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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 23, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. massive tornadoes tear through the midwest trapping many. overnight, tornadoes turn deadly in the heartland. at least 29 reported in just 24 hours. >> we have several people trapped in that area. >> search and rescue efforts under way in that path of destruction. rivers rising. thousands of people bracing for major flooding and now the severe weather threat moving into the northeast this morning as millions get set to hit the road for the holiday weekend. also this morning, the man known as the american taliban set to be released from prison after serving 17 years amid fears he might still support violent extremism. white house standoff. president trump storms out of a
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meeting with top democrats vowing not to work with them until they stop investigating him. speaker pelosi accuses him of a cover-up. are democrats now one step closer to beginning impeachment hearings. abc news exclusive. daredevil nik wallenda speaking out for the first time since video was released of that devastating fall that seriously injured his sister. his big announcement only on "gma." ♪ we're moving on up we finally got a piece of the pie, the legendary live from the '70s performance taking over prime time. >> it's live. >> we're behind the scenes with the all-star cast bringing those age-old roles to life. "all in the family." ♪ those were the days >> and "the jeffersons" and that throwback surprise appearance and that deluxe apartment in the sky. >> miss jefferson -- >> that's a wrap.
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♪ beans don't burn on the grill ♪ ♪ took a whole lot of tryin' just to get up that hill ♪ good morning, america. hope you're well this thursday morning. >> yes, what a night last night to see those two classics come back to life. two american classic sitcoms, "all in the family" and "the jeffersons." we have much more behind the scenes coming up in a few moments. >> jennifer hudson with that new theme song -- well, the old one, but she just sang it so well. wow. we have a lot to get to starting with those massive tornadoes devastating parts of the midwest. you're looking at jefferson city, missouri getting a direct hit. officials reporting catastrophic damage there. right now searches for trapped and missing underway. so much devastation. >> that twister just one of dozens that touched down overnight. let's go to rob marciano in golden city, missouri. good morning. >> reporter: a sad day in golden city. three people losing their lives
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in last night's storms which are still going on. this is one of the properties that was pretty much destroyed. we're standing in front of a brick wall that just collapsed. another powerful tornado taking down this garage. you can see here the front porch is still standing but the roof completely ripped off. this is a storm cell that skimmed across the kansas line and was one of several tornados that ripped through missouri. >> there's a tornado right there. >> reporter: this morning, search and rescue under way in missouri's capital after a monster tornado ripped through jefferson city causing heavy damage and injuring 20 people. >> the tornado took the roof off. we have a female that's bleeding. >> reporter: trees snapped in half, power lines stretched across a street. buildings pulled into pieces. >> we've got several people trapped in the area. >> reporter: only the bones of this home still standing. >> once we sat down i thought to myself to go upstairs and get our mattress, and as i rounded the corner, i could see the tree
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across the street was completely flat. >> reporter: overnight, sirens blaring across the heartland. >> look at this right here. holy smokes. >> reporter: at least 29 reported tornadoes in oklahoma and missouri. look at this massive multi-vortex tornado, reaching for the ground in golden city. that system turning deadly killing at least three people and this one touching down just 40 miles south at karl junction. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: leaving behind a path of destruction. trees and power lines down, roofs torn off. debris from mangled buildings littering the ground. tornado warnings going off in tulsa. people scrambling to get out of the parking lot of this park. a second day of tornadoes in the state. this one striking just east of oklahoma city. this all part of the same system that ravaged the region with severe flooding and more than 90 reported tornadoes since monday. this tornado narrowly missing joplin just a few miles down the road on the anniversary of that
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catastrophic ef-5 back in 2011. history nearly repeating itself. but make no mistake, this is a big blow for missouri. made only more difficult because of these ongoing storms. amy. >> wow, our hearts go out to all of those people affected, rob, thank you so much. unfortunately that severe weather now taking aim at the northeast. major cities are in its path and that could cause serious travel headaches at least for the holiday weekend. ginger is tracking all that dangerous weather. good morning. >> good morning. much of pennsylvania, parts of delaware, even into virginia and, yes, new jersey and new york all need to pay attention. so stay with me here. let's begin with looking at crescent, oklahoma. remember we had all that wran. we were just talking about the flash flooding. this comes with this type of storm. that's a house being pulled away from the banks of the cimarron river. we have flood warnings in place for much of the midwest, wichita, down to tulsa, springfield and eventually they will drain into arkansas so
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watch for more of that flooding. but you mentioned the storms this afternoon and tonight, so many people traveling for the holiday weekend today. look at the timing here. the cold front pops the storms just west of philadelphia at 5:30. if you're traveling i-95 down through baltimore or wilmington, you have problems this afternoon or evening. damaging wind in excess of 70 miles per hour possible with some of these storms. you could see hail and tornados, especially where the low is circulating. harrisburg, wilkes-barre, we'll be watching them all. >> you have to be careful when you're out there traveling, ginger. thank you so much. now to the man dubbed the american taliban. john walker lindh joined the taliban just before 9/11 and was captured during a battle with the u.s. forces a few months later. abc's whit johnson joins us from outside the federal prison in terre haute, indiana, which lindh has called home for the past 17 years. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. the now 38-year-old john walker lindh is leaving prison much like he went in nearly two
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decades ago under a cloud of controversy. sources expressing concern to abc news that lindh remains radicalized with extremist beliefs. this morning, the man known as the american taliban, john walker lindh, walking out of an indiana prison, released on good behavior serving 17 of his 20-year sentence. >> you're an american citizen, right? >> right. >> right now you are a prisoner. >> all right. >> reporter: his post-9/11 capture making international headlines in 2001, gaunt and filthy. he was pulled from a fortress basement in afghanistan. in video taken by afghan intelligence obtained by abc news -- >> look at me. >> reporter: -- cia officer mike spann seen here interrogating lindh. >> did you know the people you're working with are with the taliban? >> reporter: was killed an hour later in a gun battle with militants. now spann's daughter calling daughter calling lindh's release a slap in the face.
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>> he is getting released early because of his good behavior in prison, and for my family terrorism does not equal good behavior. >> reporter: and spann's father urging president trump to intervene. >> don't turn him loose if there are reports that he's not the model prisoner you say he is. >> reporter: the family citing two government reports that found lindh continued to advocate for global jihad and made pro-isis statements while behind bars, and sources also telling abc news he has preached in prison quoting a prominent jihadi figure. lindh was never charged in spann's death. he converted to islam as a teenager and left for the middle east in the late '90s and even meeting osama bin laden at an al qaeda training camp ultimately pleading guilty to giving armed support to the taliban. he will be on supervised release for three years with tough restrictions including limited internet access, communicating only in english and no associating with any known extremist.
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he's expected to move to northern virginia just outside of d.c. george? >> we'll see if they can police that. whit, thank you. we get to the latest on rising tension in the middle east and what could be a dramatic increase in u.s. forces to the region. the pentagon expected to present a plan to the white house today for sending up to 10,000 more troops as a counter to iran. our chief global affairs anchor, martha raddatz, tracking these developments from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. this request could result in thousands more u.s. forces in the mideast and with them an almost certain increase in tensions with iran which are already red hot. u.s. officials tell abc news that the pentagon will present the request for more forces at the white house today. the request was made by the military's central command responsible for the region. one official saying the request could result in five to 10,000 more troops which would be used for defensive purposes as a deterrent to iran. the president on monday calling
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iran very hostile and the number one provocateur of terror. >> we have no indication that anything has happened or will happen but if it does it will be met obviously with great force. we'll have no choice. >> reporter: already the u.s. has sent a carrier strike group and b-52 bombers to the region and evacuated non-emergency personnel from diplomatic facilities in iraq because of what the administration said were significant threats from iran or its proxies. officials say images show iranian operatives had loaded boats. the u.s. pointed the finger at iran for the recent sabotage of four oil tankers off the coast of the uae. but after a briefing tuesday by national security officials, some members of congress voiced skepticism. >> this is blind escalation with the hope that the iranians will come to the table in the end.
