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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 10, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we'll be watching here for sure. we know that. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be touch but they can do it. >> it's been done before. once. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, baseball legend david "big papi" ortiz, the victim of a brutal shooting. the shocking surveillance video. the future hall of famer shot at point-blank range outside a nightclub. big papi rushed into surgery telling doctors, "don't let me die." police calling it an ambush. the very latest on his condition this morning. also this morning, deadly crane collapse. winds topping 70 miles per hour, sent this massive crane flying into a dallas apartment building. >> oh, my god! the crane is falling over. oh, my god! >> killing one person, injuring five, while another major storm hits the south. a motorcyclist killed in florida when lightning strikes his helmet. the fast-moving fire forcing evacuations at this popular
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california amusement park, families running for safety. and now the new triple-digit heat threat. battleground rush. 19 of the democrats running for president descend on iowa, making their pitch. but where was joe biden? dramatic rescue. a boat with seven on board flipping over in the waters off new york city, a woman trapped and tangled in fishing gear. and the moment rescue crews swoop in to save her. a history-making night at the tonys. broadway's biggest stars out in full force and the winner doing something no one has ever done before. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory and the toronto raptors on the edge of glory, one win away from their first nba title ever. but the warriors saying not so fast. will kevin durant, k.d., return tonight?
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on the edge of glory. could be a huge night for the raptors. they could get their first ever nba title. >> that would be exciting to see. we're going to begin with that breaking news. david ortiz, the boston red sox legend, also known as big papi, was ambushed at a club in the dominican republic last night, and we have the moment, you see him on surveillance video. >> he helped the red sox to three world series championships. he was rushed to surgery overnight. the suspect is now in custody. >> fans, former teammates, everyone sending thoughts and prayer, eva pilgrim is here with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, guys. david ortiz was just sitting at a table chatting with a friend when out of know where, a man rushed in the club taking aim right at him. it's the brutal point blank shooting that brought david ortiz, the baseball heavyweight, inches from death, all captured on security camera. this morning the three-time
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world series champion, known as big papi, is recovering in a dominican republic hospital, the ambush happening in his hometown. watch here as he suddenly slumps the over. abc news learned he was shot once in the back. the bullet exiting through his abdomen. the suspect fled on motorcycle before fleeing but police said he didn't get far, taken into custody outside the club. overnight, ortiz under going a successful surgery, but his injuries are serious. one of his doctors telling espn on the way to the operating room, the champ pleaded, don't let me die. i'm a good man. his father reassuring fans, telling big papi will be around for a long time. mlb's biggest stars tweeted in solidarity. alex rodriguez saying anxiously waiting for more new. in the meantime only prayers for david ortiz. and fall of famer and fellow
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boston red sox player pedro martinez getting emotional writing i'm at peace knowing you out of danger. can't wait to hear your voice. the 43-year-old spent 20 seasons playing for the boston red sox and was a fixture in the community. after the boston marathon bombing, he delivered this memorable speech. >> this jersey that we wear today, it doesn't say red sox. it says boston. >> reporter: there's no word on a motive at this hour. the suspect is at police headquarters this morning being questioned by investigators, and police are actually crediting the crowd at that club for jumping into action. they captured and beat up the alleged gunman, holding him until police arrived. >> that footage was so chilling. >> wow. >> eva, thanks very much. we move now to the deadly crane collapse in dallas. severe winds slam the crane into an apartment building killing one, injuring five. abc's clayton sandell is on the scene with the latest this morning.
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good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. you can see behind me, george, police have the entire area shut down. i want to step back so you can see behind me is that crane. over the street there, the wreckage of the massive crane. it came toppling down on the apartment building on the right side of the screen there, slicing through the five-story complex like a knife through butter. the terrifying moments after a giant construction crane slices through a dallas apartment building. in this video, a woman watches in horror as the crane crashes down, no match for 70 mile per hour winds. >> oh, my god, the crane is falling over. oh, my god! >> reporter: in the building's parking garage, part of every single level collapsed, a mass of concrete and crushed cars piled on top of each other. the crane puncturing and shredding the building, at least one person was killed in an apartment. five others were injured, two of them critically. rescuers rushing in, dogs at their sides, to search the rubble for survivors. >> the building itself has suffered multiple collapses in different areas.
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>> reporter: the collapse coming as a severe storm is moving through the south. winds knocking down this dallas billboard. in llano county, texas, 75 people were rescued from a lake after their tour boat took on too much water. and this reported tornado damaging nearly 200 homes. in lincolnton, officials say three people died after their car hydroplaned into a creek, submerging in six feet of water. and in florida a man riding a motorcycle was killed by a lightning strike. highway patrol showing his helmet cracked and melted. the crane company says they are cooperating with the investigation. the gad new -- good news is that officials say everyone else who lived in this building has now been accounted f but there is no word yet on when or even if this building can be repaired, michael. >> thank you so much, clayton. now we will go out west where triple-digit temperatures and high winds are fueling
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dangerous conditions. this wildfire is getting dangerously close to an amusement park, forcing families to evacuate. that park is still closed this morning. abc's will carr is there in valencia, california with more. good morning, will. >> reporter: michael, so many families were enjoying the weekend on the rides behind me when the fire broke out. this morning, you can still smell the charred landscape after a terrifying afternoon. on a scorching hot day, that fast-moving fire erupted next to a packed amusement park. watch families flee. kids wipe their eyes and cough from the thick smoke blanketing the area. fire crews race to the scene. you can see just how close the flames came to the water slides in hurricane harbor. at first the park was evacuated. some families ran to their cars. with the flames bearing down,
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authorities quickly shut down the ramps to the nearby interstate and asked them to stay inside magic mountain while fire crews battled the brush fire. >> crews were driving by. kids were covering their mouths, saying they couldn't breathe and they had asthma. >> reporter: with all the smoke and heat, at least nine people were rushed to the hospital. >> smoke was blowing right down in the park and a number of individuals complained of smoke inhalation. >> reporter: certainly some scary moments for the families here. the good news is firefighters were able to jump on top of the fire quickly and they are planning to reopen the park a little later this morning. robin? >> good to hear that. thank you, will. we go to ginger now. ginger, there is a new threat from the triple-digit temperatures out west? >> this is only the beginning of the heat, especially from oregon to arizona. we're talking about a large area that will be under the large ridge. so what it means to you. this is the yolo county california fire, the sand fire. more than 2,000 acres burned. san francisco had a daily record and they also had their warmest temperature in nearly two years.
