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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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out who leaked a police report. >> we begin tonight with our
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reporter with developing news on the growing controversy involving chief william scott. >> reporter: the police union is not holding back today. they say it's time for chief scott to go, following his handling of a raid on a journalist's home. >> we're asking the chief to voluntarily resign or be fired.. >> the police association president says it is time for chief william scott to go. following his apology for a raid on a journalist's home. the chief spoke with the i-team on friday. >> i owe an apology to the people of san francisco. >> how about for brian carmody? >> as well. for making a mistake. >> i believe the apology was completely hypocritical. within a few days ago the chief was supporting the action of what my members and his police officers did. >> two weeks ago officers served a search warrant on the freelance journalist's home and office to find out who leaked a
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police report into the death of a former public defender jeff adaci. 68 items were seized including cameras, computers, cell phones, and notes. >> we made mistakes. they were concerns with language in particularly one of the warrants. >> chief scott says the warrant did not identify carmody as a journalist but a freelance videographer and communications director. journalists are protected under state and federal law. >> this investigation was initiated at the chief's level. >> the sfpd told abc 7 news in a statement chief scott has made it abundantly clear that transparency and accountability are paramount in this criminal investigation. that is why sfpd is seeking an independent, impartial third party to take over the original criminal case. but the union says chief scott needs to accept the consequences of his act dvetr leadership and an honest broker as chief and i don't feel that
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chief scott can fill that role anymore.ed >> t m an independent investigation into the central issue who leaked the police report about the death to carmody who sold it to several stations including abc 7? >> much appreciated, cornell. thank you. abc 7 news spent a breaking news alert as soon as we learned the police union is calling for chief scott to go. you can down load the abc 7 news and enable push alerts to get breaking news to your mobile device. >> to our holiday weekend forecast as you can see from our camera atop san francisco's tower we are enjoying a bright, sunny day but the scene is about to change. drew tuma says rain is coming. drew? >> yes. tomorrow is going to feel a lot the unofficial start of summer. live outside santa cruz the beach right now perfect to enjoy some sunshine. yo on
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the sand but a much different picture tomorrow. showers are erupting in the sierra and rain to the north. the wider picture you see the moisture from seattle to portland headed in our direction and will bring a return of rain tomorrow and some very cool temperatures. on the storm impact scale tomorrow, we'll track scattered showers, even a brief downpour. there is even the chance for a thunderstorm to pop up for lightning and hail and temperatures nearly 15 degrees below where they should be for this time of the year. we'll time out the rain and show you what you can expect on the holiday in a few minutes. >> thank you. a man is under arrest after a midday shooting that killed a man in san francisco. abc 7 news was in the tender loin where gunfire rang out at golden gate avenue and hyde street. a man was shot inside a car and died a short time later. officers chased the suspect across the bay bridge and made an arrest in west oakland. police say a gun was recovered. >> new details now about a hiker rescued after going my she is t
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ordeal. abc news reporter has details. >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation. i can't even put it into words. >> family and friends of amanda eller over joyed after the yoga instructor who went missing more than two weeks ago was found alive in the reservoir four miles from where she vanished. >> we found her, guys. we did it. >> the maui fire department air lifting her to safety. >> and there she goes. >> this photo taken just moments after amanda was discovered. >> we found her in the stream bed. she was waving up at us in the helicopter. and we got her out nice and safe. >> fellow searcher and friend of amanda's also on the helicopter that initially spotted her. >> she is coming out of the woodwork, man. like arms out, you know, waving us down. unbelievable, man. elation. >> amanda last seen in surveillance video in a maui
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local market. after three days of searching, the maui county department of fire and public safety suspending the search but more than 100 volunteers dubbed amanda's angels persisting. the 36-year-old transported to maui memorial hospital. her family says she is being treated for her injuries which include a leg fracture. >> her blood work was good. you know, the fracture she had been working on herself. she is a physical therapist by training, so apparently those healing touches had done her well. >> an entire community now celebrating amanda's home coming. >> so incredibly grateful to have my girl home. >> abc news, new york. >> a former mill valley resident who now lives in maui and is friends with amanda said she knew she'd make it home safe. saah haynes met amanda and her boyfriend ben on work projects. haynes phase timed with abc 7 news today. >> from the very first day i said this girl is emotionally
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strong. she's physically strong, spiritually strong. i knew enough about her because ben talked about her incessantly because he was so in love with her. and i, you know, i just knew this is somebody who, if anybody is going to make it, it's going to be amanda. >> haynes said amanda did all the right things, harvesting water from the forest and sourcing food like berries and fruits. she lost 15 pounds while missing. >> in developing news, contract talks are set to resume tomorrow in the new haven unified teacher strike. both sides held a marathon session that ended after midnight this morning. teachers walked off the job last monday. teachers at union city and hayward schools want a 10% raise over the next two years. the district says it cannot afford it. >> in the north bay two beaches along the russian river are closed this memorial day weekend because water levels are too to visitors. the rain we've seen in the past week has made river currents dangerous.
