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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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conserve the world's oceans. happy to get back in the ocean. that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 6:00. tonight, we're following several breaking stories as we come on. the massive crane collapse as powerful storms batter the plains, slamming into a building. at least one dead, several injured. plus the major airport shutdown when winds knocked out power. also breaking tonight, the theme park emergency. a brush fire sending a wall of smoke into one of america's most popular destinations. the park first ordering families to evacuate. then fire officials saying it's too dangerous to leave. the fire spreading. at the same time, the deadly flood strike in the southeast. three killed when their car loses control and hydroplanes into deep water. in politics, all eyes on
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19 of 23 democrats make their case in that key early state. but the candidate who was not there is at the top of the latest poll. 1 million protest. the massive demonstrations overseas tonight turning violent. pepper spray deployed. the message they are sending to a superpower. also developing, the gps outage. hundreds of flights canceled across the country as the navigation system on some passenger planes fails. and, "america strong." the kids coming to the rescue. a grandmother trapped in her burning home. what they did to save her. and good evening. thanks for joining us on a very busy sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with the extreme weather striking parts of the country. from deadly floods to fire emergencies. right now, the ongoing response in dallas, texas. the moment caught on camera. a massive construction crane
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collapsing as a storm struck. the boom slicing through a building. at least one person is dead. that storm also knocking out power to hundreds of thousands, and to a local airport. and let's get right to erielle reshef with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the terrifying moments after damaging winds near dallas knocked this crane into an apartment building. killing at least one person. in this alarming video, a witness is watching in horror as the crane falls. >> oh, my god. the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> reporter: a hole punctured through the roof, parts of the structure shredded. and that crane on its side. >> we have two people listed as critical, three with serious injuries but are not critical, one person who has been discharged from the hospital already. and one person confirmed deceased. >> reporter: inside the building, cars could be seen teetering on the edge. urban search and rescue rushing to the scene.
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>> the building itself has suffered multiple collapses in different areas. >> reporter: all this caused by a ferocious severe storm that whipped up near hurricane strength wind gusts at dallas love field airport. at one point knocking out power to that major transportation hub. an overhead sign, crashing down outside a nearby restaurant. >> erielle reshef joins us live. we saw the video of the crane crashing down. and you talked about the powerful winds that battered the area. >> reporter: that's right, wind gusts reaching up to 71 miles per hour. knocking out power to 250,000 people. and tonight, first responders are combing the rubble, looking for any other potential victims. >> erielle, thank you. we turn to the west, where a fast-moving brush fire shut down one of the america's most popular theme parks. the blaze throwing a huge plume
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of smoke towards six flags magic mountain north of los angeles. families initially told to get out by park management before fire officials said it was too dangerous to leave. tonight, the guests have begun to evacuate, and marci gonzalez is there. >> reporter: tonight, the scary scene near one of america's biggest amusement parks. a fast-moving brush fire breaking out near six flags magic mountain outside of los angeles. at least nine people transported to hospitals for smoke exposure. thick smoke billowing just behind some of the park's popular water slides. guests initially told to evacuate. panicked parents and children, racing to the exits. you could see the blaze burning with fire crews nearby. but l.a. county fire asking those guests to stay put while 100 county firefighters battled the flames. >> marci, there was a concern at one point that the fire could
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get inside? >> reporter: that's right, tom. it was the fear initially, that flames could get into the park. first responders said the fire was so significant. but the flames are out, and the smoke is clearing. we've now learned the park will remain closed until tomorrow. tom? >> marci, thank you. and the flood emergency turning deadly in the southeast. this slow-moving storm system swamping several states. in lincolnton, north carolina, three were killed when their car hydroplaned. this dangerous system is on the move. and rob marciano is tracking it all. hi, rob. >> reporter: hi, tom. the system kicking to the northeast. tstin, get hit with a severe thunderstorm, in a watch for the next several hours. flash flood watches in atlanta, kentucky, d.c., philly, the i-95
