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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 10, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, air. a major shipping channel shut down after a collision involving a barge. fears tonight of a chemical spill in the severe weather zone. 40 million americans in the paths. heavy rains, high rains, dangerous hail. dangerous high water rescues and more is on the way this mother's day weekend. also breaking tonight, the showdown over the president's tax returns. who was just subpoenaed and what democrats are demanding. new tariffs on chai nice goods. china vowing to retaliate. what it could mean for you and your wallet. the american rescued
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overseas. a deadly mission. tourists on safari involved. two french commandos killed. a missing houston 4-year-old. the child's mother breaking down and the new surveillance out tonight. and shooting in krav kra dur v during a high speed pursuit. highway as authorities close in. and free fall. a climber with no ropes attached climbing, plunging 60 feet, his go pro reporting the whole time. how he survived. good evening. great to have you with us on a busy friday night. i'm tom llamas in for david. we begin with severe storms and dangerous flooding as we head into the weekend and breaking news coming out of houston. these images of a barge collision in the port of houston.
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one vessel sinking late today. and fears of a possible chemical spill. flash flooding from texas to the carolinas. first responders receiving calls for help from trapped drivers, and heavy downpours and fierce winds. 40 million people now bracing for extreme weather. making its way east through mother's day. maggie rulli to lead us off. >> reporter: tonight, the powerful thunderstorms drenching the nation's fourth largest city. in houston, wind-driven hail, up g the siding off of homes. shattering windows and knocking holes into windshields. >> like i'm old and i've never seen hail like that before. >> reporter: more than six inches of rain inundating streets and stranding scores of drivers. first responders racing to save a person trapped inside that overturned vehicle submerged in a flooded ditch.
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manholes turning into geysers. more than 800 lightning strikes in 24 hours. authorities are investigating whether lighting is to blame for this massive fe houston, the home now a total loss. winds gusting above 60 miles per hour across the region, the trash cans blowing away at this gas station. and this video from baton rouge showing the danger of driving into standing water. in a matter of moments, this prius starting to float bobbing up and down, nearby workers rescuing the woman inside. >> maggie rult li joining us. i want to get the crash between a barge and another vessel that shut down the houston shipping channel and a check cal leak, we could see a giant gash in the middle of the barge. >> exactly, tom. the details are just coming in. right now, we know at least one of the vessels has sunk. another one is carries 25,000
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barrels on board. we do not know if that is leaking in the ocean or not. that a major concern. one fire boat has responded to the scene. right now, no reports of any major. this is all on top of the severe weather threat in the area. it has people on high alert. we expect more rain into the weekend. it could be a long one ahead. >> the weather will affect the rescue and cleanup. let's get to rob marciano with the forecast. good evening. >> goods evee east. at least one more wave of rain coming. the radar, four states in flood watches. rain across north texas. and dry across south texas. that's not going to last long. another wave coming through tapping the gulf of mexico with warm moisture. heavy rain there and during the day sunday, a severe weather across georgia and the carolinas and here in the northeast a wet mother's day. tom? >> rob, we will stay tracking
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that weather through 9 weekend. thank you. another major story tonight. overseas,ed deadly mission to save hostages in west africa. an american across the prison tors, two french soldiers killed in the rescue operation. here is ian pannell. >> reporter: 20 french commandos overnight in a daring rescue operation freeing an american hostage and three others, including these french tourists who went missing last week with their guide in pendjari national park in the african country of benin. the guide later found dead. american intelligence helped locate the french tourists, and only when they were rescued was it discovered the two other hostages were with them. an american and a korean woman, kidnapped separately almost a month ago. the french minister of armed forces saying today, "the united states and south korea were not necessarily aware of their presence." two french commandos were killed in the rescue. this incident follows the recent
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abduction of another american in eastern africa -- kimberly sue endicott. taken at gunpoint in uganda, her captors demand a half a million dollars ransom, some of which was paid. tom, we don't know yet what the motive was behind in this case, money or terrorism. i can tell you there's been a rise in activity by al qaeda and isis in this area recently. tom? >> ian pannell with the details. thank you. breaking developments out of washington. late today, a top house democrat issues subpoenas for donald trump's tax returns dating back sixmes by next friday. this has presi trumpises ousands of chinese products. americans now caught in the house. >> reporter: the president calls today's talks between the us and china "candid and constructive," but the chinese delegation left the white house empty handed tonight -- no meeting with the president. and no deal. so today, trump opened a new
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front in the trade war. those new 25% tariffs, essentially a tax on goods coming from china. >> i happen to think that tariffs for our country are very powerful. you know, we're the piggy bank that everybody steals, from including china. >> reporter: the trump tariffs impact nearly 6,000 chinese products. from food items like frozen fish to consumer goods like makeup and baseball gloves. to electronics, televisions and computer monitors. bob orgel says 50% of what he sells in his family hardware store comes from china. the tariffs mean his costs go up, and he'll have to raise prices for consumers. >> it hurts them, they're the ones that pay more. i pay more but charge more. i have no choice. they have to pay more. >> reporter: according to one pro-trade group, the trade war could cost the average family of four in the u.s. an extra $767 per year. but the president is eager to take what previous presidents have called china's unfair trade practices.