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it doesn't seem like well thought out policies. >> reporter: president trump has said he does not want war with iran. but iran may have a hard time believing that, george, if there is a significant increase in troops. >> if the president does approve this troop increase, what kind of forces are we talking about? where might they go? >> an important question and that is unclear. if the increases in naval forces, that may mean additional carriers or weapons or ships and the troops needed to operate systems. what we do know is the pentagon has made a point of saying this increase would be for defensive measures. >> likely to know more today. martha raddatz, thanks very much. amy? to the white house now and the latest angry clash between president trump and congressional democrats. the president storming out of a planned meeting with democratic leaders after just three minutes saying he will not work on issues like infrastructure until they call off their investigations. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has all of those details. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, amy, good morning to you.
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the democrats are not going to call off these investigations and this is now a stand-off. any bipartisan priorities this morning are on hold so this -- take a listen to this. this is where things stand. one republican senator went public vending his frustration saying he hopes the president and democrats stop acting like 8-year-olds fighting in the back of a minivan. this morning washington is at a standstill. >> you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. >> reporter: any hopes of bipartisan compromise on issues like infrastructure or prescription drug prices gone after president trump vowed not to work with democrats until they end the investigations into his presidency. >> let them play their games. we're going to go down one track at a time. >> reporter: the rose garden outburst followed a heated closed door meeting between the president and top democrats, a meeting cut short by president trump because he was furious about an accusation made by
7:13 am
house speaker nancy pelosi just before her trip to the white house. >> we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the president spent all of three minutes talking to democrats. he refused to sit down or shake hands and he left before any democrats spoke. >> instead of walking in happily into a meeting, i walk in to look at people that had just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. >> reporter: from democrats, outrage. >> to watch what happened in the white house would make your jaw drop. >> i pray for the president of the united states and i pray for the united states of america. >> reporter: this was really a remarkable scene here. the president was so angry that he called this hastily arranged event out there in the rose garden. aides were still bringing out gear while the press was called in. this really felt like it was called at the last minute.
7:14 am
sources tell us that aides tried to stop the president from going out there to vent before the camera, george. they tried. they were not successful. >> they were not. let's get the view from capitol hill. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is there. speaker pelosi seemed to believe -- she seemed to think this was going to happen before it happened over the issue of infrastructure. >> reporter: george, look, pelosi knows how to play this game. she is a master strategist and this language was intentional. in fact, we are told that accusing the president of a cover-up was on the democratic talking points that was handed out yesterday morning. look, pelosi is likely trying to ramp up her attacks on the president to please those members who are pushing for impeachment, but she also knows that the president is watching. she knows that this kind of language is likely to get under his skin. this fight, this president's blowup is politically convenient for democrats trying to shift the conversation and accuse the president of refusing to fulfill his promise to rebuild the nation's crumbling
7:15 am
infrastructure but they'll only be able to keep that spotlight off the impeachment fight for so long. >> right, because the speaker came straight from a meeting with house democrats where she was tamping down that pressure for impeachment and calls from some in her own caucus not to cooperate on issues like the president wants like free trade unless he cooperates on investigations. >> reporter: she's urging her members to stay the course but it's hard to see how they'll get anything done here now up on the hill. democrats say they'll continue to try to fulfill their agenda. there are certain issues where they'll have to work with the president like on the budget and raising the debt limit. when it comes to the issue of impeachment democrats are pointing to the fact they've had success in the courts. just yesterday the president rejected the president's -- a judge rejected the president's effort to try to block his long-time lender deutsche bank from complying with a subpoena. george, this is exactly why democrats say they need to stay the course. they feel that they have a better chance by following the facts. >> yeah, second court case this week against the president. mary, thanks very much. michael?
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>> thank you, george. now to new legal trouble for michael avenatti. the high-profile attorney is now being charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his most famous client, stormy daniels. our chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas is here with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: michael, good morning. at one point michael avenatti was debating running for president. now his career in shambles accused of crimes and his next move is definitely not to the white house. it may be to the big house. >> i'm pulling an avenatti. when you do that you have a factual basis and evidence to back up your statements. >> reporter: this morning, the indictments are mounting against celebrity attorney michael avenatti, now facing up to 300 years in prison if convicted. federal prosecutors bringing new charges, accusing him of stealing from the client that put him on the map, porn star stormy daniels. >> my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth. >> reporter: avenatti representing daniels when she tried to terminate her hush money agreement over an alleged affair with president trump. the notoriety led to a book deal for daniels, a memoir titled
7:17 am
"full disclosure". >> there is a lot of publicity but didn't do it for that. this isn't what i want to be known for. >> reporter: federal prosecutors allege avenatti sent daniels' literary agent a fraudulent and unauthorized letter and that it be sent to an account controlled by him. when he received the funds, the indictment states he used it to make a lease statement for a ferrari, to pay for hotels, airfare, meals, even dry cleaning, all for himself. when daniels asked about the money, avenatti allegedly lied to her, stealing $300,000 of her own money and only giving her half back. now, avenatti did not want to comment on camera but tweeted out the following, i intend fighting these bogus legally baseless allegations and will plead not guilty to all charges. i look forward to the trial where i can begin to clear my name. the other charges include allegations he tried to extort nike and defraud other clients. >> what a twist for him. >> facing 300 year. >> 300 years. >> tom, thank you.
7:18 am
turning to "jeopardy," james, the champ, strikes again. he's keeping his streak alive edging closer, so close to that 2 million in total winnings which he could surpass tonight. james still trailing "jeopardy" all-star ken jennings who raked in about $2.5 million. the 34-year-old professional gambler getting comfortable on the iconic game show last night. he placed a bet for two dimes and then he reminded host alex trebek, that's gambling terms for 2,000. trebek responds with a cool -- i love this -- i know. we're all watching him. so excited about tonight. whoo hoo. >> we'll see what happens. coming up here an abc news exclusive. daredevil nik wallenda is speaking out for the first time since this video was released of that devastating fall that seriously injured his sister. he is standing by with a live announcement. ginger? >> we have the select cities now brought to you by audible.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. mostly sunny, hazy and is seasonal this afternoon after starting off with some may gray this morning. sunny weather with chilly breezes but dry and warmer weather begins memorial day. upper 60s along the coast and san francisco, 70 to 74 along the bay and 70 to 74 inland. check it out, we had to put the storm impact scale on sunday f we'll be right back.nday f we'll be right back. jerry ha membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen
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good morning, i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." abc news has confirmed a marin county native, john walker lynn, has been released from prison after serving 10 years of a 20-year sentence. he earned the nickname of the american taliban. one of the most prevalent problems on b.a.r.t., fare invasion. they will consider increasing fares. how is traffic this morning? >> it's pretty tough, and we did have a motorcycle accident on the west grand ramp onto westbound 80.