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then you go to arizona, the tonto national forest, outside phoenix, excessive heat warning now in place through wednesday or even thursday for some. the ridge in the jet stream is keeping the heat. the numbers today look like this. 102 fresno, 99 los angeles, 98 medford and phoenix, 107. george? >> ginger, thanks very much. we move on now to the white house where president trump has decided to postpone tariffs on mexican imports after a last effort to control migrants at the border. cecilia vega joins us now. critics are touting this new deal, and saying it ratifies commitments already made. >> reporter: yeah, critics say this is reaffirming prior commitments mexico already made. mexico agreed to increase the national number of troops it's sending to its southern border
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but mexico had already agreed to send, committing to send the troops there. the president tweeting mexico is the buying large agriculture products from americans. even white house sources concede that was just a verbal agreement, there is no real teeth on that from mexico. the president's critics are saying, george, that this is another example of him manufacturing a crisis and swooping in to save the day. >> the president saying if it doesn't work tariffs could come back. >> reporter: yeah, just this morning, he said that tariffs could be reinstated. it's a little confusing. he said if mexico doesn't agree to secret undisclosed element to this plan, things that weren't released in this joint declaration, but he is not saying what these secret deals are. >> cecilia vega, thanks very much. from the white house to the race for the white house now. 19 democratic candidates descending on iowa making a pitch at a major political event on sunday. former vice president biden was not there. he was attending his granddaughter's high school graduation. he and president trump are heading to iowa tomorrow for dueling appearances. senior congressional
7:11 am
correspondent mary bruce has more on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. two weeks until the first debate, and the candidates are out on the trail in full force honing their pitches and some of their attacks. >> hey guys. >> reporter: this morning in iowa joe biden is leading the pack and taking heat from fellow democrats. >> we will not defeat donald trump unless we bring excitement and energy into this campaign. >> reporter: the candidates taking subtle and not so subtle jabs at the early front runner and his recent flip-flop on abortion funding. >> i don't think there is room in your party for a democratic candidate who does not support women's full reproductive freedom. >> reporter: the latest iowa poll shows biden in a lead. in a tight race for second, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, and then pete buttigieg. his support has grown by double digits. on the ground in iowa, an all-out blitz. 19 of the democratic candidates
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swarming the hawkeye state. in cedar rapids, a fund-raiser turned into campaign speed dating. each candidate with just five minutes to make their pitch. >> the only thing we can do is to look at this show that this president has created. whatever you want to call it, reality show. the horror show. game show. help me change the channel. >> reporter: if they were not quick enough, cue the music. >> on all of these issues, there's a common sense way forward. ♪ >> reporter: notably absent this weekend, joe biden. here's why. biden taking a break from the campaign trail to attend hid granddaughter's graduation, an event he says is so important, he would postpone an inaugural for it. he has been taking a more low key approach to campaigning but he will be back on the trial tomorrow in iowa and so will the president. >> both of them will be there. all right, mary. thank you. >> family first. now to the travel mess this morning. nearly 1,000 flights canceled
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because of problems with the plane's navigation system affecting several regional airlines. abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley is joining us now from reagan international airport outside washington. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. some of the flights that were cancel canceled, 1,000, were due to the weather, but one was caused by the single navigation system. several of the carriers that fly the crj with the satellite navigation system were getting error messages so they couldn't fly. no cause is known. investigators are looking at everything from a software update recently to solar flares. but the problem is not fixed. today we have see more flights canceled again, as these regional airlines have to keep their little aircraft on the ground until it's fixed. george? >> david, thanks very much. a hiker lost in the arkansas wilderness for nearly a week was found this morning. we are seeing new images from him. the moment he was saved this morning, and talking about when
7:14 am
he survived. janai norman has that story, and good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. he is lucky to be alive. not only surviving six days in the wilderness, but he was lost in treacherous terrain with deadly snakes and wildlife. unsure if anyone would ever find him. this morning new video shows the treacherous search and rescue mission to save joshua mcclatchy after six days alone in the arkansas wilderness. rescuers slowly pulling him down the steep slope in the dead of night. at one point, a rock falling. hitting him in the head and leaving a gash. >> not just one miracle. it was hundreds of miracles. the texas native setting out on a solo hike to celebrate his 38th birthday. that night, texting his mother, i'm dehydrated and getting low on water. i have bad reception and can't make calls. task forces embarking on an urgent hunt until friday night when a window of good weather allowed the national guard to
7:15 am
fly a helicopter with infrared technology. >> the pilot actually spotted someone moving through the brush with the light. >> reporter: unable to land the helicopter, rescuers on the ground, sprinted for 45 minutes to get to him, a route that normally takes about three hours to hike. >> they found me and they let me take a couple sucks off a camelbak. it was so refreshing. i had an iv on the way down so i was starting to feel considerably better. >> reporter: crews manage to get him nearly three miles down the mountain to safety. this morning, mcclatchy's family releasing these photos of their reunion. saying in part, thank you. we can never repay you. you all were relentless adding joshua has been released from the hospital and is doing great. remarkably he escaped serious injury. praise be to god he is alive and well. mcclatchy had protein bars and water with him when he set out for the hike. he also had a filter straw that would allow him to drink water
7:16 am
that may be unclean. he was prepared for the hike. still a scary situation, but a happy ending. >> very. >> thank you. and now to the nba finals. tonight, toronto could take home their first ever basketball title if they can hold off the two-time defending champion warriors. t.j. holmes is in toronto where it's going down. just hours from now. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, they are down 3-1. so why in the world would the warriors have reason to be hopeful? well, because of something that happened yesterday that hasn't happened in a month. kevin durant practiced. we didn't have cameras on the court, but kevin durant, their superstar forward, who was the finals mvp of their championships, he practiced for the first time in a month since he suffered that calf injury. there has been all kinds of questions surrounding his injury, when he might come back, and this is as close as he has gotte gotten. that's in the past month. he is seen as the one thing possibly that could save the under manned warriors if he was
7:17 am
able to play. tonight he is listed as questionable. this is as close as they have gotten to thinking he could possibly play again. >> they're going to need him. thank you so much. i was at home screaming the other day. you were actually at the game. >> screaming. >> you spent time with the commissioner too. >> adam silver. i had a chance to spend time with him. that was before game three at oracle, and he has such a rapport with the players, the fans. really appreciated being there. and t.j. is a great date. he hogs the popcorn. good thing he can't hear me saying this. it was wonderful to be there at the game and i appreciate the commissioner inviting me. we'll see what happens tonight. game five. >> i will be tuned in. >> you're going to be screaming again? >> i will be screaming again. it is tonight, game five at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> it's on baby. >> you think k.d. is -- i think he's going to play. >> he might. >> i think michael has some feelings about that. >> keep it to myself, george. following other headlines this morning.