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other beaches in the area remain open but people are discouraged from boating or getting into the water. meantime an alcohol ban is now in effect for the summer at two other russian river beaches. it covers steelhead and sunset beaches both on the river road in forestville. also commercial bus operators will need advanced reservations before dropping off or picking up weekend passengers at the two beaches. the restrictions are in response to a recent spike in the number of beach visitors and complaints about intoxication and traffic congestion. >> an event today helped close the digital divide. >> coming up -- >> that is the sound of connecting to a brighter future. an east bay company's graduation gift to high school students in oakland.
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>> across the bay area and across the country ceremonies marked the beginning of the memorial day weekend. scouts and other volunteers placed a flag at every grave at the military cemetery and a similar ceremony took place at the presidio. >> it is awesome seeing all the people who died for our country and what they fought for and it feels good placing a flag for them. >> the kids are here enjoying freedoms today because of the people in this cemetery and
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others like it. >> the tradition of placing a flag at veterans graves dates back to the end of america's deadliest conflict, the civil war. >> in the east bay high school seniors received graduation presents that'll help them conquer college. abc 7 news was in oakland where college bound seniors were given free or deeply discounted laptops and desktop computers. a partnership between oakland unified and tech exchange makes it possible for eligible high school seniors to get the preowned computers. >> we get them all prepped so we can get them back out to the community. so all the computers are given operating systems, tested three times, and we provide a year warranty if they run into any problems. >> what an awesome organization. bay area tech companies donated many of the computers. >> golden state warriors fans were able to check out serious team hardware today. the five western championship trophies were on display at the warriors' team store in walnut creek and fans got to take as
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many selfies as they wanted to with them. the trophies are on display until 8:00 tonight at the warriors' team store at san francisco's westfield center to celebrate the team's appearance in the nba finals starting next week. and abc 7 is the only place to watch the golden state warriors in those nba finals. catch game one on thursday, may 30th. >> i tried to touch one of those trophies. don't do it. bad idea. >> you've been warned. >> some b.a.r.t. passengers may need more time to reach their destinations this weekend. that story is ahead.
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the lots get too crowded with visitors during summer weekends. the traffic backs up from the lots spilling on to the bridge. visitors are asked to take buses or use ride shares if they want to take in the view. >> over in east bay buses are replacing b.a.r.t. trains between the pleasant hill and concord stations this memorial day weekend for track rebuilding work. the buses are free and are running today through tomorrow. i should say through monday. b.a.r.t. is advising riders traveling through the area to plan an additional 20 minutes of travel time. >> lake tahoe is a bit blur than it used to be. researchers say the clarity of the water improved last year from its worst level in a half century. scientists say it is believed to be due to more normal conditions. the lake's clarity improved from 2017 by about 2017. experts say they hope the lake will be eventually restored to
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its historical depth of 100 feet. taking a look at our memorial day weekend weather not a total washout. >> and we'll get snow around tahoe with the winter weather advisory going into effect early tomorrow morning. it's going to feel like january tomorrow more than late may. live doppler 7 right now the active sweep, no action overhead. the rain still about 12 hours away from arriving. so tonight the picture is a beautiful one. we are just soaked in sunshine from this vantage point. certainly the holiday weekend off to an incredible start. we'll see the rain return to the forecast, though, tomorrow. the accu weather highlights will have a winter feel by tomorrow afternoon. some cold temperatures, some isolated showers here and there. memorial day itself on monday will be dry. we'll start out with cloud cover, giving way to increasing sunshine and warmer weather will finally arrive later in the upcoming week. finally feeling more like may. these numbers right now you can see still below average.