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that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. we're starting off mostly cloudy, kind of hazy but not a lot of fog out there. this is the san mateo bridge. we're looking northbound toward the peninsula. everything looking good, otherwise it will be hazy toward the delta on the bay. let me show you the storm impact scale. we had to do it for sunday. scattered showers out there, up to .2 of an inch of rain. good to have our app handy with live doppler 7 this weekend. it's going to be cooler also. reggie? nik wallenda speaking out for the first time after a video
7:27 am
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we're ♪ we're moving on up to the east side ♪ that's right. welcome back to "gma." we can't get enough of jennifer hudson's showstopping performance last night delivering an incredible rendition of the theme song for "the jeffersons" and fans were stunned by all the appearances and looks like the cast, they were just as excited as the audience. you see marla gibbs there, came out to the biggest ovation. biggest -- one of the biggest surprises of the night. we'll take you behind the scenes of that incredible live tv event. we haven't seen anything like this -- i don't know if we've ever -- >> jamie foxx as george jefferson, he had all his moves. >> almost.
7:31 am
>> almost. fair enough. >> we're going to get to all that in a little bit. we have a lot of headlines. that deadly storm in the midwest. a new storm is threatening the plains again this morning as search and rescue efforts under way after 29 twisters reportedly over 24 hours and as we reported earlier there have been casualties and fatalities from those twisters. also right now, the white house standoff. president trump as you know stormed out of a meeting with top democrats yesterday after speaker pelosi accused him of a coverup. he says he's not going to work on infrastructure unless they stop investigating him. the speaker trying to tamp down talk of impeachment. take a look at this unforgettable wedding. you want to know why they look so surprised and shocked. this is a florida couple. well, because of this guy, a wedding crasher interrupted their first dance. luckily the couple took it in stride and laughed it off. there you see them laughing. >> he's not laughing. >> that might be why the next thing happened. the crasher was arrested. >> whoa. >> i didn't know you could be
7:32 am
arrested for crashing a wedding but you said it's trespassing. >> i guess. >> well, it makes sense. >> don't do it. that's what they're telling you. well, the fun is out of that. we begin with an abc news exclusive interview with high wire artist nik wallenda who is opening up about that terrifying 2017 accident that left his sister and several other members of his troupe severely injured. but they are back and he's here to unveil his next daring feat and we're going to talk to him in just a moment. but first paula faris has a look at the story. good morning to you, paula. >> reporter: yes, the wallendas are back. this new feat will be bigger, better and more daring than all of the others. wallenda says this new feat has been on his bucket list. his death-defying stunts and high-wire theatrics have earned him the nickname, the king of the wire. nik wallenda, a seventh generation wire walker from the famed flying wallendas does the unthinkable. >> 700,000 gallons per second.
7:33 am
>> reporter: crossing the churning abyss of the niagara falls. trekking the span of the grand canyon on a two-inch-wide cable without a safety harness. >> hard to relax when you're 1500 feet above the canyon. >> reporter: and sometimes doing it all blindfolded. >> you guys watching think i'm crazy. this is what i was made for. >> reporter: but it was this one gone wrong that left many wondering if wallenda's luck had ran out. >> we have a total of five rescues. >> reporter: five high-wire performers lost their balance during a practice in 2017 while trying to break a guinness world record plummeting more than 30 feet to the ground. the three others including wallenda clung to the wire. the group had been rehearsing a complex eight-person pyramid when they slipped. >> extremely lucky given the height of the fall that they survived. >> reporter: everyone survived
7:34 am
but his sister leona suffered serious injuries breaking all the bones in her face. >> i know that i struggled with having to relive that accident and actually struggled with fear for the first time ever. >> reporter: but now two years later he is back and ready to take on a new challenge. and this is his sister's first time walking a wire since the accident. she suffered the brunt of those injuries. as for that video of the harrowing accident in 2017, none of the performers have watched it, michael, that's a decision they made together. >> all right, paula. we definitely understand that. we're joined live now exclusively by nik wallenda. nik, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you have a huge announcement. >> i do. >> it involves our home base in times square. >> that's correct. yeah, so my family's first performance back in 1928 here in the united states was here in new york city. and i've always wanted to do something exciting and maybe show the world that the wallendas are still going strong and where we started here in new york city, so we have decided we
7:35 am
would walk about 25 stories above the streets of times square. it's something that i've wanted to do for a long time. a long process. something i've worked on since the moment i got off that cable over the grand canyon and as you can imagine there's a bunch of permissions needed in order to make this happen so -- even more exciting is the fact that my sister who shouldn't be alive right now miraculously has recovered to the point where she's going to make that trek with me. >> when you said we you meant your sister as well as others but is this her first performance since the accident? >> it is. this is the first time she'll be performing. it took her about a year before she could actually step foot back on the wire. there's that analogy of getting back on the horse after you fall off and she was dying to get back on that wire, doing everything she could to get back on that wire and in the hospital and all of her physical training to get back there and it took about a year and she's been training for this walk since then. >> our viewers at home, they can see and they're watching the accident now but you've never actually seen it.
7:36 am
>> i haven't. you know, we made that decision as a group together. you know, it's something that, of course, will live with me forever and unfortunately it's something that i can replay in my mind over and over again. i don't need to see the video because i was there and, of course, we know ptsd is something that's real and more real to me than i ever realized it was and i have to relive that occasionally and i've worked very hard to overcome that and, in fact, that's a lot of what my family do is we hope that what we do inspires others that you can overcome any challenge you might be facing. whether it be a battle of cancer, you're on that wire too, right? you've got to make it to that other side so we try to use that to inspire people and what greater inspiration than an amazing single mom that has went through an experience, again, that she shouldn't have lived through and not only has she lived through it but she's about to make this amazing historic walk in new york city. >> seven generations of your family. you're going to perform with your sister in times square. how emotional is it going to be to start here, the first
7:37 am
performance by your family here in new york, you're going to do it with your sister. is that going to be emotional for both of you? >> it's going to be extremely emotional. my biggest concern is that i'll be concerned for her. you know, whenever i've walked a wire with family members i'm more concerned about them than myself so i to a lot of my focus will be live here june 23rd on abc, i'll be concerned about her more than i will be about myself. >> you talked about family and friends. you had other friends injured as well. how are they doing? >> they're all doing well. in fact, every one of them have returned to performing in one capacity or another which is again it's miraculous. the last time my family had an accident in 1962, they were doing the seven-person pyramid and that fell and two of my uncles were killed and one paralyzed from the waist down so we're very blessed to be alive. >> so many people have seen the video, people listening to y right now who are thinking, why do you want to continue to do this. what is the motivation?
7:38 am
>> you know, i touched on that a little bit. i hope to inspire people facing fears that we face on the wire that fears are -- you know, i say it often, fear is a liar. fear -- people think fear protects you from getting hurt and the fact is fear keeps you back from your greatest goals and your greatest achievements often in life so we do what we do to inspire people that nothing is impossible, that you can overcome the greatest challenge you might be facing in life. >> i tell you what, it's inspiring. we appreciate you being here this morning to share this with us and we'll be watching you guys up there. >> awesome. thanks so much. >> on that wire 25 stories above times square. all right, george, over to you. >> thank you. "all in the family" and "the jeffersons" are back last night. going to take you behind the scenes of that live tv special. ♪ to a deluxe apartment ♪ to a deluxe apartment where our founder discovered a retired teacher living. no home. no healthcare. so she said "no" to this injustice, and "yes" to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion,
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♪ well we're movin' on up to the east side ♪ >> we are back with a look behind the scenes and talking about a lot of other things. last night's big live event "all in the family" and "the jeffersons." those live remakes brought to us by jimmy kimmel, norman lear, star-studded casts. t.j. >> sing it with me, george. ♪ fish don't fry in the kitchen ♪ all right. [ laughter ] they warned me not to do that with you, george. look, last night had they have been done before and did it with an all-star even oscar caliber cast that delivered. also it was a social experiment to see how the comedy but also the themes and difficult issues of 40, 50 years ago would hold up today.