7:18 am
including this drama between actress pauley perrette and her co-star, mark harmon, saying she is terrified of him. right now, back to ginger. yeah, i will start with a look at oklahoma city, oklahoma. this has been rushing down in flash flooding. oklahoma city, more than a foot above average. it doesn't take a lot of rain to get this flash flooding. we're going to see that type of rain from north carolina, south carolina, the mid-atlantic and the northeast tonight through tomorrow morning. some of the heaviest stuff could come through with 1 to 3 inches just to give you a little warning if you have any travel planned tonight through tomorrow in the northeast. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the select cities sponsored by amazon echo.
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good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. dangerous heat and air again today. high clouds, almost as warm as this morning. heat relief begins at the coast tomorrow, gets to the rest of us by wednesday. we look at the 100s in the north bay east bay, south bay. near 80 at the coast today. lows tonight mainly 50s and 60s. a few 70s out there, it's monday and i think this cat in bethlehem, pennsylvania, feels like a lot of us. can't even get up to drink. >> oh, my. >> yeah, just grabbing that water. happy monday. >> good job for him. >> that's not smelly cat. it's lazy cat. >> we'll be right back. >> that's not smelly cat. it's lazy cat. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ look out 'cause here i come ♪ i make no apologies, this is me ♪ good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. an investigation is underway right now after a deadly crash in san jose over night. i want to show you where that happened near northbound 101. this was shortly after the crash. chp was chasing the driver of a bmw who did not stop. the driver ran through a red light and plowed into a minivan. the driver of the minivan died and the passenger is in critical condition. alex alexis? >> thank you. we just have a sig alert issued for a rollover crash at
7:24 am
sleepy hollow. both directions are stopped right now for the vehicle extraction. they're trying to get that back in the correct position. you'll want to avoid that. the long way around is your best bet. no estimate on when they'll get back open. >> one of our busiest spots all morning. a little heavier on all the
7:25 am
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dangerous heat continues today, good morning, everyone. the only place not in it, peninsula coast, north bay coast, our mountains and hills. we have poor air quality today. be careful if you're going to be out and about. best chance for record highs, santa rosa today at 10 # 5. the heat starts to break at the coast tomorrow. the rest of us thursday. coming up on gma, a terrifying incident caught on camera, two kids jump muching on
7:27 am
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sds g ♪ i'm just a girl who can't say no ♪ welcome back to gma. that is ali stroker in the broadway revival of "oklahoma" making history at last night's tony awards to become the first person who uses a wheelchair to win. in her acceptance speech she said this award is for every kid watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. well done. >> that smile on her face said it all, didn't it? >> it is. it is, and it is about representation, and also billy porter. he was there. >> of course billy is going to make a statement on the red
7:31 am
carpet as always. he is here live in the studio. he will make another statement this morning i'm pretty sure. >> that will be in our 8:00 hour. he will make another statement first, the top headlines we are following right now. first, baseball legend david ortiz is recovering in a hospital after he was ambushed in a night club in the dominican republic last night. he was shot in the back. the suspect is now in custody. the west bracing for triple-digit temperatures and dry conditions fueling wildfires. this one getting dangerously close to an amusement park in valencia, california sunday forcing families to evacuate. and take a look at this helicopter rescue. waters off new york city. a boat capsized. seven people on board, one of the women became trapped underneath in fishing gear. she was able to find an air pocket. thankfully the crew was able to save her, but that was quite a scene. >> it sure was. thank goodness for that. a strange story, two prime-time stars. pauley perrette of "ncis" has come forward, saying she is terrified of mark harmon and
7:32 am
suggesting he's the reason she left the show last year. most of this is playing out on twitter. >> reporter: yeah. when she left the show, she said on twitter she was the victim of multiple physical assaults. and now, she is raising the stakes. this morning, one of the biggest stars on cbs is speaking out, saying she is terrified of mark harmon, her former co-star, the lead of one of the biggest shows on the network. >> i slothed the batteries into the lithium-ion compartment. >> like the detonator. >> reporter: actress pauley perrette left "ncis" last year, tweeting, i am not coming back, ever. please stop asking. i am terrified of harmon and him attacking me. i have nightmares about it. perette then posting this now deleted tweet, of a photo believed to be a crew member's face, writing, this happened to my crew member, and i fought
7:33 am
like hell from keeping happening again, to protect my crew, and i was physically assaulted for saying no, and i lost my job. >> i will keep you safe. i promised. >> reporter: one source says it stems from an incident in 2015 when harmon's dog allegedly attacked a crew member. days after she left the show, she posted a series of cryptic tweets including, there is a machine keeping me silent and feeding false stories about me. no morals, no obligations of truth. and i'm just left here, reading the lies trying to protect my crew, trying to remain calm. he didn't. cbs issuing a statement writing, pauley came to us with a workplace concern. we took the matter seriously and we worked with her to find a resolution. >> oh. we have a special friend joining us. >> reporter: last year, actress eliza dushku said she was fired from the series "bull,"
7:34 am
she filed a complaint claiming she was harassed by michael weatherly when the two were on the set. she and cbs settled for $9.5 million. weatherly admitted to making jokes and mocking the actress and all the pain he caused eliza. >> it's a complicated matter for cbs. they have been really battered in the past year and a half for being labeled as a hostile place for women to work. >> reporter: abc has reached out to cbs and harmon and perrette, and no one is issuing any further statements as of now, but this is likely not the last we're hearing of this story. >> playing out on social media or something. it will continue. >> thank you, amy. now to you a wild ride that was caught on camera. a backyard trampoline caught in a blast of wind sent flying over a wall with two young boys top. gio benitez is here with more. those boys both thankfully survived, but one of them was seriously injured. >> reporter: the two boys now saying it happened so fast, they don't even remember being in the air. they just remember hitting the
7:35 am
ground. at first glance, it can be a scene from a backyard barbecue, but look closer. that is 11-year-old gavin ray noleynolds and his friend, hill, jumping on a trampoline. look what happens. when suddenly a strong gust of wind sends the trampoline and the boys flying 50 feet over this brick wall and into the street. >> we just saw the gust of wind and thought it was over. then, it just came at us and flipped us over the wall. it happened in the blink of an eye. and yeah -- >> it happened super quick. >> reporter: home surveillance video capturing gavin hobbling to the front door screaming for his father, all while his friend lay on the sidewalk in pain. >> i went up to rhode and he was super scared. >> reporter: ambulances rushing the boys to the hospital. >> the trampoline is moving. >> reporter: as we have seen in the past, severe weather and
7:36 am
winds can send trampolines spiraling in the air. experts recommend keeping them chained down or even sandbagged during storms, a lesson gavin's father learned the hard way. >> in the future, i'm not putting it up again until i have some way to secure it to make sure no matter what windstorm comes across, this thing is nailed down. >> reporter: clearly, both boys are recovering this morning. we saw there they are doing well. despite everything that happened, both say they will back on a trampoline soon. they just want to make sure that trampoline is tied down. >> smart. >> you never know with a gust of wind. >> you never know. >> yeah, something like that. 30 miles per hour or something, it will take it. >> glad they're going to be okay. coming up, panic erupting at the d.c. pride parade over a gun scare. the stampede sending people to the hospital. the advice that can save your life in a crushing crowd. you have to see this. and you will when we come back. and you will when we come back.