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corridor. lasting into tuesday morning. and excessive heat watches for phoenix, palm springs, las vegas, and temperatures in portland tuesday and wednesday will be in the mid-90s. over 100-plus in phoenix and las vegas. >> rob, thank you. we turn to a busy weekend for democrats in 2020, 19 of the 23 candidates in iowa today, as a new poll shows joe biden is the early favorite. but this race is just getting started. and several hopefuls are looking to make a move. stephanie ramos spent the day in cedar rapids. >> reporter: tonight, democratic presidential candidates descending on cedar rapids. all smiles before taking the same stage and pitching themselves to iowa democrats. >> i'm here to ask for your
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support 'cause i am prepared to make the case for america. >> the american people want change. they want real change. >> they're ready for change, and i got a plan for that. >> reporter: all day long here, looking to stand out any way they can. 19 contenders taking the stage inside. out here, supporters riled up to see their candidate. but many voters we spoke to, still undecided. >> hoping to hear what they've got to say. >> they have to be authentic and have integrity. >> reporter: noticeably absent from today's events, former vice president joe biden. leading in the latest iowa poll. in a virtual tie for second place, senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, and south bend's mayor, pete buttigieg, whose support here has grown by double digits. >> it's very encouraging but of course it's very early. we've got a lot of work to do, it tells >> reporter: playing the keyboard to the crowd, making
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this not so subtle dig at some of his biggest rivals. >> and it turns out, people of all generations are ready to see a new generation rise in american leadership. >> reporter: but with so many in the race, other candidates are fighting to make their message heard in iowa, a pivotal state in this primary. >> we have 240 days and we're using every single one of them. >> stephanie, with so many of the candidates today, joins us. we heard in your report, the iowa caucus still more than 200 days away. we're likely to see some more keyboard playing. but it's clear the candidates are not wasting any time. >> reporter: that's right. maryann williamson is even moving here. and as we mentioned, joe biden was not able to be here today. he was attending his granddaughter's graduation. but here's proof that iowa is so crucial, his team tells us
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they're planning to up the staff numbers here by the end of the month. and biden is planning to be here later this week, on the same day as president trump. thank you. next to president trump, after pulling back on his tariff threat against mexico, there are still questions about that deal and the broader white house trade strategy. here's tara palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, president trump claiming victory after negotiations with mexico, scrapping his tariff threat. but some democrats questioning if anything in the deal is actually new. >> these are agreements that mexico had already made, in some cases, months ago. >> reporter: mexico now sending 6,000 national guard to their southern border with guatemala. >> we hope this will bring results in a very relative short term. like in a month or a month and a half. >> reporter: also agreeing to expand what they call migration protection protocols, requiring
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asylum seekers to remain in mexico while their claims are processed in the u.s. that policy, first announced by former homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen in december. >> individuals arriving in or entering the united states from mexico illegally or without proper documentation may be returned to mexico. >> reporter: acting secretary of homeland security kevin mcaleenan says this plan is different. >> people can disagree with the tactics. mexico came to the table with real proposals. we have an agreement that if they implement will be effective. >> reporter: critics sounding off. >> he's becoming the threatener in chief. >> you can't use it to threaten. you can't have a trade policy based on tweets. >> reporter: and tonight, the president hinting what would happen if there isn't sufficient cooperation from mexico to stop illegal border crossings, tweeting, "we can always go back to our previous, very profitable, position of tariffs." >> tara, following all of this, a trade war with mexico averted for now.