7:43 am
♪ boy the way glen miller played songs that made the hit parade ♪ >> reporter: it started the same way it did 46 years ago, but this time -- ♪ girls were girls and men were men ♪ >> reporter: new voices were hitting those famous notes. ♪ those were the days >> reporter: the live reenactment of "all in the family" and "the jeffersons" brought classic thought-provoking television to a new audience with woody harrelson starring as the bigoted blue collar patriarch, archy bunker. >> black people have arrived. they're here. >> i ain't letting them in. >> reporter: and jamie foxx slipping into the shoes of george jefferson with trademark swagger. >> so all -- all -- it's live. >> reporter: if you needed proof that the show was live -- >> everyone sitting at home think their tv just made up.
7:44 am
>> reporter: after a mistake he made had the audience and the cast cracking up. [ cheers and applause ] behind the scenes the cast was jubilant, happy to be part of something so unique. >> no, i am not frodo from "lord of the rings." i'm frank lorenzo from "all in the family." >> "all in the family" and "the jeffersons" can't beat that. ♪ well we're movin' on up to the east side ♪ ♪ moving on up ♪ to that deluxe apartment in the sky ♪ >> reporter: the reenactment offered a few surprises including jennifer hudson belling out a special rendition of that other famous theme song. ♪ we finally got a piece of the pie ♪ >> reporter: the broadcast quickly became one of the top trends on twitter getting the whole country talking and some noting how relevant the themes of the programs still are today while others at home longed for the original cast. >> we are the jeffersons.
7:45 am
>> miss jefferson. [ cheers and applause ] >> the agency sent me. >> reporter: and this unexpected showstopper. original series star marla gibbs returning as florence after nearly four decades. >> you live in this apartment, right? >> uh-huh. >> and you got one in this building too? >> yes, that's right. >> well, how come we overcame and nobody told me? [ laughter ] >> reporter: her appearance even wowed castmate ike barinholtz who played meathead. >> may i have a career long where i'm able to enter a scene and have the walls shake. she's a legend. >> reporter: kerry washington and will ferrell as tv's famous interracial couple helen and tom willis. >> don't say it. >> [bleep]. >> he said it. >> reporter: the episodes stayed true to the original except for two lines. >> he been calling you a -- >> don't say it. >> -- [ bleep ].
7:46 am
>> reporter: they censored the "n" word. >> even if our worth fights you never called me a [ bleep ]. >> it hasn't crossed my mind. >> tom. >> reporter: something that wasn't done back in the '70s but kerry washington proud by the decision to include the word at all. >> we struggled a lot with how we were going to deal with that. we're saying it but we're bleeping it and i feel that's a beautiful kind of middle ground to honor the truth and not shy away from it but also do it responsibly. >> reporter: both iconic shows of the '70s addressing difficult issues that remain today all while still making us laugh. [ applause ] >> racism, sexism. all these things are still relevant today. 40, 50 years ago still relevant today and should be a wake-up call in some ways. we should be paying attention. >> the same script with the exception of two words? >> that's still relevant today. entertaining as well is it made you think and made you laugh. >> good night. right then, "play of the day" coming up next.
7:47 am
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♪ i'm going home back with our "play of the day" and ultimate graduation surprise. the song will make sense. take a look. >> we thank you and your family for the sacrifices you have made to defend our freedom. all the way from korea please welcome u.s. staff sergeant anthony tilman, kayla's dad. ♪ i'm going home >> oh, and look at her face.
7:51 am
that is the first time kayla tilman has seen her dad, sergeant anthony tilman in years. that is a graduation present for sure. >> gave me the chills. >> great play. >> i know. we'll be right back. know. we'll be right back. ♪ better than my birthday ♪ feels so good ♪ higher than a jet plane ♪ feels so good ♪ swish up on that fadeaway ♪ feels so good ♪ even got my own parade ♪ come on ♪ what a feeling get your game on with same day delivery order pickup and drive up. target run and done. it's toughcold turkey.king so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away
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and good morning. it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist mike nicco has a look at your day ahead. >> reggie, thank you very much mostly cloudy, hazy this morning. we'll have increasing sunshine, so if you head out we do have a small craft advisory on the bay. storm impact scale, scattered showers. you could have up to .2 of rain. temperatures only in the mid-60s. sue? >> we're going back to oakland where we had an accident northbound 880. good news, that's been cleared. southbound 880 before "a" street in hayward, we had a motorcycle go through the back rear window
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, severe storms turn deadly. least 29 twisters reported in the heartland. the search and recovery efforts under way right now as thousands brace for more flooding and the new storm threat moving into the northeast. new this morning, the warning about low carb diets. could they increase your risk of cancer. the foods to add to your diet. dr. ashton is here live. ♪ i'm on my way miracle baby. tv host tamron hall opening up about becoming a mother at 48, her struggles to become pregnant, her new marriage and her new show. bond, james bond.
8:01 am
daniel craig's injury on the set of the new bond movie. the star set to undergo surgery. his road to recovery and how long until 007 is back in action. from robb stark to rocketman. richard madden is here live. and he is here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ never knew me a better time and i guess i never will ♪ "rocketman" richard madden here. looking forward to that. good morning, america. welcome on this thursday morning. >> you mentioned richard madden. i'm just a tad excited that he's here. there he is as robb stark, of course, in "game of thrones" and we all watched him "the bodyguard" as well and now in the epic movie. he is in "rocketman." we can't wait to talk to him about all of the above. >> especially "game of thrones." plus, tory johnson is here and it means we have some amazing "deals & steals" for you at home and all these "deals & steals" are to make your life easier.
8:02 am
something we can all use. >> that's right. we look forward to that. we do have big news, the latest on the tornado outbreak ripping through the heartland overnight. officials reporting catastrophic damage in parts of missouri so back to rob marciano on the ground in golden city, missouri. hey, rob. >> hi, good morning, amy. what a tough start to the day here and it was a rough night, no doubt about that. three people in this town of golden city losing their lives in last night's storm. so many properties that are severely damaged including this one. again, a situation where brick walls are shoved to pieces and big old trees like this are snapped in two. heavy damage. this entire property with several tractor trailers destroyed as well. this is one of several tornados that ripped across the state of missouri last night. [ sirens ] >> there's a tornado right there. >> reporter: this morning, search and rescue underway in missouri's capital after a monster tornado ripped through jefferson city causing heavy damage and injuring 20 people. >> the tornado took the roof off.