7:37 am
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we are back now with what to do if you are caught in a stampede. over the weekend, there was a frightening scene in the d.c. pride parade. several people injured trying to escape during a gun scare. now there are steps you can take to help protect yourself in a crushing crowd. our chief national corespondent matt gutman has more on that. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. crowds are a part of every day life. unfortunately so are crowd crazes and crowd crushes.
7:41 am
what we saw in washington, d.c., that was a stampede in which people could have gotten trampled. a crowd crush can happen. so many people densely packed it can asphyxiate you. there are so many things you can do, including learning how to stand protectively. chaos at the d.c. pride parade. >> what happened? >> there is a man with a gun. >> reporter: reports of man with a gun. >> that is when people took off like crazy. >> reporter: the ensuing stampede sending seven people to the hospital. even knocking down a child. >> his mom was trying to pick him up off the ground as people were stepping on him. >> reporter: authorities determined there were not shots fired. while nobody was killed, it's an all too familiar scene. when masses of people rush to the same place, it can almost
7:42 am
insuran instantly become every man for himself. this is what can happen when it occurs indoors. people stacked six feet high after more than 1,000 people tried to escape through one small exit at a chicago nightclub in 2003. 21 people would die from asphyxiation in that crush. so to learn how to escape when a crowd turns to chaos, i drop myself smack into the middle of the biggest one i can find. we are in new orleans here during mardi gras. if panic broke out here, we would be in trouble. >> there's nowhere to go right now. we're completely sandwiched. >> reporter: we brought along paul werther. he said always have a plan. what you are looking for? >> i have to visualize, what if something happens? where will i go? >> reporter: he said when a crowd like this erupts, it will flow like a river. you won't be able to go upstream. if you drop something, leave it. move at an angle to the side and
7:43 am
look for cover, duck behind a car, a garbage can, light post. even a doorway can put a barrier between and you everyone else. >> anything. just a few inches. it helps. >> even the wall. >> reporter: he says it's critical to stay on your feet. we recruit students at loyola university, in new orleans. and against my better judgment, i ask them to literally run me over. before we get to that, the art of staying on your feet. just one small push -- well, it can be enough to throw just a handful of people off balance. what is amazing about that, one person pushed and then a crowd of 15, 20 people gets pushed together. and your steps are so small, we are all stumbling on each othe now, our expert shows you a better way to stand. legs staggered for balance. arms up like a boxer. in super dense crowds, it will help protect your heart and
7:44 am
lungs from potentially thousands of pounds of chest-crushing pressure. it's surprisingly effective, and possibly life-saving. that is a lot better, huh? he said if you fall over, stay off your back and stomach. here is why. >> lie down on me like you would do if you got knocked down too. okay with the other guy, i can't breathe. my lungs are compressed. you're on my heart. >> reporter: he says do everything you can to get up. if you can't, lay on your side to protect your most vital organs. your lungs and heart and cover your head. >> this is about living or dying. >> yeah. >> reporter: now it's my turn. here goes nothing. a couple kicks to the ribs but i'm okay. i can tell that no one could see me. all i could see was feet. there were a couple stumbles. >> i stepped on you, sorry. >> reporter: take it from me, if this were real, this is not where you would want to be.
7:45 am
if you're in an indoor place, you generally want to try to leave through the exit that you came in on, but in case of an emergency, that exit may be blocked or closed or something may happen. so if you are in an unfamiliar place, and we are in clifton's, the iconic nightclub in l.a. take your nose out of your phones. start looking up. look for red or green exit signs. sometimes they might be in the back of the bar. this one leads outside to safety. another issue, foot wear. don't wear flip-flops. if you have to run, you can't in flip-flops. the last thing, from the experts, trust your spidy sense. if you feel like a crowd is getting out of hand, just get out of there. >> trust your spidy sense. matt,thanks very much for that. >> i look for the exit in here. we go to lunch. you haven't seen this crew. they will run you over. coming up, we have the "play of the day." we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a heart ache ♪ we are back now with our "play of the day." >> okay. >> this is one smooth criminal who definitely misunderstood the phrase take a bite out of crime. take a look. you see? he who hesitates is lost, or in this case a loss of lunch. alicia jessop tried to take a picture of a lobster roll in
7:50 am
maine when a sea gull with a bird's eye view swooped in for a bite. the picture getting more than 200,000 likes on twitter. the experience didn't ruffle her feather. tweeting, $43 and one sea gull attack later -- >> $43 for a lobster roll? >> it's not cheap out there. >> wow! >> she is enjoying her first lobster roll at fox's lobster house in maine. >> 43 for two. >> that makes nse. >> that is our play of the day. >> but that song? >> i have no idea what the song had to do with that. coming up, why gwyneth paltrow and her husband live apart for half of the week and how she says it actually helps their relationship. come on back. week and she it actually helps her relationship. come on back.