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but news from the treasury secretary that president trump would be perfectly happy to escalate another one? >> reporter: talks are at a standstill with china. and steven mnuchin said that president trump is still considering slapping more tariffs on chinese goods, but he won't do that until speaking with the chinese president later this month. tom? >> tara, thank you. next we head overseas to the dramatic pictures from hong kong, where organizers say 1 million demonstrators took to the streets protesting a measure that would allow people to be extradited to china. julia macfarlane with the pictures coming in. >> reporter: tonight, tense moments on the streets of hong kong. protesters trying to break into a legislative complex, clashing with police. this, after 1 million people
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came out in force, according to came out in force, according to activists, to tell china to stay out of hong kong. they were out to demonstrate against a controversial new bill being pushed through parliament that would allow extradition to china. but the people here, with signs reading "china hands off our home," say it is an erosion of hong kong's civil liberties, and that china will use it to target political opponents. >> mainland china uses all sorts of ways to exercise a so-called dictatorship in hong kong, to kidnap the people they treat as the enemy. >> reporter: hong kong is a semiautonomous territory that was returned to china from the british in 1997. >> the people of hong kong want to protect our freedom, our freedom of speech, our rule of law, our judicial system. >> reporter: but hong kongers fear those freedoms are being eroded as china increases its influence. this controversial bill will be considered this wednesday in the middle of a work week. authorities will be hoping that far fewer people will march in opposition. tom? >> julia, thank you. a cruise ship passenger is
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missing after falling overboard on a voyage to spain. the 63-year-old korean woman, believed to have fallen into the mediterranean early saturday morning. the ship turning back and sending an alert to other vessels. so far, she has not been found. and new details about the scare at the pride parade in the nation's capital. hundreds of people scrambling for safety, after a report of a man with a gun, and rumors of gunshots heard. the rumors turned out to be false, but several were injured. and tonight, one man has been arrested. here's lana zak. >> reporter: tonight, police are investigating the sounds that threw the capital pride parade into chaos. >> what did you hear? >> we don't know. >> reporter: the crowd running, toppling police barricades, word spreading that there may be a man with a gun in the crowd. >> and then a half a second later was when that loud boom happened and so that's when everybody -- when you guys were running up, that's when everybody just took off like
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crazy. >> reporter: in the confusion, several were injured, including at least one child. >> his mom was trying to pick him up off the ground as people are stepping on him and she can't get him because people are really stepping on this little boy. >> reporter: abc news can confirm tonight that police arrested 38-year-old aftabjit singh. singh allegedly had a bb gun. the police report says singh "claimed he pulled the gun out on an unidentified individual who was hitting his significant other." >> they stopped an individual and they recovered a gun close by. >> reporter: police say there is no evidence that shots were fired here. singh has been charged with four counts including possession of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. >> lana, thank you. and close to 100 people injured after a deck collapsed in maryland during a house party. the celebration taking a danger
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turn when the deck gave way. thankfully, most of the injuries considered minor. and in houston, hundreds paying tribute to slain 4-year-old malia davis. the group wearing pink in her honor, demanding justice after she was allegedly killed by a man who was engaged to her mother. june 9th declared malia davis day. and still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, what we're now learning about the plane that crashed into a field. plus, the hiker lost for nearly a week speaking out. what he said about the effort to save him. and we'll take you to the volcano shooting towers of ash thousands of feet high. stay with us. thousands of feet high. stay with us. start farxiga now. farxiga, along with diet and exercise,... ...helps lower a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. although it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose weight. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash,...
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(wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time. ifor another 150 years. the fire going ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪ back now with the rescue of the hiker missing for nearly a week. desperate for water and losing hope. but tonight, speaking out about the rescue effort to locate him. here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: tonight, a hiker lost deep in the woods for nearly a week, remarkably,
5:48 pm
speaking out by phone for the first time from his hospital bed. >> it's not just one miracle, it's hundreds of miracles. >> reporter: joshua mcclatchy was dehydrated and weak, and needed to be carried out by the search and rescue team. >> i thought i'd never see anybody again. >> reporter: this picture, taken just minutes after he was found. his first request, water. >> when they found me, they let me take a couple of sucks out the camelbak. it was so refreshing. i had an iv before i made it down, so i was starting to feel considerably better. >> reporter: mcclatchy set out on a solo adventure to celebrate his 38th birthday in a mountain area known as buckeye trail when he got lost in dangerous terrain. >> the mountains are very steep. there's rocks. we've got rattlesnakes, cottonmouth, copperheads, and bears. we've had encounters with all of them while we're out there during the search. >> reporter: the hiker sent desperate texts to his mother, calling for help. searchers using his faint cell phone signal to zero in with dogs and helicopters, with heat sensors to find him.
5:49 pm
>> i would like to thank my family and friends who welcomed me at the trail head. that was unexpected and warms my heart like no other. >> reporter: tom, mcclatchy also thanked everybody on the search and rescue teams who worked around the clock to find him, saying he wouldn't be alive without them. tom? >> zachary, thank you. up next, the flight cancellations at the airports over a glitch in some jets' navigation systems. what's going on? plus, the tragedy development in the story of a beloved police chief who went overboard during a fishing trip. stay with us. stay with us. . starting here, in procurement, helping us find the right suppliers. then here in logistic, to avoid disruptions! here in sales. even here! i'm talking about ai we can build to work... here, predicting trends. and here, wherever our data lives! and here, working with all our other ai! i think we're done here. expect more from ai.