8:03 am
we have a female bleeding. >> reporter: trees snapped in half and power lines stretched across a street and buildings pulled into piece. >> we have several people trapped in that area. >> reporter: only the bones of this home still standing. this home still standing. >> holy smokes. >> reporter: at least 29 reported tornadoes reported in oklahoma and missouri. look at this massive multivortex tornado. that system turning deadly killing at least three people and this one touching down just 40 miles south at karl junction. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: leaving behind a path of destruction. trees and power lines down, roofs torn off. debris from mangled buildings littering the ground. this part of the same system that ravaged the region with severe flooding and more than 90 reports tornadoes since monday. several days in a row now of severe weather like this. just an unrelenting setup and now the northeast is going to get some severe weather this afternoon in some highly
8:04 am
populated cities and also another system dipping into the plains through it looks like the weekend. >> we know you and ginger will be on alert and watching that. now to washington and the fallout after president trump stormed out of a meeting with top democrats saying he wouldn't work with them on issues like infrastructure until they stopped investigating him. back to our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce. good morning, mary. >> reporter: george, good morning. well, washington is now at a standstill after president trump said he will not work with democrats on any legislation unless they stop investigating him. but democrats have zero intention of dropping this fight. it comes after the president stormed out of a white house meeting with democrats on infrastructure. the president was furious after speaker pelosi took a shot at him accusing him of a cover-up for stonewalling congressional investigations. the president walked out of that meeting and told reporters he doesn't do cover-ups then closed the doors on any hopes for bipartisan legislation. democrats say they were taken
8:05 am
aback and blasted the president accusing him of never intending to pass an infrastructure plan in the first place. democrats are plowing ahead with their investigations and vowing to keep fighting for their agenda, but, george, it is hard to see how anything is going to get done in washington. >> sure is. thanks very much. coming up, everybody, the new warning about low carb diets. >> then tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" to make your life easier including a product that will help you smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes in just seconds, plus a great audience upstairs so stay with us. we'll be right back. comes miracle-gro performance organics. it's miracle-gro's next big thing. ♪ ♪ organic plant food and soil that finally work. ♪ ♪ and work... and work. ♪ ♪ and yes we did say organic. for twice the bounty, guaranteed. miracle-gro performance organics. organics finally grow up. and up, and up.
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8:10 am
audience with us this morning. [ applause ] thank you, guys, for joining us and tomorrow we're going to take this party to the park, you guys, because hozier will be live in central park for our summer concert series. [ applause ] cannot wait for that and excited for janai norman because she's here for "pop news." what you got, janai? >> we begin with a health update on bond star daniel craig. he is set to undergoing ankle surgery after being on set of the upcoming bond film. the twitter account adding production will continue while craig is rehabilitating for two weeks post surgery. we, of course, are wishing him a quick recovery and good news for fans, bond 25 still on track for its april 2020 release. [ cheers and applause ]
8:11 am
he must do his own stunts, yeah, he's doing well. jessica alba's dream house graces the cover of the june issue of "architectural digest" and she's giving readers an inside look. she, her husband cash and their three kids live in a beautiful sprawling home purchased on the edge of a canyon in beverly hills. after an 18-month renovation inspired by french country homes, jessica says we have a place where we can watch our kids play and grow. i'm trying to look at all these pictures because that looks amazing, yeah. [ applause ] the new issue of "architectural digest" hits newsstands may 28th. fabulous. finally music news. it's been two weeks since ed sheeran and justin bieber released "i don't care" and released the video last week and turns out we're in luck because there's more where that came from. sheeran announcing this morning he's releasing a new album
8:12 am
called "no. 6 collaborations," so next up called "cross me" with chance the rapper. that drops at midnight tonight so stay up, late, kids. also ed released this track list of 15 songs but leaving a little bit of a mystery. we don't know who the other 13 songs feature so we can't wait to find out who else he's making some music with and how he'll release the news but we also can't wait for chance the rapper. he's joining us for our summer concert series later this summer. [ cheers and applause ] in central park. ed's album drops july 12th. a lot to look forward this summer. >> great job with "pop news." now we are going to our "gma" cover story. i got to walk and talk. this is dangerous. a warning about low carb diets. a new study links low grain intake to increased cancer risk. chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton is here with us this
8:13 am
morning. good morning, doc. >> good morning. >> tell us more about this study and what the findings are. so, possibly if you connect the dot, yes, it could be a warning for all those low carb lovers, i myself am one of them. it was an interesting study and based it on models, statistics and crunched numbers based on how people say they ate and new cases of cancer in the united states and found that due to what they call a suboptimal diet there are over 80,000 new cases of cancer in this country every year. that's 5% of new cancer cases and it's not only about eating the wrong thing it's about not eating enough of the right thing. >> okay, so what do we need too much of and too little of that is contributing to cancer? >> this is the bad news. too much of this stuff, sugar sweetened beverage, processed meats like bacon and salami and i love my bacon, and red meat and too little of this stuff, so
8:14 am
fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains, so, again, when you talk about this, it's not just about, you know, getting too much of something and not enough of the other, it's really about the whole picture. >> in moderation? >> yeah, a little bit of moderation. you're never going to get me to say to give up my bacon. >> trying to find a fine line. low carb diets are so popular. >> right. >> there are a lot of people at home, in our studio, who were on it that are worried about this. what would you say to them? >> you know i have a degree in nutrition and here's the important thing. first of all, diets and eating are not one size fits all. you have to find what works for you and there is a tradeoff and a big one when you talk about low carb diets. for a lot of people they're keeping their weight down, preventing obesity and diabetes heart disease and some types of cancer but, again, if you're not eating grains and dairy and fruits and vegetables you're missing out so moderation, holistic and do what works for you. >> doc, thank you so much for that. all right. save some of that bacon for me. ginger. >> so, it worked.
8:15 am
let's get to a "gma" moment from abilene, texas. i love having babies because you get to see everything for the first time. unless it's that first time you see a worm. >> what is it? get it. >> aaagh! >> that is exactly how my husband still reacts every time he sees a worm which is something else. al good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. mostly sunny, hazy and is seasonal this afternoon after starting off with some may gray this morning. sunny weather with chilly breezes but dry and warmer weather begins memorial day. upper 60s along the coast and san francisco, 70 to 74 along the bay and 70 to 74 inland. check it out, we had to put the storm impact scale on sunday f f >> i am here with tamron hall. f
8:16 am
you know her from 25 years in morning television, now about to launch a new show and there she is on the cover of "people" magazine with her new baby moses. congratulations for that. [ applause ] i cannot believe this. 25 years on morning television. you have the butterflies this morning. >> i am so nervous and have two bracelets on. one is in george's pocket because my hands are shaking so much. 25 years in television and my hands are shaking. >> let's talk about your baby boy moses. we have a little gift for him. >> ah. >> we'll give him a "gma" onesie. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. [ applause ] >> how is it going? is he about a month old? >> he's four weeks today. >> today? >> today he's four weeks. we woke up this morning and my husband and i agreed that he can't sleep in the bed but to make ourselves feel better he
8:17 am
has a canoe, foam canoe and he's in the bed so we keep saying he's really not in the bed because of that but, he's in the bed. he's looking at us. >> see how long you stick to that one. we tried that at the beginning too and didn't last too long. i know at first you were concerned about people knowing you were pregnant because it was a little high risk. >> i was a high risk pregnancy and my doctor who was amazing at the time said we need to wait. we want to take our time and make sure that everything is going in the right direction. i wanted to share the news, but i didn't want -- look at him. little chipmunk there. honestly i didn't want -- if it did not work out i don't think i was mentally prepared to tell people. i had had other failed rounds of ivf and you tell your friends, okay, this is it, this is it, and it doesn't happen. and i wasn't -- honestly i don't know if i was strong enough to be able to share the sad news so when the happy news came, it was
8:18 am
in baby shark version that i announced my pregnancy, and i was at home and i had been hearing that baby shark song and i'm like i'm owning this moment. i'm owning this. it was great but people mistake privacy for secrecy and i wasn't keeping a secret. i just so desperately wanted it to work out. >> we're so happy for you that it did. you got so much going on right now. new baby, new husband. new show is coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, yes. i love that my mom had the audience clap. i'll be sending your checks later. the new show, this is my first time on live television in 2 1/2 years and when i left my last job, there's a photo of me leaving walking across i think fifth avenue and i look at that picture and i was just in a fog. i didn't know what was next. i had no idea. i had not started dating steven and i had not thought about going through this journey to eventually have moses. i just knew that everything i was comfortable with was gone and in the end i had to lose what was most important to me.