7:51 am
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welcome back to "gma." you know when you get to go to the zoo and you get to feed the animals? luca wanted to feed this giraffe with his mouth. and that's one. okay. coming up on "gma," the new study about men, belly fat and cancer. dr. ashton is here. and duchess meghan's first appearance since archie's birth and how prince louis stole the show t
7:55 am
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good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco is here with our really hot forecast, mike. look at that. >> no doubt about it, jessica, second day. be prepared today. 78 half moon bay, 90s through the bay and 100s earn land. difference between heat exhaustion. you're still perspiring, need to get to air conditioning and drink some water. by wednesday, the 90s are almost gone. >> still have our sig alert if you're traveling on lakeville highway. i recommend sticking to the 101 do
7:57 am
corridor. we're in the yellow all the way around. we're stop and go on all our busy spots. belly fat in men and cancer. dr. ashton is breaking down. you can always find us on our news app and abc 7 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, baseball legend david ortiz, victim of a brutal point-blank shooting, rushed into surgery. police calling it an ambush. the suspect now in custody. we'll have the latest on big papi's condition. also the morning, wild pfeiffewildfires in the west. triple-digit heat, and ginger is tracking the latest. new overnight, belly fat and cancer. the tips you need to stay healthy. dr. ashton here with new research. vape nation. e-cigarettes across the nation. some devices have exploded. they have seriously injured
8:01 am
users. this morning what should you know about staying safe. gwyneth paltrow revealing she and her husband don't live together full time. how they are blending their families and why her friends say her arrangement is ideal. strike a pose. bill billy porter is here live fresh from the tony awards, and that jaw-dropping outfit. and billy porter is here to say -- >> the category is -- good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] hello, billy porter. >> he's coming up. i hope you're well this monday morning. >> the cma fest is known for surprise appearances and big one this weekend. "old town road" singer lil nas x and superstar keith urban, they crashed the stage with billy ray cyrus.
8:02 am
you cannot beat that. we got a chance to speak with them right after, and we have that coming up. >> can't wait to share that. breaking news overnight. boston red sox star david ortiz recovering this morning after being shot in the back in a club last night in the dominican republic. eva pilgrim is back with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: david ortiz ambushed bay gunman in a crowded club, shot, the bullet traveling straight through his body. the crowd jumping into action, capturing and beating up the alleged shooter, holding him until police arrived. it's the brutal point-blank shooting that brought baseball heavy weight david ortiz inches from death captures on security camera. this morning, the three-time world series champion known as big papi is recovering in a hospital. the ambush happening at a nightclub in his hometown of santa domingo. watch here as he suddenly slumps over. abc news learned he was shot once in the back.
8:03 am
the bullet exiting through his abdomen. police say the suspect, 25-year-old eddie vladimir feliz garcia was taken into custody just outside the club. overnight, ortiz under going a successful surge you are but his injuries are serious. one of his doctors telling espn, on the way to the operating room, the champ pleaded don't let my die. i'm a good man. alex rodriguez saying, anxiously waiting for more news. in the meantime, only prayers for david ortiz. no word on a motive at this hour. the suspect is being questioned by investigators. david ortiz telling reporters overnight his son is out of surgery and resting and, quote, big papi will be around for a long time. he is lucky to be alive. >> thank you, eva. we turn now to the dangerous triple digit temperatures out west. ginger, extreme heat, dry air, fulling wildfires. >> look at santa clarita,
8:04 am
california, 102 was the high temperature. you had that burning and the gusting winds to 30 miles per hour. at least nine people hospitalized there. and yolo county, california, the closest to sacramento. san francisco had their hottest temperature in nearly two years. they broke a daily record, and tonto national forest, arizona, just outside phoenix, more than 7,000 acres burning in that wildfire. excessive heat. this is the beginning of heat. 107 for phoenix today. we could break records from sacramento to san francisco. 103 and up to medford at 98. let me share the numbers with you. we're talking close to 100 even for portland as we reach the midweek, guys. >> i don't know what record you want to break. thank you so much. now to a possible disruption for your summer travel plans. american airlines has decided to extend the grounding of 737
8:05 am
boeing max planes. let's go again to david kerley. >> reporter: good morning. this is a signal from american airlines it doesn't think that the max is going to fly in the busy summer season. the airline is extending its cancellations all the way through september 3rd now. it has a fleet of 24 jets. boeing is waiting for an faa checkout flight on its software fix to the system which is expecting to be contributed to those two deadly crashes. after the software fix is certified by the faa, pilots have to be trained. after saying it would take up to two weeks, they are saying it told take 45 days. so far, united and southwest are sticking with cancellations only through august 3rd, this is a signal from american it doesn't think the max may fly in the summer season. guys? >> they want to make sure they stay safe. thank you, david. coming up a health headline about men, belly fat and cancer. dr. ashton is here with that. lara, who is upstairs?
8:06 am
who do you think? fresh off the tony awards, billy porter is with us live. cannot wait to talk to that man. wow, we have a great audience as you can hear. or maybe not hear. so much going on. don't go anywhere. "gma" coming right back. don't go anywhere. "gma" coming right back. ♪ ♪ walgreens save your skin today all sun care products are now buy one get one 50% off ♪ ♪
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8:11 am
i cannot do that. i cannot do that. do you hear that music? >> oh, yeah. >> we're revealing the brand new poster for "frozen 2." there it is! anna and elsa, they are headed on a new adventure, and we're going to show you the worldwide debut of the trailer tomorrow morning. "frozen 2" opens november 22nd. the trailer, tomorrow. we don't have to wait that long for "pop news" with lara. love her. good morning, everybody. we're going to begin with broadway's biggest night. the tony awards. you can see, the host james corden opened the show with a musical extravaganza with the nominees as well, and it was off to the races. bryan cranston picking up his
8:12 am
second tony, beating out a talented field including jeff daniels and our friend, adam driver. "hadestown" winning eight tonys. it included best musical, and an emotional night for elaine may, winning her first tony at 87 years young. and a moment everyone is talking about this morning, actress ali stroker making history, winning best featured actress for her role in "oklahoma." the first actress in a wheelchair to win a tony. she said this is for every kid watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, and waiting to see themselves represented in this arena, you now are. congratulations to everybody at the tonys and this morning, our first images of the wedding of chris pratt and katherine.
