to follow up on life-saving medical care. they tracked his parents down in kentucky. >> this is not about whether we're choosing alternative therapies, natural therapies. this is about our rights as parents to seek other options. >> reporter: the couple's lawyer says a blood test showed no trace of leukemia, but a cancer specialist who is not treating noah says blood tests don't show the full picture.
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>> we have no way of saying that he is cured of leukemia this early in therapy. we cannot assume cure because we see remission. >> noah is still not getting treatment while in the custody of his grandparents. a judge is expected to rule this week whether the parents were within their rights to decline chemotherapy. police say the parents could face child neglect charges. today the greatest golfer of this generation is being honored with the nation's highest civilian honor. tiger woods is receiving the presidential medal of freedom from president trump. he's following through on a promise made after woods won the masters last month, his first in 14 years. up next in "the pulse," the truth about how long your iphone battery will last. but first why alex trebek says he was worried about winning at the emmy awards last night. ards last night. ♪
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♪ it's time to check "the pulse" starting with a standing ovation for "jeopardy" host alex trebek. >> last night trebek accepted the emmy award for best game show host. he told the audience he was concerned about getting a sympathy vote this year after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. >> i'm not a big fan of sympathy votes. i believe we should all be judged on the merits of our work, however, i started thinking back to last year. last year i was nominated. i had just had major surgery to remove two life-threatening blood clots on my brain. you would think that would have elicited a certain amount of sympathy. >> oh, that trebek sense of humor. and it was not a sympathy vote. that was well deserved. and we know that this is the i
4:23 am
think sixth emmy award for alex trebek. >> whole half dozen. good for him. well, next, the battery in your iphone may not be as powerful as advertised. >> so just give up now and borrow someone else's charger so they can ask, what percent are you on? a consumer advocacy group found nine iphone models that fell short of apple's battery life claims. the worst performer was the iphone xr, which came in 51% below what apple claims it can deliver. >> apple says its products are rigorously tested, and it stands by its battery life claims. >> you know what i mean. you borrow someone's charger and they're always like, what percent are you on? >> right. it's very important or whether or not you leave your home at a certain time depends on the percentage. >> true. next, a young fan made a pretty good double play at a major league game. >> this happened at the astros/angels game in mexico. first there's a foul ball behind anaheim's dugout, and he makes the grab and gives the ball to a child whose dad snapped a picture of the two. and then during the next inning,
4:24 am
the same fan is in the outfield and he grabs this home run ball. not a bad haul there. >> yeah. >> i was in foul territory before. made like a nice play on a foul ball. decided why not come try my luck in the outfield and they hit one right to me. >> he said that second ball might have been his reward for giving the first one to that young fan. >> i believe it. that's how the universe works. >> i completely agree with you. >> yep. and a college grad was bubbling with pride at his commencement. >> the time honored tradition of sneaking champagne into the ceremony backfired badly. >> whoa! >> he got a bubbly bath before getting his degree. one instagram user wrote, the best possible way to begin adulthood. i couldn't possibly agree more, right? rolling into the week like -- >> he was really excited about graduation there. >> yeah, he was. did you sneak anything? >> popping bottles. >> popping bottles. that's what you did waiting for your diploma? >> yes. >> i wish. no. >> we made it, though.
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breaking news right now at 4:27, 41 people are dead as a russian plane erupts in flames. cell phone video captures the fireball hurtling down the runway. two of san francisco's most troubled b.a.r.t. stations are getting new help. the change riders should start seeing today. uber's ipo is set for friday, and some drivers aren't happy. riders will feel their anger this week. good morning on this monday, may 6th. glad you're here with us, meteorologist mike nicco has your first look at the day ahead. good morning, mike. ran into some drizzle this morning, and you may too. the best radar returns are in the north bay. you can see a couple hours ago there was even more drizzle and heavier showers and a thunderstorm near san jose at
4:28 am
about 1:00 this morning. we're seeing a tempering of this wet weather. mild 50s. you may find a few slick spots in earlier travel this morning. ukiah, lake port, antioch can escape the 60s, even 50s at the coast. i had to flip my wipers on for the commute this morning so be prepared. we could have some slick roadways especially those ramps and curves. not looking like much but it doesn't take much to slicken up the roadways. the milpitas area a vehicle rear-ended another one and that caused the vehicle to spin out. we have one lane blocked now. emergency crews are there. you can see a little bit of that meaza. igficant dels. and, unfortunately, we have
4:29 am
a sad story here, one man is dead and another seriously hurt after the car they were in crashed into a tree. near santa teresa boulevard just before 10:00 last night. san jose police say the passenger was ejected from the vehicle and killed. the driver was taken to nearby regional medical center no word yet if speed was the cause of the crash. a plane burst into flames while making an emergency landing in russia. >> just terrible. 41 people are dead, nearly half a dozen in the hospital. jessica castro has been tracking the latest. what a terrible crash. >> yes, horrific. russian investigators are looking into at least three possible reasons for this crash. a pilot or technical inspection error, a plane malfunction or perhaps poor weather. they won't know for sure until after they get the results of the flight recorder analysis. we're waiting on that and this video here shows what happened on the tarmac during yesterday's
4:30 am
imagine landing. the wheels on aeroflot flight collapsed and the plane burst into flames. why many passengers could not escape. >> the problem in this crash was that the back end of the airplane was on fire. and so the escape chutes, the escape doors in the back of the airplane were not usable. >> the plane was headed away from moscow. it was forced to turn back about half an hour into the flight and there were concerns about this particular russian made jet called the super jet 100. a crash involving the jet in indonesia in 2012. russia has struggled to sell it. experts are concerned about the plane's parts and maintenance. again, we're still waiting on the three theories what exactly happened in the crash. so we'll be watching throughout the morning for you. >> that's terrible. jessica, thank you.


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