8:19 am
i worked since i was 14. i'm from texas and my grandfather, the first dad i knew was a sharecropper with a second grade education. my mom was pregnant with me at 19. i was never the person that people would root for. i was the underdog. my story was supposed to already have been told and there i was losing something that i had poured my entire life in. my grandfather used to tell me, you can do anything, and we didn't have paved streets but he said you're going to pave the way. to where, you know. [ laughter ] and i ended up just losing it all -- you feel like you've -- you have answered the calls and go in and suddenly you're not the person they want and i had to look myself in the mirror and say but am i still tamron? if there's no name beneath my card, if it doesn't say show, and i decided i'm still tamron. >> and that's what you want to bring to the show. >> that's what -- [ applause ] listen, i think that's what everyone wants to bring to their life. you know, you want to believe that, listen, if i look at my bank account today and it's not
8:20 am
the number i'd like to see, am i okay? can i live to fight another day. one of my fondest memories, i went to carol peak middle elementary school in ft. worth, second grade, i remember showing up the day after watching "rocky." i think it aired out an abc, shoutout, and i was crying. in the second grade having an emotional reaction to the movie "rocky" because that sensation of getting up and believing that i'm on the map but i don't have to stay there. so we want people on the show to talk about that. [ applause ] >> you are on the map now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tamron hall's show premieres september 9. check your local listings for that. pick up the new issue of "people" magazine on newsstands friday. amy. >> congratulations, tamron. now to farrah fawcett. it's been nearly ten years since the legendary actress lost her battle with cancer. we are taking a look at a brand-new abc news documentary on her life, her iconic career and the emotional moment she decided to remove her famous feathered hair during
8:21 am
chemotherapy. >> reporter: everybody knew farrah had amazing hair. >> it was a wave and enormous and covered her face and went in all different kinds of directions and every girl tried to get some facsimile of the farrah haircut. >> we all did that thing. it was that wing tip deal. >> that was like the haircut that conquered america. >> it was widely understood even at the time farrah was going through in that chemotherapy made you sick, made you lose your hair. >> when her hair was finally being lost, she had no attachment to it but when it first came out she was very afraid about losing her hair. >> she had done everything to keep from losing it and the last round of chemo she had, she lost her hair and that was hard for her. >> i went er as soon as possible because she was noticing something.
8:22 am
i could tell that her hair was starting to fall out. she was starting to lose the hair. i mean this hair is like falling out and falling out and i'm sticking it in my pockets and i'm hiding it and she still had this beautiful thick head of hair no matter how much was coming out. it was so much. >> just comb it and it'll just fall out. >>t was very important for farrah to shave her own head, so that she was removing her hair and cancer treatment wasn't removing her hair. it's kind of like that fine line being being a victim and victor. >> today she has no hair and if i tell you more beautiful than ever. >> don't film. don't film. >> she wasn't sure she wanted the camera rolling and i convinced her to let me keep it rolling because i thought it was going to be an important moment.
8:23 am
>> so, so many women can relate. "this is farrah fawcett" airs tonight right here on abc tonight. >> thank you so much for that, amy. it is thursday. and since it's thursday, you know what that means, it means tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" and this morning it's all about problem solvers that will make your life easier heading into the summer. some of these products are "shark tank" approved. >> so first up, tom & sheri's. this is so cool. it is an iron in a bottle. so take a look at this. you spray it on -- we have a little clip. spray it on wrinkled clothing, shake it out, smooth it out. someone told me that's called the guy iron when you take the hand over. and so what you get is beautifully smoothed clothing. i've been working on all of these items here. it's amazing for travel, dorm rooms, guys, girls, you name it. you're getting two big bottles for home, two small bottles for travel. tsa compliant size. normally $50, today slashed in
8:24 am
half, $25 for your big bundle. [ applause ] >> that is great because i can probably speak for most of the guys. we put it on and eventually it's not wrinkled. >> that will make you look better. this is very cool. so that is -- when a woman is wearing heels, the area that hurts the most is the ball of her foot. this is a little cushion to add comfort to uncomfortable shoes and have all of these socks down here. no matter what kind of shoes you're wearing, mule, ballet flats, full loafers, whatever size you need from ultra low cut to high cut they have something to you, 9 to $12 normally. not today. they're slashed more than half. $4.50 to $5 per pair. >> that's really soft. >> okay. get it right. these are silicone bottle toppers so if you need to replace the cork you can lay the
8:25 am
bottle flat like that and they're great because universal fit so whether it's wipes, olive oil, this is going to work and doesn't add height if you're standing it upright. they're great hostess gift, normally $18 to $34 whether you get singles or -- they're slashed in half, $9 to $17 per set. >> 50% off. >> so, this is an alternative to paper towels. feel it. that's wit. i soaked that. now, wring that out in show how much. look how absorbent that was. that has a lot of water. instead of wasting paper towels -- usually you wipe it on me. paper towel, normally $18 per set. today slashed in half, $9, again, alternative to paper towels. >> all right, this was on "shark tank." robert made an investment in it. they're turkish style towels but made with sustainable materials and allow sand to brush off really quickly. they're great for the beach, for the picnic and lightweight for travel and they support environmental causes.
8:26 am
really great patterns, normally $44. today they're slashed by 54%, 20 bucks. >> 20 bucks. [ applause ] i like that. >> lori greiner invented this from "shark tank." all you need is this. you got all of the herbs. you pop that on top of your soil and you choose from a variety of seven different options and this is ultimately what you get. amazing for the family and everybody feels successful it worked. normally $30 to $35, today slashed in half and start at 15 bucks. >> 15 bucks. everybody can be a gardener. thank you, tory. >> thank you. >> we partnered with all of these on these great dials. get them on our website. everyone, you're going home with products from sheec, wet-it and seedsheet. richard madden is here live.
8:27 am
hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." the new haven school district and the teachers union is set to meet this morning in union city as the strike enters its fourth day. if the meeting goes well, they may start up negotiations again in the afternoon, so we're watching that closely. here's a look at traffic. hi, sue. >> good morning, jess, good morning, everyone. we go back to the aquinas bridge, approaching it, anyway. there's been an overturned big rig out there most of the morning, but chp is finally there with a tow truck and they had to shut down two of the right lanes on the freeway as well as
8:28 am
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hey, good morning. we have a hazy commute but it's dry and calmer out there whether you're driving mass transit or a ferry ride which will get a bit breezy later today. a few 50s starting to show up. we do have a storm impact scale -- excuse me, a light storm for sunday scattered showers. not a washout. it will not be an all-day event
8:30 am
but also the coolest and windiest day this weekend. >> mike, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and also on our news app and ♪ur news app and welcome back to "gma." we have a great guest to bring out right now. you've been waiting for this all day long. >> i certainly have. >> i have as well. he won a golden globe this year for his role in the hit british drama "bodyguard" and played robb stark in a little show we know called "game of thrones" but now starring in "rocketman." please welcome richard madden. [ applause ] >> how are you doing, man? >> good to see you. >> good to see you again. chaus chaus >> good to see you again.