8:13 am
the couple tying in knot over the weekend at a ranch in california. they posted this photo to social media saying, in part, quote, it was intimate, loving and emotional. we feel so blessed to begin this new chapter of our lives. sources say katherine's famous parents, arnold and maria were in attendance, and chris '6-year-old son, jack to anna faris. and rob lowe was reportedly there and he hosted rehearsal dinner at his home the night before the wedding. congratulations to chris and katherine. and overseas, duchess meghan making her first public appearance after we saw her two days after giving birth. here she is looking so stylish in a navy coat and fascinator heading to buckingham palace, and then standing on that famous balcony in the trooping the color event. it marks the queen's official
8:14 am
birthday, but it was pint-sized prince louis who stole the show. look at that face. he was having a really good time waving at the crowd, and the royal air force squadron event. like any 1-year-old, his attention span is limited and he got a little swurm squirmy, and then there is the face that needs no explanation. what a cutie. not as cute when we do it. >> i know. and finally, jennifer lopez taking off a tour over the weekend. she brought a special guest on stage. she did it. her 11-year-old daughter emme. helping mama sing her hit song "limitless." take a listen. ♪ a lot of echo but wow. proof positive the apple doesn't
8:15 am
far fall from the sing with j. lo and marc anthony as parents. she has got mama's style as you can see, rocking a mini version of j. lo's dress. she posted it on instagram, writing, i can't take it. she will celebrate with three shows in miami and that is a busy edition of "pop news." all right now. now to our "gma" cover story. that new interview with gwyneth paltrow about her marriage. revealing she and her husband don't live together full time. amy is back with that story. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, guys. the actress and goop founder revealing she and her husband only live together four nights a week. she says it's one of the reasons why their relationship is so great. gwyneth paltrow opening up about her married
8:16 am
falch falchuk, making headlines. revealing in the sunday times she and falchuk don't live together yet. instead, he sleeps in his house and four nights he sleeps in gwyneth's home. it's perfect for polarity. she says it's -- a concept taught to her by an sintimacy teacher. the oscar winner behind the life tile goop, says it's not easy. saying her stepson had a rough beginning with it all but now he and i have our own space together. i'm not his mother. he's not my son but he knows he is very special to me. at the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing, which is to feel love and be accepted. and dakota johnson, the current girlfriend of her ex-husband,
8:17 am
lead man of coldplay, chris martin. gwyneth's relationship choices have made headlines before. including her ex, on her honey moon to maldives. but the arrangement these days has her friends jealous saying, all my married friends say the way we live sounds ideal, and we shouldn't change a thing. she says she adores dakota johnson. she calls her a fantastic woman. but she say it's really hard blending families. i know. and she seems to be paving the way for a lot of people. >> what works for you. you have to know. i remember there was an article in "the new york times" years ago being together, living apart. yep. if it works for you, especially with a blended family -- >> the parents say the key to the marriage, they dad traveled so much. they were together 50% of the time. and almost 50 years too. >> that's what i'm saying! i'm with you. michael, he knows. he knows!
8:18 am
i don't know where to go from there. >> i will be honest with you. we now go to our "gma" health alert. men's health week and a first of its kind study where fat is located. we also talk about the links to prostate cancer. dr. jennifer ashton is here. tell us more about it. >> good morning. it's been known a long time that body fat and obesity increase the risk of cancer, prostate cancer being one of the most common for men. this was the first time that a study looked at body composition, body fat distribution. they studied some men in iceland and found that uses cat scan analysis of their body fat distribution, that men who had high visceral fat -- that's the dangerous fat that's found inside and around our internal organs, had an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer. men with high subcutaneous fat, and in particular, also in the thigh as well as the belly, had an increased risk of fatal
8:19 am
prostate cancer. not a surprise that bmi, body mass index, increased the risk. it did overall for advanced and fatal, but not the total number of prostate. very interesting. >> what is the link between obesity and kacancer? >> a couple of things. when you have excess body fat, it increases and changes metabolism, hormonal mediators, inflammatory environment. it can lead to insulin resistan resistance. that can fuel cancer and when you look at the body head to toe. there are 13 obesity-related cancers like a certain type of brain cancer, thyroid, breast, endo meet yal all the way to the g.i. tract. most people think heart disease, and you have to think cancer. >> being a doctor and knew nutrition nutritionalist, you're going to advise us. >> don't gain weight. make this a priority because if
8:20 am
you increase the fruits and vegetables, increase your activity level, you will not just do good things for your heart and brain, but lower your risk for cancer. i tell you, michael, almost every major cancer center in this country, studying the effects of diet, certain types of medications that we actually use to treat type 2 diabetes, and the risk of progression and development of cancer. this is a hot topic. >> i'm glad you're here to discuss it. thank you so much, and now over to ginger. let's talk about a "gma" moment from wisconsin. josie wants to help clean. she does, and her brother is doing a great job. well, watch. >> clean the floor? >> he is cleaning. she is like, do i want to help? do i want to help? you know what? you're doing a great job, buddy. how sweet is that? >> good job.
8:21 am
>> anyway, that is taken by good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. dangerous heat and air again today. high clouds, almost as warm as this morning. heat relief begins at the coast tomorrow, gets to the rest of us by wednesday. we look at the 100s in the north bay east bay, south bay. near 80 at the coast today. lows tonight mainly 50s and 60s. a few 70s out there, now to the new "gma" series, vape nation. you deep dive in the e cigarette industry. it's expected to hit $45 billion through the next five years, and as e-cigarettes become more popular, steps are being taken to protection. gio is joining us now. >> it's a huge industry. there are 400 different brands on the market and some devices
8:22 am
are exploding and seriously injuring people. this morning, we will get a look inside the lab created to combat those dangers. some e-cigarettes erupting in flames. the videos are shocking. >> i'm freaking out. i just had an electronic cigarette burned my hand pretty bad. >> reporter: over 2,000 emergency room visits from 2015 to 2017. >> i just heard a pop. >> reporter: mike from texas says he was holding his e-cig at work when this happened. >> i'm pretty glad to i didn't have it up to my face. it could have been worse. >> reporter: and now ul, 1 of 9 world's largest safety testing, creating a voluntary standard and giving "gma" an exclusive look at its new testing lab. did you start because you were seeing the videos come through? >> the industry widely agreed
8:23 am
there needed to be an industry standard for the devices. >> reporter: engineers walk us through a set of stands that are part of the standard. one of the tests that is extremely important is the venting test. here, they intentionally disable the battery's safety feature that prevents it from overcharging and then you continue to charge it until it explodes. watch it again as this e-cigarette begins to overheat. whoa. through this test, ul is making sure in in the event of battery malfunctions, the pressure would go away from the user's face and stay intact, keeping the users safe. will this surpass or fail? >> that would lead us to be in n noncompliance there. >> reporter: the vapor technology association says we can't make changes to products here in the u.s. without going through the fda's undefined and multiyear process.
8:24 am
your government needs to catch up fast. the fda, the government agency in charge of regulating e-cigarettes, says it encourages them to address issues to discuss options on how they can do so in a timely fashion and the fda will consider each situation on a case by case basis. and there are some steps the fda recommends users take to help prevent possible explosions like keep loose batteries in a case to prevent contact with metal objects and never, ever charge a vap device with a phone or tablet charger. they're just very different. do your research. >> the fda and the industry need to get on the same page. coming up, billy porter is here live. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. tonight is a must win for the warriors as they face a 3-1 deficit against the raptors. we still don't know if k.d. is going to play. he played with the team for the first time since injuring his calf. abc 7 the only place to watch the warriors in the nba finals. how is traffic doing this morning, alexis? >> we still have our sig alert, that's slowing you down on lakeville highway. that's detouring you off to lakeville highway. that's a parking lot right now. highly recommend taking 121 orred 101 corridor.