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60s and 70s. 70 santa rosa. 64 oakland. 77 brentwood and san jose. one degree shy of0 ming in at 69 degrees. overnight tonight we'll find the cloud cover thickening as we approach midnight. we'll have those showers arriving after midnight. numbers settling in the upper 40s to lower 50s overnight tonight. we bring back the storm impact scale tomorrow. believe it or not. we're talking about rain. a level one light system with scattered showers. perhaps a brief downpour moving through from time to time. we'll be watching especially in the early afternoon the chance for lightning and hail as a thunderstorm could pop up but with this storm overhead it is going to keep our afternoon highs in ten to even 15 degrees below where we should be this time of year. so a cool day on the way tomorrow. future weather, we'll stop the clock early tomorrow morning. 3:00 on your sunday. there you can see the rain arriving across parts of the region. tomorrow morning, it's showers for some. some peeks of sunshine for others. that's how the day really
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unfolds. it's unsettled even into the afternoon. by 1:00. this is where we'll try and find a thundershower popping up as the storm sinks south through the region. even by 5:00 we have to keep the chance of a shower. it is not until the sun goes down and you lose that daytime heat factor that the showers will fall apart and end sunday night with drier conditions and the cloud cover beginning to break down. overall rainfall, not a lot of rainfall but enough rainfall that you could certainly change your plans tomorrow if you do have plans outdoors. most spots will wind up with less than a quarter inch of rain but where we find the downpour could see higher amounts than that. highs on your sunday look at these numbers. barely touching 57 in the city tomorrow. not even hitting 60 in oakland. 59 in san jose. 62 the high in concord. certainly a cool afternoon. here is the accu weather seven-day forecast. cold showers tomorrow. memorial day itself on monday will begin with clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. it's a dry day. then the numbers really take off
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with sunshine returning in full effect mid week and by friday and next weekend feeling like summer. 70s and 80s. but tomorrow certainly is going to be wet, windy, and cold out there. >> you know who else has returned? >> who? >> mindi. >> only to be gone either milwaukee or toronto. >> right. >> figure it out, right? >> you're hoping toronto i'm sure. >> let's talk about baseball first, before that weather sets in tomorrow. unbelievable. they continue their winning ways. a streak half a decade in the making and kevin pillar, yeah, he had himself a game at oracle today. he was one of
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>> the return of the a's power has powered their best winning streak in six seasons. today's win over the mariners makes it eight in a row for oakland. so grab the snacks, mom. let's get ready. matt chapman down to business. in the first inning it with two outs his 12th home run of the year. as up, 1-0. the fourth inning tied at 2-2. marcus semien unties it with a nice base hit. domingo santana bobbles it. chad pinder follows with a double to left. now it's 5-8. beautiful, sunny day at the coliseum. that has caused problems in the past. in the seventh inning jay bruce pops it up.
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profar couldn't find it. 6-5 the final. an 18-2 drubing by the diamondbacks last night did not stop this little guy from having a great time. i love an optimiston needed one today because san francisco gave up ten more in the first inning. got past pablo sandoval so arizona scored app run. he's still in his own world. that is a good thing. a shot to right center. look at kevin pillar. the incredible diving catch. it was deep enough to drive in a run but pillar would complete the double play. yeah. that is definitely worth dancing about. this is not. marte had three hits, four rbi last night. allude two hits including this solo shot in the third. diamondbacks go on to win big, 10-4 the final. the warriors have practiced and rested since winning the western conference on monday night. the only thing they haven't been able to complete yet, their game plan. if the raptors beat the bucks
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tonight they'll be the warriors' opponent in the nba finals. if the bucks win the series returns to milwaukee for game seven. toronto has won three straight and had home-court advantage. steve curry is keeping a close eye on tonight's game. incredib basketball. some of the best players in the world. with the stakes so high, the level of play is it's been fun to watch. i've got my eye on each team and trying to figure out how we'll play each one. eventually we'll have an opponent but not yet. >> fourth round of the charles swash challenge in ft. worth, texas. jordan speith was born and raised in texas. look at this long birdie putt on the first hole. he got the crowd roaring. he shot a two under 68. on the 7th another long putt for birdie. that's his sixth putt of 25 feet
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or longer in the tournament. he is tied for second at seven under par two strokes behind this gentleman at eight under 62 yesterday, shot one under today, but that's good enough to put him at nine under heading into the final round. you have to wonder if the warriors are twitching a little bit from seeing for so long, waiting, watching the game tonight? we'll see what happens. i'm excited. >> i can tell. your fingers are going. >> let's go. get her done. >> all right. thank you very much. if you think you have what it takes to defend the dark side in a galaxy far, far away we might have the perfect job for you.
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>> new on abc 7 news at 6:00 caught on camera. the expensive food item an east bay grocery store says thieves are now targeting. and an update on a story we've been following for several weeks. more lawsuits are being filed against a contractor by victims of the north bay wildfires. now you can be part of the "star wars" saga no light saber training required. >> disneyland is holding open casting calls on friday for storm troopers to work at "star wars" galaxy's edge. the performers must be between 5'10" and 6 feet tall. neither drew nor i qualify. disney is a parent company of abc 7 and we have info on how to apply on our website ne.c. ort?eyre youing wre
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et the akinghings ff >> just like nature does. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00. # tonight -- found alive. the miracle rescue. that missing yoga teacher surviving more than two weeks alone in the wilds of a maui forest. the emotional interview from her hospital bed, describing how she lost her way, the terrifying nights alone, forced sleep in the den of a wild boar. holiday slam. 30 million americans bracing for severe weather. more than 125 reported tornadoes crashing across the country this week. floodwaters rising. plus, record breaking heat. our team in the storm zone. blocking the wall. the federal judge halting president trump's plan to divert $1 billion to pay for his border wall. tonight, the president firing back, attacking the judge. bomber manhunt. a package bomb sending nearly a dozen people to the hospital.
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now new surveillance images of the masked


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