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>> as president of our country i've got to do something about it. >> reporter: china, already vowing to retaliate with tariffs of its own. and in maine, stephanie nadeau's lobster business is already suffering. china's a major purchaser of maine's most famous export. >> this winter, compared to last winter, our business is down 60% and that 60% is basically made up 100% of chinese exports that we do. you don't just find another market for 80 million pounds of lobsters. >> is terry moran joins us now from the quhous. president trump says he may or may not remove the tariffs depending on negotiations. but there is news about the tax returns. there is a subpoena? >> that is right. a new tactor in the texas returns and the chairman of the house ways and means committee, a democrat, is issues to the commissioner of the irs
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demanding the tax returns. that is different than the old 1924 law a couple months ago. the bottom line, this fight is going to court, the power of congress to hold the oversight powers. that will be tested by a conservative supreme court. >> thank you. the bombshell allegations for the missing girl in houston. a spokes women making graphic adduce claims against her stepfather. police who interviewed him are changing the story of what happened. and here is erielle reshef. davis making chilling new legat. claiming the maleah's stepfather repeatedly abused her before she vanished. >> we need the truth about what happened to young maleah to come out. >> reporter: he told police
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she bus said she was driving to pick up her baby broir in the airport and one of them drives up in a pickup truck. >> one of them makes a comment saying that maleah looks very nice, very sweet. >> reporter: vence claiming he was beaten but officers say his story changed several times. his car found abandoned just yesterday. maleah was removed from the home after a head injury last summer but returned in february, child services says the family was being monitored. today maleah's mother pressed on why she is only now sharing these allegations. >> this woman has suffered a lot of abuse in her life. >> reporter: tom, the search for maleah is urgent. she requires constant medical care for the injury.
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new to a headline tonight, president trump's attorney rudy giuliani under fire for his plan to travel to ukraine to provide information that could hurt vice president joe biden. here is mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, in a bizarre move, rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, says he is seeking help from ukraine to politically hurt joe biden, trump's top 2020 rival. >> i guarantee you, joe biden will not get to election day without this being investigated. >> reporter: as first reported by "the new york times," giuliani says he will travel to ukraine and ask its government to dig up information about actions biden may have taken as vice president and is urging ukraine to look into the origins of the special counsel's russia investigation. giuliani says "that information will be very, very helpful to my client, and may turn out to be helpful to my government." but he insists "we're not meddling in an election. we're meddling in an investigation, which we have a right to do." but democrats are furious.
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>> here you have the president's lawyer seeking help from a foig influence an american presidential election. i mean it's just appalling. >> reporter: giuliani has defended the trump campaign's willingness in 2016 to accept help from the russians. >> there's nothing wrong with taking information from russians! >> reporter: flow, giuliani says there's nothing illegal about seeking help from ukraine, but admits "somebody could say it's improper." asked if the president is aware, giuliani told the times "he basically knows what i'm doing, sure, as his lawyer." >> mashy bruce joing us now. rudy giuliani says that president trump know what is he is doing in the ukraine? >> yeah, but now the trump campaign says they are distancing themselves and that rudy giuliani is a private citizen. but he is also the president's
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personal lawyer. bind's campaign, they are not commenting. >> mary, thank you. next tonight, the headline causing e headlines nationwide. a second grade teacher forced to pay for her own substitute. here is adrienne bankert. >> reporter: a popular second-grade teacher battling breast cancer in san francisco tonight is being forced to pay for her own substitute. >> she's wonderful, she's a beautiful lovely great teacher. she's one of the best teachers. it's terrible. >> reporter: california's between school districts and the teachers' union allows ten paid sick days a year. after that, teachers may qualify for 100 days of paid sick leave. the cost of a substitute. the teachers' union says their hands are tied. >> we'd love to change it but we're working under a public school system that's been on starvation resources since the '70s.