8:31 am
♪ >> welcome, man. >> welcome. so since the series of "game of thrones," the finale just aired and we've been talking about it for several days, we can do a little throwback of you as robb stark on the show. one of the most -- [ applause ] one of the most memorable scenes i think in all eight seasons was the red wedding but everyone was surprised including me about who ended up on the throne but i understand that you have not watched the finale yet. >> i have not done it yet. >> why? >> i've been busy running about. i haven't had the chance to. it's been spoiled quite a few times for me already. >> were you surprised by who ended up on the throne? >> totally surprised. i have to watch it and see how he ended up there. >> we have to talk again after you watch. i want to know what you think. >> i heard you took mementos from the set when you left. what did you take? >> i wanted to take my sword but i couldn't get it through airport security.
8:32 am
so i took the little stark lannisster ones we used on the map. that's the only thing i could get away with. >> i bet those are worth something now. >> i would think so. >> so you are in this huge new musical fantasy which you describe, i love this, as "moulin rouge" on acid about elton john. >> yeah, that's about right. >> that's one way to describe it. can you elaborate on that a little? >> it's great. it just goes from amazing drama scenes into these crazy abstract sequences and these beautiful song numbers that are part of the story. it's really kind of wild adventure. >> very cool. >> you play john reid, elton's former manager and boyfriend. what was it like to get to know the real elton john while you were filming this movie? >> i didn't meet him until after which was good because i was quite intimidated by him and he's the most loving, generous, caring man. >> intimidated. >> yeah, he's elton john. he's a living legend, you know. >> he's the rocketman. >> i'm just messing with you. elton is very intimidating because of all his
8:33 am
accomplishments. we'll take a look at it right now. here's "rocketman." >> the problem is you have never understood me and what i have to go through and i should have sacked you when you left me. >> i'm glad i left you. that means i can obtain some objectivity in your self-indulgent myopic world. get in the studio and make some music or don't. i don't care. >> ooh. [ applause ] >> i understand that you have a nude scene in this film. >> i do. >> and we hear that in the past your mother had asked for a little head's-up before you do it again so did she get a warning this time? >> she got a warning this time. she was told it's coming. won't make that mistake again. >> you know, taron egerton who plays elton john in this movie we saw in the clip. he said he loved singing in this movie. how about you? >> he's got a brilliant voice so it's easier for him. i was really intimidated and you feel so exposed when you're
8:34 am
singing so it's kind of easier to think about the storytelling rather than the notes that i'm trying to do with my voice. >> so we'll go from singing to the show that we both -- and george was -- we were just raving about "the bodyguard." we loved it. [ cheers and applause ] i have to tell you like obviously having been a huge fan of watching robb stark and seeing you in "the body guard" such an about-face. you could see the range of your acting ability so we want more so the fans want to know will there be a "bodyguard 2"? will there be another season? >> i hope so. where they ended up at the end, he needs a bit of a vacation, i think. let's give him a break and then let's catch up with him a year and a half down the line and see where he's at. we're working with the writer and see what come. >> what do you think happens next. >> i think he's on a beach for a little while, right? i think he needs a break. >> another nude scene then? >> not again.
8:35 am
>> that is so far from what i was thinking. get off the beach. we want another season, how about that. so good to see you. thank you for being here, man. and "rocketman," it will be in theaters everywhere on may 31st. make sure you check out richard madden, everybody. coming up, a new look at the documentary about chris farley and his brother is here live. we'll be right back with more "gma." [ applause ] you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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8:38 am
and we are back with a look back at the legendary comedian chris farley. it comes from a new documentary about the "saturday night live" phenom who died 22 years ago. take a look. >> old man is going to be your shadow. here's you. here's me. there's you, there's -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: he broke out on "snl." ♪ everybody needs a second chance ♪ >> reporter: so many memorable characters. >> i thought you were trying to lose weight. >> lay off me, i'm starving. >> reporter: and on the big screen, chris farley stole scenes in "tommy boy." >> look, mommy, the rhino is getting too close toed car. >> him too afraid to get out. >> reporter: and "billy madison." >> everybody on, good, great, grand, wonderful. no yelling on the bus. >> reporter: he rose so fast in the '90s, then fell so hard, killed by a drug overdose at age 33. >> what a ball of energy he was.
8:39 am
i mean just nuclear. >> reporter: in the new a&e special, "chris farley, anything for a laugh," friends and family and collaborates share their memories. >> he was my idol. he was one of those guys -- he's one of us. >> reporter: reflect on how farley's contributions to comedy have endured. we're joined by chris farley's younger brother kevin. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks, george. [ applause ] >> so the title "anything for a laugh." >> yeah, yeah. >> that's him? >> pretty much. i thought it was a pretty appropriate -- he would do anything for a laugh a lot of times. he was that kind of guy, yeah. i mean he was a guy that when we were growing up, if you -- you're hanging out and say, hey, chris, i dare you to do that. >> he'd do it. >> he'd do it. >> you say in some ways every character a version of your dad? >> yeah, my dad was a really loud boisterous guy and had a lot of the same movements that chris did and would imitate dad
8:40 am
and his voice was that loud scream voice. that's pretty much my dad, yeah. >> when you were growing up could you imagine that he was going to become this kind of star? >> no, no, i was worried for the poor guy. [ laughter ] >> he's your older brother and you were worried. >> no, i didn't know what was going to happen. i'm like what is going to happen to his life, wow, and then yeah, then he got on second city down in chicago and then he got to be the main stage there and that's when i kind of knew like, oh, wow -- >> he's got it. >> he's got something going on. looked at my life and i'm like, what am i going to do? >> one things we learn in the documentary seeing these tributes from so many established comedians and actors. >> there's a lot of stories. you know, i talked to a lot of arcs that worked with him, there's always a story with chris and it's usually a crazy story and it's a great story but he always made life fun, you know, to be when you're working with him and that kind of thing, he liked to have fun on set and make people laugh and so there's a lot of great stories. people will a lot of great
8:41 am
story. >> we saw that touching tribute to your brother from adam sandler a couple weeks ago. >> oh yeah, that was really great. they were really good friends so that was really nice of adam to do that. nice we're having another special here like right after that and it's really touching that adam did that and they were just really good friends, you know, really good friends. >> we learn really about -- you know, you look back and saw so many of the clips right there. your brother really did make a difference in this whole comedic world. >> he did which is, you know, a great legacy for him, you know. i think people look back -- as i watch it now it still stands up. you still laugh at it so through the time as time goes by here, it still holds up. his comedy still holds up which is a great thing for him and proud of him and all the things he did, yeah. >> you should be. thanks for coming on. you can watch chris farley's documentary on monday night on a&e. let's get to ginger. >> can't wait to watch. >> how about we say, oh, man, i can't imagine this.