8:28 am
due to a rollover crash. it's even looking hot here on this camera already on the bay bridge toll plaza. typical delays th you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. seresto, serjake...eresto. seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. it's day two, so your increase risk of heat illness is going up again. it's everywhere september for the peninsula coast, the north bay coast, mountains and hills. oakland 95, today pretty close
8:30 am
in san jose, with that 100. we have a spare the air today, poor air quality, reggie? another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our welcome back to "gma."ur what a great audience we have with us on this monday morning. we asked you where we should pop up for a special "gma" on the road this thursday. all of "gma" is coming to one special city and special guests. so many of you shared where you like us to go. a lot of you mentioned the key word, food! that's right. eydie wants us to come to texas. antwan says we have to come to memphis for the world famous barbecue, but terry says
8:31 am
greenwellspri greenwell springs, louisiana, is the place to go. they will make gumbo and crank up the ac. >> there you go. all very, very, very tempting, but the first stop is going to be -- philadelphia! philadelphia. and we chose philadelphia -- y'all are going to philadelphia? you want to come with us. that's great. we decided in part because we want to hold our big father's day show there. we learned about one very special dad whose generosity to the community there knows no limits. we cannot wait for to you meet him. >> before we arrive, we need philly facts to get ready. the news team from our sister station, wpbi, the fwh fwhu
8:32 am
are joining us from their news room right now. and you guys, we want to be like the locals. so -- -- >> there you, high fives all the way around. we want to be like locals. here is a lightning round. karen, cheesesteak, we see you are having it this morning for breakfast, which is a first. but we're going to have -- we're going to have -- -- >> great way to start the day. >> but we're going to have world famous pat's and geno's when we get there. which one is better. that's the question. which is better? >> oh, listen, listen. i'm not falling for that. that's, like, picking your favorite child. i have three kids that try to get me to do that. you don't pick a favorite. i love them both, but here's the thing. you got the keep the line moving. we like our cheesesteaks, so i'm going to suggest you go whiz, with onions, and embrace the cheese whiz, michael. you're going to love it. >> we will teach you what it means when you get here. >> that is a cold cheese steak
8:33 am
by the way. >> it's cold. >> she is still devouring it. >> it's from yesterday. >> we're going to be on the steps, the rocky steps. where else should we go when we're there? >> you have to do the rocky steps. that is mandatory. three "as." okay? arts. the barn's foundation. masterpieces there. animals. the philadelphia zoo is the world's oldest zoo and the best one. and finally, "a" plus baseball. the phillies are home. phillies in first place in the n.l. east. >> yeah! >> come down for that. >> who is one person we should meet? who is the one person we should meet? >> that is easy. that's easy, george. you have got to get a hug from gritty. tall, orange, handsome. here's the thing. he doesn't talk a lot. that's okay. when his eyes start rolling, you know it's love. just go on in for the big hug, george. >> cannot wait for the hug.
8:34 am
>> thank y'all so much. we are so looking forward to visiting your town. >> bye. >> bye. >> see you then. >> you are ready. committed and they're still right back, they got the cheesesteak. >> that is commitment. >> we're not done yet. we need your tips on places to go while we're in philadelphia. post your videos to instagram, twitter with the #gma in philly. that will make it the ultimate gma trip. looking forward to it. >> next thursday. right now, we are celebrating world pride here in on "gma," and our next guest will be opening the gay pride parade later this month. he's a tony and award winner, a performer nominated for a golden glove for his electric performance in the hit fx show "pose." please welcome billy porter. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:35 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hey. >> how are you? >> i'm going great. >> i love you. hi, guys. ladies and gentlemen. >> oh, my goodness. >> well, welcome. first of all, you made a splash at the tonys. you always make a splash. let's see, this is your gender fluid evening suit. it was made out of the curtain -- from the curtain of peekaboo. >> yeah. >> who came up with that idea? it's brilliant. >> yeah, there is a company called scenery bags and they take old curtains from shows that close and they turn them into different sorts of bags and it's also -- they also have a component that is philanthropic so they give back and they asked my stylist, do you want to do
8:36 am
something with the curtain. and he said, well, we might want do an actually bob mackey, carol burnett make the curtain a dress situation. that's what we did. and it came out couture. designers, they use up cycled fabrics. it's not called recycled. it's up cycled. it's to make couture things, vintage things and they also have a philanthropic arm as well. >> i have to say, "the new york times" says you won the red carpet. >> thank you, "new york times." >> the met gala. we saw you at the oscars and the tonys. how do you want to inspire and motivate people? >> i feel there is a hetero normative construction.
8:37 am
that's what our society has adopted without question, which is about boys wear pants and women wear skirts, and, you know, we have moved forward with women, you know, when women wear pants. that's not a problem. that's strong. that's powerful, right? >> right. >> being associated with masculinity because if a man wears a dress, then that's disgusting. so what are we saying? men are powerful and women are disgusting? i'm not doing that anymore. >> all right. >> so i'm going to wear a dress when i want to. and being in kinky boots and putting on those heels and being everything that i am, all of the sides i am, all the things that people told me would be my liability, right? i got my shot being a drag queen and it made me feel the most grounded and the most powerful that i have ever felt in my life, and i'm not going back.
8:38 am
>> let's talk about "pose." have you seen any of this yet? >> "pose," baby. get on it. tuesday nights. >> we're going to show a little bit right now. you and a friend are commemorating on mark grave, your former love horse died of aids. take a look. >> so what now? >> we pray. we pray for strength. to keep fighting. yeah. >> very emotional scene. >> this show, i want to tell people. you manifested this. you wanted to be where you are. >> yeah, it's intentional. >> tell me about that. >> it's intentional because as an african-american out, gay, christian man in this world, there is no representation for that.
8:39 am
i never saw anything that looked like me. as a matter of fact, the only thing i felt was you're unworthy. your humanity is not worth anything. they are trying to take us back there and i'm not going back there either. and i chose, you know, with the -- the arts has a way of changing hearts and minds, you know? we can reach into the soul of a person, the heart of a person and change the molecular structure of their thought process through our art, whatever it is. you know, that's why it's attacked first, you know? the arts has a way of creating thinkers, people who ask questions. these people running this country don't want you to ask no questions right now. >> it's because of who you are. >> yes. it's like it cracks open your mind, and you have a space to understand everybody.