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ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. time now for our "index." and problems at the nation's airports. the faa saying some regional jet satellite navigation systems are reporting error messages, possibly due to a software update. carriers affected include skywest, mesa, psa, gojet, and endeavor. flightaware reporting more than 900 cancellations in this country, including dozens of united express and delta regional flights. overseas flights also being affected. and we're learning more about a deadly plane crash on new york's long island. investigators say two people were killed when a single engine six-seater plunged down into a field on a family farm. that plane was headed for massachusetts. a dog onboard did survive. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and the images coming in from overseas. the towering ash cloud shooting thousands of feet into the air. the mount sinabung volcano erupting in western indonesia. no injuries reported, but officials urging residents living nearby to use masks when
5:53 pm
the ash rains down. and the tragic development tonight in the search for that beloved police chief lost in gulf waters off texas. coast guard officials in houston ending the search for chris reed. his body recovered not far from where he went overboard. his fishing boat was hit by the wake from a passing vessel. his wife, who was with him, made the call to 911. and when we come back, the teenagers leaping into action when a 90-year-old neighbor needed help the most. stay with us. dad: oh, hey guys! mom (on speakerphone): hi! son (on speakerphone): dad, i scored two goals today! dad: oh, that's great! vo: getting to a comfortable retirement doesn't have to be an uncomfortable thought. see how lincoln can help you retire on your terms at go to the pharmacy counter for powerful... congestion and pressure?
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>> fire is requesting medical. and there's a house fire. they do have a patient that needs medical. >> i was getting ready for bed, and i turned around. the head of my bed was covered in flames. >> reporter: 90-year-old catherine ritchie home alone when her bed was engulfed in flames. >> it smelled kind of like burning rubber. >> reporter: that's when her quick thinking neighbors jumped into action. these four teenagers, who live near tulsa, dylan, nick, seth, and wyatt, were heading out for the night when they saw the smoke and flames. >> i just kind of heard her. >> reporter: inside, catherine was frantically trying to put the fire out. but then another problem -- the smoke. >> at that time, the smoke was so bad, i couldn't see to get out of my room. >> reporter: catherine starts to get disoriented. the four boys trying to get into the house to help. finally, 14-year-old nick manages to get in through the back door. >> i went to the right of house. there was no one there. and then i went to the left of the house and saw her in the hallway. >> this young boy was right there.
5:58 pm
and he picked me up and i said, i can walk. and he said, we're getting out of here. >> reporter: catherine and the four teens somehow made it out. and firefighters were able to stop the flames before they spread to the rest of the house. recently, the boys went back inside catherine's home to see the damage and take it all in. >> ever since that night, my life has just changed for the better. >> reporter: as for catherine, at 90, her life has also changed. she knows she has new friends watching over her. >> that's what i have to think, they were just special, as young as they were. >> some brave young men. our thanks to catherine and her new friends. thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing tomorrow morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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tonight on a pw krbc bc 7 sweating it and out. and we're not done yet. there he is. a crew in toronto saw kevin durant heading to the floor to practice. we'll have an update on the northbound finals. a wild file continues to rage in yolo county forcing people from their homes. live breaking news. >> breaking news is in the south bay. a wildfire near morgan hill. kate? >> reporter: well, eric, we're right on highway 101. this fire is being called the mallick fire. you're looking at where it started at 3:00 this afternoon. let's take a look at video. a number of fire agencies, at
6:00 pm
least that i have counted here today, have put a ton of resources on the fire. two helicopters have been dropping water as well as six planes dropping water and retardant on this grassy line behind the shooting range where this fire started. it has so far burned 100 acres. it is now 30% contained. like i said, a lot of four water teupbders, four bulldozers, all making sure the fires that are popping up do not spread and become a big disaster. >> there's been a lot of initial attack locally, as well as other fires outside the area that are in the north bay. definitely busy. it's been warm and dry and very windy. >> all right. back out here live. take a look. you're looking at


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