8:42 am
a photo of, yes, more than two feet of snow in the black hills of south dakota. they've done it before but it's still relatively rare to get that much this late. that day exactly that did break a record, of course, for a daily record so thanks for sending that in and sorry, michele. she seemed like she was happy. we're off to a mostly cloudy, mild and hazy morning with temperatures in the mid -5s and low 60s. [ applause ] all right, amy, let's head on over to you. >> all right, ginger, thanks. now to a little morning motivation from the woman redefining success and discovering what it really means to be happy. author laura gassner made this her mission with her book "limitless: how to ignore everybody, carve your own path, and live your best life." we're lucky to have her this morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> all right. i love this.
8:43 am
your book is inspiring people to make big changes based on the idea that success is not -- success is not making us happy. >> i spent 20 years doing executive search for people at the top of their game and they were super successful which is why i was talking to them. they weren't always happy which is why they were talking to me and i was fascinated by this idea that success didn't always equal happiness. >> and i think we've all seen versions of that so you went in to figure out why and how we can fix this so you write that we have to learn to ignore everybody else in order to define our own happiness. how do we do that. >> it starts by no longer giving votes to people in our lives that shouldn't have voices and that includes the one in our own head too. >> i heard, hmm. true, true, true. i know, so it sounds like an easy concept but not necessarily easy to execute. >> it's not and here's why. we have these score cards, ballots and checklists we've been carrying around in our back pocket since before we remember how we got them, and maybe it was a teacher or boss or parent,
8:44 am
you need to, you should, get the right job, have the right house, have the right spouse, make the right money, have the right title. all these things and you're like, well, maybe. >> you think they'll make you happy. >> but this all out monolithic pursuit of success in fact allows you to go, oh, well, i built this great life but maybe it was for somebody else. >> right, right. okay, so i want a show of hands. i'm hearing a lot of rye jackson. how many here have let other people's versions of success influence what you chose to do in your life? we have -- okay, we have a decent amount of hands. >> for how many of you how many of those digs caused you happiness, caused you joy, caused you fulfillment? >> no more hands. >> that's pretty significant. >> right. >> wow, all right. so we'll walk over here. we have a ballot box. you'll show us something that will visualize what you're talking about here. >> all right. so here's what i want you to do. i want you to take everybody else's votes, okay, all those things that are supposed to be
8:45 am
so important to what's going to make you happy. [ applause ] and get rid of it. >> there you go. it's that easy, just say i'm done with this. >> i'm done with this. >> what are your tips to carving your own path? if you're not listening to everybody else how do you carve your own path? >> you have to start by asking yourselves very simple questions, number one, what's going to cause me joy? what's going -- when am i at my very best? what actually matters to me? and then what are you doing now today right now in order to help you be that person, to spend more time as that person because when you're there actually having success in that way is going to make you limitless. >> all right. i love it. i want to be limitless. laura, thank you so much. we appreciate your time and you too can learn about becoming limitless by taking laura's assessment on our website at "limitless" is out now and for our audience today, guess what, you are all getting your own copy. [ applause ]
8:46 am
thank you. coming up "gma's" garden to table. chef rocco dispirito is here. stay with us. [ applause ] dispirito is here. stay with us. [ applause ]
8:47 am
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8:48 am
we are back in times square with "gma's" garden to table so we recently started a garden with our sponsor miracle-gro and our friend rocco dispirito is here, the chef at the standard grill and "the new york times" best selling author and is going to show us how to make tasty dishes with ingredients from our garden. you got the garden or store. why is it better to take it from the garden? >> it's the ultimate in local, fresh, right? it's something you've grown yourself. it's basically free when you grow it yourself so it's obviously the best thing you do. nothing more fun than going outside, if you have kids, go out with your kids and finding
8:49 am
out what grew overnight magically. >> here today we'll use things to make skewers. >> pull some stuff out of your garden. cherry tomatoes. you can use roma tomatoes. these are jingle peppers, start with seedlings if you want. skip a few weeks and grows super quick. skewered. at the standard grill we do a lot of skewering. people are really into snacks that are skewered. you put this in here so they don't burn. >> i forgot to mention that so bamboo skewers are great if they're soaked in water and give you a half hour before they burn on the grill. let's marinate our chicken. we're using chicken tenders and mixing peppers and tomatoes in here. that can all go in the marinade. let me show you what's in the yogurt. this is greek yogurt. it's high in protein. >> like a 5%. >> 5% -- oh, you know your yogurts. >> it has lactic acid
8:50 am
that will tenderize things and this is curry paste, red, green or yellow. curry paste is a really good favor cheat. it adds a lot of flavor without doing a lot of work. you'll see it turns yellow and this is marinated -- ready immediately. >> and some basil i take it. >> fresh basil, mint, also from the garden by the way. >> nice. >> cool. >> so this is where i think i mess it up. >> wow. >> you're wrapping that tender. >> exactly. >> so it gives it a little culinary flare. we can play around with that and put a cherry tomato in the middle. >> when you put it on the grill, how long? i always dry out especially breasts of chicken. >> when you're grilling anything talking about a quick cook method and these will grill five to ten minutes in total so two, three minutes on each side. keep turning it and make sure the grill is super hot. >> this is amazing to me. no bake chocolate chip cookie. how is this from a garden? >> maybe the almonds
8:51 am
could come from a garden if you live in the caribbean, coconut. almond meal, coconut nectar, almond flour and so basically all mixed together and the siren is a part of this, you know. >> it is. grilling with our garden in new york city, pretty pristine. >> almond flour, coconut meal. these are regular chocolate chips. >> i love these because there's no waiting. you go straight into eating. >> your kids will love making this and you basically mix it together and get a lump like this, pick off a piece and make yourself a cookie. >> roll it up, eat it and put the strawberry from your garden. >> which grow very easily and fresh whipped cream. these would be gluten-free, no grain? >> all health and all from your back yard. this is what i love when you come here. thank you so much. if you want more bountiful vegetables, miracle-gro performance organics promises to deliver. go to our website for these recipes and we'll be right back. >> very impressive. >> they are, basil got them fired up. "gma's" garden to table sponsored by miracle-gro's next big thing. performance organics.
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>> announcer: tomorrow, your holiday weekend starts with this hozier concert live in central park tomorrow on "gma" presented by king's hawaiian. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching, everyoneguess what, you got to stick around for "strahan & sara." >> yes, we've got allison williams. she's stopping by to talk about a new horror film she's in and helping our audience get a
8:55 am
little prom fever. >> prom fever. >> george, you looking forward to that. >> oh, my gosh, it's almost time for prom for them? they're a little young. >> bye, everyone. [ applause ] >> a dad's worst nightmare.
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. hi there, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." here's mike nicco with our forecast. >> hazy sunshine but a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge and a high surf advisory that should expire in about 45 seconds if you're going to our beaches. i want to focus on sundayme. it's not a washout, it's not a plan changer, but scattered showers will roll through and that's why it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. it's going to be a breezy day for all of us. they've cleared this one up but you can see the backup on the span there, so make plans to give yourself a little extra time. it is in the clearing phases and
9:00 am
some debris in lanes. and we still have the bridge with t >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award-winning actor, jamie foxx. and from the film, "rocketman," richard madden. and winner of "american idol encore," madison vandenburg. plus, mark consuelos joins kelly at the "live" desk. all next on the "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos. [cheers and applause]


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