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>> reporter: parents at glen park elementary now taking action. amanda fried's gofundme page in the teacher's honor raising $13,000. >> teachers all over the place are dealing with this. we want to make sure. that we're spreading the message that we need to change the law. >> reporter: tom, this teacher is expected to be out on medical leave through the end of the year. tom. uber on wall street. the stock falling 7% on its first day of trading. the company valued at $76 billion. uber may raids prices for rides. there is more ahead on "world news" this friday. the gas station blast. at least four people injured. the building obliterated. investigators on the scene. a climber, when he slips, his go pro rolling the whoil time. how he survived. the breaking headline in southern california. a shoot out in a busy intersection after a police
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back now with a terrifying fall caught on camera. a free fall in colorado, slip slipping. his gopro reporting the whole time. tonight, how he survived. here is clayton sandell. >> reporter: climbing, jumping, and enjoying the view from the flatiron mountains near boulder. kyle walker says he'd done this hundreds of times. and on this day, he's free climbing, no ropes. but then, walker tells "the dai, his foot slips. the camera strapped to his chest capturing his 60 foot tumble down the rock face to a painful landing, then moaning, in and out of consciousness. walker tells the paper he broke both wrists and his pelvis. he also had eight busted ribs and a punctured lung, but was alive, in and out of consciousness for about an hour late interfinally rescued.
3:48 pm
he tells the paper he healed remarkably quickly and is out of the hospital. a tv legetd and the an mels he fwlougt her homes. and southern california. a shoot out in v with police in a busy intersection. and putin on ice. one of the world's most powerful people taking a big stumble. we'll be right back. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i was relentless first. relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. about teaching him to put others first.
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intersection. authorities late today pursuing a possible murder suspect in a black toyota prius. officers seen firing several rounds. a woman driver take sboon custody. in virginia, at least four people injured in a gas station explosion. the blast igniting late this morning. you can see the photos there, the state police investigators on the scene right now. authorities trying to account for everyone. they are still searching for the cause. russian president vladimir puttin hitting the ice literally. putin triching onnen a rug on the ice inl hockey game. hef ral players rushing to help. putin's okay. in fact, he scored eight goals. he brought exotic animals in our homes for decades. jim fowler, host of mutual of
3:52 pm
omaha's wild kingdom has died in his home in connecticut. he appeared on the tonight show almost 50 times, almost always with an unusual kruch on his arm. he was 89. when weapon connell back, the college softball star. she thought she had seen it all. and her last home game, what a surprise. stay with us. laritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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finally tonight, america strong. the college solve ball star and the one thing she wanted fehr her last at-bat. that is senior kiondra hader and that is why she starts for the texas longhorns. and a threat at the bunt. swinging away. a team leader, she has givern the university of texas her all she had one wish. a big one. posting on twitter, i just wish my brother could watch me at least one time before i graduate. her brother is an army sergeant serving her country overseas in japan. never getting to sea her play fn ere for the longhorns.
3:57 pm
and the last home game for the senior. >> a senior from texas. >> we have a special video message from her brother. from the jumbotron, a message cheering her on. >> i want to tell you, congratulations. i'm proud of you. i wish i could be there tonight. there is no place i would rather be. and i will see you very soon. >> but the surprise didn't end there. >> ladies and gentlemen, join us in welcoming home army sergeantt lakeem. >> her brother emerging from the dugout. kiondra collapsing. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the first time they have seen each other in three years. >> kiondra describing the moment. >> for him to just pop up out of nowhere, it was a blessing. because i finally had my whole
3:58 pm
family in one place. my family was so complete in that moment. >> for the amazing catches and big hits, it was a play she never saw skoming and she likely will never forget. >> the hong lorns winning the last home graeme. we thank the family for sharing their story and for their service. we thaw v thank you for watching. from all of us, good night. live, where you live. this is abc 7 news.
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>> we move on and we keep building our service. >> they revolutionize transportation but today a rocky start for the long-anticipated uber ipo. this as drivers say they're still unable to make ends meet. >> feed my family and we log between 70 and 80 hour. >> good afternoon, thank you for joining us. ium arama daetz. >> i'm larry. uber had a rough day. closing at $41.57 and down almost 8%. pretty rare for a high-profile company to stumble out of the gate especially when you talk about tech companies. >> what lies >> i think today uber learned a new word, volatility. not a good week after president
4:00 pm
trump imposed higher tariffs on chinese goods and i think that word volatility will stick with uber for a while. from they trips in the summer of 2010 to this moment, uber has been one of the most watched and criticized companies in the world. >> uber, uber, you're no good. treat your drivers like you should. >> reporter: that is the latest protest on paycuts and wcoio uber is not the only one facing criticism from drivers. >> i have many text messages from lyft telling me i am one of the best drivers. just yesterday lyft cut his pay from 68 cents a mile to 58 cents. >> i drove 50,000 miles last year. if i lose 10 cents a mile, that's $5,000. >> reporter: today ub


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