8:40 am
we all are worthy. >> thank you. inclusive. >> yeah, everybody. >> we talked about manifesting where you are. it's intentional. but this role here, you play a ball room scene, you are father figure to everyone on the show. but they worked this role for you. >> yeah, they did. i was called in for what became the dance teacher. i came out in the '80s, not 1985. i was right in the middle of the aids crisis. i lived it. i moved to new york in 1990. you know, i was ball culture adjacent, i like to say. i went to the balls but i wasn't inside the culture. i know this world. and i thought, it would be better to have a father figure over there with all the transgender, beautiful ladies i get to work with every day. and they thought i was right and
8:41 am
they created this space for me. ryan murphy, you know, is my angel. >> well, billy, we are always happy you are here. great wisdom and the second season of pose, it premieres tomorrow night of the fx and coming up, a big surprise for billy ray cyrus at the gma fest. we'll be back with more gma. surprise for billy ray cyrus
8:42 am
8:43 am
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we are back now. an epic surprise at the star-studded cma festivals. billy ray cyrus bringing down the house. he had a little help from his friends. >> yes, indeed. just when fans thought they were going home without hearing him perform "old town road," two special guests crashed the stage to join him. abc's maggie rulli got to speak with the stars. this is so fun. >> i know, this is a moment everyone was waiting for. the country stars themselves, we were backstage interviews dirks bentley when they came on to perform. there is something about the two of them on stage that is absolutely electric. >> reporter: it's the surprise performance that made the crowd at cma fest go wild. lil nas x and keith urban
8:45 am
helping billy cyrus belt out "old town road". >> backstage, even some of country's biggest names like dierks bentley and tim mcgraw wanted to say hi. our cameras catching the moment as the hottest duo came to sit with us moments after they left the stage. >> this is literally my favorite performance so far. >> how come? >> i was just feeling it. >> this had to feel like wood stock. >> yeah, 100%. >> reporter: billy ray has been here before with hits like "achy breaky heart" and with miley cyrus. this, he did not see it coming. >> just a massive amount of people singing the song and feeling it. it's a unique feeling. i never thought i would ever get to feel it again. it's been really special.
8:46 am
>> it is special. it really is. the two of them together is really something else. they were bantering back and forth the entire interview and teased us with talks of a future collaboration. it's hard to imagine anybody beating "old town road." nine weeks at number one. >> i love the billy ray look. >> i know. i like it. >> i know, i like it. >> you missed -- you missed michael during the piece. he was doing the old billy ray. we saw that dance, michael. we saw it. thank you so much. the billy ray look. i like the orange suit. i feel those are going to sell out. i have to get myself one. okay. how about some grilling? we did that this summer with king's hawaiian. we have been asking you to join us. and these pictures on of a huge cook out in winston-salem, north carolina.
8:47 am
we want to you send us your grilling pictures for a chance to win a trip to the disney good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco, even warmer this morning than yesterday, already 80 by 9:00, look at michael, what is coming up on "strahan and sara"? >> the crowd is so loud. i couldn't hear you. but we have star brian henry. he's stopping by and he's going to reveal what he's insanely afraid of, and we also have the adorable from "outdaughtered."
8:48 am
they are going to take over the studio and i forgive you because you're pregnant. you can be late. and a bug surprise summer announcement. >> no super big surprise. i get to make the announcement. >> you do? >> they save the good ones for me. >> we will check it out. check us out later on. coming up next on "gma," one of our favorite authors and "bachelor"
8:49 am
8:50 am
welcome back, everybody. time now to reveal our "gma" hot summer reads. everyone looking for a good book? highlighting some of the hottest books of the season, we're starting with one of our favorite best-selling authors, and not just because she's here. this woman can write. jen weiner known for hits "in her shoes" and some of calling, "mrs. everything" her best book yet. in fact, i have to brag about you, jen.
8:51 am
"people" magazine is calling it the book of the week. and barnes & noble is calling it the book of the month. >> my mom is so proud of me. it's really great. it's wonderful. >> it's a beautiful book and it's based loosely -- >> it's based loosely on my mother's life. this is a big, dishy, juicy read. two sisters born in detroit. we follow them their whole lives. the ups, the downs, the creamy middles, romance, heart break. someone for everyone. >> you just sold us. >> sex scenes. >> and we have so many more. you are a huge fan. you helped us curate our summer reads. >> yes, i did. >> and here you are, a huge juxtaposition. a huge "bachelor" fan. >> go figure.
8:52 am
>> we decided to combine the two, and we'll have you reveal clues about the books. here's our first bachelor clue about a hot summer read. >> roses are red and violets are blue. this one's perfect for the sand. that's your clue. >> ben. you clever rascal. >> this is evvie drake starts over. if you like anne tyler, this you like elizabeth burke. a warm, cozy love story, a woman who has lost her husband, and a baseball player who lost his pitch. they find love. >> okay. here is jason with a clue. >> this next clue, it's juicy. it's a life story that is true. it's an especially good read if you love stories about food. >> and it sounds delicious.
8:53 am
>> yeah, this is ruth reichl, "save me the plums." she's written several memoirs. this is about her editing gourmet magazine, like, total food porn. >> you said porn on "gma." we don't have time. i will just show you "miracle creek," everybody. >> yeah, and "queenie." >> we will have all of those on the website. check them out, and jen has a bonus pick for you too on facebook live. this is out tomorrow, and everyone in the audience is going home
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by state farm, neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community. what you got there? what you got? >> this is "capri." >> have a great monday, everybody. >> that is beautiful. to find out how to volunteer in your community. >> what you got there? which one -- >> this is "capri." >> have a great monday, everybody. >> that is beautiful. i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪
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good morning, it's 8:59, happy monday to you, i'm reggie aqui, the man of the hour is mike nicco. it is going to be warm again today. >> not sure everyone wants to hear what i have to say, reggie. >> i appreciate that, especially when you wake up in san francisco and it's 75 degrees already. looking at this, we have good air quality now. we are under spare the air for the rest of the day. 90 in san francisco. look at all the 90s and 100s until 8:00 this evening. it will start cooling at the coast like the rest of us wednesday and thursday. all lanes are back open, a new crash involving a motorcycle westbound 84, past the toll plaza, blocking two lanes trying to get on to the dunbart ing
9:00 am
bridge. time now for live with kelly and ryan. we'll see you again at 11:00 a.m. for midday live.


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